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The suburban is an important tool for our family.

The suburban is a workhorse. I consider my vehicle a tool, it does not matter to me how fancy it is and is not a status symbol of some sort for me - it gets me where I need to go, accommodates my family plus some and is a very comfortable ride. The suburban has been reliable and very comfortable, it pulled our airs stream effortlessly and we have taken it across the country. I feel safe in it because of its size. We have had some electrical problems with it which seems to be a Chevrolet thing - we've had three and have had electrical issues with all three. The suburban handles well, though having the 2500 means it is a heavy vehicle and it can be hard to control on a curvy road or going down hill usually requiring me to go under the speed limit to stay in control of the vehicle - not a complaint, just a fact. Highway traveling is a breeze. It is my favorite vehicle as far as power goes, I actually prefer a standard transmission in my vehicles because I can control how quickly I get going - that is not an issue at all in our suburban - when I hit the gas pedal she goes. It is held up well to our three children that now adult size teenagers. Also since we are a family of five finding a roomy, comfortable, affordable vehicle is really hard to come by. The suburban (bought used) checked all the boxes. We had a suburban prior to this one and got rid of it prematurely - even though I would like to have a smaller vehicle our lifestyle is not ready for such a change. So the suburban it is.

- Heather K

Great family car for those of you that won't do a minivan!

I love how large it is. I have four kids, so for a family of six it's extremely ideal... especially for those of you (like me) that will never get a minivan. Sorry...won't do it! We can pack it up and it seats us all comfortably and a few extra people when we bring along grandparents. It has nice pickup, and I feel safe and secure driving it and carting my kiddos around. It is an older car, but still runs very well. I do miss some of the newer things on the inside of my other cars, like stereo/back up cam and what not, but I can always add them on if I really want. Overall love this car and the size is great for my big family!

- Kristina M

2002 Chevy Suburban four door.

I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban. I like this SUV because it sits up high giving good visibility, It gives me the ability to load things just like a truck would. I have loaded 12 and 16 ft 1 x 5 deck boards. The 12 ft hung out very little and the 16 ft hung out much more but it wasn't extreme. But what I don't like is that there were a few repairs that were needed a short time after we bought it. I felt that these problems should have happened much later. But despite the early repairs it's been fairly reliable.

- Percy M

It is a gas guzzler. Horrible in-town mileage.

I love the room and the comfort of the vehicle. We are a family of 5 and it allows us to all travel together comfortably. Both front seats are heated, which really helps my lower back on long trips. The dual air conditioning keeps everyone comfortable, and allows those in back to maintain their own zone. One problem we have had is that it has started to just shut off while driving. This, after researching, seems to be a problem when the elm starts to go bad.

- Heather W

Great for traveling and a dependable vehicle

In the 6 years I have had my vehicle, she has over 220,000 miles and still runs great. I have only had to replace the fuel pump, water pump, and alternator. Its seats 9 and is very convenient for trips because of the ability to carry many passengers and there is still plenty of space behind the third row seat to put luggage or anything else needed, also on the luggage rack on top. She also as 4 wheel drive to get yourself out of sticky situations.

- Sarah W

It is a reliable and solid vehicle.

This vehicle has over 200,000 thousand miles and is a really good car. So far only normal parts have been replaced because of normal wear. My mechanics has even commented and how good this vehicle runs. The motor runs excellent and the transmission is still doing good. It does not leak but just a little oil and I put about a quart of oil in the engine around every 1000 miles. It is really good on tires too.

- Barry G

It is a very strong vehicle. We call it the beast, because of the durability.

For the year of my suburban honestly it is a very strong and reliable vehicle. Do not have any issues but I have also kept up on maintenance. The room that is provided in a suburban is amazing, especially if you have animals that you take in the car with you. The most comfortable thing is you can load up all your friends and head out and have a wonderful time without having to take more than one vehicle.

- Madison S

I could drive suburbans forever, never switch and be perfectly happy.

Love the car. It has all the bells and whistles. The only reason I dislike it is because the previous owner did not take very good care of it and it shows. This vehicle has 242, 000 miles on it. In 5 years it is broken down once. It is comfortable and . V8, basically a comfortable indoor truck. Customizing this vehicle is easy with rims, mufflers and hitch covers. It has 4 wheel drive also.

- Katie M

Most reliable vehicle I have owned

I have seven kids to the fact that I can fit everybody in one vehicle is great I also have a Mastiff and so I can take the kids and the dogs the places that I need to go it's been extremely reliable for the most part I've only just started to have some issues with it and it also has a DVD player that keeps my kids occupied while we are out and about which is pretty awesome

- Jessica W

Old but reliable vehicle!

I like the capacity and spaciousness of the suburban I have. It's got a rebuilt motor in it so I am not worried about reliability. Being a used vehicle though it leaks windshield wiper fluid and needs the front windshield resealed. Having 6 six and 2 adults in my household, there is 9 seats, so plenty of room, plus a huge trunk to store and take anything needed.

- Emily M

The very roomy, reliable, and desirable 2002 Chevrolet Suburban

The vehicle is very roomy and comfortable I feel safe in it the air conditioner however has gone out after some years. The engine is strong and reliable but it did develop oil leak that needed repair. Comfort features include leather seats, sunroof, CD, radio...also has a tow package. Easy to handle also. Relatively good gas mileage for the vehicles size

- Charles A

Chevy Suburban still loved after 16 years.

I bought my Suburban new in 2002. I did not buy the top of the line but the midline. It has been very reliable. I take very good care of it and my mechanic says it can last another 2 to 5 years. I have not have anything major go wrong with it. My only real issue is rust. If it were not for the rust it would be perfect even after 16 years.

- Linda W

My best thing is not having to get low from a same sedan I love sitting up.

Well I just love having a large SUV with plenty of room and great handling. Great sound system all leather with all the options it is great on the highway for family trips great for hauling large items and big trailers.. Well the downfall would be that it can cost 80 in gas each time you stop but it all goes back to pay for what you want.

- James T

It is 7 passenger. There are 4 captain chairs and bench seating.

The suburban is a great vehicle! We've only had it for a few months. The only issue we've had is the brakes. It seems like you have to really press down in them. Other than that, we've haven't had any problems. There is a lot of cargo room. We have taken it camping and there has been plenty of room for the kids and our stuff.

- Laura-Ann C

We have a non working cb radio in ours because my brother is a truck driver.

It is extremely reliable, ours has some issues given of how long it is been driven and used. I believe it is a comfortable ride and driving, features are great! I love driving it because it is big. Also love that it has a back windshield wiper so you can also see behind you. And fog lights making it easier to see at night.

- Monica L

The suburban life, my story.

The suburban is the longer version. Four leather bucket seats and a bench seat in the very back. I love all the room. You still have room in back for storage. A little gas guzzler, but to me it is worth it. It is good on highway. It also have a runner to step on to help you get in. I am short, so it certainly helps me.

- Sonia A

Good tow/haul. Spacious. Dependable. Fun.

Fuel pump replaced, alternator replaced. Very great vehicle. I love Chevrolet! It gets good gas mileage. Very spacious. Hauls my camper great. Love the 4x4. Fits the whole family. I really love the second row of seats are separated and not a bench seat. Easy access to 3rd row seats instead of folding seat forward.

- Carol B

I love driving this vehicle. I love how it has ac throughout all three rows

The four wheel drive in this vehicle is very strong. It has rear ac and 3 rows. It's a perfect family vehicle. It is so roomy inside. It also has tvs in the back of the head rests which is great for long rides. The seats are very comfortable. It is very reliable we always use it when we have a long trip to go on

- Hannah A

Roomy enough for big and tall people and there things for travel.

I love my suburban. I only wish it came in a 1 ton model. It handles great unless I am hauling a heavy trailer then go it gets a but squirrelly. The interior room is awesome as we have a large family and area large people. The only issue I have is keeping the car seats upright as there are no seat attachments.

- Karen W

2002 Chevy Suburban still running like a charm.

Love sitting up high to be able to see things. Have had zero problems w car. Whenever a light comes on, I take it in to have it checked. It is a very smooth ride. It is roomy. Has helped me move several friends. Can fit lots of people comfortably. Air controls in back. Easy to see & understandable controls.

- Nisha C

Very good SUV truck for family with touch screen radio and tv.

Chevrolet suburban big and spacious with touch screen radio, 6 passenger limit, TV in it, easy to travel with for family vacations, very strong SUV and motor. Also has factory rims. The back row seat can use to sleep in if needed. It is a black suburban good enough from small petite people to tall people.

- Mary R

The good and bad of a large SUV.

This SUV is good for traveling with a large family. This SUV is also good for the winter. You may have to keep brakes up but no major issues. If you are interested in purchasing a large SUV then suburbans are a great fit. These are large SUVs that are gas guzzlers if you are the only person using it.

- Qiana L

Great mileage and spacious.

I love the Chevy suburban I have an older model but I have had it almost 5 years and it is still going strong. It is a dependable family car. I have 7 kids and the suburban is perfect. Great gas mileage. I usually put gas once or twice a week depending and there are 7 kids to get to and from school.

- Jennifer R

Very spacious SUV that is always reliable.

The only problem I have is that the front hood has lost most of its paint over the past few years. Besides that it runs great still to this day. It is very spacious and can be a great car for carting around other people. This is a great vehicle under the hood because it has never broken down on me.

- Timothy N

it has low miles and a navigator system

its leather inside it has a big screen radio it has a game system and DVD players. New tires low miles. It has 4 doors lots of room does good on long trips the color is black it only had 2 owners it's been driven to FL and back. Everything works. Has power seats navigation system for long trips

- justin H

Best SUV on the market ever.

I love this full size SUV. Its has the classic ls3. 5. 3l vortec v8 engine. Hands down the most reliable engine I've ever owned. After 200, 000 miles it still treats me right. I own the 2002 model. Another reason I love this truck so much is that parts are easy to find if I ever need them.

- Steven S

A mom's dream... From work to school to store this vehicle will get you there!

I have had this truck for over 8 years. It has been the most dependable vehicle I have ever owned. The size/space is perfect for my family of 4. It drives and rides like a dream. We have rented and droven much newer vehicles and always been disappointed with their quality compared to ours.

- Jennifer D

Super-suburban goes wherever it wants!

It is a beast! Reliable, rough, hauls people and stuff like a trooper and is comfortable to ride in. I love that with the 4-wheel drive no terrain or weather conditions keep me from going where I want. It also hauls our travel trailer which enables us to explore and travel like we love.

- Gina L

Great car but updates are needed.

Lost the On Star as it aged out and no way of upgrading the sound/phone/GPS system easily. The body and engine is fine just would like digital access. Seat covers are worn so full leather seat covers would have been nice. It would also have been nice to have a video system included.

- Annie S

I will always own a suburban!

I love all the space inside, it is a solid reliable, SUV. I will always own one as long as I have dogs. I transported 6 large dogs in it. I have had the car for 6 yrs. and the have only had one major issue with it. I have had to replace the rear axle 3 times from pulling my camper.

- Julie M

I love everything about the vehicle.

I absolutely love everything about this car. Has lots of room, great for traveling, great with kids they each have their own space. I am an over packer, so I always have lots of room. I can not think of anything about this car I do not like. Buy the suburban you will not be sorry.

- Cindy H

Had a built in DVD player on roof

Suburban is a great family car, plenty of room. Very spacious, great in the snow with the four wheel drive! The third and second row seats fold down if you need space to load the truck with things, only downfall with gas prices so high it does use more gas than smaller cars would

- Britney J

Four wheel drive, heated seats, tow package.

I bought it at northwest motorsports in Puyallup, it has heated seats, I like how big it is, I have owned it for two years and have had no problems with it. It ride really smooth I wish I had a third seat. Our Subaru is so great for camping a because it is so good for traveling.

- Patsy D

Affordable and well worth it to me and family.

I have had my car since 2010 and minus new tires and a few minor upgrades. She has been a lifesaver in many situations. Great gas mileage on the interstate, comfortable for my kids and pets on road trips. No complaints. Drives like a dream and gets us where we need to be.

- Kara T

Reliable and useful old SUV.

It seems to heat up and then turn off. The lights do not work in the back. When using turn signal all the lights start flashing. And when hitting the breaks all the lights seem to flash. Once the truck cools off it starts right back up but usually takes about 20-30 min.

- Stephanie C

Black 2016 Suburban, nice seats.

I like comfortable seats, smooth ride nice color, 4 wheels engine and can run, good on gas, helpful price for insurance. Reliable, . Hatchback. Maruti Suzuki swift. A hatchback is a car type with a rear door that opens upwards. Big and needs lots of room family car.

- Madison K

Good running can in winter.

Its drives find and runs fine it has heated seats and air in it and the heat works in the back for the dogs and it gets nice and warm nice running vehicle in winter with 4 wheel drive that can be converted to all wheel in just a push of a button love it in winter.

- Sharon S

Spacious car ready to hit the road whenever.

We love our suburban! So big and spacious, perfect for campers like us! Not many problems, just the usual maintenance. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice big car to pack your gear and take off. And our dog loves the space, too! Great car for family too.

- Jami A

Great Family Truck! Comfortable ride and seating for everybody

Gas mileage, pretty dependable, very comfortable and fun to drive, the radio could be better it has plenty room for family and travel, I love it has a sunroof and leather seats 3rd row seating tow package, multi functional and ice cold air and heat works great

- Tara H

Great family car, enough room for the kids and pets.

It fits a lot of passengers. It is fairly good on gas. It has an a/c which I like very much. I dislike that its big but what can I do. I dislike the tires on it, they are to big also. I dislike that it has a broken rear view mirror. All in all it is mine.

- Mary Helen G

A truly safe and steady vehicle.

This is truly a tremendous vehicle. It is one of the most remarkable and reliable vehicles I have ever drove. I would recommend it to someone looking for a new vehicle. It is very safe. It also very good mileage on gas. It also has plenty of room in it.

- Jason P

It requires a lot of gas, and the oil leaks, and should be checked every time you fill up the gas tank.

It is very old and well-used. I like how sturdy it is, and also how dependable. It has aged well overall, although the oil leaks, requiring regular topping off between oil changes. I do not like how much gas it requires, but it is not unexpected.

- Kristin Q

Great capacity and third row seats great for traveling four-wheel-drive.

I have really only had problems with two things with my suburban and that was water pump one time and I needed to fix a leaky brake line in the rear axle besides that I have had a great experience and I am very happy with my Chevrolet suburban.

- Diane F

It makes life so convenient because of all the space it offers. It is very versatile for a family.

I love all the space that my suburban provides. I can use it to get parts for my husband's business, even from the machine shop, and then turn around and take a group of kids out for something fun. I do wish it had heated seats though.

- Megan S

It is very roomy and has removable seats to add more room if needed.

I use my vehicle to haul everything. I have moved furniture and hauled veggies to market. I have had a few issues with the ac and had a hose break on the coolant system. It is a very reliable vehicle. I have over 250,000 miles on it.

- Amy V

Large full sized SUV with plenty of space for people and things

My suburban is a very reliable vehicle with plenty of room for our large family. I like the 3rd row seating and still having a full trunk area. I don't like the poor gas mileage, even for a full sized SUV it uses a lot of gas.

- Natalie T

It has third row seating.

I like that my vehicle has electric seats and air vents in the back. I also like that there is a third row of seats that I can either put up or store down. My favorite thing about it is the amount of room for all passengers.

- Amanda D

It's great for a growing family and road trips.

I love the space and cargo room. It is a half ton so overall it gets good mileage and has 4wd which is a must in our area. I dislike that I feel like my view backing out is more obstructed than I would like it to be.

- Andria M

Makes a good family vehicle

Good vehicle has been driven from USA to Mexico so it does have high mileage. Does need some TLC. Has fairly good tires needs new brakes. Very good vehicle for a big family sets to about 7 to 8 ppl.

- Rebecca Z

It's very durable. It also is equipped with 4 wheel drive.

It performs great. Gets about 14 mpg. It has lots of storage room and is great in accommodating a growing family with growing children. The 3rd row seating really helps if we have extra kids over.

- Mccall N

It fits my family's needs perfectly.

I love the room our suburban has, the third row plus a good amount of storage space in the very back! I also like how it's not a low to the ground vehicle but not too high either. No complaints.

- Elizabeth V

Even though it is older, it is still a wonder vehicle and we will drive it until the wheels fall off.

I like that is very comfortable for trips. I also like have rear air conditioning and a third row. There is ample room for luggage. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage that it gets.

- cindy T

Chevrolet Suburban, it made a 9hr trip and only used half a tank of gas.

I love that it has so much room for my husband and my 3 kids. And we would still have room for some friends. We have great heat when the weather is cold, it keeps my husband and kids warm.

- Karah M

Room space good for big size family.

Truck is great size. A lot of space. Drinks a lot of gas. Not really good if you do a lot of traveling. Not really good on oil either. Great SUV if you need to pull something. Has hitch.

- Terry S

If you want a vehicle that can tow, hold a lot of gear, and the whole family this would be it.

This vehicle is amazing with no complaints. Take it on family vacations and have never had a breakdown. Honestly I would buy this car over and over again if it weren't for gas prices.

- Brendan P

It is truly a family car. It is great for grocery shopping and everything our family does.

I love that I can seat 9 if needed. There is room for all the athletic equipment no matter what sport is in season. I feel safe on the road too. I don't really have any complaints.

- kelly P

Chevy suburban is a reliable truck for big families.

Suburban trucks are family cars. Big enough for big families and spacious to travel with luggage. They're nice and comfortable for long trips. Reliable if taken good care of.

- Saldana M

It is a safe and dependable car that will hold a large family.

It has enough room for my whole family. It is tough and safe. It is old and not everything works. It is in more and more need of repairs as it is over 200k miles.

- Lila M

It is a very reliable vehicle.it is cheap to fix. It gets good gas mileage.

I like that it's reliable. I like the size and amount of room we have for our kids. I like that you can lay seats down to load a lot of stuff in the back.

- Tara M

It is great in the winter time. Its 4x4.

Great truck it fits 7 people DVD players in it. Has a lot of comfort. Great on gas mileage. Chevy is the way to go if u want to buy a great truck.

- George R

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it has a ton of space

It is about 16 years old and still runs great. Of course it has a few problems here and there but it will stay with me until it completely dies!

- Brooke R

I love my vehicle. I would like a new one but right now I'm satisfied.

Lots of room and drives and rides great. Bad gas mileage though. Does great on oil usage. Have had no trouble so far. Lots of power as well.

- Terry H

It has strobes and is my only vehicle.

7 passenger vehicle. Tow capable. Navigation and DVD players. It is four wheel drive and large enough for my whole family all times of year.

- Kegs S

This car has a very durable motor and plenty of room for a large family of 9.

I have had my vehicle for fifteen years . It has plenty of room for the whole family and very durable. It has almost 300000 miles on it .

- Michael C

It's the ultimate family vacation vehicle for all occasions.

I like that I'm able to transport my entire family. I don't like that it is a gas guzzler. Being able to tow things is also convenient.

- Midori F

The trunk fits more than you think.

I like the large trunk and extra seatbelt. Lots of space for a large family. I hate that the ac goes out and the paint job is fading.

- Amy W

Enough room for a good size family.

It runs good gets me to where I need to go. The brakes are out engine light always stays on. Have had it tested and shows nothing.

- Rebecca Z

This is a great truck you can depend on

this 2002 chevy sub is a great truck , NO real problems per say 200000 miles . Does Not burn any oil .This truck is a real runner

- gary h

It's a very roomy vehicle with lots of storage. Get decent gas mileage for an SUV

Overall I like the vehicle. My only complaints are a few things that don't work on it like the DVD player, but we bought it used.

- Nicole K

That with this type of SUV(Chevrolet Suburban) they would be surprised at the amount and the type of things that can be hauled inside the SUV.

I have a Chevrolet SUV. What I like about it is that I can haul things if needed. What I dislike is that the gas mileage is poor.

- Percy R

Its family friendly and spacious.

I like the fact that my vehicle is roomy. I like how it has a sunroof and a TV for my kids. I wish I could afford a newer model.

- Acquire Z

It is in great shape to be sixteen years old. I would recommend a suburban.

I love the size & space. It is easy to drive and park. It has been low maintenance other than regular oil changes and check ups.

- Jennifer J

It is third row and still has a lot of space

We just bought our car and I love it. It is a little high on gas but it is very reliable and it is big enough to fit my family.

- Delonda K

My roomy and power lover I love.

It is really roomy and has a strong motor and body and very reliable transportation. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Andrew S

Though it has a large engine, mileage is not that bad.

Love the concept of the vehicle and the room. I dislike the amount of rust on the undercarriage and the transmission issues.

- Jessica G

It is a big vehicle and it does not stop like a little car does due to its weight.

I love everything about my vehicle except how many miles I get to the gallon on the highway as well as the normal streets.

- Ivy W

It is very comfortable, when traveling long distance.

It drives good. It is very comfortable. Pulls pure trailer without problems. Fuel mileage is not as good as we would like.

- Christine S

Great for road trips. So comfy.

Very reliable and wonderful and comfy for take on road trips. Car handles well. Great air conditioning, lots of storage.

- Heidi P

Best SUV for a family that loves to travel.

Very spacious car. Durable with no major issues. Thr seats and ride is comfortable and smooth. Useful for long trips

- geoffrey b

It is reliable and dependable.

I like the dependability, the low maintenance costs, and the versatility. It has high miles and things are wearing out.

- Joshua L

The Suburban is a great car but not for everyday driving. It's great for camping.

Large car with two rows of seating. Great for family or people wanting to haul stuff. The gas mileage is bad though.

- Melissa O

2002 Chevy suburban. Great SUV:).

It is a great suburban. Very dependable:) and makes it through snow very well. And it has a lot of room in it. .

- Michelle P

There is room for everyone especially for a family trip

It very spacious and I love the color it is red I like that it has several seats maintenance isn't bad on it

- Irene N

That it takes a lot of gas

I love the size. It turns easily for a large truck. It has nice power and it is great to be sitting up high

- Mark R

2002 suburban fully loaded with all the bells

Best truck i ever had go chevy i have had 6 of them and i love them all if i could i would have 30 of them

- Justin T

Chevy suburban family hauler.

Running strong at over 240 thousand miles. Plenty of seating for our family of 5 and all of their stuff.

- robert m

I love having a large trunk space. i love having 9 seatbelts. I don't like that the paint is fading.

Great for large! This is suburban has lasted us a very long time. We have been very happy with this!

- Amy W

It's rugged and comfortable and lots of payload space

Roominess, comfortable, payload. I like the height for traffic. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Dennis E

That it is expensive to fill up with gas. But it runs great.

I love my truck. It's 4x4 Z71 perfect for me. I would not trade it for the world.

- Patricia S

It's a good solid truck with lots of options. It uses a lot of gas.

It is a good solid truck with lots of options and a comfortable ride.

- Michele C

The most important thing about my truck is that all my family can fix in it

Fully loaded and t.v. in the head rest and toll bar to carry load.

- T b