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Ease of handling, storage, easy on gas. Love it has 3 rows of seating,

Love it, 3rd row seating, easy on gas. Lots of room for traveling. Can let seats down, almost as good as a pickup truck with a cap. Has got pkg, I have pulled a horse trailer, a flatbed trailer getting feed and hay to feed the farm animals. I have drove this vehicle to the Smoky mountains 3 times. No issues at all. First trio there were 3 adults and 3 children under the age of 10. Lots of room for all the luggage, toys and lots of other goodies. Year 2 there were 2 adults and 4 grandkids under the age of 10. Still plenty of room for luggage, coolers, life jackets, plus lots more. Last year there were 3 adults going down, coming home we had the 3 adults plus we had 4 Australian shepherd puppies. We put the 3rd row seat up, blocking puppies in the back. We still had plenty of room. I love my mini school bus, as I call it.

- Debbie B

Excellent large family Truck

I love it! It's very roomy and comfy! The seats feel like you're sitting on your couch. There is soo much cargo space! I love how you can fold down the back seat or take it completely out to make more space! I wish that the thrillers row seating had the option to fold 1/3 down or 2/3 down at a time instead it being a bench seat but I've only REALLY needed that option a few times in the 1.5 years I've owned it so there is that.. I love that I have controls upfront for the back heating/cooling with the option to have it controlled in the back. We have four kids and the only downfall I have found is that there is only one tether hook in each row.. Overall, I am very pleased with our purchase! I'd recommend it for large families!

- Ashley D

Great car but high gas expense.

Excellent vehicle for a family, bought new and it has lasted through three boys. Its has two hundred ninety seven thousand miles and has been a very reliable vehicle. As it has gotten older it burns through a lot of oil and gas but still gets me everywhere I want to be. The only recurring problem is with the electrical system. Front right daytime running light is always burned out, changed many times but not willing to pay the 800 dollars required to fix. USD to driving it across the country with very little problems, change the oil every 3000 miles and it will last a long time.

- adam S

Chevy Suburban-Awesome family car for a reasonable price!

This car's large engine has a lot of get-up-and-go. It has required minimal repairs, despite its age and high mileage. The heated seats are a nice touch and 4WD features essential for winter driving. We have loved the towing capacity of this vehicle and its high clearance for driving in rural areas/dirt roads for camping. Feels like we can tackle just about anything. Our family of seven fits nicely in this large SUV, with plenty of cargo space to accommodate our stuff. We feel we've definitely gotten plenty of bang for our buck in the purchase of our Suburban.

- Susie E

Safe, large, great for towing. Great for big families who love to take road trips!

My suburban is a workhorse. As long as you keep up on the maintenance it will most likely keep running. We have had no major problems with it. I love that it is large enough for my family of five (2 teen boys and a 12 year old girl) as well as our two dogs (8 lbs and 105 lbs) along with all of our stuff! Downsides are gas mileage and road noise. If you don't have to drive it every day to work, it's worth having it for family trips in my opinion. Haven't used it to tow but I'm sure it would be great for that! Also, can't deny that your family will be safe!

- Kristi W

It is dependable and for the whole family.

It has been really reliable given the amount of miles traveled on. The amount of issues has been minimal considering too, the miles and the year model. It rides good for an older model. The interior is tan or beige leather which could've been of higher quality because there's stains and tears that is not possible to fix without getting whole new seats. It is needed a new radiator in the past month, but that is not that big of a deal either given the amount of miles. Overall, I would consider this vehicle to have a good rating.

- Brooke H

The features everything you can imagine.

I love my car it's a Chevrolet 2003 and runs well. Easy to maintain has a great handle to it. I feel safe driving my car. My has given any major problems, just normal wear and tear. I change the oil on a regular basis. So with that being said the car is reliable. The performance is out of this world. When I brought this car I made sure of the safety of the car. Test drive the car to see how it handles. Power seats and windows. Ac front back of car. Stereo system that beats no other. 8 speakers surround sound TV beautiful.

- Kevin W

Crappy suburban I want to replace if I had the money to.

My vehicle at this moment has brake issues, performs horrible as it has issues with the engine. The comfort is great because it is very spacious. It features power windows as well as four wheel drive and as far as reliability it has stalled a lot of times. I have had to have it towed numerous times. Th spark plugs and coils constantly have to be replaced. The coils constantly have to be replaced. The air conditioner is constantly not working and it usually happens right around the end of June.

- Jennifer F

The best part about my vehicle is the many uses.

I love my vehicle. It is large enough to fit a sheet of plywood, if needed bur drives wonderful and smooth. Wouldn't trade up to anything smaller ever. I have enough seating for 9 with all of the seats in. Haven't had many problems except cosmetic issues like: the lid on the center console came off, the sheeting on the ceiling is coming off, the back passenger window does not go down, and the door panel on the driver's side is coming off. The engine is still perfect.

- Danielle M

The most important thing others should know about our car is that it has over 153 thousand miles on it, and it still works great!

My family and I have owned our Suburban for over 10 years and I couldn't imagine life without it. We have had to do some routine maintenance on it as the mileage is getting up there, but considering we bought it used, it has been amazing. We are just now beginning to see some rust spots but are treating them accordingly. Those really depend on where you live and how the roads are treated in the winter. I highly recommend the 2003 Chevy Suburban to any family.

- Andrea K

Suburban Still runs great!!

Hydro boost is starting to leak but overall still a very solid vehicle. Revived gas mileage after fuel lines replaced. Ease of getting parts for it still today. Overall vehicle lasts for a long time and has been in the family since 2003. The roof has finally began to sag so will be looking into fixing the upholstery. Might have a leak in the rear end possibly seal as they have not been done. Speedometer needed to be replaced a while back.

- Louis H

My suburban is blank and beautiful. I would rather drive it than any other vehicle I have owned.

My suburban has an 8.1 liter engine in it so it uses only non-ethanol gasoline and doesn't get that great of gas mileage. Currently am having trouble with the instrument panel. Some of the gauges stopped working and at times none of them work. When none of them work I have to hit the dash above or to the side of the instrument panel. Other than that, it has great pickup and can pull everything I have tried towing.

- Edward H

The suburban: a dependable family SUV.

I love my dependable old suburban! It has given me reliable service for over 15 years. I have had not one single major problem with it, just minor things. It has had some funny electrical glitches; the worst was when the speedometer stopped working. But other than these, it is been a great family SUV. It drives like a big truck, but is still smooth and easy to drive. I love the visibility--great 360 degree view.

- Jen F

The big green bean family truck :)

The truck is very reliable. I haven't had very many problems. The biggest issue was the alternator went out and I couldn't fix it right away. All the other problems I would say it's normal wear and tear. It's one of the most comfortable trucks I've ever had. The seats are very roomy. I have the LT model so I have leather. The only thing about the features I have it's the ac knobs, they kind of get stuck.

- Kristin D

This is one durable vehicle.

This suburban has lasted us for a very long time in good condition. It has about 250,000 miles on it and is just starting to get a little bit of rust around the tires. It has needed repairs, but the engine has needed minimal work. This vehicle has driven a family of six to Canada and back without having any issues. I highly recommend this brand for it's durability and comfort for six adults to travel in.

- Hannah M

Suburban, takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

My suburban has almost 300,000 miles and runs like a champ. I call it the living room on wheels. I prefer a full size truck because I feel safer and me and my quests enjoy the roomy interior. I suppose the only drawback to owning a Chevy suburban would be the gas mileage. The 5.3 liter v-8 w/ 300,000 mi and a lil over 10 years old is the 14 MPG. It also burns about a quart of oil a month.

- Thomas A. T

Very comfortable and spacious.

My suburban z71 comes with 4 wheel drive, leather seats, comfy and spacious. Great for family road trips. The motor is big so the gas consumption is somewhat high, for everyday activities, I would say. Everything else is great. You just have to keep up with the oil changes and you'll be fine. To fix parts, it is actually economic. The parts are not so expensive compared to other vehicles.

- Elizabeth P

The Suburban Car for the Suburban Family

For the many years this car has been in my family it has lasted through several accidents, road trips, and all that a car full of kids could possibly manage. It has been great for road trips, safety, and comfort. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of leg room and storage with a large trunk. The only problem has been gas mileage which is to be expected in an older big car.

- Samantha Z

2003 Chevrolet suburban - a used vehicle but a comfortable ride.

I feel safe when driving my suburban, even if it is a older model. Its stays clean and has comfortable seats, enough to seat my family and friends. It is a tan color inside and out, has leather seats, and all items within work as if new. I have never felt so safe within a vehicle. I believe any one that owns knows how wonderful this suburban will keep them comfortable and safe.

- San Juana A

All trucks should last this long.

My truck has over 300, 000 miles on it. I have replaced the transmission (at about 210, 000) but have had no other issues except regular maintenance. The truck sits outside 24 hours a day and is beginning to show some issues with the paint with some peeling of the clear coat. While this is a bummer, I have to say that it has been nearly unbelievable as far as dependability.

- Brian W

Very roomy, 8 seater suburban

I love the room my suburban provides for our family of six. It's extremely roomy so the kids have their own space. The gas mileage is a downfall but that is what comes with a bigger vehicle. My suburban has quite a bit of rust unfortunately. The only mechanical issue I've had with it in the two years that I have had the vehicle is the air conditioning does not work.

- Page C

My 2003 white suburban is in fair condition.

My vehicle was a overall good vehicle I did constant oil changes whenever I did my last oil change I later had a oil leak I use to travel out of town a lot before my oil leak but I do not now I recently bought a set of tires to go on it I have changed the breaks out twice in three years I have heat but my air just recently went out again one day I hope to upgrade.

- Melissa T

Performance and space available.

I really love the powerful engine, loads of interior space, with or without the third row seats, also the look and performance overall is amazing! It seats all the kids and family comfortably on our trips to the lake and it also has plenty of space to carry furniture when we deliver. The take off and stopping is just perfect for us and the safety of our family.

- Jacqueline B

The most important thing that people should know is that even though there is enough room for 9 people the back storage is also big enough to fit in any groceries.

I like that it has plenty of room for up to 9 people to travel with and it is very comfy. What I dislike is the amount of gasoline that it uses up because it feels like on almost every trip I make I have to put some gasoline in it. Overall I say that it is definitely for big families because it isn't necessary if it is just one or two people.

- Fernando R

Very versatile truck. Good for work and play

I love the size and versatility of this truck. I can fit 9 people plus cargo. Unfortunately these vehicles are very prone to rot and it is a constant battle to keep up with the rust. The seating is very comfortable with separate climate controls for front and back seating. The truck has a special transmission setting for towing

- Kathy A

7 passengers can sit next to each other comfortably.

The ride is really smooth. If maintained the sound of the vehicle is really quiet. Everything is put in good reach of the driver. It has many storage areas around the driver and throughout the vehicle to keep items you would need on a normal basis. Plenty of room for 7 large adults not just for the smaller frame person.

- Mark T

It is an extremely reliable vehicle that has lasted our family a long time.

Our suburban has lasted us so many years and had very minimal issues. It is a reliable vehicle that we enjoy and feel comfortable taking on long trips. We have had to replace the breaks once and there was an issue with the check engine light coming on, but those have been fixed and we haven't had any issues since.

- Natalie M

Always take a mechanic with you to make a used auto purchase.

I purchased my truck in 2017 without a mechanic. Bad mistake when I purchased it, it was very hot & the air was blowing great until a few days later. The air needed a compressor, the drivers side window would not go down, water pump needed to be replaced & I have a major oil leak. Always take a mechanic with you.

- Nicole D

Love that it can fit all my kids and friends and family and everyone has room.

Its great. I love Chevy and no problems but the brake line rusted and lil things like that. My knock sensor 1 and 2 went out. Seat buttons went out. But other then them things I love my Chevy. We have 3 TV in it so the kids and big people like that. I love my sunroof. I love to look at the sky and see the stars.

- Lisa B

My big red truck..it's about how great of a vehicle it is but also a pain

Love the size, color,and it's cheap to fix, but it's hard to keep service engine light of I have put so much money into it already now I got to get my ac fixed, because it leaks in truck and now it just blows hot air. Other than that I love my truck and won't be looking to buy another for a few more years

- Rose G

The most interesting highlight is the front seats are heated in the winter.

smooth ride, seat and back of seat heats up heats and cools the car well, very comfortable to ride in,seats 7 people,2 rolls of seats roll down for trunk space. There's some rust on the 2 doors,performs very well on long trips, a lot of leg room,Like the color of our car maroon gas mileage is good too.

- Barbara R

15 years, 250000 miles and the vehicle is still going strong.

This suburban has 250000 miles on it and we have not had any major problems. The normal wear items brakes tires battery etc. Worse issue has been replacing valve cover. It is big enough for our family of six. Very spacious and comfortable. Four wheel drive ensures we can handle almost all conditions.

- Sam M

Loving my family go wagon!

Large enough to do what's needed. Yet hard on gas. Good on highway but not an everyday travel around town vehicle. Love the fact can move things. Love the fact group outings and don't have to use multi vehicles.. This truck is very comfortable. The truck is used for long trips and is best for this.

- Peaches B

Chevy suburban very reliable.

Vehicle very comfortable four-wheel drive is good in the snow bad on gas engine will last up to 200 to 300 thousand miles transmissions in the Chevy suburban are weak and usually have to be replaced before the engine a used vehicle for family trips camping fishing hunting driving through the snow.

- Daryl F

Suburban electronics issues.

Main issue is with the electronics. Dash components are not working 100% anymore. The air conditioning dials have to be turn very gently in order to change temperature properly. The main dash panel will not always activate when the car starts. I have to hit it every now and then for it to come on.

- Chad S

The gas mileage on the interstate is unbelievable! I also have a DVD player

I love my suburban BUT I can say most of them have the 4l60e transmission and they don't last long. And I have noticed with my car and others the lifters in the motor make noise. But aside from that it's great to have. It fits my family of five comfortably and it's great for trips and general use.

- Chelsea M

My truck has a lot of room inside for my family so I love it !

My Chevrolet suburban is a great vehicle . I've had a few problems here n there but nothing major, always fixable and very affordable . live so far had to replace my throttle body and that cost me just a few hundred bucks, been running great ever since. Pricey for gas though, just saying !

- Hannah N

Incredible vehicle that never disappoints and is quite comfortable.

The leather is still gorgeous, and the carpet is in pristine condition. It's a 4x4 with a tow package and 9 pages of service records with no accidents. It is all tricked out with a few things that were cutting edge in 2003. I'm happy with this vehicle and, it does everything I want it to.

- Tiffany S

The front seat converts into a 3 seater.

No engine problems. . . Great performance. I bought used and have had no issues. . . Other than just wear and tear. I just remembered, the only big issue the truck has given me, the fuel pump. It has been changed every 3 to 4 yrs. Transmission and engine, great performance and no issues.

- Thelma T

Most reliable vehicle with the most minimal upkeep.

The most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It has 29000 miles on it and it still runs like a champ. The oil gets changed regularly every 3500 miles. No major repairs have ever been done just the normal, tires, brakes. The biggest expense has been to replace the air conditioning system.

- Heather M

Great vehicle if you do not mind paying for the gas.

I love the comfort and reliability of my suburban. I like the fact that there is a DVD player for the kids to watch movies on long trips. This vehicle has a powerful motor and can tow just about anything. The only thing I do not like about my suburban is the gas mileage, it is horrible.

- Jeff H

That it can carry over 4,000 lbs behind it is a favorite.

The biggest problem is the brakes, and rotors are not lasting. Also, the gas gauge and starter have to be reset sometimes. The car is also very big, so if you have a lot to move that helps! We use it for everything from camping to lugging junk from a rental property that we own.

- Tom S

The end of days is near for my sweet ride.

Unfortunately my vehicle is currently experience issues that may be related to a transmission failure, while I love my suburban I am not sure how much longer she will survive, she gets regular maintenance and has been reliable but I think she is just getting old she was bought used.

- Mel G

With love and maintaining it, it will last you forever.

I love my SUV. I'm a mom of 3, so I need plenty of room and my SUV has it all. I love love the DVD player for our long trips. It keeps the kids entertained and off our phones. For it being an older SUV it still has a smooth ride to it. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

- Michelle M

It has 9 seats, but electronics stink.

Sometimes, it loses engine power. The middle glove box broke. The air does not work right. Electrical problems. Rusty frame. It seats 9, which is great for a large family. . It has 4wd. Power locks are broke. It has a decent sized trunk. I wish newer vehicles had better car jacks.

- Leslie G

Perfect Size Family Vehicle

2003 Chevy Suburban; roomy and comfortable for my family of five, plus two dogs! Separate controls for front and rear ac/heat. Also rear radio controls with audio jack for headphones on rear radio. Third row seat that folds down to accommodate extra cargo. Perfect family vehicle.

- Meghan R

Suburban are the everything vehicle.

It is getting old and so some things are starting to break down and the gas Millard is worsening. It is fairly easy to work on however so that is a plus. However all of the parts are more expensive because it is a larger more heavy duty vehicle but that is also why I love it.

- Melissa M

2003 suburban Burgundy suburban, leather heated seats, television,

My suburban has been good to me. I recommend this vehicle very highly. Having trouble now with the front air, keep your old change and the vehicle service you would not have any problems. This is a vehicle that handles the road excellent good for long trips very comfortable.

- Debra L

Poop, our suburban needs all new pieces

With the motor having 300,000 miles everything is breaking down. We just spent all our tax return replacing the fuel pump, tires and brakes. The interior is comfortable save for the worn down front seats. Parts and labor are expensive so try to do as much as you can yourself

- Chad L

Best SUV to have! It will never let you down.

Excellent SUV never give me issue. . Very quiet SUV runs very good. Very roomy it has 3 rows of seats my kids love it they get to watch TV when we take long vacation trips. It also give great gas mileage on the highway but not to good in the city, but over all awesome SUV.

- Charisma A

Chevy suburban is the way to go.

Best reliable truck I've ever had. Good on gas, especially highway miles and is able to fit my large family. Makes it easier to go places and better for shopping. There is enough space that everyone doesn't feel cramped in it either. Wouldn't trade this truck for anything.

- Alicia S

You can purchase this vehicle. Listed on CarGurus.

No problems to report. Vehicle equipped with all options except leather, entertainment center and second row captains chairs. Very clean inside and out. Heavy duty transmission with oil cooler and transmission temperature gauge. Heavy duty everything. Very capable vehicle.

- William F

it�s seat warmers are even stronger, definitely perfect for freezing nights

The truck is very comfortable and fits many. Issues are with how old the vehicle is that both the radio and movie system in the truck both do not work. Inconvenience but the most important thing is that it drives. So otherwise, it's a pretty trusty truck for a long time.

- Mackenzie H

An awesome family vehicle!

I purchased my suburban about 6 months ago and I love it! Its roomy and comfortable. Runs and rides great. It is idea if you are a family with multiple children. This is by far the best vehicle I have ever had. I had a Ford expedition before and I like this way better.

- George F

My car runs many miles even though it is shown that there is barely any gas.

My suburban has been to the mechanic and it's always a different problem and it's not really accurately described to me. I fix the car from one problem and then I have to go and ask what the problem is again because it is hard to determine what is wrong with the car.

- Maria N

Space. My Chevy Suburban is awesome when it comes to space for passengers and storage.

My Chevy Suburban is one of the better vehicles I have owned. It's been fairly reliable, gets decent gas mileage, and most importantly it seats 8 people with room for luggage/groceries in the back. I need plenty of seating and storage space in any vehicle I purchase.

- holly w

My truck is very spacious.

Truck has engine problems. Trucks over 170000 miles. Truck leaks engine coolant. My truck needs new brakes. Just recently had new tires put on. My truck has had the alternator replaced. The trucks suspension needs replacement. Truck need work on 4x4 system.

- Kevin P

Not many problems, except past engine problems.

I have had problems with the engine overheating, but other than that I haven't really had any other problems. The driver and passenger seats have a heated warmer. The reliability of my car is high because it gets me from point A to point B without too many problems.

- Athena K

the number one thing people should know is that this vehicle as long as It's well maintained and taken care of will last you for years! they are a very reliable vehicle to own!

I love this vehicle due to how much space and room you have inside. not only do you have 3rd row seating but still plenty of room in the back hatch. I feel it could be better on gas mileage but it is a big girl so what can you expect! all in all i love this vehicle!

- Amber Z

My Chevrolet suburban is still kicking.

The suburban has over 300,000 miles and is still a good enough automobile to be my daily driver. Sometimes it acts up, and I have a lot of money in replacement parts. But the Chevrolet has really starting to prove its worth as worth the pennies I have put into it.

- Matthew D

It is mine, and it is for fun and family. From travel, fun, unexpected road trips.

I love big elbow space cause I love to move around. And I always have people with me and my family, so for us we love having our big trucks like suburbans. And are really good for going out of town with family and or friends. Weather it is for work or pleasure.

- San C

Very comfy, stylish and powerful.

I love my suburban! I own a small business and have plenty of room to haul supplies and inventory. It is 4x4 and very user friendly. I have no problem hauling my horses or loading up the kids. The 3rd seat is very easy to get in and out. I highly recommend one!

- Tamara S

8 passenger comfortable ride

I love my suburban. Repairs can be costly. So far I've had to replace several parts, but I've also had it for 8 years. Very comfortable and seats up to 8 people. Has been very dependable. Lots of room and space. Gas usage is not bad at about 20 miles a gallon.

- Mary P

The suburban is a great family car.

Nothing it works great I love my truck the only problem is it loses power because you have to clean the top of the engine. It also takes 75 to fill the tank but it last a while. Also there is a rip in the driver seat. And it has. Rust around the wheel wells.

- Jessica M

Worth every penny I paid for it, excellent product for value

Love the capacity for carrying multiple people plus other items. Wish the 3rd row seating could be removed for occasional extra cargo space. Comfortable ride,easy to get into and out if except for the 3rd row - that can be a bit cumbersome for older folks.

- Sandi V

It is quite spacious and comfortable for large numbers of people and gear for road trips

I love my suburban its large enough for my whole family and all our gear for road trips. It's 4 wheel drive so I can get to my favorite hunting and fishing spots. I can pull a boat or rv. Has a large tank but gets poor mileage is the trade off.

- Joshua S

Chevrolet Suburban is dependable.

I let be my Suburban. It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. We have enough room for all 6 of us to comfortable even on long trips. The only work we have had to do is for normal wear and tear and it has over 300, 000 miles on it.

- Angela M

While it is very large and roomy it requires a special gas. Actually it's just regular gasoline without ethanol added to it. That's sometime hard to find and costs more than what is being sold now for "regular" gas.

I like it because it is a large vehicle and is very roomy in the sitting area. It also has a lot of storage space in back. I have to use a walker or electric scooter and they both can go into the back storage area of our car.

- beverly h

It starts every time and gets me where I need to go

My suburban is very comfortable. My suburban is large enough to carry lumber and large stuff like that. I can also tow fairly well with my suburban. Although I don't really like the horrible gas mileage of my suburban.

- Jeff k

I enjoy driving a Chevy Malibu.

I like how big it is especially for my huge family. It is also really good when taking road trips. I hate how it cost so much for gas. The car is also falling apart because of how old it is which is annoying.

- Ethan G

It is great for long trips.

I bought my Suburban new and it was fully loaded. It is so comfortable to drive and has a lot of cargo room. We used it to move both of our sons to college, 8 years apart! I love, love, love my Suburban!!

- Teresa T

It is reliable. Seats eight people comfortably.

I like the size and seating capacity. Gas mileage is horrible. I have replaced the transmission, all air conditioner components, and brakes twice in the last year. Not real happy with its performance.

- Darren S

It's big, comfortable, has lots of space and legroom, great gas mileage

i like my truck because It's reliable. i travel a lot and it has space for eight people comfortably with space for luggage in the back. it is also very flue efficient for the type of truck it is.

- luis W

The suburban is extremely roomy. The suburban is very dependable.

I love the size of my suburban. I love how roomy it is and how many people it can seat. I love the four wheel drive option. But, i'm not crazy about the amount of fuel it uses, or the mpg rate.

- Dorothy P

That it is equipped to tow heavy loads and can be used in a variety of ways.

What I like is the size of it, the amount of room in it and it is also easy to drive, what I dislike is that it gets terrible gas mileage and is not easy to maneuver in small parking lots.

- William B

The one important thing to know is that it has seat warmers.

For starters, I like the fact that it has a lot of space to work with, it has three rows of seats, and a huge trunk. What I do not like about it, is that it wastes a good amount of gas.

- Romeo M

It can carry eight people comfortably, and easily tows a trailer.

It's very comfortable on long road trips, a smooth ride. Trying to park such a large vehicle can be challenging at times, and the gas mileage isn't the best, but it has served us well.

- Becky R

It is too big for everyday use unless you are transporting a huge family back and forth.

It is too big. I also own a Landrover Discovery which is a more manageable size. The Suburban is too large to park in regular sized parking places and it take a lot of gas to drive.

- Cassandra P

Spacious suburban for a large family.

My suburban is very reliable. It drives well, controls well, and there is a lot of space for groceries, kids sports equipment, and other stuff always needed for our family of six.

- Andrea B

Ease of driving a larger car.

Size, comfort and look. Decent gas mileage for size of vehicle. I am able to carry a large quantity of whatever I am attempting to haul. Also has enough seating for entire family.

- Judith L

It is a pleasure to drive. It is has enough power to easily follow your commands.

I like that it drives like a car, not a truck. It has room to fit my entire family (8 people). It also does not have too many buttons or distractions on the console.

- Abigail T

Regardless of the little problems that my vehicle may have, it starts every day and gets me where I need to go safely

I love the size, comfort, and towing capabilities of my suburban but lately i've been having to do a lot of repairs and it has bad mileage per gallon of gasoline

- Jeff H

It is very nice blue has good speakers and it rides good.

It drives great and it fits my family comfortable. It gets up and goes there no problems with it. It works great in the snow it has good sounding speaker in it.

- Larry D

It is roomy with lots of storage space and being an SUV very road durable.

My vehicle is older so things are wearing down. Parts need to be replaced. I also do not like the low gas mileage. It rides and drives very comfortably.

- Dawna H

It is a salvage title. It has rust areas on the frame and hood.

I love that it fit my family. And was super dependable. I dislike the gas mpg. It was a great vehicle but now tranny is going. It has 280k miles on it.

- Tam C

It is in excellent condition with low mileage and has new tires.

I like that it has almost 98k miles and requires very little maintenance. The only thing I do not like is that parking spaces nowadays are so small.

- Joyce H

It's great for large families who are on the go. We have a family of 6 and can fit all of us plus any extra gear for sports or activities.

I love how much space it has. It drives smooth and comfortable for long road trips. Holds gear and people. Great for snow and ice in the winter.

- Breyn P

I feel safe driving a large SUV!

Dependable and safe. It carries up to 8 very comfortable on long trips. I have driven a suburban for 35 years and wouldn't drive anything else!.

- Sheva M

It is very spacious and comfortable, which makes it great for families.

I love how roomy the suburban is. I also love how easy it is to drive. One of my favorite features besides the room is dual heat/cool controls.

- Kim S

How great it is for growing families and how roomy it is for kids and groceries.

I like all the cargo room it has for groceries. I like that my kids can all fit and have enough leg room. My only complaint is the gas mileage.

- Misty H

It is high quality and dependable.

There's nothing I dislike about my vehicle I love everything about my vehicle. It has amazing AC a good radio drives good rides good on gas.

- Heidi P

It is easier to drive than you think. Do not let the size intimidate you.

Size is great. Handles very well. Very easy for mechanics to fix issues. Dislike the window washer setup. Second row cup holder is useless.

- Paul F

Comfortable ride with power

It has plenty of interior space. There is a real problem with rust even when it was new and Chevy did nothing to correct the rust problems.

- Richard S

My truck is over 10 years old and still runs great with the general required care.

I absolutely love my truck! It is extremely roomy and great for families. Car rides and long road trips are comfortable and relaxing.

- Nicole P

It's a great dependable family car and can hold all of your necessities.

I like all the extra cargo space it has. I like how it has enough leg room in between seats. It's roomy enough for all of our carseats.

- Misty H

You can put a lot of miles on a suburban and still drives brand new.

It drives very good and handles the snow and ice good. I also love the fact I can haul tings when I need to. It easy for shopping to.

- Norene D

If you have large families a seven seater vehicle is a must.

The Chevrolet Suburban is a seven seater making it a perfect family car, it has a 30 Gallon gas tank so I only gas up twice a month.

- Megan F

A large, powerful machine that isn't great on gas but won't let you down.

It's a strong reliable domestic vehicle with decent MPG and a long lifespan. The tires are expensive but worth it for the quality.

- Lillian A

Spacious vehicle, room for everything! Runs great, long lasting vehicle.

Love the room it has. Lots of trunk space. Wish it was a little newer with the newest features. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Valerie B

Gas mileage stinks. The suburban is very easy to work on if you have any problem.

Love the size and all the room. Dislike the gas mileage. It is a great vehicle for a large group and great for family travel.

- Cindy B

Comfortable and roomy, with space for you, your kids and all of their stuff and yours too!

Love how roomy it is. Very comfortable for multiple people and items. Hard to navigate tight spaces and uses a lot of gas.

- shanon r

It has low mileage for a 2003 model with no mechanical problems.

There haven't been any problems with performance or reliability. It is very comfortable. Everything works good. New tires.

- Ron H

Plenty of room when going on trips.

Very reliable, roomy. Terrible on gas $80 to fill up. TV hangs in the rear view mirror. Back seat radio no longer works.

- Alex N

Reliable car that is able to haul the family.

Love the styling and comfort. But the gas mileage sucks. It is able to haul a lot but does not have a high tow rating.

- Paul S

Rust everywhere. Chevrolet dealer would not warranty.

Rust within 3 months after buying vehicle. Chevrolet would not warranty. Terrible customer service. Very poor service.

- Richard S

I can see over/around other vehicles. Drives like car, but can hold a lot more. Great towing capacity. 20 MPG..not bad for a huge vehicle!

Ease of handling, it drives like a car! And at 20 MPG, it gets better gas mileage than many MUCH smaller crossovers!

- Karen M

Good vehicle but could be better

I like the space because I needed it for my family. But the amount of gas it takes to fill the tank is outrageous!

- Crystal W

I think everyone should know that it isn't an SUV but really drives and parks like a large truck.

For the most part I've really enjoyed my truck. It's had a few maintenance problems but otherwise it's wonderful.

- Stephanie B

The important thing about this car is it still available.

Runs like new and has a great paint job it also is a great family vehicle and will take you just about anywhere.

- Tracy S

Whether or not it is reliable, if it can get you where you need to go, and how much gas it consumes every mile per gallon.

It is comfortable and suitable for family outings. It is very reliable. However, it consumes gas rather quickly.

- Jesse W

It is a great vehicle for every occasion and holds plenty of stuff and people.

I like that it seats more people and has room for baggage. I don't like how old it is, and the AC isn't working

- Joy G

Gas mileage is awesome very cost friendly.

Love: horsepower, off road capability, creature comforts, heated seats, moon/sun roof.. Dislike: gas mileage,.

- Shannon M

Review of my old suburban

It's not running right. It has too many miles on the motor and it's falling apart. Plus electrical problems

- Erin M

It is gets really bad fuel mileage.

It is large and fits a crowd. It gets bad fuel mileage. It has rear air. It drives well. It pulls trailers.

- Steph G

It is dependable and last a long time with proper maintenance

It has been reliable.good for trips with the family,it has a lot of space, only problem uses a lot of gas

- Japhrone C

Roomy, for big families, Chevy is a good car.

Leak coming from somewhere, radio has went out on me, drinks gas, carpet is thin, roomy, love the hitch.

- Cynthia B

My suburban has third row seating.

My vehicle has rust, coolant issues, high mileage, DVD player doesn't work, and could use new tires.

- Alicia R

It's wide and long. It's hard to park sometimes.

I like it because It's a truck and It's big. I don't like it because it has a few mechanical issues.

- Sabrina b

It constantly has to have an oil change.

The vehicle is big, enough room for long trips. Though since being this size it uses a lot of gas.

- Cesar b

How comfortable it is and how good it handles driving

The big size of the vehicle. How comfortable the seats are to travel. The fact is has dual A/C.

- Dawn L

Will run for a very long time

Lots of room. Great reliability. Very comfortable and 4 wheel drive for winter driving

- Sam Z

it was built to last and great for the family and long trips

My vehicle has been amazing, has lots of room and power, however the mpg is not good.

- Johnathan A

Very large and comfortable. Great for travel. Makes long trips more tolerable with kids. We enjoy the extra space for sitting and the large trunk space.

Hard on gas, but there is an aspect of comfort that is worth paying for...

- Kristina M

Suburbans are meant to be driven lots of miles! They are comfortable, reliable and durable!

It drives and rides like a dream and only seems to get better with time!!

- Bonnie J

drinks a lot of gas but is reliable and will last a long time

rides and drives well. quality made vehicle that has lasted me years.

- edward g

The size is nice and the ride is smooth. The engine lasts for a very long time.

I like everything about my sub. No dislikes and no complaints.

- Tom H

it is capable of taking in many passengers and pull heavy loads

the comfort reliable. the durability and room for storage

- jose p