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My take on the 2007 Chevy suburban.

I love suburban because they are roomy. I have 4 growing boys and they need room. I like the entertainment system. Having a DVD player is a lifesaver for long trips. Our model is an lt so we do not have navigation or backup camera but we have leather and all the other extras. The third row seat is very uncomfortable for long trips. My boys are preteen and early teen and they just do not have enough cushion. The motor just does not seem to have the acceleration that our older model does even though they have the same engine. I do not like the way the engine switches between 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder. We got our suburban used and either they abused it or it is just not made like before. We regularly service our vehicles but still seem to have troubles with this one. It uses oil for some reason. I would think again before buying this particular vehicle. I am a Chevy fan! Just disappointed in my 2007 suburban.

- Marcy K

Dependable vehicle for large family.

It has been a very trusty vehicle the last 10 years. We have had a few electronic issues. The interior is the only thing that is looking worse for wear. We metallic handles have started peeling and will actually slice a finger if you are not careful. The cloth in the driver seat has ripped and has a large whole. The front arm is ripped and rubs the arm of the driver. The speakers go in and out and are likely busted. All these things come with an older vehicle. Over the last 10 years it has hauled my 4 kids to and from school, practice, and many games. It has made several long trips. In one week it went from Texas to Wyoming, back to Texas and then on towards the Texas coast at padre island. I have enjoyed this vehicle during this time I have had it.

- Melissa T

Family friendly vehicle. Our suburban is very reliable and comfortable.

I main reason I bought this car was for the room. I have three children, and it offers a lot of space for them and groceries. I live in a part of the country that gets a lot of snow so I the 4 wheel drive feature. I also like being able to sit up higher to see the road. The DVD player is a nice feature because it entertains the children on long trips. The vehicle rides very comfortably and smooth. It is a very reliable vehicle even when we bought it used with higher miles. I really enjoy the extended back because I am able to put all the items that I have purchased in the back. Our vehicle has the buck seats in them. I like these because it is so much easier to get into the back seat.

- Jennifer L

The ability to hold a small army and all their items and still be comfortable.

Biggest problem I currently have is the is a broken solder on the instrument cluster which makes it not illuminate. It is not a huge problem for me, but if my wife wants to drive the car she has to hit the panel multiple times to get it to light up. It does the job of what we bought it for. I am a huge fan of the variable engine so if we're doing any long drives, it definitely saves on gas mileage by being able to drop to a 4 cylinder. Comfort wise it is not horrible, we've made multiple cross country trips in it with 4 to 6 people. Biggest thing we like about it is the storage room we still have with 6 people in it.

- David P

The perfect car for a large family.

I love the size and amount of room in this car. It has lots of room in the trunk for traveling with luggage and just the every week grocery trips. The car is great on rugged terrain and we love taking it up in the mountains for camping and ski trips because if the 4 wheel drive. We have a large family of 6 and it fits everyone nicely and there is plenty of room for easy maneuvering in and out of the car. I also like that the kids control the air settings and radio in the back.

- Chloe R

Chevy suburban review- love our vehicle! Would recommend to large families.

We have had a lot of issues with the transmission, but it is mostly driven in the highway. It has 3 rows and is very comfortable for our family of 5! There is also plenty of room in the trunk for groceries, and anything else we need for the kids! It comes equipped with a tv but and DVD players. I my opinion, however having two TVs versus one would have been nice. The seats are all leather but very comfortable. Seats are not heated or cooled! Ac and heat work well.

- Jennifer C

A car in need. A vehicle that was a life saver.

I paid cash for my vehicle in 2007. It was very useful because it was purchased after losing everything because of hurricane Katrina. It was something my family and I desperately needed and was happy to have, especially since we had to relocate to another state. The vehicle was very dependable until 3 or 4 years ago when the transmission had to be replaced. The replacement, which was done by the company, is now giving me problems.

- Rose Maldon P

The only vehicle I'd ever want for my family of 6 and large dog!

I love my Suburban. As a family of 6 with active kids and a large dog, It fits us and all of our stuff comfortably! Getting in and out is a breeze, there are tons of automatic functions that make life easier and It has everything we need. The only negative is it has required a lot of maintenance over the years - there just always seems to be something that needs work. But it is 11 years old now and I still love it.

- jamie B

The ample room is great & it runs very well. It is a very reliable car.

I have 4 children so I love the size of the vehicle. My kids & friends can all fit in there & the back area is very roomy-can fit a lot of items back there. The only complaint I have is that is seems to use a lot of oil & I have to keep my eye on the oil level & add oil fairly often. Gas is California is expensive so it does cost a lot to fill it up, but that is not the car's "fault".

- Brandon B

It has a backup camera so that is neat.

It is a used car with high mileage it works for me for now because it has a wide trunk and it has room for my four kids. But it does not have a row where I can sit more people so that sucks, and it has a recall on it and when I call to check the status at the dealership they keep telling me that when it is available they'll call me but is scary because I believe it has a bag recall.

- Crystal C

It is very spacious so it is really great for road tripping or driving anywhere.

It overheats sometimes but it is an older model. The car is very spacious. Very nice if you have a large family or you like to go on road trips. You do not feel cramped in the car. There is also a really big trunk so if you are needing to move into college there's a lot of room in the trunk as well as the seats folding down to make even more room when buying large items.

- Elizabeth L

Problems with this vehicle have been non stop.

I bought suburban used with 120000 miles on it and I have had nothing but problems with it I have put thousands of dollars into it. Even with additional warranty I have issues with oil leaking window switches not working ball joints and recently had too have fuel pump replaced not once but twice and this is my second suburban that has issues with air conditioning.

- Michelle A

It is perfect for our family.

I love all the room in my suburban. My husband and I both coach our kids youth sports and we have plenty of room for teammates, tables, water, etc.. We have a DVD player in our vehicle so going on long trips with the kids is easier with movies. We also have dogs and have plenty of room to stick them in the very back without worrying about them sitting on the kids.

- Jennifer H

Why I drive a Chevy suburban.

We have the ltz version and we love it. It is and incredibly comfortable vehicle, with all the features I could want. Rear back up camera and DVD player are the biggest bonuses. The only thing it does not have that o would like is the Bluetooth compatibility for my phone. It drives incredibly well, is extremely comfortable. It has heated seats, even in the back!

- Michelle W

Family traveling car! Terrible on gas!

The engine has issues. It has the am lifters and it makes ticking noises when you start it. Suburban are good for road trips but are costly at the gas station. I would recommend a van just for the price of gas. Make sure if buy one of these, to check everything out mechanical. I had a nephew that sold his because of the motor and drivetrain. Thanks.

- Jason S

Comfy and reliable family vehicle.

My truck has been a very reliable vehicle. It gets driven daily and taken and long trips and it has held up really well as it has also shuttled my kids to and from their many activities. So it has really been used! There have been some fixes made at this point but I been driving this truck for 11 years now and it has close to 170,000 miles on it.

- Angela M

Buy a Chevy. . An excellent choice. . I am 59 years old and would never change.

Chevy cars and trucks are the best ones to buy and use. . I would never buy nothing else. . Basic work and easy to fix, like change your brakes, oil changes. . Normal wear and tear. Like getting tires. The only thing I have had wrong was my air conditioning went out, needed to buy a new battery but otherwise my truck is in very good shape. . .

- Susie E

It is reliable. It has held up for 11 years and 260, 000 miles.

The Chevy suburban that I currently own is the best and most reliable vehicle that I have ever had. It currently has over 260, 000 miles on it and has never had to have the engine or transmission replaced. And it still looks really good. That being said, I know that she is probably on her last leg and am driving it until I can't anymore.

- James E

It works and gets you from point A to point B.

Ac blower does not work, speakers pop when you have base play, leather is tearing, front seats are heated, faux wood inside, vhs player, cassette player, CD player small foldable TV, front door windows have no tint co pilot window does not work, scratches in paint on vehicle, part of fiberglass over left back tire torn off.

- Brandon N

The most important thing is gas mileage. The vehicle does not get good mileage.

If you have a big family, you'll love the Chevy suburban. I love the roominess and the trunk space. The little features such as; heated seats, electric seats, USB ports, Bluetooth, video player, radio/CD player, dual ac/heat controls, front and rear air controls, and basically power everything, make this vehicle wonderful.

- Linda D

It has been very dependable. I would buy it all over again.

A 2007 vehicle sounds old, right? Well, my suburban has been amazing. It has @130,000 miles on it and no major repairs. (Hope I didn't jinx myself). I would buy it all over again. Dealers keep send us letters trying to convince us to trade it in. That is super annoying! I want to keep this vehicle as long as possible.

- Holly H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has all the room anyone could ever want.

I LOVE my car! We bought it after owning an Acura and having twins. Their car seats would not fit in the Acura so we had to upgrade to the Suburban and it was such a great move! We love all of the room and the quality of the vehicle. Gas mileage is a little rough, but the drive and ride more than makes up for it.

- Becky G

Granny loves her suburban!

I love the Chevrolet suburban. Perfect for three car seats. Comfortable for me, a grandma with sciatica and other arthritis. Comfortable, stylish. The seats are so comfortable for large people. Easy to drive. If you are trying to decide on a new vehicles just get the suburban. You will love it.

- Bunny S

Love my Chevy and so will you!

The ride is smooth and comfortable, the only issue I have I've had with every Chevy I have owned except one and that is the transmission needs to go back to the drawing board, the room is great the air and heat work great anyone that wants something safe and enjoyable Should own a Chevy SUV.

- Davis R

Absolutely love our Chevy suburban lots of room for our family of 5.

The Chevy suburban rides nice and handles well. Lots of room with the third row set and plenty of room in the back for your cargo. Plenty of power with v-8 for pulling. Nice looking vehicle. Built to handle off-road and on road conditions with track control makes it better for snowy roads.

- Gary I

I would definitely buy another suburban in the future.

I would happily buy another Chevrolet suburban. It has all the comforts I could want. The only con to thins vehicle is the low gas mileage. It is comfortable, powerful, and has all the bells and whistles. I can pull a heavy trailer or boat and it also has a smooth and comfortable ride.

- Kayla M

Body Changes in Suburbans

Do not like the stabilitrak . I also have had two other suburbs a 1995 and a 2003 and it was disappointing that they decreased the length of the car . Third row had less legroom and cargo room is decreased . We travel with 7-9 people in our house and it made it nicer to have the room.

- Wendy M

Full cargo extra large family SUV.

I love my car because it is spacious enough for the whole family, it has added luxuries like a TV and DVD player, full ac and seat heating for extra comfort and enjoyment during longer road trips. It is reliable and affordable in case I need to replace any parts they are easy to find.

- Hannah M

My suburban easily accommodates our family!

I really like my suburban! It easily accommodates our grandkids with the third row seating and does not take away from cargo space behind the third row. It may be a little lonely when I am driving by myself but I know when I need it we have room to travel and can invite friends along.

- Angela M

A dependable family vehicle that gets you where you need to go.

I thoroughly enjoy my vehicle. Although it is an older vehicle, it is roomy, gets good mileage, and suits my needs for a vehicle in terms of transportation for running errands, traveling, and going back and forth to work. I think it is a perfect family vehicle and is quite dependable.

- Cassie P

Reliable family car with great features.

Has been a great vehicle! It has been reliable and so roomy with 3 kids. Love having the DVD system in it for long trips and seat warmers!! It gets ok gas mileage. The older it has gotten we have had little things go wrong. Like new wheel bearing, electrical stuff, spark plugs.

- Kari B

I love my suburban, great family and travel car.

I love the power and the space! Great air conditioning and radio. Time and sun have caused a crack on my dashboard but very durable otherwise. Gas mileage is very consistent and repairs are easy with both factory and aftermarket parts. 140, 000 miles and going strong!

- Katie D

Chevy suburban: the most reliable vehicle on the planet.

My Chevy suburban is the best vehicle that I have ever owned. It has 260k on it and still has original transmission and engine! I like large SUVs so it's perfect for me and my large family. So much so, that I can't imagine not getting another one when the time comes.

- James E

Once you own a Suburban it's hard to like anything else.

I like that it is large enough to get big purchases home without having to make several trips. I like that it has enough seating to take Grandparents along instead of driving two cars. I wish I could have bought it new rather than fixing what someone neglected.

- Kimberly S

Love it is great for a large family. Seats 8 very comfortable my husband says.

Dash cracked and it is not warranty or recall so I have to drive around with a cracked dash or spend a ton of money to repair. Love this motor and room. I would recommend for a family with big kids. My boys are tall so this is great for long legs. All good.

- Ginger W

The car has great loading capacity.

I like that I feel safe driving the car. I don't like the fuel efficiency of the car. I don't like parking the vehicle, though I have learned to park strategically. I do like the car's AC, roominess to handle 9 passengers, and the large loading capacity.

- Susan T

Chevy Suburban great for large families

Love the amount of storage space in the back as well as the space overall. Heated seats and captain's chairs in the middle are great for loading and unloading kids. Digital features with radio, AC/heat, and other electronic issues have been going on.

- Jenny H

Best vehicle for large family

I love our suburban. It has a lot of space. The only issue we've had was a cylinder issue. That was a $1200 fix for 1 and there are 6. I did learn that you can override it for around $3000. It has something to do with the automatic shifting.

- Tiffani D

Pad for a design of engine should use high-quality American parts.

Bad engine design, cheap parts and transmission. The interior quality could be a lot better. The seats are cheap material, they rip easy. The buttons on the dash they peel off. It could be better steering wheel and evap system cheap parts.

- Ken D

It is absolutely awesome. It is very comfortable for long rides. It has a lot of space for taking things on trips. It has a tv.

I love the leather throughout the vehicle because it is easier to clean. I like the captains chairs in the second row. I like having the third row. I like all of the luxury features it has. I do not like the gas mileage and the color.

- Annie h

Smooth, comfortable, spacious family vehicle

I love that it is so spacious. We travel a lot and it is nice for the kids to have room. I also love that I can control the climate on my side and my husband has his own side and the kids have one in the back. It's a very smooth ride.

- Stephanie B

We wouldn't know what to do without our Suburban!

Our suburban has been extremely reliable and dependable and has held up well with our six children. The entertainment package has been great for road trips and the maintenance has been minimum. We really love this vehicle!

- Kevin F

The suburban from 2005 to 2010. Has the faulty AFM.

I love my suburban because of the size. And the storage it has. I love the looks and the comfort. But the AFM in the 5.3 motor sucks. It makes the lifters go out from lack of oil to them. And it has done this 3 times now.

- David D

Very large and roomy family vehicle. Perfect for trips, shopping and more.

I love my suburban because it is the perfect size for my family of 6. I learned that once the warranty from the dealer expires, the repairs such as an engine replacement or getting an axle fixed can be very costly.

- Mario C

It is all wheel drive and has been a very reliable vehicle. We have 3 kids the teen sits in the back and there are captain seats for the 2 little ones so they are separated :)

Our vehicle has over 140,000 miles and we have had to replace somethings on it. However so far the items we have had to replace have been able to be done by us and therefore we have saved quite a bit of money.

- Tabitha R

A reliable and safe vehicle.

It big and reliable, nice and roomy, and very safe. It does not have the best gas mileage but it is reliable on the road, and had the option of 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. It perfect for wintery or wet roads.

- Katie S

It is reliable even though it is a high mileage vehicle.

I like the fact that it's an ltz so it has all the bells and whistles. Heated seats, third row seat, leather seats, DVD player, sunroof. I don't really care for the light interior though. No complaints.

- Natasha P

Great for large families, but be prepared to pay a lot for gas.

I love the size. It fits my entire family, and it has plenty of room in the back for groceries. I do not like the poor gas mileage or the fact that there have been quite a few things we have had to fix.

- Shannon S

Suburban is a great vehicle if your looking for an SUV

I love this vehicle for the size and room inside. I have plenty of storage / hauling space in the back too! Only thing about this year is an issue with the motor and using oil. Otherwise I love it!

- Brandy B

My Chevrolet suburban is awesome.

It is an older vehicle, so it is started to show and feel it is wear and tear. But I do love the vehicle. When it comes time to us getting a newer truck. I will stick with the same type I have now.

- Samantha E

Heavy duty family vehicle

It is a large vehicle, runs good, powerful engine to easily haul heavy loads ie camper. Enough room on the inside to haul a large family, plus plenty of space in the back to haul a good sized load.

- Brittney T

Best car for a bigger family

I love this car so much. It has about 180,000 miles on it and is still going strong. It rides very smooth, can fit a bigger family, and can fit three car seats in the middle row easily.

- Kim H

It's has lots of room but uses lots of gas

This truck has lots of room for kids and tools. However you pay for the space in gas, be prepared it's a guzzler! It's dependable and with upkeep and minor repairs she still runs good!

- Jerome M

It is very roomy and very dependable. It is durable and runs well

I love the size of my vehicle. It has plenty of room for my family to fit comfortably. The only thing I dislike would be the amount of gas I use since gas prices continue to spike.

- Lisa F

it's big and spacious and can hold all the things we need for road trips with three kids.

i absolutely love my suburban. it has captain chairs which make accessing the back seat so much easier. i love having the dvd player for the kids and i love having so much space.

- katy m

Classy, Dependable family vehicle.

It leaks oil and is a common problem with that year model. Love the size, look, very dependable. The back has plenty of room for storage, and I love the 70/30 fold-down back seat

- Erica S

It has good power and seats 8 people comfortably.

I like the amount of cargo space it has in the back and the number of passengers it holds. The radio does not seem to have as good of reception as other vehicles I have driven.

- Crystal L

Its white and pretty and cool.

I test drove an LTZ before purchasing this LT model and it just seems so much more plain without many options. I like the amount of room it offers for my 4 growing teenage sons.

- Marcy K

It is an easy vehicle to drive even though it is large.

Recently it has had a lot mechanical problem. I don't like those. I do like the look and feel of the vehicle and that it holds a lot of people and still has room for groceries.

- Sarah S

Most comfortable, huge SUV out there!

I have loved this car from day one! It is got 140k miles on it and still runs great! I feel safe in it and have taught my daughter to drive it as well! My favorite car to date!

- Donna B

It does not get great gas mileage.

I like that it can pull our travel trailer and fit many people inside. I dislike that it is so large when running errands around town (can be cumbersome to park and maneuver).

- Laurel T

It does not have a backup camera.

Low gas mileage and not earth conscious. I love that it is 4x2 and 4x4 with plenty of room for my family of five. It is getting old so I am weary of its wear and tear.

- Samantha C

It is very dependable. I've had no mechanical issues or problems.

I love the size of my suv and the dependability. It also has a DVD player which my kids love! The only complaint is that the paint has started chipping off the sides.

- Kelly W

Vehicle that fits our needs.

Very reliable. Able to pull camper and boat. Enough seating and DVD system. 4 wheel drive service light comes on every winter but that is the extent of maintenance.

- Ash W

The suburban is a reliable car. Chevy's would never let you down.

I like how it is big and spacious but at the same time for me I don't need all of that space. I have had it for multiple years and never had any major issues.

- Kelsey J

It has plenty of space, gas mileage sucks though.

I love how roomy my 07 suburban is. I dislike the gas mileage, it is a v8 so it is a gas guzzler. I like that it is high up and not sitting low like a car.

- Makayla Y

Chevy Suburban Longevity & Comfort

Very reliable vehicle. I love the four-wheel drive. It offers tons of room for people and cargo. Even though it is over ten years old, it still looks good.

- Lisa P

Chevy suburban 2007- excellent car.

I have had my car for 11 years and it has performed well. In last few years there have been repairs related to age, but for the most part it runs well.

- Cory F

It's very family friendly but pieces break very easily

I like the roomy back behind the 3rd row seating, there are many cup holders and little slots. Wish there were other seating options in our 3rd row

- Lauren J

Great on gas and easy to maintain. Room for children and grown ups

The size is perfect for e cause I am short and other people are tall. size adjustment is great. lots of space for hauling odds and ends i

- Mary C

It is a good car for long trips.

I love my burb. The room the seating and the power. Four wheel drive is great. I pull down trees while getting groceries and bring kids to school.

- Cary V

Lots of options, does not hook up to phone.

Sunroof, heated leather in front and middle seats, DVD player, power locks, windows, seats. Remote keyless entry. It does not hook up to a phone.

- Heather K

You will be replacing the engine around 200,000 miles no matter how well you maintain it.

Overall there is a lot of space. Rides smooth. The main issue is with the engine. How GM designed the engine it only lasts about 200,000 miles.

- Daniel F

It's amazing for its size and amount of seating it has.

I like the amount of seating it has, family of 6. I love the amount of storage capability. I dislike that it doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Sarah S

It is amazing all around, except for the gas mileage.

I love the space but hate the gas mileage. It is great for a big family but not so great for the wallet when you have a family of 5.

- Karlie A

Another unreliable vehicle.

Wheels lock, brakes stick, ac doesn't work sometimes, radio is fuzzy, unreliable most of the time yet gets you where you need to go.

- Ava L

2007 Chevrolet Suburban excellent condition

LTZ Suburban has leather and all options. Car is a 2007 and drives and handles like new. Cold air, seat heaters, sunroof, and more.

- Randy B

2007 4WD tan Chevy suburban.

It's a really great SUV will last a lifetime if taken care of lots of room great for long trips. You can't go wrong with this SUV.

- Renee S

The afm will make the lifters go bad.

I love the size of it. It holds all my family. It's very comfortable. But it has a bad motor. The afm sucks on these vehicles.

- David D

They hold their resale value and are reliable, great size SUVs.

I do not like the price. We had to buy used. They hold the resale value, which is great! But, we have a lot of miles on it!

- Christina B

It is a very safe vehicle and very spacious.

I love all of the room. It is really good to take out of town. It does use a lot of gas when you are driving around in town.

- Joshua V

Can see well out of this SUV

Great SUV. It is based on a truck so it will last forever. You can see well out of this model. Reliability has been ok.

- Rhonda H

Love my suburban, but not the issues.

Main problem has been that the driver's panel has stopped working making it hard to get the odometer info, tire info, etc.

- Brenda M

Suburban for a large family

My Suv is amazing , we are a family of 6 and we can travel long distances comfortably. We get amazing highway gas mileage

- Diane T

I have a lot of room for my family.

I love it 'cause it is roomy, and I can fit my kids and friends kids in my car. The only think it drinks a lot of gas.

- Kerri F

Great traveling truck and safe.

The size and safety it offers. Great truck for long trips and vacations. Uses a lot and gas and hard to park at times.

- James E

It has needed a lot of repairs.

Its roomy, smooth to drive but it seems to always have problems. It seems like we have to replace things all the time.

- First name D

Reliable work horse- hauls family and gear safely and comfortably!

Perfect Family vehicle! Reliable, comfortable and rugged. Will never drive anything else. Perfect for sports moms-

- Jennifer J

It is reliable and replacement parts are not expensive or hard to come by.

I like the truck because it is spacious enough for a family and has decent cargo space for shopping and whatnot.

- Homer S

Even though they are big they are very easy to drive.

It has plenty of room for whole family. Easy to drive and not terrible on gas. Wish it had more options though.

- Amy A

Great riding vehicle, love the space.

High mileage, rides good, want a new paint job, takes a lot to fill the tank, comfortable, great high miles.

- Ebony H

It's a great family vehicle.

Have had my vehicle for 9 years and has been very reliable. We love our vehicle, and wonderful to travel in.

- Beatriz C

This car has a good design, even though it's bad on dirt roads it sure as heck can fashion it out!

This vehicle is quite nice, though it has a few speed issues, it's also hard for it to turn on dirt roads.

- RedPa L

It is a gas guzzler but I love it. I would not trade it for anything.

I love the smooth ride and reduction of road noise. The color is amazing and I can not find it anymore.

- Gail T

It holds traveling equipment very nicely if you take out the back 2 seats

It uses a lot of gas. I like traveling with this vehicle. I would like it to be safer like subaru

- L B

that it is safe and reliable and can fit all of us

reliable/safe/smooth ride on the roads has good amenities like built in tv and navigation system

- me t

The one others should know about my truck is that "IT'S MINES"

I love my truck. It has just enough space, 3 rows of seats. Plus it gets good gas mileage.

- Jonh R

FlexFuel is an item that sold us on this car but unfortunately we have not been able CV to find a station nearby.

Like the roominess of the Suburban but dislike that electrical items are now going out.

- Bren M

Get the larger engine. The 5.3 is underpowered for such a large vehicle.

It's roomy and comfortable but it has the typical Chevy electrical issues of the era

- Ed B

My Suburban has been very reliable, very few repairs

It has room for my family plus more, we can tow trailer with it, makes me feel safe

- cindy l

It's good for hauling a large family. It's comfortable for long trips

I love the features and how many people it holds. I dislike how it's breaking down.

- Janae L

It's got lots of room and drives like a car, but uses a lot of gas.

It drives like a car. It's got a lot of room. It's safe. It uses a lot of gas.

- Andrew M

It is 7 passenger and fits the whole family

it's top of the line for the year and we keep her clean love the ride!!!

- Skull W

I love the roominess. Awesome drive. Only drawback is gas mileage

Although a large vehicle it handles extremely well and is easy to drive

- Tammy A

safe to drive easy to operate

roomy safe dependable great visibility very comfortable no dislikes

- monte D

The size and space of the vehicle. It is dependable.

I feel safe in it. Not bad on gas. Room for everything I need.

- Denise C

It has a roomy interior to seat 7 people comfortably.

I love the spacious interior. Handles well and looks sharp

- Alisia H

It's spacious inside and it has 4 wheel drive. It can carry up to 9 passengers.

I love it because it's large enough to hold 9 passengers.

- Sarah C

Smooth comfortable driving on all types of roads in all types of conditions.

REliable for any drive. Drives very smooth on the road.


It is very reliable. It makes me feel safe. It holds a lot of people.

It awesome and I enjoy driving my car on road trips

- Tracee G

It can be difficult to park

I love the room. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Ellie F