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Safe, spacious and easy, no better family vehicle than our Chevrolet Suburban.

My 2008 Chevrolet suburban is by far the best vehicle I've had since I started driving. I purchased this vehicle when it was already 8 years old, it had only one previous owner who kept it in great condition. After 3 years of driving and maintaining this vehicle I have come to believe that I could not be comfortable in anything smaller with a family of our size. I have 5 children and the suburban fits everyone comfortably with room to spare. The interior of my suburban is leather which makes it easy to clean which is essential when you have children. The children really enjoy the stereo system, the speakers project sound very well throughout the vehicle offering great sound for them to sing along to. The A/C has not faltered at all since we purchased the vehicle, with regular maintenance of course. The cargo area is large enough to carry my double stroller and still provide enough room for groceries and/ or other items. The safety features of the suburban give me great peace of mind. The locking features for the rear doors and windows are especially helpful when traveling with children. My suburban is over ten years old and with proper maintenance I have had no problems with any of the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. It still runs like new, being very quiet and efficient. Although it is a very heavy vehicle, I have never had any reason to doubt the brake system on the vehicle which reassures me of the safety of the suburban. Our family is in very good hands on the road.

- Joy A

Suburban ltz fully loaded, wonderful for a large family!

We love our suburban! It is spacious enough for our family of five and large dog. We have the ltz which comes with a DVD player, and that is a must for us for longer road trips. The vehicle performance, comfort, features and reliability are great. We haven't had any major issues with the vehicle at all. We have found that routine maintenance (breaks for example) is pretty costly due to the quality and size of parts. Unfortunately a lot of rust spots have popped up (but we live in a state that utilizes a lot of salt for the roads in the winter) and unfortunately it is way too costly to have the rust repaired. Other than that we love the vehicle and plan to own it for many years to come.

- Andrea H

Chevy Suburban, the ultimate family luxury vehicle

My suburban, in my opinion, is the ultimate family vehicle. It can seat up 7 passengers comfortably. My kids and their friends enjoy the two DVD screens in the back while taking long trips. When the vehicle is in park, the front screen also shows the movie. We enjoy the power windows and locks, the four heated seats, the sunroof. The back hatch is easily opened from the front seat with the push of a button. This has been a very reliable vehicle that has never left my family stranded. Very easy to drive. I thought when I bought it that it would be hard to park it because of the size but I got used to it really quick and it hasn't been a problem.

- Savannah H

Our Chevy Suburban is an economical and roomy vehicle for a large family!!

My Suburban is one of the best purchases that we have made. We have a family of six, and we can sit all people comfortably. We also like to take family vacations, and we drive the Suburban. It gets good gas mileage for a Large SUV. We love that it has rear air. It also has a large back seat that holds plenty of luggage for a trip. We have taken it to the mountains, where it road like an all terrain vehicle. Our kids love that it has a plug to charge phones in the back seat. It is a very comfortable vehicle for a family. It is free from road noise and has cruise control that helps on long trips.

- Amie M

Smooth luxury ride for a non Minivan family

In the LTZ model, it has wood grain interior, a DVD player, heated seats on screen navigation, OnStar capabilities, back up camera.. it also features 'Captain' seats in the second row with heated seats. My truck has the automatic running boards so when the door opens, the running boards comes out from underneath the truck. My truck features the 6.0L engine which is better than Flex Fuel engines.. but it does burn thru oil and gas very quickly. Automatic start on the remote. Very smooth ride, I love my truck.

- Guadalupe A

The suburban is a large capacity vehicle that is very roomy inside.

The suburban is very roomy. It seats up to 8 people and has lots of head and leg room. The gas mileage is not the greatest, but it is a very dependable car. It has a rear camera and a DVD player. It has both v6 and v8 engines, and shifts between the two automatically. The seats are leather and both the front seats and middle seats are heated. There is a sunroof and a center console, along with cup holders for every passenger. The trunk opens up with a touch of your hand or with the remote.

- Lori H

Tons of extra room for people or objects!

It is very reliable, not horribly expensive to get repaired, and is very easy to handle on the road. Gas mileage is not the greatest, but that is expected with an early model SUV. 1-7 people can sit comfortably. Some cosmetic and minor electrical issues, but radio & A/C still work great! Starting to need major repairs due to age & mileage. Still a reliable & comfortable source of transport for my whole family, plus all the extra 'stuff' they always bring with them.

- Jessica F

It is a heavy duty steel blue tank, it is my lifeline to the world.

I enjoy the large size of the suburban, it has 4-wheel drive and handles great in the snow, it can pull a large trailer easily when we go camping. Has plenty of room for my large family and our extra stuff. It can also be great to just camp in with 2 people because the seats fold down. My kids can bring their friends on trips, it has room to provide extra seats for school trips. It can carry large items when I go shopping.

- Sarah W

My suburban is a sturdy, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

My suburban gets good fuel mileage, the engine size of this vehicle is heavy enough to pull trailers with moderate loads, interior is suitable for several passengers. Second row of seats has two buckets seats which give easy access to 3rd row seating. Large cargo space behind 3rd row is adequate for shopping needs. Entertainment of DVD system is nice for passengers. Has a nice GPS tracking system with large screen to see.

- Tammy W

Family vehicle but in need of maintenance.

It is a very solid, durable vehicle with a ton of room for storage and a family of five. Unfortunately, there is always something going on to have to keep getting repairs made. Small parts are regularly wearing out and on a suburban there is no inexpensive repair or replacement. Overall, if you are willing to pay extra for maintenance and repairs, it is a great vehicle for a large family that travels a lot.

- Jordan H

It is got a lift hatch on a key fob. It fits 7-8 people. It is got heated seats.

My suburban has a backup camera, entertainment center and seats 7 or 8 if needed. It drives like a dream. The gas mileage is not that bad. It is really comfortable. Love the grocery space. It is got heated seats. The two captains chairs roll up nicely. It is got automatic door opener to make it easier for you. It is got automatic startup on a nice sets of key fobs. What's not to love about it.

- Chris A

What I love about our Chevy suburban.

What I love the most about our vehicle is the heated seats. It is a very comfortable vehicle. I like that the heat and air control can be adjusted for both the driver and passenger. The car has held up for us. I really love the leather seats and the soothing comfort when I add the heating element. There is pl3nty of seating room eight to be exact. There is still plenty of storage room.

- Mary E

Great for large families- plenty of seats and trunk space.

I love the size of my vehicle, that it can fit 7 people and has a large trunk space. I think that's so important. I like the back up camera, heated seats but wish they also cooled since they are leather and get really hot in the summer. I love the power features but wish the back windows slid down instead of pushed out when opened. I wish my seats folded flat.

- Lori G

Comfort and durability that last.

This vehicle has kept up very well with only regular services. No big repairs have needed to be done. We love the car and so do our kids. It is very comfortable and has enough room for sports equipment as well as room for long road trips. The performance is great and has plenty of power to tow. The freeway gas mileage is also amazing for a big vehicle.

- Sabrina T

Good reliable vehicle to drive.

It's has a lot of space fits 7 people. A lot of cargo space. Good mileage per gallon on highways. Very stable to drive even on harsh weather conditions. Mine has leather heated seats. Air conditioner on all three rows of seats. Gps. Tv for my kids which is a dream come true especially during long trips. Reverse camera. And I have 4 wheel drive.

- Mayra S

2008 Chevrolet suburban, ltz z71 SUV.

I love it! Comfy, reliable, all the bells and whistles, 4 wheel drive for winter, easy to use for picking up kids from school, and great to take on family vacations! Has a navigation system, backup video camera, tow package, sun/moonroof, leather interior, heated seats, a nice computer system that tells you what need to be inspected.

- Corey L

Amazing family vehicle other than lifter issue.

The only problems we encountered with it other than normal wear and tear was the issue with the lifters sticking. Which gave it a dead miss and lifters sticking are caused by the afm or dod. We had to replace cam lifters etc. That was only issue and of course not good on gas but that's expected with a vehicle and motor that size.

- Chase M

Very roomy, and dependable.

Spacious, and 4x4 so can go pretty much anywhere to camp. You can bring a tent, or sleeps 2 people, and a small dog. This suburban has lot's of power with it is big engine, but the gas mileage is not so good on a big vehicle like it. Over all we love our suburban and recommend them to people with big families, or dogs etc..

- Jen L

It is good for a big family, and comfortable.

My suburban has everything, DVD player, heated leather seats, moonroof and sunroof. Everything, however the light for the stereo only works when it wants to. Which means you cannot adjust anything and the DVD player worked for like 2 weeks when I bought it. Rust issues and an issue with a oil pressure regulator sensor.

- Rachel Z

Classy, and comfortable ride

The interior is beautiful, comfortable, with many features. Although 11 years old it has alot of technology. We love the hands free tailgate opening and closing, TV option, Bose stereo sounds amazing. The windshield wipers adjust automatically to weather conditions. The ride is smooth and quiet and body is sleek.

- Michelle W

Comfort and Space are some of the key components that make this vehicle so enjoyable.

I love the luxury of the space within my vehicle. I love the comfort for myself and any passengers when traveling. I do not like that it seems there was an engine/oil issue with my year/model, but we've since fixed that ourselves. It's overall a fantastic vehicle and definitely better than its comparable models.

- Christen S

Suburban ltz review parenting

I love my captains chairs having two kids I don't have to worry about then fighting and hurting each other. There is also a lot of room for being a parent I can fit groceries plus the stroller and if needed I can fold my back seats down to fit more. My only downside on the vehicle is the gas consumption

- Mersaddies B

My opinion is that I love it, but it is bad on gas and gas is expensive.

Love it, lots of room for kids and groceries, kinda bad on gas mileage but overall I think it is wonderful, might or might not get another one, do not know yet if I will, might get a compact car instead but I do not know if I will, again I do not know if I will or not, overall opinion is that I love it.

- Robin H

This Suburban seats . 1 that seats 8 would be ideal seeing as I have 6 children

The only problems I have had our electrical issues. The electrical issues have to do with the cruise control. It was an easy fix. Had to do with the brake switch. Now I am having problems with the air conditioner it still blows cold it just started to blow out of the defroster instead of the air vents

- Crimson I

Suburban great family car

Great for families! Lots of room. Comfortable seats over the second row buckets. Better than minivan. Kids love videos wish there was two but that's ok. Lots of cup holders room for sports equipment. Drives smooth better than Yukon xl. Had Chevys most of life they are great vehicles. Try for yourself!

- Melanie G

It seats 7, sunroof, heated seats, cruise control, has an option for XM radio.

My vehicle is very roomy. I love my kids have plenty of space. It is very dependable. I wish it got better gas mileage. It have many features that I love like cruise control, heated seats, and a sunroof. It seems to use more oil than expected, but it is not that big of an inconvenience in my opinion.

- Amy M

It's the SUV you need for road trips

The suburban is the best SUV I have ever own. The ride is smooth, and for long road trip,it's amazing. The only bad thing is it sucks a lot gas in the city. And in the, hot summer days it takes a while for the,suburban to cool down. The space inside is great with the third row I can fit 8 adults.

- Marco M

A very reliable and roomy vehicle all in one.

I own a 2008 Chevrolet suburban, this is the second suburban I own my first one was a 1997. These vehicles are very roomy and ideal for a larger family or for people who just love to travel considering all the extra room. Both suburban have been very reliable and have not had any major problems.

- Makayla V

Overall all great family Vehicle

This vehicle is very reliable. I would recommend it to people with large families. It is made for the highway. It's equipped with a DVD player and Bose speakers. The only thing that problems me is the check engine light. I took it to the dealership and they couldn't find any problems.

- June B

Nice vehicle with teens in the family.

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Love this vehicle. Would recommend for families. Especially for teens. Smooth ride with not alot of noise. I previously had a van but this gives us more room especially in the cargo area. Love my suburban. I would buy it again in a heartbeat

- Barbara W

The tv with a remote that you can control from the front.

It's a great vehicle, other than fuel mileage. Spacious, well equipped vehicle while having children! Great motor, love the heated seats. Can tow mostly anything! Children love the heated seats, and tv in the back. The leather seats are amazing, and the reclining option is great!

- Kate A

Oil issue, electrical issue

It has an oil pressure issue which can be corrected with a better oil seal between the oil pump and pick up tube. It also has an electrical issue with the lights. It was repaired at an electrical shop. The cylinder shutdown system isn't worth being engaged on the vehicle.

- Tracy W

This is my car - the suburban that I bought second hand.

We got it second hand on craigslist, fixed it up, and it runs well, though a bit of a struggle in the winter time. And does need a bit of repairs from time to time, nothing major, just the usual checkup and oil, etc. It does the job as it should without much fighting.

- Dale T

This is a great family vehicle.

I love the 3rd row seating. When in use or folded down it leaves plenty of room for hauling items such as lumber strollers groceries etc... It is very easy to get kids out of the bucket seats in second row. They love to watch the TV that it comes equipped with.

- Holly A

Dependable large SUV for everyone in the family.

Great vehicle that dependable. There is a lot of room, it drives smooth and handled well. The suburban is very comfortable and has room for everyone in the family. It does burn oil, so check the oil between oil changes. That is the only drawback to the vehicle.

- Stacy C

Middle seats recline and back seats fold down.

The good thing about it is the 3rd row seating if you have a big family. The back seats also lay down for storage purposes and the middle seats do recline. I do not like the gas mileage it gets and it is older so it does not drive as good as the newer versions.

- Mommy R

A really spacious and comfortable SUV.

What I love about my vehicle is all the space we have, is big enough for 7 people plus a lot of space on the back, so comfortable to long trips. The only inconvenience is how much I spend in gas, with today cost is so expensive to used just for normal trips.

- Melania L

Safety features in a 08 Suburban

Out of all the vehicles I have owned this is the easiest to install car seats to. There are all the right safety features for a big family. And the trunk space is spacious and perfect for life shopping trips. Also the leg room in the front row is amazing.

- Amber S

I love how I can control everything from the front seat

I love that my truck has DVD player. It's seats can fold up if I need them to the trunk can open with a simple touch. That comes IN Handy when your hands full and have kids. Then I love that I can control everything right from the TV screen in the front.

- Heather B

Great and long lasting. Reliable.

I love the automation of the seats and pedals. It is great for his and hers settings. I love the leather and heated seats. It makes it easy to clean. It is great for dogs and kids. I love mirrors coming in by button too. It makes car washes a breeze.

- Sandy H

It is very roomy. Provides lots of extra seating.

I love the space this vehicle provides. It is especially great for our family while traveling. It is a base model with no "extras" which is exactly what we like. I dislike the gas mileage and the color is not our first choice. No real complaints

- Kim W

If you need a vehicle for a family, the Suburban is a great option.

My Suburban is the most comfortable vehicle that I have owned. It has plenty of cargo room, and seats 8 people comfortably with 3 rows of seating. The only downfall is the gas mileage. I get about 12 miles in the city and 17 on the hwy.

- brandi l

It seats 9 people so there is enough room for my whole family and we still have plenty of space.

My vehicle seats 9 and I love it due to having 4 kids. I don't like that the dashboards are known to crack in those models. I also don't like the price of gas when I need to fill it up. But in the end I love it and it drives great.

- Lisa B

Tough SUV with plenty of space to make it a perfect vehicle for families.

Love the comfortable ride; adjustable heated seating, roomy space. Lots of storage space in back; easy to remove third row seating for more. Only dislike would be terrible gas mileage, averaging only 13 or 14 MPG

- Laurie C

It has lots of room and seats

It has 3rd row seating (for the kids,) and is still big enough for suitcases. It is powerful enough to pull out travel trailer. It has power seats, heated seats, and back up sensors. Perfect size for our family.

- Jamie K

It is very large and hard to park but it does have lots of room for kids and extras.

The Suburban is very large and therefore, sometimes hard to park. It is a gas guzzler. Not your in town every day errand driver. The size and available room do come in handy when hauling unusual or large objects

- Melissa L

Great SUV for multiple purposes. I did not want a minivan and am so glad I went with a Suburban LTZ with the captains chairs. It offers more room and we can tow a trailer with ease. It's also great in snow.

Large enough to accommodate multiple adults and children with convertible car seats. There's plenty of space for groceries, furniture, etc. Towing capacity, GPS, DVD, heated seats and memory settings for seats.

- Logan S

It's very safe and reliable. Easy to work on. Plenty of space

Reliable,comfortable, leather seats with built in heaters Wish it would tow my camper a little better. Would prefer the captain seats in the middle row so it's easier to get in and out of the third row seats

- Kristen S

My Chevy Suburban is spacious and is a smooth ride.

I love the spacious room as we have a big family. There is plenty of room for my daughter's wheelchair. My main complaint is that when I need to take it to the shop it is an expensive vehicle to fix.

- Christy B

think hard about what you want in the car the most

I like that it can pull almost anything. I hate that you can not adjust the middle and back seats, that it does not handle dirt roads very well. that it is expensive to repair anything on it

- mary h

It's a solid vehicle well worth owning.

It's a very neat vehicle. It doesn't quite hold my "more grown up" family of 6, because the leg room isn't quite enough, but otherwise it's a the best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Jon H

It is a nice roomy vehicle for trips whether long or short.

I like that when we go shopping with the family, there is still enough room for the groceries. It runs and drives great with minimal repairs. Very roomy for trips.

- Laura K

It is a flex fuel so it does use less gas than a regular SUV.

I love how smooth it drives. I love the 3rd row seating. I love the feel of the seats and comfortably. I have no complaints other than small electrical problems.

- lucille U

It's all leather and carpet.

Like: heated seats and back up warning and television in back. I like the heated washer fluid. Tailgate opens by button on its own. And I dislike the backseat.

- Julia V

Others should know that it is great for a big family that needs the extra space.

. It is perfect for my family because it has a lot of room & we ride comfortably. I have a 7 children so we need all the extra space. I simply love my truck!

- Roxanne G

High volume of space but low gas mileage. Can fit seven people comfortably.

I like the space my Suburban has. I also like how it has a DVD player for the kids. I don't like the gas mileage or how the seats don't lay all the way down.

- Courtlyn B

It's gas mileage. So they know if it's gas consumption will fit in their budget.

I love the space it gives our family for outings. The 4-wheel drive has been a life saver in the winter. Only complaint is the gas mileage isn't so great.

- Alicia M

It is a beast and it has a lot of power. It is also great for road trips.

I love that it has enough seats for my family. I love the DVD player. I love that It's big and has great storage. I wish it was a little be newer.

- Audra C

It is a large vehicle and requires frequent trips to the gas station

Love that it has 3 rows of seats. Has enough storage space in the back for groceries, strollers, etc. Back up camera and DVD player are nice

- sarah f

It is dependable and always handles well in any weather.

I like the way it handles. My suburban has always been reliable. I love the captain chairs and how comfortable it is. It is a strong vehicle.

- Lynnette R

The car is very dependable and lots of room for a big family.

It drives really nice, holds our big family, and it has nice features. Electrical features did not hold up as long as we thought they should.

- Christina S

It's great for a big family and active people because it has a lot of room inside.

It's very reliable. Its comfortable to drive and ride in. My only complaint is the glass door/window pops open when you close the back hatch.

- Amanda C

It is a gas guzzler. Be prepared to shell out some money in.

I love the heated seats and all the space! Some issues sensors. Thermostat issues as well. The driver 1, and driver 2 memory is awesome.

- Amber L

It is a great family car and can pull your toys easily but it take a lot of gas!

It is big so it fits all of our kids and our stuff. The front has seat warmers. It is 4 wheel drive and is able to easily pull our boat.

- Jess J

that it is a safe care and good on gas. and all the space you need

I like most about my car thats is very spacious. My whole family fits cause we are a family of 6 and we need all the space we can get

- leemar g

This vehicle has space for nine people.

My vehicle is great for my needs. It can go across farm fields and through snow drifts. It has adequate space for my six children.

- Julie F

Is the size of the vehicle, I have rooms for kids, dogs, and work stuff.

I love my car because of its size and reliability. I feel safe on the highway. The only downside is the amount of gas that it takes.

- Sean C

How well it handles gas consumption.

I like that my Suburban is roomy. I also like that it is good on gas for its size. I think this will be my last vehicle for awhile.

- Fitzgerald B

Extremely reliable and dependable.

Size, comfort, interior, color and reliability. Awesome for long trips and large families. Ability to pack a large number of bags.

- Carla H

Pearl diamond four door with remote starter

very comfortable, plenty of room, smooth ride, easy to get in and out of, good sound system, dvd player and navigation system

- kim g

Big semi luxury family vehicle

This vehicle has a large body that seats a lot of passengers with three rows of seats and a large storage area in the back

- Angela C

Suburbans are good comfortable ride but are money pits after about 70,000 miles.

Great ride. Problems with lifters. Problems with electronics. Not reliable all the time. Emission issues constantly.

- Robert W

It is reliable and a great family vehicle.

It has plenty of room for kids, luggage, groceries, etc. It has been very dependable. We can pull a boat with it.

- Kerry D

That my vehicle is very safe.

My vehicle is safe and easy to drive. I love the amount of space I have for my family. Great vehicle all around.

- Tiffany M

Suburban are typically built to last.

Since I bought the car it has had some problems that are well known to Chevrolet, but they have not fixed them.

- James J

It rides great and has heated seats.

Love that is it is big and fits all of my family. Has a TV for the kids but dislike that it uses a lot of gas.

- Bernice S

Nice family car Chevrolet Suburban

Comfortable family car, safe for kids, easy to drive, reliable, enjoy driving everyday to take kids to school

- Jess W

There s comfortable seating for all including the dog.

I love the seating with the 3rd row seating and the cargo space for my large dog. I dislike it burns oil.

- Dawn S

It is wonderful. The gas mileage is good.

It has moveable seats. It's a little a small. The sunroof is nice. Gas mileage is good. It fits our dog.

- Sydney S

Probably that it is a Heavy duty vehicle and reliable.

I like the larger size vehicle to haul items. The exterior style is nice. I don't like that gas mileage

- L S

My vehicle is in great shape for the year, nothing wrong with it, good on gas

My suburban has a very smooth ride, comfortable seats, great sound system, nice entertainment package

- Melanie H

first model year changes have there bugs to work out

it is the size I need for my family, could be more fuel efficient and is starting to rust

- bob C

It does take a lot of gas.

I love that my Suburban is roomy. I also love the way it drives. It is smooth ride.

- barbara a

I love my suburban it has 3 seats a dvd player with a tv what i dislike about it my door handles are getting stuck it drinks a lot of gas

it drinks a lot of gas and have no room with all my kids in it lol

- Mary p

I am a childcare trainer and I carry a lot of stuff in my car. It allows me to have room and bring guest if I want to. I have no complaints, at all. I love my car!!!!

It is very comfortable and it gives a great ride!!

- Joanne L