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Spacious 2008 Chevy suburban.

I love the room and transportability of my suburban. People are always asking to borrow it to move furniture, lawn equipment, decorative pieces, anything really! It is a truck, so while comfortable, it still is not as smooth as a regular car would be. It has all the normal features of a newer car, all the electronics and ports, except USB ports. It is an older model, so does not have a USB port. The gas mileage is fairly decent for such a big car/truck. I drive it on the highway often, and it is pretty smooth. The rear seats can come out, and the middle seats can fold down or up, allowing for me to fit things like and 8 foot pew, a double sized recliner, and various other pieces of furniture. It can also fit 8 humans, with a seatbelt for everyone. Fun for group outings, teams, etc.

- Stacy R

Comfortable, Roomy, and kid friendly!

The Chevrolet suburban has been so reliable for our family. It can hold many things from a mother load of groceries to all our bags and floats for the beach. Seats are comfortable and we love the easy wipe off leather when the kids spill. The only real problem we have with the vehicle is the sensors ringing, but nothing is wrong/faulty. We love the DVD player for the kiddos. The back up camera is one of our favorite features. We also enjoy the captain seats in the 2nd row making it easier for kids/adults to reach the 3rd row seating. All in all this vehicle is reliable, safe, and comfortable. We will be purchasing this type of vehicle for years to come!

- Kaitlyn T

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Suburban's are really great family cars. We have four kids and it seats all of us very comfortably. We use it to tow our wakeboard boat and it handles nicely while pulling it. We use it for every long drive that we make and it is a very smooth ride even though it is almost ten years old and is rounding near the 200, 000 mile mark. We like it so much that this is the second one we have owned. We also use it like a truck and fill it full to the brim when we have moved, take stuff to be donated or take stuff to the dump. The heated seats are one of my favorite features. I love my suburban.

- Michelle M

Chevrolet suburban for the win!

I love my Chevrolet suburban. I bought it because we have 6 people in our family and three dogs. We travel long distances. It is very comfortable. We love the luggage rack on top. We love the reputation that the suburban has had for many years. The only thing is that both of the electric motors have gone out of the side mirrors. Also on the air conditioning/heating controls, the paint has rubbed off. So we only know which one is for cold or hot because we’ve memorized it. That seems wrong. I like the feature of the pull-out visor shades.

- Marsha M

Why the suburban is a perfect fit for me.

The suburban sits 7 comfortably. Captain chairs in the back make traveling extra comfortable. The 3rd row can be put down to make extra trunk space although the backspace is already quite roomy. It is easy to drive, somehow it does not feel big and bulky. The back up camera makes parking and backing up much easier. Gas mileage is surprisingly good. It is also flex fuel compatible. I love that we can tow since we have a lot of outdoor toys. 4x4 comes in handy with Colorado winters. The Bose sound system is definitely a big plus!

- Evelyn V

Has 8 seats, bench seat and third row, leather, back ac control, big trunk space.

I haven't had any major problems with my 2009 Chevrolet suburban, just usual routine and maintenance. It is very reliable. The front seats are nice and hug you making you feel safe and secure. The features are good with leather, cruise control, on-star option, and backup sensor. This car only downfall is that it does not hold value very good. Also, this is not the car I wanted. I have 7 children and this was on of the only options I had other then a van. But other then that perfect for a family.

- Channing H

It�s a great vehicle love the space and comfort.

My suburban has been a great car. I bought it with 150,000 miles and it has used oil since the purchase. That has been a little frustrating always checking the oil but, I haven't had any other mechanical problems. I love the space it offers its very comfortable for me and my 4 children. I will definitely buy another one when I'm able to. My car has leather seats, heated seats, DVD player. It's white in color and just a very pretty car.

- Tammy L

Love the Suburban so much we have 2!

We have 215,000 miles on it and going strong. This is the most dependable vehicle I've ever owned. It is used to tow car trailers and boats plus the whole family. We love the suburban and it is our go to vehicle for myself and the whole family. The only major problem was the rear differential and that was because of a very large load that we towed. I really have no complaints.

- Brian C

Love my SUV, my favorite thing is the XM radio.

No major issues with SUV. Lots of room, very roomy lots of legroom. And lots of cargo room. Not so good on gas but very reliable good on gas for long distances, just not in town. We have always had a suburban,.That's the only SUV I'll trust or ever buy because they are very dependable and have lots of room. Fits 3 car seats great. Although getting to the third row isn't easy.

- Louisa W

2009 maroon suburban with 8 person space.

I love my truck. The gas mileage is great for it is year and size, roughly 18 mpg. It also can take e85 so if needed it can save a little money. The gears shift with little effort and runs incredibly smooth. It is reliable and we've fixed only a couple thing on it and we've had it 3 years. My only complaint is the exterior does not hold up well with the elements in Indiana.

- Christian V

Roomy, walk through 2nd row.

I love my suburban! We had some bad luck when we first bought it but we were able to get it fixed and so far so good. Some issues are expected with older, used vehicles. I love the room in this vehicle. The walk through seats are awesome in the back and I love the large trunk area with the option of folding up the third row seats. Overall I'm happy with me suburban.

- Samantha H

A good, hard working vehicle.

It burns a lot of gas, it runs good, it seats a lot of people, seats are pretty comfortable, it has automatic power steering, its 8 cycle, long and hard to park in a small space, overall I'd say it a good, reliable vehicle. I enjoy it very much. It drives good and it holds the road real well. It's very dependable. It has cargo space. Plenty of room.

- Joseph R

Issues with my vehicle so far.

No significant problem, thus far. 👍🏼. The only issue is the tire sensor system. It is also a bit hard to park as well as get out of close parking areas. I do not know why I need to write an extensive review of my vehicle. It has been pretty much the best vehicle that I have ever owned. That is why I have had this vehicle for nearly ten years.

- Mark T

Good vehicle for family or work.

Very comfortable to drive easy to handle enough road for the whole family four wheel drive works great good in the snow good in the mud power seats heated seats front and rear are good options DVD player to keep the kids happy fold second row seats in rear seats can accommodate a lot of room on rainy days when working all sites.

- Luke B

Very roomy and dependable SUV.

Lots of room even for adults very reliable. Good on gas. Air heated seats front and back seat. Side door airbags front and back seat leather seats and rear air controls for rear air is in the back seat so passengers can adjust to what they prefer. DVD player and came with two headsets for the kids to listen with.

- Judy B

I love the body style. I prefer it even over the newer body style.

I love how much space there is. I love how much seating and the huge trunk area. I haven't been able to use to remote start but I think it was a mechanical error. When I get a new car I will consider the newer suburban because I love the vehicle so much. It's been one of my favorite vehicles I have ever driven.

- Samantha P

Really enjoy my Chevy suburban.

I really enjoy the amount of room and comfort I experience in my vehicle. The bucket seats in the middle row makes it much easier for people to access the third row seats. There is ample room for people and luggage for trips and vacations. The leather seats are easy and convenient for with kiddos.

- Doris E

Green. Been through hell. Windows barely work, brakes don't work.

The brakes are kind of bad, overheats often. Drives well. Has a nice emerald color that I like. It drives smooth and is very good on gas. Four wheel drive. Windows is broken on the drivers side and doesn't roll much for the passengers. All in all I'd say I really love my car. Just needs some TLC.

- Alicia B

It's always crank up on a dime, hot or cold weather

The back wiper keeps breaking but everything else about the truck, I love. It's great on gas and it's big enough for my family without my kids fighting about touching one another. I'm a small female and the tires are big but that's no major concern. My kids love the sunroof and the DVD player

- Debbie R

Perfect for long trips and as a daily driver.

I love my suburban. Plenty of room to haul people and cargo. I dislike the gas mileage and it seems that the dashes crack in all of them. Comfortable seats and great heat and air. This is my third suburban and we have loved everyone of them. You cannot beat the room and luxury of a suburban.

- Jessica M

Great Suburban, love my Chevrolet!

This is my second Suburban. I love it! Great vehicle especially when children were younger. Only had one issue with lifters. Problem was repaired after dealership suggested getting rid of it. I closely watch the oil level at this point. Almost 200, 000 miles and still going strong.

- Paula R

The thing is not the best on gas mileage in the city but highway is good

Bought it used so it has a few scratches on it that bother me, also the radio/nav system is broke and there is no fix for it just replace it, and the break switch keeps going out so cruise control doesn't work. But I got the ltz package and love all the bells and whistles!

- Eric L

It gets me from place to place.

I bought it for a very good price and have driven the crap out of it. It has held up very well with low maintenance costs. It is too large for me in most instances, bad gas mileage, but comes in handy sometimes when I have company or am getting home improvement supplies.

- Chrisrine H

Chevrolet suburbans are truck tough!

I love how the suburban drives, smooth, like a truck, but it is not a truck. I feel safe driving a bigger vehicle like a suburban. It is easy and comfortable to drive. Back up camera is nice as it is a big vehicle. I would recommend a Chevrolet suburban to anyone.

- Diane H

While it uses a lot of gas, it also holds a lot of gas.

I love that it holds my family plus a friend for both kids (seats 7, we have 4). Sometimes the screen doesn't work properly for the radio (sound works, not screen) which is disappointing. It also has remote start, remote trunk and power everything which I value.

- Lindsay B

Great vehicle a big family!

My Suburban comfortably seats my family of 7. There is plenty of legroom and a ton of cargo space. The seats are very comfortable. It has been extremely reliable and one of the safest vehicles you can drive. It handles well in any weather. Love the 4 wheel drive.

- Tara Y

It is very comfortable and has lots of room.

My suburban is very reliable it can haul a lot of groceries or grandkids and sometimes both. They love the vehicle because they have lots of room to move around. My husband loves the vehicle because he thinks it looks like something a man would drive.

- Cathy S

Too many sensors for my liking.

Tire sensors are always an issue. The suspension system has had an issue as well. The transmission had to be rebuilt. Overall it is a good vehicle but having so many sensors is an issue as they constantly go off even if there is only a small problem.

- Jennifer M

It is very roomy and easy to drive as well as very good in the winter.

I have owned this vehicle for about 5 years. In that amount of time I have not had hardly any problems. Just regular maintenance and care. I did have the ecu replaced, the throttle body, and oil sending unit all the same time.

- Ami S

Chevy suburban has plenty of space for your family!

I really like the suburban. It drives and handles we'll for such a big vehicle. Is easy to maintain. The interior is a little on the cheap side and could be nicer but has plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

- Heather C

Suburban with Engine Issues

There is a fault in the engine that requires the engine to be replaced. We haven't been able to pay for that yet but have heard it is common for this model year. Very comfortable and enjoyable otherwise.

- Donna J

Versatile and useful, can haul tons of goods and several kids

I like the ability to go lots of places, whether muddy or snowy. I like how many people and stuff we can fit in it. I don't like the electronic issues we have had with the stereo and heating.

- rachael r

The one most important thing I would want others to know is that it's very comfortable for traveling with a larger family.

I love the size of my vehicle. It's large enough to carry our family comfortably plus plenty of room for storage. I would like to have a newer model of the same vehicle in a different color.

- Courtenay F

My great suburban. Reliable tows well fits the whole family.

My suburban has been trouble free for most parts. Great family vehicle. Toes all the trailer boat and toys. I would buy a newer one but this one is paid off. We are leasing our other car.

- Glen L

It is a workhorse and has been really good to us.

Love being able to put lots of stuff in my vehicle. Love that it is big. Love being high off the road. It is getting old- will need to replace it soon.

- Heather J

It has been sturdy and well-built.

Has been great. Durable. No serious issue, regular maintenance only mainly. Some steering maintenance and a steering computer chip replacement once.

- Chris S

Good long lasting vehicle

Drives good, a few exterior things but could be from a paint job. Engine has been overheating do to leaks in tubes, again just from wear and tear.

- Aja M

It's not that great on gas.

I love our suburban. It's roomy for our family of 6. I love the rear entertainment system. It's easy to drive and has a smooth ride.

- Kristen A

It is safe. It is large and comfortable. Allows for room on trips.

Bought the car with low mileage. As the car gets older and we drive it more we have more issues. Lots of maintenance issues now.

- Helen T

The suburban gets bad gas mileage in the city. It gets average gas mileage on the highway.

I like the vehicle because it holds up my entire family. The vehicle is four-wheel-drive. I wish the vehicle had more power.

- David S

Its big and spacious. It carries a lot of cargo and people.

Love the size and comfort. We can transport cargo and our large family. We have done a lot of road trips with this vehicle.

- Lauren N

I travel often on a daily basis with my vehicle.

My vehicle performance is great. Gets me from point A to B without problems. It is reliable, from one county to the next.

- Doris S

It's wonderful for taking vacations and traveling! If you have a big family like me then you still have plenty of room for everyone to still sit comfortably!

I love how roomy it is and have no actual complaints about the vehicle. However the company I'm buying it from is shabby!

- Wyneth K

It's not as bad on gas as people would think

I love the room that I have. It fits my large family It's good on gas for such a large vehicle and It's super reliable

- sara C

It is great for big families. Comfortable.

I like that it is big and I can fit all my kids and their sports equipment. It is hard to park sometimes.

- Diana S

All passengers have ample amount of space.

I have no complaints. I love my suburban. Its big enough to hold my family and extras while traveling.

- Jane M

That its very roomy and comfortable. And that it burns a lot of gas.it also takes up a lot of room.

I like,how you can seat a lot of people at one time. But it so hard to park in a tight spot.

- Joseph R

Not a cheap car to operate, burns a lot of gas. But does have flex fuel.

Its roomy, very comfortable. Great car to travel in. And it has room for all my dogs.

- Pixie C

It is well made, it has a lot of room for passengers and as a truck

I love that is very big, large capacity of passengers. Don't like how gas it takes

- derek R

it's mine. it's comfortable and safe, good for travel

Good for travel. Comfortable. large enough. storage space. safe.

- Mara H

It gets horrible gas Mileage. But is great in the snow and has excellent storage and handling.

It does not work well for lots of Kids with lots of car seats!

- Hannah L

Reliable, spacious family vehicle or work vehicle.

- Chris C