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2010 Suburban with LTZ package

Vehicle provides smooth riding comfort with several amenities for entertainment in the LTZ package. Heating and cooling seat features for the driver and passenger are added perks to the overall comfort; 2nd row captain chairs also have heated seats. Vehicle is designed to accrue thousands of miles for maintaining reliability for your family. Regular maintenance checkups are necessary to sustain a properly working vehicle. Information panels within the dashboard provide adequate information for daily observation. Overall, vehicle is great.

- Vanessa C

Wonderful traveling and family vehicle!

I love the size of my suburban. I am able to transport my kids, dogs, luggage, groceries, etc. I also feel very safe in my vehicle when driving in town and on the interstate or highway. It handles amazingly in snow, ice and rain. My suburban is very comfortable to drive and to travel in on long trips. We have used the vehicle to go camping and were able to easily fit everything we needed for our camping trip along with our children and pets. I would highly recommend this vehicle to families and anyone who travels frequently.

- Jessica K

It can be hard to get around in.

I love the amount of room in my Chevy suburban. I do not ever have to worry about not having enough room. There is plenty of legroom for all passengers. There are multiple places to hook car seats into the vehicle which is a plus. The engine has a lot of power and runs great. The only issue we have had with it is the wheels. If it is muddy, mud gets in the wheels and throws off the balance and the vehicle starts to shake slightly.

- Melissa M

Large vehicle holds 8 people, safe and maintenance friendly first 20. 0, 000 miles.

My vehicle has over 203, 000 miles on it. The only major problem was transmission which happened at 200, 450 miles. All other maintenance has been oil changes, filter changes, all minor. My next vehicle will be a suburban. When we travel, whole family can go in one car as it sits 8 people plus plenty luggage space. Even with 8 people in car, there is plenty of space. I feel safe in my suburban.

- Cathy B

It is spacious. Even with 9 people inside.

I dislike that is drives like a truck. It also doesn't have the entertainment system that my last vehicle had. It is much taller to get out of conspired to my dodge caravan. I like it because ours is a 9 passenger, which means it holds our whole family. It does have a bit of power, which I enjoy sometimes, and I like It's towing capacity because it tows our boat and camper.

- Joni m

The perfect Mom mobile for small or large families.

The cargo space of this vehicle is amazing! And the ability to fold all rear seats down and completely remove the 3rd row is a big bonus. It easily holds 3 car seats, can hold 4, and that's in the model with bucket seats in the middle row rather than a bench. 4 wheel drive, DVD player, USB hookups so we can listen to the music on my phone, this is the perfect Mom vehicle.

- Kara W

Great vehicle for large families.

Love my suburban! Plenty of room for my family of 5 plus all of our stuff. Great for long road trips. The seats are comfortable. It has a nice entertainment system with outlets inside the center console for convenience. Very reliable and looks sharp driving down the road. I only wish we had bucket seats in the second row instead of the benches.

- Whitney M

Large SUV good for big families but may be awkward to drive.

The vehicle is large and good for big families, especially when traveling on vacations or if you have kids that play sports. However, there are a high number of miles on the vehicle and it is starting to burn oil. The vehicle only recently had to have any major repairs. The downside of being large is that it is hard to park at times.

- Rob S

It is a heavy duty vehicle with a comfortable ride that can accommodate 8 people and haul a heavier load trailer.

I like sitting up off the road. The ride of the vehicle is comfortable. I like the ability to hold 8 people, haul cargo and pull a heavier trailer. I dislike the higher than expected maintenance costs on the vehicle. I already had to fix the air condition, replace the fuel tank and fuel pump along with several other minor repairs.

- Steve s

That it is great and reliable. Chevy makes an amazing vehicle with 120,000 miles on it you would think that It's still brand new for how well it runs.

I love the suburban for the space, we have 3 children and 2 dogs and travel regularly. 2 out of the three kids are 2 and under and require some extra gear/ clothes so having space for all of that is great! I also love that we can use it for hunting and fishing! I am not a big fan of the fuel mileage but can't have it all!

- Brittney D

Seats 9 and still leaves storage space for vacations!

I have been driving this 2010 suburban for 5 years or so and so far I haven't had any major problems. I love the fact that we can fit a car seat, to booster seats, two teenagers and two adults and still have plenty of storage! I would not trade it in for anything not even a newer version! This model is great!

- Jessica N

I love the detailed description it tells u on the dash when something is wrong.

It runs great. Plenty of room for the family. Other than normal maintenance it's a great vehicle. The computer makes things a little difficult sometimes by throwing off the codes or making it flash sensor lights when that's not what's wrong with the vehicle. I love the stereo and my children love it also.

- Brooklyn H

seats nine has 4 wheel drive and is flex fuel so it gets great gas mileage

it seats 9 has 4 wheel drive roomy for the kids and still plenty of trunk space. Roomy front seat even with the bench perfect for family outings or basic travel needs. Its flex fuel so it gets great gas mileage and handles in all seasons well. Ideal for big families everyone can ride together

- Lari L

Dependable, reliable, comfortable.

Very comfortable, very dependable, very reliable it does everything I expected it to do when I bought it. The size of it does cause a few problems in tight spaces but I knew that when I bought it and have learned how to deal with the situations. Overall is everything I expected it to be.

- Mark L

Great truck love it so much.

Its awesome I love my truck the space is great it has a TV so good for long road trips, only problem we had so far is our tire sensor is out and parts aren't cheap but other then that its a older model and it runs n drives like a dream, if u want something good on gas this one is not it.

- Courtney V

Good car, the best one I had for long time, my next one will be the same brand.

No problems, good car, good value for money. Stable and fast responding. A bit long braking distance, but I guess it is due to vehicle's weight. Very comfy inside, I had to pass night in the vehicle few times and it was reasonable. Big boot allows you to carry a lot with you if needed.

- Tal G

It is very reliable. It is great for driving on winter roads.

Our suburban is very reliable. It is roomy and comfortable for our large family. I love how easy it is to move seats when making room for groceries or other large items. I am not happy with the tire sensors, as it is around $50 per tire to replace the battery when the sensors fail.

- Amy S

A good detail is the 3 row seating. Which can also be removed to give more space.

It's very spacious and has tons of room for the kids and all the stuff we need to haul. Gas is a major downfall of the car. The car is a little slow to get up and go, it takes a while to get up to speed when getting on the highway but other than that it's a great reliable car.

- Brittany L

A reliable working vehicle that has a few perks with its somewhat large size

Works good. Hasn't needed much maintenance work, customizable, good for traveling with a large family. Can connect to Bluetooth, and has wall plug outlets in the front seat area. Lots of truck space, good for getting a large amount of groceries, and good for storing items.

- Heather K

SUV with great cargo space.

Large & roomy. Easy steering. Good heat & air. Good balance on road. Great gas mileage. don't like the console in between the driver & front passenger seats - gets in the way. Like rear wipers. Has good defrosters. Needs lockable trunk-type space. Engine runs smoothly.

- Kim E

Chevy suburban: this mom's soccer vehicle.

The problems I have are the shorts I get in my dash. But other than that everything is great. The gas mileage is low but living in Montana its performance in weather more than makes up for it. The seats and interior is more than comfortable and the storage is amazing.

- Kayla M

Chevy suburban. It a great all around truck/fun mobile.

Very easy 2 drive, all of the things that I like r well lighted, n close reach. The color is off the hook, it sit high, and the ride is very good. It turns well, and I am pleasantly surprise with the handling of this truck. The speaker system is really good also.

- Kevin Miller T

10 year old suburban with no distinguishing features. Reliable and comfortable

I really love my suburban because it has enough room to fit everything I need, I love the bucket seat for passengers, it is comfortable and reliable. I have had a few problems with the handles to the doors breaking as well as the automatic lift gate failing.

- Elizabeth B

Keep it rolling, keep it running.

It's actually a big car, for 8 or 9 people. I have it for 3 years now and it has not been a problem after minimal service every 5, 000 miles. Auto parts are easy to find as well, in case of emergencies in where I live. And towing capability it's also great.

- Sara S

It has really good gas mileage, which surprises most people.

I like the size because it fits my entire family comfortably. I like all of the extra features. I do not like the gauges because they always seem to have issues coming on for no reason, for example, the tire gauge will say I have low or no air when I do.

- Ginger G

That it is designed to be a family vehicle and perfect for taking kids to daycare and going on vacations.

I love the spacious room. It's perfect for kids as it has a DVD player. Having 4x4 in Texas comes in very handy and is a great vehicle for traveling. I dislike how there is an airbag recall issue and it's taking years to get it fixed.

- dawn y

It can hold a lot of stuff. I have a lot of kids and never have a problem.

I like that it is large enough to take all 4 of my children to their events with all of their sporting equipment. I like that it is four wheel drive. I like that it is rugged but still stylish. I have no complaints.

- Anita K

My car is dependable and will get me and my family where we need to go safely.

I love the size. I have a large family so it is perfect for us. I have custom wheels that make it look tough. The best part though is that it is fully paid off! There's nothing like owning your vehicle outright.

- Ashley L

The smooth drive, so much space, no problems.

I genuinely love my suburban. Everything about it. I have no problems although I do take very good care of it. The paint chips off the door handles, that has been my only problem which is just annoying.

- Diane C

It drives like a car, not hard to drive. Which is nice because it's so big.

I love the space the suburban has and the amount of people it seats. I love the optional four wheel drive for the winter. I also love that it feels like a car when I'm driving it, not like a big SUV.

- Alisa O

My Oregon Suburban Dream!

I love my Suburban! It very comfortably sits 9 passengers. It drives very smooth and quiet. The pace is amazing. It has a lot of power. Looks great! One of my favorite vehicles I have ever driven.

- Danielle T

Chevrolet suburban has ample room for family of five and is pretty reliable.

It is eight years old and seems to burn a little oil. There have been no major problems which is good. It has served us well by having plenty of room for a family of five who takes many vacations.

- Robert S

The most important thing for people to know is that it is safe.

I like that it is big enough for my family with a big trunk. I like that it has a back up camera and a DVD player for the kids. I wish it got better gas mileage, but it isn't too bad.

- Lauren C

Great vehicle for Cargo Space

You won't get space like this in any other vehicle. Many vehicles offer third row seats but leave you with no cargo room. This vehicle has room to spare. Great for big families

- Tabatha S

It's the best vehicle I have ever owned

I love my Chevrolet Suburban!! Not only does it give me plenty of room for me & my 3 kids, but also huge shopping trips. It's rugged when I need it, yet rides smooth

- Kim K

It's a smooth comfortable ride and I can fit several people.

I love that my suburban has four wheel drive. I also love the drive train, it's a very smooth ride. The look of the suburban is nice, and it fits my large family.

- Cam H

It has a lot of power and strength. It feels safe to ride in and I feel protected.

I like that it has a ton of space in it so there is room for everyone. I also like that the middle seat slides forward so people can easily climb in and out.

- Emily A

Dependable transportation

This vehicle has been very reliable. It has done everything I expect it to do. The only downside is the size but I knew what I was buying when I bought it.

- Mark L

That is has tons of room especially for multiple car seats!

I love that my vehicle has tons of room for my family! The DVD option is fantastic! I wish the vehicle had Bluetooth options for safer travel/phone usage.

- Kat C

My kids call it the mom car. I just love it!!

The size is great. The driver's seat is very comfortable. The dvd player is great for keeping kids entertained. 4wd is handy in the snow and ice.

- Ashley A

Great great suspension and tire support in an emergency

I love the OnStar. I love the suspension it has. I love that my kids have their own space. Adding the TV's was a plus. Thank you Chevrolet.

- Michelle K

It is perfect for families with children on the go.

It is very reliable and spacious. This makes it perfect for families with children on the go. It is great for family vacations.

- Angela S

I like that it is big and safe on the road. I like that there is tons of room for storage. I like that it has room for all 5 of my kids.

It is safe and lots of room for car seats. I like that it has so many seats so i can fit my kids and their friends.

- Emily R

It is has lots of room. An we love to take long trips in it.

I love that it is big and we have lots of space for everything. I do not like it that it takes a lots of gas.

- Alexia C

A review of a Chevy car for survey junkie.

The car has always been functional and reliable but is not my ideal type of car. It has required some work.

- Alyssa G

It's dependable, It's quiet and has a smooth ride.

It's big enough to carry my family when I need to. I feel they are safer because it is a larger vehicle.

- Kathy M

it takes awhile to get up

i like the fact that we have tons of room in the back. it can fit 7 [people and has lots of storage.

- Jeanie R

It drives great, seats 8 with a full truck for storage.

Love the size of it. I can easily fit our family of 6 in with room to spare. Love the way it drives.

- Nikki D

This is a good Family friendly vehicle and I would recommend.

Great vehicle with room for many guests and lots of storage. Rides smooth and can haul a trailer.

- Ashley B

It's big and safe, but not too big that it tips over.

I love the 3rd row because I have 2 car seat in the 2nd row. Love how big and safe it it is.

- J L

Plenty of room for all the stuff the kids bring

Comfortable for long drives plenty of room drives well back seats recline tv's navigation

- Darla M

It is hard to maneuver, but it is good for moving stuff

It is very large. I'm not a big fan of that part. It also doesn't get good gas mileage

- Aaron B

It's a Chevrolet. I am biased towards the Chevrolet brand because they make quality vehicles.

I love the look of it. The seats are comfortable. There is enough room for long legs.

- christy w

The car has very horrible mileage. It is also hard to park

I like that it is big enough to transport things. Problem is that it's hard to park

- Aaron B

It is dependable and has a lot of room. It burns oil and have to add a quart between oil changes. Be careful with door handles because chrome will cut you.

Like room. Handles chipping, dash cracking, mold falling off, burns oil.

- Deborah M

It cost a lot to fill the gas tank but it is very spacious.

I like the space. I don't like that it cost so much to fill the tank.

- Melissa H

It is a great vehicle for large families. It is also great for hauling groceries and pulling a camper.

I love how big and spacious it is. It is a great family vehicle.

- Christie H

i feel safe driving in it especially in the winter when there is heavy snow and ice on the roads

liked until this past week when i needed to replace the Engine-

- brigit b

I love the room! I like that I can fit my kids and all of their stuff in it. I think if I were to change anything about it it would be the gas mileage

It is a really nice smooth ride. And has room for all.

- Carol S