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Family vacation all-star. Multi-charging ports and screens for watching DVDs.

With 4 active kids and always being on the road for events, the built in DVD player with 3 screens is something we love. For a vehicle this big, it gets great fuel mileage. My kids really appreciate the heated rear seats when it is cold. I wish that I could use the navigation when riding as a passenger when my husbands cell phone does not get service for use of GPS, but you must pull off the road and put in park to use. I like the backup camera and screen, especially in tight parking lots. I really like the buttons for electric rear seats to fold up for passengers exiting vehicle, especially when I have ridden in back and can have an easy exit. Even though it is a big vehicle, it drives like a small vehicle and has a smooth ride. Visibility is good. Cruise control on hills is jerky and could be better. This years model is very nice looking. I like the multi-drink holders throughout the car. We can be at maximum passenger capacity of 8, but still carry quite a bit of cargo. On long trips we utilize the roof rack and take an additional cargo carrier. This vehicle has plenty of power for passing and pulling (we pulled an aluminum trailer on a 3600 mile round trip 2 summers ago with cargo) and got good gas mileage. This has been our second suburban (still have the first one for hauling college stuff for our 2 oldest) and they are very roomy and dependable vehicles. My husband and dad usually do all maintenance on our vehicles and the suburban are easy to work on.

- Julie R

2012 Chevrolet suburban review, a modern moms go to guide.

I really like everything about my 2012 Chevrolet suburban. The third row of seats which allows you to have a max capacity of 8 persons along with a movie screen for each row is a blessing with children. The amount of space in the rear or luggage area is great but take out the 3rd row of seats which by the way is super easy to do and you can heal almost anything. The vehicle is roomy all over but not to large to make parking difficult. The only thing I would change is the amount of power when accelerating or passing. It could use just a little more get up and go. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.

- Mindy B

The best vehicle for Families

The suburban is perfect for families. From long distance drives to shortstops, this vehicle is perfect. It handles well and is reliable for whenever you need it. The storage space is fantastic and can easily fit a medium sized family. The only issue that I have experienced is with the door handles: after a few years, the handles have a chance of breaking off because of the plastic material that keeps it connected to the door. We have had to replace 2 of them over the past 3 1/2 years. Overall, I love this vehicle and I highly recommend it

- Christian G

Old Reliable has Stood the Test of Time and Miles

We have really put our 2012 Chevy Suburban to the test. It has stood up under multiple 2000-mile cross-country trips. While there is wear and tear, overall, the vehicle is in good running condition and we have rarely had occasion to have it in to the mechanic. There are problems with the rear window wiper and the back hatch has developed a love-hate relationship with a plastic tab that keeps getting caught on the frame. But like I said, overall, we are very pleased with the choice we made.

- Mindy O

My vehicle is great. 4 wheel drive, and can go anywhere.

My Chevy suburban is really great vehicle in many ways. Its large, and spacious, and is able to carry many people and/ or many items. It has always been a very reliable SUV for me. Also, very. Comfortable for how large it is. Unfortunately, some of the same reasons I love it, I also dislike it. Being so big is great, but not on gas. It also can be harder to maneuver around small spaces, tight roads and parking spots.

- Lisa L

It is a great family vehicle that is reliable and will keep us safe while traveling.

I like that is fits all my family with some room to spare. It has a lot of cargo space. It has leather seats that are easy to clean. the seat warmers are great in the winter. I would have liked it to come with a navigation system. One complaint is that when using Bluetooth to make calls I can't call by name. I have to recite the number and I don't have most numbers memorized.

- Kelly H

It is an essential if you have more than two children.

I like the ability to load all of my children into the car with various setups. I like the cargo space and all of the little comforts (heated seats, park assist, etc. ). The only thing I somewhat dislike is the fuel cost, but there is not much anyone can do about that. Also, I wish it were not black, but that is such a minor issue that it is not important at all.

- Bonnie H

We are going to be late we had to go back to school and get mom's keys.

We are going to be late we had to go back to school and get moms keys we are going to be late we had to go back to school and get moms keys we are going to be late we had to go back to school and get moms keys we are going to be late we had to go back to school and get moms keys we are going to be late we had to go back to school and get mom's keys.

- Billy L

Safe, big, roomy, very kid friendly.

Very reliable and safe, not too bad on gas, we drive it to Disneyland and it has no problem climbing hills or anything. We will get another suburban because they are very safe and reliable vehicles. We have a lot of kids so getting something smaller is not an option. I also like that it lets you work on it because the front is a truck style.

- Kevin W

Suburban is great if you need a full sized vehicle.

The Chevrolet suburban is a great vehicle. It is large and heavy but the 2012 year that I have gets pretty good mileage. 16.5 city and 21 on the highway. You cannot overload the suburban. All the room you ever need. Gives you a very safe feeling when you are out on the highway. Three row seating that actually accommodates full sized adults.

- Charles E

Spacey suburban with comfort.

I love all of the space the vehicle has. The third row seats are easy to put up. And down. I like the heated seats and sunroof. My kids enjoy the DVD player. I just do not like how much gas it uses. I like that the temperature can be controlled from the front and back. I also like that I can control the radio from the steering wheel.

- Haley G

It's high up and there's virtually no blind spot so it makes it easier on the highway to switch lanes.

The only problem is that it doesn't have running boards so it's hard to get in and out. We love it because it has so much space for our 5 kids and there's still tons of trunk space, even with all the seats in. We can hold more than just a stroller. We haven't had any mechanical issues yet and it's super comfortable for taking trips.

- Jessica H

I didn't know when I bought the vehicle is that all of the seats can be removed.

I have had no major problems. Lots of space and comfortable. Great for traveling for the exception of gas prices. I replaced the radio for a more up to date radio and added a 17 inch TV for the kids. This vehicle is very reliable. Heated seated for warmth in the winter is a bonus. Rear view camera is a must in such a big vehicle.

- Stacy K

Suburban lets luxury vehicle option to minivan.

Spacious with plenty of room for a large family. Lots of safety features. DVD player to keep the kids entertained on long trips. There are side rails to help the kids step in which is helpful. There is also push button rear gate that allows for hands free. The only downfall is the large rims tend to leak during weather changes.

- Kim H

this vehicle is basically a great car that's meant for many passengers

It's really comfortable and is very convenient enough to carry many passengers. The problem is that it does run out of gas rather quickly. Other than that it runs very smoothly even though it is big. It also has a lot of trunk space and comfortable seating. It's easy to navigate its features such as air conditioning and radio.

- Trinity V

Rides good, very roomy for kids and taking trips in,

I like the room in my Suburban. I have three children and it's nice to have the space to fit car seats and groceries. It's nice to take on vacations and I like the features. Nice leather seats that are easy to clean and a dvd player to keep them entertained. Wish the gas mileage were better but overall love my vehicle.

- Amanda M

It drives so nicely and feels very sturdy and safe.

I love how smoothly it drives. I love the space inside, between seats as well as in the cargo space in the back. I love some of the features like programmed seat positions and heated and ventilated seats. The only thing I dislike is the doors. I miss the sliding doors from my old minivan. They?re much more convenient.

- Courtney B

It is perfect size. Nice, big, and roomy.

The performance is great, it has never broken down on me. The only thing would be the gas, but I mean that is how it is with all big cars anyways. there is so much space and perfect for my huge family. We are a family of six and also have five dogs. We take the dogs everywhere and still just the right amount of space.

- miranda I

The Suburban: a vehicle for all stages of life.

The Suburban is very comfortable to ride in for long periods of time. It has a lot of cargo space that can fit sports equipment or musical instruments, if you have children involved in a variety of activities, and it comfortably fits 7-8 passengers. I find it easy to park as I have always driven larger vehicles.

- Janice O

Suburbans rock! Runs great, decent mileage, plenty of space.

My suburban has plenty of legroom for my teenage sons and the back can pack all of the items that we need for camping and fishing. My husband loves the seats and says they are more comfortable than any vehicle we've had. It gets decent mileage for a big vehicle. It is my favorite of everything I have owned.

- Stacy H

Suburban: The Reliable Machine

My suburban is great. It fits my whole family and is very reliable. With over 200k miles the car still runs like a gem and I have had no problems with it. The rear view camera is also a must and I use it constantly. Overall, the suburban is probably the most reliable car out there and great for any family.

- Patrick D

The Suburban turns really smoothly, even if it needs a front end alignment

The vehicle has problems, no doubt about it. It needs a front end alignment badly, the brakes are damaged badly and the mileage on it is very high. But on its peak days, it was a very reliable car. It turns smoothly, has very nice comfortable seats, It even has a DVD player in the back for the kids.

- Antonio R

Chevrolet Suburbans are one of the most dependable vehicles on the market. The engine is one of the best and toughest engines.

This suburban is my favorite vehicle out of all vehicles I have ever owned. I love how it has so much room for passengers and luggage if you take a trip, I love how it has a DVD player in the back and headphones for the kids. The only thing that would make it better is if it got better gas mileage.

- Emily W

2012 Chevrolet black Suburban. Very nice vehicle.

2012 Chevrolet black Suburban. Interior black. Very spacious. My husband just put a brand new battery in it. drives really nice. New side panels on right back side and new back door cause someone hit us. We love this vehicle cause we have 4 kids and need the room. You would love this vehicle too.

- Tina M

Plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

Plenty of room. Love the third row seating and that it is removable. Lots of cargo space. The only downfall is that it uses a lot of gas. There is a crack in the front dash, that apparently is a common issue with this make and year of vehicle, it does not affect the functionality of the vehicle.

- Heather B

I have a sunroof on my suburban.

The truck is very spacious. It accommodates my lifestyle of constant travel. I have enough storage space for luggage as well as passengers. The fuel mileage on the highway is better than in city. There are very few things I dislike about this vehicle. The climate control options are the best.

- Chris H

Engine runs amazing and quite both back row of seats are foldable and detachable.

Absolutely love my 2012 Chevy suburban. I have been driving this car for a little over 2 yrs now and haven't got tired off it yet. Its ideal for road trips, my sons football games equipment. There is so much space to never be squashed or uncomfortable especially when driving distance.

- Maria V

. I really like the heated steering wheel. Great in the cold weather!

Very comfortable seats, love the seat warmers. I have 3 children and a large dog so it is nice to have the captains chairs on the 2nd row. Makes it easy to move around in vehicle. Very reliable, never had any issues with it. Love the sunroof, the sound system and the dual DVD player.

- Julie M

Review of 2012 Suburban slt.

Suburban runs well. Always plenty of room for whatever our family needs. Would have given 5 stars but I do feel that some of the interior is cheaply made and could be better. On all four fours, the interior handle plastic has cracked and broken. Overall I would recommend this car.

- Mary H

It is like a tank so I am very safe around people who are not best drivers.

It is too big for what I need. I am on a college campus and always parking in parking garages and tight spaces. There is also a lot of empty space in it that just fills up with clutter. The sound system is nice and I do enjoy hands free but I wish there were backup cameras.

- Bridget G

The perfect family car. The red dragon.

I've had this car for seven years and I am really happy with the decision on getting it. In the past seven years I have not had many problems with it. This is our to go car for my family and does really good on long trips. I would recommend this brand of car to anyone.

- Sandy A

Spacious, reliable, safe, family vehicle.

My vehicle is pretty spacious; car seats fit well which provides room for car seats. I love the stability of it on the road and it's not too bad on gas. The engine is very reliable. As long as you conduct an oil change when it's due, it will run pretty much as new.

- Elizabeth Y

Suburban has a sunroof and TV.

Seats 8 very comfortably, vehicle has very high mileage and only thing besides maintenance done was a transmission. Gas mileage is roughly 19/gal. It is very easy to work on and it's parts are pretty inexpensive. It also has a sunroof still functions great.

- Dana R

Great SUV for the entire family to enjoy.

I really love our Chevy suburban. We are a family of five and the amount of space is perfect for us. We really love the leather seats, they are heated or cool. My husband loves the horse power and the kids love the DVD system. It has something for everyone.

- Melissa H

Great family vehicle with room to stretch out.

Lots of room for a family, smooth ride,4 wheel drive, nice leather seats, DVD player to keep the kids busy and happy. Plenty of storage for the sports equipment. Smooth air ride that handles bumps. Plenty of towing power. Roomy feel with lots of legroom.

- Derek M

Chevrolet suburban is a mother's dream vehicle.

The space is amazing, as a mother of 2 with kids in sports and always toting friends I couldn't ask for better spacing and seating. It rides smooth and doesn't make loud noises large some other large vehicles I have been in. However it is a gas guzzler.

- Heather S

It requires very little maintenance.

I like the roominess and trunk space. I also like the captains chairs and other features (i.e.. 2 movie screens). I do not like how the rims affect the air pressure of the car. I also think electrically, this is not the best car I've had.

- Danielle F

2012 Suburban is Strong and Comfortable

The 2012 Suburban feels super sturdy and comfortable and drives really strong. I love how roomy it is inside, which makes it wonderful for road trips. And you can't beat the storage space in the back. Great vehicle for large families.

- Courtney B

It is worth the amount of money it cost.

I dislike the gas mileage. I love the size and ability to haul things. I love the heated and cooled seats and all the options on my vehicle. The back seat captains chairs are not well made and the armrest broke quickly.

- Tanya M

Not a happy person with this vehicle.

I have had a problem since I bought the suburban with the oil. It is only six years old and everything is falling apart. The outside paint by the doors handles is coming off. . The outside molding is coming off.

- Diane M

I love lots of buttons and how reliable it is.

I love my car very much it is very reliable and comfortable it has lots of things like second and third row tv screens I also like it because it is good even through bad roads or bad weather

- Brandi M

The suburban is a great car for a college student or for parents because of the huge storage in the back and the capacity to carry a lot of people.

The suburban is great for transporting up to 8 people. The car has great speakers. The only thing that I have to complain about is that the car bluetooth ability is wonky.

- Kyle B

Perfect alternative to a minivan for people with large families.

I love the features and size of my car. The only thing that I have trouble with is the large rims. Having such a large vehicle also makes it difficult to find parking.

- George J

That passengers are comfortable even in the third row. There is plenty of legroom as well.

This car has to plenty of storage space and is a very comfortable ride. The amenities this car offers makes it feel Like a luxury vehicle without the luxury price.

- Lindsey L

Perfect for large families or any size family that travel.

Plenty of room for anything. All the bells and whistles. It is not a van. Only complaint is that it is hard to find parking spots to accommodate a large vehicle.

- A. H

It is very reliable and has plenty of room for the entire family to go on long sports travel team weekends.

I love the room for our family of 5. I like the security and piece of mind that On-Star provides. It has been a solid vehicle with very little problems.

- Phillip T

Has three rows of seats with plenty more room behind that.

I love the size, great for traveling, or loading large items. I like the gas mileage the truck gets. I like the remote start and remote tailgate opener.

- Heather U

Well running machine and great for an active family.

I am very pleased with the space in our vehicle and the reliability of it. The Suburban handles nicely and we have had no problems with it.

- April W

My Chevy Suburban holds 7 passengers comfortably and it is very reliable.

It has Lots of room; Fits 7 comfortably. Lots of space in the back for all our baseball equipment, it is Reliable. I have no complaints.

- Anessia T

There is plenty of room for everybody, and you can separate your kids if need be:)

Plenty of room for my family of 6. We do construction, so plenty of cargo room. Gas mileage is just as good as our trailblazer was.

- mandy p

The safety features of the vehicle are important.

I love the comfort it. I also love the style. The only downfall is it uses lots of gas. That is the drawback of a big vehicle.

- Robert K

It is easy on gas, it is roomy, priced reasonably.

No problems except the regular maintenance, performance is great, reliability it is the best, comfort and features are the best.

- Joseph O

It is very spacious and well priced.

It is very comfortable. It has lasted a while and also is very good for road trips. I thought the price was reasonable as well.

- Tom Jones J

It runs smoothly and for very long.

I like how big it is. It is very spacious. There?s nothing to dislike. It carries a lot of things at once which is very nice.

- Emily B

It has the capacity to carry a lot of passengers.

I like the space in the suburban. I feel it is a very safe vehicle and we love the DVD system in the car for trips.

- Brooke C

It is a great vehicle for families.

I love the size and luxury of it. The gas mileage is ok for the size of the vehicle. I have no complaints about it.

- Katie H

It is a very safe vehicle.

It's a pretty good car. . It has lots of room. . But it's not a smooth ride. . Feel lots of bumps on the road.

- Rose B

It is horrible on gas, but worth it for space.

Door handles have broken otherwise no problems, it runs amazing, plenty of space, great entertainment package.

- Christina A

Large SUV with moonroof and DVD player. Black with leather interior.

We have had good luck with this vehicle. It is fairly reliable and we get decent gas mileage for a large suv.

- Jacque M

It is reliable!!! It gets good gas miles per gallon!!!

My SUV is good on gas!!! It is comfortable and has lots of room for my grandchildren. It is very reliable!!!

- Joe B

Get a great family vehicle when you buy a suburban!

I love our suburban. It's a good reliable vehicle that gets great gas mileage. I also love having a sunroof.

- crystal l

It is a very reliable car.

Has a lot of room. Has comfortable seats. Great for trips. Not good on gas. Makes noise from belts in motor.

- April L

My car identifies me. It is professional.

My vehicle drives like it is brand new. I do not have any problems. It drives smooth. It is very reliable.

- Jan B

It's old and may overheat in the hotter weather if driven too far

Main complaint is it is too big of a vehicle. Main compliment is it runs good despite its age/mileage.

- Jenns M

It has leather seats but gets okay has mileage.

It's white and is big. The space in it is very nice. It's used but in very good condition.

- Noah j

Very large and comfortable. It fits everything that we need

I love the size and having no blind spots. I can fit everything and everyone in it.

- Stacey B

Realizable and versible. This is our third one and they last forever. Last one over 260000 miles.

Love it overall. Would put real bumpers back on. This is a towing vehicle and work

- Stephanie M

If you are looking for a vehicle for a large family that is comfortable and stylish, then this is the one for you.

Love the size. Love how smooths it rides. Very comfortable vehicle.

- Cara G

That it has good space in carrying passengers and other stuff.

The vehicle is good and comfortable int taking me to work.

- Steven D

I love our Suburban; it fits our big family, it's fully loaded and very comfortable. The DVD players with dual screens, captain's chairs in the middle (easy access to third row), and ample storage space makes traveling with kids virtually painless.

It's truly a luxury vehicle, but without an uppity name!

- Holly G

I love my vehicle. Zero complaints. It is comfy, roomy and I love the way it drives.

It's so comfortable. It's great for long road trips.

- Sarah P

It's a great car, but uses a lot of gas!

I only dislike the color and that it is not newer!

- Nikki M