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2013 Chevy suburban lt. Love the size and interior.

I absolutely love my suburban, I will not own another vehicle unless it's a newer version of mine. The inside is the perfect size, plenty of room for children, extra passengers, luggage and groceries. Especially if you shop at big box stores such as sam's and Costco. Towing power is also really good, had no trouble hauling a 4 wheeler. Interior is excellent, the leather is well designed and who does not love wood grain accents. XM radio also is an excellent add on I don't know what I'd do without it. The only thing with my year model I would change is being able to use phone Bluetooth to play music and to talk on the phone, but the voice Bluetooth definitely comes in handy, and also OnStar can be very helpful.

- Amber S

So far, no issues—but leaves me feeling they are around the corner.

We got the upgraded suburban with all the bells and whistles, which actually makes me nervous for when things need to start getting fixed. Luckily, that hasn't happened yet. I don't use a lot of the features such as navigation and such. There is more cargo room than a lot of other SUVs we looked at but that means the third row seats are very cramped. Luckily, my kids are still small enough it isn't too big of a deal. The vehicle doesn't feel solid to me, and I don't know why. I feel like at any given time, something is about to go wrong. Just a feeling, but one I never had with my Toyotas.

- Megan V

Great family truck for large families and road trips.

The Chevy suburban works great for us and her seven kids. Everyone�is comfortable in it and we can fit three car seats in the third row. It is only downfall is it is starting to fall apart after five years. We�ve had electrical problems, chair handles breaking, door handles breaking, on the side panels, the glue came unstuck so they've fallen off and we had to have them re-glued. Can we had about a year off the truck having no power when you go to give it gas. We added a k&n whole air intake filter that made the truck run a lot better.

- Janice L

Its mine! leave it alone! also do not lean on it, i hate when people just lean on your car; how rude. other than that, just don't turn on the radio and you will be ok.

I love the size of my vehicle, the muscle, the sound and so much more. this vehicle is the best vehicle i have ever owned. the only things i do not like about it are the fact that it has so many electrical problems and it cannot move very fast once it has been slowed down or stopped. it takes a couple of seconds to get it moving but one its moving you have some fun with it. i also do not like the suspension that really sucks. it is an older model though so i understand.

- Jasmine D

Heated seats for the driver, passenger, and two bucket seats.

My vehicle is a great family vehicle. I have seated seats which is great in the winter or when my back is sore. My kids love that there is a DVD player and room for them the move around. We have bucket seats and at times I wish we had he bench seat, up until my three kids start fighting. We do have retractable running boards which were nice but one is stuck and it constantly makes a noise because it is trying to retract but cannot.

- Katie H

The onstar feature can help if I were to get in an accident.

Love my 4x4 Suburban, the performance is great. Digital gage board lets me know when I need an oil change by percentage, when my tire pressure is low or if one of my doors is open. It has a backup sensor, onstar and sirius built in. I cant connect my digital phone to hear my playlist, make calls and plays DVD. The Wifi earphones can let me children hear their movie while I can hear my music. Lots of space inside.

- Nancy R

I feel safe in this vehicle. When I get in a regular car, I feel very unsafe. I don't like smaller vehicles now that I have owned and driven a bigger one.

I LOVE my suburban. I have 4 children - they each have their own space and are comfortable. They can get in and out of the vehicle with ease. We can bring friends and family along as well. We live in the vehicle during the school year with after school activities and we can bring things and spread out to work or play while we wait. So nice to have the room needed to function and be happy.

- Carrie D

People should know it's seats 8 comfortably plus room for cargo.

I purchased my suburban for functional reasons. I have 4 kids and it seats all of us comfortably with room for all of our stuff. I like my vehicle but it gets pretty low fuel miles/ gallon and it's expensive to run. It's getting older and things are starting to wear out and break. I like it enough though that my next vehicle will probably be a suburban as well.

- Katelynn N

Chevy Suburbans have traditionally been one of the most dependable and versatile vehicles we have owned.

Love that it's comfortable to ride in, workhorse for towing our RV, large enough to carry a group of people, ample room for transporting cargo. It meets all of our needs and is our second Suburban purchase. I like that access to the third seat has been made easier. There# not anything I dislike except the gas mileage. Wish it could be better.

- Shar H

Its size and the amount of metal in the car. I definitely feel safe.

Seats could be more comfortable - I feel like I sit on them instead of in them. The dashboard cracked for no apparent reason in two different places. Mechanics have been fine - so far there have been no major mechanical problems. I feel for such an expensive vehicle there could be more luxury features like many foreign car manufacturers have.

- Maddie E

Why I like my car. And why I decided to always own a Suburban for family trips.

My Suburban is very reliable. It performs at 100% and is very comfortable. I really loved it when we had a growing family. The only inconvenience maybe the gas consumption. However, you quickly forget about it when it rained for 5 days and there are floods everywhere, then you quickly appreciate its height and reliability.

- Annie M

It is a luxury people hauler. Great for busy moms on the go with kid activities.

Lots of room - 7 passengers so plenty for our kids & their friends. Super comfortable to drive. Navigation is great for road trips. Entertainment system is amazing for the kids on long road trips. backup camera makes parking a breeze. Power liftgate is super convenient. Large cargo area is great for sports & groceries.

- Amanda H

My suburban has six bucket seats which makes it easy to enter and exit..

I have no problems with my suburban and I like the room inside. Is great on the highway when I travel, I also pull my boat with this vehicle. The Chevy ltz. Is a fully loaded vehicle, individual bucket seats with. Entertainment center for watching movies, great radio. I love this vehicle. This is my third suburban.

- Edward A

This vehicle is easy to maintain and parts are readily available.

The brand Chevrolet is my favorite and is the only brand I have gone back to after trying many others. The Suburban is large enough for projects and you can see what is happening in the traffic patterns around you. The repairs and parts are easier than other cars. The 4 wheel drive comes in handy in bad weather.

- Monica B

The 2013 Chevy suburban is a wonderful, reliable car.

Every since I purchased this car, I can honestly say that it is the most reliable vehicle that I have ever driven! It includes comfortable seats, adequate space for family and friends, and I feel safe overall when I am in the vehicle driving. It is also a larger vehicle, which I very much enjoy the aesthetic of!

- Mary B

Best workhorse, family year round vehicle out there.

It is a very smooth ride and is 4 wheel drive. Love that the seats are comfortable for long road trips. The back is very large for transporting just about anything a pickup truck could carry. Has great entertainment system for kids in the back seat without driver/ front passenger having to hear too.

- Julie G

Top notch all the way, luxury vehicle.

I like my suburban, has lots of room and is very comfortable. I do wish it was better on gas as I do a lot of driving. I do love that the front and rear seats are heated, as well as the steering wheel. It has tons of storage room in the rear but the rear bumper is large and kinda hard to lean over.

- Julie S

It is a lot of room and it is comfortable!

I love my 2013 Suburban ltz! It is has a lot of room for a family of 5! It is also 4WD which my husband love! It has DVD player for the kids to watch videos on trip plus it has heated and cooled seats for my husband and I! We have not had any issues with it since we have purchased it!

- Anna M

All the details are equally great.

It ha good quality. It features is a little stereo in the back that connects to the front radio. It has comfortable seats. The performance is great and it runs very smoothly. Very reliable. It has little hangers in the back and a trunk where you can open up only the wind itself.

- Janet A

Suburbans work great for large families! Room for everyone and their stuff!

It has plenty of room. Was able to take our large family of 6 to Disney with plenty of room for all our stuff. Didn’t feel cramped in the vehicle. The kids love the captain's chairs and we are able to keep all the kids separated. Can fit multiple car seats in the vehicle too!

- Jessica M

Best vehicle I could have bought.

There are a lot of features I love about my suburban. The main thing is that there is plenty of space for the whole family, and all of the things we may need. Another thing is safety, this vehicle has plenty of airbags and is built extremely well. It is also has heated seats.

- Stacey B

Suburban has all the convenience of a minivan in a stylish package.

I love all of the cargo room and seating. I love that it's more stylish than a minivan. And I love the extra features like leather seats, heated seats, 4 wheel drive, etc. The gas mileage could be better but it is not terrible. I just need a newer model with fewer miles now!

- Callie P

Sleek and beautiful from the suburbs.

This vehicle and sleek and beautiful. It's the car everyone wants but they just don't know it yet from the wide trunk to the comfortable seating, this is every family's wildest dream. The space is impeccable and it doesn't take much to fill it up nor does it burn gas.

- Odell J

The pros and cons of the suburban.

I love the size of my suburban for the convenience of how many people it seats and how much cargo I can fit in it. I do not find it easy to drive. It feels as though it is always carrying a heavy load. The suburban is expensive to drive because of the low gas mileage.

- Kelly K

Spacious and reliable vehicle

I have 4 kids so what sold me on it was all the space it has for everyone to ride comfortably and still have tons of cargo room. It's a bit hard to get into tight spots though because of the size. It now has around 100000 miles and we have had no major issues

- Katie S

Great reliable vehicle. The kind you want your kid to drive.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. Only regular oil changes needed. No additional maintenance done. I have over 120000 miles and still runs as smooth as the day I bought it. The 3rd row comes in very handy. It is very comfortable. Easy to get in and out.

- Monica T

My very spacious suburban.

I love my suburban. The only things I dislike about my suburban is that the transmission is going out in it and that is a major thing with these. It is very comfortable and room. Great for long trips. I would still buy a newer version of the suburban.

- Alexandra H

It is reliable and comfortable and a good value.

It is roomy, comfortable and holds our large family. It is great for trips and around town for errands and hauling kids' things. It is a luxurious vehicle. We haven't had any major problems with it. The gas mileage is not great.

- Emily T

Comfort at it's best, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Fully loaded, Ltz 4 wheel drive, leather heated seats in both the front and middle row, 2 dvd players Bose premium speaker system, moonroof, along with navigation system and many other extras. I do love my Suburban very much.

- Karin P

It fits absolutely everything but for a cost. It uses a lot of gas.

The suburban is humongous and fits everything. I can fit all of my gear for any activity plus my child and dog. The fact that I need to turn around to control the rear climate control is very bothersome though.

- Madison D

Smooth ride. My family and I love this vehicle.

My family and I love this vehicle. Two seats in the middle fold completely up and makes it easy to clean and easy for passengers getting in the back. Smooth ride. Not real good on around town gas mileage.

- Yvonne S

It is spacious and big. There is plenty of room for up to eight people.

I love that it has three rows. It also can be used as a truck so we have the ability to tow. I would of like to have the second row with captain seats all around I love this truck.

- Courtney S

It has tons of room. It is easy to drive being so big.

I love the large size. It does not have any blind spots so in being a large vehicle it's easy to see and drive. It have lots of trunk space. Very comfortable for a family of six.

- Audra I

Great car for hauling people and stuff!

The storage in the suburban is really huge even with 8 people in the car. The third row seats are not comfortable for adults but great for kids just not kids in carseats.

- Carrie A

A car you can count on for better mileage and comfort.

The suburban drive smoothly and comfortable. Its roomy enough for the softball team to travel everywhere. This vehicle was not that expensive after all.

- Yolanda H

We love our family vehicle.

I love my Chevrolet suburban! I have four children so we fit comfortably. It is very spacious to take on long drives. It has a great amount of storage.

- Sabrina F

The suburban is a roomy vehicle and I like the middle captain seats.

The door handles have broken and cannot be replaced without replacing the whole door facing. Also have had trouble with the air conditioner.

- Tricia C

It is very reliable if taken care of.

It is very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it. I have always been able to depend on it and it has never left me stranded.

- Meredith H

My vehicle is a great vehicle.

My vehicle goes through a lot of brakes. It is a great performing vehicle. It is reliable. It is comfort. I wish it was the lets model.

- Tanya G

It is dependable and roomy.

I have not experienced any serious problems. It has been very reliable. It has been serviced regularly without incidence.

- Alicia B

It's safe. It's large and feels much safer to drive down the road. It's reliable.

The seats are uncomfortable. They do not fit the body well and do not have much give in the seats like other vehicles.

- Kim W

it is a tank. it can haul kids and equipment easily and in bad weather.

love the size. however, it is slow to pick up speed. it also take a bit of gas. glad it is american made though.

- f a

Great car for big families. Not bad mileage either.

I like the large capacity. I can keep 2 seats for my grandkids in it. Also like the safety also. No complaints!

- Frank S

Very reliable car. I love Chevys.

I love how it drives. Gas mileage is not bad. It fits my whole family with plenty of room for stuff in the back.

- Heather C

It is very safe and drives very well. It is also a lot of fun to drive.

It is a great truck,. Reasonable gas mileage and very safe. I have no complaints.

- Marilyn S

It is a great larger capacity vehicle and is a great ride.

Love how it drives. Smooth, unlike other full suvs. I would like more upgrades.

- Em M

very comfortable and reliable, handles great in a snowstorm and I actually prefer it to a pickup. The gas mileage could be better, especially in city. but overall, a very pleasant vehicle.

I like to keep it clean and carpool often to try and offset the mileage issue.

- daniel r

It has plenty of room for my family to travel on vacation together and be comfortable.

I love the room. I love the way it handles. I love the quality

- Katie C

There is plenty of room. Always dependable. It is very safe.

It does use a lot of gas. used ones are hard to find.

- Liz K