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There is lots of space in the vehicle for a growing family.

This was our first car with a backup camera, so it took a little while to get used to it but I still tend to look around the old school way. The camera does come in handy when in park lots though. I love the little features of the car such as the little hidden space to store stuff in the dash by just pressing a button and the radio screen slides up and down. I really enjoy the extra USB plugs for charging my phone and connect to the hand free mode while still charging instead of wasting battery by just doing Bluetooth. Car has been very reliable since purchasing in 2016. My kids enjoy have separate seats with the captain chairs we opted for. When we do use the 3rd row it does help the person in the back who is sitting the middle to have that extra legroom from the aisle opening. Overall I enjoy the car especially for my growing family without having to go to a minivan (which my husband did not want to do if he didn't have to).

- Alex P

The Best Vehicle for a Large Family

Mechanically sound vehicle. I have had zero issues with any of the drivetrain. It isn't hard on tire. Oil changes are quite expensive because it uses a lot more oil than a car but I guess that goes along with everything about bigger vehicles, tires are more expensive, fuel, etc. I do have some complaints about the display features. You have to subscribe to Onstar and call them to program a destination to have turn by turn directions on the display. There is no independant navigation function. It brags to be compatible with your phone but it has some quirks. If you have an android phone you cannot cast your display onto the screen. If you have an apple phone the console charging pad does not work.

- Leeanne P

2016 Chevy suburban. Family of 6!

The 2016 Chevrolet suburban fits our needs for a family of 6. The bucket seats offer space for my 5 year old twins to get to the back bench seats where they can put on their own seat belts. Also, speaking of 4 kids under 5, the rear storage is large enough to always have extra room for toting around strollers, groceries, or luggage during road trips. We also pull a family travel trailer with this vehicle, towing capacity seems a lot larger than what we needed but towing with it is average. Our trailer is approx. 4, 000 lbs with which the suburban does fine. It just does not like to go up hills very fast.

- Clark W

Great large family suburban!

I really love the amount of space in the suburban has. We are a family of 6 so space is very important to us. We use a double stroller and it is able to fit in the trunk with plenty of space left over to fit our groceries. The only reason why I did not rate the suburban huger was because the feature that has to charge the phone while placing it in the middle of the front seats broke very easily. Other than that, it has great safety features as well.

- Claudia M

It is safer than a minivan since it is higher up.

The pros of the Chevrolet suburban are the space in the car for all of the kids and being higher up feels safer. The back of the suburban holds two double cars seats for my kids. We even drive our family of six down to Florida in the suburban and all four food, luggage and strollers fit. The cons is the TV screens burn out. We have had to take them back twice so far to get fixed. It was covered under warranty.

- Danielle A

Suburban smooth ride - heated seats.

The front seats are heated which is a plus however I wish the back seats were heated as well. I do not like the leg room in the third row. It is enough for a child not an adult. We have TVs installed which make road trips with the kids easy. I wish the sound system was better our old car had Bose which is a better system all together. I think the rear camera should be better it is hard to see at night time.

- Crystal T

Suburban: awesome for travel.

I love my suburban. I have had not problems at all with it. We enjoy the roominess of having the 3 rows of seats. 8 People can ride comfortably. It is awesome for taking trips even with young kids since it also has 2 video players with which all can watch one movie or separate movies. The suburban is awesome for anyone who likes to travel or even if you just have several people who go places with you.

- Sheila H

Chevy suburban great for families.

I love the size of my vehicle. We have a large family so there is room for everyone. The features are great. I love that it senses cars next to me and has a backup camera. The audio system in the car is great. I can shift it to the back so the children can listen to their songs and watch their DVDs without having so much noise up front while driving.

- Caroline E

2016 Chevrolet suburban ls.

Extremely reliable, have had no problems since purchase. Leather seats, heated front seats, back up camera. CD player, lots of room for cargo or luggage. Good gas mileage (app. 18 Mpg). Have added plastic floor mats in front and back and cargo net in the back to prevent groceries from sliding. Excellent condition inside and out.

- Karen E

The safety and the way it rides!! I love how it uses less gas then my Yukon XL I use to own. We have 5 Children and there's plenty of room for them and they enjoy the 2 dvd players it has, I love all the space on the doors as well

I love my vehicle, it's roomy and has 2 dvd players for the kids!! It's good on gas and rides nice! I think it would be neat if the DVD player (in far back) turned around so my almost 2 year old can also see the movie!! I really can't say there's anything I don't like about it!! I'm pleased we purchased it over a year ago!!

- Stephanie L

Chevrolet Suburban - why I wouldn't buy anything else!

Comfortable and convenient for a large family. Features make it safe and easy to use. Plenty of room for trips and shopping. Easy to maneuver and park. Replacement parts are easy to find and not super expensive. Handles well performance. Durable and quality materials. Great safety features. No problems.

- Sara H

Great for large families and still has room for drywall or plywood sheets 4 x 8 foot

Extremely quiet, comfortable and gets decent gas mileage for a vehicle this size. I get an average of 18 miles per gallon. The adjustable seats have many positions as well as the steering wheel. I also suggest the auto rain wipers and bright light controls. But a few times they have not turned off quick enough.

- David N

It is very safe and it fits everything you need it to.

We also own a 2005 suburban and the 2016 one we own is the same level but it is not as nice. I do not like that Chevy took away some of the bells and whistles and added them to a more expensive package. There should be consistency, this punishes loyal customers by making them pay more for the same thing.

- Jul W

sometimes it feels like driving a boat, very large and can be difficult to navigate.

The Suburban fits our needs as far as room. We have 3 children and a dog so when we want to go to the beach or camping the car fits our needs. At times I dislike how big it is, I feel parking lots are getting smaller and finding a big enough spot for such a large vehicle can be difficult and frustrating.

- Jeff M

Once you own one, you are hooked!

This is the seventh suburban my husband and I have owned. We love them! The cargo room cannot be beat and the ease of driving it is unmatched. The features and comfort are unequalled. Gas mileage is not bad for the size of vehicle and we are always impressed with the reliability time and time again!

- Tammy L

It is a very safe car and is perfect for people with children.

This is a great family car. My favorite features are best in cold weather - heated seats, remote start, automatic seats, etc. It has a great entertainment system for the kids. It is a wonderful road trip car. I like how the air conditioning fan speed turns down when you are on a Bluetooth call.

- Kate R

Great entertainment system. Comfortable seats. Good gas mileage.

It has some small normal issues (had a recall at the early stages), but overall it is a dream. Super comfortable, great mileage for size and it is easy to drive. The ability to go off-road (4x4) with a vehicle that size is great and it remains comfortable with the suspension from the factory.

- Patrick R

Pretty cool that the console is a flat charger.

I love the third row and that it folds down out of the way. The kids have plenty of room to move around when on long trips. And I really love all the electronics ports. We have had no mechanical problems from it in any way. Only wish it had the DVD player our last one had.

- Melissa J

It is rather low to the ground definitely recommend getting a little lift for it.

Very nice drive, able to tow our trailer. Very technologically advanced able to play Pandora has Bluetooth can get Wifi thru OnStar. Roomy for kids and lots of cargo space. Looks good in the inside and the outside, is a little to low so we put a little bit of a lift on it.

- Lora L

We appreciate seat warmers.

Very powerful vehicle. Needs frequent oil changes, which is inconvenient. Although it is a hardy car through weather. Perfect for family trips. Because the car is heavy, the breaks are slow. This causes some safety concern. We always have to drive with caution in Alaska.

- Sally L

Safety features top-notch.

The Chevy suburban is ideal for a large family, while it provided ample amount of space throughout the vehicle. The trunk is surprisingly spacious! Seats are comfortable and the automatic steering is amazing! It has multiple safety features other vehicles do not offer.

- Stephanie J

Spacious, rides well, low maintenance, superior quality and well worth the price.

I have had several Chevy vehicles. Last I had a Tahoe and although I loved it, having a 3rd child made us need more room. So far we have had no mechanical problems with the Suburban. When it gets time for a new car, we will more than likely purchase another suburban.

- Leslie W

Suburban exceeds expectations.

Spacious, it meets the needs of an active family. With room for carpooling and lots of sports equipment, the Chevy suburban exceeded my expectations. Whether taking kids to school, teammates to a game, or the family on vacation we have never regretted this decision.

- Deb B

Large, spacious, and comfortable. Perfect for large families.

Very spacious vehicle with high quality leather seats and three rows for eight passengers. The trunk is large and spacious for all your traveling needs. The mpg is a little high and the spoiler on the front hits everything unless you are extremely careful.

- Kathleen T

Love my 2016 Chevy suburban!

None. I like everything about my suburban. Happy with this purchase as our family of six fits perfectly in the suburban. It rides extremely well. The entertainment feast urges come in handy on long road trips. The Wi-Fi makes streaming anything possible.

- Kristen L

Great car for family of 5 plus a dog

It has been a great car so far. We had originally wanted to get the Tahoe but went with the suburban for more space. I originally thought it was too big, but I'm so glad we went with it instead of the Tahoe. Perfect car for a family of 5 plus a dog!

- Mary K

That it is our family vehicle and we love her like she is part of our family.

The suburban is big enough for my whole family while also giving me leg room to stretch my legs during long trips. The gas mileage is what we expected when we purchased the vehicle. Our family feels safer in the truck than the BMW. No complaints.

- Sean L

Luxury and size at its best.

It is a comfortable car with unique features. Drives smooth, huge storage space and luxury setup. Its sensors help you avoid crash. Its sound system is so unique that you will feel like you are in a well organized sound studio.

- Johannes D

The 2017 Suburban is comfort and safety combined into one package.

I love the space in the vehicle. It is highly comfortable and provides numerous upgrades. One issue is that the back end of the vehicle interior is slanted instead of flat, which causes items to roll towards the back hatch.

- Lori R

The size is great for a family of 5 and 2 large breed dogs. Turning radius is great. Smooth ride. The stereo system and touch features are great.

Great vehicle for larger families. The seats are comfortable and adjustments are easily made. The back storage space tilts though so everything moves toward the end - things have fallen out when opening the back before.

- Tosha S

It is a smooth ride for our family of six and it looks great.

I love that it fits all of my kids and our stuff when we travel. It does use a it more gas, but I don't mind because we aren't cramped. I love the look of it and the all leather interior. It really is a great vehicle.

- cassandra g

It's spacious and comfortable.

I love the extra room we have for when we go on our family trips. The kids live the build in DVD player. I don't like that I can't listen to my music because it can only play one thing at time either the movie or cd


Just like everyone else in our town if you have more than 2 kids you either need a minivan or a Sub

we have had Nissans in the past but needed more room and more storage space. The Suburban meets all of our needs and still is easy to drive. Wish they were not as expensive but you get what you pay for I guess

- Jessica N

It provides all the cargo capacity and passenger comfort you need.

I like the size and cargo capacity it provides for carrying things. I has the third row seats for additional passengers with all the amenities. I like the overall performance and styling of the vehicle

- Kenneth W

That it's a pleasure to drive and a wonderful yet practical family car.

I love how roomy my Suburban is, the leather seats and the back up camera. The only thing I don't like is the slanted trunk area. My woven barrier is broken so my cargo slides out if I'm not careful.

- Krista Z

Plenty of space, no need to fold down seats.

Love the space in the back. Especially with three kids, I love the fact that when we need to pack items for a drive, we do not have to put any seats down to have room to pack our items.

- Emily B

Suburban the perfect family car.

My vehicle drives well, is nicely put together, and is extremely comfortable. We use it for car trips with our two young children. It can fit us and my parents comfortably.

- Ashton L

It has plenty of room and seating space. It has several convenience features including safety features and comfort features.

I like the heated and cooled seats, I like the lane assist and other features that alert you to possible safety concerns. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Heather D

It is a great family traveling car and great for towing boat or RV.

Love the size, very roomy for traveling. Love on the plugins for phones, tablets, and game consoles. Dislike the gas mileage, wish it got better gas mileage.

- Vanda M

Well worth the money. Lots of room for our family of five.

I love my Chevy Suburban. Lots of room for my family of five. Leather seats are nice. Like the second row bench. Technology in the car is amazing!

- Jen M

Great ride-well appointed interior and gets @ 20 mph on the road!

Like that it is dependable and comfortable. Fits all of our stuff plus the dog on trips. The on star lets us know when tire pressure is down etc!!

- nace n

Fits everyone and everything you need! Feel safer in a bigger vehicle

I like the size of it. I can fit the whole family and guests in it. I can fit tons of cargo in the back. I wish it had more cup holders.

- Amanda H

Wonderful storage space in the back!

Wonderful! Our family fits well in the suburban. We are able to travel and go on longer trips and have plenty of room to pack the car.

- Ashley Y

Family friendly SUV!!!!!!

Our Chevrolet Suburban is perfect for our family of five. Lots of room for a family on the go. Also, perfect for comfortable travel!

- Monique R

Has a lot of space inside of it.

Is very large and spacious. Extremely annoying to clean both inside and out. Has very good gas mileage. The car has brake problems.

- Joshua K

I love the way it drives like a small car.

No complaints! Best car ever! Plenty of room, drives like a car. Beautiful car, easy to drive and great with several children.

- Andrea B

The car is very dependable and good gas mileage.

Love size and what it can fit. Dislike its bumpiness (not super smooth ride). Love amenities. Dislike parking due to size.

- Tracy V

Great car with family of 4 kids

Love the size and comfort. Very reliable - DVD player is great as well as back hatch You can open from inside the car

- Sarah S

I like the back up camera.

I love my car, I love having all the room for my kids for my groceries for any items that I buy that I need to haul.

- Lea L

Its has plenty of power on take off.

Like the ride of the leather seats. Like the style. Like the bells and whistles. Do not like how the seats vibrate.

- Britt W

It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is perfect for road trips!

My suburban accommodates 7 adults comfortably. It is easy to drive despite its size and has a great turn radius!

- Ashley H

I like it for the room it gives me for extra family members to ride along. I also like it for the ability to carry large items. It looks and rides great. My only complaint is for me it's hard to pull into parking spots easily.

The suburban has excellent room for others to ride along with you in comfort. They aren't cramped in the seating.

- Charlotte S

I feel safe driving in all kinds of weather. Because of the height, can see traffic ahead and any jams or accidents in advance.

Large enough to transport items to and from our Lake House. Very very smooth ride. Not bad on gas mileage

- karen n

Is a Chevrolet Suburban a good value for driver and passengers

Good space not so good gas mileage or and lots of inside room can have great reviews and good resale value

- John R

Great family car that fits anyone and everything.

It's a great family car that fits anyone and everything. Lots of room and space for all of our needs.

- Kortnee S

The suburban is very functional. It's a lot of vehicle.

No complaints. I love the vehicle. It's large enough to carry my entire family and all our stuff.

- Lauren Z

It's exactly what we wanted in a family vehicle.

I love the room. I love the gas mileage I get. The looks of it is great. Hate the payment.

- Dewey T

It's spacious for travel and gives us lots of space for road trips.

I love the space for travel. I do not like the keyless start. I do not love the price.

- Lisa Y

She sends emails to let me know about issues bothering her.

I call her Creepy Connie but she is awesome! The best car I have had in a long time!

- Patsy C

It has lots of room. It allows room for kid's friends. It is decent on gas mileage. It looks appealing.

It is amazing for having kids and there is always room for their stuff!

- Ashley J

My brand new suburban has had random issues since purchasing. Leaks in the roof, broken trim, and a major transmission issue!

It is comfortable, but do not let that fool you. It comes with issues!

- Caitlin A

My suburban runs great! Very reliable and comfortable. Room to hold up to 8 people and room to carry baggage in the back.

Chevrolet Suburban is awesome for carrying everything you need!

- Wendy H

I love my suburban! I love all of the bells and whistles that came with the package we purchased. I love how much space we have. No complaints!

Stylish, spacious, great gas mileage for a large sized SUV.

- Katherine C