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Needs some work, but still loved Tahoe

Great family truck. It has barn door feature rather than lift gate. Rear ac with its own controls. Issues have been with the ac but nothing severe. Normal wear and tear requiring replacement of the belt, and compressor. Cloth seats with center console that folds up allowing three seats in from as well as back seat. Has available hardware for third row seats. Did have to disable to steer assist for parking lots because it caused issues in the normal aspects of steering. Has had the engine replaced with a 'new' used motor. Downfall to the motor for this truck, it has a history of developing a piston slap. Its a v8 w just enough power, but does suffer some 'get up and go' ability due to transmission starting to show some wear. Does occasionally start out in second gear when stopped at a light. Otherwise a really great vehicle. Wish I could just afford a newer version, mainly for upkeep and the safe lock feature that's a requirement for 2003 vehicles and up.

- Kaitlyn W

Tahoes are generally very reliable.

I love our Tahoe! It has been a great car. We have had it for about 12 years and it has been very reliable and is still going strong. We've kept up on repairs and I am sure that is helped it is lifespan, but really, it has not had to many big problems. We have leather interior and are pretty rough on it so the seats are torn but that could be solved easily with seat covers. The CD player is not reliable and one of the doors is having a problem. I haven't looked into fixing it yet, so not sure if it is a big deal. Ac works great, which is important since we are in az. As far as drivability, our Tahoe has no problems. It handles very nicely. We do lots of road trips and it does great. I have a large family and would probably lean towards a Suburban next time because I don't feel there is adequate room for trips and groceries in the Tahoe. It looks big, but really there's not a lot of room.

- Rebekah H

Round-body 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe.

I absolutely love my 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, as it has all of the space that I currently need, it drives well, and even has heated seats. My least favorite thing about it, is that the body style is rounded, and not square like the 1999 Tahoe, but it is just a cosmetic thing and nothing about the car has presented me with any problems other than routine fixes at each mileage milestone. I love the heated seats, as it is perfect for fall-early winter when I want to keep my windows down but still be warm. Another feature of the 2001 Tahoe that I absolutely love is my trunk, I can open it all the way with the normal large door, or if I have stuff stacked up against the back door, I can choose to only open the window which is super convenient and easier than trying to keep everything from falling out.

- Sarah D

Review of Chevrolet Tahoe. One of the best, reliable vehicles.

It drives well and the stereo system is nice. There is plenty of room. It is reliable. The tire size is great. Low maintenance. Gas mileage is good. It doesn't have Four wheel drive and gets stuck in mud at times. The paint job is wonderful and the fabric in the car holds up pretty well, especially if you have children. I enjoyed the back windows being tinted and the alarm that came with it works very well. It is 2019 and have not needed to put a new battery for the key device alarm yet. I have changed the car battery 3 times and the water pump twice. I love this Tahoe and would consider buying a newer version when possible. I would recommend Tahoe to anybody. Great experience.

- Michelle J

All around good vehicle on cost, repairs, family.

I feel this is a very good family vehicle. You can also take the third row seating out, so you can move things if needed. Drives and handles nice. Can get up and go if needed, also cruise and take your time. Prices for parts are very reasonable being a Chevy. Also, being that its a Chevy, repairs period are very affordable. Great family vehicle. Great for picking up your kids friends, very spacious. Also able to enjoy TV for the little ones. Rides nice and for an SUV, it is good on gas. All around great vehicle. I would recommend a Chevy Tahoe to anyone interested in buying a new car.

- Christina B

Everything about my 2001 Chevy Tahoe is amazing. An all around amazing vehicle.

I absolutely love my 2001 Chevy Tahoe. The 4 wheel drive beats any other vehicle I have came across. It's great for the family and carpooling and getting all the kids to games and activities but it also is great for an off road stuff we run into. Getting stuck is not an option in this vehicle and it very easily pulls anything and everything out of any situation. Mechanically this vehicle is amazing. As long as you keep up with your responsibilities such as oil changes and services then this vehicle won't disappoint you. I have absolutely no complaints.

- Courtney B

I really do enjoy my Tahoe.

My Tahoe is really a nice car. I purchased it used with 160, 000 miles on it. It now has 235, 000 miles and still going strong. It handles well and rides very smooth. I had to replace the radiator and a few hoses over the last 2 years just minor things. I do the upkeep on the oil changes and air filters. . In my opinion, the Tahoe performs great even if it is an older vehicle. It is a very reliable and comfortable vehicle. It is the perfect size for what I need a vehicle for. In the future, I hope to own a newer one.

- Linda C

Drives very smooth and is quiet.

There are very little problems with the vehicle. All things are very simple to fix. The Tahoe is very reliable and sturdy. It drives very smooth and is not loud at all like you would expect. I love the fact that there are air vents in the front and the back that can be controlled by the passengers. The 9th seat is in the middle between the driver and passenger which is great. The pulley to bring the back seats down breaks very easily and there is a recall on that as well. But other than that the car is great!

- Kimberly H

2001 Chevrolet Tahoe has heated seats and great reliability.

The 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe is the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. It is the perfect size, especially for someone who is moving from a smaller car to an SUV because it is a smaller SUV compared to others on the market. It still gives you enough space, and feels like an SUV without being the full size of one. I love my Tahoe for multiple reasons, but the amount of space, reliability, heated seats, back air/heat controls, and rear radio controls are just some of the things that make me love it so much.

- Sarah D

The room we still have with a family of five. It is easy to haul stuff.

My 2001 Chevy Tahoe is pretty awesome. It fits my family or five with room for friends or the pups. We've experienced minor mechanical problems; e.g. The blend door gets stuck and I am usually left choosing which to live without, heat or cold air. Recently the sunroof decided it was done working. Mostly all easy fix issues. Little things popping off here and there (easy fixes) but overall I love my Tahoe. I'd love to upgrade to a newer Tahoe. Maybe when my kids are older and less destructive.

- Leslie L

Chevy Tahoe extended seating review.

I love this particular vehicle because it is dependable and reliable it has 3 rows of seats which is perfect for our extended family. The air conditioner and heating still works great and it even has a CD player. My baby's car seat fits in perfectly as well. I love the fact that the middle seat will fold down which makes it easier to get all the kids inside and out. And can even carry the dog in the back if we want to.

- April S

Chevy Tahoe�s are the best.

I love my Chevy Tahoe. It rarely gives me problems besides an issue with the abs that I can't figure out. Drives well handles even better. It seats all six of my children and has a third row. I love that it has front and rear air controls god my children can have their own settings. The only other thing if any I can say is an issue is that I have leather seats in Texas summer weather. But overall it is an awesome svu.

- Keta C

Older vehicles can be just as reliable as new, maintenance is key!

Has almost 300, 000 miles on it and I would still drive it across country tomorrow. Would buy another tomorrow. The leather heated seats, reliability, comfort to drive, room for everything I have needed. 4x4 comes in very handy. Have always owned trucks but this SUV has made me change my mind. When the engine goes out of this one I plan to put in another and keep going, but no signs of that so far.

- Tyler B

Chevy Tahoe's are the best.

I really love my Chevy Tahoe it runs great have had very little minor problems with it with easy fix sounds great also. The heat and air run great. The body work is in perfect condition. The seats are very comfortable love the heated seats when it is very cold outside and it is very spacious I would recommend a Chevy Tahoe to anyone looking to buy a vehicle.

- Audrey R

I love my Tahoe for many reasons.

I haven't had a single issue with my Tahoe. The only thing I wish I could change is the fuel economy I get about 15 mpg. The heated leather seats are wonderful and I totally feel safe on the road no matter the weather. I have a large family and we all fit comfortably. My husband is very tall and its roomy enough for him and a tall child behind him.

- Mandi B

Excellent family car for children and dogs.

My Tahoe has been an excellent car. It has over 150,000 miles on it and has never had any major issues. The most major repair has been a head.Gasket. The Tahoe has been a very reliable vehicle, great comfort and lots of room. I would replace it with a brand new one if I could. The features on my 2001 Tahoe are great considering how old the car is.

- Jill C

Full size SUV with comfort and style.

I really enjoy the heated seats and moonroof. The leather seats are convenient to clean. The gas mileage is comparable to other SUVs of this size. The seats are a comfortable size with plenty of rear leg room. This model year does not have the latch system for child seats which is an inconvenience. There is also ample rear storage in the hatch.

- Megan M

It's over all performance and reliability have shown to be very good.

Over all the performance and reliability have shown to be great. The Tahoe is comfortable with it's nice, thick cushioned seats throughout the Tahoe, also the front seat are captain seats so you do have an armrest. As for gas and mileage it does fairly well considering it's a V8. Those wanting room and comfort, the vehicle supplies that.

- Sandra J

Converted Ford lover. I love my Tahoe!

The Chevy Tahoe is a nice care for bigger families. It has a 3rd row seating. The seats remove easily for hauling. You can remove the 3rd row and lay down the middle row for extra space for hauling. This SUV makes traveling more convenient. The Tahoe has 4 wheel drive that makes driving is different weather conditions a lot easier.

- Heidi O

I love my 2001 Chevy Tahoe!

My Tahoe is super reliable. It fits my whole family (2 adults, 3 children). It is 4-wheel drive which is good because I live in a rural area. The gas mileage is pretty much what you'd expect from an SUV. The interior is leather with heated seats. I do not like that it does not have an auxiliary port, but nothing in 2001 did. . .

- Cassie P

It�s a great family vehicle and it�s also great for hauling so you get a 2-1.

It's an older vehicle so of course is going to have some problems that have to be fixed. It has 331k miles on it. I absolutely love it because it's big and roomy and it has 3rd row seats so I have no problem loading a bunch of people up in it to go anywhere. Then when I need to, the back is big enough to haul whatever I need to.

- Brittany L

My Chevy Tahoe drives the best out of all cars.

My Chevy has a lot of power drives well especially on the interstate, I love the space it has and it's my favorite color, black. I enjoy driving my big truck and my kids love to ride in it and their friends. My Chevy truck get me to work and everywhere else I need to go, I love to roll my windows down and enjoy the nice breeze.

- Raquel C

Roomy, comfortable. Higher up to be aware of all surroundings.

Maintenance is normal, and easy. Large size SUV. Perfect for pets and family. Room for luggage, its comfortable seating. The air conditioner and heating work wonders too. Easy to drive. Brakes and gas pedal aren't hard or soft it's in the middle to make driving and to check your speed accurately and alert of your surroundings.

- Caitlin A

Chevy Tahoe great for bigger families

I've recently purchased a 2001 Tahoe, my family has grown in size and I had to upgrade to a bigger size car! Its super spacious and fits us all comfortably. I haven't has any issue with the car, it does take a lot of gas and I would say that's the only downside, other than that car works great and fits my family perfectly


High quality with a good looking design and strong engine.

My vehicle is very roomy, powerful and loud. It's an excellent family SUV that is very reliable. Anyone would enjoy owning this vehicle. You will get years of use out of this vehicle because the design and shape endures for many years. Because it has an engine that is very good quality, maintenance costs are low.

- Martin A

It is a black 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe. It is able to tow.

It is a long lasting car, we have had it for a while and have only had to put minimum work into it. If not just a little more. But has very low gas mileage. It is a decent size for a SUV. The parts are not that expensive and difficult to replace. I am glad of how it has been running for the time we have had it.

- Jennifer J

Best one yet!! Dependable' cheap, plenty of space and loads of trust!

My Tahoe has plenty of space for all 5 children plus myself and two other people. It is the best vehicle I have owned and very dependable as long as I take care of it I will for sure get many more years and miles. The Tahoe gets great highway and city mileage so it's not expensive to drive nor maintenance keep!

- Katherine M

Very roomy 2001 Chevy Tahoe.

I absolutely love my Chevy Tahoe it is large and roomy. I bought it used and have never had any real mechanical problems. The ac is cold and has front and rear ac. I love the third row removal sits. I also enjoy the children proof windows that can be locked and unlocked in the front by the driver.

- Christine H

Better than Heel Toe Express

Power Steering pump issues. Water pump problems. Great on great tho. Antifreeze leaks often. Interior very cheap, and easily damaged. Hard to locate parts to repair. Possible electrical damaged, may be manufacturer flaw, alongside steering pump. Have heard of same issues from other owners.

- Cove M

Reliable safe luxury for seven passengers.

Love everything about it. It is spacious, it is heated seats bring in New England that is a must. I feel safe driving near children as it has a backup camera. We have only had to do maintenance repairs nothing major which is financially awesome. I would absolutely purchase a Tahoe again.

- Gina J

It�s an SUV but rides like a Cadillac

It takes a lot of gas, the gas mileage is very low, you have to change the oil frequently, it gives you a feeling of safety cause it sits so high off the ground, has a very smooth ride, holds 8 people comfortably, and is also a great utility vehicle cause the back seats are removable

- Yvonne B

17 years and still going strong.

Replaced 3 fuel pumps (2 rebuilt), and one brake job. Has had regular oil changes and I have 230, 000 miles on it. The driver's seat has cracked (leather) but remains in good condition. Extremely reliable vehicle. I would recommend to anyone, too bad the new Tahoe are so expensive.

- Ann W

Room for the whole family.

It's a very roomy, spacious vehicle. Very nice quiet drive. Plenty of room on the back and able to put 3rd row. It does use up more gas but not that much. We've had it for many years and haven't had any problems with it. A/c works very good. Overall very nice vehicle for family.

- Patricia R

It has third row seating, but the third seat can be taken out to allow room.

A very comfortable vehicle, nice for winter roads. A bit of a gas hog. Great for long trips. Four wheel drive comes in handy on icy roads. I feel safe in this automobile. Has never let me down. Great for a big family. Lots of room. I don't like parking it in small parking lots.

- Kori D

Awesome spacious seating all around good vehicle. Power seats

No problems at all very reliable SUV. Cola ac radio 3 row seating lots of space in front and back has hidden compartments.nice color on inside and outside. Good on mileage and gas. God seats no tears.excellent motor. Great for a large family and pets. Also has awesome interior

- Wilma B

Great all around truck, dependable with good gas mileage.

The 2001 Tahoe has been a very reliable vehicle. It is roomy with comfortable seating.. It also gets surprisingly good gas mileage for a truck. The towing capabilities are great! The sound system is also phenomenal. I enjoy the Bose speakers and the factory sub in the back.

- Connie F

2001 Chevy Tahoe Quick Look

Problems is the automatic windows and ABS. The ABS chip always malfunctions and the windows love to fail. Other than that it has been extremely reliable I'm at almost 200k miles. It's engine allows it to get up and go faster than most SUVs and has no problem climbing hills

- Cameron S

Love it and the space it has.

The Chevrolet Tahoe has been one of the best cars we have ever bought, it is roomy and I love the space, with kids it helps to have space, I love all the air vents and the way the kids can change the music from their seat, the Tahoe has been the best investments we made.

- Mary M

Tough Tahoe. . . Can plow right thru the snow.

It enjoyable to drive, great in the snow, lots of leg room & spacious in the back for groceries. Still runs great even though it is old. That's great that a car can run this long. It does use a lot of gas, its good on the highway also. 5 People can comfortably fit in it.

- Pamela D

This vehicle is old and dirty. Maybe it is not worth to trade in.

Driver side power window is broken. When driving parking brake and abs signs light on. 2nd right side seat belt does not work good. Inside size is enough room. Hard to go to 3rd row seats. Comfortable to drive. Heated seats and leather seat. Good for drive in snow.

- Kevin D

The Chevy Tahoe makes it to over 200, 000 miles.

The Chevy Tahoe is a great car / truck. Up to about 200, 000 miles then you have to start doing repairs on it, we just put a new engine in and it's still going strong. The driver's seat get a lot of were, if I would have know I would have put seat covers on.

- Laura J

It only has 5800 miles so should have a great resale value.

On the Chevy Tahoe I like the space available throughout the truck. The rack on the top to hold stuff or strap stuff down and I like the child proof doors and locks. I dislike that I have to climb in the vehicle, the gas it consumes and it swerves easily.

- Tom L

The interior is absolutely beautiful.

It is so comfortable to drive and ride in! Also has great gas mileage and hold out for a very sufficient amount of time. We love it! The interior is in great condition and the exterior is also in great shape. We couldn't have picked a better vehicle.

- Tiffany S

Not new, but still reliable and a good looking car.

Bought before I retired with intentions of having it for as long as possible. Has been so reliable and very little work done other than changing the oil, etc. Hope to get many more years out of it. Still looks good and as well as the newer models.

- Barbara A

Dependable. Has an awesome warranty.

What I dislike about this vehicle is the amount of gas it uses. Things I like is the space inside the vehicle, the overall look (inside and out), and lastly the safety of this vehicle. Overall I do like this vehicle and feel safe in it.

- Caitlin D

The Tahoe: Gas Hog, but Reliable

One of the biggest problems with the vehicle is the gas, it is such a gas hog, I personally want to get a vehicle that is more efficient, but it is rather comfortable, but the features are pretty bare, no aux cord or Bluetooth!

- Lake W

The car is completely mine and I can do with it what I want.

I enjoy the motor in my car. I bought this car for $2500 and out about $2500 on getting it fixed up, so now it is all mine and I really enjoy the size and the fact that I can eventually buy a boat or motorhome and pull it.

- Keith Y

Very little maintenance and upkeep to the vehicle.

I love how it drives smoothly and responds. It is quiet from outside noises. I've never really had it in the shop for anything major. My one dislike is the procedure the back seats when they are removed when not in use.

- John H

Why I Love My Tahoe. A great vehicle for everything Looks good and works hard

My Tahoe is great for grocery shopping I love it because it has lots of room it has 3 seats The back seat is removable so that gives more hauling area the air and the heat work great and it's not really to bad on gas

- Faye R

Vehicle 🚗 is full size allowing me to see the road much clearer.

Comfortable and safety is the most important feature of this vehicle. Living in Tennessee where we sometimes have inclement weather the vehicle has all wheel drive along with part time four wheel drive . Very safe.


My vehicle is reliable and is extremely safe. It will get you where you need to go and back home.

It's a black chevy tahoe and is extremely reliable. I would never purchase another type of vehicle. I don't have many complaints since the vehicle is 2001, but I'd like to upgrade to have the newer features.

- Erica F

Great care for road trips. Spacious and lots of room to not feel cramped.

Great vehicle, purchased used in 2013 and while we have had to do repairs on it it is still holding up. The car is 17 years old and is still running well. Great car for the whole family and family trips.

- victoria z

Maintenance on this vehicle is not as hard as one might think and the parts are not that expensive either.

I love the size and the room it gives for people to get comfortable. I do not have to worry about sitting on the ground like in a small car. I like that it has enough power to get me where i need to go.

- Jesse P

You need to take it easy on the brakes.

I love everything about my vehicle. It is big and safe. I feel protected and it is fun to drive. The only thing i would wish for differently is a third row so my dog can't climb into the front seat.

- Nicole A

With the 3rd row, this suv has plenty of room for a busy band and soccer mom

I like how much room it has. Seats 8 and I can take all my kids friends. It also drives smooth. I have not had any problems other than usual maintenance and wear and tear .i have over 200000 miles

- Lisa P

It's a Chevrolet and has a 5.3L engine and is built to last.

It's a large SUV and can comfortably seat 4 passengers, plus 2 more seats in the back. It has a 5.3L engine and has the power to tow a boat. Only disadvantage is it has nearly 200,000 miles.

- Blake S

I am second owner, previous owners took great care of car.

Reliable, has held up great for the years it has been on the road, great with snow and heavy rain situations has done great with towing boat and camper, is in great condition for Its age.

- Stacie G

That even though it has some problems with it it has a pretty reliable car so far...

Problems: Front Tire always goes flat, oil leaks, transfer case had to be replaced on two sides It is great pulling our pop up camper and have traveled to North Carolina

- Laura H

Good parts of a Chevy Tahoe.

I wish that it would be better on gas. I think that it can be hard on gas. I like the fact that it has heated seats and power window and seats. I love the leather seats.

- mandy s

It's very sensitive and it will give you hell if it does not click into two wheel.

For one it takes way too much gas. Another reason I dislike my vehicle is when it will not click in to two wheel, it gets stuck in four. Also its brakes are too tight.

- Ashley L

It is four wheel drive and it goes through the snow in four low very nice.

It is a five door. Back seats fold down so I can put my dog in a circular carrier for him to be in when I take him to a vet. It handles nice and is very comfortable.

- Kaye Lynn A

Chevy Tahoe: A great heavy-duty SUV

The Chevy Tahoe is a great vehicle for larger families, or anyone needing extra cargo room. It handles great, it has 4 wheel drive and is surprisingly good on gas.

- Tracey B

It is a great vehicle. It tows very easily and does not use too much fuel.

I do not have many complaints. The tires tend to lose air too often. The check engine light is always on, even though the vehicle has been cleared for issues.

- Tracy H

3rd row seat.heated front seats tinted windows

Family friendly roomy enough for 4 carseats and 2 others out of car seats have room for strollers fishing rods cooler and all has room for everything we need

- Candice C

My Tahoe has proven to be very reliable over the last 4 years.

I have had my Chevy Tahoe for about 4 years now. It is not the prettiest vehicle out there & it drinks a lot of gas but I must say it has been very reliable.

- Lisa W

It drives so smooth. Gas is great in it. Best car ever.

I love it fits my kids. I love the way it drives. I love everything about it. I have had a few cars and this is by far the best driving and best on gas.

- Tiffany R

No air conditioner, seats are a little worn and broken down.

Love my vehicle, it is just older model and needs some work. Great for loading and carrying multiple people. Continues to do well with gas and mileage.

- Laurel L

That it only has about 80000 miles on it and it's a 2001 model.

I love how big my tahoe is because it makes me feel safe. I don't like how big it is sometimes because I'm small and feel like I'm being swallowed up.

- Erryn T

It is extremely safe. You feel safe on the highway, country, and seasonal drives.

The vehicle I drive is my favorite out of all vehicles I have owned. I now, a mommy, feel so safe being in such a large, higher up, spacious vehicle.

- Peggy M

Our roomiest family vehicle

It's a gas guzzler but has plenty of room for the family. The size of the vehicle makes me feel safe if we were to get in a car accident.

- Tonya T

Well I would think that is that it is very big and has enough room for everyone

My car is good not great I would like a new one but I don't have enough money with my 3 kids but it does get us by so I can't complain

- Mya E

Very reliable for the high mileage it has on it.

It has over 350,000 miles and still going strong. Only a few minor problems but no major issues. I would happily buy another Tahoe.

- Devin F

The Chevy Tahoe is very dependable in all kinds of weather. We even took it over seas and back.

Our Tahoe is very reliable and extremely comfy on long trips. Have over 200 thousands miles with no major repair bills. Love this suv

- Florence H

Very reliable, this car runs forever. I would highly recommend this vehicle. It is a tough vehicle can use it for everything.

I have had this vehicle for what seems like forever and I have had no major problems with it. It is the worst for gas consumption.

- Tina P

2001, 65k miles! Original owner love it. Kept it 17 yrs because it is so great!

Comfortable to drive, handles well, roomy inside. I feel safe in it. Love the moonroof, a/c in the front-middle-back is great!

- Lisa K

Great gas mileage. Econ boost is great. Reliable.

Lots of maintenance. The tires are very high priced. Its drives smooth when it wants. Lots of issues, the mirrors are flimsy.

- Caitlin A

Love the third row seating. Allows for family road trips.

I love the comfort and stability of the Tahoe. I feel safe when driving. It having 3rd seating gives plenty of room as well.

- Chas S

I love my ride.it has room. it's comfortable.it's indestructible.its great for driving around .its great for trips

Tahoe's are the best you have comfortabilty.Room for people or items it's great to travel in it can be your house also..

- Cheryl B

Very good reliable vehicle.

It has been a good vehicle that I have had for 15 years. Only minor repairs. I wish newer models weren't so expensive.

- Ken T

Great car for families with kids in sports. Lots of room for equipment and kids!

It is comfortable and roomy. Sound, sturdy vehicle. My only complaint is the gas mileage and it uses a good bit of oil.

- Sheri G

It has never failed me. My vehicle takes me anywhere no problems.

I like everything about my vehicle. It does not waste a lot of gas. It runs pretty good. And it does not mess up often.

- Sandra O

Great Vehicle For Anyone!

Vehicle has had very little maintenance. It rides good and continues to be very good vehicle. No complaints about it.

- Vicki S

That I have had forever and no major problems.

I like that is has a lot of room. I like the fact that it is higher than a sedan. I don't like the gas consumption.

- Mark P

Chevrolet is like a rock!

It has been a very dependable vehicle. I have always and will always own a Chevrolet. I have friends that hate it.

- Duane S

Best Tahoe ever and great family vehicle.

I love my Tahoe. The best truck to buy for your money. We had to change the brake lines and normal maintenance.

- Dalina F

Chevy Tahoe great family car.

The Chevy Tahoe is a mid size SUV. The 3rd row seats help with all our children. I love the space it offers.

- Allison l

It is a good and reliable vehicle that can handle well in more rugged terrain.

I love how it handles off road, it seats 9, perfect, not too big. . Not nearly enough trunk/ storage space.

- Nicole L

It is mine and I am used to all the problems.

Front end is bad. It doesn't wanna start half the time due to a wire. The ac only works when it wants to.

- April L

It's fully loaded it has leather seats two rows power windows power locks

It's very reliable it's got heated leather seats two rows 4 doors rear climate control no known problems

- Katie A

Chevy Tahoe' s are great vehicles

Tahoes are very dependable vehicles. We have had put Tahoe since 2008 and have only had minor issues.

- Patricia G

Great work horse. Works well in snow. Leather seats are starting to deteriorate.

Comfortable Ride. Works well in snow. Nice blue color. Air Conditioning is on the fritz.

- Chris R

It is very spacious and comfortable. Four wheel drive

I love that it is higher up. I love that it has four wheel drive. There is alot space

- nicole H

It is very spacious and comfortable. Four wheel drive

I love that it is higher up. I love that it has four wheel drive. There is alot space

- nicole H

Lasts a long time. Had this car 17 years. It's given good reliable service.

Roomy. Fast. Smooth ride. Accommodating many passengers. Reliable. Dependable.

- Michelle D

It holds up to nine people it has room for legs and fit nicely

I like that it hold up to nine people. I don't like that it is a gas hog

- StarLyn L

I love the roominess of my Tahoe. It works great for enough passenger seats for my kids and their friends while seating 8. It is very comfortable.

The Chevy Tahoe has been very reliable for us with minimal maintenance.

- Steph C

Great condition and beautiful to look at. Like new

Love the size. Love the third row seats. Like style. Hate gas mileage.

- Richard S

It's a 4x4 SUV that drinks gas. I love it though. It has leather interior.

4 wheel drive, automatic. The color is blue. It has leather interior

- Chris H

The looks of it. Tinted windows keep us cool during the summer

Electrical issue but runs and drives. Gets us to place to place

- Dawn E

I love my Tahoe. The only problem I have with it it that it's old and needs repairs.

My Tahoe has been reliable for many years now, and I love it.

- Katie C