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The Tahoe is clearly the right choice when you want everything all in one.

Our Tahoe is very versatile in our lives. We have the third row seating which is very easy to remove for extra storage for when we go on trips. Both the 2nd and 3rd roll fold down making it easier to carry large things. Lt package is the way to go, which we absolutely love. When our dogs or the grandkids go and make a mess it makes it real easy to clean right up. It is very comfortable with plenty of room to move around without being crowded. The kids stayed entertained with the DVD player and also have room to play with their toys. V8 you get the power you want with the gas mileage everyone is wanting. We would definitely buy another Tahoe, it is dependable and an absolute joy to drive and with it is sporty look a Tahoe is everything you are looking for all in one.

- Sherry A

Transmission in this particular year and model are awful & need rebuilt often.

This vehicle is great yet nerve racking. I love the fact that it has heated front seats, its all electric, has rear air as well as stereo controls, has I know at least four 12v outlets for charging electronics and such, has a rack on the roof, has towing capabilities including a ball hitch, 3rd row seating, is nice and roomy with plenty of legroom and of course mine and my family's favorite is the Bose stereo system. However since I got it almost 2 years ago the transmission has needed rebuilt twice the first time being almost immediately after purchase. Also the throttle body control keeps acting up causing the vehicle to go into decreased speed mode. Both of which are costly to repair not to mention extremely frustrating. Otherwise it's the perfect vehicle!

- Stormy S

Z71 Tahoe all terrain family ride.

I have a 04 z71 Tahoe, it has a great amount of room in the backseat, seating 3 comfortably. The front seats are 10 ways adjustable with heat. There is 6 cupholders a huge middle console. The back has a pull down armrest. 60/40 adjustable seats for. Hauling items in cargo area. Which is very large and accommodates up the size of a. Treadmill at least lol. All seats ate leather. Dual zone automatic ac/heat. The back also has separate heat and ac that has its own control. And radio with earplug jacks. Remote entry and panic alarm. Daytime running lights. It has step up rails for easy entry and a luggage rack on top. It is also a 4x4 so you can get a little muddy. Or you can drive safely and not get stuck in inclement weather conditions.

- Christy W

My Chevy Tahoe has been with me through thick and thin.

I love my Chevy Tahoe. It is big and roomy. It can fit up to nine people, or you can fold down and remove up to 6 seats and use it for hauling things. It is also has been a good vehicle to pull a trailer behind. It has run very reliably and it has over 300 thousand miles on it. Only recently has there been any trouble. The issue so with the engine, just because it has honestly been run to its limit. So many road trips and commuting. It was my dad's first and then mine and it has served us both excellently. It has never broken down. The only issue I have with it is that because it is a large vehicle it gets poor gas mileage, but overall I love it.

- Shan S

Old but helps make great memories.

My vehicle has roughly 220,000 miles and so far it has needed a new heating and air system and a sensor is wrong on the wheels. Overall it is a comfortable car with plenty of space. It still has a cassette and CD radio available. I have not had any trouble with it not performing well even at 200,000 + mileage. I keep up with oil changes and maintenance and it has been very durable. It has been in my family for more than 10 years now and it is very helpful in getting me around my hometown. The gas can get pretty pricey because it is an 8 cal car but it is worth it when I need to travel with pets and my family.

- Sonya G

Short and sweet review of my beloved Tahoe.

My Tahoe has been through hell and back. It has been my reliable everyday driver and go to vehicle. We live in SC and it has safely taken us to NJ, TN, NC, and FL! Regular maintenance is a breeze. Gas mileage acceptable for an AWD. Great towing capacity and plenty of room for the family. Leather and heated seats. DVD player. Sirius XM radio 6 CD changer. 3rd row. I've owned several types of cars before this one. I will never own anything else besides a Tahoe again!

- Sydney B

Chevrolet Tahoe is a comfortable ride!

Although my Chevrolet Tahoe is a bit older, being a 2004 model, it is still an excellent vehicle. It is extremely spacious and if you get one, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable ride. The only issue that I would say I have is that my turn signal housing tends to fall out pretty often and the vortec is not the greatest motor. But all in all, I would definitely recommend buying any year model Chevrolet Tahoe. My rating is 4 out of five stars.

- Kelly S

It's a great large SUV for families and leisure time.

My Tahoe is very comfortable and has great features. I enjoy the built-in DVD player with headphones. I haven't had many troubles out of it other than the sunroof stopped working and it was stuck in the open position. The auto repair guy was finally able to close it and then he pulled the fuse so we could no longer use it. He said that it would most likely get stuck again. It's been a pretty good vehicle considering it being a 2004 model.

- Tabby J

Family tested/ready for anything SUV.

I have a 2004 Chevy Tahoe ls edition. One of the main drawbacks to having mine, is the color, being black. But since I chose it, I suppose I cannot complain too much. Everything else is great! If you have kids, this is the vehicle for you. An additional third row can be added if you need it, or you can keep them out which I usually do for storage purposes. It is not the best as far as gas mileage goes, but it definitely is not the worst.

- Wesley E

Our vehicle has captain chairs in the middle row instead of one long bench.

I love my car for the room that it gives and it is easily accessible for my three daughters to get in and out of. We have had our car for 14 years and it has served our family very well. It is very reliable and has always performed. One downfall for our family is the 4 wheel drive. We do not go to the mountains often so it is something we typically do not use. The service of this is expensive and is continuous even if you do not use it.

- Bernadette G

It is a great reliable car and I love that I am able to tow my big trailer with it.

My car is a 2004 and for being an older car it runs really well. I purchased the car 3 years ago because we needed something to help us to our trailer and the towing ability is fantastic. We haven't had to do a lot of maintenance on it so far. The interior needs a little bit of help. Since it is an older care it is starting to slowly fall apart and look worn, but as far as mechanics go it is a great car.

- Erika I

Has driven well through hurricanes and blizzards. Tough vehicle.

Very high miles, largely only minor problems. Transmission for 4wd and brakes seem to require the most attention. Owned vehicle for 6 years (2012). I am really not sure what else you would need to know. Chevys seem most amenable to have serviced or work on privately (not in a shop), and has been fairly reliable for that reason. Easily attaches car seats and handles well off road or inclement weather.

- Amanda C

Chevrolet dependability at its finest.

Is very reliable. Drives and rides great. You can tow with it. Has leather heated seats elect chromatic rear view mirror. Fog lights automatic headlights running boards power mirrors heated with built in turn signal. 4 speed automatic transmission. Wired for towing and a tow package. Four wheel drive. Course I would like the gas mileage better but for what it can do and what we use it for no worries.

- David B

Good vehicle with lots of storage and long life

My Tahoe has been a good vehicle for over ten years. As it has aged, I have had to replace the transmission but that is to be expected. The third row seats are not for adults unless you like your chin on your knees. I wish that the third row folded flat. The seats are cumbersome to remove but take up a lot of space when folded down. When removed, there is a good amount of storage space.

- Carrie M

Tahoe the best family car you'll ever own!

This is the third Tahoe I have owned. The car is very reliable. I have never had any major problems. I maintain my vehicle According to it is recommended oil changes, etc. I love the versatility as well as it is smooth drive and turning radius is great! My Tahoe's have lasted me over 10 years each and I have handed them down to my sons. I always feel safer on the road in my Tahoe.

- Cynthia V

My Chevy Tahoe is the best vehicle I have every had the pleasure of driving! Well made, just all around the best vehicle ever!!

I love my Tahoe, it has bucket seats, that are big and comfortable. I bought it used, and in very good condition, and it is fully loaded. I love that it has heated seats, a sunroof, power everything! I have had it for close to ten years and I have not had any major problems. Tahoe are very well made, and when I look for a newer model just to upgrade it would be a Tahoe!

- Monica G

Chevy Tahoe: 1 dependable vehicle.

My Tahoe rides very nice, you really cannot feel the bumps in the divots in the road it is very smooth. I have not had to do any major repairs since I bought it in 2004. I have some rust but not as bad as you would think being that is so old. It does use a lot of gas beings it has such a large motor but I would definitely recommend it to anybody that likes to travel.

- Shannon S

Overall the Tahoe is a very versatile vehicle.

The Tahoe is low on power. The Tahoe handles well. The Tahoe is very comfortable. The Tahoe handles well down the road. The Tahoe is a very capable off road vehicle. The Tahoe has quite a few options and features to make it enjoyable to own and drive. The only area that it is lacking is in the power department, it will downshift on interstate going up hills.

- Shawn H

My black four door Chevy Tahoe will meet any big family needs.

I have had my Chevy Tahoe for about ten years now. It is a really good vehicle I have rarely had any problems with it. Except basic needs like oil changes, needing tires, and I had to put new shocks on it cause it would bounce so much! But the Chevy Tahoe is good for this family since we have such a big family. I advise everyone to get them a Chevy Tahoe.

- Trina C

Computer/electronics are totally screwy.

Engine and performance have been good and regular maintenance has been fairly simple and relatively inexpensive. However, our particular vehicle has numerous problems when it comes to the electronics. Quite often, things go wrong with lighting and controls for features such as the radio/cd player, the dash, and the temperature/environmental controls.

- Mike D

Well built with lots of room and a safer pick than many other vehicles!

I love my Tahoe. First of all it is tremendously safe as I had a rollover one winter and we were totally safe. I live the space it allows for several people to go with me and there is still area in the back to pack or haul such as shopping and groceries. I wouldn't want to ever go back to driving something smaller. I would buy another Tahoe

- Kristy G

It gets go mileage for being a large vehicle. .

My car is very comfortable and roomy. Has storage space and you can even remove the back sets to have more storage space. Has a built in DVD player to entertain the children for long rides. It has heated seats for in the winter when it is cold all you have to do is heat your seats and you don't have to worry about sitting on cold sets.

- Sheila K

Durable and spacious vehicle!

I love my vehicle, it is sturdy and reliable. My favorite feature is the seat warmers, they come in handy on a cold day. For being a larger SUV it gets decent mileage for my gas. I love how durable the car is, I rarely have any problems. It is very comfortable and spacious with removable back seats. I am able to fit a lot in.

- Brittany H

My Chevy fortune room it fits 8 people for it or anybody else for the beach.

I love my Chevy Tahoe because it is dependable lots of room stylish heck it is me. I just like cruising in a Chevy Tahoe was meant for cruising up here on down here over mountains just across the road anything I want to do my Chevy is always there for me to take me to the places where I want to adventure and enjoy life.

- Orpheus G

I love the room that it has with the third row seating.

Performance is awesome, I love how much room I have in it, comfortable, features are heated seats, third row seating, the engine is strong, love how easy we can get in and out of it, windows come tinted, like the suspension on it, drive very well in the snow and in the rain, would love to buy a brand new one when I can.

- Lisa S

Chevrolets are made to last.

I've had my Tahoe for 3 years and it's been very reliable. Super spacious for me and my family. The only thing I've had to replace so far is a wheel bearing and my air conditioner just recently started acting up. I would say for the year of this Tahoe its just normal maintenance and I would recommend a Tahoe to anyone.

- Shanna S

Great ride and excellent family car.

Great vehicle. drives amazing and is a very reliable vehicle. I would not hesitate to recommend this vehicle to anyone I speak with. Great gas mileage and an extremely comfortable ride. Vehicle is 4x4 and is great in the snow and bad weather. I would not hesitate to take the vehicle anywhere in any type of weather.

- Paula J

It is a safe car to drive. You will be comfortable driving this car.

I like the size and the ability to see the cars in front of me. I feel safe in it if I was to be in an accident. I like having four doors and the ability to carry passengers comfortably. The back has plenty of room for groceries and to store other items for a trip. It is a comfortable ride for long distance travel.

- Debbie S

Can hold or two just about anything.

It is definitely big enough to do anything I need. From taking the kids, to going grocery shopping, o can fit just about anything in there. I can tow just about anything. It pretty good on gas mileage. I know with the 4 wheel drive and meaty tires. O Won't get stuck anywhere. Super comfy. Best all around love it.

- Amanda R

I love it! Chevys are the best.

I have not had any major problems with my Tahoe. It is a v8, so has some real speed. All leather interior with DVD and monitors, to include wireless headphones. 3rd row seating that can be removed if necessary. Power everything and heated seats. Keep the oil and filter changed and tires and it runs like a charm.

- Sharon M

My review of a Chevy Tahoe

About a month after buying my vehicle I was involved in an accident. A lady pulled out in front of me causing me to t-bone her. My vehicle stood up to the impact great keeping myself and my son safe. I've had it for about 2 years now and have not had any major problems. It is great on gas and very reliable.

- eryn h

Very good for moving items.

The truck is my father's and it's like driving a boat. Uses a lot of gas. Has power seats and windows. Air and heat work in the truck. Can modify the truck to your standards. Drives comfortable if you are not short. Great in the snow and rain. Very good truck for traveling large items and or moving items.

- Kathryn P

Reliable, comfortable, an brings joy to the family.

The Chevy Tahoe is a wonder vehicle it has three rows for seating and back seats can fold down for when u need the extra storing oh yeah an u got to love to eat warmers when it gets cold very comfortable for those long trips with the family we take mine on all of those trips and never had one problem.

- Stephanie A

Chevy Tahoe 2004 z71. Best family car out there.

Runs great on and off-road, never gotten stuck with the 4 wheel drive, auto 4 wheel is great for the winter. Heated seats, ac, and heat. DVD player for kids to watch movies, leather seats easy to clean. About 15 miles per gallon, no oil leaks, never overheated will drive until I can no longer fix it.

- Jessica P

It is built to last! I have almost 200k miles and it still runs like new. Despite some cosmetic issues it is a solid vehicle.

I love the amount of room and that it holds 8 passengers. I wish the far back row seating stowed away in the floorboards like a minivan or could be removed in order to haul bigger items. I love the bigger stature of the vehicle and the safety features. I feel safe driving my family in this vehicle.

- Melissa G

Overall satisfied with this vehicle.

Spacious from front to back. Easy to remove back row seats. Would like to separate third seat differently. Oil consumption is an issue. Lots of compartments for storage. I like how the middle row seats fold down flat to make for a bed if needed. Overall I am satisfied with this older vehicle.

- Danielle W

It is a reliable family vehicle.

I love my Tahoe. It drives smoothly and is dependable. Lots of room for the driver and passengers. Also has a good amount of cargo space. It does have issues with the a/c motor switching over to heat sometimes, but it is also a 14 year old vehicle and this is the only issues. It runs great!

- Meredith H

Great towing package and drives great.

I am good with it. It has no problems at all. I. Did replace water pump, but it is been to Florida a few times. I used it all over the place. I have great reviews on alternator. It would be a vehicle I would recommend to people that like to travel. Oh and it has a great towing package.

- William C

Nice truck to drive I would recommend this truck.

I love my Tahoe I have been driving it for 5 years the only thing I had to do was to change the water pump to me this is good truck should I buy another one yes this truck that I drive now have 154 miles and this truck still drive like a champ that about all I say about 04 Chevy Tahoe.

- Bobby H

It is an off-road vehicle and nice enough to drive around on a daily basis.

My Tahoe is comfortable seats up to 6 people. It is been a good vehicle as far as performance. It is all leather interior. I have had some issues figuring out some mechanical problems and finding replacement parts for it and a leaking issue coming from somewhere under the dashboard.

- Kelli S

It's not very pretty but it is a versatile vehicle. It does its job.

What I like about our Tahoe is it is versatile for different needs, such as hauling items, going camping, getting groceries, or transporting people. It seems that the older it has gotten, the more it has been in need of repair. So it's not been as dependable as I would have liked.

- wendy m

This vehicle went from keeping us safe to keeping our grandchildren safe. .

Our car always works, has many miles on it and dependable. . We were in two accidents on the California freeways and we wanted protection. . . And comfort. . And we got both. . Safety and comfort and dependability. . What more could we ask for. . Chevrolet builds a good product. .

- Carole D

It is very dependable and has great gas mileage.

My 2004 Chevy Tahoe is very dependable. It is a great family car with lots of room and great mileage. I keep my oil changed and a minor tune up other than that I have had no problems. I have taken several vacations and used my truck for long trips out of town for my family and I.

- Precious R

Looks can be very deceiving.

From the first time we had front end problems, now we have non stop front end problems. The electrical goes out all the time. Bad on gas. It is leather & heated and comfortable. Not reliable. I do like that the 3rd row comes out. Has enough leg room for adults in the back.

- Nicole T

Great vehicle with heated seats and a TV in the rear.

I love this vehicle..It has every amenity you could think of... It is great to travel in and holds a lot of people or cargo. I use it for long trips because it is comfortable and has heated seats for the winter time! Its mileage is average but this car drives smooth and easy.

- Rebecca S

Chevrolets are very good vehicles , I would recommend them to anyone

My Tahoe is 14 years.. I paid cash for it.. I really don't have any problems with it. the speedometer had to be replaced years ago for free. water pump was replaced. regular maintenance, oil change. transmission etc. still in good shape dealership replaced it for free..

- Annette H

It is dependable and provides a higher level of comfort

I have had it since it rolled off the line and I have never had any issues with it. I have over 270,000 miles on it and have taken it all across the US. It has plenty of space and it allows my family to enjoy the perks of a high quality sound system along with a DVR player.

- Brett B

Safe and reliable and comfortable to drive.

My Tahoe is incredibly reliable. It is safe and solid and it gets me where I am going. The only drawbacks are it is large and hard for me to park it, but that is more my problem than the Tahoe’s. The gas mileage is not great, but that is a trade off for the size and safety.

- Eileen B

Custom radio and brand new speakers.

I have a 2004 Tahoe its very reliable over 150, 000 miles not one engine problem. It gets about 14 miles per gallon. I had to change the alternator once and that has been the only problem. The car has a lot of room, it's a good family car just wish it had better gas mileage.

- Jensen K

It works reliable spacious and comfortable.

Vehicle is well maintained and reliable to get me back and forth to places. The performance is great and the space is comfortable. So far I have not had any problems and the features are awesome. Glad it has two cigarette chargers and tells me what is wrong with my vehicle.

- Samantha F

2004 fully loaded dependable Chevy Tahoe.

Good mechanically sound vehicle. Has 3rd row seating, power everything, upper and lower seat warmers, leather interior, DVD player, and a sun roof. Needs to be detailed but is a daily driver. No powertrain issues. Good motor and transmission. Overall good family vehicle.

- Dustin K

Reliable Tahoe with same gas mileage as small SUV.

I love my Tahoe because it is reliable and efficient for the size of vehicle that it is. I have had smaller SUVs and get the same gas mileage so why not have the room of a Tahoe. I also like the towing availability. And in Iowa we need 4x4, so it is great to have it.

- Angie J

Love it. Great in and out. Overall a great SUV.

No problems yet. I have down the regular maintenance since purchased it. I love how it has so much space. I can haul a boat, a trailer. For the engine that it has its pretty good on gas mileage. I love the way it feels when cruising. perfect size for a family SUV.

- Roberto G

Black Chevy Tahoe, with a Purdue sticker on the back window.

I love my car. The seats are very comfortable. It drives smoothly, and I have never had any problems with it. I would 10/10 recommend this car to anyone. The breaks are not too sensitive so it is not very jerky. It always looks great on the outside no matter what.

- Skyler E

It is very spacious and can hold a lot of necessities and or people.

First of all this car is very spacious which is definitely a plus. The problem is, living in California, gas is expensive and we can't afford it. The car is awesome but tends to suck on gas, so if you don't mind paying extra Money for gas then this is a great car.

- Patrick M

Very generic but good for price.

Very reliable and good performance, plenty space, nice inside, good on gas, good off-road, good during floods, carries plenty, and offers plenty of seats for anyone you need to drive around with, offers good mobility and good on oil and travels long distances.

- Austin S

It is been a very reliable SUV.

My Tahoe is comfortable and roomy. I have never had any mechanical problems, so it is been very reliable. It could get better gas mileage, but I am willing to give up a little for the power. The only problem I have had has been with the front dual ac.

- Kim H

It is reliable and has great gas mileage.

Its big, spacious, and reliable. It's not very good on gas but my husband and I are willing to deal with that because of the other benefits. Because of the space it allows to move larger items as well as drive for Uber and Lyft.

- Kara S

This car is perfect for any size family.

I love my vehicle. I have no complaints. This vehicle gets us short distances with no problems as well as long distances like going on vacations. This particular vehicle has over 250, 000 miles on it and is still going strong.

- Courtney H

My car is very dependable and has plenty of interior space.

I like that my Tahoe is dependable. It is comfortable and roomy. It's rather boring because it is white but at least it stays clean looking. It would look better if it did not have an old cracked bug shield on the front hood.

- Marie P

Overall score for the 2004 Tahoe is an 8 out of 10.

Overall the 2004 Chevy Tahoe is a great truck. Plenty of power, good traction, and handles really well. The interior is comfortable and more than enough room. For extras space the third row seats can be removed from vehicle.

- Josh M

If you take care of your vehicle it will last.

I haven't really had many issues. With general maintenance she runs great. For me a vehicle is just a means to get from point A to point B. I will be looking soon for something with better fuel economy and an AWD feature.

- Barbara D

It's a safe vehicle, not just a get from point A to point B

I have had the vehicle for 14 yrs. I purchased as a newer vehicle. I love the way it handles, being able to sit up higher. I have only had a few minor things go wrong with the vehicle but other than that I love my Tahoe.

- Catherine L

It is dependable and well worth the investment!!

I love everything about the vehicle but it is getting old and starting to fall apart. The liner is falling and soon it will need replacement parts. That is just the price of an older vehicle. They do not last forever!

- Chrissie H

SUVs don't get horrible fuel mileage like most people think. Also the ride isn't extremely rough, which is another stigma people associate with an suv.

I like Chevy products first of all. Suvs Give you the best worlds of a truck and a car, but are extremely comfortable on trips and daily commutes. The Tahoe is one of the best in my opinion. I love the versatility.

- P O

It's long lasting and definitely reliable. I've had it for years and I can't complain about it. It doesn't easily get scratched or dented.

I love how long it's lasted, I've had it for 14 years. The one thing I don't like about it is how quickly is uses up gas, no car I've ever had uses up gas as much as this one. Other than that I love my car so much.

- Stormi B

For me ,the most important thing is it's safe and dependable.

My Tahoe is roomy and comfortable. It has been a very reliable vehicle. My only problem has been with the dual air conditioning. The air has started blowing hot, but only out of the vent that blows on the driver.

- Kim H

There is a lot of room and you can carry 8 passengers.

I love my Tahoe because it is very spacious and has lots of room for taking other passengers. It has a built in DVD player. Has lots of storage room. The back two rows of seats lay down for carrying large items.

- Shelia K

Always reliable. Great family car

i love that it has such a smooth ride for a truck. We bought it new so it's comfortable. The only problem is with the kids grown and off to college it's become too big and of course not great for gas mileage

- sue h

How spacious it is special with a big family.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I have enough room for my husband and our 2 kids. I am able to buy groceries still have room in the back. If I want it to be a 3rd row I can add it to my vehicle.

- Ashley P

Great vehicle for dog training

Great vehicle for my task trained 120 pound daniff service dog and 106 pound service dog in training and for my bully breed mix and my Australian shepherd to all fit comfortably in to go training!

- Elliot G

It is a very safe vehicle and drives great.

I love it is dependability, it is sturdy, fits my entire family, and has a ton of mileage on it, but still runs great! My only dislike is that the paint/body is chipping and rotting very quickly.

- Megan F

One of the best cars to help out people when they move.

I actually like my car, it's easy to drive. It is not that big but, it is so roomy in there. The only thing I can think of that I hate about it is paying the gas, other than that it is awesome.

- Roberto S

04 Chevy Tahoe, I will only buy tahoes.

I only buy Chevy. I love my Tahoe. I have the LS. I have had very little problem with it. It rides great. I have lots of room it seats 7 people without a problem. I'm not big on the color red.

- Jennifer B

I love the fact that is a Chevy. I have always had Chevys because they run great.

Although my car is 14 years old, it runs well. We've had to replace a few things to to it being an older model. Overall I love Chevy Tahoe's and plan on getting a newer version of the Tahoe.

- Elizabeth C

Its extremely roomy on the inside, and a very safe SUV to have for a family.

It's a great vehicle for driving long distances, best mileage on highways and such. Things to look out for are expensive repairs, low gas mileage, and if you live in the city it's a bit big.

- Joseph P

There is no room in the back for anything so you have to either put seats down or take them out if you need a lot of room.

I dislike the space in it, as a family of 6 there really isn't a lot of room for much of anything. I love the bucket seats as well as the heated seats. I like having a suv over a small car.

- Melissa g

My van is reliable and gets me where I need to go in comfort.

I like my vehicle because the interior is great and the seats are like armchairs. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs great. When something breaks, I fix it and it's paid for!

- Gregory M

My Tahoe is a great spacious powerful vehicle.

I love that it has a lot of room to haul things and great for taking a trip. The gas mileage could be better but still it gets 18 mpg so that isn't all that bad. Good powerful engine.


It's not always as big as you think. It's one of the most comfortable cars.

I love the size of my vehicle. I also love the smooth ride and the comfortable interior. I also enjoy the space in my vehicle. Now with a child and a dog and wife i wish it was bigger

- Donald S

I like that I have room for everyone to sit and be comfortable. I dislike that it is such a gas hog.

It has lots of room and it is four wheel drive. But it really is a gas hog. It's a little on the big side but that's ok cuz then you can do the running over instead of being run over.

- Laurel L

This car is for my family

I love my vehicle it is really dependable and I got a great deal on it when I bought it this is the best vehicle that I've had so far out of the 5 vehicles that I've owned in my life

- Julius A

It's a great family car and it has easy maintenance.

I like that my vehicle it's a family sized car. I like the buckets seats and the front seat warmers. I dislike that the trunk is so small. I also dislike that it uses a lot of gas.

- Katelyn W

It has an accessible controls through the steering column.

I like the storage and able to fit my softball equipment, groceries and kids student bags in it. , the sturdiest and the color. I do not like about the vehicle is the gas mileage.

- Kristina A

That the Chevy Tahoe is a reliable and spacious car.

It is a reliable car and it is spacious for a large family. Good mileage on the highway but it is a killer on gas on a regular day to day basis on streets. Otherwise a great SUV.

- Jessica R

If gas mileage wasn't a big issue, this vehicle is great for seating and cargo space. The smooth ride makes it wonderful for long distance driving.

I like my Tahoe for its smooth ride, comfortable interior, and cargo space. I think the gas mileage is not great and I don't particularly care for the height of the vehicle.

- Jana V

I am glad I chose this truck to ride in daily. It is reliable and highway ready.

I have had my vehicle 11yrs and it is been very reliable. Has gotten me to and from many appts. Out of town with no problems. But I had to replace the water pump back to back.

- Teresa W

That it's a nice car for the price really good for big and tall people.

My chevrolet tahoe is great gets me from point a to point b. The only bad thing about it is how much gas it takes to fill this sucker up. And how expensive the gas prices are.

- Tiffany H

I has been great for road trips lots of power and lots of room.

Leather interior, 3rd row seating, front and rear ac. Lots of space. V8 4x4 great in the snow and off-road. Sliding moonroof. Runs drive like new. Trailer hitch for towing.

- John C

It is probably the most diverse vehicle I have ever owned. It can transport up to 8 people. It can haul material. Just a great all around vehicle.

My Tahoe is a nice SUV that contains the third row seating. Overall, I really like my Tahoe. The only thing that I dislike about my Tahoe is the Stereo/Navigation system.

- Ted L

Pretty nice car for a smaller family

Nice amenities. Heated seats, dual air control. Big enough to feel safe, not so big that it chugs gas. Wish it had third row seating but it does have a large cargo area.

- Neva G

Its comfortable and spacious. Extra row of seats if ever needed.

I dislike it because the heat/defrost doesn't work and it really sucks in the winter. I love it because I have no car payment. I do not like that it cost a lot for fuel.

- Marianna B

The pull string to release the seats break which makes it hard to lay seats down.

I love that there is room for 8. . But I do not like that there's no room to haul stuff. I like the heated seats and the extras that it has but wish it had a sunroof.

- Denise W

The truck is a gas guzzler, but worth it in the sense that it is very safe.

My vehicle is very reliable, and I am able to have a large amount of people in my car. There is a lot of room, since the seats fold down should I need to haul items.

- Ashley M

It is very reliable but it does take gas pay to play.

I love my Tahoe it has never given me any problems great family and vacation car smooth ride keep all up keep and you will not have any problems best car I ever had.

- Jacqueline J

It's the older model but having 3 rows is amazing with 3 kids

Love all the room for my 3 kids to spread out in. Right now I need to get my transmission looked at because it's slipping but overall I love it and will get another!

- Alicia W

It is serving me well. Fits my needs. Would buy another when needed

My tahoe is a comfortable ride. It has the right amount of space and storage for me. Has a 3rd row seat which I have laid down. Wish it got better gas mileage

- kristy c

That it's strong and keeps it's originality after years of driving

I like be the roominess of s seating. Also the power under the hood and it's strong structural design. And look be the fact that it's manufactured in the USA.

- Gloria A

Long Life for my Chevy Tahoe

Love my Chevy. Bucket seat in the middle allow for easy access to the rear seats. Love the reliability of my Tahoe. It has been very low maintenance for me

- Tamara F

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

It is a very comfortable and quiet ride. The features for the heating and cooling are easily reachable by all. I also like the temp and time in the mirror.

- sue D

It tells you when you're running low on gas.

I love that it's a bigger vehicle. It makes me feel safer and sure that my child will be safe riding in it. It's comfortable and has a variety of options.

- Jen J

Luxury truck for a country man

I've never had any abnormal problems love the four by four during the winter helps with the snow. Very comfortable drive. Lots of legroom and Storage Room

- Steven R

It's a great family vehicle

My vehicle is large enough for me and my grandkids to go anywhere we want without being crowded. I am able to get in and out of it without any problems.

- Dorothy W

It is a large SUV with plenty of room for my kids and everything that goes along with them. It also has a sunroof that I love!

My car is 14 years old and still runs great. They just don't make them like they used to. It has almost 200,000 miles on it. Its roomy and comfortable.

- Jodi H

My car is a great vehicle. It has lasted me over 300,000 miles with very few problems. It doesn't have great gas mileage, but it runs great. It fits 9 and is great for family road trips. I love it. The a/c runs amazing and cools down the car so quickly. It also goes offroad well, I wouldn't take it rough, but it runs great even on unpaved roads and through flatter grounds that aren't roads at all.

It runs great, but now at about 315,000 miles added up on it, the transmission went out and it is having other engine problems, but it still runs well.

- Shantel S

All wheel drive great on wet or snowy roads.

Has some front end problems. Needs new blower motor. Has 166k for mileage, so there are going to be problems. Overall, a decent vehicle for what it is.

- Jim H

The a/c messes up a lot. It sometimes goes to heat.

I love my Tahoe because it has plenty of room for all my kids plus groceries. I can separate my kids if need be. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Kayla S

Great vehicle and a lot of fun. I would definitely purchase another one.

Great vehicle with fair gas mileage and few major maintenance problems. I have over 150, 000 miles on it and am yet to experience any major issues.

- Clayton S

The gauges on the dash started not working properly. I have found this to be a common problem.

I like the style and comfort of my vehicle. It has been dependable up until about a year ago. The gauges of the dash started not working properly.

- Nanda P

That I am use to it. I do not know how I can part from it.

I love my Tahoe we bought the truck 2 weeks before my daughter was born in Feb. I do not want to get rid of it but I think it is about that time.

- Kimberly S

My Tahoe is a V8 4x4 instead of a 2 whl drive.

I love my Tahoe for the color. I love that it can fit 8 people in it with the extra seats. I only wish it had a Bluetooth stereo and a sunroof.

- Julie T

It's very dependable with great tires and driving stability.

Its roomy with 7 seats. Its very soft comfy leather. Has an awesome Bose radio system. I have no complaints. Would like to have a newer model.

- Terri S

It is very dependable and has 3rd row seating and 4 wheel drive.

4 wheel drive, the color, dual exhaust, dependable, 3rd row seating allows my partner and four children room to be comfortable and together.

- Carrie R

Safe and reliable vehicle

Fabulous vehicle. Have had little to no problems with it. Is a 14 year old vehicle and has 185,000 miles on it. Very safe and reliable.

- Becku S

Mechanically sound and easy to drive. Been happy with this SUV.

We have had very few mechanical problems with this SUV. Only issues are that the dashboard has peeled and the ac has had some problems.

- Karen E

Tons of room 3rd row and still room for storage

Love the size and 3rd row seats have not had any major issues with this vehicle. Has lots of room and great options for older vehicle.

- Tricia H

2004 Chevy Tahoe great family vehicle.

Reliable! Great when you have infants. We feel safe in it. We can tow our family trailer or boat. It has a DVD player for long rides.

- Rachel J

My vehicle has seat warmers in each seat.

My vehicle has air/heat from front to back. Each person can adjust their comfortable temp. It is able to pull extremely heavy loads.

- Wanda B

Well built reliable suv that is able to tow

The rear window on the corner is very small and it makes backing up hard because your view is limited. Also the truck is very small

- Paul P

American made with American steel

Very reliable comfortable roomy. Built with American steel! Safe doesn't get best gas mileage thou but worth it for feeling safe.

- Tina S

It is very spacious and comfortable.

Drives and rides comfortably. Very dependable american vehicle. Has camper hauling capabilities. Poor gas mileage. Leather seating.

- David A B

New tires, new transmission, a/c blows ice cold.

Performs great, many new parts, front seats need replaced, leather torn, heated seats, DVD player, and sunroof, 3rd row seating.

- Rebecca J

It's a nice big family SUV. Can fit a lot of people in it comfortably.

I love that It's leather. It has a Bose Sound system. Captain seats in 2nd row as well as 3rd row seating. And it has a sunroof!

- Jamie F

Lots of money to maintain and lots of gas.

Like the space. Dislike the issues I keep having to fix, wiring issues, brakes, orders, alternator etc. Still owe a lot on it.

- Heather V

My car is a tool. It is one of the big, wasteful SUVs, but it allows me to tow a trailer or haul eight kids.

It's is big and silver. It has a few things that need to be fixed. It has rust holes. It does not have enough cargo space.

- Aaron T

I feel very safe driving it but it's not bulky like bigger trucks.

It is a very smooth and comfortable ride. It is easy to get in and out of and the sunroof adds to the luxury of the vehicle.

- Josette K

chevrolet tahoe great suv

great vehicle; great for hauling; good for towing; quiet ride . roomy interior; good looking exterior; comfortable seating

- dave s

The forever lasting vehicle.

I haven't had any problems with my car at all. Never had to fix anything just had to change the breaks a perfect vehicle.

- Jacob K

Excellent performance and

My vehicle is in excellent condition with about 68,000 miles. Has new paint and is comfortable with heating leather seats

- Kass L

The quality of the vehicle is very nice.

I like the room and the mileage on it. I do not like that it is not as big as the suburban but it is a very nice vehicle.

- Dale M

I like to keep it clean so everyone should respect it when they are in my car.

No complaints, size is great and good gas mileage. Only thing is the aux button is loose. I like the way it drives also.

- Alison B

Plenty of room seats fold down.

Love it keep your vehicle up have it forever. It is easy on gas as well its big and bad plenty of room has a DVD player.

- Melissa W

It is a really great family vehicle that I can get my kids safely to & from school, etc.

I love how much seating is available. I love how it's a reliable vehicle. I HATE that there isn't much storage space!!

- Brandy S

The perfect Family SUV !!!!

It's really good family Truck we love it we never had any big mechanical problems with it other than brakes small stuff

- Cristina A

Comfort, safety and durability.

I love my Tahoe. Has been very dependable. Enjoy the comfort and roominess. Love the durability of the 4 wheel drive.

- Joyce P

The car is very safe and even is a old version I have had no issues with it.

Durable vehicle, comfortable. It drives smooth in city and long distance. It is also a safe car for me and my family.

- Monica P

That it is a good family car, good space and it rides smooth!

I like it because it rides smooth. The flaws are it does not get good gas mileage and the a.c. works half the time!

- Courtney P

Reliable beautiful car would recommend it to everyone.

No complaints I love my Chevy tahoe I have had it for a long time it is super reliable and it is super comfortable.

- L S

It is very reliable. Not the greatest gas mileage.

I love that it is big and roomy, and I feel safe. I love that it is reliable. I hate that the gauges are going out.

- Samantha M

It's orange and has 130 plus miles on it and has been a great little car.

I no longer own this vehicle, but the option did give me the choice of my car make and model which is a Pontiac G5.

- Connie M

It is dependable and good on gas.

I like the smooth ride in my car. My car holds gas as well. I dislike the tire going flat every time I look around.

- Cassandra B

That my vehicle is dependable,black,and I really like it. This is my favorite car

I really like my vehicle. It is great on gas and has plenty of space for all of my family, and great storage space

- Julius M

It is a very dependable vehicle and I love driving it. If I buy a new car, I would look at a new version of the exact same model.

I love my vehicle because of the size and comfort.It has been a great vehicle, with no major problems to speak of.

- Kari C

Good truck to get around with family.

It runs good just have some trouble turning on still in very good condition. Its green three rolls and new tires.

- Cynthia H

It has had very little problems.

I like its durability and reliability. I also like the roominess that if offers. I dislike the low gas mileage.

- Raven W

This truck is for my family and has plenty of space.

I really appreciate and love my truck.It is very dependable and stylish,and is good on gas.And I love the color

- Sandra M

Driving the car is both safe and comfortable!.

I have nothing I dislike of my vehicle. I would love for the new vehicles to be built more like the older ones.

- Sabrina D

It's not as bad on gas mileage as people think.

I love how much room it has. I love the 3rd row as well as the available extras. I dislike the cost of repair.

- Ryan K

Gas Range, comfortable, and spacey

I don't have any problem with the truck. the mile of gas it gives me it great, I love the sets and the color.

- Julisa B

Comfortably fits 8 people, plenty of room with 3rd row seating.

Drives well, needs front brakes, new rotors, will eventually need new tires, and will also need an O2 sensor.

- Samantha E

It is a safe car. don't have to worry about traveling with my newborn baby.

I like the size and safety. Convenient for family. I like the power it has. I dislike how much gasoline uses.

- Louise J

My Tahoe, the best SUV ever!

I have not had any problems with my Tahoe. I change the oil and to routine maintenance and it has been fine.

- Caroline S

It gets wonderful gas mileage.

This vehicle is a beast! Great on gas to, for being large. It fits the whole family with plenty of storage!

- Amanda A

Fantastic car will get the same if this one ever fails

I love my vehicle runs great good mileage never breaks down only taken in once for breaks and oil changes

- Keylila W

Why do others need to know about my car? It is what it is.

Handles well on snow and other inclement weather, room for passengers, it fits my life. Poor gas mileage.

- Amanda C

I have a grey, 4 door, 4WD Chevrolet Tahoe. It has leather seats.

I think my Tahoe is a gas hog, reliable, runs well. Kind of expensive but gets me to where I need to go.

- Alex C

04' Chevrolet Tahoe is a great car

The 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe is a great car it has a lot of space and comfortable and makes you feel secure

- Danna S

She is my baby. This is an excellent running truck that doesn't burn gas.

This is absolutely my dream vehicle. It's the safest I've felt when driving. And has some much room.

- Debbie P

Never had any problems in the past.

Good overall car has bad gas mileage but over very good family vehicle. Window is broken as back left.

- Jordan B

large white SUV, with a brown interior.

I have had this car for more than 8 years and this car is very reliable this car has no real problems.

- Dante W

4 wheel drive tow package. Excellent stereo sound. Grill guard.

LT model, dual air front and rear, power windows, seats mirrors with memory control. Bose stereo cd.

- Benjamin C

It is a great family vehicle.

I t rides smooth. The air-conditioning all throughout is a major bonus. It seats 7 very comfortably.

- Dusty G

That even though it is a 2004 and an old car it is still very reliable. It never leaves us stranded and we can always depend on it.

I like that it is big and can accomodate my family of 5. I dislike that it is so expensive on gas.

- Jenna O

It has ran great with little maintenance.

My Tahoe has been extremely reliable. I dislike the color (tan). The seats and carpet are torn.

- Ashley H

My steering alignment needs to be fixed.

It's a big car, the space is good. I have 2 kids, so it gives me space to put all their stuff.

- Clarissa L

It is roomy and 4 wheel drive.

i love my chevy with 4 wheel drive. it has a lot of room . i can carry a lot in the back too.

- cecily g

It's rusty but it still runs good and is great off road and in the winter.

I like having a lot of room and the four wheel drive for winter, but I hate the fuel economy.

- William C

Move over when you see me coming through in my Tahoe.

I love my Tahoe! It's super reliable and durable. I drive it around like a compact car!

- Chris V

that it is a very good ride had no problems good on gas lots of room in it .cant beat it

i have no complaints. I love my ride. love the room i have in it to haul my kids around

- Julia A

It is a good dependable vehicle.

I love the way my vehicle drives. The engine is really good. The speakers sound good.

- Jeff K

I have a lot of room in my truck and can take kids on field trips.

It has a lot of legroom. It has leather seats. These are voth things that i like.

- Crystal M

Dependable and lots of legroom

I love my Taho..people try to steal her but she always makes it back hiom

- orpheus C

It's been paid off and I haven't had a car payment in several years.

There's so much room. It's very reliable... an all- around work horse.

- Beth C

Visibility is great for driving, it has much room for passengers.

The car is roomy. It has a good storage in the back. Easy to maneuver.

- Susan C

It has been a very reliable vehicle. It's comfortable to ride in. There is a lot of room in it. I feel very safe in it during any kind of weather.

It has been a very reliable vehicle, only routine maintenance needed.

- Sarah L

It is a safe comfortable six seater car that handles well.

It is safe. It handles well. It is comfortable. It seats six people.

- Vincent S

They should know that the trunk space is to small

I like that it is high up. I hate that it's trunk space is to small

- Ryan B

It looks and feels luxurious. It feels newer than it is. It is expensive to maintain. It has high mileage.

It is so roomy and comfortable and perfect for larger families.

- Cassie N

tahoe is a type of suv. its a chevy not a ford. it's not a van.

It is an SUV. It drives good. It has lots of space in the back.

- erin w

It's a roomy comfortable ride.4 wheel drive so if you need to go offroad.

Roomy 4 wheel drive and lots of space to haul the kids around.

- Teresa J

I like that it seats my whole family. It has plenty of room for anything we need to do. Very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Very roomy. Seats 7. Has the ability to tow

- Laura J

Drives well, good tires, engine, descent on gas, no real problems

No real complaints, interior of the seats are a little torn.

- Alexis D

I love my car. It is super dependable and very roomy and comfortable.

My only complaint is that I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Rachael J

It is very dependable, spacious, and great on road trips

I dislike not having a rear camera or built in DVD player.

- Jessica M




I like the large space for my large family. It is very reliable. I don't like the trunk space.

It is an extremely reliable car and very comfortable.

- Debbie S

Full size suv with 4wd capability, great power plant

Very reliable vehicle , but very heavy on brake wear

- Stephen C

It would be nice to not have the back row so close to the front seats. I have cloth and it is terrible to clean. We bought used and the previous owner smoked so now the ceiling is falling down.

It's a tank! I think it would withstand an accident!

- Heather B

cheap of gas and easy to drive very roomy love it

I really love the vehicle it it very easy to drive

- richard d

good ride with great cargo space; safe

great ride; lots of room for cargo; good mileage

- dave P