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Why we love our Chevy Tahoe.

I love the size of my Chevy Tahoe and all the space to haul things in it when needed, or using the third row seats for passengers. It rides wonderful, and I really like being up high when driving it as it provides better visibility. We can pull a boat, trailer and anything with it, which is very handy. We have owned this car for 11 years, so we have experienced some issues with it but have always repaired them because we love the vehicle and its versatility so much. I would buy another one if this one ever gets beyond reasonable repair!

- Becky R

Mostly reliable but noisy. Chevy could Focus more on the details.

It is been a fairly reliable considering its age. I did have to have the four wheel drive transformer fixed due to an engineering error on Chevrolet's part. Apparently, there is a little oscillator inside that slowly wears a tiny hole in the transformer which then leaks fluid and the whole thing needs repair. That was a $1,000 fix. I have also had issues with water from the road coming up inside of the foot area. I was driving in heavy rain and suddenly realized my foot was soaking wet. Still not sure what is causing that.

- Nico D

Comfortable car. With plenty of room.

It's comfortable and large enough for my family. It's a smooth ride. It's been a good car for a long time. We have had it a few years with only a few problems that were easy to fix, I would recommend it to anyone interested in a nice ride, it has cloth seats and is easy to drive in the country or in a big city, I live close to big cities and have used it several times in the Dallas area and McKinney and surroundings towns and country roads, never had any major problems. My next purchase will be a Chevrolet Tahoe.

- jessica M

Electrical problems with instrument cluster

My vehicle doesn't get the best gas mileage. It also has had a bad instrument cluster which I have replaced. The replacement cost is about $350 after the core charge. The tahoe is also bad about the fuel sensor going bad and is about $600 to replace. The light bulbs are also bad about burning out. From what I understand, this is a long known issue with GM products. Over all, I love the vehicle. My truck does have over 200,000 miles on it but mechanically still runs great.

- Rich B

Works, just is not reliable.

I would say the one I have is extremely unreliable. Since we bought it, 3 years ago, the transmission has died, the ignition switched was burnt out, and the brake line has snapped twice. I do love the DVD feature and so do my children however, it does put a huge blind spot in my way to looking behind me. I have two car seats in the third row that causes blind spots. It uses a bunch of gas and is super expensive. And there is hardly any trunk room.

- Brittany M

Cheney Tahoe Great Family Vehicle

Comfy car with lots of space removable third row seating. Front and back ac control panels 4 wheel drive. Power steering power windows back windshield wiper. Tinted windows automatic CD player and cassette player included drive quiet and reliable comfortable for a large family comes in a lot of different color options one of the best cars I have ever driven clean carpets and seating for car seats everything on it works

- Elizabeth A

Perfect for the whole family!

Dependable and reliable. I have always owned Chevrolets for that reason. It has room for all of the extras we are always hauling around having a teenage son that plays sports and also third row seating when we have teammates along for the ride. I enjoy being one of the bigger vehicles on the road. There is an issue with the dual a/c controls, but not that big of deal. Overall, I would definitely purchase this vehicle.

- Davina M

I have a great vehicle that has never had a problem and never has had repairs.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. My vehicle has been reliable and the performance is great. Never any major work done on my vehicle other than maintenance. It is very comfortable and spacious. I have taken many trips comfortably. It has the ability to transport a total of nine people which is a great benefit. It runs very smooth and has beautiful material seats that are extremely comfortable.

- Helen B

Roomy and reliable 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

I love my 2005 Tahoe. It has plenty of room for all the children and groceries. It is very reliable. Never has a problem driving. Only thing wrong with it is the gauges keep going out. It is very comfortable and allows me to raise the seat for my short self to see. It has option of third row seats which comes in handy when you have three boys who like to fight so you can separate kids.

- Kayla R

The 2005 Chevy Tahoe is such a roomy vehicle.

The Chevy Tahoe is a very reliable car! It has great mileage even after all these years. The interior and exterior have held the test of time even after years of toil and tear... And tough teenage drivers. The mirrors are positioned really well the blind spot is very small which is so helpful considering it is a large car. Overall I would 100% recommend this car to any driver.

- Nicole P

All-around great SUV, comfortable ride and minimal problems.

I love the size of my Tahoe and the roomy interior. It is very easy to handle and I can drive easily off-road. We have had issues with continually having to replace cylinders and the sensors which make the check engine light stay on. The gas mileage is comparable to any SUV, around 15 mpg. My son loves the built in DVD player and I love the heated leather seats.

- Jourdan V

Love our 2005 Chevy Tahoe.

Drives and runs great. I love that it seats up to 7. The 3rd row seats can be taken out and the 2nd row seats fold down to allow for room to load quit a bit to be hauled inside the vehicle. Our Tahoe is the z71, it has running boards that make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. When traveling whether short or long distances, every seat is comfortable.

- Natalie B

Bow tie, the only way to go!

This is absolutely one of the best vehicles I have ever bought!! It has around 190k miles on it with no issues at all! There have been no mechanical problems at all and I truly have no complaints about my 2005 Chevy Tahoe! My parents also have a Chevy Tahoe I believe theirs is a 2003 with 250k maybe more miles on it and no mechanical issues at all!

- Ashley B

My family's 2005 Chevy Tahoe is like a family member.

My 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe is the second vehicle of this type my family has owned. The Tahoe is a very reliable vehicle with which my family has complete comfort in terms of reliability, performance, safety, and comfort. If we should ever decide to get another full-size SUV there will be no research necessary as the vehicle will be a new Tahoe!!

- Patricia M

Good family vehicle. Does needs more than normal sensor repair.

It's a very good vehicle don't care for the sensor issues but overall a good vehicle. Very spacious and rides well. I have the higher end model with more features and am relatively happy with the car. It does well on long trips and is a good family vehicle. It has high mileage so we are starting to see more frequent needs for repairs.

- Ashley P

Nice car new. Once it ages it becomes a money pit.

This is a pretty good car when you buy it new. Once it hits the hundred thousand mile mark be prepared to work out a lot of money in repairs. I've owned it second hand for a year now and already have broke the thousand dollar mark for repairs. The sensors go bad, the hatch came unglued and now I am looking at a leaking coolant tank.

- Ashley P

I really like driving my vehicle. It sits high and drives super smooth. There is a ton of room for future children and storage for traveling. 4 wheel drive is a major plus. I haven't had any issues with my Tahoe and plan on keeping it for when we decide to have children. It is going to be a great family vehicle.

- Heather L

Old reliable, will drive it until the parts can no longer be had.

Very reliable, not so great on gas mileage but has 27 gallon gas tank. Never had an issue with it starting even in minus temps. Down to neg. 15 degrees. I find the ride comfortable, has no issues pulling my camper. The camper is an all aluminum and light wt. This ride has never left me on the side of the road.

- Darlene M

You are going faster than you think you are.

The Chevy Tahoe is extremely reliable. My father bought it in 2005 brand new and it is still in great condition. I have issues with the air conditioning and heat during certain times of the year but other than that I have no complaints. It is a great car to drive in the snow and handles well on the highway.

- Nik B

Chevrolet Tahoe- spacious 3rd row seating.

I have had minor problems with my Tahoe. Had to fix the back hatch. Had a water leak that needed to be repaired. I have spent less than $5k on repairs. My car is comfortable to drive and I feel very safe driving it! I have the tow haul feature but have only used it a couple of times. But it pulls great!

- Crystal M

Chevy Tahoe America's favorite all in one vehicle.

Our family has always been a fan of Chevys, we have had numerous vehicles and many different brands over the years. My 2005 Chevy Tahoe has been nothing short of amazing. It is very comfortable for our family, roomy for road trips, and tows with ease. In 13 years I have had no major or minor issues.

- Sierra W

My Chevy Tahoe is the best built vehicle I have ever owned.

My Chevy Tahoe is bulletproof. The vehicle is well engineered and aside from a couple minor problems that are common among Tahoes, I have had to do nothing to it aside from routine maintenance. The brakes are probably one of the most impressive features. For a large vehicle, it stops very quickly.

- Carl R

Best car/full size SUV on the market great ride 4x4, cannot beat mpg.

Best value for the money. Roomy great ride 4 wheel drive, 15 mpg. Great comfort. And plenty of power, rides great, runs great and always plenty of power, great mpg for a full size SUV. Great view with very few blind spots. Plenty of head room and leg room both in the front seats or the rear seats.

- Scott M

Dependability of the Chevrolet Tahoe.

I really haven't had any problems with it. The CD player has quit working but it is a dependable vehicle. It has plenty of room for outings and for grocery shopping. I feel like it is a sturdy SUV and would protect us in an accident. I will feel comfort carrying my grandson in it when he arrives.

- Wendy T

Luxury living on a blue collar salary.

Great vehicle bad on gas but overall dependable not many repairs have parts are cheap easy to find replacement parts lots of space in the vehicle as long as you keep the maintenance up on the vehicle it is overall a good family vehicle to great for family trips lots of space to ride in comfort.

- Linsey L

The best line of cars money can buy.

Incredibly reliable. Over 200,000 miles and still going strong with no service lights on. If you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you! My whole family owns chevys and they all have over 200,000 miles on them and look brand new still! These vehicles were made to last a long time!

- Dominick I

2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4. Beast in the snow.

Super comfortable and lot of room. I can fit two car seats and strollers and still have room. Good gas mileage. Easy to service. Has been super reliable and have had no major issues. Pulls a trailer really well with no performance issues. Very dependable. Have only had to put new tires on it.

- Jennifer B

The best vehicle on the road.

It is very comfortable. I love the way it drives. It has 4 wheel drive and I feel very safe driving this vehicle. The heat and air work great and it sits up high so I can see very well. I have the third seat so there is plenty of room for the kids. I would highly recommend a Chevy Tahoe.

- Kim M

It is very easy to drive even though it is a big vehicle.

The things I like about the Tahoe is that it is big I like big vehicles. Another thing I like is that it is easy to control. One thing I do not like about it is that the windshield has a big crack in it, and another thing it is not all the way paid off yet and it is a gas guzzler.

- Jeffery M

Very reliable car. It is just the low gas mileage that is not good.

All is great with the Tahoe. The only bad thing is the low gas mileage. It is comfortable with adequate space for luggage, groceries etc. It is easy to drive and looks good. The original speakers need replacing, but as long as the stereo is not turned up too loud, all is good.

- Scott F

Reliability and comfortable.

Overall performance has been great. No major mechanical problems. Has been a very reliable vehicle. Lots of room and comfort. It's a great family vehicle. Seats seven, so we can transport our kids, and some of their friends. Has DVD player, makes long road trips bearable.

- Jason V

Most comfortable vehicle.

The Tahoe is the most comfortable vehicle to ride in. My dad and I both have back injuries and this is the preferred vehicle for us to take, even on long road trips. It is very dependable. We have never had anything major go wrong with it and we have 280, 000 miles on it.

- Gen B

So reliable, comfortable, attractive, and really fun to drive.

In the 13 years I have had the wonderful Tahoe I have driven about 92,000 miles, have replaced 2 batteries, 4 tires, and 2 belts. It is the most reliable, comfortable, best car I have owned. I wouldn't even consider trading it in for a more technologically advanced car.

- Karin A

Great older Chevy Tahoe, solid SUV dependable everyday SUV.

I have noticed that paint chips have begun but I have seen a lot of older Chevys with the same issue I have had an issue with the water pump but overall a great car. Ac/handling and brakes are great. Lots of storage space in the back since it does not have a third row.

- Helen J

Chevrolet: an awesome ride.

It's an older model so we have to really keep up with the mechanical work. Other than that it has been a very reliable easy to drive vehicle. I love that it has 4 wheel drive, we can drive in any weather condition. I will always purchase a Chevrolet, they run forever.

- Tyler L

Review and issues of the Chevy Tahoe.

The truck has plenty of room and power to get you down the road and haul a loaded trailer. The only issue I have is with the sensors going out. I had to replace two sensors and issues with electrical system. But I have found the truck to be very reliable and powerful.

- Jerome B

Roomy vehicle with third row seating.

I like the heated seats up front. . It has 3 car lighter adapters. . I like the 3 row seating. Room for 7 passengers. Only some trouble with traction control. Tires are a little expensive. Sits high and goes through water well. I wish it were 4 wheel drive though.

- Christina F

Great family vehicle, but can be a gas guzzler.

It is a really nice family vehicle even if you need to take lots of luggage with you. There's enough room for my entire family. The only problem I have with it is how much gas it eats while in cruise control. It is very reliable for every activity we put it up to.

- Demi W

Most reliable SUV on the road.

Runs like a champ. Handles well in all weather/road conditions. Reliable. Comfortable. Roomy. Easy to work on. Has 2 radiators. Includes tow package. Has 4 wheel drive. Handles itself well on muddy dirt roads. Great Bose stereo system comes stock in this vehicle.

- Megan C

Great Car for Traveling, Enjoying Hobbies, and Family Vacations

This vehicle is large enough to haul large model airplanes, band equipment, furniture, etc. It also can carry our whole family. It has been very useful to us over the years. I dislike that, as it gets older, the interior doesn't hold up as well as it should.

- Linda Z

The best vehicle for traveling with family

We bought our Tahoe used with 75,000 miles on it. It now has almost 200,000 miles on it. We have towed our travel trailer and taken it on so many trips! It is by far the best most reliable car for our family! We now have 3 kids and it has never left us unhappy

- Nicole B

I love my Tahoe! Reliable, comfortable and love the ac!

The biggest problem is it seems like they use a lot of gas. That is my only complaint. It is comfortable, reliable, it has OnStar, a tv for the kids. The thing I love the most is the air conditioner really works! Even in 115 degrees it blows lots of icy air!

- Sally B

It is a great family car, so much room for the kiddos and luggage.

Best purchase we ever made. Are Tahoe has been great to us, we have traveled all over from Florida to California with never having any problems. We love how little maintenance it needs and how the factory parts are still holding up at being 13 years old.

- Jennifer P

Dependable and roomy. Wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I have never had any major problems with my vehicle. I love the third row seating and heated seats. It is gotten is many miles away and back. It is very dependable. Gas mileage is not the greatest but worth it for the roominess and dependability.

- Christina H

It's a perfect family vehicle and is able to haul things.

I absolutely love Chevy Tahoe's. They will run forever as long as you keep up with the maintenance. My 2005 Tahoe currently has 302, 000 miles and is still running. I would like to upgrade by the beginning of the year as it is getting so old.

- Courtney L

Dependable and stylish in one

Love the car. Owned the car for 10 years there were no major problems. Love the look and the options on it. Heated seats are awesome dual zone heating and cooling is great. Can have 360 degrees of comfort. Nice sound system Bose with sub

- Bill R

When you see me moving and I'm not a football field away, don't jump because brake lines are expensive and I am constantly blowing them.

I love how it drives, sets up off the ground,the way it feels safer, and has lots of room for the kids. I do not like the amount of gas it takes to get through the week, or the blind spots and how large they are compared to other cars.

- Crystal V

Moonroof and DVD player with headphones.

I like the size the moonroof DVD player heated seats. Wish it had better gas mileage on the highway not in the city. I would like to buy a newer model but can't afford it. I would love a different color and more cell phone outlets.

- Joann D

It is dependable and still going strong 13 yrs later and nearly 200,000 miles with only minor repairs.

My Tahoe is tall and I can see ahead of me when behind other vehicles. It's 13 yrs old and still running strong with nearly 200,000 miles on it. Has stood up well to weather and all kinds of travel trips(beach, mountains, etc).

- Alesha R

This vehicle is the perfect mid-size SUV that will run for miles!

I love the style of vehicle, the brand, the look, the size, and color. It fits our family size without being too big or too small. The color is sharp and it runs smooth. I would get another just like it with lower mileage.

- Leah R

My Tahoe is the reason I really love Chevrolets.

My Tahoe has been incredibly reliable. I have put a lot of miles on it and it can take it. I like the room for all of my family and also the room to haul stuff. Also, it drives and maneuvers like a smaller automobile.

- Lana B

I purchased it in 2011 with only 50,000 miles and just this past year rolled 100,000. No major repairs basically keeping maintenance done.

The only problem I have had has been with the charcoal canister which affects fueling up by the gas tank thinking it is full. It took a few visits to get this figured out and replaced. Love the vehicle.

- Allison D

You get out of it what you put in it.

My vehicle run very smooth as long as I keep up the maintenance on it. I can keep this truck for many years because it is a reliable and durable vehicle. I have not had any major issues with it.

- Tracy G

Latch anchors are only installed on the two center seats.

I wish the 3rd row had a shoulder belt for the center seat. I also wish there was more cargo room. I would like latch anchors on the 3rd row as well. I love the adjustable brake and gas pedals.

- Tracy T

It is very reliable. It can easily have over 150,000 miles and still run

My Tahoe has seat warmers, a DVD player, and a sunroof. It can also comfortably seat seven people. This car is very comfortable and I love how it rides. The only bad thing is the gas mileage

- Gabrielle V

Spacious and very comfortable.

It is very spacious and drives really nice. The fold down seats make it even more roomy when driving to kids games or hauling something. I haven't had anything major go wrong with it at all!

- Felicia C

My awesome and dependable SUV

I have had no major problems with my Tahoe. It has been dependable and a great SUV when I was hauling 3 kids around to school, games, practices etc... I will definitely buy one again.

- Sherri s

Reliable Transportation for 2005 Chevy Tahoe

very comfortable, not a lot of back space after adding the subwoofer. The breaks go out fast, the air works great. Gas mileage is good. Minor electrical problems after 10 years.

- Ashley H

It guzzles gas. Really bad gas mileage. I would not purchase it again.

I like that there is space and plenty of seats. I don't like that the 3rd set of seats is hard to get to. There is not enough space in the back for transporting things either

- Heather M

Best Truck for the room inside,and 15 miles to the gallon on gas.

Best Truck ever! Bought used and the only issue ever was the pigtail behind the passenger wheel got covered with mud, and made the blinkers and back wiper not work correctly.


Good for small to large families.

We have ours lifted and I like how I can see easier. The seats are comfortable. Offers third row, so great for large families. Could use more space for cargo for vacations.

- Kaitlyn B

My 2005 Tahoe is all black tinted windows and has big tires.

I really love my 2005 Tahoe were a family of 5 and there is still a lot of space left over. So now when we want more family member to come with us we all Just go in Tahoe.

- Amy L

It is very reliable. I have had it for 11 years and it has been terrific.

I like how big my vehicle is. It makes me feel safe being above most cars or there. I like how many passengers can ride in my vehicle. I like how much cargo room I have.

- Michelle N

The one most important thing others should know is it is a larger car so the control and awareness of the driver must be top notch at most times.

I like that it is easy to steer. I also like how much room I have in the driver's seat, and the guests have plenty of room in the back. The speakers are also excellent.

- Ace M

It holds the road well for a big vehicle.

I like the power it has with It's V8 engine. I also like that it performs well in the snow with four wheel drive. It is also very roomy and can carry eight passengers.

- Ken t

Chevy Tahoe, great all around vehicle!

I absolutely love our SUV. It is comfortable and can seat 9 people. I'm able to use it for many different purposes and it is also fairly cheap to keep up and running.

- Domonique M

Very reliable. Great for a family. Easy to get in and out.

Love it. Other than regular maintenance it's been great. We do have to put oil it every few weeks but we have 260,000 miles. I think we may just buy a new one.

- Kim G

Chevrolet are good vehicles.

I love my car it is very reliable haven't had any major problems. Have fixed a few minor stuff. It is very roomy and comfortable I would recommend any Tahoe.

- Julie B

Tahoe is blue and it is has 4 wheel drive.

It sucks. Does not run right. Needs new tires and the window in the back does not come down and the starter went out and I only have had it for two months.

- Red T

Really like the fact that most of the dashboard is controlled from the steering wheel

Excellent performance, everything works on it, limited edition, very roomy, gas mileage is ok considering the price of gas, DVD player, 4 captain chairs

- Jimmy E

Perfect for tailgating at Iowa Hawkeye football games!!

I really do like my Chevy Tahoe. It is fun to drive, has a lot of legroom and 8 people can ride comfortably. Only downfall is, it takes a lot of gas.

- Ronda S

It has a lot of power, and torque

I love how it handles in snow, and it's pulling power. I also love how I can fit my family in it (seats 9 people). It's also got a great turn radius.

- Brent W

Great ride, handles the snow well, great family car

Great family vehicle, good for trips, very good reliability, could get better miles per gallon, routine maintenance and still going 228000 miles later.

- Dan W

The quality is great as I have well over 200,000 miles.

I love how it drives and handles. The interior layout and color complements the car. I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I like everything about my car.

- Tracy M

Great gas mileage and great for long trips especially with the kids very roomy.

It has decent gas mileage great for long trips unfortunate thing is the tires just had to get replaced and they’re a little expensive we've had no.

- Tina H

Wonderful and reliable vehicle.

The air would stop producing cold air in the drivers side. The speedometer would stop working. It has a third row for the kids with a luggage rack.

- Josh W

My tahoe is very reliable.

I love the size of it. It's comfortable. I feel safe in it. It drives like a car even though it's a truck. I haven't had much problems with it.

- Lisa s

Handles very well in the snow and is very comfortable for long distance drives. Lots of room for our doggy and other stuff too

Very comfortable for long distance drives. Lots of space inside to pack up lots of stuff. Dealership repairs are too expensive as my complaint.

- Karen S

It was a wonderful way to get a car by paying for it in full and not making payments.

It is dependable and has enough room for anything that I want to take home. It maneuvers well on the road. It has not had any major breakdowns.

- Lori A

It still works fine so you cannot really complain.

It is old and worn out but it gets me to the places I need to go. It uses a lot of gas and I have to refill the tank often, making it expensive.

- Caitlin G

It is very reliable and worth every penny it cost.

I love how big and powerful and reliable my Tahoe is. The Tahoe is the perfect size for my big family. It is the best vehicle I have ever had.

- Missy S

It's a work-hoarse. It gets the job done. It's ready to go day in and day out.

It's been a hard working car. It's taken us on several long road trips. It's maintenance has been largely easy to handle. I have no complaints.

- Tammy W

Perfect family car, especially in the winter. It's roomy, and dependable

I love my truck. Very dependable, and GREAT for driving in snow. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage, but everything else is great.

- Leaha Z

It's not a performance vehicle. It's very heavy so give yourself time when slowing down

My 2005 tahoe has been a great vehicle. I have not had any problems with it. Very reliable. I will be buying another tahoe in the future

- Michael F

It's great running and fits my large family of 4.

I bought it because I wanted something bigger. It was used and has been a very good and reliable vehicle since the day it was purchased.

- Kristina L

Currently Tahoe 2005. 200000 miles but runs ok and has a dvd player

Having some mechanical problems but still runs well. We love the layout, removable back seats and that it has a dvd player for the kids.

- Sarah L

It doesn't have bluetooth

It's pretty nice. It's a little old but I like that it sits so high up. I do wish it had more room though and a CD player or Bluetooth.

- Tiffany S

It is dependable for its size and power! Easy access!

Very comfortable and a smooth ride! It has enough power to tow my camper and boat when I need to and the whole family fits comfortably

- Mike F

Family Vehicle and reliable

My car is very reliable. I have a family of 8 and it fits all of us comfortably. Even though it's a large vehicle it runs good on gas.

- Aseneth Q

Z71 has a powerful V8 is very nice

My Tahoe is a all around SUV it's great for all seasons an is great for family outings and never have to worry about not having space

- Darrell P

Very spacious great for children.

Great no problems reliable always runs little to no maintenance best vehicle I could have ever got and longest one I have ever had.

- Dennis T

It's a good looking Tahoe

I have for 13 years and have no problem took to grandkids to school and now taking the great grandkids to school it still ride good

- Darlene C

It is very a spacious, very comfortable, safe vehicle.

It has plenty of room. It is a very comfortable full size suv. Capable of safely and comfortably transporting family while towing.

- Carla H

Chevy Tahoe 140, 000 miles.

Very reliable, very comfortable, has 140000 miles on it and runs like a dream. Would highly recommend a Chevy Tahoe z71 to anyone.

- Dan B

It's been a great family vehicle for me. I have 6 kids and it has a DVD player and plenty of space

Love my Tahoe, its never left me stranded. It has 4 wheel drive, it turns nice and sharp, easy to park. Its comfortable to drive.

- Tracy C

I feel very safe in it. It is big so I feel my family and I would be safe in a crash.

I love my Tahoe. I love the look of it and also the room it has. I've replaced the transmission and now it needs a new engine.

- Cindy M

Chevy Tahoe is a joy to have you can do whatever it takes to get it done in this truck

The Chevy truck is great especially in the winter time just switch over to 4 wheel drive and you will never be stuck in the snow

- Franita C

Very reliable. Decent gas mileage.

Very well maintained. Decent tires. Steel grey with a black brush guard. Wench. Fabric seats. Bose speakers. Good for hauling.

- Sarah C

That it drives great and handles good in bad weather.

Gas cost to much. Parts are expensive. Tires very expensive. Wish seats weren't always not working. Windows don't work either.

- Jennifer R

That it is a family safe vehicle.

I like it because it has sunroof, DVD system,4x4,and heated seats. The only thing I don't like is that is sucks gas majorly.

- Angela P

It is a safe vehicle for my kids to ride in on a daily basis.

I like having a dvd player. I like being able to fold down or remove the third row seats. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Allyson B

Good family vehicle, can have expensive fixes.

A very good vehicle. Do not much care for the sensor problems it has, kind of expensive to fix. But overall a good vehicle.

- Ashley P

Reliable! And comfortable.

Smooth ride, fits the family well used for towing and camping all the time and has the power and space we need for comfort.

- Mike F

The bucket seats are wonderful.

My truck is very spacious. It fits the needs of my family. It has bucket seats which makes for easy access to the 3rd row.

- Brittany W

Tahoe are pretty great vehicles

It's very roomy. Overall great vehicle. But it sucks gas like crazy. It's sometimes has issues. But our family loves it.

- Sierra T

It is very dependable. I have had it for 10 years and never had a major issue.

I like the size, its dependability and durability. I like the luggage space and it has great ac. It uses a lot of gas.

- Yvonne N

2005 Chevy lifted Tahoe bad gas mileage.

No problems, bad gas mileage. Very reliable, tows trailers well. Wish it got better gas mileage. Very nice vehicle.

- Danielle L

That you have to step on the brake to start it.

I like the size and comfort of it and it drives great. I do not think there's anything about it that I do not like.

- Pamela L

I love the ways it looks and drives great.

It does have some electrical problems. However it has over 200, 000 miles and it's still a very dependable vehicle.

- Melissa M

It has a 6 disk changer for CD player.

No issues with car we have never had any problems. For the year it has been a great car. Other than maintenance.

- Steph B

Is very economic in long trips and comfortable and very strong

This car is very comfy especially with a family of 7. Amazing for road trip The seats are big a lot of add pace

- Marlene S

With gas prices steadily going up, it gets costly to fill up.

No problems to note. It has bucket seats for the back seat and a third row. It has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Ashton H

It's a great running car with no issues.

The Tahoe drives great. It has lots of room without being to large. The Tahoe is pretty easy on gas to be a SUV.

- Cassie A

It's very safe and a four-wheel drive.

I love that is 8 passengers. I love that its a Chevy. I love that its mechanically sound. I hate the gas bill.

- Maria W

Dependable, very few maintenance issues.

Like it because it is dependable, very low maintenance. I-don't like the gas mileage, city driving especially.

- Joe N

It has leather floors and seats .

i like the size of the vehicle . it is heavily used so there is a lot of previous owner wear and tear on it .

- jerry C

Perfect Road Trip SUV!!!!

My Tahoe is our go to for all vacations. We can fill it up with luggage and still fit comfortably for hours.

- Carina G

It is very dependable with a great reputation.

Very comfortable, smoothest ride, gas mileage not great but not bad, never had any mechanical issues, roomy.

- Melanie V

my car is extremely reliable and requires little maintenance.

the performance is phenomenal. the only issues or cosmetic besides the oil pan gasket and rear main seal.

- richard b

Good speakers and lasts forever

This car is very good honestly. Very good speakers in them as well. This car will last you a long time.

- Jerry D

Everything in one vehicle, without the minivan look.

This vehicle sits up high so you can see better. It also seats 8, so you can take your friends places.

- Susan D

That it is a good vehicle to own. It is easy to drive.

I like that it is easy to drive. It is easy to recognize anywhere. I dislike how much gas it takes.

- Mark J

As it gets older, some things are beginning to fail.

It has been durable and reliable. It almost has 200000 miles. It is getting close to being retired.

- Kelly S

The motor is great. It has withstood all kinds of crazy SC weather.

I love my Tahoe, it is the right size for all of my grandchildren, just don't like the gas mileage.

- Barbara B

This vehicle has been the hardest working and best most reliable vehicle ever. As long as you change oil regularly and keep up on tire rotation and all maintenance it is amazing...I have over 225,000 miles on it and it is still running strong

You get out of your vehicle what you put it, so take care and it will give you love back out

- Darcy C

It has been dependable and reliable for for 13 years with minimal maintenance and fewer required repairs.

Room for two kids and two dogs. Comfortable ride. Powerful enough to pull a trailer.

- Kit C

please don't touch it, I have finished paying for it yet

love the 4 wheel drive. hate how it guzzles gas. comfortably seats all my family

- Suzanne B

I love it! It's paid for. I can haul a lot of stuff in it.

Roomy. drives nice. Poor gas mileage. All the bells and whistles. High miles.

- Darla M

it's a chevy, nothing better chevys are the longest lasting vehicles on the road and they ride the best.

runs, looks rides great . has all the bells and whistles. I have no complaints

- patricia W

I love the room inside the vehicle. I like the number of seating options it has...7. I dislike the quality of the paint job from the factory.

The Tahoe is a great family vehicle. It has plenty of space and drives well.

- Barbara S

Drives well. But it is an older model. I would prefer to get a newer one.

It gets me from A to B. It might be older but it is reliable.

- Bonnique P

It's a nice family vehicle. Drives good. nothing i dislike.

It's a good drive.it fits 8 people comfortable. great car

- maria n

Always wanted a tahoe, finally got one. Love this truck.

heated seats automatic transmission satellite radio

- rebel r

Expensive for upkeep and maintenance

It's roomy. Nice interior and exterior. Has extras

- Danielle J