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Bluetooth. Huge trunk. Great gas mileage.

I love the comfort of the car. Has lots of legroom for back people. The trunk is huge and has enough room for everything. I really like the gas miles it is wonderful and have not had any problems with the car. I get like 500 miles per full tank. The Bluetooth feature is really nice I can play the music that I like as well as take care of any calls that I have had coming in. I would like if the passenger set would adjust. It does not move up or down just forward and backward and my mom who is only 5'4 cant see over the dashboard if she is riding.

- Mary V

Very dependable, reliable, comfortable, high performance vehicle!

The performance of this vehicle is very good handles very well. It is great for long family trips. Very spacious has room for carrying heavy loads. Never had to be towed, very reliable vehicle. All seats fold down for cargo space or sleeping in the back. Very comfortable seating legroom also. The only bad thing was we had to replace the transmission once after 10 years. I would buy another Tahoe again!

- Maria T

Nothing much has changed on the vehicle but the price has doubled in 10 years

This vehicle has been the best I've ever owned. Few if any repairs (light bulbs or a belt). It has a few bells and whistles that were new to the industry when we first purchased the vehicle that have now become standard like Onstar and GPS maps to find an address. I was very lucky to get this vehicle when we did. My only complaint is the clear coat finish is starting to peel on the front bumper.

- Dawn B

That not all SUV are just for moms!

Well my Tahoe is my only ride, it has 266k miles on it, has original motor and trans! I have changed the water pump a handful of times! It does have a clean title! I do the oil change every 3000 miles so the motor will not knock! Since it is lifted the ride is not the smoothest! I had to cancel the back heater cores because they had gone bad!

- Edwin V

The Joe Gibbs special edition is a unique and stylish vehicle inside and out.

My vehicle is the Joe Gibbs special, with special engine, bumpers, color, and interior. Vehicle is roomy, stylish, and very comfortable. Engine has power, and special engine that is very economical on gas. Great stereo, solidly built, and quiet. Vehicle always get a second glance because of its stylish looks, and my family feels safe in it.

- Wyatt J

Very reliable drive. Poor gas mileage but very few maintenance issues.

My Chevy Tahoe has been extremely reliable. Only issues at year 13 are with sensors and light bulbs. My gas mileage is bad (13 miles per gallon) but I have a short commute and use the space for transporting things often. It has literally moved adult children a dozen times. I do love the simplicity of the instruments and console.

- Christi B

10 years with the best car ever!

My Chevy Tahoe was a gift to me for my junior year in has. I have had my truck since 2008 and it has been a reliable car for me throughout my adult life. I have had my truck for 10 years! It has lasted me trips from co to fl. From ca to co. It has been a great car and I am thankful that it is still a reliable car for me!

- Candace N

Great SUV and easy on gas and good gas mileage.

I really like it, really is great running vehicle, it is nice, I enjoy it, really gets me to a and b, I really enjoy driving, it is easy on gas and runs good, I bought it and it does what I need it to do, it is easy to drive and comfortable, it is not nothing wrong with it, bought it used, it is good as a new one.

- Dennis M

My new used vehicle is a good summary of the latest vehicle I have.

Really no problems thus far except had an unrepairable tire to replace. It was well taken care of when I got it and I hope to take close to as good a care of it now. There are features on it that were not on my previous vehicle. Most are useful and convenient. There are other features I am still learning about.

- Larry G

Chevrolet Tahoe are the best SUV.

Chevrolet is the best make of any vehicle. Their vehicles are very dependable & have less maintenance work. As long you keep your vehicle service like you suppose to there will be less problems that anyone would have. Chevrolet Tahoe's are the best SUV & the maintenance are reasonable price to have fixed.

- Angela T

A sturdy a vehicle that can almost go anywhere. Picks up speed pretty quickly.

The big problem with the Tahoe is that the gas tank has issues when refilling when putting in gas. It something with the pressure of movement. There's also cooling system sometimes you have to manually add water to it but that is it for any of the problems and issues on my ride. They are fairly sturdy.

- Brie S

I like how in less than 5 minutes my car gets toasty warm!

My vehicle is fairly fast. Breaks are in great condition. I have not had a problem with my transmission. Heater and freezer are great! The only issue I have with my vehicle is the tires. For some reason they keep running out of air fast, but other than that everything else is in perfect condition.

- Maria G

Great passenger vehicle for families.

What I like best about my Tahoe is the power of the engine. However, it is a gas hog. It has powered seats, including heated driver and passenger. The motors for both the back windows have given out, that is a pain. Besides that I like the space it provides me for toting passengers and groceries.

- Christy L

Vehicle is in good condition also has rims.

I own a Chevrolet Tahoe year 2006, it is in good condition, does not have a cup holder in the front, it was removed by previous owner, also the truck has a small hit on the left side, runs perfectly, a/c works good, truck is color dark blue, also has rims, it can hold up to 8 passengers.

- Diana H

Do not think twice about long trips it's that dependable.

Tahoe is approaching 180k pretty much trouble free. Just normal maintenance. It is full size so I feel quite safe in it have gone thru many storms & hurricane with it. If I need it 4wd is ready to go at push of a button. Pulls boats and trailers with ease. Very roomy inside.

- Bob G

Vehicle for a large family and gives you an experience of riding in style.

It is economically safe and room wise perfect for the whole family of six we have. Fuel wise, we cannot complain. Twenty five miles to the gallon and rides smoothly on any highway along with the four wheel drive option giving you an all terrain option to drive through or on.

- Kyle R

Fun in the Tahoe,our many vacations and many more to take.

My Tahoe has so many extras, sunroof is one of my favorites. It has a lot of comfortable space, DVD player to entertain the kids. Lots of storage behind the seats, fun to drive, great for long trips and four wheel drive for those snow days. I really enjoy my Tahoe.

- Alma C

I love the heated seats and the separate heat and air controls for each section.

It keeps running hot, but we cannot seem to find the problem. Hopefully that will be fixed in the near future. Little things keep messing up, but so far there have been no major problems with the car in the time that I have had it, which is about three years.

- Amber W

Reliable SUV with no major issues.

My vehicle performs pretty great, haven't had any issues with it since purchasing it. Other than normal wear and tear I haven't had to replace any parts other than my tires, oil, and air filter. It comfortably fits my family of three and occasional guests.

- Vanessa Q

Lots of room and reliable Tahoe.

I love my Tahoe. It has plenty of room for all kids and groceries. It drives smooth. Thought the only problem I am having is the gauges keep going out. It is very reliable gets me everywhere I need to go and never has broke down.

- Kayla S

The Tahoe is a great family SUV.

I have a 2006 tan Chevrolet Tahoe. I love my Tahoe its reliable, great family car and when need can fit most anything in it. I drive a lot, I get great gas mileage in town and on the freeway. I would buy another Chevy Tahoe.

- Christina E

Multiple overhead rear air conditioning vents for faster cooling or heating of the vehicle to make it more comfortable on really hot or cold days.

My 2006 Chevy Tahoe seats 8 comfortably, the plush seats are nice, and we have really not had any major problems out of it at all. It's also nice having such good rear air conditioning, especially in the Florida heat.

- Jessica S

It does not have good gas mileage but it makes it up with it is versatility.

This car is very tough, spacious and comfortable. It can sit up to 9 people, have removable third row seats and collapsible second row seats which opens up the possibilities to pack the car for moving or shopping.

- Emily S

It has 2 zone air conditioning!

Love the size and feel of the car. Would be nice if it got better gas mileage but it's worth it as I need it to tow things from time to time. Very spacious if you plan on having kids and you feel safe driving it.

- Zachary E

The best thing about my car is the leather interior that is easy to clean.

I really like my Chevy Tahoe it has lasted for about 7 years with very little problems. The exterior is in good condition, with little wear and tear from all the winter ls its been through.

- Erika Z

Tahoe flaw which is annoying

It has a bad design on the gas tank. There is a filter that constantly gets clogged with dust causing check engine light to come on. 300$ each time it needs to be replaced every few years

- Jen B

I would say it's that the oil pump is in the engine. If that breaks then you need a new engine.

I like that the SUV is high and I can see well when driving. It is very comfortable and I feel safe. I do not like that the oil pump is in the engine and if that breaks it can't be fixed.

- Linda H

It's roomy and can fit 3-4 kids comfortably with the third row seats.

I like the room for our kids, dog and stuff when we travel. We like a lot of car around us when traveling for safety. We don't like how the tire doesn't drop down. We've had to get a tow.

- Nancy W

The Tahoe is a nice, roomy, and reliable family vehicle.

I love the Tahoe! It is roomy enough for my very tall family but is easy to drive for a shorter mom. The Bose sound system is great. The SUV still runs great with close to 200,000 miles.

- Cyndi M

It doesn't use as much gas as you would think

I love the size of the tahoe. Plenty of room to sit and stretch out. Some vehicles have plenty of seats, but once they're filled, they have no room to move. Not with the tahoe

- Sarah G

It's a sound vehicle that makes you feel safe while riding in it.

It's a sound vehicle that makes me feel safe, but it can be fairly unreliable. There are issues with the battery regularly going dead, and mechanics don't even know why.

- Jennifer C

It was well taken care of.

I like everything so far. . . Just the mileage takes some getting used to. I used to have a Suzuki which got better mileage. . . Still like the Tahoe very much though.

- Larry G

Comfort, family friendly, 4-wheel drive,

It's amazing. It has no issue, as I have it checked and maintained on a regular basis. It is comfortable and reliable. I'll buy another when this one no longer works.

- Lys B

I love my Tahoe because it has the perfect amount of room for my family of 6!

I like how spacious it is and the fact i can remove the 3rd row seat if I need the extra room! i dislike the gas mileage but you can't get good gas mileage with a suv

- kathy s

It is a great family vehicle, and with the rear entertainment system, it will keep kids occupied with movies while on a trip!

I love that is it has all the options I wanted. The only thing not available was 4x4. The only thing I don't like about it is it's not the exact year I wanted.


Although I love the car it waste a lot of gas. It waste to much gas on trips and with gas so expensive you waste about 500 a month.

I love the way it looks. The car looks nice and drives smooth. Easy maintenance with the vehicle and has never done me wrong. Love the size of the vehicle.

- Veronica O

200,000 miles and still running!

Great family vehicle. We have close to 200,000 miles on the vehicle. It looks good and runs well. Bose sound system and DVD player is great for long trips

- Cyndi M

It has plenty of room for everyone to sit and still have a little room to move around. Plus it does well off road

I love the space in the Tahoe. It has plenty of room for everyone to sit and still have room to move. And if I go one big trip I can lay the seats down

- Justin R

Maneuvers well for the size. You shouldn't feel like it is too large.

I like that it is a larger vehicle it holds 7 people so I can haul my kids and friends. I wish it did a little better on gas but that comes with size.

- Raylene R

It is the perfect vehicle for any size family.

I like size, turning radius, versatile. I dislike sensors due to having to replace them. Did not realize there were so many of them in a vehicle.

- Andrea H

Great fit for everyone and every needed use.

It is the perfect size for me. Easy to put seats down if needed. Dependable.Only complaint is the placement of grab bars on front passenger side.

- Tina P

It's great for fitting a lot of people. It's really roomy. The air conditioning works, but makes a loud noise.

What I like about the Tahoe is to go to work, going out with friends, and theaters. What I don't like about the Tahoe is refilling gas.

- Jorge F

That it is a Chevy and it is a very reliable SUV.

All around I love my vehicle I do not have any complaints. The only dislike is that it is a v8 engine, which means it eats a lot gas.

- Benny F

I love the safety it offers and all the room for an active family.

I love the room. . The way it handles, and all the safety features. I would have to say I have had zero problems and love my Tahoe.

- Kendall M

that it carries seven people, counting the driver, and that it's good on the road

I love the fact that it's big, good on the road. Don't like the fact that you can't carry materials in it, don't have a trunk space

- Gerelynne C

For a 12 year old vehicle it still performs like new. The paint and interior are still in great shape. Really like the vehicle.

The vehicle only has 100,000 miles and still works great. I dislike that it is old. No new technology such as back up camera.

- Ted S

Dependable, comfortable and family friendly

I love my Tahoe due to its dependability, and it's also low maintenance. My family is very comfortable in it when we travel.

- George G

Four wheel drive is amazing, extended version is the best.

Love the room and four wheel drive. Dislike the high vehicle repair costs. Great family vehicle for all of our travels.

- Trisha K

my vehicle is white with black rims and tinted windows.

The 2006 Chevy Tahoe is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. It is my everyday car and i don't have any problems.

- Ricky J

The most important thing others should know is it is a great size.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the convenience seats in or out. I don't like having to replace things in it.

- Jas B

It's been well loved. My family has had lots of laughs and good times in my car.

I have no complaints. I love my car. It runs great and can hold my family. We take it on all our family vacations.

- Kati M

It is a great family car.

Large has heated seats drive well holds lots of people and stuff. Good on gas never needs fixing, no complaints.

- Penny T

It need a lot offering so plan for it if you buy one.

I love my truck it is very dependable it gets me back and forth to work I've had a few problems but not many.

- Travis H

Solid, dependable SUV for everything you need a truck for.

Very solid, reliable, good tow vehicle. Gas mileage is poor, worse than I thought. Paint starting to fail.

- Joseph D

I love the space that my car provides for myself and passengers

I love that my vehicle is higher than other cars. It has a lot of space for riders and when moving people.

- Tonja H

dependable vehicle and durable, will go long miles

Needs a lot of maintenance and upkeep that I was not expecting as my last vehicle was kept up to my liking.

- cara e

It is a very dependable car. Haven't had any major problems with it just routine maintenance

It's Very room with plenty of legroom. I am able to pull a trailer. I have room to haul things in the back

- Chrissy H

The tahoe is a wonderful vehicle for a family.

It is a great family vehicle. lots of room and comfortable. lots of storage in back. my grandkids love it.

- Teethina O

That it is a very reliable car.

I love that it fits my whole family. Lots of room. I hate how much gas it uses. Could use a newer model.

- Amy L

A very good reliable truck

Overall a good vehicle. I would recommended this vehicle to anybody. Could be better on gas. Good truck.

- DeShanti M

The one most important thing others should know is that the size is great.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the how easy it is to remove and replace the seats if needed.

- Loretta H

paid off, completely mine, like brand new, long haul perfect

it's a big and brawny vehicle. it's very practical and easy to drive 1love it and the kids love it

- gilda g

It's a great looking Tahoe and has a sunroof.

It is a great SUV. Drives well and comfortable. The only thing I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Gia B

It's faster than it looks

Love the size of the truck and very trustworthy in the winter time

- Dawn B

It runs great no problems here love how you can haul a lot of stuff

Love it no complaints here you can haul a lot of stuff.

- D H

reliable, great truck, ok on gas

like it has 7 seats but not much space for kid stuff

- misty g

Dependable with enough space to go on vacation and carry kids to their practices

car is great! call it my tank. worked well for us

- Erin W