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Third row seating with complete tow package.

This vehicle has been very reliable with minimal issues. It has been a very safe vehicle in the snow and ice that we have. If the vehicle is properly maintained it does actually get pretty decent gas mileage for being an SUV. It has nice sound system, comes with tow ability and third row seating. Another nice thing about the vehicle is it offers heating and cooling controls for the back seat so everyone is comfortable temperatures for everyone. One negative thing I have noticed in all of these style vehicles is the stabilitrak seems to go out. The leather of the seats is good quality I have had no issues with any cracking or ripping. I also like the fact that it comes with plenty of cup holders throughout the vehicle. L have to say this is the second Tahoe I have owned and I would definitely would recommend this vehicle to any family.

- Amanda W

I'll never buy a Tahoe again.

We've had to replace both rear view mirrors and front door handles. The interior upholstery, steering wheel and buttons are all frayed and falling apart. Immediately after purchasing this Tahoe in 2014, one of the DVD players quit working (which was the only reason I agreed to get a Tahoe- so frustrating!). We drove a Toyota fj cruiser for several years that was so much more durable and better made. The only reason why we got rid of it is because we couldn't fit 2 car seats in the back.

- Mandy M

Its dependable and comfortable.

The only problems I have had is all normal wear and tear, sensors. . Things like that. a one time I was putting a lot of miles on it. . . Pretty sure there's over 100, 000 miles and it still runs great. I love that it has a Bose stereo system and all electric seats with seat warmers. It has a sunroof and a DVD player in the back. I don't use the 3rd, row seating very often but it is definitely nice to have. I also have a tow package on it so I can tow trailers, rave's etc.

- Jessica C

Love my Tahoe with all my heart!

My Tahoe feels safe, comfortable and is super reliable. One flaw is all the electric components that can easily go out and have gone out. The mirrors come by the touch of a button, but one of my mirrors stopped working so I have to manually do it. The other feature I love is the button to make the back open. Well, that goes out as well and makes it so you use it manually and it is heavy. Other than that I love my Tahoe and would only trade it for a better one.

- Kim H

Great 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe.

I love the fact that it is big enough for me and my husband and daughter. She loves the flip down TV in the back. Rides great. Gas mileage could be better. My air went out last year and that was an expensive fix. We bought our car pre-owned and opted for an extended warranty which was a waste of money. We have had to do some minor work to the car which was a little costly but overall the car is in good condition.

- Sarah K

The Chevy Tahoe - the best family car you can have.

I downgraded from a Chevy suburban to a Tahoe a few years ago. While I loved the suburban, I love the Tahoe even more. It is spacious, comfortable, and I feel incredibly safe driving it. We've had very few problems with it, the most “major” repair being a fan for the air conditioner. We are a family of four and all of our stuff fits comfortably in it. Soccer, groceries, everything fits with room to spare!

- Mal H

2009 Chevy Tahoe: A relatively good truck.

It's a great truck overall. I've had some issues with some of the locks getting jammed, the gas meter not displaying correctly, and the truck dragging a little as I'm driving it. However, I find it nice. Decent amount of trunk space for groceries. The seats are relatively comfortable. The fuel mileage is what you would expect. The truck is capable of receiving Sirius radio which is also a nice feature.

- Richie A

It is hard to see out of especially when in reverse.

I like how smoothly it drives and the interior is very nice. I don't like not having a place to put my purse or tote because of the giant middle console, although the higher cupholders are very nice. It is also very large, making it hard to park and hard for a shorter person like myself to see out of. It is so hard to back up I've been asking my husband to install a backup camera for me.

- Amy C

The best feature about vehicle is comfort.

I purchased this. Vehicle because I was look for something that would be good for traveling. This vehicle has lots of room for 7 passengers. It rides comfortably. It great of gas, a hybrid efficiency. The one thing I wish is that it had more trunk space without having to lose the back row seating. It has great performance on the road. There is a pulled down TV DVD, Bose speakers all around,

- Angela D

Safe enough for law enforcement, safe enough for my family.

The Chevrolet Tahoe is dependable and handles on levels of terrain. It has room for 7 adults and cargo room for traveling or everyday errands. It is safe, with a low roller over rate, handles nicely on long drives, and is quiet and comfortable. If police officers drive Tahoe to track down criminals and get through storms to save people, I think it is a great choice for an everyday vehicle!

- Alyssa K

Bucket seats. Maps. Leather seats.

I really enjoy my car. I have bucket seats so that makes it easy for my family to get in and out of. As a family of 6 we can all get places together and comfortably. The only problem we have had with this car is the battery died but that was an easy replacement. Oh, then the pedal sensor was messed up and we had to replace that but it was fast and simple and we had it running in no time.

- Lisa M

It's good for long hour trips.

The problems that I have with my vehicle is that it spend to much money on gas! But comfort is the key! I love it that is has 9 seats it very comfortable if you need less seat and more space don't worried you can remove the last row of seat only the one in the back the second row it just goes up! Most of all the Tahoe comes with roof rack cross bars those are for your luggage.

- Liz C

Nice car but crappy electrical issues.

My 2009 Chevy Tahoe no issues other than some minor electrical issues. We have had to replace the board twice and the wires to tag/ tail lights multiple times. The inside of car is nice, but the air conditioner, heater, channel, and volume buttons are all coming off and chipping and the 'fake' chrome on the door handle will cut you due to it wearing off.

- Samantha L

Vehicle it great for a family. Safety was my main concern when purchasing it.

To start off its out dated. It's not a fuel efficient vehicle. But since I have a family it works for my personal needs. I feel safe when drive it cause of its size. It has headlight issues from time to time. But to some it up it a love hate situation. Very dependable but I hate it. It's very hard on the wallet far as in gas expenses.

- Derrick C

I really like the bucket seats in this Tahoe.

The only problem I've had is the interior splitting after some time. The bucket seats are the reason that I choose this Tahoe. We take this on family vacations and this is also my daily driver. Before I had a Yukon and it was also nice except it didn't have the bucket seats. I would recommend this to anyone with a big family.

- Chelsea G

10 years old but still runs relatively well.

After my vehicle became around 6 years old, I started having problems with it. The exterior seems to be falling apart and my alternator has been giving me fits for about a year now. But besides all of that, it has been a decent vehicle for me and I intend to purchase a Tahoe when the life of this vehicle runs out.

- Davis J

Sunroof, leather seat and 3 row seats.

I hate that is so big for parking purposes, but is great and is super comfortable when travelling with family had all the space I need when shopping and to not to mention we do struggle in the snow days. Great oxford leather seats easy to clean and the kids love the DVD and the sunroof for those summer nights.

- Alma O

More comfort than you think.

I love driving big trucks I get it from my husband who drove them for several years military my Tahoe is so comfortable smooth riding we brought it used it was a fleet vehicle I have had it for 3 yrs now. I would highly recommend this vehicle Chevy Tahoe to America one day I like it to upgrade to the new one.

- Marcia F

The third row seats allows extra room for my kids and all of their friends.

This is an awesome vehicle to own. Rides smooth. Love that it sits up really high. Love my 3rd row seat. Seats are easily removed for more storage. Purchased used has been the best vehicle that I have own. When I purchases had trouble with my transmission. The seller purchases a new one with no cost to me.

- Marie H

10 years and still running good is a great thing.

I have had this car since 2009. The Tahoe is reliable in the sense of maintenance. But now I am having AC issues. Also the tire pressure sensors system has finally stopped working and have got a light for that not working. Tahoe still rides smoothly for most part but now it's just the wear and tear.

- Bobby P

Just a little SUV to drive.

My car is great on performance and very reliability it gets me where I need to go. It's very comfortable when we take trips and very dependable. Cloth seats power window, cruise control three rows with the tow package and that my little car in a nutshell it's just a great SUV to have at this moment.

- Lamar F

The look of the vehicle. The climate control.

Oil pressure problems. It's a very smooth driving vehicle. It's very roomy. It's very reliable. The interior is very nice. Very comfortable to ride and travel in. Has rear heat and air conditioning. It has climate control which is very nice because I am all ways cold and my husband is always hot.

- Amy E

Safe, roominess, and attractive.

Tahoe's provide roominess in seating and extra storage. It has low maintenance and when repairs are needed, parts are easily located. By far the most attractive feature is its safety. Being a large vehicle, it makes it easy for truckers to see when on highways, and other drivers see it as well.

- Mary T

Overall a good vehicle. All the problems so far have been minor.

Tends to burn oil quickly and have to add to the oil to thicken it during changes. The nitrous tires get low in the winter. Have had problems with headlights going out quickly. Makes a strange noise when the air conditioning is on. Had to replace the battery because it got too cold one winter.

- Catherine C

Hybrid 09 Chevy Tahoe black.

Chevy Tahoe hybrid, I love the fuel economy that it gets. It's very roomy for all passengers. I have noticed some issues when it's just idling. Sometimes the engine auto revs. Otherwise a great truck. I would really recommend another hybrid for my family when the time comes to buy another car.

- Jesus Q

My system sounds great in it

Uses a lot of gas. Its spacious. It's reliable. Ac works great. The code says I need to get my gas pedal replaced. The left side of steering wheel buttons don't work anymore. My back left window won't stay up. I can't pass inspection. My windshield is broken but it's still hanging in there.

- Mariah D

Awesome comfortable and nice ride.

Chevrolet is awesome and it has the best handles and comfort that I have very happy and just very happy. I have a truck too but the Tahoe is just better because I don't have to worry about anything being in the back of my bed. Therefore I just like it better plus my Tahoe is leather.

- John H

Miles on my Tahoe 280,000 that's a lot

It's a great car I have 280,000 miles on it. It's starting to get a little slow but with that many miles anything would. It's comfortable and I think the only thing I would change is the shocks on the back hatch. They are to heavy or too hard for me to pull it down most of the time.

- Tricia R

Our Family vehicle for everything

I love that my vehicle, I have had it for about 5 yrs and it has not given me any problems it is roomy and fits my hole family. I can do grocery shopping and load up everything I need. We love our family trips because it's roomy the only downside is that it's very match a gas guzzler

- Maria M

It is a safe, rugged, and sturdy vehicle while also having roominess and style.

Love that it is safe and sturdy. Love that it is easily seen because of its size by truckers on the highway. Love that it is high making it easy to go through flooded streets. Love that it is rugged yet stylish, a workhorse yet has leather seats, and it has loads of room and sits 7!!

- Mary B

Review of 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe

Very nice driving, dependable, very comfortable, plenty of room for taking the kids to the beach with all of our supplies. We also use it for towing, it is excellent for the boat. We also love how much space the leg room has for our tall family.. we also love how big the windows are.

- Sarah R

Safe, reliable, and functionality.

My Tahoe is a reliable and safe vehicle. It is a workhorse that just keeps going, yet inside it has leather seats and is visually appealing. It is an off-road vehicle with 4x4, and seamlessly goes off-road as easily as it drives around town. I love this vehicle and enjoy driving it.

- Mv B

It is super it is smooth it is sharp.

My vehicle is reliable runs great since I had. My car I have purchase tires twice my engine is strong transmission is good had it flush once, has removable seats its great for traveling my family enjoys our Tahoe has a fantastic ac especially when California gets above 100 degrees.

- Margaret D

Light grey color and I put euro tail lights on it and 23 inch rims.

It's a comfortable vehicle. Very strong metal doors. Nice surround sound and a lot of extra room for kids and family. A perfect vehicle to go shopping. I can feel my beach cruiser bicycle in the back with ease. Overall five star rating. Plus this vehicle is very durable and classy.

- Alexander A

Chevy Tahoe is perfect for large families!

I love my Tahoe! The space I have for my family is the main reason I purchased. Ours has 9 seats which is perfect for our family of 8. We do a lot of traveling and the storage we have is awesome. The highway miles are great for an SUV. Our next vehicle will also be a Chevy Tahoe!

- Sydney R

Great for hauling kids around.

I love the size of my Chevy Tahoe and the way it drives. I drive several children around everyday for the last 8 years and it has held up very nicely. The only problem I have with my Tahoe is the lack of room in the very back. It is hard to fit all my groceries in the very back.

- Erin C

That it is a reliable vehicle and has the ability to transport your family wherever you may want or need to go.

I like the smooth ride and the capacity of the vehicle with the adjustable third row seating. I like that it has 4 wheel drive if I find myself in need of it. I do not like that so many maintenance items need a shop to complete instead of easy owner maintenance ie; bulb changes.

- Kim E

Everything I could have hoped for

The Tahoe is a wonderful family car that rides comfortably, handles well and has plenty of room for the kids, pets, and all the related accessories. The reliability is above average even though the odometer is approaching 150,000 miles. Overall I couldn't be more satisfied.

- Chris K

Built Tough and rides pretty

I love the room, rear captain chairs, entertainment system and sound quality. It turns great and has a strong engine. I like how it drives and rides. The only thing I don't like is the lack of updated technology on the newer models. I would like to upgrade because of that.

- Krystal E

I love my 2009 Chevy Tahoe.

I love everything about my Chevy Tahoe ltz. It is comfortable and has all the features I need to keep my family comfortable while traveling. The biggest downside is the gas mileage it gets. You will spend a lot of money on gas. The services are not to bad as far as cost.

- Mike C

XM radio won't work called XM they cannot fix the problem

leather heated seats, backup camera, DVD, CD, OnStar, Bluetooth, can't get XM radio to work, sunroof, cruise, good on gas, third row seating, navigation, tinted windows, remote start, not enough cup holders, backseat can fix their own air settings, really a great SUV

- brandy C

Safety was my main concern when I purchased the vehicle. With that being said I got what I paid for.

I've owned my 2009 Chevy Tahoe for a few years now. Motor wise its dependable. Safety was my main concern when buying this particular vehicle. I feel safe when traveling in it. the only problem that I consistently have is head lighting. Chevy are know for bad wiring

- Derrick C

No major issues cracked dash however.

Car has been fantastic after 150,000 miles. No major mechanical issues just a few minor problems. however the dash cracked in multiple places for no reason which is a big aggravation. But overall the vehicle is great would definitely consider purchasing another one.

- Brandon C

Chevy Tahoe - z71 off-road package.

Love everything about it. The gas mileage is sometimes an issue but overall it is a great vehicle. The utility is great, the 3rd row is great. Sound system is amazing. It was expensive to buy but well worth the price. OnStar is also a huge plus to have for safety.

- Austin G

the big 3.7L motor has plenty of power while having good gas mileage

I really love this vehicle its really comfortable as it has plenty of leg room and enough seats to fit the family. It has enough power under the hood to pull trailer, extra recreational vehicles' am very pleased with this vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

- michael h

Love my Tahoe!! No major problems when you take care of it.

I really have no problems with my Tahoe. I have kept it clean, kept up proper scheduled maintenance and have only replaced brake parts, a couple o2 sensors, muffler and the radiator in all the years I have had it. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

- Michael R

Love my 2009 Chevrolet Tahoe.

Very reliable car. Has leather seats and DVD a player that is great for long car rides for my three year old daughter. Has heated and cooled seats and electronic running boards. Lots of space inside. Seating for seven. Great running car with minimal problems.

- Sarah K

Whether your a soccer mom or construction worker this truck is for you.

Tahoe is a very good truck. It is reliable not too much of a low maintenance and great all around vehicle. Very spacious easy to drive lots of legroom and great for all types of activities. Not too expensive and is very worth the time and money I spent on it.

- John T

The best SUV around town I love it.

Was a very reliable source of transportation definitely will get you through harsh winter months with ease. The power behind the engine really gives you that extra home feeling along with the roomie interior it is great for kids if you have a large family.

- James S

Chevrolet manufactured, guarantee to get around in any weather condition.

4 wheel drive, leather interior, front and rear climate control, power seats, power windows, excellent towing capability, durability built, seats 5 with plenty of luggage space, somewhat of a gas hog, but very reliable.

- Becky C

Family Friendly, Comfortable

Our Tahoe is exactly what our on-the-go family needed. It fits all the kids and their carseats, as well as the dogs and my 6 foot 3 inch husband. I love the added DVD system for our long treks to the cabin.

- Jen S

It is a great vehicle. It will hold up in a wreck.

I love that it has bluetooth. I can make calls without touching my phone. I love the backup camera that beeps when I get near anything when backing up. It has video player that is great for long trips.

- Tina M

2009 Chevy Tahoe LT Review

Very reliable. I have not had any major issues. Fully loaded with leather, navigation and dvd player. Comfortable for the whole family. Performs well. The only bad thing is the gas mileage.

- crystal l

It is super comfortable and fun to drive. Many people think due to the size, it would be hard to drive, but it definitely is not!

I absolutely love my Tahoe. It has so much room, has a nice, sleek interior, and looks great going down the road. My only complaint would be the gas mileage it gets ( or lack thereof).

- Sara H

You go through a lot of oil! I do drive my car a LOT, but I have to fill up the oil twice before it's time for an oil change.

My vehicle is great for someone with multiple children. We got it when we were pregnant with our third. I do wish it had bigger trunk space, since we are always using the third row.

- Tina G

It's very adaptable and functional for my work and personal needs.

I love the size and versatility. It gets decent gas mileage for the size. It is beginning to get older and we had to repair the air this spring. It's a good, solid, functional suv.

- Patricia w

Tahoe, the best family vehicle!

We love our Tahoe! We bought it used from a dealership and love all the features. It has back up cameras and sensors, DVD player and heated/cooled seats. We have the LTZ edition.

- Natalee R

It is a large vehicle with a luxury feel!

I love it because it is roomy and comfortable. The ride is smooth and it is easy to drive as well as having plenty cargo room. Gas mileage is also a plus for this large vehicle!

- Diane H

It doesn't come with a spare tire

I love my Tahoe. It is a hybrid. Very fun to drive. A challenge to keep it in auto stop mode. I get lots of compliments and questions about it when I stop for gas.

- Sue N

Great family car, two package and fair gas mileage.

Very reliable only had to replace a few sensors no major mechanical issues. Lots of room , tows well, over all handles like a small car. Gas mileage is fair

- Jennifer E

It's dependable and roomy. I like that it is big enough to pull my RV and carry my big dogs

The ride, and it pulls my RV, and that it's roomy. I like driving SUVs because you can see the road better. I also like it because I have two big dogs.

- Vicky M

My car is a wonderful, trusty car. I would definitely consider the same car when/if I ever upgrade.

I love my vehicle. I like the size and ease of use of all interior. Sometimes I wish I had more trunk space with kids and running from place to place.

- megan b

It is a safe vehicle with lots of seating for a big family or for your kids to bring friends along.

Good family vehicle. Has plenty of seating. What I don't like is with all the seats in there is really no trunk/ storage for groceries or traveling.

- Amanda B

All of the safety features it comes equipped with makes it more comfortable to drive.

I love the room it has available. My family of 5 can fit comfortably in it. I don't like the gas mileage and the money it takes to put gas into it.

- Robyn F

It's dependable, like every Chevy is, and easy to work on.

It is comfortable and roomy, with a powerful engine and classy interior, a smooth ride with extra cargo space available by easily removing seats.

- Jeannette P

My 2009 Chevy Tahoe is great.

My Tahoe has been very dependable. We haven't had to do any major work on it. It is a very comfortable riding vehicle and I enjoy driving it.

- Jane C

It's a great family car if you have a lot of children. But if you need to use the third row dont expect to grocery shop or store a stroller.

I love that there is enough room for my kids. I wish it had more trunk space while using third row. Better gas mileage would be a bonus.

- jen c

My Chevy Tahoe from 2009 is real fast and quite the head turner

My Chevy Tahoe gets excellent gas mileage. The front and back seats have plenty room for long legs. My Tahoe drive real fast

- Marshall P

Great, safe, reliable, car!

I own a grey 2009 Chevy Tahoe. Overall I'm happy with this vehicle. Its reliable and safe. It is good for hauling large loads

- Sara G

it's comfortable to ride in and has lots of run for anything you need to go places in

I dislike that the paint leaves water spots. The heating in the seats also stopped working after 2 years had to get it fixed.

- amie w

Watch the tire bearings and wheels.

The tire bearings go out and blow the tires, and affects the brakes need to be towed often and cannot get spare off to use.

- Andrea S

It burns a lot of fuel. I hate how much I spend on gas.

I love the space it has. It give me plenty of flexibility when driving in rainy weather. I hate how much I spend on gas.

- Michael C

It is a great family car and dependable. It is spacious and fun to drive off-road.

I love that it has 3rd row seats, it is 4wd, and dependable. It is a gas guzzler, which makes it pricey to own and drive.

- Laura R

It is a secondhand vehicle. Previously a K-9 vehicle.so cool

Very durable, is fast and has a bigger space compared to other typical vehicles. Nothing I dislike about this vehicle.

- Jhona C

Excellent tow vehicle with room for seven passengers

I like the ride and the ability to tow with it. Don't like some of the electronic features that are not working right

- John F

Oil leak concerns and dash lighting out. Needs whole dash panel to fix.

Dash lights faded quick. Buttons paint rubbed off quick by touching. Oil tank seal leak. Motor mounts replaced twice.

- Donna W

Solid frame- very safe for children and in accidents.

With the third seat there is very little room in the back for storage. Third seat doesn't have very much leg room.

- Andrea M

Can fit a car seat with room to spare.

I can haul stuff, fit my grand kids, go on long trips. Dislike. . Eats up too much gas, eats up gas, eats up gas.

- Martha B

It handles well on the highway as well as off road.

I like the size of the vehicle I have enough space for my family. I do not like the gas mileage for the vehicle.

- Raven G

Its stylish and the paint holds up well.

Engine is good but a lot of little things tend to go wrong. Air conditioning door locks and lots of car noises.

- Rex W

Poor door handles but great car

It's great but the door handles are constantly breaking. Otherwise, I love it! It has lasted me almost 10 years

- Kacy R

It is large a large car but it handles like a small car and drives like a dream

It's a great car to just drive overall. Smooth ride and great handling. A little big for some and some cities.

- Carl V

09 hybrid tahoe that hauls up to 6700 lbs

Love my tahoe. It hauls our trailer beautifully and rides smooth as butter. And surprisingly easy to work on.

- Josh F

it is dependable and I would recommend that type of care to all my friends

I love my Tahoe, it's everything I ever wanted, I love that it's white, it has leather and 3rd row seating

- Gladys B

It is a big SUV which makes it somewhat harder to drive and hold on the road!.

It is a nice vehicle but a little too big for me, it is comfortable and roomy but a little hard to drive.

- Deborah C

It has a great Engine. I love the 5.3 l Engine the V8 is great

There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle. I love the space in my vehicle. I also love how the sunroof

- Kathrine M

Reliable and great winter driving.

No complaints. Great for winters, comfortable, all amenities, and reliable. Easy maintenance and alerts.

- Kim M

It is very comfortable and roomy.

Drives really well. Great gas mileage. It has a mind of its own sometimes and that's the only downfall.

- Renee F

They should be able to pick my car out of a crowd because it is personalized and stands out from all the others like it.

I love the look and style. I love the comfortable yet stylish interior. Most of all I love the room.

- Allison C

Good for families with growing children. Plenty of room!

I like the size - is good if you have teenagers. Plenty of room. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Tiff J

It's Great for large family and the safety inspection is a big plus

I love the way it drives. It's very roomy and great in all kinds of weather. No complaints.

- Tammy G

I wish I could play music through a Bluetooth connection. I also with the media screen was updated.

It feels safe for myself and my family. It is a very durable and high quality vehicle.

- Savannah H

Big and safe, comfortable and stored a lot of items

Like the looks, the comfort, but don't like that some things have worn down quickly

- Lisa T

Chevrolet is a very good automobile brand. The tahoe safety rating is rated very high.

It is roomy for our dogs to travel with us. It is big so I feel safe driving it.

- Karen C

It is reliable and there is enough space for my family. I like the size and shape of the car. It runs great.

It has enough space for transporting a variety of things.

- Courtney B

It is a great family vehicle. It has plenty of room for the kids car seats and enough room to put the kids sports equipment. It's great for traveling.

It has a lot of room even with the kids carseats in it.

- Alisha R

Interior design and good gas mileage

I like everything about it,no complaints at all

- Ammie S