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Very spacious interior, great vehicle.

Great handling and power, the ride can be a bit bumpy sometime but overall great vehicle, the interior is awesome and very comfortable nice and quiet ride feels like riding on a cloud, the SUV is great on gas, I can fill up with fifty dollars and it will last me a whole week going to and from work, surprisingly it has great gas economy, I love the towing features it has they can come in handy when needed, if given the chance to buy again I would definitely buy, I absolutely love my Chevrolet Tahoe.

- I Z

Both of the automatic seat buttons.

Out of all the vehicles I have had this is the by far nicest and has all features you can ask for, from leather climate seats to pedals that adjust. It fits a comfortable 6 people and yes you can add in the 7th if you would like. The ease of getting in the back is all just a touch of a button and the seat will pop up so making getting in the back very easy. Drives very nice making turns like I was in a car. Overall very nice vehicle only thing it does not have is heated steering wheel.

- Jeanette T

Momma’s hip ride! Tinted & lifted and always has plenty of room.

My Tahoe is a smooth, spacious, and comfortable family vehicle. The driver & passenger headrests can be removed. There is a built in DVD player with a remote control. The back 2 seats are removable so you have plenty of fun room to pack up and go camping or pack up beach toys, coolers, and an umbrella for a day to play in the water.

- Dee L

It is pretty big and takes some gas but is very reliable and keeps trucking on.

Well to start off with, the mpg is a little on the lacking side. Combined with a large tank whenever I fill him up it costs a lot. The next thing is that the accelerator is a little touchy so it is fairly hard to keep it under control for speeding up. However it has a ton of space so it is really good for moving things around.

- John S

The best SUV that I own and will buy another one.

I love my Tahoe. I have the loaded Tahoe. It cost me a little bit more than the standard. The Tahoe is great for towing. It almost feels like it drives itself. It's very comfortable as well as it sits up high. The fuel economy is better than what I thought it would be. It may look like a beast but it is smooth and quiet.

- Chris E

Chevy Tahoe: the family car.

I like my car because I have always driven large cars. Because it is an older model, it does not have the luxury of heated seats or touch systems. However, it gets the job done. I have had some issues with my brakes, but other than that it is been an overall good car. Definitely good for large families.

- Eliza R

Black sporty vehicle with leather interior.

I love our Tahoe! It has bucket seats in the middle. Leather interior that is tan and heated seats in the front and middle rose. The bucket seats fold down which makes getting in the back much easier. The part I do not like is that only one of the back seats has an anchor for a child’s car seat.

- Lindsay R

They do not make them like they used to. . .

Transmission went out at 78, 000 miles. Had it replaced with a factory reman transmission and it is slowly going out again. Has a vintage issue, alternator has been changed twice. New battery at 65, 000. Have had to replace ball joints, control arms, and a wheel bearing at 130, 000.

- Gail W

Chevrolet Tahoe an American car that is cheaper to maintain.

A Chevy Tahoe is a gas guzzler but it is very specious and is good for a family car. It also is cheaper in terms of service because it is a domestic car. It is a fully loaded 2010 lets version of the Chevrolet Tahoe. It will be. It can seat up to 7 people and is flex fuel.

- Albert M

Tahoe’s are great daily drivers.

Performance wise the vehicle is great haven't had any problems with it. Takes off great. It is my daily driver so it is been very reliable on a day to day basis. Also, the seats featured in the Tahoe are super comfortable and that is a must when driving long distances.

- Lisette L

My vehicle is loaded and could not ask for anything else.

I love my vehicle it's the truck I have always wanted and I got it a few months ago and it's perfect nothing wrong with it. Very comfortable vehicle to drive heated seats air conditioned seats there is nothing that I don't like about my vehicle. DVD navigation loaded.

- Sonia R

Great vehicle. Will buy another Tahoe for sure.

Love all the added features, like cruise control, Bluetooth, dual ac and heat. Rear camera. No major problems with vehicle. Great for taking family on trip can take out rear seats if needed for extra space. Do have problem with plastic parts coming off on rear hatch.

- Terri L

Good car but needs more trunk space.

Bought the car used about a year and a half ago. Have taken it on 2 long trips and the only issue we have had is the a/c went out. So overall it is been a pretty good car. I just wish it had more trunk space, with the 3rd up there is t room for much at all.

- Samantha K

Chevrolet’s are best!! Will buy another one.

My 2010 loaded Chevy Tahoe is the best vehicle we have ever owned!! Headed sears navigation plenty of room!! We love absolutely love it!! Will definitely buy another Chevy Tahoe one day. If your looking for roomy and comfy the 2010. Tahoe is the way to go.

- Whitney B

Room for and tall are large family.

Has a ton of miles but still drives good as new its safe and fun to drive and plan on buying another. Perform at it best on the highway but no so much in the city. Chevy is a good brand and had pass successful times with it and plan on stick with it.

- Christopher W

The Chevy Tahoe of the millennium.

I love my Tahoe. It has been the most reliable truck that I have owned. It's a big truck that embodies the road and stands out among other trucks on the market. The v8 engine is fast and rough with a silent sound. The body style is sleek yet strong.

- Deborah K

It's versatile and you get used to driving the bigger vehicle quickly. Best car ever

I love my vehicle because it fits my 6 person family comfortably. I wish I would have gotten a suburban cause cargo space can be tight at times. Other than that, I love the size, color and overall vehicle appearance of my Tahoe.

- Laura C

It is dependable. Easy to keep clean inside and out.

I sit up high and can see all around. It is a heavy vehicle I feel safe in it. It has plenty of room to seat four people. Lots of room to haul things. Only grip I have is the gas mileage.

- Hall M

My Tahoe is super reliable and stylish

My Tahoe is super reliable and comfortable. I love the power of it and the way I feel safe when I'm driving. The only issue I have is with the air conditioning controls. I love my car.

- Jim J

It's roomy and spacious enough for my family is the reason I bought it!

Absolutely love my Tahoe. Have not had any major issues with the car. Just currently trying to get the driver side seat back in track so it will move! Other than that! No complaints!

- Samantha G

That it is a great comfortable car for traveling

Love the size of the car , comfort, cargo room and can easily haul kayaks and bikes. Only complaint is they do not have a slide out on the visor which they had in a previous model.

- Linda P

Love my Tahoe! We got a great deal on a great truck!

I bought my Tahoe used about 3 months ago. We haven't had any problems or issues with it yet! It rides really well and is comfortable with plenty of room for the whole family!

- Salina T

That it is a good running and performing car. That it is nice.

I like the car size and I also love the color I chose. I think Chevrolet are good running and performing cars. The only thing I dislike about it is that it uses a lot of gas.

- Lizzie L

The Tahoe is rated number one in safety.

I like that my Tahoe is big, has leather seats, great sound system, and rarely has any problems. I only dislike the Tahoe because it uses a lot of gas if not on the highway.

- Melanie S

It has been dependable and have had no issues.

I love the size of it. It has been great for general driving and when we travel as a family. We have taken it on vacations and have plenty of room for luggage. No dislikes.

- Teresa A

It rides smooth, especially on the highway. It has get up and go, if needed. I just love the style, safety, and space!

I love it because it seats 9 adults comfortably! My husband and I have 4 kids, use 2 car seats, and need lots of room. It is big, and makes me feel safer on the road also.

- April R

The most important thing you is that my Chevy Tahoe is very reliable.

I love the smooth ride when driving my Tahoe. I also love my sunroof because I like the option to open it on beautiful days. And I also love the rearview backup camera.

- Cassandra L

Its reliable, dependable, and worth the money.

This is a great truck. It is strong and hugs the road. Very reliable and comfortable. Highly recommended, a top seller. Also note, these truck hold their resale value.

- Deborah F

Use this vehicle to transport the kids. Safety is most important thing.

Pretty comfortable and reliable but the mpg is atrocious! Gets better mileage on the hwy but is mainly used for city driving so that doesn't really help us much.

- Angela D

safe, big sturdy car, lots of legroom, we are all tall,

safe, comfortable, nice looking, hasn't had too many problems, wish it had keyless entry, have to remove the last row of seats to fit lots of groceries in rear

- joanne h

The Tahoe is spacious and comfortable.

The Tahoe has a lot of room and is big enough for a growing family! It gets decent gas mileage and is very dependable. Best vehicle I have ever had!

- Morgan H

the motor is incredible, runs very good.i do not have problems.

im happy with my truck. is big. i like the color. i feel safety when i'm driving in. is for the whole family. my kids love it. is spacious.

- rosa o

My Tahoe is known as Deuce. It is my vehicle and no one else's.

Love my Tahoe. It is the perfect size for my family of 4. We always take it on family vacations. Only wish it had Bluetooth on the radio.

- Jennifer R

Tahoe's are the best! 2010

This is my favorite car I've ever owned. Other than regular service, there have been no problems and I'm almost at 200,000 miles.

- Reanna G

Safety and reliability is great. A good family car

It's a great suv. It handles well in all types of weather. It's roomy and comfortable hauling kids around to all their activities

- Paula S

Its big, it looks good, and sharp. I maintain it and hope people notice and take care around it

Ex policy truck. 4x4, low miles, basic with no automatic lights. no onstar, no DRL's. Very easy to modify and very reliable

- Andrew K

I like to keep it clean and smelling good.

Lots of room for my kids. Good gas mileage. TV for kids. Very comfortable for long trips. Room for kids bikes and groceries.

- Kerri F

I love my Chevrolet tahoe

It gets me where I need to go. It hasn't disappointed me. Has good mile mileage is good on gas and is a beautiful vehicle.

- Angel B

It is very reliable and has so much room.

I love all the rooms it gives me. The having 3 row seats is great for kids and traveling. The only bad thing is the gas.

- Rebecca G

Gas mileage isn't all that great in the city but that's any car or suv

None in general just regular maintenance up keep is key to keeping any, Vehicle up to par its 10 years old but runs fine

- Watkins W

Very comfortable and plenty of legroom.

Gets really good gas mileage for an SUV. Very spacious inside. Everything I could want in a vehicle because it is safe.

- Ashlee D

Smooth ride with room for all your kids and their toys...

Comfortable, roomy. Smooth ride. Mechanical issues are electrical (entertainment system, rear door). Poor gas mileage.

- Dave D

Perfect mid size Family SUV

Love it. Very spacious and comfortable to drive. Has plenty of space for family and all the extras that a family has.

- Kimberly M

It is very smooth when driving fast

it is a very luxurious van too comfortable very familiar has accessories that I love their seats are very comfortable

- scott b

Safety and durable, smooth ride, gas saver spacious family vehicle

Chevy Tahoe is a durable and safe family car with a smooth drive, great flexfuel gas Mileage and spacious interior

- Jamie L

Great car for families and for travel.

Cargo and passenger space, 4 wheel drive and ability to go off road, size of the car. Gas mileage could be better.

- Heather G

Great in any weather, all wheel drive.

I feel safe in my truck. I love the size. It drives like a car. I like that it is up high so visibility is great.

- Debra R

That is it fits 7 people it is silver it has power.

My truck is a 4 door can seat 7 passengers has one problem sensor light keeps coming on it takes up too much gas.

- Kirsten L

It has never had a mechanical problem.

I like my vehicle because it has plenty of room for family. It is comfortable. It has run well for five years.

- Lynette S

It is Alternative fuel so can use different types fuels

Well recently I've been experiencing an low oil pressure problem and has alerted me with a loud chime and ding

- Justin A

The design of the car is nice.

Love the color, it is very smooth on the highway. Great on gas, interior matches my liking, it is up to date.

- Jake V

It's hard to see in front of the car. The car is high but the driver's seat is low.

It's very reliable. I enjoy the space in the vehicle and love the color. I don't like how hard it is to park.

- kerri h

This car requires little maintenance.

I love the size of my vehicle. It is not too large to park. But it is large enough to fit my family of five.

- Brooke G

Very safe. I always feel safe and comfortable in a Tahoe.

Needed very little work, usual parts wear out no major problems. Still a nice riding car. Lots of storage.

- Karen A

Has been a very dependable vehicle and looks great.

I love the size and the drivability of my vehicle. Gets good gas mileage and has been very dependable.

- Margaret H

Great car for safety and comfort when traveling. Can pack all the kids, gear and even the dog. Car sits up higher which is good for overall sight when in the road.

I love the comfort and pick up that the motor has. It has lots of room if we need to haul something.

- Linda G

I love the passenger space. I like the gas mileage on the car as well. The only thing I don't like is the minimum storage/cargo space.

It is a very slick and easy to use vehicle. If you have a big family you will need a car like this.

- Jessi B

It has a safe driver while on the road. It has been taken care of with regular maintenance.

It is big and I feel safe in it. The color is what I wanted and the inside is comfortable.

- Wendy B

Very nice truck. I love it very roomy for all my family.

I like the space is very roomy. It drives nice. I don't like that is uses a lot of gas.

- Jisela L

It's a good vehicle. Very reliable and safe. It's silver.

Chevy Tahoe. I love it. Always wanted a Tahoe. Looking to buy a newer one next year.

- Meks G

Comfortable! Luxurious! Plenty of room for seating!

Love it all! Just gas mileage isn't great! Wish it had more storage as well

- Kerri W

Scratch it and there will be trouble. The AC switch needs to be replaced.

Has lots of room. Uses a lot of gas. I'm ready for it to be paid off

- Emily B

that it's a good vehicle and it super good for long road trips

i like the room and tvs and the sunroof. i dislike that it's so big

- brian w

Dependable and durable Long lasting Safe for travel.

Can be used as Car and truck. Stylish. Dependable. Like the size

- Ann H

Gas mileage on city and highway driving.

Wish it had a sunroof. Rides nice and smooth Good on Gas.

- Apryl F

My car is very spacious. It fits up to nine people.

I love my car. No complaints. Nice to travel far in.

- Maricela V