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Spacious, bold, beautiful and reliable.

My Tahoe is extremely comfortable. I love that it sits higher up than other SUVs. So far, it is been very reliable. It performs very well on highway and city driving. Some of my complaints are you do here wind noise on windy days on the interstate, the 3rd row seat does not fold down flat (the seats do fold flat in model years 2015 and newer) I also love the OnStar feature. This is one of my absolute favorite features of the vehicle. I think the Tahoe has a very smooth ride, beautiful interior, very reliable and performs well. It is easy to drive. The Tahoe has been one of my favorite vehicles I have owned.

- Kay P

Reliable, tough, and comfortable all in one!

I love this car! It can tow anything we need to tow. I like that You can take the third row seats out for more storage. I like that it has 4 wheel drive and is excellent in the snow. I feel totally safe in this vehicle! We haven't had any mechanical issues with it either. Only the regular maintenance of tires, oil, battery. Just recently replaced the brakes and shocks. I love the functionality of it. One drawback is the gas mileage. Not very good in that regard but that would be my only complaint! We will drive this car into the ground!

- Angela S

Great comfortable and roomy vehicle

I love my 2011 Tahoe. We purchased the Tahoe because of the room that it has. We show livestock and needed something that would fit us comfortably and also haul feed, shavings, supplies, etc. There is plenty of power to pull our livestock trailer - and not have to worry about it bogging down. I have not had any problems with our Tahoe. Just normal maintenance - oil changes, tire rotation, etc. We have the LT package with sunroof and love all of the 'extras'. Just a great vehicle that I feel safe for me and my family to ride in.

- Jennifer G

My Tahoe is a silver 2 wheel drive with over 160k miles on it but it is great.

I like that the Tahoe is big enough for 8 people and it is great for long distance driving. The reliability is good because it is made by Chevy but just like any other thing, sensors fail and maintenance has to be done. This is not something that could be a big problem since the parts are not too expensive. I do not like the leather seats because when it is hot, they're hot and when it is cold, the seats are too cold. It is a 2011 so it does not have all the features that cars have these days but I love my Tahoe.

- Lucy R

Chevrolet Tahoe is the perfect family vehicle

I was looking for a larger family vehicle that offered third row seats along with having four wheel drive. It drives Amazing, is super comfortable and nice to look at. The kids love the third row seats and rear entertainment. It's so much roomier for sporting events and trips. I can also pull my small bumper pull horse trailer. My only downfall is that it will kick from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders on the interstate, which is suppose to save gas mileage but I don't like it so I installed a product to override this.

- Alex C

I LOVE the built in DVD player and TV

To start off I absolutely love how spacious the vehicle is. Its my fiance and our 4 children and its fits us perfectly. There is 3rd row seating which is amazing, also that little extra space up front makes it all worthwhile. They got an option for the rear passengers to adjust their air condition and heat preference and that works so well with the kiddos because someone is always hot while the others cold. It came with a built in DVD and TV!! That helps so much with the long trips. The trunk space is average.

- Santana J

Amazing car but expensive.

Love it, love the ride, the way it handles, and most of all how our active lifestyle fits in it. We have taken it on many trips, it has great on gas mileage. We live up north in the snow handles wonderfully there any condition. It is a super comfortable ride! Don't love how expensive it is too fix & maintain. Wish there was alternatives to broken items and maintaining features of the car, however we haven't had many issues. Super great reliable vehicle!

- Jen B

It is a great vehicle in the city and over the road.

My Chevy Tahoe has been very reliable since I bought it a little over a year ago. The only problem I have had is that my brakes still squeak even after I changed my brakes and cylinders, I haven't had a chance to get them checked out to see why that is, but the brakes work just fine other than the squeaking. The only other work I have had done on it is just regular maintenance. It is been a fine machine for me I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Carlton L

The Tahoe is PERFECT for a family!

We love having the Tahoe as our main vehicle. We have two kids with bulky car seats, so it's GREAT to have the third row in case we have someone else that wants to ride somewhere with us. I also feel really safe in the vehicle with my family. I also love the look of the car and one of the really cool features is the pedals move forwards and backwards. We use this a lot to not mess with the seat location, we just move the pedals!

- Rebecca G

Great vehicle just issues from dealership not taking care of it. . .

My vehicle has been a problem since I have gotten it from a used car lot. It has had to have many things replaced. I believe it is not due to the vehicle itself but it is due to the upkeep of vehicle when I drove it off the lot. . I love my vehicle other than that. It is very spacious and looks great. I have six children and they all fit in vehicle and this is the reason for the buy of the vehicle.

- Shannon S

Great vehicle. Couldn't ask for more.

Stabilitrak occasionally goes out. Other than that, I have been very happy with the overall performance. The heated and cooled seats are definitely a plus, especially on longer road trips. If you are planning on holding anything of substantial size, I would, however, recommend getting a transmission cooler. This will prevent common overheating when hauling 25-foot plus trailers.

- Brian K

2011 Tahoe probably my worst vehicle buy ever! Can't wait to trade in

At first I loved my Tahoe! But then it started having some problems, first the gear shifts stopped working one night on my way home from work. Plus the check engine light is always on! Even when I go to get it checked out, something is always wrong with this vehicle! Not to mention it is a gas drinker, I can travel down the street and I've already lost a half of tank of gas!

- Tierra S

Fuel efficiency around town is horrible.

I like being high up and having the power of a V8 engine. Cargo area is large and I can fit most everything I need to inside. I also use it to trailer ATV's so the hitch and towing capacity are important. My biggest issue is the procedure to change a headlight bulb in this generation. You shouldn't have to partially remove the bumper to do this. Really poor design.

- Paul S

Great for multiple children!

I love my Tahoe! I bought it to tote my 3 children around and it works very well. We have the captain seats in the middle which is amazing for kids getting in and out to the back row and for getting kids in and out of car seats. The heated and cooled seats are my favorite part of the whole car. It rides very smooth and it's very spacious even in the back row.

- Savanna M

Lots of space. Great investment.

I have owned my Chevy Tahoe for 5 years and I think it is the best investment I have ever made. I have twins so the space I get for two car seats is great. The model I own has a 3rd row so if we take family anywhere they can come with us instead of having to take multiple vehicles. Also the 3rd row is removable so we get that extra trunk space if needed.

- Bianca P

My vehicle is super reliable and fuel efficient while being a SUV.

My 2011 Tahoe, despite being an SUV, has really great gas mileage and never really has issues. The leather seats are super comfortable and being able to adjust them in many different ways for my comfortability is great. I love that it has Bluetooth but I wish it wasn't just for phone calls, I would enjoy having Bluetooth music as well.

- Cassidy A

I have owned 2, plan on buying more!

I love the Chevy Tahoe. It is safe and reliable. It is not great on gas, but no one buys a large SUV for the gas savings. It is terrific for travel because it can hold a ton of luggage, and it is comfortable. I have had only minor mechanical issues, but it is 7 years old. This is my second Tahoe. I'll never buy anything else!

- Erin C

Best of the Best out of full size SUVs!

I honestly have zero complaints about my 2011 Tahoe. It gets better gas mileage than any other full size SUV I know! My family and I actually drove took my Tahoe with 170,000 miles from Mississippi to California last summer. Never once did I worrying about it not making it! I will never drive anything else but a Chevy Tahoe!

- Julie D

You can't go wrong purchasing a Tahoe, it will satisfy all your travel needs.

I love my Tahoe! I've not encountered any problems with this vehicle. I would purchase this vehicle all over again. I've used the vehicle for work and personal travel. I have 3rd row bench seating and controls in the back for stereo and heating and cooling. It does eat a lot of gas but other that I wouldn't change anything.

- Dawn S

Family friendly, good fuel mileage and enjoyable to drive vehicle

My Tahoe is a dark grey 2011 with leather interior. It has a sunroof and dvd player. I love how comfortable it is and how easily it drives. I also love being able to use Flex Fuel in my Tahoe. I need new tires right now, but i wish they weren't so expensive. That is currently my only complaint about the Tahoe.

- Mandy K

Long driving reliable ride.

Auto has been a nice solid car. No major problems since purchasing. Next time would get another color other than black. Shows a lot of dirt over time & hard to keep clean. Also leather has looked aged over time. Performance of the auto has remained good. The drive has been smooth with no major repairs needed.

- Sabrina O

Heated seats and great in snow is all important when you live in Minnesota.

Love the heated seats; adjustable pedals since I am 5'3" and my husband is 6'4". Sun roof is added plus and 3rd row seating helps when transporting a volleyball team but putting the seats down makes room for my 120 pound dog. Only downside is miles per gallon is pretty bad and cost a lot to fill the tank.

- Tricia M

Tahoe strength and reliability for the family.

The Tahoe is an amazing and reliable vehicle. It is big enough to carry my entire family along with bags. All while in great comfort. The car is powerful but yet can maneuver well. It handles all weather conditions well. I have also been able to move my daughter into college without renting a trailer.

- Mar B

2011 Grey 3-row Chevy Tahoe

it drives smoothly, it can get through any kind of weather may it be rain, snow, hail, or sunshine it performs beautifully. it's lifted high off the ground so you don't have to worry about scraping when pulling out of driveways. there's also three rows of seats which is very convenient for families.

- Natalie A

Love how the second and third row seats fold down.

My Tahoe is very reliable, comfortable, a great family vehicle, and great for travels. Love the size and to me, easier to park and get around in because it is easy to see over the hood, and the back up camera is great. The negative is the gas it uses while in town, on long trips it's not too bad.

- Patricia A

Fully Satisfied! Luxurious and Very Comfortable.

The Chevy Tahoe LTZ is luxurious and comfortable. The features I like most on this SUV are the open/close of the tailgate by a push of a button, the 3rd row seating that easily folds for ample trunk space, the sunroof and the navigation system. The Tahoe rides smoothly and pulls loads with ease.

- Shannon A

Very roomy and comfortable

Very roomie, deluxe and very flashy, good on gas considering it's a SUV very good heated and cooling seats at three different settings. Very comfortable, dependable and reliable great for long family trips very roomie. Back seats also have heating setting and can also automatically bending seats

- Maria R

It's a very good vehicle for families on the go who need room to haul gear from school, field, etc.

I love the amount of space considering I have three kids to travel with. I love having third row seating when they have friends riding with us. I also like the amount of cargo space I have. My only dislikes is the ease to move the second row seating to access the third row is not always easy.

- Tia W

Perfect size family vehicle

I love the cool black leather interior my Tahoe offers. The Tahoe I purchased is full sized and complete with third row seats. One of my purchase must haves was the second row captain chairs to make it easier accessible for the third row in the back. I also love the flip down TV in the back.

- Christina C

It IS a life saver, literally. Well built with high seating, solid body, and all the necessary safety features.

We just bought this vehicle after being in an accident and getting our Suburban totaled. We were saved by the type of vehicle we had we were told and that's why we bought a Tahoe. It makes you feel safe and the ride is wonderful. Not to say how high you sit. LOVE IT wouldn't have any other.

- Janet O

Love my 2011 Chevy Tahoe!

Love the looks of the Tahoe. Ltz package is great. Kids love the DVD player. I love the heated and cooled seat option. Sunroof is great. Looks of the Tahoe. My favorite model. Only thing is I wish it got better gas mileage. But what do you expect for a v8 motor that runs and sounds so good.

- Alice H

Great vehicle, needs to be more roomy.

I have a 2011 Chevy Tahoe with 3rd row seating. It is roomy, but I wish that it had more leg room and more storage in the rear area for when we grocery shop. We have 5 children so we can't just fold down the seats to put groceries in. Other than that, I do love the vehicle.

- Charity M

Perfect reliable depending Chevy Tahoe.

Very good reliable truck. Drives fast has many different functions for comfort and safety never had any issues out of it. One owner vehicle. Has great gas mileage will not be looking or needing another car no time soon because this car is perfect for me and my family needs.

- Nicole M

My vehicle is great and comfortable, but the performance is not the greatest.

I have had a lot of transmission issues, along with some wiring issues in the rear air conditioning. The car lot I used was just a bad apple as you could say. A week after I got the car a whole new transmission had to be out in and the warranty did not end up covering it.

- Jade E

Safe and reliable with features for comfort.

Comfy, enough space for my kids and their friends, room for luggage when traveling (can remove the third row) and dependable. Maintenance repairs are within my budget because it is not computer driven. It is stable and I feel my kids are safe when driving this vehicle.

- Christine A

What I like and dislike about my Tahoe.

My Tahoe is so spacious for passengers to sit very comfortable. Yes it does use a lot of gas, especially when you use it as your everyday vehicle. I wish that the seats were able to be tucked away inside the bottom of the car so you could more room for buying groceries.

- Ashley L

2011 Chevy Tahoe, great vehicle.

Our Tahoe has been an amazing vehicle. We do routine maintenance on it, such as getting the oil changed and getting the tires rotated regularly. Other than putting a new set of tires on it, we've not had any other type of maintenance on it or had any problems out of it.

- Haley H

Dependable in all types of weather situation with plenty of room for everyone.

The Chevy Tahoe is very comfortable and easy to drive. It has been very dependable. It is a great vehicle for traveling. The ride is smooth and you have plenty of room for any luggage or shopping items. Plenty of features to add to the enjoyment and ease of driving.

- Theresa B

Awesome features and stylish appearance

I love all of the features my LTZ has. It has a sunroof, heated and cooled seats, and DVD player in the rear. If I had to list something I don't like about it it's the gas mileage, and even though it's an SUV, when the 3rd row is in there is barely any trunk space.

- Celeste S

It had sport mode. Different air settings.

It's very comfortable. Is very reliable. Drives well. I like the extra secret compartments all inside the vehicle. There's different air settings all throughout the car. It also has a sports mode. It can push really fast. There is many reasons I would buy another

- Crystal G

Backup camera is in the rear view mirror.

So reliable. drives like a dream. Very comfortable. Ok on gas. Backup camera is in the rear view mirror which I love. The side mirrors are large. XM radio is customary with all of its kind. Leather is great. Back seats come in and out easily for space in the back.

- Emily F

Provides space mom likes and drives like the truck dad wanted.

Love the vehicle provides luxury of a SUV but handles like a truck. Performs well in snow and wet conditions. User friendly cruise control. Large vehicle but still has a lot of speed and zip. Wish it had 3rd row and sunroof. Seats show daily wear and tear easily.

- Liz B

The Tahoe is a nice family vehicle where safety is a main element. It is roomy for the family where comfort is in the front and back.

I like the fact that I feel so safe in my Tahoe. It is made very well and very comfortable inside. The only thing that I don't like is the gas mileage. I wish it would get at least 20 miles per gallon instead of 11-12 in the city and maybe 16 on the highway.

- Diana M

A nice robust family vehicle for traveling not everyday use.

It is a great, reliable vehicle that has been with me a long time and takes me where I need to go. Although it consumes a lot of gas it is a safe vehicle and has a lot of room in it. This vehicle also has a lot of features like a sunroof, good ac filtration.

- Carl J

It has been a very reliable car for ad many miles as we have put on it.

My Tahoe has been very reliable. I have had no major problems with it and drive all over the country. Gas mileage is pretty good for the size of the vehicle. Has two bucket seats and a bench seat third row. Very comfortable for my kids to go on long trips.

- Kelly K

I'll stick with my Chevy Tahoe!

Aside from normal wear and tear, l cannot complain. Basic maintenance and oil changes are a must, I have over 130000 miles and it still runs smoothly. The interior has stayed quite perfect with regular maintenance. Once l trade in, I'll be getting another.

- Jackie F

Comfortable and fun to drive.

It is very comfortable and reliable. It has a lot of upgraded features such as seat warmers, leather, and an entertainment package, which the kids and I love. As for its performance, it seems to use more and more gas which concerns me. It is very reliable.

- Emmy S

The Chevy Tahoe is reliable and roomy.

The Chevy Tahoe reliable in all types of weather conditions. The Tahoe is very roomy and comfortable for short shopping trips or long vacation trips. Extra features make driving even more enjoyable. Changing to four wheel drive and is quick and easy.

- Teresa B

Roomy and spacious and very comfortable!

I have had no problems out of my Tahoe! It is very spacious and roomy! Fully loaded! Sunroof! Leather seats backup camera! Rides very comfortable!Never had any trouble out of it! Would recommend it to anyone! It is easy to get in and out of! Love it!

- Shelley L

Comfort and Kid Friendly/Mom approved features

Smooth ride, moderate fuel mileage, comfortable heated seats. Rear audio for kids, just enough cargo space. Easy to park. No major issues at 135000. Rear heat and ac controls. USB connection. Works with Apple carplay. Sunroof is nice. Towing package

- Guest G

It is safe, dependable, and with Onstar options I'm never locked out - and can start my car from far away via the app!

Love the size and that it doesn't feel like driving a truck. Easy to add the extra row for more passengers or take it out for more storage - but I do wish the seats folded down flat into the ground rather than needing to be lifted out.

- Denise L

The ceiling mounted TV DVD player is a fantastic future especially when you have kids that need to be entertained.

It is a very reliable vehicle. We have put a lot of miles on it and with five kids it gives us plenty of room and space to travel. We would like to have a little bit more space in the trunk area. Overall we really enjoy this vehicle.

- Kim D

It has the option of on star which is wonder to get because I use the navigation a lot.

It's very comfortable it has heated leather seats in front and back which are nice in winter. Has front and rear heat and a/c. Has backup camera on mirror. Very roomy. Only bad thing is not a lot of room in very back to put things.

- Julie S

The best vehicle I have ever owned.

We have not had significant problems with the Tahoe. We did have to get it serviced twice because the door handles came loose but it was a quick fix. I love the spaciousness and reliability of it when we travel out of town.

- Griselda R

It has very poor gas mileage.

Love the utility of it, the lx version is perfect for pulling a horse trailer. Extra features are nice. Do not like gas mileage, captains chairs in back seat, 3rd row bench is useless, does not leave any space for cargo.

- Heather P

The room can't be beat for a full size SUV that's not overly large.

I like all the room that I have for people and groceries. I don't like that I don't have captain chairs in the middle row. The car ride is smooth and enjoyable. I never feel that driving a big SUV when I'm in in.

- Amy W

The gas mileage is not the best. and this is not for intown vehicle,, But the room and the seats make it great for a big family

i like that ii has 3 row seating, and rear ac unit. The room in it is great. But the gas for it is not great. and the parts for can be expensive. I like the vehicle but in today's ecomenoy it is not favorable

- sueann o

It is fun and easy to drive. They should know that it is a large truck so it is different than a small car. It drives smoothly and is fun.

The best thing about my vehicle is the space it has inside. All the seats are super comfortable and have lots of room. It also has a lot of height so I feel like I can see everything. I also like the color.

- meg s

I love the comfort and space when traveling or needing to transport something.

Love this vehicle! It is reliable and I have had very few problems. It is a comfortable and safe vehicle! I do maintenance regularly. I need shocks replaced and had an AC issue but will buy another Tahoe.

- Debbie W

Great family car, decent gas mileage, very comfortable.

I absolutely love my Tahoe! This is the second one I have owned and don't know if I will ever buy a different vehicle. Decent gas mileage, super comfortable and fun to drive. I have had no issues!

- Megan N

It is a very reliable car and gives you a smooth ride.

It rides great. Does not feel like a big car and easy drive. The dashboard does crack and seems to be a common problem. It is not too spacious in the back. There is a blind spot due to bulky doors.

- Cynthia M

Tahoe is a sturdy vehicle.

Dash cracked within 3 months of purchase. Engine has had no issues. Air has only needed to be recharged once since purchase. Rear air conditioning works well. Seat warmers are amazing when cold.

- Annette D

Chevrolet Tahoe 2011 will get you here you need to go safely.

You can never go wrong with a Chevy Tahoe. If you want to get from point A to point B, obviously this truck is for you. But if you're anything like me, you'd love it because of all the features.

- Jane N

That the towing is not as strong as they said.

It is a good truck, but it is getting old. It has been a reliable vehicle with only one major repair, transmission. The ac has stopped working as well but otherwise it does I ask of it.

- Will Y

Large vehicle, great for a family, and is ok on gas mileage for a larger vehicle.

I love driving this vehicle. It is very room for all passengers, including the third row seating. I also like that the third row can either be folded up or taken out completely.

- Tamara B

There is so much space! With the two collapsible seats in the back, you can pack up a small family and luggage or a large family and a few things. It's so nice.

It's fairly new to us so we are still excited about all of it. The park and backup assist and dvd player are definite highlights for us. It could be better on gas mileage.

- Bee C

Easy to operate and get kids in and out of the vehicle without issue!

My Tahoe is wonderful for larger families. I have a family of 6 and it seats everyone comfortably, it features a TV as well which helps for longer periods in the car!

- Jennifer C

The one most important thing others should know about my car is it holds 21 gallons and has great gas mileage.

My Tahoe is spacious & has lots of room. It has a sleek & classy modern look inside. Only issue I have with it is my dashboard is cracking because of heat exposure.

- Paige M

Good gas mileage and great room.

It drives good and gas mileage is pretty good. Has good room to get people in. The only thing I dislike is the seats fold down in back and are hard to put back up.

- Tash S

Great size suv with 3rd row seating

I haven't had any issues since I purchased it 3 years ago. Has entertainment system that my kids love. Is not too bad on gas and love the amount of space it has

- Christina Q

Its reliable and gets me from point a to point b.

It suits my family well because of the size. It's been a very reliable vehicle for me and my disabled son. The price is my only complaint about this vehicle.

- Diana B

There is a lot of room and is easy to drive for the size

I love the look and size of my vehicle. It drives well for its size. I dislike the number of main computer issues I have had. False malfunctions happen often

- Sara P

To be able to get around wherever you might need to go.

I like the large size of my vehicle and the way it drives. I like how high it sits because I can see far ahead of me. I feel very safe in this vehicle.

- Danielle D

It is popular amongst large suvs and will last It's lifetime

My vehicle is a large suv with a v8 engine. It has seating for 8 with seats that fold down. It has a towing package to tow a trailer or 5th wheel

- Philip P

If they test drive one they would fall in love.

Has everything you need in a vehicle it has enough room for passengers and luggage it is six years old and I haven't had a bit of trouble with it.

- Tammy C

Great for a family, lots of room. Dependable.

I like the size inside, it is very roomy. It drives very comfortably. I do not really dislike much. Maybe that it does not get great gas mileage.

- April S

Great gas mileage and spacious so it is a great car for long car trips.

No problems with it. Has been a great car and very reliable. Had two bucket seats and a third row bench seat. Good gas mileage for the size.

- Kelii K

It is very dependable. Spacious, comfortable. And gives good gas mileage.

I like my vehicle cause it accommodates my family, plus love the body style. There's nothing I dislike of my vehicle. No complaints at all.

- Michelle R

It is very dependable! Lots of room for kids and their stuff.

Nothing! I really love this vehicle. No complaints. I appreciate the removable seats. I would just love a newer model. They are expensive.

- Melissa J

Good all around vehicle that could be used in multiple situations

Like the truck very much. It has ample room for passengers and storage. The only thing I would like to have is a bit better gas mileage

- andrew C

Chevy Tahoe. Great family car.

Good car runs great. Interior tends to deteriorate. Front leather seats are torn. Last Tahoe had the same problem. Mechanically good.

- Kerri G

Perfect SUV compared to others for price plenty of room for whatever needs you have.

Tahoe all around SUV for the go getter family excellent riding good gas mileage plenty of room for family, dog and gear for vacation

- Bob Z

It drives like a dream and has amazing pickup. It is also extremely comfortable.

I like the space that it provides for my family of five. It rides smoothly. It is comfortable if you're the driver or the passenger.

- Jamie B

It is safe and I can't travel.

It is safe,it drive really great have a lot of room, and it is a 4x4 I like the color, I like the size and the power of a big SUV.

- Mark H

The vehicle is not great on gas.

The size of the vehicle is perfect for a family. I can fit my family of four and two dogs. Kids love that they can watch movies.

- Michele M

Has good inside room. Smooth ride.

No issues with my Chevy Tahoe hybrid so far. Great on gas, no mechanical issues. Runs smooth. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Joe D

The space is the best thing about my vehicle. It's nice to have the room while traveling.

I have lots of space for my kids and all their things. It's a great vehicle for a busy mother. I love having 4 wheel drive.

- Becca L

2011 Chevrolet Tahoe lt four wheel drive with black leather interior.

I love everything about my vehicle except it does not take off fast enough. I believe this is due to the rear end gears.

- Jessica G

Winter driving at its best

I love that my Tahoe is very dependable especially in the winter time. Have not had any problems and it handles great.

- beth l

Very comfortable for long road trips.

Great space for many passengers but no room for luggage and groceries. Bucket seats come in handy with little ones car.

- Melissa A

Good value, parts are low-priced easy to get replacement parts. Full equipped.

Its big. Its comfortable. Its paid for. It drives good. Holds a lot of people. Uses to much gas for short distances.

- Joni B

Very high safety ratings.

Smooth ride very comfortable to seat in for long rides. Has plenty of power for towing. Also gets great gas mileage.

- Jordan T

It is a very durable vehicle, very comfortable.

So far I have not had any issues in regards to the vehicle. No major issues other than your regularly maintenance.

- Joseph D

Its has 3 row seating and heated and cool seats even the 3rd row.

I don't have any complaints. I like my truck because webcam all load up and go in one vehicle instead of several.

- Regina G

It does as advertised, especially in the miles per gallon.

It is roomy and functional. Rides great on the highway. It gets reasonably good mileage on long distance trips.

- Robert S

Great family large family vehicle

Very comfortable and rides good. Comes with a lot of features and add-ons. Plenty of room and very accessible.

- Brandon A

Very safe and sturdy ride.

Like due to room and smooth ride. There’s nothing I do not like about my Tahoe. It is the perfect vehicle.

- Lisa F

A well endowed, powerful man is behind the wheel of this machine.

Like it because it is reliable, built solid and holds its retail value.... I wish it were a little smaller..

- Theresa B

They are the best comfort and riding SUV. They are big but not to big

I like the smooth ride the handling on the road. The seats are comfy and easy for the kids to get in and out

- Jordon T

No trunk space when back seats are in.

Like that it is four wheel drive. Hate that it has no trunk space and is hard to get car seats in and out.

- Erica N

it is well maintained and has all the things needed to make it comfortable

it's a great suv, but even though it is garage stored and well taken care of the body is starting to rust

- lynne b

It is a very reliable vehicle, and it is very well made.

My vehicle is excellent....It is very roomy, perfect for the whole family, it has plenty of storage room.

- Krissy s

It has lots of room great if you have multiple children.

It has tons of room. It is very comfortable to ride. It doesn't get good gas mileage that's a negative.

- Tamara C

It's roomy and can add or remove extra seats as needed.

I like the look and the room. I like all the extras that come with it. I do not like the cost of gas.

- Megan Y

It has a lot of room and space inside to haul items and people.

I Love it because it has a lot of room for people. I like that it is a hybrid, so it's good on gas.

- Kristan S

it has a lot of room to fit things that you need to transport. you can also add more room by taking out the seats

I love the size of the Tahoe, perfect to fit just enough people and gear. I love the size of it

- Richelle S




It is a comfortable vehicle that allows up to 8 passengers. The only bad thing for me is the amount of gas it consumes. Otherwise it's a great family vehicle.

My Tahoe is a trustworthy vehicle that as long as you maintain it, it will last a long time.

- Will Y

It is very comfortable and the ride is extremely smooth.

I like the amount of room in my vehicle and the smooth ride. I do not like the gas mileage.

- Jamie R

My vehicle gets through anything. It is very reliable. It is a nice looking vehicle, both inside and outside. I love that it has satellite radio, a dvd player, navigation, and a backup cam.

It is very reliable. It handles the road well. It gets through any type of weather.

- Stacy w

When backing it up, it has multiple blind spots. Some blind spots when trying to change lanes.

Like: 4-wheel Drive, comfortable to drive, lots of storage Dislike: gas mileage

- Dawn C

Built to last. My car has a lot of miles and I don't foresee needing to replace it anytime soon.

It is a well built to last car. It is durable sizeable and attractive boy type.

- kim b

I love my Chevy Tahoe. Mine has captains chairs which makes the backseat easily accessible. It has pretty leather and wood grain interior. I do wish it had more space in the back. The space is so little, so I have to frequently fold down the seats when I place large items in the back. Overall, it is a wonderful car and I feel safe driving it.

It's a great family car. We fit very comfortably. I would highly recommend.

- Emily H

I love the size of it. I love that I feel safe in it. I love sitting up high. I love all of the space in the car, it has so much room. The only thing I dislike is the gas mileage.

It's a spacious car, it has plenty of seating, it's perfect for families.

- Samantha K

2007-2014 have or will have cracked dashes,and there is a airbag recall. they have no fix for this because they don't want to pay to replace the dashes

Really the only dislike is the dash issues and airbag issues


It's a family vehicle with lots of space and dependable

I love the space, it's size makes me and my family feel safe

- Rosa O

It is very safe. It has a lot of room .

It is very safe. Has enough room. Can get through anything.

- Stacy V

The overall style and look of the tahoe is great. It uses a good bit of gas, not more that a car that size should but in general. Luckily it has a huge tank so you do not fill up all the time.

The chevrolet tahoe is equally luxury and reliability

- Ashley S

Chevy Tahoe great family vehicle.

- Jo L