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Third row seating sure, if you do not have more than one car seat that is.

I purchased my vehicle used so with that comes little issues that purchasing a brand new car wouldn't have. For instance, the door handle is broken, so whenever I go to open or close my door I can feel the broken piece split a little while pulling my door closed. It is annoying but there is an option to fix in the future. I really love how much space there is in the back of the vehicle when I remove the third row seating-I can fit all my groceries and then some. Something annoying about the second row seating and having car seats is that the anchors for the car seats are located on the middle and one out seat. So, I can have my car seats strapped into those two spots but if I want to use the third row seating, I would have to move the outer car seat to the seat that does not have anchors in the second row. That to me makes that third row seating kind of obsolete because I feel like anchors are really the safest option for car seats and moving my son to a different spot is not really an option (to me). That has to be one of the most frustrating things about this Tahoe.

- Madeline H

Safe, secure, high tech and comfortable!

My husband talked me into buying our Tahoe and it did not disappoint! We have had absolutely no problems with it. We are a family of five, so we are very comfortable in it. There's plenty of room and we do not feel like we are crammed in together. Even though it is roomy, I do not feel like I am driving a bus, which I thought I would. I love the alert features that let me know important things like the air pressure being low in a tire. The notification even tells me which tire it is. My favorite thing about my Tahoe is how safe I feel in it. I have always had a car and have felt vulnerable out on the road. Our Tahoe definitely gives me the confidence I need when driving around with my family.

- Sarah B

Chevy Tahoe you cannot go wrong.

Great performing luxury vehicle. Placement of the door locks situated where the driver can inadvertently lock the car with the keys inside. The buttons for the seat heat and cooler share space with the adjustable forward and backward auto seat adjustment. If you are not careful you will hit the wrong sensor. This could cause a driving problem if the seat moved back while the auto was in motion. The hook up with the iPod worked initially however it no longer will connect. According to service there is nothing wrong with the electronic system.. Overall, this vehicle has 140,000 miles on the odometer. We have had ever service since it was new. This is the best Chevrolet we have ever owned.

- Karen H

2012 Chevrolet Tahoe ltz features and comforts.

I have zero problems, the performance and reliability is topnotch. Comforts are heated and cooled front leather seats along with a heated steering wheel, heated rear leather seats and third row seats. Back up camera, blind spot indicators on both sides, overhead DVD with headphones and a remote, DVD in the dash when parked. Bluetooth for telephone, usb, AUX inputs for the stereo. XM satellite radio and OnStar. Rear door open with the push of a button from inside or from the key fob which also works the remote start. Push button cruise control, factory alloy wheels, factory tinted windows, 5. 3 Liter v8 with an automatic transmission. This is a great automobile to own, no complaints.

- Gary S

Perfect family vehicle, lots of room, comfortable on long rides.

I have had no mechanical issues with my vehicle. It rides so well and has plenty of room for my family of 6. It is my daily driver. I have a 45 minute commute back and forth to work and it is relatively good on gas mileage on the interstate. The one thing I dislike is I have to hook my phone in with an AUX cord to listen to music through the radio. I really like the navigation system. It is very easy to use and is always up to date. The speakers are good, and the leather seats are very comfortable. The rear seats are very easy to put up and down. Overall it is the perfect family vehicle.

- Jennifer O

I really cannot talk about how much I enjoy the Tahoe.

I really enjoy my Chevrolet Tahoe. It is very easy to run around town running errands in it. I usually have the third row of seats out of my back and I can easily put anything in the back. When I need to go somewhere with the whole gang I can easily put the third row in and I have lots of seating for everyone. I really enjoy that I am able to press a button to both open and close the back. Mine also has a push start which comes in handy when it is very cold or hot outside. I will most definitely be buying another way down the road when I need to purchase a new car. Love it!

- Jackie H

Great vehicle with plenty of seats!

Great reliable vehicle. Very roomy, especially when you need to travel with multiple people. Even with the third row in place, the seating and leg room is spacious and does not feel cramped. The middle console flips up to allow for an additional seat, so a total of 9 people can comfortably fit. Air conditioning and heating vents are placed throughout the vehicle and work well. The third row is easy to flip up or remove. The only downside to the vehicle is the limited storage space available when the third row is in place.

- Kerri H

Overall good family vehicle

Overall it is a good vehicle. It rides well. I like the spaciousness of it. We've also been able to put a lot of miles on it, issue-free, as we have been unable to have the opportunity to trade it in for a newer vehicle. For me, though, one of the features I dislike about it is that the 'handle' on the passenger side (I guess it is used to help one get up in the vehicle), is placed near the windshield. I personally like SUVs where the 'handle' is above the passenger window.

- Sonya A

Love my Tahoe, will probably buy another one.

This is our families 4th Tahoe. We love the 3rd row of seats and how it drives. The space in the back if 3rd row is in is way to small. The only problems I have had are with the power lifts for the back hatch. They go out often. I did also have an ac leak in my current Tahoe that was in the ceiling and took 3 years to finally find. I had to recharge my ac prior to every summer until they found the leak. Our Tahoe's have always been reliable with very few issues.

- Kim G

It's a very comfortable and reliable vehicle for larger families.

It's got all of the comforts that we need, leather, heated and cooled seats, tv, sun/moon roof, and built in nav. As a family of 6 with a large dog, space gets tight when we travel which is really my only complaint. It would be nice if it got a little better gas mileage, but it gets better mpg than our Trailblazer did when we had that, so I can't really complain about that because it's a larger vehicle. Over all, the Tahoe serves us well.

- Jen O

My vehicle has a candy apple paint job that I absolutely love.

My Chevrolet Tahoe has been a great SUV so far. I've only had to do oil changes and put a new fuel pump and I've had it since 2015. It's my daily driver it came fully loaded with system stereo. Gas mileage is great to be a big SUV I'm very happy with my purchase of vehicle. It fits me my husband my 2 sons and we still have room for our 3 dogs as well in the back when we go camping. It's got 4wd for mudding and I off roading.

- Miranda R

Its comfortable and actually very affordable when bought used. You can enjoy a little bit of luxury when you buy a used car and also save a lot of money.

I love having a bigger vehicle in just the overall drive. The heated seats are nice in the winter. Being 4 wheel drive helps me to know I can get to work if the weather does become bad. Having the access to xm radio is also a big plus for me because I enjoy that more than local. Over all I love my SUV. I would like better gas mileage but I was fully aware when I bought it that I would not get the best.

- Louise P

5/5 Definitely recommend!!

I love the 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe because of the space. It has space for a decent size family without the 'family van' look. Also it's very durable & comfortable. We have moved across states pulling a trailer behind it and only had problems due to rain, but that's to be expected! I would definitely recommend this vehicle to family and friends.

- Rose C

It has had its minor issues as most vehicles do at some point but has been and continues to be a great vehicle.

My 2012 tahoe has been reliable since the day I purchased it brand new. It has had minor cosmetic problems such as a cracked dash and interior and exterior door handles breaking. It also has a issue with the airbag light sometimes coming on. Overall it drives great and is decent on gas for a vehicle of its size and is comfortable for my family.

- Gabriel G

2012 Chevy Tahoe pros and cons.

Blind spot looking back towards passenger side and back seat headrests don't fold down to allow better view. 3rd row does not fold into floor and takes up over a foot of space folded up. Black interior shows everything. Otherwise, I am pleased with the way it drives, space and have had very few problems after 231,000 miles of daily driving.

- Amy P

Mountain mover and shaker!

Because we live in a remote mountain town, we needed this type of vehicle. Having tried many other types of SUV, we settled on this one and it has saved us and our neighbors quite a few times. We have never been stuck in snow and have rescued many people who were. This is our second Tahoe and we'll buy another, when we pay off this one.

- Thea M

It is a great quality vehicle and very reliable!

The Tahoe has great room and is easy to get in and out of. The captains chairs in the middle row allow easy in and out for the third row. The DVD player is a good but the sound is a little quiet unless using the headphones. The one bad quality of the vehicle is the fuel mileage is terrible. 14 mpg is a killer when gas prices are high!

- Casey B

Not your average soccer mom's ride.

It is large enough for our family of 4 and 3 large dogs. We feel safe in it. We have never had any mechanical issues. I will always drive a Tahoe. It is durable and classy looking. We love the removable 3rd row seating. The perfect vehicle for a road trip. I have kids that play sports and I am not a minivan type. The Tahoe is perfect.

- Michelle B

My Tahoe has heated seats in the front and the back seats!

My Tahoe is great for families or just me. I feel extremely safe in my SUV. I have had my vehicle for over 7 years and it runs beautifully. It holds 25 gallons of gasoline, so I do not have to fill up as often as I would have with a smaller tank. I highly recommend driving a Chevy Tahoe to see what everyone is talking about.

- Margaret H

Go Tahoe to make a difference in your family's life.

Haven't had much problems with my truck. Very reliable and dependable. The maintenance is easy and affordable. The Tahoe runs well, and stable even diving. The space inside is more than enough that u can comfortably put 7 passengers and still have room for storage. Great starter SUV. Or extension to your vehicle family.

- Denise T

I am glad that I purchased this vehicle and would do again.

I like the size - not too big to drive every day / or maneuver / or park like a suburban, but large enough for 5 adults sometimes and a lot of luggage or other materials. The third row seats are for small children only. I am currently at 190,000 miles and not a hiccup noted with normal oil changes, tire rotations, etc.

- Matt B

The DVD player has made for amazing road trips with kids!

My 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe has been really good to me. There is tons of room in the back for extra passengers and additional leg room. The captains chairs make it easier for moving around. The one down side of the Tahoe is, I drive a lot for work and my gas mileage is usually about 16-18 on the highway and 12-14 in town.

- Casey B

My love for my car, A Chevy Tahoe.

I have had two Chevy Tahoe. I have found both of them to be extremely reliable. We have not had to do much maintenance on either one. Just routine maintenance. I think that the engine is great. The interior in the 2012 does seem a little bit crummy. Just seems not as study as they used to be. Just more plastic Tahoe

- Liz T

Family luxury in a large SUV

We love this vehicle for our family trips. We recently took 6 people on a road trip with luggage for 3 days and had plenty of room. The seats are comfortable and both cool and heat. We get good gas mileage for the size vehicle it is. It has a built in DVD player which is nice for travel with young children.

- Heather L

Love the DVD player and seat heaters.

It's great for kids has a DVD players so trips are great. Not enough room have to take out 3 row seat for trips. Love the heated seats. The start button on the key especially when its cold. Wish it wasn't white because so hard to clean and keep clean. Wish it had Bluetooth and a touchscreen in the front.

- Nikki G

Pros & cons of 2012 Chevy Tahoe for travel.

I love my 2012 Chevy Tahoe with the exception of one thing only. The only issue I have is that it gets 11 mpg on the highway. Gas is too expensive to drive for pleasure. But on those rare instances I do save money by sleeping at rest stops instead of hotels. Everything else about the Tahoe is perfect.

- Michelle H

The Tahoe is comfort, quality, performance, beauty, and brilliance!

Leather interior is super comfortable, rides very smoothly, seats 7 comfortably, heated seats and backs, TV, 3rd row seat. Everything about the Tahoe is clean, sleek, comfortable, beautiful, roomy, nice drive/ride vehicle. Gas is reasonable, no issues with performance, extremely reliable vehicle.

- Lynn S

2012 Tahoe good but hungry

My SUV is generally a smooth ride. Reliable in inclement weather and trustworthy enough to trek in up 2ft of snow. Perfect for large families however it hogs gas like crazy. I spend about 100 bucks every week or so. Poor gas mileage. However vehicle is reliable with minimal issues over the years.

- Amanda K

Chevrolet spacious and dependable!

Upgraded to the 2012 Chevy Tahoe after I had my third child. A third row provided more space for traveling now along with extra seats for friends and family! Fuel mileage could be better but it's not terrible. I plan on having this car for years! Chevrolet a brand you can always trust!

- Chastity H

My Tahoe review, good and bad.

I love my Tahoe. It is so spacious and being able to change the position of the seats really helps when carrying cargo or dogs. It's high off the road which I love but I tend to clip curbs and have to have alignments done. The heated seats are the best and I could do without them now.

- Cindy L

Chevrolet Tahoe LT My experience as a owner.

The Chevrolet Tahoe LT is a great SUV. Minor problems was replacing the belt and a tensioner pulley other then that it has been a very reliable SUV. It also has great comfort on long distances very roomy with 3 row seats makes it especially well for the long hauls Very happy to own it

- Constantine P

Safe with my kids in style.

I love my Tahoe. I travel all over the place with my kids and their sports and needed something reliable to get us there safe. Its big enough I can throw all of our luggage in and all their softball and swimming stuff for games. Just all around gets the job done and it looks good too.

- Jamie R

Love the sunroof, tinted windows, and DVD player is nice.

Reliable, comfortable family truck. Runs great and is ideal for long trips. Family oriented, room and storage space for all things. Would recommend to anyone. Easy to maintain and rides great. I enjoy my daily activities while driving. Always good when shopping.A lot of back end room.

- Fallon M

Very comfortable smooth ride.

Very comfortable, especially for a bigger person. Lots of room for hauling and kids. Back seats are easy to take out. Very smooth ride. I also like the fact that it takes flex fuel which is way cheaper than gas. The engine runs the same with flex fuel as it does with regular fuel.

- Joe W

Cooling and heated seats.

No problems, great reliability. It is spacious. Smooth riding. Great highway miles. Heating and cooling seats are great. Backup camera, and notice ding is super great. The boss system in it is awesome. I would have liked it to have a 5 CD changer. The third row seating is a plus.

- Catalina V

Fits a lot of people and is great for short travel

Pulls when it gets hot outside. Paint started peeling after a while. The inside doesn't get air throughout car very fast. The comfort is ok. Seats can be very uncomfortable at times. Does not last if taken on a long road trip. Back seat is way too crammed to have three people.

- Gabriela M

Great SUV - excellent value!

Reliable and only issues due to wear and tear. Lots of room in seats and cargo. Very comfortable and great Air conditioning. Takes the miles without problems but gas mileage is really the only weakness. Great family car and great for travel. I would buy one again.

- Bill D

Long trip vehicle that always comes through when you need it too.

Car runs fantastic. I have used the vehicle on many trips, especially far away trips. I have put over 70k miles in 2 years and the vehicle runs the same as when I got it. The only problem is the dashboard which cracks after a few years with the vehicle.

- David N

Great all around vehicle for a family. Plenty of room to load kids and dogs for a road trip.

I love the amount of space I have for my family to travel comfortably in. It handles well in all types of weather and road conditions. The only downfall would be the lack of visual you have through the back windows while backing up.

- Chelsea K

They have great power for both driving and towing.

I love the black leather interior.. I love all the automatic items like the mirrors adjusting when I am in reverse.. I love how I can move the gas pedal closer with a button.. The back gate opening with a touch of a button.

- Michelle K

It is very dependable and very roomy if you have children

My vehicle is good for hauling kids and all their stuff. probably my only dislike is there is a blind spot when you look back to the right. It is very family friendly. I was afraid it would be too big but it is just right.


Its very classy and spacious.

I love my Tahoe. It is so classy and roomy. Taking trips in it is so comfortable. I am expecting so It's great that i'll have enough room for my little one. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Absolutely love it.

- Catlin T

It is very good for space.

The door handle inside the doors are made of thin plastic so it breaks very easily. Also the pickup speed is very slow. Slow pickup speed usually means good gas miles per gallon but that doesn't see all that good.

- Tony J

I love my Chevy Tahoe and recommend it!

I love my Tahoe. It's very durable and reliable. I have have minor cosmetic issues repaired such as replacing a rear wiper motor. It's spacious and perfect for road trips. Gas is a lot but that's to be expected.

- Tracy J

That it's alway good to go when i'm ready to go And it has never failed me , i love the 4 wheel drive in winter as well .

i love my tahoe its very dependable, it's been a trooper for me with very little problems other than general stuff, it's a great drive and very comfortable to be in and plenty of room for my stuff and my dog

- suzie b

Tahoe is a well made SUV with a 3rd row that comes in handy.

I would rather have a black Tahoe than a maroon one. I like the OnStar capability. I like the 3rd row. I like that I have had little to no problems with the vehicle since I bought it.


Has good visuals since it sits high enough in the air. Also, as I tall it has great leg room.

Love all of it especially do to the family. There is so much room. I like traveling with it as we can pack so much in it. Each child has their own space. Gas Mileage isn't good.

- Michael L

That I love my Tahoe. I will drive this vehicle as long as I can (as long as it will run).

I love my Tahoe. It is spacious, rides great, has exactly what I need for business & family travel. It is a very dependable and well built vehicle. I absolutely love my Tahoe!!!

- Chris S

It's a perfect family vehicle. Dependable, reliable, and stylish

The Tahoe I have had No problems so far, always reliable, great in the snow for Michigan winters. Comfortable and great for family trips with storage and DVD player in the back.

- Erika L

I like the fact it's rugged but yet and the same time has a classy feel to it

I love my tahoe, it's very roomy, it can hold a lot of stuff, the 4 wheel drive is great it has lots of power when you need it, it has a classic look with a high dollar feel.

- Ben W

Spacious and a good family vehicle that can fit many

It is a great vehicle. It has been brought to the shop for a few minor things already. The only thing that I have to complain about is the terrible gas mileage that it gets.

- Alexis H

It's a good solid car with room, gets ok gas mileage for an suv.

I love the Tahoe's wish I had a newer one but they are too expensive for me. I hate my car doesn't have captain chairs in the backseat. I like that is 4 wheel drive

- Jennifer W

It is a a good size car that needs gas on a frequent basis.

Things I like, it is very spacious. Things I don't like it uses up a lot of gas. Things I like it a family car. Things I don't like it was bought used, needs work.

- Viridiana A

Leather interior and entertainment system !

Handles well on all terrains, comfortable, roomy and powerful. Navigation, dvd, backup camera, sirius xm radio all make for a great trip vehicle in any weather

- Sebastian H

Tahoe: the great family vehicle

Heated seats which make it very comfortable. Very smooth ride and very comfortable seating. It has performed very well and has a lot of room and ease of use.

- Karissa B

It is big and can have a lot of space as a family vehicle.

I like that it is big, handles the road well and has good storage compartments. I do not like that sometimes I feel like I am driving a truck.

- Meg G

Chevrolet Tahoe is a very top of line vehicle

Chevrolet Tahoe is an extremely move and luxurious vehicle! Very comfortable ride and smooth drive. Would recommend this vehicle to any family

- Chris J

This vehicle is very dependable and works in every situation.

Love this vehicle. Have nearly 100,000 miles on it and have had absolutely no problems with it. Very comfortable and reliable vehicle.

- renea j

Its reliable. It runs perfect and its old. Trust old models.

I like how smooth it rides. I don't like how it bounces very easily or that it doesn't have an aux cord. I think it's time to upgrade.

- Amanda S

Built to last! Great family SUV.

None, just wish it had more features like Bluetooth radio, air conditioned seats but overall it it's a great vehicle, built to last!!

- Bridget I

It is a great family car especially if you need to tow things.

I love that it can comfortably fit my whole family. I love my backup camera. My only complaint is there's not enough trunk space.

- Robert G

It's like driving a car not it does feel big like a truck

Good on mileage .. lots of space on all three ..Not enough space in the back for extra if you plan on using all seat with people

- Alejandra P

Great gas mileage and great communication system.

Love my car. Perfect for what I do. No complaints.. Use to tow my boats, it is 4 wheel drive. I can drive in the snow..

- Kathy N

Chevy is very reliable and has been to me.

Sound system is up to par. My vehicle is very reliable. Gorgeous interior and exterior. Very spacious and comfortable.

- Michelle T

After having a truck can never go back to a car.

Love the space good for road trips as well as kids into sports. Only thing gas guzzler. Not great gas mileage.

- Ms J

it is gold with big rims on it

my car is old but still the best. i haven't had any problems with it for years. it runs like i just bought it

- carlos S

You can take the third row out.

I love the size. I love the captains chairs because It's great for car seats. I love having a DVD player

- Nicole h

I have never had a mechanical issue.

Gets decent gas mileage. Lots of room for family to sit. No storage in the back for vacation luggage.

- Ashley P

If there are any recalls on it.

Dislike color I chose, have issues with traction button, very bad on gas mileage. Love how it drives.

- Rachel S

others should know that I love my truck very much and I wouldn't trade it for nothing

I hate that it drinks so much fuel. Because it so big but I love to size and the room of the vehicle

- Pete R

It's a really nice car, is very spacey and dependable.

Love everything about my Tahoe except my growing kids wish there was more leg room in the back seat.

- Laura B

It is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

I like the size and color of my Tahoe as well as the decent MPG for a vehicle that size.

- Ernesto C

It has plenty of power and space and wonderful features

I love everything about it. It runs great. Love all the features. No complaints

- Heidi R

It is safe. the Tahoe can fit 8 people and is so so comfortable. .

I love the room. I love that I can take the back row out. I love the comfort.

- Joanna M

The tahoe rides like a luxury vehicle, but also has the price tag of one.

Very spacious. Has a comfortable ride and is quiet. Could be better on gas

- Tracy D

I like the size because it fits my family well. no complaints

Tahoe is a very reliable vehicle for me. Had an easy time in deep snow

- amanda k

it is comfortable... the spare parts are accessible

it's very comfortable... I love the brand good technical support

- thomas c

Dependable and very comfortable ride I highly recommend it

I love my car it's comfortable and well built and dependable

- Seza D

passenger safety and comfort when traveling has a lot of interior space

excellent quality low price very comfortable good finish...

- harvey h

It is a very familiar and spacious vehicle and excellent to go for a walk...

very comfortable and comfortable for my whole family

- preston p

I love the three rows of seating. I love that it is spacious for the family. I hate that it's so high off the ground.

It's a great Family Car for trips and everyday use!

- Kaimi S

Not for everyone, but it good for me. I love it. It tows very well.

I love the room in it, but it get poor gas mileage.

- Dave H

Good SUV; the remote start is an attractive feature of the vehicle.

- Sanya A