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Great family vehicle! Great winter vehicle! Very comfortable and roomy vehicle!

We are family of 5. 2 adults and the kids under age of 5. The back seat for all the car seats, it has great let room for kids and adults at front. Great space in the trunk, that can fit double stroller. We have very hard winters and the car does great in the snow and ice roads. I love the fact that you can switch from 2-wheel drive in the summer to auto or 4-wheel drive in the winter. Or model had DVD player which is very nice for kids entertainment on the long trips. Gas mileage is great for this size SUV. We had problem switching from 2-wheel drive to auto, but the problem was resolved quickly. It is very comfortable to drive. Very sturdy. Great maneuverability! I am only driving for 2 years, so not a lot of experience, but feel very comfortable driving this SUV. I love how the computer let's you know of something is wrong.

- Olga G

Large stylish and family friendly.

My 2014 silver Chevrolet Tahoe is not only stylish but quite reliable, roomy and comfortable. Great family vehicle when taking a road trip or vacationing. Seats 7 passengers comfortably. Cup holders in back and front seating. Back passengers can also enjoy their own radio and charging capabilities. Cargo space is fairly large. Back seats can be removed to make more cargo space. Middle seats can fold up to give you even more space. Will alert you when your tires need air, need an oil change, or something is wrong with your engine.

- Rosa F

Very roomy and great for a family

We really love our Tahoe, with the bucket seats in the middle row and the third row that folds down for easy storage after grocery shopping. Has enough room for our family as well as friends if we go some place as a group. Very comfortable seating. Kids love the DVD player and we love that they can watch a DVD with headphones so we can still listen to music and not have to listen to the kids movie they are watching. We love the sun roof as well for some extra air flow or sun.

- Amanda K

Very reliable and safe vehicle

My Tahoe has been extremely reliable, I've had minimal issues with it. The gas economy isn't very great in town, but does much better on the highway or long distance. The only features I have had issues with are when it is low on brake fluid the auto traction control turns off for some odd reason. And I wasn't aware that when you have a four wheel drive there's a transfer case which takes a different type of fluid.

- Amber B

I love my Tahoe and it is a joy to drive.

I live in Minnesota and 4 wheel drive of my Tahoe really comes in handy. It handles very well in the snow. I enjoy outdoor activities and the cargo space comes in handy to load my skies, hunting items and fishing items. I also like the safety it provides. I can see the road ahead because I sit high above other cars on the road. It is weight and stability are a asset when driving in windy conditions.

- Bill K

Great family car for reasonable price

Great vehicle for road trips. Spacious. My kids love the TVs in the headrests and the fact that they can both watch whichever movie they like. Only problems I've had is that the clear coat had faded leaving the hood of the vehicle looking dull and the adhesive from the side moldings has come loose causing it to peel back (I personally think it looks better without it anyway).

- Amanda M

Great buy. Very reliable and low maintenance.

I have had my vehicle for six months. I got it used. So far there has been no problems with it. Just regular maintenance. I have a six inch lift and just love it. There is just one thing that I don't really like about it is that in order to fully use the phone features it only works with Apple. I have an android so all of the car phone features will not work.

- Rachael T

The front glove department is spacious for napkins and other items.

No problems, I like the truck makes me feel safe when I have the kids. I like the space of the truck. It's so spacious, I like that I'm short and the seat can adjust all the way to my size and I'm 4'10-4'1. I Also like all the back seating and the truck space overall a good car I like trucks I feel safer.

- Jessica G

I feel very safe driving it.

I am super impressed with the Tahoe. It is comfortable, roomy, stylish, and fun. Steering is quick so took a little bit to get used to. Love the feeling of sitting up higher and feel I can see much better. Ride is so comfortable. Does not feel like I am in a SUV. Would highly recommend this vehicle!

- Becky V

Great standard vehicle with a few faults

This is a great vehicle. It's roomy enough for all 6 of us but at the same time this vehicle is basic compared to others on the market. Its reliable which matter the most for me. It's great for towing and gas mileage is standard. But it does have its faults such as interior cracking very early.

- Natalie B

A great family car for families and kids.

I have loved this vehicle. I have not had any problems with it at all in the years I have had this vehicle. It is a great car to take family trips and also to run errands around town or take children to school. It has lots of room for cargo and such as from Asia or sports equipment also.

- Kate P

Tahoe is the Cadillac of SUV world.

My Chevrolet Tahoe is the roomiest smoothest riding driving vehicle I have ever owned. I love it. The four wheel drive is smooth. Transferring from four wheel drive is very easy. The air conditioning and heating system is above average. The towing capacity of the Tahoe is awesome.

- Jim A

Tahoe is my favorite car for my big family.

Very comfortable for a long trips, spacious for big family very quiet and not trouble for now. I love big cars and this Tahoe is my favorite for a lot of reasons my family love it too the TV the sunroof we travel each year and we love our car makes easy our way and life.

- Marina L

King of the road. Chevy. Tahoe.

It's a good reliable SUV it's been all over the place so it's kind of running its course now but other than that it is something I would consider purchasing again. Upkeep was pretty easy. Get the tires changed when needed. Keep the oil changed will take you a long ways.

- Marcello L

It can easily pull a boat

I love how it has a sharp design to it, I like that we got the LTZ version so it has some bells and whistles, it drives smooth. My wife and I like to travel and also go boating a lot so it has enough interior space for us and it is strong enough to pull our boat.

- Bart D

It is a wonderful vehicle. It's safe. It is dependable.

I love the interior space. It is roomy enough for several adults to ride comfortably. It drives great. I do not like the fact that the third row seats have to be removed completely in order to free up the cargo space. Stow and go option would be more practical.

- Angie S

Great for families with one or two kids!

I love all of the room that it has! It is great for families with kids. It is comfortable and it drives and handles well. The only thing I would change is I wish it had more room in the back end without having to flip the seats up or taking the seats out.

- Jill H

my Chevy Tahoe is an amazing and durable car. I like how spacious it feels.

I have never run into problems with my Tahoe. The only disadvantage is the gas mileage. It costs me about $60 to fill up my twenty-two gallon car. The performance and reliability are great and exceeds expectations. The seats are leather and comfortable.

- caroline P

I think that since it is a big SUV that others would think it was like driving a tank but actually It's as easy as driving a car but so much more.

I like the big the inside is. We take the vehicle on vacation and with the third row seats it is very comfortable for all. I like having the back up camera but hate having it in the rearview mirror, it takes a lot of getting used to.

- Jo S

The third row seating is a must.

The Chevy Tahoe is roomy and comfortable. . . It is good on gas mileage and I love it. . . I highly recommend the Chevrolet Tahoe to anyone. If the room isn't enough thru the third row seating. . . I couldn't be more pleased.

- Debbie H

It is comfortable and safe. I can always get where I need to go.

I love the size and safety of my vehicle. It has a large powerful engine and is extremely dependable. We can fit our family and sports equipment when we travel for sports. The only downside is that it is bad on gas.

- Teriann H

Very safe to drive and dependable and spacious!

This is my 5th Chevy and two of my Chevy vehicles (04’ suburban and 05’ Tahoe) our both approaching 250, 000 miles with very little maintenance issues! Just oil changes as needed, tires and a couple of batteries!

- Kevin C

If you are in a smart car and you get hit by a large SUV, you are going to be a big loser.

We take a lot of trips, which it is very roomy for. The cargo area lets us pack up suitcases plus additional items needed. The SUV, however, is big and it makes it more difficult to park, especially in garages.

- Stanley W

I believe it would be about the space and room it has. There is room for up to 7 people plus a lot of cargo space

I don't have any complaints. I love the room I have in it. It's great for traveling which we do a lot of. The cargo area is good for when I go shopping. It has a tv and dvd player for my child which is great

- Lindsey M

It's American made and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

I love the color. It has simple yet exciting features including seat and steering wheel warmers and coolers, a tv for the kids, a sunroof, and bucket seats. There is nothing that I dislike about my car v

- Kiki C

2014 Tahoe LTZ: Roomy and great winter driving vehicle.

The Tahoe is roomy and futz 2 car seats very well. The third row is a great feature and easily folds up to allow lots of cargo space. The Tahoe rides smoothly and handles well, especially in the snow.

- Kim Z

It gets me from point A to point B.

I do not like that there is not enough room in the backseat. I do not like that as the car gets older some of the features break easily. I do like that although it is older it still looks great!

- Meg M

I like the way the vehicle handles in the winter and the fact I sit up high.

It is a little difficult to get 3 kids in car seats in the vehicle. We have one in the 3rd row so makes it a little difficult. Drives nice and is reliable just wish it had better gas mileage.

- Meghan G

It is very sporty and affordable.

Love the look and the way it drives. Would like more space and better gas mileage. I would also like it to have more accessories in the console. Would like a better sounding stereo as well.

- Rebecca V

It's an excellent ride and drive. Also I feel like it is very reliable.

I like everything about it. I really have no dislikes. It is a little hard to see out of the windows in the back because of blind spots. But I use my mirrors carefully to avoid problems.

- nancy b

The Chevy Tahoe is the best large SUV

I love the Chevy Tahoe...it is very reliable and comfortable, has enough room for 7 to 8 people, and drives well in all weather conditions. We feel safe and comfortable in it.

- Mel D

It is a sturdy all around great vehicle.

I love the safety of a big vehicle and the space inside. I also like the looks and style of the Tahoe's. I dislike the amount of gas it takes, but will continue to drive it!!

- Mandy C

Very comfortable great for a big family.

I had to have my rear end differential fixed the tires are expensive to replace the hatch on the back has broke once but other than that I love my truck very comfortable.

- Gemel W

The Chevrolet Tahoe is a very reliable and dependable automobile to own.

I like the size and convenience of having an SUV that looks expensive. I like the color and all of the enhancements. I do not like the low gas mileage.

- Ann Q

It's reliable. Our last Tahoe has over 285 thousand miles on it and still runs great.

Very comfortable ride, Smooth, It has plenty of room but I wish the third row seats were not there and did not leave a lump in the floor when removed.

- Bethany P

It makes the driver feel not only comfortable, but safe when behind the wheel.

Smoother and more responsive steering than many older those. Spacious and compatible with different needs. Hands free connection with phone is poor.

- Jason C

It rattles. Interior is nice but leather is starting to fade.

I love it. It is big & spacious. It has 3 rows of seats. Satellite radio was included. Its big enough for my large family. But it uses a lot of gas.

- Kathy H

can negotiate all kinds of unexpectedly rough terrain

I love the Tahoe. It is a great family car. Very reliable. Can go off road everywhere. I take it to the ranch or the hunt lease all the time.

- Brian G

It is very dependable and reliable.

This care is dependable and reliable. It is a great size for family car, we can fit everything we need in it. We can tow with it if we wanted to.

- Amanda S

The most important thing about this vehicle is reliability.

I like the size, feel, maneuverability etc. I like the sound of the engine. I like the 4 wheel drive option. I am not fond of the white color.

- Pat R

Reliability, safety and roomy.

My Tahoe is reliable and very roomy for the 3 kids I have. It is safe and I love the style and the way it drives- in town and on the highway.

- Sarah G

Roomy and nice to drive on the road.

The car runs well and relatively maintenance free. The luggage area behind the back seats is limited. You will need a rack on top.

- Buddy C

Nice and roomy. Low mileage. Has the power to get up and go!!

I love my Tahoe. I like the way it handles long trips. I also like the 3 row seating it has. The only the I dislike is the payment.

- Barbara K

It's build out of steel and not aluminum that the newer ones are made out of!

I love my Tahoe, but I do wish I had bucket seats in the middle row. The third row never is used because it's just not convenient.

- Nikki L

The safety of my Chevy Tahoe for not just myself, but most importantly my children.

It has all the features to fit my family and I. Love the third row seating for my children. Very spacious, roomy and comfortable.

- Amanda B

It drives very well and has room for a family.

I love this vehicle because it is easy to drive there's nothing I dislike. It is big and roomy plenty of room for my passengers.

- Josh H

Very comfortable for long road trips!

Makes driving very comfortable, ride great. Slot of room for your backseat passengers. Reliable, never had a problem with it.

- Megan S

Love my Tahoe! My favorite vehicle

Chevy Tahoe Sade the most reliable comfy spacious suv it is everything you will want and need! Lots of room for kids

- Veronica V

I like that is has plenty of room for me and my big family. I don't like that it doesn't save on gas. It is an enjoyment to drive.

It's stylish and it leaves up to all it details. For has it leaving up to a Chevy. It saves gas on miles if you go

- Belinda C

The third row seating is a must with kids and a dog.

I like mostly how comfortable my truck is and how spacious it is for my family. It has good gas mileage as well.

- Preston W

The safety it offers. How much gas it uses.

I like how spacious my Tahoe is. The navigation system is top of the line. And the stereo system is awesome.

- Nicole a

The space the security that I feel when I drive it every day.

Tahoe is spacious, comfortable my 3 kids love it. Runs good and our trips are very enjoyable in this car.

- Brisa L

It's sporty, handles well in all conditions and It drives great.

love the look of it, it drives great. Only thing I would change is the gas mileage because it is awful.

- Gia A

Rides very good. Great for long trips.

It is big but uses too much gas. Do not get good gas mileage. Nice color. Love the satellite radio.

- Jeffery G