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The Tahoe is like a big truck, but with the seating for a large family.

The Chevy Tahoe 2015 had a cracked condenser that left me without air conditioning for 5 weeks, because the part was backordered everywhere. This was frustrating and I was disappointed that Chevy did not reimburse customers for the work. This is the only major issue I have had with my Tahoe, which I love. I spoke to my Chevy dealership about my experience. They were understanding, but because the condenser wasn't a safety issue, they were not able to do anything other than repair it when the part came in. As a family of 6 the Tahoe fits us all comfortably with our gear. The trunk space is not huge when the seats are all up, but I easily put the third row up and down when I go grocery shopping or run big errands. The navigation upgrade on my Tahoe is my favorite feature.

- Erin M

Comfort, classy, great safety, but watch the sloped cargo space.

The 2015 Tahoe looks amazing. Love thee exterior styling, has very durable tires, love all the bells and whistles on the LTZ version. Adjustable seats, heated and AC seats, very comfortable with her to or 6 people in the vehicle. Fold down seats allow for much cargo space. Only detail I detest in the cargo area is the space slopes toward the back door. Be very careful with any grocery purchases sports equipment, Etc. As they could very easily roll out the door when opened. No cargo net was provided with this used vehicle, there is no lip or rim to keep things in so you can easily have something land on your foot. Beyond that I really really like this model Tahoe.

- Michelle P

Tahoe can resolve family dilemmas.

Our Tahoe is a dream vehicle that provides us with performance, reliability, and safety. On long road trips, we can have private conversations in the front while the kids are listening to a movie via earbuds in the back. The driver’s seat can auto set for 2 different drivers: short or tall; no one has to hassle with individual corrections. With a push of a button all features can return back to the other drivers defaults. Also, the third and second row of seats can retract in so you can transfer large cargo for any home reno. This purchase will not be a regret. . You’ll be referring all your friends to also purchase a Tahoe.

- Christine J

Tahoe is a great family vehicle.

We love our Tahoe! We have only had one maintenance issue and that was a leak in the windshield wiper fluid. Other than that, we have only taken it in to the dealer for regular scheduled maintenance and oil changes. The Tahoe is roomy and plenty of room for our family of 5 which included 3 very active boys that each play multiple sports. We have room for all the sporting equipment and a very large lab mix. The gas mileage is not that great but that is to be expected with larger vehicles. We especially love the sunroof, GPS, heated and air conditioned seats and steering wheel, and the storage space.

- Tammy B

The most important thing to me is how sturdy and durable it is.

I really enjoy driving the Tahoe. I feel very safe in it as it has s very heavy feel to it compared to other SUVs we looked at. The only issues I have had with it were with the radio / navigation system. It went out and the dealer replaced it under warranty. I believe it was about 8 months later and I was having the same issues. I took it back in and they replaced it again. Haven't had any problems since. My one complaint with the design of the vehicle is the fact that the cup holders in the back are all square. . . So several style cups will not fit correctly and tip out easily.

- Michelle R

Great comfortable family car.

The car is overall great. I love so much the space and comfort and how well it fits my family of 4. I love the storage space, especially the center console. The amount of cup holders. The pop up third row can fit an actual adult without comfort being compromised. The trunk space with third row down is very good. However, there seems to be a constant problem with squeaky brakes. The exterior window panels on the driver and front passenger door come loose. And there seems to be perpetual ac problems.

- Grace W

I love my beautiful red Tahoe.

My beautiful red Tahoe has cream leather seats that heat up. My middle seat is 2 bucket seats. I have a fantastic moonroof. My Tahoe is so comfortable and I especially love the huge back up camera, the visibility is fantastic! I like that the rear tailgate area can be split. I love being able to use the Bluetooth feature and speak on the phone using the car speakers and I have Sirius radio and the sound system sounds awesome! We drive down the road and our Tahoe is so beautiful heads turn!

- Jan T

It is hard to park because it is such a wide vehicle, you will have to park far.

The good news is the interior space is very roomy. The backseat can hold three people across fairly comfortable. The third row seats are very small and really only suited to children. The interior is nice looking. The car itself is very wide which makes it extremely hard to park. You have to have a large space on either side, otherwise you cannot open your door enough to get out. Also on narrow roads it feels like you are ha going off the side. It is not very good on gas either.

- Melissa P

2015 Tahoe pro and cons, at least we have enough space for everyone.

My family loves this vehicle because it is large enough for all of us and when we are going on vacation, it is large enough to hold everything that we need. However; we have had some continuing problems with it. The touch screen has gone blank and has need to be replaced which was not covered under warranty and still continues to glitch sometimes. Also, the air conditioner has decided to stop working and it looks like it is going to have to go into the shop again.

- Amanda C

It is a very spacious and reliable suv.

The first thing I love about my Tahoe is the way it looks. It is a very sleek car. I also really enjoy having captains seat for my kids. It makes it very easy for them to The first thing I love about my Tahoe is the way it looks. It is a very sleek car. I also really enjoy having captains seat for my kids. It makes it very easy for them to Move around. I also really enjoyed the storage the Tahoe house move around. I also really enjoyed the storage the Tahoe has.

- Alana M

This is a very nice dependable vehicle.

I am very pleased with my Chevy Tahoe, it has been a very reliable piece of transportation. We purchased the vehicle new, at the dealership, we enjoy taking it on long trips with the family, it is very roomy, the kids enjoy having the three seats, the ac in the back of the vehicle can be controlled by them, the sound system is of very good quality, also the rear view backup camera comes in pretty handy in tight situations.

- Roger H

I love my car - very spacious, reliable, and beautiful inside and out!

My vehicle is very comfortable, reliable, and strong. It is very good for anyone living in the Midwest, where we get all the weather conditions, especially for snowy winters. Very nice leather, interior, and DVD player. It is also very spacious, but not too big. Parking is challenging sometimes, so I wouldn't recommend in a busy city. Have only had a few issues with the pedals being recalled but love this car a lot.

- Mary L

It is very spacious for family.

I love my 2015 Chevy Tahoe! Great ride, performance, absolutely no negative issues at all. Great in all types of weather too. I am totally impressed with the quality, Chevy has come a long way. The leather interior is the best, especially having two underage boys. It also has an navigation system and Bose speakers that I am able to control on my wheel. My Tahoe has so much space, it is perfect!

- Leslie A

Great vehicle, best one I have ever owned. . Looks sharp. Drives smooth.

I bought my Tahoe brand new in 2015 and I have never had any problems with it whatsoever. I love everything about it. The way it drives. The on-star. Being able to have Wi-Fi inside the vehicle has made trips with kids so much easier. They can keep themselves entertained. I have absolutely zero complaints about the Tahoe and I am planning on purchasing a newer Tahoe in the next couple of years.

- Stephanie R

Roomy and safe features make this a great vehicle for families and travel.

My Tahoe has not given me any problems. One of the features I really enjoy is the vibrating seat and notification if you are too close to another vehicle or go outside of the lines. Also there is a lot of storage space in the vehicle which is great with children and travel. The 3rd row option is a nice addition as well that can fold up and down when needing additional storage space.

- Renee K

Four wheel drive is a must!

I love the interior space in the Tahoe. There is more than enough room for my 6’3” boyfriend, 6’0” oldest son, 5’6” youngest son, and our boxer and chihuahua. I own a 4x4 and it handles amazing in snow and icy conditions. It never loses traction. I wish there was the option to get it with a diesel engine. And the gas mileage is not very good (15-18 miles per gallon).

- Amy M

I love my Tahoe. Great family vehicle.

I love my Chevrolet Tahoe. It is a great family vehicle with plenty of room and a smooth ride. Also has towing capabilities and tons or technology advances including navigation. Leather seats with heating. Headlights are a little dim but I have advanced them. Also has 3rd row seating. Would prefer buckets seats for the 2nd row but currently have bench seating.

- Caitlin C

The Tahoe is a solid, stable vehicle.

I love the Tahoe for its stability on the road. I feel safe when I drive it. It is not like the lighter vehicles; it is solid and encounters any driving condition with ease. I have not had any problems with the Tahoe. It has a very roomy interior and can take on a large load in the back. I do like the third seat in the rear. It can safely haul 7 passengers.

- Sonia M

Overall good family vehicle.

I love the overall vehicle itself! Perfect family vehicle and the ride is so smooth! I have a small rear view camera and it is definitely a plus but would one day like to upgrade to a bigger screen with more features like touchscreen. Also I love all the seats but it does make the back portion be smaller and I sometimes could use more space back there.

- Ana H

The remote hatch opener is my favorite. You have one inside the car too.

I love my car. Comfortable seating. Performance has been great. Gas mileage is good. Have had no problems at the present time. I feel safe in this type of SUV during interstate travel. Love all the features such as heated seats, digital dashboard, speakers, and the easiness of the fold down seats in the back. . Hands free phone is a very nice feature.

- Teresa G

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe- the perfect fit for my family.

I love this vehicle. We have had no issues, and are the second owners. I feel like it is safe and reliable for my family. It has plenty of room for a family. My favorite features of this vehicle include the lane assist, it lets me know if I cross the median or shoulder lines on the road. It also alerts me if I am going to rear end someone.

- Allison W

The safety features on this vehicle are top of the line where there is blind spot car detection, and a backup camera.

I love the overall size of my vehicle where I can either sit 6 extra people in my car or put the seats down and carry very large objects. This car is also great for camping and/or glamping where you can camp in the back of the vehicle with all of your materials. The style and type of vehicle fits our family through and through!

- Alena K

The perfect family sized luxury vehicle.

The Chevy Tahoe is the perfect vehicle. It combines luxury feel with truck-like performance. Its comfort and stylish design make it desirable for in town driving. The towing capacity and spacious interior make it the obvious choice for long trips or weekend getaways with the boat. Added bonus - the entire family fits!

- Anna T


At 6'10" tall my Tahoe is the only SUV that I can fit comfortably in. I've had the vehicle for over three years now and I've had no mechanical issues whatsoever. The car is great on trips, has plenty of storage room in the back and the third seat is perfect for the grandkids. My next vehicle will be a Tahoe is well!

- Art L

Love my dependable Chevy Tahoe lt.

I have only had a few issues with my truck for some reason they have had to change the XM antenna twice it just went out. The other was air conditioning went out. Otherwise I love my truck this is the second one I had the first one for 10 years and was running fine when I sold it they are fantastic SUV and dependable.

- Gina P

Awesome traveling experience.

Love the seating and power. Also great for winter weather and vacation. The interior is great for families and large dogs with all the room and doors. Tows our trainer with horses and feed to horse shows and it looks great while traveling. I would recommend this to a family that likes to have fun and adventures.

- Cathy J

Tahoe checks many boxes, great overall choice for safety & comfortability!

I love the size, but sometimes I would rather drive a smaller vehicle. Certainly a choice and a trade off. The Tahoe rides very comfortably. I have captain chairs in the 2nd row and they are wonderful. There are several nice hidden storage compartments. My only request would be more cup holders for the 2nd row.

- Steph C

Very comfortable and stylish family car.

It is very easy to drive unlike other large vehicles. Comfortable, classy and great for a family. The third row option makes it great when you have 7 people traveling. The leather interior is of good quality and style. The back up camera makes it easy to back out of right places and watch for oncoming traffic.

- Jane B

Love my Tahoe! Right size, right price, and right time for me!

The Tahoe has lots of room and drives like a dream. It does have a few more bumps to it, since it is on a truck frame. I am able to transport more people and "stuff", which is the main reason we bought it. Also, the Tahoe has great reviews for reliability. It is easy to park and comfortable on road trips.

- Laura B

I love my truck but it has a ticking sound that I do not like.

I love my Chevy, I always have my oil and tiers checked monthly. I have never had a big problem with it. I have a ticking noise that comes and goes I have paid over 350. 00 to the dealership trying to problem solve and they are unable to find it. They say it is a common problem with that kind of truck.

- Dee R

The GMC terrain 2017 review.

The terrain is not very roomy but just enough for my significant other and kids. It saves gas very good on the highways. The suspension is very tight so an U-turn is difficult. The ac does a mediocre job in the back of the vehicle. It is an affordable vehicle and overall it is performance is good.

- Earl H

The most interesting part of the car is the secret compartment which is great.

Quite reliable, a bit of a gas guzzler but drives great and is very nice. If I had to say something about the look I would say that it is quite modern but also has a nice touch of class while still looking quite sleek. The seats are also very comfortable and they have seat warmers which is nice.

- Eric M

Love the Tahoe! Comfort and convenience.

Minor issue with rear driver’s side door lock actuator. It was replaced for ~$500. No issues with transmission. Ltz model has captain seats in middle row which adds significant comfort. Automatic 3rd row adds convenience. Bose sound system is great. Reverse camera is slightly delayed.

- Allison A

This is why I like my Chevy.

I have owned a Chevrolet before. I like the quality, well made, and comfort of the vehicle. It has never left me on the side of the road and it is been very reliable to me. I will more than likely buy another Chevy when I am done driving my Tahoe. I also like the way the inside looks.

- Pamela J

Why I love my 2015 Tahoe.

My 2015 Tahoe is very luxurious. Black outside and black inside with leather upholstery. It has a lot up to date features. Real smooth ride. I would definitely buy another one when the next model comes in. I am very satisfied with the 2015 Tahoe and would definitely recommend one.

- Juan L

Me favorite vehicle to drive. And also my kids favorite.

Vehicle has been great. Only thing that is been done is brake job and keeping up maintenance. Has enough room for long trips and car pools. Also can work out of and haul any equipment. Favorite vehicle I have ever had and will definitely get another if I purchase another vehicle.

- Craig F

Cargo area and the net that keeps all of my bags from falling out.

This is my 3rd time to buy a Tahoe. Tried a 2013 Ford Explorer and absolutely hated that car. My Tahoe got better gas mileage and a much better ride. My Tahoe is so much more roomier. Love the feeling of being off the ground when I drive. Have never had any issues with my Tahoe.

- Roxanne G

Smooth, comfortable ride with some minor quality issues.

Very comfortable in any of the seats, even third row. Smooth, comfortable ride. Good gas mileage for a full size SUV. Some of the plastic pieces inside and out have warped a little from heat exposure- for a $50, 000 rig, you shouldn't have to worry about these plastic pieces.

- Alexa K

Comfortable and reliable but not quite the ideal family car.

I love my Tahoe!! It is super comfortable, and reliable. My only complaints would be there is no storage which is quite difficult for families, there is not much leg room in the back two rows, and if you have 2 car seats it is not easy to get people in and out of the back.

- Amanda L

Radio and the black leather seats and carpet.

Only problem was a battery issue and it was resolved quickly. Seems like batteries in newer vehicles these days do not last like they use to. There is a knocking in the steering wheel when you turn but it has not bothered me. It usually knocks when you turn left mostly.

- Sandra H

My Chevy Tahoe drives like a dream and is the ultimate in comfort yet badass enough to go in the mud.

My vehicle is a 4X4 yet a luxurious automobile. I feel like I can take it anywhere and I love everything about it except for the driver seat positioning. My legs lose circulation with the slight bend upward in the seat and it does not adjust to slope down at all.


That a Tahoe is not as cheap as people may think. The cost of a mid-level Tahoe is on par with a luxury vehicle.

I like that my car is a big SUV. I do not like that it is a gas guzzler especially when I have to sit in traffic to go to work. Also do not like the fact that after 3 years, they still have not resolved the iPod integration issue with the infotainment center.

- B T

I can't call it. I love my baby.

My car is exceptionally convenient and reliable. It provides a solid sense of direction and it also has an centralizing purpose. I would not want any other vehicle other than the wonderful Chevy Tahoe. It is very roomy" and it can fit all of my friends in it.

- A M

The greatest Chevrolet Tahoe.

It's been a great SUV, I love everything about it! The Tahoe has lots of room for growing boys, groceries, it's comfortable for long trips. I find it to be great with gas mileage, I love the comfortable seats, the air conditioner cools the car down quickly.

- Sandy A

That it has a 5 star safety rating thru Chevrolet and that the Kelly Blue Book Value is considerably high considering the year and condition of my vehicle.

I like that my Tahoe has the 3rd row seating option, Bose stereo system, heated seats, sunroof, and that I chose the leather seats as my choice. I dislike the fact that my Tahoe is a Flex Fuel Economy Package, but I still do not get very good gas mileage.

- Charity S

This car does have the 3rd that folds down in the car I like older models.

The Tahoe has one of the smoothest rides of any vehicle I have ever drove. I love the space inside the vehicle and the flexibility of having the third row that folds up or down for more or less cargo space. One of the best cars I have purchased!

- Richard S

Chevy Tahoe- great family vehicle

It has a lot of nice features. Some of my favorites are the navigation system, DVD player/ media system, rear camera, and traffic sensors. I do wish the third row seating was a little more spacious. Overall,very happy with vehicle.

- Keri H

It's nice on the eye comfortable seating very smooth ride

I like my car its very reliable comfortable and affordable to drive including gas and maintenance i like how smove it drive and how fast it goes it brakes very nice too very good stereo system as well, air conditioner is up to par

- Bryant R

Chevrolet Tahoe is a roomy vehicle!

We love our Chevrolet Tahoe! The only problem we have had with it is that there was a crack in the tank that holds the windshield wiper fluid. Other than that we have just taken it in for regular scheduled maintenance.

- Tammy B


Love love love our Tahoe. It's a great size and love all the features and storage it provides. My only complaint is when it's time to clean it up, there are so many places to clean. Would 100% purchase again though.

- Allison M

Love my Chevrolet Tahoe!

Love my Tahoe. Heated and air conditioning seats. Backup cameras, which vibrates if someone is near, love the entertainment center in it. Also love the onstar app that allows you to start your vehicle from anywhere

- Elizabeth F

My car is reliable and gets me where I need to be no matter what weather.

I like the size and look of my vehicle. I like the safety value of my vehicle for my children. I like the electronics and stereo system in my vehicle. I like the four wheel drive in my vehicle for winter driving.

- Katie H

My truck has all the features a family with kids would want.

I like my Tahoe a lot. It is very comfortable and it drives like a dream. I only had a problem with the AC unit. There was a defect in the AC cord. I took it to the dealership and it was fixed in the same day.

- Shecora L

What I like about Chevrolet

It is a really well made vehicle, the ride quality is great. It handles very well in all road conditions. My only complaint is with three kids I wish we would have went for the Suburban for storage space only.

- Rick g

Very reliable transportation to get me from from point A to point B. But too many internal issues for the cost of the vehicle.

Over the vehicle is very reliable. Except recently water started leaking from ceiling near my sun visor on the passenger side. I looked up the problem and apparently a lot of owners have had the same problem.

- Valeria C

Great value for the price.

My Tahoe is very reliable. No problem. It is very comfortable, not as comfortable as my escalade but based on price difference it is very comfortable. Lots of room for passengers or cargo. Hey about 17 mpg.

- Deb L

Comfort, style, it's a great ride. It has all the newest features that drivers want.

I love my Chevrolet Tahoe! It gets great mileage, it's very comfortable for short and long rides, and it is very roomy! It has all the modern features and conveniences, and it has a great sound system too!

- Pedro A

I would not purchase again to expensive for the problems.

This is 2nd Tahoe I have owned. . . This model has been frustrating with cosmetics of the Tahoe. Things fall off such as rear view mirror. . . Side replaced by window due to air problems. . . I can go on.

- Patty R

Buy new, used comes with too many problems even if you have a warranty because have the stuff is not covered under warranty.

purchased a certified vehicle. only came with one key. have already had to replace brakes, leak on a/c, replaced battery and cables rides well and enjoy back up camera if don't have a problem with it.

- Terri B

Great vehicle for a large family.

I have the flex fuel model. I love this feature and the gas mileage I receive. I have had this vehicle for 3. Years and do not regret this purchase. It is perfect for our large family and sports.

- Kam P

It makes me feel safe transporting my family.

I love my vehicle because it is big and safe. It allows me to fit my entire family and our cargo (3 kids 8 and under). I nicknamed it the tank. The only complaint is the gas mileage I get on it.

- Joy l

The extra options are very nice.

The vehicle is very comfortable. I love the features that are on the Tahoe. I don't like the weight of oil it uses, I do not feel any vehicle should use a quart of oil between 3k-5k oil change.

- Anita A

It wants to take over and drive for you.

This is the first vehicle we have bought with all the bells and whistles. It can be nice, but seems like there is also always something going wrong. I like the size of it and it handles well

- Deb H

Whether you are an around the town soccer mom or an on the rode traveler Tahoe is the best vehicle for that.

I love spacious comfort that the Tahoe has. It's a smooth ride. What I don't like is the fuel use and the fact that my air had to be serviced within the first year of me owning the vehicle.

- Tameka T

Drives smoothly and is comfortable.

Vehicle is large enough to transport 7 people along with luggage. I like that it feels safe and is a nice looking car. The downside is the amount of gas that it requires on a weekly basis.

- Suzan O

But it used. The value does hold up.

Not happy with the performance and in town gas mileage. Also I have had a few issues with the fuel pump, oxygen sensors. Also my remote is not able to be programmed to control my seats.

- Sat K

It is very reliable and convenient.

Do not have any vehicle problems. I love my Tahoe. It has never failed me. Very spacious and convenient. My children all fit, we have a large family so we need a very spacious vehicle.

- Sylvia G

Even though it is viewed as a large vehicle, it is a lot easier to drive than one would think and all the great safety features it has on it.

All of the safety features are very helpful especially when driving in a new area or at night. It is a great vehicle to take on long road trips. Room for everything you need to carry.

- Mary G

A good family car for a big family.

I like that is fits my family of 5. It is like a tank. I like that it holds all my groceries in the back. I just wish that it had one more seat in the middle of the second row.

- Patricia V

It is my SUV and I use it to go everywhere.

I like my Tahoe because it has room for all my family and the gear we have to transport. It rides well, the interior is very nice and I like the overall look of the vehicle.

- Paul P

Very dependable, good gas mileage. 2nd and 3rd seating is very comfortable. .

Dependable, perfect size, roomy, good gas mileage. Good body style and rims on tires attract attention and compliments. No complaints from us on this dependable crossover.

- Brenda S

The Chateau de Tahoe, best FULL SIZED out there

Luxurious, almost a Yukon Denali. Just wish the 2015 had the 6.2 instead of the 5.3. but it still gets the job done whenever needed. Great vehicle to tow big items with.

- Trevor S

Very comfortable on the highway can be a better ride on rougher city streets.

Been great dependable had issue with tire stem leaking took it to discount tires to fixed for free. Other than that been good overall. Gas mileage could be better.

- William K

I had need of a vehicle capable of carrying 3 cat carriers, a wheelchair and luggage if I went anywhere. The Tahoe has room for it all and is still comfortable to ride in.

Love the size and capacity of the vehicle. I would love the color to be blue instead of its current white. I do love the heated front seats and the three row ac.

- Nancy N

It does use up a lot of gas and oil changes are expensive.

It has all the features I wanted when I looked for a car. I love the comfort of it and how I can fit everyone inside. My only complaint is how much gas it uses.

- Madeline S

It is practical for families.

It is a good looking car and it is practical. But it is not the most reliable car. We've had to replace the ac twice and have had various mechanical problems.

- Ashley L

Not happy with it at all!

I had water leak into my tahoe. I had issues with the breaks. Both issues were known to Chevy but I still had to pay out of pocket to have both issues fixed

- Virginia B

Not just for soccer moms.

Overall a great vehicle. Very few issues except for air conditioner. Plenty of room for family of 5. Limited cargo room when all seats in use. Smooth ride.

- Karen M

I think the most important thing is the material quality of the construction of the vehicle, the technology involved and the performance of the gasoline per mile driven.

Currently my SUV Tahoe has low mileage, I think it consumes more gas per mile, I feel that the technology of internal check of the vehicle is not updated.

- James R

It is a sport utility, but you are sitting in luxury.

I like the leather interior, sunroof, and options such as heated seats. The AC is so gold. The video dashboard is awesome. So far I have no complaints.

- Meaghan M

Chevy Tahoe 2015 reviews.

Love the size and comfort of the vehicle. Dislike AC issues that start within 50k miles. If passed it then it's not covered and have to pay out of pocket.

- Diana S

Very dependable Chevy Tahoe.

I absolutely love my Chevy Tahoe! It is leather loaded with touch screen and very comfortable! We have drove it on vacation a couple times and loved it.

- Katelynn P

The 2nd row captain seats are outstanding for kids and carpooling.

I love the room it provides for my family and the safety I feel while driving it. I also love the look of the newer model. The Tahoe is a great vehicle.

- Brooke W

It is a great car to take a family vacation

It is a reliable car that I would recommend to a family or individual. Drives well and handles great. Wish the turning radius was a little tighter.

- Ann H

It is perfect for a family because it is easy to move around inside.

I like the size. I like the advanced technology. I like the back-up camera. I like the ability to send my navigation directions to my vehicle.

- Hilary H

I would recommend this vehicle for families.

Gas mileage sucks, very smooth ride, love the safety features, comfortable seats, spacious and roomy, great features and great for traveling.

- Samantha A

Love my 2015 Tahoe very comfortable with many features.

It is reliable. We take long trips every summer and have never had a problem. I love the rain sensing wipers, heated seats, and remote start.

- Melissa S

This is my third Tahoe in two decades

I have not had any major problems since purchasing the Tahoe. It is safe and reliable. It has plenty of space and offers a comfortable ride.

- Victoria D

What’s under the hood and how well does the engine operate.

I love the way it feels, it is great for big families. Good gas mileage, has great creature comforts. Love the color and the leather seats.

- Kay P

The navigation doesn't work on the new car. Go figure that would happen. But we still love the car very much. It's my second one.

I love the Tahoe. I was in a serious accident and it protected us exactly how it said it would. The engine dropped and nobody was trapped

- Theresa P

It is expensive to purchase, but definitely worth it.

I love it and have no complaints. It is so modern and comfortable. It has everything I need in a vehicle and enough room for all my kids.

- Chelsea C

Its many seats and windows

It is up to standards and I enjoy it dearly.It also helps me get to work and is very easy to use. Getting to work is very simple and easy

- Mel Y

That is it is my car, it fits me and my personality.

Safe, reliable, large, lots of seating, holds many people, hockey bags, groceries & pets. Great vehicle for my lifestyle with my family.

- Kate S

The seats are comfortable and the outside looks sleek in design.

It is extremely comfortable for long rides, also very reliable and quite soothing to fall asleep in when someone else takes the wheel.

- Tania T

It is very spacious and is very good on gas and good for long road trips.

Like that the radio is very up to date and includes an auxiliary port and very comfortable seats with a lot of room. Dislike nothing.

- Lan K

That it is safe and has many safety features.

I love the size and all the features-safety and electronic. I enjoy the smooth ride and sitting up higher than a standard size car.

- Nancy P

It is a great family SUV for a family of 4 or more.

I love the room it has. I love all the features and the storage. I do not have any complaints. Chevy service has been good as well.

- Jennifer O

That it is easy to drive. It is big so some people might be scared to drive it, but it is easy.

I love the size of it. There is plenty of space for whoever we want to ride in it. It is especially nice when we have company over.

- Kristin B

the important thing about my car it doesn't use so much gas.

My car is comfortable I like the new features it has letting me know when my car needs maintenance. It is a reliable car to drive.

- Elba N

This Tahoe is an exceptionally dependable vehicle.

I'm short so I love that I can see over the steering wheel. I like the comfort when we take long trips. I feel safer in a SUV.

- Margaret R

DVD player for little ones. Heated seats.

I bought it used and it is great for a used vehicle. I do not worry about making trips to and for in it. It is very comfortable.

- Teresa M

It's a family car at best. It is very good for hauling groceries.

I like that it reliable roomy and strong. My family is large and needs driving stability. I would highly recommend this vehicle

- Christina B

I feel safe traveling in a vehicle the size of my Tahoe.

I like the size and ease of handling. My Tahoe can serve as a luxury vehicle on occasions and as a utility vehicle if needed.

- Sherry M

It is very reliable and I have had no issues with it whatsoever

I like the room that it provides when traveling. It has been the most reliable vehicle that I have owned. I like it style

- Kristi H

My Tahoe is roomy, reliable, great horsepower and I just absolutely love mine!

I haven't had any issues with my Tahoe this is my second one on in a 10 year span and the old one was awesome too no issues!

- Be H

Luxurious stylish and a great value for the price.

Very comfortable ride. Great all power systems. Well maintained will run forever. Have had no problems yet with our vehicle.

- Richard R

It is safe and has a lot of steel around it.

Roomy and very comfortable. Has all the featured I need and want in a vehicle. Has safety features that are important to me.

- Kathryn K

my love on four wheels with air

I love it, roomy powerful and dependable. room for entire family to go camping and touring. Traveled cross country in it.

- james c

Dependability is what defines my vehicle.

I love my Tahoe. It has room for all of my stuff when we go camping. It goes places a car won't. It is very dependable.

- Eileen C

It can be expensive for gas if you are going short distances and stop a lot. It will last a long time and live up to its name.

Trustworthy and dependable car. I love the size of the car and how it fits my entire family. It is great for long drives.

- amanda t

Beautiful car drives very smoothly would highly recommend to family.

It has ac issues I live the way it looks. It handles like a car easy to drive great family car would recommend to moms.

- Michelle A

Great vehicle for travel and everyday uses. Strong and reliable.

The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe is a great vehicle. It has a strong engine and includes many comfort features on the LTZ model

- Rosey T

It's Very spacious and roomy interior for passengers and cargo

The interior is spacious and it holds a lot of people. I do not like how large and wide it is, it makes it hard to park

- Melissa P

It is one of the nicest vehicles I have ever owned.

I like that it is a smooth drive with lot of room. I like the sun roof and all the climate control. I like the color.

- Lisa C

If you've never driven a bigger vehicle this will be quite a change for you.

I love the automatic locks, heated seats, navigation system. Drives easily and smooth. Colors are beautiful as well.

- Victoria B

It very comfortable and dependable.

I love the technology it has. I love the sensors on the front and back. It's very comfortable and family friendly.

- Olga P

It is a very big car great for growing families and traveling.

I love the amount of space that my vehicle has. It is very roomy. It is also good on gas mileage. Smooth handling.

- Kathryn B

The Tahoe is not great on gas but has the comfort of a smooth ride on road trips.

The Tahoe is a fantastic SUV. It has a sweet body design and the bucket seats in the inside are super comfortable.

- Gabe C

It rides super great! Lots of extra room in the back with the third row folded down

Love the space and how nice it rides. Looks very nice and luxurious. I need more trunk space with growing family

- Kay M

be aware you will have to replace the battery after three years

I love my vehicle because it has the petals that move, love the design of the vehicle and love the heated seats.

- Shannon S

It comes with onstar and Siriusxm

I like that it has bucket seats and a bench seat. I also like the features it has. I don't like the gas mileage

- Christin M

It is a safe vehicle that is comfortable to ride in.

My car rides smooth. The seats are comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage. It fits a lot of people or objects.

- Abbey B

It's great for a price. And it's good SUV.

My car is awesome have not have any single problem with it. Big size for a big family. Fast SUV and reliable.

- Ana A

It's a well-made, beautiful vehicle and very reliable.

It's a very sturdy vehicle and well-made.Gets us where we need to go with no issues. Trust our Chevy Tahoe.

- sheila s

Lots of Space inside for storage and seating for a lot of people.

The Tahoe is exactly what I need. It is great for hauling the kids around with all of the sports equipment.

- Carrie H

Comfortable and great ride!

I love everything about it! No issues! Comfort is great! Heated seats backup camera room to haul if needed

- Erica L

It fits our family and our lifestyle. It has great versatility.

Love the size and NAV system. Don't like how the trunk slopes downward. Don't like that there isn't 4 low

- Daniele R

It is safe and comfortable to drive.

Like, size, 4WD, comfort, safety. Dislike: lack of room in cargo area, 2nd row seat lack of legroom.

- Randy L

Chevrolet Tahoe we love it

Love my Tahoe. It's comfortable and very roomy. Drives smooth and we have had no problems with it.

- Mary W

It's big enough for a family and can get pretty good gas mileage.

I like the remote start. It has had some problems with wiring. The AC also has had problems.

- Sonja N

I feel as though it is not economic on gas. I do like the vehicle,it is perfect from r mysel.

It's spacious works well if you have kids and I have no plans on trading it for a long time

- Brenda R

It is safe and dependable and is very stylish and comfortable

My Tahoe is Very Dependable My car is very Always Stylish It has Lots of Room

- Cindy M

It's expensive, family spacious and nice good on traveling

Like it big and spacious and nice What I dislike about it takes a lot of gas

- Shaudee G

I dislike that they put the video monitor where I look behind.

A Chevy Tahoe is loaded with many features. The touch screen is my favorite.

- Tiffany C

that it is not going to leave you stranded.

dependable vehicle that i can rely on to get me from point a to b and back.

- vern w

It is very roomy. It has very good mileage. it is easy to haul

That I have room. That it is safe for my children. It is good on mileage

- heather b

That it's convenient for moms, the keyless entry, push start, the back hatch opens and closes with a button

I dislike how many recalls there have been on it. I like everything else

- Jessica G

safe and very reliable can seat 7 people comfortable and with kids this is huge

it is very comfy and amazing to drive would highly recommend to any one

- Lisa e

Dependable and safe. Comfortable with great features.

It's always been dependable. never any problems. A brand I trust.

- Kymberly j

Is reliable with a great safety rating. Is also built in the United States and is American made

Lots of room and rides great. Good, heavy duty reliable vehicle.

- Kathy D

It has safety sensors for everything including back up camera

I like the 3rd row seating and the room it has for my 2 car seats.

- Helen C

It is great on the highway and has great comfort and styling.

Like the style and options. Like the ride. And also the comfort.

- Thomas R

Great and safe vehicle! Plenty of room for everyone.

Love the size and extra features. I feel safe driving in it.

- K T

Good on gas and fun to drive and easy to drive

My suv is easy to drive and good on gas love the color on it

- Tricia C

It is a large vehicle that has lots of options and is very safe.

I love the size and the features that come with the car.

- Erin B

Lots of Room! We take the whole family on vacations in it. There is a nice video screen where the people in the backseat can watch movies and two wireless headphones that are very nice.

Like the looks. Hate that the running boards are faded.

- Bonnie W

It gets good gas mileage compared to older SUVS

Enjoy driving SUVs. This is my 5th SUV and 2nd Tahoe.

- karen D

It is a family vehicle and I most likely have small children inside.

I like the size. I like the power. I like the color.

- Christopher G

I like the size of it. I I like the features it has to offer. I like that I feel safe in it and it gets around great in the winter. Not really any complaints other than it uses a lot of gas.

It's a safe and reliable vehicle to get around in.

- Jeana C

It's big and powerful with space

It is big and amazing love all the space

- Amanda B

2015 Chevrolet Tahoe. A great SUV!

- Ashley A