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2016 Chevrolet Tahoe review.

The 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe is a very roomy and comfortable SUV. We seat 9 comfortable and have taken a road trip with 5 people including luggage. It is good on the highway. I would take it in for routine service as indicated by Chevy. We have had some minor issues but I am sure it is due to wear and tear. It is our primary vehicle and we travel on the highway a lot. If you are looking for a good family truck for older kids, this is your truck. If you have younger kids and take road trips, portable devices are needed. What would make our vehicle super nice is tv/DVD player. Rear air controls makes it nice to control the temperature. If there are nine people taking a road trip, space will be limited for luggage. Also, third row will hold the smaller passengers. There are some nifty secret areas to store documents, glasses or anything that you would like to keep from the children. The vehicle is pretty good on gas while on a road trip. If you drive a lot within the city, the gas mileage is not so good and you could be filling up three times a week. If you are back and forth to work, kids) activities, running errands or just hanging out a day or two, filling up will become routine. We have had the truck for almost a year now and haven't had any major breakdowns or issues. The only thing that is a bother is the tire monitor system. It is good when it functions properly but we have had technical issues. I would say, overall the Tahoe is great. I would buy it all over again. Hope this helps!

- Gloria S

Tahoe and toddlers, a great car for families.

The leather seats hold up well to messy toddlers, easy wipe down. The carpet in the rear is hard to vacuum, it holds onto grass and fur; but the carpet of the seating areas vacuums and cleans easily. I wish there was a way the two bucket seats in the middle could fold down lower, giving more room. The entertainment center has a good picture and its nice to have the wireless headphones included so I do not have to listen to kid movies repeatedly. The center bucket seats are easy to buckle child seats into, the seat leaning back feature allows for a tighter fit with the car seat. Front seats are comfortable for long drives, lumbar support helps on vacation drives. The touch screen is helpful but I find I use it only while I am parked; I use the buttons on the steering wheel and the knobs while driving as I can make changes without looking away from the road. I wish the phone Charger was comparable with my iPhone without having to purchase an extra piece to charge my phone. Overall the Tahoe drives nice and smooth. I have enjoyed driving it and I feel safe with my kids in the car. Had a wreck a year after we purchased the vehicle, seemed like it was easy to get the replacement parts to have it fixed, had my car back in a couple days. I feel like it has plenty of room but still fits lengthwise in my standard garage, this was very important to me. Living in a salty coastal area I worry about rust and salt and sand damage. I have no visible signs of rust.

- Amber B

Good Vehicle with some concerns

The problems that I've had with my 2016 Tahoe are, a failed AC compressor ( 818.00 )and a headlight ( 256.00 ), some sort of wiring pack (545). After only two years of ownership, I was surprised to need these more expensive items. The safety sensors are well intended, but VERY sensitive and often scare me more than any event has. The seat vibrates and a right light flashes on the windshield. Also, there is constantly a message on the dash that there's an issue with the sensor which I've googled to learn that it has to do with the cleanliness of sensor on the windshield. I keep my vehicle fairly clean, so I'm not sure what else to do. Generally, the performance is good. I enjoy the space that the vehicle provides for hauling standard household items as well as the comfort for multiple passengers. I enjoy the technology included such as: App that allows you to unlock/lock the vehicle and use the auto start, touch screen media & navigation is easy to use. I also enjoy the interior lighting features.

- Tessa S

Overall nice vehicle

After looking for months I finally found a 2016 Tahoe that was in my price range. A week or two after buying the Tahoe I heard a clunk-clunk-clunk in the rear so I got out and looked at the tires and found out that the passenger side rear break caliper assembly was loose took it to my mechanic and after taking the wheel off found out that the mechanic that put the new tires and breaks on at the dealer (Paramus Land Rover/ Jaguar) before putting it on the lot for sale never put the 2 bolts in to hold the break on so it was just moving around. Then not long after that I noticed my windshield leaks when it rains and my headliner gets wet and then found out my air conditioner doesn't work and my mechanic said that it is a problem that GM is aware of and they won't do anything about it or fix it, something about the welds cracking and leaking and here it is in the 90s this week and I'm driving around with no air sweating my butt off

- Chuck W.

2016 Tahoe Family Friendly

I love the comfort features in my Tahoe. I feel like I purchased a luxury SUV at a discount. I live in Texas and still use my seat heaters almost every time I drive somewhere because it's so relaxing. Speaking of Texas heat, the remote start feature is so great when I've been shopping and head to the parking lot where my car has been baking, and it's especially nice to have this feature with small kids. I can get the car started and cooling off while I get them into car seats, and they aren't super hot while I get packages and strollers put away. I've been really happy with the reliability of this vehicle. I've put a lot of miles on it traveling and it stills performs like the day I purchased it. The only thing I am disappointed in is the gas gauge. It dings to inform you when you are low on fuel, but it doesn't give a specific mileage remaining once you get down to a certain point.

- Katherine T

Overall the Chevy Tahoe is a very spacious, reliable and luxurious vehicle.

I love my Chevy Tahoe. The leather and interior color and fabric is amazing. I love the bucket seats in the middle and I love how the very back seats fold all the way down instead for having to be pulled completely pulled out. The color of my Tahoe is black and I love that as well. The only thing I wish it would have come with is a luggage rack on top. When all the seats are up there is not very much room in the very back so it would be nice if there was a luggage rack. The center console is very large and has a light in it as well making finding things at night or in the dark much easier. Overall I love my Tahoe so much.

- Erica W

Safety without giving up luxury.

I love my car because it offers a sturdy body which makes me feel very safe on the road. I love all the safety features such as the backup camera, sensors that I am getting too close to the car in front of me, the sensor to let me know to check the back seat. I also like the heated seats, the display for maps and the keyless start. There is also a button for opening the hatch in the back from the driver's seat. This car has a smooth ride for long trips and plenty of space. I like it better than the suburban because it is not as long and is easier to park. I would recommend the Tahoe.

- Tracy G

Traveling Parents Best Friend

My 2016 Tahoe is perfect for our growing family and king road trips. We travel many times in a year. Often the dog travels with us. This vehicle has all the room we need for luggage, kids and our family pet. The leather interior is a must with kids!! I will never own A Home without it. Some of my favorite features are deprecate climate controls for all rows. This way everyone can be comfortable and happy. Complete with Sirius XM radio for endless listening pleasure, built in Wi-Fi to power all the children's devices, we love this vehicle.

- Stephanie U

I love my Tahoe and you will, too!

I love the comfort, ride, size, safety features, and amenities of my Tahoe. It sits up high so I can easily see the roadway & traffic. It is roomy enough for my family and seats are easily accessible & comfortable. My vehicle has an ac/dc outlet and multiple USB ports in the front and back, allowing multiple people to charge their electronics. The safety features (backup camera, side mirror alerts detecting blind spot vehicles, lane indicators, and visuals indication distance from other vehicles/objects) are very helpful.

- Dara B

The Chevy Tahoe is poorly built

Mechanically the car is good. The GPS dusty is terrible. The mapping is incorrect to many times. Does not show basic info like the speed limit of the road being driven. Most of the extra options on the car are subscription based. Attention to detail is still not Chevys strong suit. Several trim items have had to be reattached. The lane deviation system cannot be counted on. The hands free rear hatch opener does not work. Yet it will close on you when you are loading the car. I will not buy another Chevy.

- David W

Great comfort style and amenities however a few cons to be aware of.

I was a previous owner of a Tahoe that we traded in and upgraded to a newer year after we loved the new body style. We love the look size comfort and many amenities that come with it. As far as improvements you cannot set the temperature too hot on the heater when remote starting is not that the point. There have been glitches with the back up camera sensor going off saying we're going to hit something when we're not. Also USB skips when going over bumps.

- Bree S

Chevy Tahoe: an SUV that takes one across town or halfway across the country.

Pros: the seats in the 3rd row can be removed and there is a storage panel on the floor behind the 3rd row. This does add extra storage. The middle row seats can be folded down. When all seats are up, it can hold 7 people. It carries 2 adults, 1 child, and all of our camping gear for a 3 night/3 day stay at a semi-primitive campground. Cons: the brake and accelerator pedals are not adjustable. The reading lights could be brighter.

- Sarah A

It's family friendly it's safe and there's a spare with matching wheel an easy to use jack if emergency arise with no roadside assistance

The Tahoe is a very family friendly all terrain suv it's roomy and comfortable it has options for leather seats the steering is very responsive and good the safety features are good shoulder straps on all seats there's lots of storage room aside from the 6 or 7 person seating air heater and stereo are all nice the stereo is equipped with bose speaker system that is all around the engine is powerful 8 cylinder excellent on gas

- Raegan A

2016 Chevrolet Tahoe Fully Loaded

I love my 2016 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ. The comfort of this vehicle surpasses any vehicle my family has owned previously. We have one small child with a rear facing car seat and we travel often and there is enough space for all of our luggage and necessities. I have only had my vehicle since November 2018 so I have had no issues. We bought from a dealership but before it only had one owner and no accidents reported.

- Alexandria M

Everything you could as for on four wheels.

Fantastic no problems reliable easy to drive easy to maneuver good gas mileage comfortable for long trips plenty of space for people and luggage big windows great for road trips able to see things great safety features backup camera is fantastic easy to see in safely pull out the back up sensors are great help lane sensors for motor sensors are wonderful and make it comfortable to drive and feel safe.

- Jenny D

Why a Tahoe is a perfect fit

It is the ideal car for a family, it is more comfortable than a van, it has more space than a sedan, and it rides smoother than any other car I've had the chance to drive. The only problem is the air conditioning has gone out twice but they are easy cheap fixes. I love the Tahoe it is the ideal car for us as we love the outdoors and have space for everything from the fishing poles to the beach tents

- Susana A

Comfortable Tahoe with lots of great features. Great for big families!

Because our vehicle is big, I feel safe for myself and family. We take long trips to see family in different states. Our car is very comfortable for the long ride. Because of the third row seating option, we are able to fit up to 8 people in our car. I love the navigation system and the reverse camera that is built in. The back row seating is also able to adjust the their own temperatures.

- Jennifer S

2016 Tahoe is a lemon. Beware!

This Tahoe has been nothing but problems from the beginning. Brakes and tires both needed to be replaced at 25000 miles. Defogger in rear broke. Computer that helps GPS went bad. Arm rests in bucket seats broke. The list goes on and on... I am now at 36000 miles and had to have the rotors resurfaced! This truck is too expensive for all these problems. My 2007 Tahoe never had any problems.

- Me L

I love the sound system: you can customize it to fit your needs!

The most comfortable and reliable vehicle I've ever driven! I feel extremely safe and protected. Amazing sound system and features as well as extreme comfort and ease while driving! I love the seat vibration to help detect surrounding traffic as well as the leather interior, and the amount of space I have in the car! Easy to keep clean, and I haven't had but maybe one recall on it!

- Taylor W

It is a great family car! Especially for my family of six!

I work downtown and the size of the vehicular makes it hard to maneuver in and out of tight parking spots. Sometimes the automatic foot steps do not come all the way down when opening the doors quickly. When washing the car the back window never gets fully clean in the automatic bay. The back storage area does not have a lip so when you open the back hatch items fall out.

- Susan H

Comfortable and Dependable Chevy Tahoe

My Chevy Tahoe is both attractive and well performing. The Tahoe has a beautiful design both of the interior and exterior. It has provided a comfortable ride for many long family road trips. The Tahoe has allowed plenty of space for passengers and storage. My Tahoe has been dependable with the exception of the need for AC unit work. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Kathy H

Tahoe lt has everything you could want or need.

Roomy, comfortable, the lt model I have had great safety features such as forward and rear sensors, back up camera, lane departure alert, etc. With 3rd row seat down, 3 dogs fit/ride comfortably. Equipped with GPS, but I prefer the GPS on my phone. Two tone interior looks high end, and leather is thick and good quality. Vehicle does great in snow/ice.

- Heather M

Great and high powered in pulling rv!

So far I have using my Tahoe for 2 years and it does not fail anything. As of now it have 30, 000+ mileage because we use it at least once in a year to pull out 18 ft rv in 1 month tour around USA. Everything went well so far. Hoping it will last for 10 years that is why we monitor the maintenance such as change oil and checking in Chevrolet.

- Fac F

The Tahoe is a great family vehicle!

I love this vehicle. I have wanted a Tahoe for several years! It drives great there is plenty of room for my family and groceries! The gas mileage age is awful but that is to be expected with the size. I bought it from a great dealership and got a great deal in it! I will for sure keep Tahoe’s in my driveway for as long as they make them.

- Katy J

Definitely a great family vehicle for larger families.

Awesome. Lots of technology. Advanced options. Decent gas mileage. Holds 8 people. Great fit for car seats and lots of kids. I drive mine 50 miles at least a day and have zero issues. Out of all the vehicles I have owned, this one is my favorite. Insurance is slightly higher on it since it's a newer vehicle compared to what I had before.

- Kristin T

The Chevy Tahoe Experience

The stability and reliability of the vehicle is outstanding. Put together well, with latest technology and comforts . Great for around town and trips , tho gas mileage isn't a strong point. The negatives are maintenance is sort of expensive ...tires , brakes , etc. the vehicle is advanced , comfortable and won't disappoint at all.

- John L

My Chevrolet Tahoe rides so smoothly and has so much room. It makes travelling easy.

I love my vehicle because it is so easy to steer. I sit high up in the seat so I can see so much better. It has intermittent wipers so I don't have to turn them faster and slower. It also has plenty of room. The only thing I don't like is that it is so high off the ground that I have to just let my feet drop down to get out.

- Tammy S

Smooth ride with plenty of interior space

Very comfortable ride, especially for lengthy trips with the family. Technology with Bluetooth Apple play makes staying in communication with people easier and safer while driving. No major issues with function or reliability. The built in blu ray player and wireless headphones have worked out great for the kids.

- Lindsey S

Fantastic, reliable Chevrolet Tahoe.

I enjoy my car a lot. I have never had any problems, the mileage is not great, but it is great for my job. Handles well, smooth ride. I added a brush guard to it for my job, but other than that it was perfect. When I bought it. It is extremely reliable. Lots of room and leather seats, built in navigation system.

- Lauren B

Love the big comfortable seats and all the storage

I have driven Chevrolet Tahoe now for about 6 years! I love them! They have a lot of room for families, plenty of room for storage. We gave a cottage up north and use it for travel back and forth! It handles beautifully in expressways and in every kind of weather while being super comfortable for long trips!

- Gabrielle L

I like the way the car drives, it is very comfortable and it has nice new technology in the car like heating seats.

Well it is actually in the shop atm, I've had a few issues with the air conditioning. The car drives very nice, I enjoy driving it however the cost may not have been worth the car. The car has almost little to no back to put groceries in, they have to go in the backseat where I will have children one day.

- Hayden G

It's perfect for life and any situation and weather.

I haven't had any problems with. My Tahoe. It's in great condition. I have driven all over the state and haven't have one problem with it. It's the best vehicle I have ever invested in. Highly recommended. And the inside of the Tahoe is super apacy. And for those with big family it more than perfect.

- Luz M

The perfect car for families on the go!

I love my Tahoe! I purchased it when my kids started playing hockey because if I was going to be driving that much I wanted to make sure it was in something comfortable. It is the perfect size for them, their gear, their friends and the dog! The ride is super smooth and it does well in all weather.

- Andrea B

The heated seats and navigation are life savers.

Problem - sunroof rails had to be replaced and were not covered under warranty and the labor involved was ridiculously expensive. There needs to be more air conditioning in the rear seat area. Other than that, it's a great truck. It looks good, it's comfortable, it's a great truck in general.

- Jeanie R

2016 Chevy Tahoe family vehicle

It's an amazing car. Enough room for the entire family and the DVD player really helps with long car rides. The only thing I would change would be more room in the trunk area when you have the third row seating in use. All in all this car is great for families in everyday life and for vacations.

- Mariah C

I love the heated steering wheel!

I love my vehicle. Summer or winter it drives great. The trim inside the vehicle could be attached better. A head hit the rear light and the plastic piece fell off. It's a 70 part and labor is crazy! Charging a minimum of 200. No way so I have just waited. I'll buy it and attempt to fix myself.

- Angie B

Chevy Tahoe perfect for families!

The Tahoe has 3rd row seating which is great! However, the trunk space when the 3rd row is up is a bit small. The gas mileage is about as expected. Love the GPS system and the back-up camera. It also has an entertainment system with a DVD player which is great for families with small children.

- John M

Chevy Tahoe- the great family vehicle.

It is extremely safe and reliable. I would recommend this vehicle for families. It handles well in snow and weather. So far I have had no issues with the Tahoe. I would definitely purchase another Chevy Tahoe in the future. The only downfall is the gas prices and the lack of extreme mileage.

- Kristin W

The best gas mileage for its size.

The Tahoe is an absolutely beautiful car. It looks good when you are driving it down the road and even better when its parked in your garage. It is so comfy and spacious and by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. It gets amazing gas mileage for its size on the highway and in town.

- Cole H

Awesome vehicle! Wonderful make and model. Great gas mileage

I absolutely love this vehicle. I have had no problems. Great performance. Very reliable. I drive it every single day. It has enough room and the interior is nice. Gas mileage is pretty good too. I loved the make and model. It does everything I need it too. Nothing to complain about.

- Chris J

Smooth all terrain ride for long distances.

No problems so far. Extremely comfortable, smooth ride. Enough space for a family. Great 4WD for snow packed roads. I travel 4 hours every Friday and Sunday and this is a perfect SUV for transporting a family and our stuff. Fits 2 strollers and 10 bags plus skis, etc. Perfect for us.

- Amy M

Tahoe, quality vs. space.

I absolutely love my tahoe, the only downfalls are if you plan on using the third seat you will have no trunk at all! Also if you plan on towing in 2wd expect your car to really lug down and run not to great. Other than that I can fit a lot in my car and it gets good fuel mileage.

- Ashley M

Great drive and safety features.

Great car have had no problems. It has all the bells and whistles and drives like a dream. It is roomy and great for long trips which we love to take. It is easy to drive despite being an SUV and has great safety features like the backup camera and blind spot help which I love.

- L B

A vehicle used for long trips and days that last for 10 hours.

No problems with performance or reliability . The tires. Are costly. Very costly to have front lights fixed. Not safety factor ($1,300). The ride is a light like a truck and the same as car. Use the car for long trips. The third seat is hard to get in and out for passengers.

- Sharon E

2016 Chevy Tahoe ltz review.

Extremely comfortable with plenty of room for passengers, luggage, and pets. Love the safety features of lane assist and the seats vibrate if you start to wander out of your lane. Apple carplay feature helps keep you off your phone while driving and the HUD display as well.

- Brandy S

Tahoe is great for my family how about yours.

I love my car. I love the space. Only problem with my car is the glare from the dashboard. I hate how shiny the dashboard is. I reflects onto the windshield and then I shines right in your eyes. I wish I would have got the bucket seats. Need more access to the back seat.

- Leanne R

It is great and I love it.

It is very reliable. We’ve had the car since 2005 and it is still going just as strong in 2018. It is probably one of the best I have seen. I love the seat warmers that is gas and how much room there is. It is perfect for a family because the amount of space and seats.

- Haley D

Our Chevrolet Tahoe is a reliable family vehicle with much room.

Perfect size for a family of 5. With extra seating in the third row. Pull out cup holders in the middle seat of middle row. Engine is steady. No stalling in vehicle when driving. Chevrolet is a family favorite with the most reliable makes. Tahoe owners for ten years.

- Mer A

Great SUV, great SUV, great SUV, great SUV, great SUV.

It is a great SUV with a lot of seating for kids, dogs, pretty much anything. Great to travel in and it is very comfortable. It has a lot of room for storage as well as a third row of seats that can also be removed. This survey asks too much for basically nothing.

- Jamie C

It is a wonderful family car that is perfect for most people.

I love the look of my Tahoe. It is very sporty and nice looking. The interior is very comfortable and it drives and handles well. It has ample seating and has folding down seats in the back. It is great for travel and sports. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Amanda M

Great family vehicle for an on the go mom.

It is perfect for a mom on the go. Great size and very comfortable, good performance and very reliable. I like my bucket seats in the back. I love that it fits all the baby gear I have to bring around and I feel very safe driving my family around in this car.

- Nicole V

Family vehicle! Great for all climates with air condition seats and heated seats

I have really enjoyed my Tahoe over the last 2 1/2 years. It is perfect for a family of four. The third row is great when we need to carport with the kids friends. I like the heated and air condition seats. I live in a hot climate so this is very convenient.

- Laura P

Safe and comfortable yet stylish.

Love the size and it is ability to carry everything we need for a family of four but is still easy to drive. We had the ac go out this year, but it was covered under warranty and was fixed within a few hours. We feel safe traveling long distances or in town.

- Elizabeth M

Has 3 rows of seats great for traveling.

4 door Tahoe is roomy comfortable has 3 rows of seats that two rows lay down flat roomy comfortable so far so good have not had any major problems with it runs great in the snow has four wheel drive not really a big gas guzzler power windows power steering.

- Lisa E

For a large SUV, my Tahoe gets better gas mileage than I imagined.

I driver 30 miles each way to work five days a week. I typically only fill up my gas tank once a week. I typically drive an additional 20 miles 2x3 a week. My Tahoe gets the best gas mileage of my three vehicles. My two other vehicles are Honda accords.

- Kelley G

Space for days and nice tech features.

There is plenty of space for your family. Very comfortable seating with good legroom. Smooth ride, unlike other large suvs. The WiFi capabilities are an awesome addition to a great video! I love the features and will buy another when the time comes!

- Brandy H

Freedom of the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Obviously room is amazing, ergonomically friendly, and in switching from eight cylinder, to four cylinder functionality, the gas mileage is next to none in a vehicle this size. The technology and hands free capability is a blessing in disguise.

- Marty P

That it is something that I love and that it has great features and is very comfortable.

It is a large vehicle that makes me feel safe and protected. I love the style and how smoothly it drives. I don't really have any dislikes, other than poor gas mileage at times. It is great hauling and long distance drives, though!

- Jordan B

I love the size and the way it drives. I also like the convenience of all the package has to offer. If I could change anything the first thing would be gas mileage and the next would be to have more room for storage when you are using third row seating.

It is definitely made for traveling and families. It is worth the piece of mind to get one with four wheel drive and in my opinion if you have kids it is worth getting the dvd entertainment system as well as the wifi.


The most important thing others should know is how comfortable the Tahoe can be on city or highway travel.

I love SUVs, Itrade about every 4 years and I usually get a Tahoe or Suburban. The quality of ride and comfort are hard to beat. Sitting higher in this type of suv feels safer and makes up to 7 passages comfortable.

- Richard B

This thing drives like a truck - literally. It's a bit jarring if you grew up only driving small sedans, but you get used to it eventually

There are many things about my Chevy Tahoe that I like. First of all, it has a powerful engine, more powerful than the Land Cruiser I used to own. It easily seats my family, and has most modern luxury features

- Eric N

This is by far the best car I have ever owned! I love everything about it!

I love every aspect of my vehicle. This is my dream car. I love how much room I have for my kids and even their friends! Love the navigation system, very easy to use. ! It drives really nice and is so quiet!

- Sarah S

This is a very dependable vehicle great for small kids feel like they're well-protected inside it

This is a great vehicle you set up high in it great vehicle for safety for kids very dependable vehicle does seem to take a lot of gas everybody is not crammed into a small area has great legroom

- Vickie T

You're going to sacrifice some gas mileage in order to enjoy the other accoutrements of the vehicle.

I like that it is large. I like that I sit above all the other people on the road. I like the color of my vehicle and I think it's cool. Also I have no complaints because I am not a complainer.

- Shelley L

Size matters and acceleration is available for all situations.

Tahoe has the size to carry whatever I need for a long trip inside the vehicle. Vehicle has the range and fuel economy to travel 500 miles non stop. Comfortable ride for long distance driving.

- jonathan m

I feel safe with my snow tires and 4WD.

My Chevy Tahoe is a great reliable car that has amazing features and handles well in all weather. I feel safe and comfortable driving with my family to work and personal ventures.

- Kristin W

There is not a lot of storage behind the third row of seats and the computer for the cameras often malfunctions.

I dislike the lack of space behind the third row. (We have 4 kids and need the space). I like the features of charging phones/tablets around the car. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Michelle S

It's better looking than everyone else's. The features are super cool.

It's the best looking car ever. It has really cool features. It just feels like it has an odd tick while driving and has been in the shop more often than i would have liked.

- Seana S

Chevy's Tahoe is spacious and safe

I love my Tahoe. With three children there is plenty of room for all their sporting needs as well as infant needs. I feel confident that my family is safe while on the road

- Heather G

safety features help you as you drive. it is big and safe for all inside

I love the Tahoe. it has so many safety features to make it safe for my family. it is a beautiful car on the inside and out. I love the amount of space we have with 2 kids

- ashlee m

It is very luxurious while being very family oriented and made to handle rugged rural life.

I love everything about my Tahoe. It's loaded with all the latest technology. I love the room it has for my family. Would add air conditioned seats and more rear room.

- Tiffany S

Tahoe's are the perfect mom vehicle.

I love it! There is plenty of room for 2 kids and a puppy. It is dependable and safe. I know I do not have to worry about anything. Handles like a dream in the snow.

- Sarah H

Reliable, roomy, beautiful looking SUV, and a great family vehicle

I love my Tahoe. It is super roomy for my family. And when I put the back seats down I can load it up with all kinds of things. It is super fun and easy to drive.

- Katrina M

The frame design and structure provides added safety.

I love my Tahoe. It has multi safety features. I especially like the side airbags and roll bar structure of the frame. Only vehicle I fully trust for my family.

- Sharon K

I think one thing that is most the important thing that others should know about my car is that it is reliable

I think that the vehicle is comfortable but it could use more trunk space it runs very well and I think that the far back row of seats could use more leg room

- Trisha P

that it's mine! and It's my dream car.

I love my tahoe! It does everything I need it to and a few things I don't. I wish I could have afforded a Suburban but the Tahoe is perfect for right now.

- Patricia M

I fit in it. The seat can be lowered to the floor, and the cab is built with much headroom.

It is one of the few American made vehicles that has enough headroom and a windshield design that enables me to see through the glass without looking down.

- Jeffrey A

Comfortable and safe family car

We love our family car. It is a CHEVROLET Tahoe. It is sporty and looks trendy. We feel safe in our vehicle. The kids fit great in the back and comfortable

- Alex R

My Excellent Chevrolet tahoe

The Chevrolet Tahoe SUV is an excellent car in every way, is comfortable, reliable, the only problem is that it consumes a lot of gasoline as all big cars

- Clara O

Plenty of room for my family of 5!

I love how my Tahoe rides like a truck! I hate being in small cars. The back up camera and leather seats are the best. Plenty of room for our family of 5!

- Victoria T

great gas mileage don't put a lot of miles on it garage kept

I like the room it has the 4 wheel drive I like the color and the extra thing it has in it like leather seats and gps and OnStar and many other things.

- Deborah D

Lots of room. Can carry a bunch of people. Fits a large dog crate, can rotate a lot of groceries and when seats fold down even roomier

The carpets are not installed well, and come up easily. Holds up to kids. Comfortable, and reliable. Fuel pump went out before 2 years of having it.

- Kira T

Love how comfy and how it has all the bells and whistles

Love it! So comfy and safe. Love how there is so much room for kids and still room to put stuff in the back for there activities perfect family car

- Jennifer Y

The one most important thing, is that they come fully loaded with technology to help soothe and comfort your ride.

My vehicle is a an SUV. It is big and spacious, and accommodates every need I have. It is great on gas and is an all around great package. Love it!

- Dashawn H

Chevy is the best! I get my kids to and from feeling safe and secure

Great if you have multiple kids . Zero issues . Dealership sucked we bought from but the tahoe has held up and I would recommend it to anyone!

- Shannon W

My vehicle is purple. This car gets me where I want to go.

My vehicle runs well even though it is old. Chevrolet is good lasting. The only problem is that it shuts down but rarely. Never on a highway.

- Sana E

Ride quality, comfort and power.

My Tahoe has been a great car so far. Some minor issues that were covered under warranty. It's got a great ride quality and plenty of power.

- Brandon S

Comfortable and easy to drive.

I love how good it drives and handles. I also like the features like back up camera and cruise control. I do not like the miles per gallon.

- Renee S

Comfortable, reliable, drive ability, features.

Leather seats that heated and cooled, heated steering wheel, reliably, comfort, smooth, cruise control, electric seats, electric tailgate.

- Terri M

It is roomy and wonderful.

I love the dependability of my Tahoe. It has all the space we need for our family! I would suggest a Tahoe for anyone with multiple kids.

- Crystal M

That it is a safe and reliable truck that I would recommend

This truck is very reliable and safe. This truck is very comfortable to drive. When I out my family in my Tahoe I know it's a safe truck

- Robert P

It has additional safety features that help to decrease your risk of an accident.

I love the smooth ride of the vehicle. I have a LYZ and Love all the additional safety features. I also love how spacious it is as well.

- Anna F

It's a dependable car, that gets you where you need to be.

I love almost all the features of my Tahoe. I also like how convenient it is with a new baby. I do not like how hard it is to back up.

- Brittany S

Has enough seating space but does not have storage space.

I like that it seats 7 people. I like that it's safe. I do not like that it does not have much room for storing luggage or otherwise.

- Tanya R

It is a very dependable car.

Do not like amount of gas or the cost of tune ups. I like how easy it is to drive and feel like it is secure on the freeway in snow.

- Amy M

Chevrolet's luxury line is the way to go!

The Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ is the most luxury car I have owned. I absolutely the smooth, quiet ride as well as the bells and whistles.

- Danielle K

It's great for people who like big car. Spacious truck. It's terrible for people who wants to save money on gas it's really not necessary to have this big of a car

I like how spacious and dig the car is I hate how bad the guy smileage are it's terrible and it already broke once on me a recall.

- Fady K

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that its made by chevy which is an amazing brand.

I love my car! Chevy is an outstanding brand. The car fits me and makes driving very enjoyable. Its high quality and made well.

- Autumn P

It has great safety features.

It sits high and very comfortable. It is very coinvent with plenty of electronic amenities. Smooth ride and good sound system.

- Fred B

my my 2005 Tahoe only needed brakes once

I love my Tahoe, i have always buy Chevy. they are very dependable and comfortable. I have never had any problems with my car.

- kyia d

It is a safe family car, mechanically sound, and handles great in heavy rain and snow.

I like the exterior look of the car. I like the spacious interior. It runs great and has been very low maintenance so far.

- Rachel C

Is black, with white details in the front

Is Amazing, I've never had problems with my tahoe. Is comfortable, beautiful and works perfectly. Is my preferred vehicle.

- Joel S

It is really comfortable, very reliable and safe to drive

I really love my truck, the only problem I have had is that it cost me to adapt to its large size and fuel consumption.

- elliot R

No complaints about Tahoes they are roomy comfortable to driver and ride, and a lot of people think they are gas guzzlers but not any more in my opinion

The ride is excellent and there is room galore for people and luggage great for long trips and great for everyday use.

- Diego C

It fits me physically. I can see out of it.

It is one of very few cars that has enough headroom for me to see out of the front windshield. Seats drop to the floor.

- Jeffrey L

It is big and comfortable.

This is a perfect SUV for an active family! The “hidden” compartment is a favorite among friends. Love our Tahoe.

- Ali M

Great vehicle! Tons of room!

Don't really have any complaints, love my Tahoe...it has plenty of room for the family, dog, etc. Very comfortable!

- Erik R

It is dependable and spacious.

Love my Tahoe it is a great family vehicle. Very spacious and smooth ride. I would recommend it for any family’s.

- Crystal M

It is a great car with lots of room and storage. I would definitely recommend.

Very roomy for the family. Great to travel on vacation. Smooth riding vehicle. Not too bad on gas. Low maintenance.

- Dawna O

It drives great and looks good.

Great for long road trips. Good gas mileage. Great navigation system. Bose speakers. Comfortable. Very spacious.

- Karen L

It's great for families. For long trips and trips to the grocery.

I love its size and comfort. We travel a lot so it makes it easy for our family to have space while on the road.

- georgia m

It feels luxurious with added features like seat and steering wheel warmers

This vehicle is reliable, spacious, and has met all of my needs for traveling long distance with family and pets

- Samantha R

Decent gas mileage for its size.

I love the captains seats. I love the color. I love the touchscreen. I dislike the storage space in the back.

- Allison V

The car has really good fuel efficiency.

Appearance, comfort, driving it, safety features, color, options, 4x4, Chevrolet, leather seats, sunroof.

- Carol F

I feel safe when riding or driving the Tahoe. It is big enough so that you can see around you.

It is a little hard to park at times. It is hard to see off the front of the hood because it is so high.

- connie w

My Tahoe. My Obama mobile. Union made.

Has a lot of whistles and bells that break and costs lots of money to repair. Drives like a dream lol.

- Michael D

Tell us about your vehicle in at least 3 or 4 sentences. What do you like and dislike. Any complaints.

Tell us about your vehicle in at least 3 or 4 sentences. What do you like and dislike. Any complaints.

- Amber A

Fun to drive with many built in safety features. Good driver

love the interior and drivability It has a very comfortable ride. I do not like the fuel economy.

- helensue k

It really is a family SUV. Very spacious and comfy for 8 people, but we usually max at 7

The drive and steering is very smooth. Love that is has carplay so it's handsfree. Little pricey

- Meagan N

Luxurious and comfortable. Fully loaded and stylish.

Love the size of it. The way it handles on the road. Like the comfort and style of the vehicle.

- Richard R

Safety and size are amazing for this vehicle.

I love the size. I love driving it. I hate that I'm about to have to replace the tires on it.

- Brenda w

I take care of my vehicle. I spend time and money taken care of it.

I love the ride, smooth and handles well. The color I love and the interior is awesome.

- Jeff M

It is a safe vehicle and provides internet access. It also has a DVD player for entertainment.

I love the style of this vehicle, the technology in the vehicle and it is fun to drive.

- Tammy P

It starts every time I turn the key over. I love the color!

I love the Tahoe! It goes wherever I want to go. It never gives me any trouble at all

- Julie G

It rides like a dream it is very spacious can hold a few people a lot of legroom .

I love the space and the size it is very roomy it rides smooth and is very reliable

- Shameka S

Needs more trunk space. If you don't put the seats down there is not a lot of room.

Love the amount of seating, comfortable seating, wish there was more trunk space

- Shannon C

I love that I can fit 7 people in my car. I love that it has Captain seating in the back. I also love that it has third row seating.

That my car is a super safe car to drive and that's one reason I love it.

- Haley W

It can correct itself driving, which can be dangerous of over correcting.

I like the onstar. the 360 sensors. I don't like how much gas it takes.

- Rebekah A

It has heated seats and a built in screen to watch videos

I like the color. I like the sound system. I don't like the gas mileage

- Moody F

That it is tough and durable. Also it is good for towing and going camping in various places around the country.

Fun to drive. Good fuel economy. Low cost maintenance. Easy to drive

- Justin O

It doesn't get the best gas mileage in the city and is very expensive to fill up due to the size of the tank.

It drives nice and is very roomy. I don't like that it's a gas hog.

- Kelly W

I love the room my care has. I also love the quietness whole in the back.

It is a smooth ride, with plenty of room for kids or a large family

- Ashley S

I have built in navigation and my phone system links to my Tahoe as soon as I get in it

Love the size. No complaints. Rides smooth and I feel safe in it

- Emily J

it is a gas guzzler. it takes a lot of money to fill my car on a weekly basis.

love the size and the stability. my car makes me feel safe...

- S T

Fully Equipped for my family's needs

Roomy, Techy, New, Fun, and Extras for the whole family!

- Casey K

the comfort, and the security

the look, the space, the comfort, the color, etc

- norma f

A big family veichlea. Get a warranty

Leak in car. Have taken to shop too many times

- ruth a