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2001 Chevy tracker - the best pos you'll ever own.

It has about 175,000 miles on it, so the problems I have experienced is likely just associated with it is old age and high mileage. I have fixed sensors, power steering, the alternator, the battery (twice), tires (twice), paint, caps, brakes, etc. However, when the car is working, it drives like a champ, and it is almost as old as I am (18). It is fairly reliable, super easy to park and drive, gets up to 105 mph (but I have never actually attempted that), and gets 18 miles to the gallon. Not the best car, but definitely a good one.

- Ally B

Good gas mileage and reliable.

I love the tracker because when I drive over something rough I do not feel it as much as I do in the lancer. I am also sitting up higher so I can get a better view of the road. We had some snow this year and I felt safer going to work. It's great for rainy weather also... I drive 30 minutes to my job and the tracker handles great. I think if I had to drive the lancer on icy roads I wouldn't take the chance driving the long distance. I think the tracker is fantastic..

- Jackie M

Beautiful, unique Chevy tracker

My vehicle is a safe and reliable vehicle but because of its age and due to time it has a couple minor issues. I bought this car desperate of a vehicle and needing a way to get to and from my workplace. The Chevrolet Tracker was a good choice, in that it is dependable and safe to drive my children and me to and from safely.

- Cassidy I

Reliable and good on gas, good 1st car.

Very reliable, minor issues come about, much older so needs work, good on gas, good heat, everything still works, door handles come off easy, small only can fit a few people, good for parking in small spots, good in snow so doesn't get stuck, has 4wd, not to flashy, ac doesn't work in summer which is miserably hot.

- Diamond J

She needs a paint job... and some new tires

My car has no heat, no air and no radio... but the car only has 89164 miles and she drives well. It's hard to get inspected this year because of the Catalytic converter code has to be rewritten. So now I'm on a 50 mile cycle for the engine. Next I have to get the oil changed and new brakes for the back.

- Kelly T

Love the car, not reliable!

My car only has 107k miles on it and has a lot of issues. I like the interior, the seats are comfortable, there is great visibility. I am very good about getting oil changes on time, my family is all mechanics so my car is handled well and it needs more money in parts than the car is even worth.

- Emily L

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

So far there have been no problems that are "common" amongst Trackers. Just minor issues. It performs very well within its limitations. As far as reliability goes, it is been a great car. Comfort is a big deal for me as I have back issues, and the seats are very comfortable and easily adjusted.

- Cassady L

My vehicle is a fun, little, beater car that gets you where you need to go.

The vehicle itself runs well. The motor was rebuilt on it and it is an older vehicle. The body needs work done to it, there is rust all over the frame. Although the car doesn't look all that great, it runs well enough for a beater car, but I would not trust running it over long mileages.

- Kristen H

A little reliable vehicle.

The car runs great. Had a wreck and hardly no damage. It is just outdated and really small. I have 3 growing boys and we all will not fit soon. It is also very low to the ground. I hit every bump and it messes the car up. I get scared to drive in the rain because I may hydroplane.

- Johanna L

It is tuff, rugged and dependable!

The vehicle is 17 years old and has only required regular maintenance.. Spark plugs, brake pads, etc. It's a beast in the winter snow; with it is lower center of gravity and 4 wheel drive.. It outperforms other vehicles such as.. Larger 4 wheel drive trucks and SUV's.

- Gary D

Easy to use - 4 wheel drive.

We bought our tracker used, but it has been really dependable. What I like about it best is its ease of use. It has a short wheel base and is easy to park and maneuver. Ours is a 4 wheel drive and goes great in snow and is great for pulling a boat. Would buy again.

- Connie P

Reliable and low maintenance.

This is a really dependable car. I have an older model but it still runs great. I have had minimal problems with this vehicle. The interior is a bit cramped but the trunk is large. A great car for in town or traveling. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Rebecca J

For it to be almost antique, the body paint is good.

Need a brand new motor. It is in pretty good condition on inside and out. Has a little minor interior damage on sits from oil stains. Tires are brand new all four. Did minor repair to the truck. It drives perfect and signal lights work perfectly fine.

- Crystal C

I use something for as long as I can, instead of getting a new one every few years, the way some people do. So it has been around for many years, and still works well.

I am so used to it; also, sentimental attachment, as it was my father's last vehicle. It is generally very reliable, though it has needed more repairs and replacements in recent years. The CD player still works well and has great sound.

- Hedda M

The air conditioning still works, but the motor is burning oil and smokes a lot when you shift gears.

it burns oil, smoke comes out when shifting, 5 speed, very small through interior, only 2 doors, no trunk room, BUT the a/c still works and when I'm cruising just by myself I love putting the rag top down on a beautiful day!

- Jennifer F

Good gas mileage. Feels tippy.

It is a smaller vehicle, but gets excellent gas mileage. About 45 miles per gallon. The color is hunter green. It sits up so high and has a narrow wheel base. I don't feel that safe in it.

- Shawn W

Great for moving. I used this car twice to move into a different apartment

Performance is overall good. I bought it in 2017 with 106,000 miles on it, gave little to no problems. Minors problems like the window from time to time will fail to go roll up on it own.

- Jessica P

It's a reliable vehicle that doesn't need constant repairs

Requires little maintenance past oil changes and normal replacements like tires or brakes.The drivers window doesn't close properly though.Would need to replace entire door to fix that

- Fred H

This car is great for small families and short distances.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like the fact that it has a hatch door. I dislike the small engine and the fact that it doesn't get the best gas mileage.

- Kaitlen B

It is good on gas and rides good for the most part.

I like it a lot it is just a lil small for my family of 3 the radio is starting to mess us and has a few problems but overall it gets me from point atop.

- Alexis S

It's a wonderful vehicle. Everyone needs one.

I love the Tracker. My grandma bought it new, and my mother inherited it. Now we drive it all the time. It's great on gas and we can haul stuff too.

- LaDonna T

Don't buy one if your in a hurry to get somewhere.

Good on gas. Take top off. It looks awesome upgraded. 4WD is awesome. Actually it goes about anywhere without 4WD. The bad part is the lack of power.

- David W

The floating axial &the rattle on the bed. The springs broke within the 1st 6m.

I like durability. I like comfort. I like gas mileage. I like the interior space in the vehicle. Only complaint is clear coat has worn off.

- Bill S

Climbs like a goat, great for a mountain man.

This tracker is a 4x4 and climbs like a goat. It has been very dependable and needed few repairs within the two years that I have owned it.

- Dawn J

Very reliable car but very top heavy

The tracker is very top heavy and moves easily in the wind makes me very uncomfortable and worried. Other than that it is a reliable car

- Jenna K

Very small interior, especially uncomfortable if tall.

to small for me. Has multiple mechanical issues that I cannot afford to have repaired. Rides well enough. Uncomfortable for long trips.

- Anita E

We have put 250000 miles on this car and have had no major problems of any kind.

Too small to handle a family of four or more. . Good mileage both in town and highway. Handle well in town especially parking. .

- Max B

This car is very dependable and handles very nice! 4 wheel drive is a plus in the winter!

Windows fog up too much! Good dependable car! Great gas mileage and handles very well! 4 wheel drive is great in the winter!

- Gene M

The v6 model is great and it has a sport mode.

Car is reliable. Although all parts are Suzuki so they are kind of expensive. Is fairly fuel efficient but only moderately so.

- Joshua H

It was always a good vehicle and has lasted for quite a few years

I like my vehicle because I have no payments but dislike that it's an older vehicle and worry about it breaking down

- Fred M

It's a Jeep knockoff, and it's kinda small for tall people.

The tracker gets very good gas mileage. The 4wd controls are a little finicky. It has a really nice turning radius.

- Nicholas F

The gas mileage is awesome! While it is only a 4 cylinder, it is a great vehicle that handles exceptionally well in the snow.

I absolutely love the size! It's perfect for the harsh Wisconsin winters. I have zero complaints about my vehicle.

- Malinda M

That it's great in any weather. It's really good in the rain and snow.

I love how it's good on gas and in the snow. I love how small it is. I love that it has 4 wheel drive.

- Melanie C

Don't stand too close to the exhaust because when it starts you'll get smoked

It has become too small for my needs and it is in constant need of repair

- Dana G

I own it outright without a loan. I love my compact suv

Has 4 wheel drive. Compact suv. Has trailer hitch. Good gas mileage

- Michael K

Battery should be charged regularly so that you can

Nothing i can say i like my car it is still running smoothly

- Kat M