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Zippy 4Wd SUV, 4 door, cruise control

I have a 4wd Chevy tracker. Overall I am happy with the performance of the vehicle. Great gas mileage. I bought the tracker used. Have had to replace several parts since purchase. A new starter, radiator, front axles and catalytic converter. This is to be expected, considering the age of vehicle. Currently have 110,000 miles on it. Don't plan on trading in anytime soon. Regular oil changes and upkeep should hopefully keep me going another 100,000 miles

- Sandy K

Best SUV ever made actually is a Suzuki product.

No problems - I love my car - it never has any problems and although it is 16 years old there is not a single mark on it and it only has 55000 miles on it and never been in an accident or needed a major repair. Gets great gas mileage also. I have replaced all the tires once and the battery 2 times - it has had an oil change every months since I bought it in 2002 and has been kept in a garage its whole life until now. Has 4 wheel drive.

- Edith J

If you are someone who does not have kids and enjoys the slow speed.

This truck was my baby! Easy to make it your own by adding decorative covers and mats. The truck is an automatic. Although this truck was very special to me, it is very dangerous and I wouldn't recommend this truck for someone who has a family or even drives the speed limit. Even when driving the speed limit or much lower, this truck can skid and flip easily. It was drizzling outside when this almost happened to me.

- Robin F

My tracker is a zr2 4-door with a forest green paint.

I really enjoy my tracker. It is a zr2 with 4 doors. It comfortably seats 4 to five people. It has a lot of trunk space and still gets a good amount of miles per gallon for an older SUV. The only real downside is that most of the parts are not made anymore as the tracker stopped being produced. Which can be a really big problem depending on the part you break.

- India M

Great driving and riding SUV.

It is a midsize SUV. Lots of room to haul stuff and carry things. drives well and has few problems with mechanical issues. Gets relatively good gas mileage. Has no major issues to speak of. Looks very good when clean. Has plenty of power when needed and pulls well also. Comes in a variety of colors. Seats move around in back to make more room inside.

- Lisa P

This car is great on gas and helps get you from point A to point B.

I personally prefer Jeeps and this car is close to a Jeep but not quite. It sits up higher than a regular car so that helps and feels like a good beach trip car. This car is also very good on gas and has a decent amount of space in it. But my car pulls a lot when I drive it and it is also not like my Jeep so I personally do not care for the car.

- Jen B

It is to off-road vehicles as the Mazda Miata is to sports cars.

Very few problems, and parts are generally cheaper. A tough little truck, gets decent gas mileage. The emphasis here is on small and light. Very maneuverable, tight turning radius. The 4 door has a slightly longer wheelbase than the 2 door. Good off-road in either 2 or 4 wheel drive. Very reliable transportation.

- Gerald B

Trackers and the limits they can go.

Chevy trackers are built to make road trips. However in the last few months I have had to fix a lot of problems on my car such as brake fluid leaks. The brake have to be changed more often than other cars I feel like. I love my car and how much room it has but I wouldn't say it is a reliable car.

- Lindsay K

Garbage and slow tracker.

My car's acceleration is very slow. Ingo from zero to sixty in about forty five seconds and it can barely drive any longer than two hours max before it gets all shaky and even slower. The back seats are very tight and cramped. The engine and interior to change parts to fix it is a hassle.

- Tyler F

This bright yellow tracker is still going strong!!

I have had my car since 2002 and put every single mil on it myself. . It is a great car and still gives me no problems and gets pretty good gas mileage for being so old. . I love it and wouldn't trade it for another car. It's a bright yellow and I never lose it in a parking lot. .

- Woody R

nice little car on the road

not a lot to say about it drivers side window has a problem, dash lights don't work, speed control don't work, nice little car, gets me where I want to go, handles good on the snow, it is a pleasure to drive, hope it lasts me a long time, without putting any more money into it.

- darlene W

Trackers are feisty 4WD work horses and cute everyday drivers too!

I love everything about my Tracker! It's small so easy to maneuver, has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. It has 4WD and I use it to drive on the beach, on the designated sand trails and beachfront when the front is open to vehicles. Goes great on sand and snow.

- janice c

It is a 4 wheel drive. So a very good vehicle for winter driving.

I bought my tracker brand new. I love it. I do not know why Chevrolet stopped making them! It gets great gas mileage. I have had very minimal problems with this vehicle. If anyone ever gets the chance they should get one. It would be a great first vehicle for a teenager.

- Judy V

Small but spacious and very easy to control on the road.

I bought mine after it was very used from a family member for very cheap. I had crashed it not long after and busted the fender. It was very reliable. I drove it all over the states and didnt have a problem until recently because it ran without oil for a little bit.

- Ariana M

My Chevy tracker is great little vehicle.

My tracker runs fantastic, gets great mileage, feels comfortable while driving (both freeway and city). While it has had a few problems (water pump, radiator), because it is a Chevy, the cost to replace these items was reasonable, and both were found locally.

- Ben I

It has 330,000 miles, and it still runs great!

I really like my car. It's. big enough to haul around everything I need to haul. It seats 4 comfortable. The car gets pretty good gas mileage . The car has 330,000 miles on it and I'm going to take it on a 6 hour drive tomorrow. It needs a new paint job.

- Richard C

Great first car or new family car.

Is a good first car are for a new family. One time the battery died but it was during a Minnesota winter. Average wear and tear has happened. Is a little light but it still have 4 wheel drive. Good space and fairly comfortable for the average person.

- Emerson B

Bright yellow tracker still on the road!!

I have loved my tracker ever since I bought it on 2002 it has not given me any major problems at all. Even as old as it is it runs so great and still looks good too. It still gets good gas mileage and I still enjoy driving it very much.

- Woodie R

The 4wheel drive is very handy during snowfalls.

My car is a perfect combination of an SUV and compact car. The rear seats fold down leaving a cargo area large enough for a full size washer or dryer. It is shorter and more narrow than most SUVs, very easy to maneuver in small places.

- Annie N

Need space in back because door swings out not up.

It is small for easy parking. It has four wheel drive for winter. It has plastic along the bottom to prevent rust. Dislike is that it is getting old and does not have the features the new auto has.

- Darlene F

This vehicle still gets great gas mileage and the air conditioner still cools.

I bought this vehicle new in 2002. It has held up very well for time and mileage on it. I dislike that it is wearing out and getting it repaired is getting harder. I love my 2002 Chevy Tracker.


Probably the best car GM ever made. I don't know why they discontinued them

This was a pre owned vehicle. It still has most of its original parts. It ran on the original Delco battery until 3 years ago. I have almost 100,000 miles on it. It's reliable & suits my needs.

- Melody K

It's old and has major wear and tare. I have to fix something once or twice a year since I've had it. If they continued making this car I would but a newer model

I like that it's a midsize SUV. I dislike that it breaks down a lot. I love that I can switch from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. I dislike that it's old and worn and broken

- Isabella A

Safety and easy to clean. Save gas.

Right now its most about the engine. I did so many repairs because it's an old car. I changed battery 3 times this year already, it is costly obviously because its old.

- April A

My car is a decent car for my family and our daily commutes

My car is an okay car for its purpose. It has been reliable and gotten my children and myself back and forth from where we need and want to go for several years now!

- Jessica L

The little engine that keeps on running

Has been ultra reliable. Car comes with standard features and is not designed for performance but efficiency and that is exactly what this car has done.

- Deborah B

Easy to Drive & Great Gas Mileage.

I like it because it's good on gas, it's easy to drive, the color is great, red & black and it's small and easy to clean, love a clean vehicle.

- Cindee B

Four wheel drive truck great gas mileage.

Drives nice. Great gas mileage. Roomy cloth interior. Automatic. 4 wheel drive. Hatch. Radio. CD player. Cruise control. Speedometer.

- Melissa F

It is old and not very reliable.

Need a newer vehicle with less maintenance. Air conditioning is broke, heater is broke. Transmission slipping, overheats.


Good and Reliable Small SUV, great for a starter family car.

I enjoy the size and hatch. I would enjoy something with a bigger backseat. has been running without major issues

- Kalyssa O

It is a champ, but the no longer make it. (:.

It is sporty. It drives well in all weather. It gets me where I need to go safely. The mileage is good.

- Elaine K

it is reliable in all weather and runs well because I get it serviced frequently

Looks good, no major problems, my type of vehicle, meets my travel needs, right size for me

- Gwendolyn C

I love the small size. I dislike nothing so far about it. No complaints from me.

It is a good first vehicle as it is good on gas/mileage and is the perfect size.

- Jessica K

It's paid for! Great on gas and insurance is not expensive for this car. It's small and cute!

It has some ding and rust spots. Other than that it's a good car. Great on gas.

- Peggy M

Great on the road. Easy on gas. Fun to drive. Very dependable .

I love driving my tracker. It drives on the road good. Gets great gas mileage.

- Threasa Y

2002 Chevy tracker still in good condition.

- Cynthia H