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Chevy tracker. This vehicle is worth the money that I paid for it.

I bought the tracker brand new. It is comfortable and it drives smoothly. It now has 154, 000 miles and it is still going. I use this as a work vehicle because I have clients in my vehicle daily. It has cruise control and electric windows. I will not buy a car without these 2 features. I have had only one major problem with this vehicle for about 10 years. The headlights come on while I am not driving it and it drains the battery. I have taken it to shops and they tell me that they cannot diagnose it if it is not doing it when I take it to them. I have to take the negative battery cable off when I get out of it when it does this. Rain seems to make it worse. This is a good car for the money and it has lasted a long time.

- Carol C

The Sluggish Ninja Turtle

Honestly I got the car in not awesome condition so keep this in mind but this car does not pick up in speed considering its small size I've ridden and driven in cars with a four cylinder that perform much better than this vehicle when making turns kind of fast I feel like this car can definitely flip but honestly that's only if you drive it like a teenager this cars top speed is not impressive either I have a hard time hitting 70 most days when working on this car it's hard because it's so compact and you often have to take a lot of time getting things off just to get to this specific thing.

- John H

it is a small compact SUV with 4-wheel drive.

i like that it is roomy and has lots of space for extra people. lots of room in the back for my subwoofer and for hauling groceries and other big things. It's also easy on gas with a smaller six cylinder motor. and It's 4 wheel drive for winter driving. not too big and not too small. just right. i have no complaints about it other than It's hard to get to things under the hood for self maintenance on changing broken parts.

- jeffery B

Tracker ups & downs. Great on gas bad on incline.

Older model. Difficult to find replacement parts, even tire sizes. Down sides, no climbing power, headlights always on. Does great in deep snow. Gas mileage per gallon cannot be beat for this vehicle. Power steering pump issues. Hard to place the leak. Only had to replace radiator & alternator thus far. Tires are an odd size. So difficult to find them on hand locally.

- Thomas U

May lack a little power but it's a great little SUV!

I like that it's a small SUV. It is small enough to fit into most parking spaces and parallel park easily. The back row of seats fold down for extra room for moving things--even rugs and furniture. I don't like that it's only a V4, sometimes it has a little trouble accelerating when the AC is on! Overall, for how old the car is, it's needed very few repairs.

- Megan W

The 2003 Chevrolet tracker.

The Chevrolet tracker is a great get-around-town car. It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable. Oil changes have been fairly easy and inexpensive. We have had minimal problems with this car. However it is very small in terms of passenger room. It only really comfortably holds 2 passengers and is too small for an infant car seat.

- Emily P

Comfortable for all riders and fun to drive!

I love the size it is a small\ compact car but has good head space and is easy to carry larger items with the swing open rear door. It is also easy and roomy for all passengers including the back passengers, the car sits a bit higher up which makes it easy to get in and out of and has plenty of legroom. Easy to park and fun to drive!

- Tammy O

2003 Chevy tracker review.

It's a good vehicle. Great in the snow once you add some weight to the trunk.. The only problem is finding parts is difficult. Due to they do not make trackers anymore and everyone sends you the geo tracker parts. Could have a bit more room in the trunk but one he back sets are down there is more room than you think.

- Robin H

Loving small four door cars.

No problems that most cars don't have, like brakes and things that you need when basic repair is needed. My car is good on gas and is easy to find parking for. Easy to wash at home. I can carry grandchildren an grown ups with no problem. I would buy another when I need it. I really love this small car.

- Joyce A

2003 Chevy tracker 4 door 2 wheel drive

good gas mileage, handles very well, very solid, good air conditioning, easy on tires, seats are comfortable, very dependable 2.0 4 cyl engine. No problems whatsoever with this vehicle. Clear Coat on top and hood it fading away.. Has 5 speed manual transmission, would prefer automatic tranny

- Mike B

Easy access to parts equipment and interior is made with quality fabric.

It wasn't driven much so some parts are old and worn out. But so far nothing really serious. Drives well and gets good mileage. Not much rust, first owner kept it inside and kept up on all maintenance as needed. All tires were replaced with recommended brand for proper traction.

- J S

Chevy tracker. Small but mighty

Average car. Not great support when it comes to long drives. Though she is a feisty thing. She is great with off roading and has more power than you'd imagine. We did have a problem with the filler hose springing a leak. But it's a pretty easy fix for someone with car knowledge

- Charlie W

Great sporty looking tracker.

I have had very few problems with this car. I have put in two batteries since I have had it. I bought it new in 2003. I do have one window which does not work, and the CD player has quit working. I have replaced a brake line and an alternator belt. I love the way it drives.

- Cindi Y

Very reliable compact SUV.

My Chevy tracker is a very reliable car. It is a smaller size SUV which I like and it is blue which is my favorite color. The only problems I have with it is that the CD player no longer works and the check engine light does not turn off, but the mechanic says it is fine.

- April P

A nimble car that�s tough and can go anywhere you need.

The vehicle is a great work car. I love the four wheel drive and short wheel base. Visibility is great. My A/C isn't working but overall it is decent. It would likely cost more to fix than the car is worth. If recommend this as a daily driver. High miles, low maintenance.

- Jeremy S

The tracker is great on gas and runs really good.

The tracker is very dependable. Just personally, I prefer an automatic. It has been wrecked so there’s some body damage and I would like to have something much bigger. However, the tracker has great air conditioning. Good on gas. Runs very good. I shouldn't complain.

- Candice D

They should know that in winds of 15 mph and higher, they will have trouble keeping it straight and to lower speed.

It is a very dependable vehicle. Gets me to where I need to be. It is difficult to drive in winds 15 mph and higher. It will slide to the left on ice even at speeds of 5mph. I drives straight as an arrow with light wind and not touching the steering wheel.

- Curtis J

The car is really durable for someone who does not drive as much as I do.

It always needs something done to it. Including oil changes, brakes replaced, new tires, windshield wipers replaced. I drive a lot and sometimes it will begin to swerve and tilt a little when you turn.

- Chassidie C

That I maintain my car and it is in great condition considering it's a 2003.

I really don't have any complaints about my car. There is nothing I dislike about it. I love the feel of my vehicle. The car has a fairly smooth ride and I enjoy driving it. It is also roomy.

- Margaret H

It keeps running no matter what you do to it. Very tough car.

It's a reliable vehicle. It's a unique vehicle. It has lots of room even though you can't tell looking at it from the outside. They don't make good quality vehicles like it anymore.

- Chayton W

Chevy tracker as a first car

This car is an excellent car for a first car. It is easy to drive, easy to park, and relatively easy to maintain. Since it is a light car, it gets pushed by the wind on the highway.

- Brenden S

Is a sport vehicle but gets fairly decent gas mileage.

Large enough for carrying large quantities but small enough to be easy to drive. Has 4 wheel drive so good in bad weather. Sits high so roll over on curves a real possibility.

- Melissa B

It has been very dependable.

My Tracker is a 2003 so it is getting up there with miles. It has been dependable for me. I don't like the fact on how bad the paint faded on it. Could be the hot Florida sun.

- Bob f

It's very economical. And fun to drive.

Capable of going most anywhere. Only dislike is it is not extremely comfortable for long trips. Has lots of room inside, in spite of its small size. Very economical.

- Sharon, R

Has good gas consumption. Has all the required features (power windows etc).Comfortable. Reliable.

I have enjoyed this car for 15 years and never had any major repairs to perform (cross fingers!) The only small complaint is that the car is too tall for its width.


It has poor gas mileage. You don't want to buy a vehicle like this.

Does bad on gas mileage and it's kind of small. Although it does do good if you don't have to run the air. It needs work and I don't have the money to fix it.

- Mary W

Great vehicle to buy if your into 4x4 and like cars that are like Jeep's.

It's a nice little truck has four by four does have some rust and is kind of squeaky but all in all it's a awesome truck it's comfortable and rides good.

- Michael J

That it gets me were I need to go and never needs much work.

It does not need a lot of work. It drives well. Physically it is quite beat up but otherwise it is a pretty great car. Uses a lot of gas to, though.

- Tiffany T

That it's a great car. . Jus not for me.

I do not like it very much its too small for me I need room when driving. I'd like to be able to feel comfortable while driving where I am going.

- Deborah H

Oldie but goodie! Great car for short people.

Very reliable performs great! Power windows and doors. Ac still works great! Seats even move to fit 5 feet tall so it's great for short people!

- Jessica W

It has been a good sturdy car.

My car has been very durable, easy to drive and good mileage. It has held it is value. What I dislike is they stopped making Chevy trackers.

- Mary J

It's not a cadillac and does NOT ride like one.

The gas mileage is not as good as I'd like. It handles well and is easy to park and see out of. It doesn't have a lot of take off power.

- Jeffrey D

That it has a very nice interior and nice seats and got a good car battery

My car is ok but just needs to be a little faster because over the years it has gotten slower my dad had before me and it is very old.

- Zachary M

My car is great on gas mileage and has many capabilities like four wheel drive.

I like the size and gas mileage on my car. It was used, so I ran into a lot of issues after purchasing, so I wish I had known better.

- Courtney S

It is very efficient on gas mileage and so very reliable!!!

I never have had a bit of trouble with it, I LOVE it and will look for another one if and when she quits runny!!!!

- lisa l

I have over 150,000 miles on it and I have barely had to fix anything major on it. Only replaced normal wear and tear things such as brakes, tires, brake pads.

I love my tracker, it is very dependable. I have not had any major issues with it. Love the 4 wheel drive option.

- Liz S

it gets a lot better mileage than others in the same class

has good mileage but seems a little small at times. it is dependable

- charlene b

The passenger seatbelt isn't up to code. The radio likes to hold cds hostage now

It's 15 years old. I bought it super cheap. The trunk doesn't open.

- Amber C

The Chevy Tracker is reliable and easy to maintain. It is small for a family of 5, but has a comfortable and smooth ride. We hope to have this vehicle for many years to come.

The Chevy Tracker is great on gas and easy to maintain.

- Jennifer W