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Chevy Trailblazer stands the test of time.

The Chevrolet Trailblazer is a good vehicle for everyday uses. Whether you are driving to work or driving off-road this vehicle has good traction. It has plenty of seating for 5 full grown adults and room for your supplies. We have had to do some repairs like changing out the catalytic converter and the sensors just recently. Other then that there has not been to much that we had to do to it. We have replaced the engine but that was because we bought it as a pre-owned vehicle and the previous owners ran it hot and warped the engine. The only other work that has been done is routine maintenance and tire replacements. If you are looking for a SUV that is comfortable then this one is a good choice. We put a lot of miles on this SUV and it just keeps going. One benefit is that you can still work on this vehicle (if you like to do the maintenance yourself). The parts are easier to find at a parts house or wrecking yard then the newer models. We have taken this vehicle to the lake multiple times fully loaded with all of us and our stuff, it even has a roof top holder. The tow hitch is easy to hook up when you need to tow a trailer, boat, handicap ramp with wheelchair, small cargo rack or any other accessory you need to add. It is easy to remove when not in use. If all you want to do is everyday errands like shopping and taking kids back and forth to school and games this SUV will handle all of that and more. Because we have added a security system it has helped on discounts with insurance. If your looking to save extra money than the Chevy Trailblazer is the vehicle for you.

- Brenda D

This car has so much more.

I really like my car I have always been an SUV person, I like the leather seats but they tend to get unbearably hot during the summer, it's a gas pit unless you always drive far. Right now during cold weather a neat feature mine has is the heated seats although sometimes it can get a little to hot but its got three settings so I can fix that. The air conditioning has separate settings for the drive side and the passenger side so you can adjust it to your liking which it great for me because I have always been more sensitive to the weather, and for the rest of the passengers, well they have the same option with a completely separate system.

- Guadalupe S

Reliable and fun to drive!

I have enjoyed every minute of driving this car. It is reliable and drives very smooth. I have not had a problem with it. The biggest downside I have seen with this car is the gas mileage. I fill up at the end of every week. It has a nice sunroof and heated seats which is one of my favorite parts. There is automatic everything (which I often see as a downside because there is more that could go wrong) but in the 9 years I have owned this car nothing has gone out with it. I would highly recommend this car. Just take good care of it and it will take good care of you.

- Carlie F

Versatile car, great value.

I have had a wonderful experience with my trailblazer. The only thing that has been replaced is the battery, which is amazing, given it is age. K have had an issue with the panel of the passenger door detaching from the frame. I was able to fix it myself, but the armrest is now not as stable. Overall, this car has been an excellent value and has served our family well. The third row of seats has been an amazing feature that has come in handy numerous times when transporting kids. The versatility of this vehicle is one of the reasons we have kept it for so long.

- Katie B

Very stylish, dependable, & easy to drive with very little mechanical issues.

I bought my 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer in October 2014. It had 30, 000 miles on it from being a leased vehicle. This car has 4 wheel drive, electric windows & locks, dual climate control, leather seats with the 2 front heated, moon-Sunday roof, automatic windshield wipers, a Bose stereo system, & a tow package. It now has 260, 000 miles on it. The transmission went out @ 250, 000 miles & was replaced by a remanufactured tranny with 100, 000 miles on it. This has been a very dependable, comfortable, roomy, & fun car to drive. No bad reviews about anything.

- Della C

Great Comfortable car. I wish I could buy a new one just like it

We bought this car when it was 4 years old. It has been a great car. Easy to drive, comfortable inside. I love the heated leather seats. We have had to have the a/c replaced and other maintenance issues. It won't go into 4 wheel drive when it is below freezing outside. That is only a problem once in a while. We took it to a transmission shop about 6 years ago. It cost us $400 and did not fix the problem. The shop told us sorry they just can't figure it out... Other than that I love my car and will need a newer one soon but really don't want to do that.

- Deborah D

Problems I've Had With Mine

I constantly have blowouts while going down the road even if the tire is brand new. My A/C went out in it a couple months after I got it. The suspension under it makes it seem like your swaying side to side while going down the road. I don't like the way the steering wheel doesn't let you adjust but certain levels and won't let you get in between the levels. Also the seat adjustment is either too far or too close to the steering wheel, also needs a middle adjustment. My camshaft went out and it's been one thing after another since.

- Allison L

Awesome drive and very comfortable no matter where you sit!

I love the Chevy trailblazer. It is comfortable and drives great. It is good on gas. It has lots of room in it so we can drive our grandkids around. The problem I have with the particular 2002 Chevy trailblazer that we own is that it is just getting to old. Things are starting to have be replaced or repaired. I would love a newer trailblazer! Like a 2019!! I have driven many different vehicles including many different Chevy trailblazers and I always am happy with the Chevy trailblazer.

- Lori W

2002 Chevrolet trailblazer.

My car has a lot of room for kids and cargo. It is easy to drive and handles nice. Most models have four wheel drive, which is nice in the snow. The rear seats fold down for more cargo space. If parts need replace most are fairly inexpensive. There are different models such as ls, lt, ltz which just means it depends on what trim you receive. I have the ltz model and have heated leather seats, rear entertainment for my kids, steering wheel controls, etc..

- Melissa P

It loves to go on family vacations!

Very comfortable for my family of four. It has plenty of legroom and storage space for luggage. Good for short and long trips. Very reliable and handles well. Has an easy turning radius and maneuvers nicely in any situation. It does have a few blind spots that require a bit of extra attention at intersections (the area where the windshield meets the door is a bit large and is a large blind spot). Has a good stock radio and sound system.

- Chelsea H

2002 Chevy trailblazer- pros & cons.

Problems: needs shocks replaced badly, has weird clicking sound that goes away on its own (after a few days)- happens after long trips (6+ hours). Also had an issue with gear shift pin coming loose (could shift into gear but wasn't actually shifting into another gear). Other than that, very reliable (our family vehicle), has plenty of space in cabin, easy to maneuver, seats are comfortable for long trips & we love the DVD player.

- Katie N

A reliable and dependable vehicle with lots of room.

I enjoy the room in this vehicle. It has a large trunk/hatch area and the back seat let down for even more storage. The inside is easy to maintain. It handles really well. It is a little costly on fuel but we do drive it a lot. The front bumper brackets have broken and I am having a difficult time trying to repair it. A piece of the side trim came off easily. It is a dependable and reliable vehicle that suits my everyday needs.

- Pamela R

Tough solid built to last & idea for mountains & country terrain.

My 2002 Chevy Trailblazer still runs & performs with 220000. Miles on it. Minor problems fuel filter & fuel pump. Easy to work on. Able to find parts at reason prices. Vehicle is very well built. Front end was damaged from hitting a deer & it still runs and drives good. Very solid built. Price of whole front end cap & headlight replacement parts were under $1000. Good gas mileage 23 mpg on hilly curvy roads. Handles good.

- Kathy R

Its very reliable, excellent in poor road conditions, and does not break down.

My 2002 Chevy trailblazer is very reliable. It has 165k miles and I haven't had any major problems in the 5 years I have owned it. Parts are relatively cheap. Smooth, comfortable ride. Excellent in the mud and snow, I've never gotten stuck. There is some rust on the back hatch, left rear door, and left rear wheel well, even though I take excellent care of it. Another downside is that it only gets 12-15 mpg.

- Andrew H

Great Car, Nice size for big family, but takes a lot gas

My car is nice. A nice size very spacious. But the gas is a problem. I have to fill it up sometimes twice a week. The radio buttons sometimes stops working a while but it comes back. Other than that it's good the headlights comes on and off automatically so that's a plus. Big trunk space for making groceries. The seatbelt sometimes gets stuck and it feels like it's choking you but every car does that.

- Miracle R

An everyday reliable vehicle.

I haven't had very many unusual problems with my car. I drive everyday and long distances almost every weekend. The car drives smoothly, it is probably worth mentioning I keep up on maintenance as it is an older car after all. I love the space you get in the back especially when going camping in the summer. I can fit everything and everyone in one car. This car is great for everyone I would say.

- Marie B

Comfy but painful in the wallet.

The only problem I seem to have is with the electrical systems (alternator/starter). The car is reliable as long as I keep up the maintenance. It is very spacious on the inside, can fit 5 comfortably. Great for long road trips. During the winter the AWD is nice. But when the roads are slick even a little, you better have it engaged or you will be all over the road and may end up in a ditch!

- Ashley B

Long lasting Chevy trailblazer

My vehicle been running since 2002. It's been taking on a bunch of road trips and the only problems I ever have with it is the problems anybody would have with the car. I've had to get new batteries and change the breaks and stuff like that. Nothing major has happen to my truck since I've had it. As long as you get the regular tune ups, oil changes and everything else you'll be good.

- Unique W

I've driven chevy vehicles and have not had to many problems that were major overall I would say it's a great make.

I bought my suv due to my growing family. We can now travel all together since it has all the sitting I need. Problems after purchasing were soon seen of course minimal problems. Overall I would say it's a great vehicle. Once I bought it we made a road trip to Houston thx and it was such a smooth ride. Now it just needs its maintenance but I still enjoy driving that SUV.

- Cristina R

Reliable vehicle, lasts long, and overall good on gas.

My 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer has been an overall reliable vehicle. It is 17 years old so in recent years it has had some issues with older parts wearing down. I have driven this vehicle since high school and it has traveled out of state well. It is good on gas mileage, if I do not travel far, I gas about once per week. It is a comfortable car, smooth ride, and easy to park.

- Miranda G

2002 Trailblazer 4X4. EVERYTHING WE NEED

Trail blazers are roomy and provide comfort on long trips. Our Trailblazer gets about 15 miles per gallon, which is not too bad for a vehicle of that age. It has enough space for 5 people, with plenty of space remaining for other cargo/groceries. The Windows are designed for good viewing around the vehicle. The Trailblazer is strong and can pull a trailer with ease.

- Cheryl G

The Chevy Trailblazer better get one. If you drive it you'll buy it.

For a straight n6 engine. It has power and riders very comfortable. It has more than enough room for a family of 5, or like myself. A family of 3 and 2 dogs lol. It also drives well being a SUV type. I even pull with mines. I have the 4200 and its a 2002 model. I've pull a max load of 7500 lbs. and I still can't believe it done so well. It has my approval any day.

- Reggie M

Great ride with good perks

The radio stopped working. The am works but not the FM. I can play CDs but nothing in FM. Can't figure it out. Other than that it is a great car. Fuel mileage is great especially for it being an SUV. My child loves the DVD player in the back and it is extremely helpful for long trips. He can pop in a movie and not feel like he's been sitting in a car for too long.

- Jennifer B

Chevy Trailblazer, very nice SUV. Seats are extremely comfortable.

The Trailblazer handles really well and is better on gas than I thought it would be. It is very roomy and comfortable. The stereo system sounds great. I have had an electrical problem with it that no one seems to be able to diagnose. However, I have still been able to operate the vehicle. The design and function of the interior is practical and well thought out.

- Jane W

Nice to drive. Comfortable. With some minor issues.

It is a beautiful car. I love it. I feel secure and comfortable when I'm driving. It is spacious. The seats can fold to make more room in the back. The only problem is a noise in one of the back wheels. The noise was because of the emergency brake disk fell off. Also the tube for the steering wheel breaks down and the liquid came out making it to hard to drive.

- Erika O

2002 Chevy trailblazer with 2WD 4 door. Electric windows and cruise control.

My trailblazer is reliable and easy to manage and maintain. I do not have 4WD which is not ideal living in Colorado and loving the mountains and camping. Overall it is a bulky car which could be great for someone who is looking for that added safety and security in case of accidents. The seats to fold in although not smooth or flat surface when folded.

- Kat D

It is just an ordinary SUV, but has been very reliable, excellent in deep snow.

I bought my 2002 trailblazer from a private owner. It was expertly maintained by my mechanic who recommended that I purchase it. Mileage was over 200,000 but drives like a new car. Have had very little mechanical repairs, as the vehicle was well maintained., which is a must for the longevity of a vehicle. It is still like a new car. A pleasure to own.

- Susan P

My Trailblazer that my entire family loves.

My Trailblazer is a very reliable SUV. It is fits my whole family plus anything that I might need to haul. It also have 4 wheel drive which makes it easy to drive in any condition. The rear seats fold down to make moving larger objects easy. I haven't had to do hardly any repairs other than the regular maintenance that needs to be done on a vehicle.

- Jonathan P

Great vehicle for how old it is.

My trailblazer is super small in the back seat but the front is quite comfortable. I have to change my coil packs constantly. There are six of them and they always go out. I maintenance my car regularly and I take good care of it but I feel like there is always something wrong with it. It's an old car now so maybe that's why, overall I enjoy my car.

- Abigail H

This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one.

This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one. This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one. This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one. This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one. This vehicle is amazing I love it and would love to have another one.

- Jessica H

Most vehicles can not hold up as well as this one with Its age and still running.

I purchased my Chevy trailblazer brand new and have had it as a sole vehicle for almost sixteen years. Other than normal wear and tear, I have not had issues, which speaks volumes for the integrity of the brand. The comfort and spaciousness of the car is awesome I would definitely recommend this car to everyone for it is durability and comfort.

- Sylvia S

Easy to fix when something goes wrong.

I really like my trailblazer it is easy to fix when something goes wrong. Problem is that is pretty often. Parts are not expensive and if your somewhat mechanically inclined it does not take much knowledge to fix the problems. The four wheel drive capability is a must! It handles really well and drives very smooth. Tires are reasonably priced.

- Victoria B

Comforts of the Chevy Trailblazer

The Chevy Trailblazer us a great vehicle for all occasions. Plenty of room inside, for seating & storage. Comfortable seats. Smooth ride. Haven't had any major mechanical problems in the 4 years I've been driving it. Easy to maneuver on the highway or on country roads. Has a lot of extra storage space on racks that are on the roof.

- Terri A

Roomy 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer ls.

I have a 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer ls. It is very roomy and great for families. Being 17 years old most of the little things have been repaired or replaced. It is still in need of a new serpentine belt and a new water pump. It has 4 brand new tires and a recent oil change. It has a champagne paint job and newly reupholstered seats.

- Melissa L

It's not new but its awesome.

Well I can not really say on how it performs and all because it is a used car and not brand new. But because it was not new it has its issues because it wasn't taken care of very well by the one owner it had but I am sure a brand new one would perform excellent. Other than the natural wear and tear it is still an awesome vehicle.

- Tiffany B

My trailblazer is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

The only problem I have with my truck is that the steering wheel has a lot of play. Other then the steering wheel being a bit loose my truck runs great. It drives smooth, air blows nice and cold and is very reliable. Since I've had my truck I havent had to do any major repairs other then buying new tires and replacing the breaks.

- Steven R

Chevy Trailblazer is amazing.

I absolutely love it, it's amazing in the snow, very reliable, so far has been very low maintenance, tires have lasted for a while, I would not trade it for anything, we are actually currently looking for another one to have as a second household vehicle for work and home, I am really hoping we can actually find another one.

- Jessica H

Great car, great on gas and a big favorite of mine.

I bought my car in 2004, it has been a joy to own and a joy to drive all these years. It has been a very reliable car and no big problems. I take care of my car and it has never failed me. I would love to get a new car, but this car is still working just fine. If I did get a new car it would definitely be another Chevrolet.

- Marge B

Chevy Trailblazer with no a. C.

It's a good car the only problem is the a. C. Does not work, I just changed the transmission and the engine runs great. It's a smooth ride and very comfortable. Its a silver color but it looks more brown. I take it to work only simply because I do not want to be hot while I am driving and if it rains the windows get foggy.

- Leonard W

Trailblazer mileage vs comfort.

The only real downside is that it still only gets truck level gas mileage to the tune of about 14-16 in town and if I am lucky 20-25 on the highway. Other than the mileage the trailblazer is great, the heater warms up quick and the ac cools down just as fast making for a very comfortable environment inside the vehicle.

- Raymond G

Specious very roomy and good for families.

It's very reliable and very comforting has lots of room has a nice sunroof it has a thing if you have kids you can child lock the doors and the windows so if they mess with them. It also has the dual heating system so if one gets hotter than the other they can turn their side of the heat down which makes it wonderful.

- Ashleigh D

Trailblazing in a Hellraiser

Very easy to maintain, long lasting engine, 20+ mpg highway. Occasionally have to check up on alignment, brakes, tires, etc., but the vehicle is very reliable. Of course, change the oil every 3 months or every few thousand miles for optimal performance and keep on top of the fluids and e everything should run normally.

- Noah G

2002 Chevy Trailblazer, the vehicle that gets you where you need to go.

I love the space that my SUV has, plenty of room for groceries and hauling friends around. The gas mileage isn't the greatest and it takes a lot to fill it up. Being a older vehicle it also needs a lot of extra care and doesn't have the new features. I love the 4 wheel drive, don't have to worry about getting stuck.

- Brittany B

Chevy trailblazer is very nice accept for gas mileage.

Good has lots of room and very roomie great stereo. . . Seats are very comfortable hatch opens up for lots of storage has power locks and anti theft device only thing I don't like is that it's not very good on gas and gas mileage sucks when 1 thing goes wrong it always happens to be more than 1 thing that goes wrong.

- Rebecca D

Chevy Trailblazer is an excellent vehicle.

For the amount of time that I have owned my Trailblazer I have not had any serious issues with it, there is minimal upkeep and the 4 wheel drive really comes in handy. It also gets excellent highway miles for being an SUV. As long as they are kept up with routine maintenance it is an excellent running vehicle.

- Brook H

Although my SUV is older it has held up well, and is a reliable family vehicle.

The 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer is an extremely dependable vehicle. It is spacious and has proven to hold up very well in an accident. I love the 4 wheel drive option for rough Midwest winters. The vehicle is large enough to accommodate my family, with plenty of trunk space, but small enough to park easily.

- Brittany S

Sports utility vehicle. 6 cylinder, lt with Bose system and OnStar tracking.

2002 Chevy trailblazer has been a good reliable car. In 2004 the original engine had a catastrophic failure. Gen. Motors replaced it at no cost to us. We have over 230,000 miles and had to replace the transmission 3 years ago. The vehicle tows a 19 foot boat almost everywhere it goes. Still going strong!

- Shelly G

Good mid-size SUV with ample storage and a powerful engine.

The 2002 Chevy Trailblazer is a reliable midsize SUV. It has a V6 with plenty of power and gets decent gas mileage. It has a 4 door layout with ample storage in the rear compartment, which features 2 methods of opening, either the glass hatch or the full hatch. The spare tire tools are in a weird place.

- charles S

Trailblazers great for long or short trips.

Great on long trips carries all my family and equipment, good on gas no problems since I bought second hand with low miles no rust and comfortable. Is able to pull travel trailer without problems and enough food for weeks on the road. No other problems have ever stopped my family go to in small trips.

- Judith M

Heated seats are awesome.

The ac don't work anymore. Driver and passenger front windows wont roll down. Keep getting a service air bag message. I can haul stuff in it pretty well. Most of the time it's an ok car. The seat have heat warmers in them. Also have heated mirrors. We drive it every day. Runs good most of the time.

- Tammy Q

Dependable and long lasting.

Great long lasting car. It is showing its age, but replacement parts are affordable and easy to get. There is a lot of room, and it is comfortable to drive. It is also a safe SUV for my family and friends, with lots of storage space. The 4-wheeled drive is great in the mud and winter conditions.

- Christopher B

Great deal for used low mileage!!

Minor problems but love it!! 15 to 18 mpg and up to 20 mpg on long trips what else could you ask for. Change oil every 3000 miles keep it up to date no rust still shines! Would buy it again!! And probably will in the next year but will look for same SUV by Chevrolet new or used low mileage.

- Judith G

It is a good dependable car and low maintenance.

It is very reliable. The inline six has plenty of torque so it is peppy on take off. I think it is comfortable can drive long trips with it and not get a sore back or legs. The only problem is with age it starts to have small electrical problems but can be fixed fairly easy on most of them.

- David K

A great vehicle to get you back and forth to your doctor's appointment. .

Well this vehicle has a problem with brakes and the check engine light come on when there is no problem with the car. . But for most parts its a great vehicle. . I needed it to help me get to my doctors in Cleveland Ohio. . . And its has done this for me. . . Thanks to the Chevy dealer. . .

- Jodi M

It's sturdy. It pulls well and holds up under pressure.

It's a gas hog but drives decently. It is comfortable for long trips. The stock radio is junk. It's spacious. Roomy also. If you take care of it then it'll get you where you need to go. My biggest problem is for sure the gas mileage. Even with normal oil changes it still barely improves.

- Jennifer H

2002 Chevrolet trailblazer 4wd and sunroof.

I do not have any issues. The seats are really comfortable. I love the sunroof and that it is 4wd. I know I can rely on this vehicle because it has lasted me a long time. Decent gas mileage. It is really easy to maintain. It has a CD player. Also has a sunroof, which is really cool to me.

- Kristin P

This has been the favorite car in my lifetime.

It's been the most reliable vehicle ever. Have had no major issues, just normal stuff. It's great on gas and is very comfortable to drive or ride in. I live the lumbar support that's adjustable in the driver's seat only. This car will drive forever for you as long as you take care of it.

- Donna W

Great road life, excellent quality vehicle

My vehicle is awesome, bought it used and haven't had any problems except regular routine maintenance, it handles excellent and replacement parts are inexpensive,I have taken excellent care of this vehicle and I hope I can get a long life out of it, even the oil changes are inexpensive

- Kim B

an amazing all around vehicle

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. it really works great in the Pennsylvania region I can take it up in the mountains on back roads, go on long road trips with it, it also runs amazing in the snow. It's so roomy and very comfortable has a ton of great options and extras also

- Jessie E

Trailblazer with 200k still running great.

Car has almost 200k miles. We have had to do some replacements but cars still running well and running smooth. We've been happy with the Trailblazer. Car maintenance has been good because the parts are affordable. If we were to buy another car we would consider another Trailblazer.

- Alison S

Good review of my 02 trailblazer

The trailblazer is a great car, it guzzles has though so be prepared for that, it gets pretty great highway mileage though and the controls work good. Mine is the least featured car and does have a few engine problems starting with the idle problems and the high rev thing it does.

- Alexandra M

Performance of my trailblazer.

The reliability of my vehicle is wonderful. It has gotten me over 500 miles without having to stop for gas, maintenance, or anything like that. We have an issue with our power steering, but that should be an easy fix. The performance of this trailblazer is outstanding, we love it!

- Cassy R

The best part I like about the Trailblazer is the perfect blend of horsepower.

The vehicle is great overall. There is plenty of room for a small family. I find the ride to be very comfortable. I have not had too many issues, long as the standard maintenance is up to date you should never have a problem. Overall the Trailblazer is a good choice in my thought.

- Andrew S

Perfect vehicle for the soccer mom who doesn't wants minivan!

We love this vehicle, it was very helpful to have the extra seats when our children were young. It may not get great gas mileage but it's not terrible either. The only issues we've really had with this vehicle is a little rust on the bottoms of the doors. Never any engine issues.

- Laurie C

Has over 130, 000 miles on it and I still drive it.

The car is old and is coming apart. The leather is pulling away from the door. The engine sounds terrible it is a four wheel drive and eats up too much gas what more can I say. The car is falling apart. I have to keep the spare tire in the trunk since the tire holder is broken.

- Linda J

Trail blazers often have issues with the ac.

My trailblazer is absolutely amazing for being almost 20 years old I have only had to replace the alternator once I have had issues with the air conditioner but nothing that I couldn't fix myself and it is very reliable with decent gas mileage and very spacious for my children.

- Jessica M

Reliable lots of space smooth ride.

I have had a lot of problems with the front end as far as my tires. It does take a lot of gas but overall I love my car. I have lots of space for my kids and their stuff. The factory speakers are top quality. I enjoy driving this car on the highway and in the city smooth ride.

- Samantha W

Trailblazer should be set ablaze

The 2002 Chevrolet trailblazer is extremely cramped. It does not handle the road well at all. Forget driving it on a windy day because if you do attempt it you will likely roll over. The engine has no power. It shouldn't even be considered an SUV. I will never buy another one.

- Adam G

Reliable transportation to have.

I truck is very reliable, but is currently smashed from a wreck I had. It is being worked on now. It has excellent mpg. I own this truck paid for off the lot. Nice size SUV. It is a 6 cylinder. Green is the primary color of the truck. I love the style of the body and interior.

- Dominique T

best family car, durable, reliable, and safe

this car is really good for a large family. I have 5 people in my family and it is extremely comfortable for us. It is very reliable and has only once failed us, not many problems, very long lasting. It is very powerful and very good for the snow because of its 4 wheel drive

- issa S

It a great family vehicle.

My trailblazer is very easy to drive for me and my wife. It has a lot of room for the kids and cargo space. It was very affordable for my family. I love the color options and tinted windows. It has 4x4 it was a life saver last winter. It has been a very great family vehicle.

- Joseph B

Chevrolet Trailblazer needs better Quality check

Chevy trailblazer has manufacturer defects as in dash electrical panel goes out and sometimes doesn't come back on, CHECK ENGINE light always on had checked several times nothing wrong, driver side windshield fluid spray no pressure, AC and Heater regulator stopped working,

- Camille A

a great car for a small family

it has a good amount of space in the front. It has a lot of space in the back and has a place for a spare. It runs good and the engine is good the only problems I have had with it is the air keeps going out. My car has a lot of miles on it and it still drives really good.

- Niki L

Passengers or cargo: this versatile vehicle can do both.

Like the size and height, great on long trips. Adequate cargo area, split back seat comes in handy, but does not go flat all the way. Other drawbacks have been power windows breaking, and ignition, steering column issues when new. Overall has been great utility vehicle.

- Sue S

It's just as good as an all wheel drive vehicle

Fan pulley is annoying to get off. Your engine will vibrate and it never gets up to operating temperature gets up until you start driving. Other than that it's a great vehicle to have it has operated as well as a 4x4. I can drive on rough terrain as well as my and truck

- sienna S

Great used car-carries a lot. Solid on the road.

Purchased car September 2001. Has 96000 miles on it in 17 1/2 years. Always garaged. Change oil and filter per manufacturer. Only have had to change normal things like tires and brakes. Changed front end struts and transmission lines, otherwise no maintenance problems.

- william C

I like the fact that you can tow things with it.

The only problem I've had so far is the Power steering line problems. It's a very smooth ride.I really enjoy the sunroof and 4wd, it's also very good for towing I like the fact that it has a trailer hitch I bought it used and it's still driving good it's a reliable SUV

- Courtney F

Best Chevy in my town and all over the USA.

Chevy trailblazer. Best car I have ever owned. Great gas mileage, great ride. Great SUV. Great family car. Works well in all seasons. Great vacation vehicle. Have owned Chevys for 30 years. My family has had Chevys for our whole lives since I was a little kid I am 60.

- Gina R

I love my vehicle when it comes to taking trips. Holds a lot of luggage

The Chevy Trailblazer is a great car to drive! Very reliable, comfortable and easy to use. The DVD player in it is great entertainment for my daughter. I use it all the time to take camping and to the beach. Very good on off roads. Great vehicle to take fishing also!

- Noelle V

It is great everywhere I go people asked to buy it it is not for sale.

It is a great vehicle yes no problems I keep the maintenance really up to par and it is a gas saver i love it and I wouldn't trade it in or sell it to no one I am keeping it for my daughters Chevy has took me a long way I have two vehicles I drive this one the most.

- Tina D

It is very nice to haul things in.

Very comfortable to travel in. When hauling things I am very pleased.. It gets through the snow very easy. It is not to good on gas mileage. Very few problems mechanically. Had trouble with where the spare tire is located. I had to have the cable cut to get it out.

- Brenda J

OnStar automatic vents in back.

Roomy for all the kids. DVD players have a common problem with not working. Door handles break on inside. Keep them we'll maintenance and shouldn't have much issues, except the headlights are faulty constantly going out. But overall great purchase for the money.

- Derrick K

Chevy Trailblazer 2002 red edition.

Well running and easy to drive 4 wheel drive vehicle that has not caused us many problems in the years we have had it. We both use it and it runs well in winter and in summer. We love this vehicle and would get another one if we had the money in the near future.

- Kathleen H

2002 Trailblazer reliable, comfortable and stylish

I have placed two transmissions since 2006, it handles and drives great, it is very reliable and dependable, maintenance is fairly cheap, gas can use some fine tuning, I wouldn't trade this car in for anything, I will be passing this car on to one of my children

- Miguel P

Trustworthy comfortable SUV

It is a really good car it's old but in 1 year I been driving around 45 thousand miles with no issues. Reliable vehicle comfort in long trips we go to New York and was perfect at this moment have 220k miles and runs and drives smooth. I don't want to change it.

- Luis C

My 02 Chevy trailblazer is a great vehicle.

My 02 Chevy trailblazer has 215,000 miles on it and it's only ever had one issue. At 195,000 miles I had to replace the rear drive axle. Other than that it's a good car. I drove it every day for almost 4 years while I was in the army it never let me down.

- Austin M

My SUV and why I wouldn't buy a trailblazer again

My vehicle is good on miles but not so economical when it comes to gasoline. The maintenance is fairly expensive but it's a good running vehicle on the road. I won't recommend this vehicle because it's not sturdy on the freeway. And it burns a lot of oil

- Sherry I

Good solid vehicle/SUV with lots of room.

Performs well, comfortable size for passengers and cargo. Power locks and windows, ideal backseat size. Able to tow small trailers and boat. Durable seats and interior, ability to clean easily. A/c and heat run well, easily to do maintenance on vehicle.

- Dan V

I have always liked the look of the vehicle and the way the rear lights were rounded. This made the vehicle look slightly more expensive than it was. This vehicle really does operate very smoothly.

I think the blazer is one of the more dependable cars that I have. This vehicle is comfortable and yet still sporty. There was a recall on quite a few things on the vehicle tho. I do not currently recall all of them. However, a list can be found online.

- Terrie M

Overall the vehicle is very reliable and has lasted a long time.

The 2002 Chevy trailblazer runs very well and has lasted for years. The only issues with the car have been normal things every car needs replacing over time (tires, brakes, ect).Other than this, the car runs perfectly fine and has always been reliable.

- Jordan P

it has an inline v6 gets good mileage for a short trip and saves on gas on long

it handles well it is great on gas has a lot of safety features even though not the latest technology but over all a very economical car with comfort features for a ideal family of 5 has a good amount of storage with undercarriage full size spare tire

- francis G

My Experience with Cars in Life.

It just needs some minor work, it's a truck I like to drive SUVs there fun and easy for traveling your family on vacations. I can see higher the some people due to me being shorter than others. However I wish I had a compact car to save on gas mileage

- L P

It is a little wobbly till you get to know it.

I like everything about my vehicle! Spacious sits higher than a car, it is comfortable. I enjoy the trunk space. It is not too big and hard to handle it is just the perfect size for me and my 2 kids. I like how it handles and drives!.

- Kyra S

They are not that costly to own.

It has been reliable for a very long time. It is great in the winter plows through anything and I do not slip or slide with it or get stuck in the snow ever. I feel very safe in this vehicle and I have had it for a long time now.

- Debbie N

older truck that just keeps running

I love my truck. Has a comfortable ride. No major issues. As it gets older things need to be replace and some rust is starting to happen. I wish it got a little better gas mileage, but this is my 1st truck so it might be average.

- Becky D

Very reliable but not the best gas mileage

I've had my trailblazer for about a year and a half. I bought it used from a deal and it hasn't given me any major issues! I've only had to do some minor repairs/routine work on it. The only downfall is the horrible gas mileage.

- Lexi W

When it hits 1/4 tank it sucks gas.

Its has leather heated seats, Dual temp control, has backseat temp controls, beautiful stereo with CD player, lower mileage, 2 wheel drive, AWD, and 4 wheel drive, 6 cylinder I do believe. Rides beautifully, has Cruise control.

- Cindy W

It is powerful, reliable, and still it is easy on gas.

I like that It's a chevy, very reliable, nice looking, and good on gas. I also like it has a decent amount of power, and everything is designed well. It is low maintenance and doesn't have inferior parts like fords, or dodges.

- Jared G

It is very comfortable and reliable car.

I like that it gets me to work and I do not have a monthly payment to make for it. I dislike that it is starting to show its age and mileage and that means I am going to have to find a replacement soon.

- David C

The most important to know is to be careful because my inside panel is coming.

My vehicle is a very good truck. I feel like it will ride forever. My main problem is all the little stuff like my car radio does not work my inside panel is coming off and my windows are jammed.

- John W

Very roomy and It's very comfortable.

I really like my trailblazer. My favorite parts are the third row seat and air vents in the rear. . . Not just in the front. Its clean and classic. . . Never goes out. Of style. Very dependable.

- Lori J

If taken care of and do regular maintenance, they will last 30 years or more.

I like the fact that it is roomy, I can lay the backseat down and haul things, We go camping in it and don't need a tent. It drives great, and they last forever. Maybe need better gas mileage.

- Chrystal A

It's very reliable. It rarely has given me any issues.

It's older but still runs very well. I've had trouble with the transmission lately but its been over two years since it started acting up but it still drives well. I'm almost at 200,000 miles.

- Josh A

Not a smooth transmission. It has to rev up too much before shifting

I like the solid build feeling while I drive. It also has enough cargo capacity for trips. The trailblazer has enough towing capacity for my smaller trailers. I wish it got better gas mileage

- Tim O

Reliable and runs great, not the best gas mileage

My car is ok but runs great. I haven't had to do any major mechanic work on it in the years I've owned it. It is safe and reliable. The only thing is the gas mileage isn't that great

- Rachel B

You should keep the oil changed regularly. It is easy to overheat.

I like the space on the inside. I like the design of the truck. I dislike the gas mileage. I like that i can change my own transmission fluid and not have to go to the dealership.

- Nicole P

It is spacious for my family only.

I love the four wheel drive, it runs very well for minimum upkeep. Nothing major has ever went out in the 3 years that I have owned it, good gas mileage for there type of vehicle.

- Brook H

It is very sturdy and can take a beating. Not many modern cars are built to last like this one.

I like this vehicle because it is sturdy and reliable. Since we got it two years ago we have had minimal issues with it, and that is awesome for a car that is almost 20 years old.

- Amilia K

Solidly-built, and with good winter tires on it, my Chevy Trailblazer (2002) is a great Idaho car.

My Chevy Trailblazer is a 2002, but because the hubby changes the oil every 3 months and the belts and assorted other items prophylactically, it runs like "the proverbial top."

- Raven R

You can get good gas mileage as long as you don't have a lead foot

This suv gets around 16 to 17 mpg in the city and can get up to 24 mpg if you're cruising for highway and country miles. They have a slow speedup time first getting going.

- Mitchell P

Compared to newer models of SUVs, our 2001 Trailblazer does not get as good gas mileage as the newer vehicles of comparable size do.

We bought our 2002 Trailblazer in Oct of 2001. It has served us very well over the course of 17 years. We have no plans to retire our Trailblazer unless it no longer runs.

- Shelley g

It is 16 years old and still going so it is reliable.

I like the space it provides. It is pretty dependable. Unlike a foreign car, the parts are easier to find. I like the fact that it is safer than some other vehicles.

- Emily W

The SUV Fits my lifestyle

I love the size of the SUV. Everything I need fits in the back. I dislike that the back seats don't fold down all the way. I like the way the car handles on the road.

- chris S

Drives well in snow. Enough room inside to fit our St Bernard.

I love my trailblazer. Disappointed that they don't make them any longer so I will be keeping this one until it dies. No complains. Love how it handles in the snow.

- Jacque R

It's a SUV but it is not 4�4, still goes well in snow and mud.

Really good dependable vehicle, over 100,000 miles and still running strong. I just do regular maintenance and tires and gas and she gets me from point A to point B.

- Donald H

That it has great seating capacity for families with plenty of storage space.

We really like the size and the features. We also really like the way it drives. It is an older vehicle and we are starting to experience some mechanical problems.

- Eric P

It is very safe and spacious!

No complaints! Love everything about it. Very spacious and easy to get kids in and out. I can go grocery shopping and load plenty of groceries and still have room.

- Linda P

The car has been very reliable.

It's perfect and roomy when I had 4 young children. It has been very reliable. Love the 4 wheel drive in winter roads. The only complaint is low gas mileage.

- Martin E

The most important thing is that it's not flashy but it's functional and works well

I love the reliability of it. I've had it for many years and it still works well. The door has issues closing, but it runs smoothly and doesn't let me down

- Tyler S

Good reliable cheap vehicle.

It's great lasted till 155k miles till the water pump went out. Comfort is normal for this type of SUV plenty of cool features has a recording device too.

- David L

Great vehicle for hauling and needed space

Older car, has usual wear and tear, suspension is always messed up repairs never last long, somewhat of a gas hog but can't expect much for age of vehicle

- Tori W

Even though It's old with over 200,000 miles on it, it still gets me where i need to go.

It's get me from place to place without falling apart. It needs way too much work done, and It's not going to last much longer. It's old and almost dead.

- carrir p

It has been really good and very reliable for me and my family.

I have only had to replace my transmission other wise it has been one of the best vehicles that I have ever owned. It rides smooth and is comfortable.

- Holly H

Chevy Trailblazer SUV 2002

Have not had any major problems. It is a solid, reliable SUV. For the many years I've had it, I have maintained regular servicing recommendations.

- Carr G

Gets you where you need to go. Let it drive you home.

I seem to have a lot of problems with my car's transmission. It has plenty of room for my children and luggage. It gets me to and from work.

- Matthew D

It's a long lasting vehicle we have owned ours for more than 8 years and it still runs good.

Our Chevy trailblazer is a reliable safe vehicle. It's great for our family because it's roomy enough for our daughter to ride in the back.

- Cenote B

POS but still gets me where I need to go

My battery goes dead every night has to be jumped in the mornings there is a ticking noise under the hood and it feels like it loses power

- Sara B

Smooth comfy ride with lots of power and torque

Strong 4.2 l6 motor with lots of torque. Comes stock with towing package. The only thing I don't like is the governor kicks it at 115 mph

- Matt S

There is a lot of maintenance involved in keeping this kind of vehicle on the road long term.

I dislike that the hubs need to be replaced in a yearly basis. It also has a bunch of issues with the engine once 180,000 miles was hit.

- Mindy L

I barely have 70,000 miles on it and it's in good shape

like the interior comfort and roominess. the quick acceleration, the 4 wheel drive, the safety, the height. don't like the gas mileage

- johanna O

the trailblazer is a reliable car that rides smooth.

I like the size of the vehicle. It has hauled everything I have thrown at it. I also like the ride, power, and smoothness of the car.

- Jorden K

2002 Chevy trailblazer 4 door SUV.

This is a great safe car. Very reliable. 4 wheel drive is great for the winters here. It is very comfortable and the ride is smooth.

- Michelle E

My car is versatile and easy to navigate.

I love my vehicle. I like that is a larger car, so I can store and transport large things in it. My only complaint is my car is old.

- K L

To much is wrong with it and its ok. And it doesn't have a bed.

It's too small for my need. I am a truck type person. Its older then I'd like to have too much is going wrong it. I need third row.

- Michelle T

Trailblazer 02 lots of space.

Ac has issues other than that it is perfect good gas mileage and reliable for everyday use and more than enough room for my family.

- Jessica M

Great car for teenage drivers.

Like: high profile (i can see over other cars), drives well, practical, option for 4-wheel drive,.. Dislike: inferior gas mileage.

- Gwen H

be prepared to invest a lot of money in upkeep

I like the color and the features of it. I don't like that it's not dependable. It's the first and probably last Chevy I'll own.

- Chrystal M

Blazing the trail with the cost of gas.

Gas hog! Nice ride. Feels safe. Little maintenance issues here and there that add up quickly. Not sure I'll keep it much longer.

- Stephanie S

3rd row and 4 wheel drive.

My vehicle is roomy and very comfortable with 3rd row.. 4 wheel drive.. Handles great... Hate that it is a straight 6. Gas hog..

- Christina F

I like that there is plenty of room for everyone and extras. Its looks good inside and out. The only thing I dislike is some of the parts that go out on it since it's got a lot of miles on it.

The most important thing about my car is that it can fit everyone and everything we need. It is perfect for our growing family.

- Gia F

At its age and mileage, still drives great.

Its an SUV, sits up high, is painted red, get good gas mileage and fits my family great. I can go just about anywhere I please.

- Debby A

It is easy to let the speed get away from you.

I like the size! The comfort of the ride, the features and overall smoothness of it one complaint it needs a new head gadget.

- Diane S

It isn't cheap on gas. Also for it to be a Chevrolet it needs quite a bit of work.

I like that it has all leather seats. I enjoy the boss stereo system in it. I enjoy that it has push button four wheel drive.

- Chris F

It is a four wheel drive. It is a good car if you need to go through mud!

I love my car! It is basic but it gets me from A to B. The window is having issues rolling down. That is the only complaint!

- Brooke S

Great ride easy to work on. Parts are cheap. Looks nice.

I like my car. The ride is great, even in four wheel drive. It does use a lot of gas though. The back seats lay down easily.

- Matthew H

It has lasted a long time.

This car has a rear window that opens while the tailgate is closed. It has leather seats. It is a four wheel drive vehicle.

- Tom G

My car has been very dependable and has not broken down since I've had it since 2005.

Has been very dependable, not a lot of fixes to make on it, still looks great, and has gotten me everywhere I wanted to go.

- Toni H

It is rugged, and can handle poor weather conditions well.

It gets the job done. It has longevity and reliability. However, it does need repairs a bit often, as it is an older model.

- Robert N

It's great on gas and comfortable to ride in. Drives awesome.

Runs and drives beautiful. Comfortable to ride in. Its 4 wheel drive so you can take it about anywhere. Great gas mileage.

- Jessica S

It's gets you where you need to get . It also saves you money on gas

I like that it gets me from point a to point b . It's reliable . They only thing I dislike is the air doesn't work in it

- Alissa C

It is old but functional.

Bought it used so there were problems to begin with but the size is perfect for us. Gas could be more efficient though.

- Larissa G

Good, dependable, hauler.

Large enough to hold friends and lots of cargo! Not great on the gas mileage but dependable at well over 160,000 miles.

- Mccom C

It is reliable, it is very good on gas considering it is almost 17 years old.

This vehicle has really served me well and am very fond of it. Love to get update version when I get ready to buy New

- Michael J

It burns a little oil and stinks one driving it that is all.

I am used to driving a full size pickup so I really am not happy with this vehicle although it is better than a car.

- Rebecca G

Spacious area for 5 people in family.

I like the color, the interior, the look, the style. I like just about everything about it. I like how roomy it is.

- Terri A

Its roomy, drives nice, better motor then traverse.

Like it's a SUV 4wd big roomy dislike that things are harder to fix on a 4wd vehicle do not have 3rd row seating.

- Holly R

when turning, there is a bit of body roll. also a tapping sound which is normal caused by piston slap

reliable but uses pricey parts. Use iridium plugs, use acdelco at all costs. plenty of power for an inline six.

- scott z

Good dependable car for travel

It has been a workhorse. Have traveled tons in it. Only problem is that it gets crappy mileage. Very dependable

- Betty M

It is a very good car to travel in on the road!.

Has been a super reliable vehicle and has 255,000 miles and still runs great, with only the usual maintenance.

- Sandra P

The car has great pick-up.

Perfect size for what I need to do. It's good on gas. It's perfect for traveling. I absolutely love my truck!.

- Hope S

Best car ever I've ever owned.

Very reliable vehicle. Always gets me where I need to go especially in the winter. It climbs right up my hill.

- Amber T

It is awesome for driving to and from work and around town.

Good gas mileage. Seats 5. Really no dislikes so far. Just got the vehicle about two weeks ago via trade-in.

- Brandon W

Reliable, safe and fun to drive; for work or play.

As with most of its kind, has rust on hood undercarriage and wheel wells. Love the space, ride and comfort

- Justine C

Nothing better than a car, truck, suv made by Chevrolet

Love my vehicle due to it being reliable and dependable. My dislike is the parts are expensive for repairs

- Fliceanna B

Reliability, efficiency, and price.

Best car I have ever owned I bought it new off the showroom floor. Never had to make a significant repair.

- Charlie P

Vehicle is dependable when it comes to 4wd

Vehicle cannot go over 55mph, Vehicle's passenger side window and back passenger window does not roll down

- Adam O

Its fast and delivers a smooth drive.

The air do not work. It is ok because it gets go gas mileage & drives good and handles good and runs good.

- Virgil S

Very comfortable. Love the seat heaters, leather seats.

It is a little loud, sounds rough when trying to get up to speed, slow to get to speed limit. Gas hog.

- Micihell C

It's roomy, comfortable, runs very well and is low maintenance.

It is very comfortable. It is a very reliable vehicle. I have nothing bad to say about the trailblazer.

- Diane E

The car is very comfortable. Easy driving and plenty of room.

I don't care for the radio and the sound system. Not very strong. I wish it had cruise control.

- Malinda J

It stomps all over rice rockets like the Prius.

My Trailblazer is blue. It has heated seats, air conditioning, 4-wheel drive, and it kicks ass.


It has heated seats and runs smoothly. Suspension is greater in Themis limited edition model.

The AC does not work. Stereo system needs to be updated. Other than that it runs like a beast.

- Jacob S

It's red and the AC only works on half of the car.

It's a reliable car. But I'm recent years parts of it are starting to fail. It's an older car

- Lindsay M

It's a great little car that provides everything we need!

It runs great & gets good gas mileage! Maintenance is affordable & it was made in the USA

- Jody B

I like that it has 4 wheel drive and can handle the road good. I like that it is built rugged. I havent had to do much work on it.

It's a trailblazer and stands up to its name. It handles great on mud or ice and snow.

- Teresa C

Dependable and comfortable

Rides nice. Has space to carry what I need to carry. Can tow the loads I need to tow.

- Edward G

That it is good on gas for the size and rides smooth.

I like the way it drives. I also like the room. It also is comfortable to travel in.

- Lori M

chevy is the best car to buy

my car run perfect. i do not have any complaint. i would purchase this make again.

- Doris L

take good care of it and will last a long time. solid on the road.

carries a lot. had since new, good basic transportation. not great gas mileage.

- bill c

Out gets me and my gf from point a to point b.

Well it is old and used, It's not a bad vehicle but it does have Its moments..

- Richard E

Large enough to carry 5 people! Large enough to carry large shopping items! Has 4 wheel drive so I get through the winter and summer!

You'll always make it to wherever you have to go in all 4 seasons of the year!

- Kathleen w

I like that it fits my needs. The room for the family as well as room for groceries. I like that in the winter months it has 4 wheel drive

Very good gas mileage and doesn't feel like a bigger car while driving it

- Jennifer H

That I like it and that it has the power I need for driving.

Like the big size. How I can reach the pedals. That I do not get cut off.

- Deb B

It can go fast, but be careful going around corners, it can go on ti's side.

I Love the room it has inside. I don't like that parts are so expensive.

- Anita T

It rides good and important for extra room that if you take extra people.

I like the room it has for 5 people. I have no dislikes or complaints.

- Rosita F

it has always been reliable and a great driving and riding vehicle.

very reliable and it is paid for. bought it brand new from the dealer.

- tony s

It is a decent vehicle. It has had way to many bearing and electrical problems though. It also tends to rust in the back. the engine on it and transmission are very good.

That after about 150,000 miles it will nickel and dime you to death.

- steve d

Extremely reliable and comfortable to drive. Has plenty of room.

Great reliable vehicle. Don't like that there's no cruise control

- Michael J

It's mine! It's paid for. It runs well. And I don't like people to eat it in.

it has over 300,000 thousand miles, and has been very reliable.

- Fred J

Great condition. Low mileage. Great gas mileage.

I like a SUV. Able to have plenty of room. Able to move things

- Melissa J

Durable and dependable even with lots of miles and years. Rides smooth, seats feel like you're on your sofa. Can't part with it.

Dependable, durable, and built to last. Quality vehicle

- Rechele G

I like the size, that it holds a lot especially when the seats are down. Its guzzles gas and any little issue causes it to use that much more.

It has been through a lot with me and it's still going!

- Remy B

Have over 200,000 miles on it and the Onstar has helped us many times.

Very comfortable.. good mileage .. already paid for...

- Joseph M

It's reliable and the air conditioner works great

Like the amount of space. don't like the gas mileage

- Lynn H

It's a reliable family vehicle with plenty of space

Lots of space, sturdy vehicle, decent fuel economy.

- Morgan H

We bought it new and have loved it! It is comfortable and very easy to travel in. So far we haven't had any major problems with it, but we try to take good care of it! It only has about 65,000 miles on it. Very good vehlcle!

Chevy Trailblazer is the most comfortable car ever

- Belinda W

reliability in the chevy suv

I love Chevys Love SUV Best car Best American car

- Gunta R