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I love my Chevy trailblazer.

The Chevy trailblazer is a very comfortable driving car. It has not been in the repair shop that often. There is enough room for my entire family. The only thing that I am not happy with is that it is not compatible with any car seat. It took a long time to find a car seat that would work in this vehicle. It has a Bose radio with six CD player. The radio is so clear and so is the CD player. The air conditioner and heating system is adjustable in the front seat. It also has an on off system and vents for the second row of seats. Along with an ear jack and radio for the second row of seats. As long as you check all of the fluids in a timely matter you will not have any problems with the Chevy trailblazer. The doors work well. My only problem is that I have to be careful living in the city I have to pull in really close to my neighbors house to open my door all the way since they open wide.

- Joanne S

2007 Chevy Trailblazer Review

Overall it is a very reliable vehicle. I have used it for the past 4 years going to and from work as well as having a tow hitch installed. I have towed multiple trailers with no issue. I have also travelled across the country multiple times with it; the most recent being from North Carolina to Kentucky. Performance has been good; although it is an SUV so it does not get as much zip as some cars. The inside seating and detail can be hard to deal with especially with animals. If your dogs shed a lot then you will be vacuuming the back often. If something spills ensure you clean it immediately for fear of stains. The basic features are there for you; as well as having a generally large back trunk to transport just about anything.

- Ben T

The most important thing about our Chevy trailblazer is that it is safe.

The Chevy trailblazer has an automatic rear view mirrors and every time you reverse the mirror moves down so that you can parallel park easier however, I have had to replace the wiring because the mirror has stopped functioning properly so a random times while driving the mirror will move itself therefore the mirror becomes a hazard and makes it unsafe to drive. Other than that little inconvenience I love the Chevy trailblazer, it has great freeway gas mileage and a very roomy and comfortable feel all around the car. It is out go to vehicle for road trips, makes moving trips easier, and can also tow a boat or trailer if needs. I would recommend this car for families and outdoor adventures.

- Aliyah P

With my truck as well as other trailblazers they make a specific noise when wet.

I love my truck because of the power it gives me while driving. The sound system that comes with it is amazing. It is very durable and this a truck you can have forever. If I had to give cons on the trailblazer is that you definitely spend more in gas. Typically in any SUV you will spend more money in gas than a smaller SUV or car. The tires are still the tires that came with my truck. Recently I have had issues with electrical problems. My headlight keeps going out as well as my tail light. I am not sure if this is a problem associated mostly with trailblazers or just mine in general. Theses SUVs are no longer made so at the latest you will be able to purchase only up to 2008.

- Melinda S

Reliable, good value, looks sporty and decent even though its a 2007.

2007 Chevy trailblazer bought used and has original engine. No rust and sits outside year round. Low mileage 15-18 miles to the gallon. Uses unleaded gasoline. Spacious in back seat, my husband is 6ft 5in and can sit comfortably in back seat. Heated seat warmer on door panel--this is problematic because I constantly bump it and turn on easily. Good stereo sound with factory installed system. Has gas and brake pedals that adjust to leg length. I do not like the cup holders that are behind console gear shift. Makes it difficult to have drinks bigger than 12-16oz cups. Back seat windows go all the way down. Has child safety locks. OnStar system available. Sirius system available.

- Jodi J

The Chevrolet trailblazer ls is a reliable family vehicle.

We had a major problem with the headlights not working. At night we would be driving on the expressway and the headlights would suddenly go out. There was a little known recall but we had already fixed the issue by replacing the fuse ourselves. The mileage is not excellent at only about 16 miles per gallon. The ride is very comfortable, our family is four people and we have taken many long trips and a few vacations in this vehicle. Overall, after 12 years we are very happy with the trailblazer.

- Ann P

Three out of five stars. Maybe 3.5

We were second owners. We had to replace the belt five times since we've had it. Also the speakers completely stopped working. They were going in and out as we would hit bumps but that lasted about a month before there was no sound. Other than those things, the car has lasted longer than any other car in my family. From my mom buying it to my sister almost trading it before deciding to pass it along to me. It was worth the money. But I'm just ready for my own car. 3 out of 5 stars.

- Melissa E

Spacious, good for moving.

Vehicle has been reliable. Not the best gas mileage but it has a large tank. Drives well and is spacious. The back seats fold down which makes it great for moving things. Has a rack on top that things can be secured to. Headlights are a pain to change on your own, have to remove the whole front grill. Overall it is been a good vehicle and has done what I needed. Bought it when I was moving a lot and wanted more space for my things. I do not like it as much as my first car though.

- Rachel S

Comfortable to drive with plenty of room for family or hauling items.

Problem: check engine light constantly comes on. We've fixed all issues known but the light has not went off. Other than that, I love the comfort and my room for my family whether traveling or hauling many large items. The seats (except front) are removable which I absolutely love. Good highway gas mileage as long as the maintenance is kept up to date. Tow hitch included which has came in handy. It looks and feels great to drive. Very dependable.

- Kimberly L

The seats laying down in the back for more moving room is awesome for me.

I love the size of the trailblazer. It fits all of our luggage when we travel. The seats lay down in the back so we have more room for moving things. Its safe and reliable in the winter time. It is not 4 wheel drive and that is why I won't give it a 5 star rating. It also is decent on gas but it could be better. Also the front seats are longer by the legs which hurts my calves because I am so short. Other than that it is a perfect family vehicle.

- Ashley P

It is a great all around multipurpose vehicle for an active lifestyle

The vehicle would be considered a midsize SUV, and I think it is a perfect size. I wish Chevy still made the trailblazer. I like the fact the rest hatch has a window you can open separately from the hatch. I like that its towing capacity allows us to tow our boat. It seats 5 and there is still plenty of room behind the 2nd row seats for our dogs. It's 11 years old so it is old tech - no bluetooth, nav, etc. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Car R

Smaller SUV for smaller girl.

I like that my SUV is a smaller SUV which is better on gas but still has the room I need for my work and tools. My gas gauge keeps going out though and on three separate occasions I have had to get my car repaired because it randomly shuts off while I am driving and when I looked up my make and model online it sends trailblazer have this issue a lot. The third time hopefully is the charm because it is been working great since then.

- Christina S

The car is very comfortable and roomy.

The Chevy trailblazer I drive is a great vehicle. It is what I would call a mid size SUV it has plenty of room for 5 people to comfortably sit in. The SUV drives very smoothly it is as if your gliding across the road at times. A couple downfalls are it is such a smooth drive you better keep an eye on your speedometer. It is easy to be going twice as fast as the speed you believe your going. The last downfall is the gas mileage.

- Mitchell W

My mom helped me to purchase it before she passed so it is very special to me.

Comfortable, very reliable, paid for in full, I recently had a recall on it dealing with a short circuit issue where it caused the whole driver doors panel to not work and the window wouldn't roll down, I couldn't use the buttons to control the other doors or windows. But it was fixed and taken care of at my local Chevrolet dealership for free because of it being a recall. I was so very happy that my door was fixed.

- Elizabeth W

The Chevrolet trailblazer.

The trailblazer has been an outstanding vehicle and served its purpose well. There have not been any problems in performance and reliability. Comfortable riding in the front and back seats. Enjoy the air controls in the backseat as well as the front. The only issue we have had is the plastic frame under the front seats. It has broken twice and replaced. It does not affect the comfort level, just not very appealing.

- Mary H

Chevy Trailblazer is a good new/used vehicle to own.

Out of my 5 years owning my car the only major thing that happened was I needed a fuel pump. Other then that just rust and brakes,. And just the simple oil change. My ac needed to be recharged. The tires changed one time but they wasn't the tires that come with the car. I love how it still rides smooth and how quiet it is compared to other older used ones. If you take care of it then the car will take care of you.

- Kayla Fitzpatrick F

Great big/little car for excursions.

I have owned this car for 2 years. I have only had to replace the mechanics for the passenger side power window. I have kept up with the service & enjoy the car. I do not like the fact that you have to remove the entire front end to be able to lube 2 simple bolts on the suspension. I think that is too labor intensive for what should be a simple lube job. Otherwise this is a very comfortable & reliable car.

- Susan S

The interior is cheaply made. The traction system is a hindrance to driving.

I love the size and height of it. It has a sunroof that I love. I dislike that everything on the interior (door panels and under the seats) is made out of cheap materials that break easily. I hate the system that "helps" you drive (some kind of traction, i think). Pretty sure it's rattling under my ride. I don't need help driving. Had I known it was on my car, I don't think I would have bought it.

- Victoria W

The safety of my trailblazer.

I love my Trailblazer, it may be used, but it's good to me, gets me to where I need to go and home safely, my 8yr old daughter is nonverbal, autistic and I need to get her to therapy, doctors' and other appointments, and to school safely, and my Trailblazer does that, appointments are very stressful for my daughter and for me, but I can count on my Trailblazer to get us there and home.

- Lisa M

The best SUV for a family money can buy.

Coil packs make it hard for up keep. It rides god. Has room for the whole family. Gas mileage is good. Comfortable for long trips. Plenty of storage room for everything we need and want to bring. I love the way it drives and handles. I feel safe in it. I have never had a issue finding someone to work on it. The kids love the extra room in the back seat. Has plenty of legroom.

- Billy B

It does not have a key fob to unlock & get into the vehicle.

The SUV does not have a key fob for getting into the vehicle, which is one thing I dislike about. The heater it has really kicks out the warm/hot air & warms the vehicle up fast, same with the air conditioning, it cools the vehicle fast. I also like that it is 4 wheel drive, it gets me throw snow covered roads much easier than a vehicle that does not have 4 wheel drive.

- Joan L

Pros and cons of owning a trailblazer

The 4 wheel drive can sometimes cause problems and uses a lot of gas. It is nice to have the option though whether you want to use it or 2 wheel drive. I can turn it on when I need it like in the snow or rain for better traction. I have to fill up my tank at least 2x a week which is expensive but it has seemed to hold up for over 10 years and over 100,000 miles.

- Jessica L

Its big but it has cons and pros

It's pretty old it's a gas guzzler, takes up a lot of gas and money, the tires rarely have problems, its big and roomy, the radio is a little outdated it has a recording system and USB ports with a lot of storage space in the front it can get me pretty far and it's easy to get around, tougher to fit in smaller parking spaces but not hard for other cars to miss

- Emma A

The "unicorn" engine is awesome - the chassis not so much.

The 5.3 liter engine in mine is excellent, and has been pretty reliable. The bucket seats are not very comfortable for longer drives / rides. The vehicle has also had "nit picky" problems shortly after it was out of warranty - bad switch on the lift glass, door seals going bad, etc. - and at least through the dealership, those things are not cheap to fix.

- Kevin R

It is a great vehicle I am sorry they do not make this model anymore.

This has been one of the best vehicles I have every own. It is a very comfortable riding vehicle. I have been very lucky and have not had any problems. I really try and keep my vehicle maintained as much as money will aloud me to do so these days. I also try and keep it clean. I need to clean it up now, wash it and wax also clean the inside up as well..

- Jeff L

That it is a family vehicle and I am usually traveling with children.

I like that all of my family can fit into my vehicle comfortably with childrens car seats. I like that it is dependable and gets me to where I need to go. I like that it has 4 wheel drive to make travel easier in the winter. I don't like that a few of my speakers do not Orkney so the radio doesn't sound very good and I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Melissa S

Review of 07' Chevy Trailblazer as told by a mom of 3

Great storage space in trunk. Seats also fold down giving much more space need be. Runs fairly well. Issue with the 'stability track' could just be an issue from buying used. Guzzles gas, 15 mile/gal. Floating gas gauge as well. Does have options for the use of 4W drive. Over all decently reliable & plenty of space for myself & 3 kids.

- Thea S

2007 Chevy trailblazer is a smooth ride.

I rarely have any problems with my vehicle, the performance is very good. My truck drives smooth. My trailblazer let's me know when I have a issue such as a oil change or something mechanical my check engine light will come on. All interior features work such as CD player, heat/ac power windows. Overall I enjoy driving my Chevy trailblazer.

- Tamara F

What people should know about my car is that it is a piece of junk but I am grateful for having it because it gets me from point A to point B. At this present moment it is in the shop with a bad fuel pump and bad tire rods.

I do not like the fact that the vehicle is so old and takes forever to get parts found for it. The vehicle was sold to me with check engine light on and I hate that. I like the fact that my car still has an aux cord hook up instead of bluetooth so that I don't have to worry about being on my phone or tapping on a screen while driving.

- Raven K

Is a Used Car Still a Good Deal

We bought this as a used vehicle. We have had to do approx. $3500 in work. When we bought we got a very good deal. Even after doing the car work we feel we still have a good car. We have had the car during the winter and had no problems starting even in frigid winter temps. The gas mileage has been acceptable for the engine size.

- Christine P

Chevy Trailblazer so is an excellent performance and practical combined vehicle.

I bought a 2007 Trailblazer so it has a high performance engine, better overall appearance and is far more comfortable than a regular Trailblazer. I love that they offered this and wish Chevy would bring back a new ss. The sunroof is great, the heated leather seats and the performance is great. I love that is also has a unique look.

- Stephanie L

4 wheel drive Sensor lights on dash.

My Trailblazer is 4 wheel drive so very reliable in the winter months. It is very roomy, can haul quite a bit of stuff. It drives nice. The warning lights on dash or very helpful as well. In case you have a tire that is low and you are not aware of it the sensor light comes on to let you know that you have a low tire.

- Dawn B

My Trailblazer is a good reliable car and I have really enjoyed it.

I like the spaciousness inside, the color, the reliability and the performance is good. The comfort level is good, plenty of room for my kids car seats and other passengers leg room is sufficient in the back seat. Overall a good reliable vehicle and would recommend a Chevrolet vehicle to my friends and family.

- Robin J

High quality when maintained correctly, safe reliable vehicle

This vehicle is very reliable. I bought my vehicle used and I do not regret it. I have only replaced basic maintenance wear and tear parts and my engine and transmission are under warranty for 18,000 miles. This vehicle makes me feel very safe while I ride in it. I know that if anything happens I will be okay.

- Kristin O

Great model! Would love the new 2019 blazer!

Breaking could be worked on and the air tire pressure sensor. I really love that the LT model comes with Sirius XM radio and a television screen in the back for kids to watch! It also has a great amount of storage space and legroom! It also has ac/heat in the back seat. As well as seat warmers in the front!

- Cara S

Runs like the energizer bunny.

No problems only regular maintenance till last yr. Bought it in 2009. I like the 4 wheel drive and it is roomy. With DVD player in back and love that the back seats go down.. It is comfortable on trips only last yr had to replace left tail light assembly, serpentine belt, new radiator on. And charge up a/c.

- Vicky L

Chevrolet trailblazer is a very reliable vehicle.

It is very fast, acceleration is great,, very good on gas and dependable. Very reliable vehicle. It gets me back and forth to work with no problems. Has a very loud radio, heat blows out very good for the winter and a/c works awesome in the winter. If you have a big family I suggest a Chevrolet trailblazer.

- Malik H

2007 Chevy trailblazer review.

Overall very reliable, decent gas mileage and is very comfortable. Have had some fuel pump and gas cap issues. I love the four wheel drive and it is very roomy. I am able to fit quite a bit in the trunk. The seats are very comfortable and easy to clean. I would definitely purchase another in the future.

- Hannah D

Comfortable, affordable, reliable!

Leather interior, moonroof, power heated seats, steering wheel buttons, very spacious, handles very well. Has abs. Sound system is really nice and loud. Has the option for auto volume which I love. Has the option of rapid exit/seat memory for driver upon key in ignition. It also keeps track of oil life.

- Megan S

Buyer beware of purchasing 2007 trailblazer ss.

The car was purchased off the showroom floor. At approximately 2000 miles, new engine. Have had several issues over the years and the car has been out of commission numerous times. It was too expensive to have been such a lemon. Currently, the ac does not work. I do not recommend buying a trailblazer.

- Jami W

Black SUV four door enough to seat about 5 people 2 in back.

My vehicle is very good for a lot of people to fit in. I just have to put a little more gas than my last car I had. But it gets me from a to b. Very comfortable and fitting love the big back trunk very good for putting groceries and other luggage to go out of town or anything like that. Has cold ac.


2007 Chevy Trailblazer. Mechanically sound, and in excellent condition inside and out.

I've driven this vehicle since 2009. Since then, I've changed oil on schedule and replaced the water pump. The water pump failed when the vehicle was 10 years old. The interior is immaculate with no tears stains or burns on the cloth seats. The exterior has only minor "scratches" on the clear coat.

- Stanley A

Junk, just need for transportation.

It is a pretty old car. It was bought second hand maybe 4-5 years ago, only to get myself and my family from point A to point B. It was not bought for like and aesthetics. It is blue. It needs a lot of work. It has 4-wheel drive, and I am not sure on what else it has; it is a car and I needed it.

- Shannon R

2007 Chevy Trailblazer is a Great, Comfortable Family Car

This car has been great. No major repairs, only oil changes, scheduled maintenance and new tires. Has heated leather seats, moonroof, lots of cargo space in back and on roof, driver's seat equipped with memory at the touch of a button so don't have to try and get seat adjusted right every time.

- Carrie G

Versatile, reliable and stylish.

I have owned 2. Both are reliable, comfortable to drive and have great features. I have towed loaded horse trailers with my Trailblazers and have driven them on road trips. Very Versatile and stylish. One serves as the first vehicle for my daughter. It is a vehicle I trusted well to put her in.

- Wendy A

Chevy trailblazer best vehicle I've ever owned.

Overall performance I would rate this car a 9/10. Engine is still running strong after the mileage my girlfriend and I have put on it. Haven't had to replace any parts or have it taken in for any major repairs. I see another good 10 years, give or take, left on it. Would definitely recommend.

- Chris A

My truck was made for me!

Nothing besides normal maintenance and service. All tube features are great. I'm able to customize my seat, mirrors etc. Leather seats are convenient for my lifestyle ( mom with kids and a dog) and drives really well. Stabilitrak system works like a dream. Very smart system. I love my truck

- Ashley A

rides nice, lots of room, easy to see out the back/backup--windows aren't small like they are on the new models

been a great car up until the last couple years. A lot of problems and expenses...bad hub bearings, fuel gage no longer works, engine light comes on randomly, seat belt doesn't latch, sometimes when getting out of the car--the radio doesn't shut off when I take key out and open door.

- jen F

Trailblazer a great family car.

It is a great car it has a ton of space and nice features like the sunroof controls for the air in the back and front plug in to charge phone in front and back it has little compartments in the truck great for vacations fits car seats nice has a great deal of foot space in the front.

- Autumn H

Big family car with easy access to both front and back seats.

Great four wheel drive, has spacious room for large family. Performance has been outstanding, a few quirks with the mechanics after about 150,000 miles. Easy fixes to those problems and relatively cheap. Chose to take a four wheel drive for mountain driving and have really enjoyed it

- Lauren S

My vehicle has a small TV

My vehicle is a very comfortable vehicle with 4 seats and a big space in the very back for storage. My car gets great gas mileage, has cruise control, buttons for the radio on the steering wheel, and a built in TV. My cars radio has 6 slots for CD's and also has on Star command

- Kate B

An owner trying to find a way to obtain ownership.

I do not have any maintenance problems with my vehicle, I am just having problems with obtaining my title to receive a tag. I completely enjoy and love my vehicle and it is performance, I just purchased it under pressured circumstances and weren't able to get a title as of yet!

- Sparkle R

Reliable 2007 Trailblazer.

Great, extremely reliable car. Interior has some wear. Exterior has some wear, scrapes. It has seen better days, but it is still 100% reliable and is well taken care of. Sunroof, power windows, large trunk space. Has towed other cars and transported children. It can do it all.

- A D

2007 Chevrolet trailblazer, built stylishly tough & reliable.

Though I am used to a bigger vehicle (have previously owned a Chevy Tahoe) there is much more space than appears. Very reliable and if by chance it needs servicing there's no long wait for parts as it is manufactured in the states. Great comfort, even used performs smoothly.


I love how big it is and is very good in gas. Also has a TV for kids.

I love how big my car is. I like using it for vacations because there is a lot of room for five people and the back hatch is big as well for everyone's suitcases and bags. It also has a TV in it that can entertain kids and also adults with a sun roof and the heat works fast.

- Abby C

Comfortable, great size, fits 3 car seats with ease, roomy and dependable

This has been my absolute favorite SUV! With 2 kids it has a ton of room for car seats and all of the strollers and etc that children come with fit easily in the back. It is decent on gas for such a big SUV. We have put over 200k miles on it and it is still my daily driver.

- Brandy B

Retirement car needed new dependable always stayed with Chev wanted to last.

Love this car but motor blew at 100 thousand miles like it so just paid 5 thousand to replace it probably what vehicle is worth but provides 4 wheel in winter good gas mileage plenty of room to haul stuff can fit 5 people dependable to start roomy for big people to drive.

- Mamie M

Practical and dependable.

High mileage and cosmetic damage, other than that the car is dependable, practical and reliable. The size of the car is optimal and isn't too big or small. Can tote around luggage, family, and pets. I am pleased with the car other than it being more sporty than luxurious

- Britt B

Love affair with my trailblazer.

118000 miles. Never failed me. Only work required was new water pump, and front passenger window dropped in track. Totally reliable. Helps elevate passenger for viewing traffic ahead. Replaced headlights at $86.00 because Arizona sun really affects by dulling plastic.

- Tom A

Very reliable vehicle for bad weather.

Trailblazer is very nice to drive, handles well in snow. Have had to replace headlamps that failed while driving. That issue was handled by recall. Other than routine maintenance have not had to many issues. Handles well on the highway, have not used much off-road.

- Nancy C

I love how big and comfortable the car is.

I wish it has a AUX cord to listen music. The gas mileage is very good I love that and it such a good car. I like how big it is as well it is very convenient when you have a lot of people or go on vacation. It has a sun roof as well which is nice for in the summer.

- Abby C

Great truck, very reliable,

Car drives and maneuvers great for a 2007 also good on gas. The car cost 3500 which was cheap at the time, came with 78000 miles on it. Very reliable car has great tires. I really recommended this truck also good for a family car. Good for long distance vacations.

- Johnny M

This trailblazer has the best of both a car and truck.

There have been no major problems. I have replaced the battery twice and the brakes once. Also replaced the tires several times. This vehicle is comfortable for five people. With the back seats down, there is plenty of room for large items. I love my trailblazer.

- Karol E

Why I love my Trailblazer.

Had to replace transmission around 160 thousand miles , other than that no issues. Comfortable, love the 4WD in the snow, seats fold down for lots of room in back and easy cleaning! Large trunk even with seats up. Parts cheap to replace such as breaks and rotors.

- Jennifer B

Trailblazer are great vehicle

The trailblazers is a good car for climates where you experience snow and it drives wonderfully and it has a wonderful interior. It is great for a growing family. It would takes you far distance without any problems and it is easy to drive for a medium size SUV

- Vi B

Looks great, drives amazing and is quite spacious.

This vehicle has been awesome for our family with three smaller children. Roomy enough for car seats and boosters but not sitting on top of each other. The ride is excellent and I love having the option for 4WD or 2wd. Great family vehicle and isn't a minivan!

- Kyle P

Dark windows are very nice to keep heat the sun out.

I always wanted a taller vehicle and the blazer fit perfectly for me and my family. Room in front and back for your legs, back has air also. The very back is easy to use with lots of room to put things. I've got 300,000 miles on it and it is still doing good.

- Donna M

Great overall vehicle to have

Really great vehicle... Great features, good on gas mileage and runs smoothly. Parts for this vehicle are very reasonable and not too expensive. Very roomy and spacious, seats fold down for even more room. All electric features and rear entertainment system

- Debra A

The 2007 trailblazer was one of the better vehicles that I have owned.

The Chevrolet trailblazer has high performance though it seems to have issues every now again with the transmission slipping. It has great comforts and features that allow long distances to be easier and far more enjoyable than previous vehicles I have owned.

- Marty D

Works great for work play and carpooling.

The gear shift gets stuck in park many times. Air conditioner quit working several times. Back lift gate is broken after two fixes. Love this car otherwise. Great gas mileage. Comfortable seats with great legroom and trunk space. Dependable and consistent.

- Tammy E

Safe family vehicle, bad on gas.

I like the sun roof, the third row, the ability to have individual temperature controls and the backseat radio. The speakers are not great even though they are Bose. The car is very reliable and safe, a great family vehicle. Not great on gas though.

- Kay J

2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer

My car is really reliable but it does have its problems. I have a broken tire pressure sensor and I've had to have the rack and pinion replaced on it but otherwise it's a great car. It could have more options with how new it is like a aux hook up though

- Ashley E

This vehicle is great for a family of 4. The seats heat up and adjust.

Problems: the car ajar light will be on when the door is secured, the back speakers goes in and out. Went to dealership and they could not remedy the problem. The fuse will blow at times with the cigarette light and was hard to locate the blown fuse.

- Antoinette T

Bring back the Trailblazer

Unfortunately Chevrolet doesn't make it anymore. Supposedly it will be reintroduced for 2019. Perfect size for anything, even ease of parking, and it gets 22 miles to the gallon and has great performance. Handles beautifully, and rides comfortably.

- Lou L

Safest and most reliable truck to own

The Chevy Trailblazer is an awesome truck to have, I actually feel very safe whenever I'm behind the wheel. It has heated seats, and climate control throughout the entire cabin, I've had no problems with my Trailblazer and would recommend it 100 %

- Rachael J

It handles well and turns on a dime.

I love my Chevy Trailblazer because it drives well, you can "turn it on a dime" and it gets good gas mileage. You can haul a lot of stuff in it and it is comfortable to ride in. I think the style looks good, and I like the color I chose, white.

- Ann R

It's old and needs some work but gets me where I'm going.

I like the space of the cabin and trunk space for transporting items. It fits my family comfortably when going places. I do not like the fuel economy and hope to trade it for a more fuel efficient vehicle, likely a crossover in the future.

- Deanna L

It is a great size and handles easily in every situation.

I really love Trailblazers! It is a small SUV, the perfect size for me. I've had this car for several years and it has been very reliable. Never have had any major problems with it. It is comfortable for me to drive and handles easily.

- Mary R

It accomplishes its primary function, transporting me to my destination.

I like that my vehicle gets me from point a to point b. I like that it has a great air conditioner. I despise that only the front two door speakers are functioning. Due to some weird wiring issue, none of the other speakers work.

- ashley h

Trailblazers : the most dependable, comfortable and first class looks of the SUV'S

I love the trailblazers and hate that they quit making them. They are the most comfortable SUV made. More dependable and sturdier built. When I look to buy again I will search for a used trailblazer because of the quality!

- Susan E

She drives like a tank, and can get through difficult terrain!

It is a very reliable vehicle! We have been in a few minor car accidents and has not affected the way our trailblazer drives. It also has a ton of amazing features, car seat anchors, and a separate ac for the backseat!

- Brittany F

Dependable Car with a lot of miles

My car has been very dependable. I have owned it for 11 years. It has required some minor work but otherwise has been very trustworthy. I would like to get a new vehicle in the near future and keep this one has backup.

- Maria P

That it is reliable and well worth the $.

haven't really had any problems beside the normal wear and tear. Did have trouble with the electric system and my headlights. Kept shorting out and caused me to have no low beams. Replaced wire and has been fine since.

- Lisa K

I have never really had any major problems with it.

I own a 2007 Chevy trailblazer. It has approximately 92,000 miles and still runs great. I love the power it possesses and how i feel driving it. It has a sunroof and DVD player which is perfect for my 2 young kids.

- Jarrodd C

Its reliable and safe and good on gas.

Comfortable, runs great problems with electrical system, air conditioning is cold, has a lot of room, great sound system, good on gas, love how the rear seats lay all the way down for carrying cargo, very independent.

- Michelle K

that I keep it clean and tidy for when I have others in it why can't you do the same

I like that it's safe and reliable. It has great gas mileage, it's roomy and rather comfortable for travel at least for front seat passengers. Travel in the back in not so great for adults, The seats are too short.

- Erin f

The vehicle is dependable but this car can be a nightmare if you travel a lot.

I like how spacious the vehicle is and how smooth it drives. I dislike the gas mileage it gets. I dislike that this vehicle has multiple blind spots when backing up because the hutch frame is so thick you can see.

- Kim S

It has gets pretty good gas mileage for its size, and has a larger capacity gas tank as well so less frequent stops to fill up.

I love this vehicle It is very dependable, comfortable and spacious. I currently use it to tote my 2 grandchildren around and it easily fits 2 car seats and a double stroller as well with room for groceries too!

- joann p

It feels like Luxury on wheels.

Recently bought it used. For a 12 year old vehicle it is in great shape. Rides very smooth. No bad sounds out of the engine. The only thing I am not crazy about is that I wish the gas mileage was a bit better.

- rog O

Trailblazer problems have been fixed but broken again.

Back rear window has broken and will not stay up. Fixed after recall but still broke again. Air conditioner has been fixed numerous times but still poor cooling. Gear shift gets stuck love it otherwise.

- Tammy W

You can fit 3 car seats in back seat. 1 rear facing and 2 boosters.

My trailblazer is safe and reliable. I like the room it has. I wish it had a 3rd row. I dislike that my sunroof is broke and it is too expensive to fix. I like that it is reliable in the snow.

- Jennifer W

My car gets great gas mileage.

I love how much space my trailblazer has. I am a tall woman, as is my mother and we both get in and out of it easy. We also garage sale a lot and are able to get a lot of stuff in there!

- Katherine D

Engine runs good, but I have problems with interior and cosmetic things, power windows are bad to stop working

I have had to put a little work into it but overall it's reliable. The interior is falling apart; middle console broken, power windows have had to be fixed 3 times, car has 112000 miles.

- Dannielle M

Great reliable SUV. It works great for my everyday needs.

I love my Chevy Trailblazer. It has always been very reliable. The A/C works amazing. It cools so quickly. The only issue I have had is with the back hatch. It will not lock properly.

- Ross H

Lots of room. Plenty of storage . Seats let down for more room room room room

Love my truck .has room for all 3 kids plus tons of others like grocery .only problem I have it when I stop a.c. Quota blowing cold. As soon as I go is blowing so cold you'll freeze

- Chasity S

the best thing about my trailblazer is that it drives great.

I love everything about it, it drives great and I feel like I don't drive it, it drives me. love it, wish they would make the trailblazers again. I would love to have a new one.

- Nancy G

The brakes are touchy, be cautious until you get a feel for them.

Gets me where I need to go but is a gas guzzler. Recently has been having multiple problems which I do not have the money to fix. Hoping to get a newer, better gas mileage car.

- Chelsea N

The Chevy trailblazer is very reliable I have had very few problems with it.

The Chevy trailblazer is very reliable I do not have any problems with it. The only problem is I have ever had with ant as my brake calipers and brake pads. It is very roomy.

- Jenna K

GM doesn't make them anymore or anything like it.

It's a mid-size SUV with a powerful V8 engine and a sport suspension. It is enjoyable to drive on a daily basis. My only complaint is the difficulty in getting some parts.

- John D

It is a reliable and very safe vehicle.

I have had a lot of problems with the trailblazer especially with power steering. Overall the car is comfortable, but does not have as much storage space as I would like.

- Julia B

It is a very reliable vehicle.

I do not like how the tire pressure sensors seem to go bad quickly. They are a piece that you want to have working correctly, but it is very hard to get to and change.

- Hayley E

the threshold is even with the floor. You don't have to get your feet out of a hole to get out the door making it a perfect car for elderly or disabled persons

For me it is a perfect size. It will haul everything I need it to. Rides like a car and is easy to get in and out . It is comfortable . I'm still in love with this car

- Beverly D

It is a dependable car and rides nice.

I like it because it is a SUV and dependable. It is higher off the ground than a car, which I love. I do not like the fact that the tire pressure is on all the time.

- Amy S

A reliable affordable vehicle

It is a very reliable vehicle.it runs well it is fuel efficient it doesn't require a whole lot of maintenance. It's spacious and a good vehicle for families

- Cenote B

It is great at hauling and getting you where you need to go.

Everything I need in a vehicle. Wish they had not discontinued the model. Only complaint is that it is getting older and things are starting to wear out.

- Herb M

Chevy trailblazer: blazing the trail of new features.

It has a lot of nice features: ac, dual climate control, 12v charger port, alarm, tps tires, rear window wiper, 4-wheel/2-wheel drive. It also has OnStar.

- Jackie P

We put a V8 brand new engine in and out car is a beast! Drives excellent on the highway!

I have owned my Chevy trailblazer for 5 years now. One of the best purchases we have ever made. The vehicle runs great and is a reliable family vehicle.

- Tamra D

Roomy, fun to drive, dependable vehicle, safe smooth ride, long lasting vehicle

We love our trailblazer,owned one since 2003!!! The only problem with them are their actuators stop working and are very difficult to fix yourself

- April C

Love all the power options!

Great to drive, comfortable, lots of options. The only thing is cup holders and panels on sides of seats broke easy and seam poorly put together.

- Kim D

All around useful vehicle.

Bought used. Had one recall. Very useful as 4 wheel drive. Good cargo space. fairly economical. Convenient back seat fold down for added storage.

- Wayne B

It is a very dependable family vehicle.

It is very dependable. The vehicle is comfortable when traveling distances. The cargo space is more than adequate. It is economical to operate.

- Gary m

The trailblazer is a smooth driving SUV. It is not too large and not too small. It also gets good mileage.

I like the car that it drives smooth and does not conserve lots of gas. It hardly ever breaks down. The ride is smooth and does not get bumpy.

- Joanna S

Not a reliable car. Needs lots of repairs. Not fuel efficient

It's not fuel efficient. Only 12 - 14 mpg. The brakes, transmission and power steering are all going out on it and it's expensive to repair.

- Jason C

it picks up speed quick, and eats a lot of gas,need to take wide turns than in normal car..

It is very comfortable. It is very easy to drive and see around me while driving. the only thing i don't like is that it eats a lot of gas.

- paula d

This vehicle is incredibly reliable, I hope to drive it to 250K miles

Best vehicle I have ever owned. Other than routine maintenance, it has run like a charm. 4 wheel drive has always worked when I needed it

- Mike S

Dependable reliable and drives well in all weather conditions. Stereo system isn't great. Just take care of her and she'll be fine.

Overall a decent car. We have put a lot of work into it. New motor mounts and brackets, New fan, thermostat, fan shroud and water pump.

- Jessica K

Plenty of room with a collapsible 3rd row seat.

The scratches and dings in the paint from people hitting my car or keying my car. Otherwise I love my car, the size is perfect for me.

- Gina W

That I love my car and they should have one too.

I like the comfort of the vehicle. I love the power and acceleration it has, while having good gas mileage. It has never let me down.

- Dustin D

It has four wheel drive and is four door.

Its very reliable and I have not had many problems with it. Its comfortable to ride in. I like the fact that it has four wheel drive.

- Julie N

The Trailblazer is a hearty vehicle. It is comfortable to drive and to ride in.

I love my Trailblazer. I feel safe in it and it is comfortable to drive. The only thing I dislike about it is the poor gas mileage.

- April D

It may be a big vehicle, but it turns easier than a small car.

I have owned it for over 10 years. It's reliable. I know it well. It has provided my family with lots of wonderful travel memories.

- Betty H

I feel safe in this car because it is high off the ground and it is big.

I am very tall and it is easy to get into and has lots of space. Runs well and has four wheel drive... Not very good gas mileage.

- Connie P

Reliable and know what their needs are and anticipate them

I have been the only owner, i am extremely happy with the car, if they kept making, they would buy a similar one without thinking

- Gabriel K

It's reliable and very comfortable. I would buy another one.

The only thing it lacks is an MP3 jack.Otherwise, I love everything about it. It's the smoothest riding vehicle I've ever owned.

- claudia t

It's very roomy inside and can hold 6 people. It has a big storage.

I love the room it has inside and the comfortable ride. I dislike the fact that it is so old. It's not so good on gas either.

- Debra L

It has great features, lots of room and rides well.

It's old. Things are falling apart on it. It is one of my favorite vehicles. I am glad they are bringing them back in 2019.

- Danielle M

2007 Chevy trailblazer very reliable

Runs great, has damaged right rear fender, no other issues. Have driven it on multiple road trips, including West Virginia

- Nathanial K

That it is very reliable.

The trailblazer is very reliable, very comfortable, and has plenty of room. I've never had any problems with the vehicle.

- Judy R

It's compact and get great miles on the highway, but not on regular roads.

I can fill up my vehicle with $40. My vehicle have enough room for my family. My vehicle drives very good and it's safe.

- Thomas W

It is in good body condition. No body damages.

Not a gas saver. Vibration from belt. Gets me where I need to go. Headlight problems. It belongs to me no more payments.

- Pamela S

Chevrolet Trailblazer Motor

My Trailblazer has been a good truck. I did have to replace the motor last year but everything else has run great.

- Kimberly G

It needs a good tune up and a wheel bearing. It was in a prior accident

Comfort is great but the gas is terrible. It eats gas like theres no tomorrow. It hasn't given us to many problems

- Ashley E

If driving short distances and all in town driving it uses too much gas.

It is very roomy. It has plenty of trunk space. I get pretty good gas mileage while on the highway. Great vehicle.

- Kristin S

I love that it has a moonroof and the back seats can fold pretty flat.

This car is absolutely amazing! I've had no issues or performance issues. Its super comfortable for a family of 4.

- Rae S

It is roomie and dependable.

It good on gas is plenty roomie good and confident many problems since I have owned it repairs are too expensive.

- Margaret D

I love owning an SUV and love radio/cd features.

It's a great vehicle. Haven't had to do much work on it at all. The interior however is cheap. Wears out fast.

- Sharon L

Runs great and very large storage areas. Great for families

Like- large trunk area. Like spacious seating in back. Like built in Siriusxm. Don't like how much gas it uses

- Jen C

It is 4 wheel drive, I can go anywhere.

I love my Chevy trailblazer. I waited 5 years to be able to get one. I have never been happier with a vehicle.

- Chastity B

that it handles really well and even pulls our large camper

it's a great little SUV but we have been having a lot of problems with it lately, it has 250,000 miles on it

- Joan J

Fun to drive. very spacious. Burns a lot of tires and gas.

Like the safety, Roomy interior, easy to handle. I wish Chevy would take care of the engine light issue.

- Patricia S

It is very dependable with little maintenance and good gas mileage.

Very little maintenance. It is just the right size. Dependable. Good power & roomy. We have no complaints.

- Anna W

Comfortable Ride See America

Been a great Vehicle.We have traveled across country and just love the comfortable and great gas mileage.

- Kathleen T

Very reliable. You can always count on it starting and getting you to your destination.

Very dependable car. Spent very little money on upkeep the past 12 years. Sorry they no longer make it.

- Greg M

That it is a great vehicle,Its a vehicle you can trust.

I love this vehicle,it has lots of room.It has been a very good vehicle.I have had no problems with it.

- wanda e

That it drives great and is great for long road trips

I love the size, confront, and ease of driving. It is a great gray color. It can hold a lot of friends.

- Brittany S

I generally like the vehicle. I don't much care about automotive things - I just want something to get me from A to B. I just wish It had more interior cargo space.

It's been really reliable for me with no major issues. Basic maintenance seems to all that's necessary.

- judith d

My uncle is letting me buy it from him.

Very smooth ride, left turn signal doesn't work and there is a ding when you turn the wheel sometimes.

- Amber H

It's worth the pain considering the model is rare.

My vehicle has a slight transmission problem, strong motor, reliable, and comfortable with rear DVD.

- David K

that it has many alerts to let you know if there problems

i love my ride it drives good and gets good gas mileage and does not have a lot of problems with it.

- ida b

I LOVE the turning radius. Compared to other cars, I feel that there are less blind spots when turning a curve or merging. The space in the back when the seats are down gave me enough room to move a whole dorm room on my own. It's been reliable so far for how old it is but I'm starting to run into some maintenance issues that are not enjoyable. All around great car.

It's been reliable for so long. Can't count how many times I've needed it for space to move things.

- Jennifer W

It is bad on gas. It costs a lot to fill up. But It it reliable .

I like that it is bigger. I like that it can hold a lot. I do not like that it is bad on gas.

- Alexis T

Very dependable in the winter driving conditions as I live in the county with gravel roads.

Easy for a female to handle. Has 4 wheel drive for winter months. Roomy and comfortable ride.

- Birgit P

It is a very dependable vehicle no major mechanical issues

My car rides very smooth. It is dependable and has much cargo space for my family's items

- Chantel R

The Comfort and interior space is good .I do wish it was a little bigger and is more gas efficient

Too many electronics.. too many options.. sometimes a simpler basic vehicle is easier

- Michelle S

It's extremely dependable, not very good gas mileage though

I like the size that it is roomy I also like the fact that it sits up high off the road

- Ryan S

Chevys are dependable vehicles

I love that it's a Chevy. I like having an suv because it's bigger and can carry more.

- Landon e

A very reliable vehicle. Has performed well over the years I've owned it.

Works great in all types of weather. Have had very few problems with the vehicle.

- Judy L

reliable and safe car. I would highly recommend the car to anyone in the market

I've had it a long time and It's been very reliable. Paid off so no payment

- Justin S

It is well kept and in good working condition.

LIke 4x4. Handles well. Fits everything I need. Has been enjoyable to drive

- Thomas V

It has power that is unexpected and very useful when merging and accelerating.

I like the dependability, the power and the gas mileage. I dislike the age

- Gail H

it uses a lot of gas and does not have a third seat it goes good in snow

i love it is four wheel drive i hate it does not have the third seat

- dorothy e

Dependable Good on gas Would be great transportation

I'm able to haul a lot of things, Not bad on gas Rides comfortably

- Donna C

overall great vehicle for small family

common failure with 4 wheel drive. piece breaks off inside

- ben N

It is a safe and reliable vehicle

I love my Trailblazer and wish they continued to make it.

- J Z

My car is very reliable. I would recommend this model to everyone

Comfortable & roomy, better gas mileage would be better

- Sue B

it is good on gas and time

I love my vehicle because it does a good service for me

- levi r

Love it. Great ride. Easy to handle. Goo c.f. On gas.

Love my vehicle. Very few problems. Comfortable ride.

- Debbie M

It is old, but it is a decent vehicle. I would like newer model with a backup camera.

It is a good vehicle, but I would like a newer model.

- Brige D

All wheel drive vehicle. Great in winter and any other unusual weather.

All wheel drive suv, feel in control in any weather.

- Angela W

That is it's a good family suv. Lots of space for the kids

I love it. It good for long drive. It's good on gas.

- Jacob W