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The '08 Chevy Trailblazer is prime for family, seating five people comfortably.

I love my Trailblazer. It's a super comfortable ride. I especially enjoy the height of the vehicle because it's not low like most 4-door cars but it's not too lifted either. It of course gets the best gas mileage when all of its components are functioning properly. I normally average 320+ miles per tank of gas. I believe my tank holds between 20-26 gallons. I'm currently sitting at about 197000 miles and am now in need of a new water pump which I have been told it common for my vehicle mileage and model year. There's also an ongoing issue with the circuit runner on the back passenger side where the rear lights are. I've had to replace that entire section twice now.

- Lana W

Looks terrible but still starts up and drives wherever you need it to go.

This vehicle has had a rough life. I am not very easy on my vehicles. Mechanically the car is very sound. Has a brand new set of upper and lower ball joints, brand new set of brakes all the way around, new plugs and wires. As for the body it is pretty beat up, full of dents scrapes and scratches, the wheels are starting to oxidize pit. It has minimal rust around the lift gate. Some of its features include a fully operable did, aftermarket stereo, leather seats, heated front bucket seats, steering wheel controls, auto dimming rearview mirror, power heated side view mirrors, 2nd row radio, and has dual zone climate control.

- Dylan M

2008 Chevy trailblazer is a great vehicle!

Not a single problem. I have had it for about 1 year. I have had the same vehicle before (it was an older model). It got flooded during hurricane Harvey. I bought a newer model and have enjoyed it ever since. It is like having my car back. It is very comfortable and roomy. It can carry 4 full grown adults. It is easy to get around in a big city. Since I got it I haven't had any problems with it. I make sure and get it maintained on a regular basis. The features include an auxiliary jack so I can plug in an Ipod without having to deal with CD’s anymore. I can rely on this vehicle to get me from point A to B.

- Sarah G

Trailblazer best car for anyone!

I love my car. It is a midsize SUV and it runs great. It has two rows of seats and has great fabric seats. I have never had an issue with my car. It has needed very low maintenance. I would recommend my car to anyone, it is perfect for a college student or a mom with a family. My car also has a sunroof which offers a sporty look and makes road trips even more fun. Gas is not too expensive, it is in the middle range as far as price goes. My car hold 20 gallons of gas so with a large gas tank, you do not have to fill up as often. I love my car and the ease of using it knowing it will not break down on me.

- Alex W

Fun reliable SUV for the price

Why I only give it a 4 a lot of small things have been happening that need to be replace. Even being 11 years old it still ride and drives nicely, even with no 3rd in my model still have room to put all three kids. Has XM and OnStar built in which is nice, abs brakes, 4 way disc brakes, built in tow hitch with 7 pin plug. I pull my trailer without even knowing it was there. The driver's seat has the electric adjuster but the passages side does not. It has a sunroof which I have enjoyed at night. Descent size cargo area with storage in 2 side cubbies and one in the floor

- Thomas C

very spacious comfortable vehicle with small recurring maintenance issues

I love the space of my vehicle. The back storage is very room. However I wish there was a little more in the back seat. The controls in the front are thorough and helpful. I love the large touch screen radio screen. Since owning it, the lights for the visors stopped working which is disappointing. I have also had to have gears in both front driver and passenger doors replaced because the windows stopped operating. I have also had trouble with the side mirrors and the auto adjust feature. It doesn't always go back to the custom setting and now I have disabled.

- Heather K

The only thing Trailblazer is blazing, is the road to being the worst truck ever

Everything on this truck from under the hood to literally the doors of the car falls apart, I have literally had to re-pin and duck tape my door Panel back on to my passenger and driver side in the vehicle. The truck doesn't start when it feels like it yet no one can figure out what's wrong with it, it's had countless amount of recalls... It's far from reliable I'm nervous have to time if I'll even make it around the block and down the street let alone to a real destination. One thing for sure two things for certain, I will NEVER buy a Chevy again

- Tamara S

No problems with my SUV in the 4 years I have owned it. Only 75, 000 miles on it.

My trailblazer is power everything, has good head room, is comfortable for long drives, has both dial speedometer and tachometer, has a very quiet engine, smooth ride and great acceleration, engine turns over immediately, has good mileage for a 4x4 (15-18 mpg). I love the moon roof that opens for light only and two ways for air. Other features I like are: cruise control, headlight dimmer and windshield wipers/washer all on the turn signal arm; rear window wiper/washer; roomy center console; and small storage compartments in cargo area.

- Patricia F

Trailblazers are good SUVs.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. I have had no major problems. It handles very well in snow. One has to learn to not over correct when driving a SUV. It is very easy to put into four wheel drive, and very easy to take out. It has an automatic position, but I was told by a mechanic not to use that position for normal driving conditions. The seats could be a little more comfortable, but they seem to work well for me. I use the lumbar adjustment a lot, I change it during my long drives just to change positions,

- Mari B

We love the 4 -wheel drive feature. It allows us to take it off road anywhere.

We really love our trailblazer. It is comfortable for 5 people and we use it constantly. It is also the tow vehicle for our RV. It tows wonderfully and is easy and comfortable to drive. We have had no problems mechanically with it. We have taken it on several long vacation trips, driving in big cities and the more rural areas around them. In all situations, it has performed without problem and is extremely comfortable when driving long distances and across the country. And, bonus, it still looks brand new!

- Barbara L

A beautiful Trailblazer, is for a comfortable ride and some beautiful sounds.

This is our second Trailblazer, we love it. They are a good heavy vehicle, solid. The inside has nice comfortable seats, riding is so comfortable for any distance. The radio and disc player is beautiful sound because it has Bose speakers, and also speakers front and back. The console in front has air vents and control on the end of it facing the back and a cup holder below the heater control. This is so nice for quick warming or cooling the back seat area. The inside is so rich looking.

- Teresa T

Fully loaded trailblazer so you can actually blaze your own trails

It seats 8 comfortably. Equipped with personal ac vents in front, middle, and back seats. Adjustable seating with fold down panels for plenty of spacious room in the back. Both 2nd and 3rd row fold flat. Luggage rack on top that is almost as long as the SUV itself. Have never had anything seriously wrong with performance. In 10 years I've only had to replace the starter recently. The part was well within my budget and came with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

- Christine H

This vehicle is extremely comfortable and tough.

I have been very happy with my trailblazer! I have not had many problems with this vehicle, besides the normal wear and tear. I enjoy that it has great towing capacity (we tow a camper trailer with it and the tow is quite comfortable). The interior is quite spacious which is perfect when you have kids and you need to bring all that come with! I would definitely want another vehicle as dependable and durable as this vehicle has been for our family.

- Melissa S

My trailblazer - it has an issue hopefully we can figure it out.

I like the way it drives. I can adjust the seats and mirrors to my comfort level. What I do not like it that it was every 3 weeks or so it would not start without a jump, now it will be maybe a couple of days or a couple of weeks, very unpredictable my husband has missed 2 days of work over this issue and we can no longer use our road service. So we had to go buy this power pack thing to jump it. Other than that issue the truck is fine.

- Diane J

My Trailblazer is awesome!

I have had very few issues with my vehicle. The seats are comfortable, not like newer seats that lack padding. There is a vent for the back seat for heating and ac so all passengers can be comfortable. Lots of space in the trunk. It also has four wheel drive which is essential in Colorado (especially driving in the mountains). We even do some light 4x4 trails and it does wonderful! It does not do so good on gas mileage though.

- Jennifer S

Great vehicle, great performance, great value.

I really enjoy my trailblazer. It has a lot storage room in the back and I love the fact the second row of seats can fold down for even more storage. It rides comfortably and the engine has enough power to make it fun to drive. Gas mileage is alright. At 90, 000 miles it still runs great. Only issues I have had with were from sitting too long after previous owner traded the vehicle in. i.e. Needed new brakes and tires.

- Richard N

Absolutely love my trailblazer!

I absolutely love my trailblazer! I always wanted one when I was younger and I finally got mine. The only issues I've had was a wheel bearing went out, my ac has needed recharged and other than that just your typical maintenance! If you have more than 2 kids in car seats, you may have issues fitting all three seats! I've had to move big furniture before and the back seats lay down to give an awesome amount of space!

- Beth W

Great family car, long lasting, rarely any issues.

My vehicle, 2008 Chevy trailblazer, is one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is spacious offers seat removal for more room also option to add a third row for more seating space. It have roof storage option which makes it great for road trips. Inside is cloth seats. Option for 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive also. It drives great I have over 100 thousand miles on my car and it's still running great.

- Rebecca S

2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer: used is good!

I bought my Trailblazer used 1 year ago - for being almost 11 years old it still runs great! Chevrolet makes quality vehicles than run long past your typical high-mileage cars. Minor problems here and there, mostly typical maintenance things. I love how well made the seating and dashboard utilities are. They are in great shape after all these years, and still comfortable for guests in the back!

- Autumn S

I've driving my Trailblazer since junior year in high school and now I'm still driving her around years later with no issues. She's a very reliable car.

Performance wise, my vehicle is absolutely amazing. She is 11 years old, and still going strong. Her mileage is above the 200s, and she has no technical issues. The trailblazer is a very spacious vehicle that allows for 5 people to sit comfortably. This vehicle is very reliable! As long as all the routine maintenance is done, the Trailblazer is a first pick kinda vehicle.

- Andrea R

Wish they still made them here.

I have no problems with my vehicle. I just purchased new tires and at 204, 000 miles silver has been more than I could have hoped for. Have hit 2 deer in the last 2 years. No problems, I just wish they still made them here. Have to go to south America to Buy one how sad. Really see a lot of them being driven. I have a small camper that I pull with mine. Handles great.

- Carmen B

2008 Chevy trailblazer with added brush guard.

I enjoy the comfort of my vehicle but being an older model, I do not think it is reliable for me long term. I have issues often involving the oil and brakes as it is a used vehicle. I would like to upgrade to a newer model at some point to allow more mobility and an overall safer driving experience. For now this vehicle gets me to where I need to go and that is fine.

- Jennifer S

The best used vehicle you could ever own.

the only thing I have had go wrong with it is the wear and tear of normal stuff, nothing major has ever happened to it, I drive it 34 miles a day and it always gets me to where I need to go, I would not want another vehicle, if I did get another one it would have to be another trailblazer, they are very reliable, and roomy, and you can haul nearly anything in them.

- Karen H

Reliable for years, but beginning to wear.

The vehicle is in fine working order, except for some malfunctioning inconveniences. The air conditioner no longer works and it stalls in cold weather. I also do not like the fact that it is a 2008 model, a time before AUX cord plugs were implemented. Other than that, it has been reliable for years, is great with maneuverability and is very comfortable.

- Kaitlyn W

The vehicle is really reliable and fairly easy to maintain.

Well I bought it used and since it is 10 years old I have had some issues, such as the water pump, thermostat, and radiator go out on it. I am in the process of fixing the last two. But it drives well, gets better than expected gas mileage and is roomy for me and my family. Getting to the spare is tricky and I wish it came with an owners manual.

- Joshua Q

My trailblazer the best SUV I ever had so you all need to have one.

My trailblazer has been dependable fun to drive it has some slight body work that needs to be done but other than that it runs fine and it would be a great SUV for anyone to want I kept up with the oil changes and other maintenance we went out of state with no problems. I put 2 new tires on it a few months ago it also had its radio arms replaced.

- Paul L

It is simple but there is nothing to hate about it.

It is a sturdy vehicle that is acceptable in pretty much all aspects. Decent gas mileage at 20 mpg. It is not entirely slow with acceleration. It is big enough to be roomy but small enough that it is not too much or hard to fit in spaces. It is also comfortable and easy to drive. It has lasted 11 years now and still runs great with few problems.

- Garrett R

2008 Chevy trailblazer is a winner.

My 2008 trailblazer has been one of the most reliable vehicles and low-cost maintenance vehicles I have ever owned. With over 227, 000 miles it is still running great and a pleasure to drive. Having been a company vehicle that I was able to purchase, there were several colleagues with the same year and model that also enjoyed excellent service.

- Don U

The roof racks are a great way to attach a surfboard for fun filled adventures.

The Chevrolet trailblazer is a spacious, comfortable vehicle that is good for a family of 4 or just someone who needs a little extra space. It has a sunroof to soak up those sunny days and a hitch in case you have a boat or ATV to do some exploring in. The trailblazer is a great vehicle for all those who want space and a little adventure.

- Brittany B

Love my trailblazer, perfect for my family.

My trailblazer is amazing. Love the sound system, love the size, not too big, not too small. Perfect size for my family who loves the outdoors with fishing, camping, kayaking, & hunting. Even though it's not a truck, & can put the back seats down & use it to haul items to big for a normal car, but it is still covered from the weather.

- Shanna B

I like how the seats lay all the way down flat with the car.

My air conditioner went out, the brake lights stopped working, the right headlight no longer works after being replaced multiple times, my tires are constantly going flat and I do not have the part to take my spare off, other than that I love my car, it is my third car since I have been driving and it is my best I have had so far.

- Berry T

Nice dependable family and cargo vehicle.

This vehicle is large enough to take on long trips with the family. It fits all luggage. Also useful for grocery shopping as the seats Fold down to make more cargo room. One down side is the center console does not have a lot of room to put things in. It is pretty good on gas mileage. It is nice as it sits up off the road a bit.

- Julie B

I have tinted windows and my vehicle has been well maintained.

My Chevrolet trailblazer is a great vehicle. It is a midsize SUV and it is very comfortable on the road and in town. It gets pretty good mileage and I purchased it brand new. I have never had any issues whatsoever. I have only replaced a battery and that is it. Great car. . . Still has very low mileage and it is in great shape!

- Sandra W

Piece of garbage is this Chevrolet.

Problem lights come on all the time even when no problem. Tire pressure, check engine light, traction light. Even if it is just a little problem that will not affect the vehicle's performance they will come on. I have to take time off to take it to the mechanic and him check it out and it takes money out of my pocket and time.

- Dan L

Great car easy to drive and comfort ride.

Have only had a few months but it has been a good vehicle. It's a very comfortable ride. Took it on s long trip pulling a boat. Would never have know there was a boat on. It pulled so easy. Have only had 1 problem to replace the thermostat. It was working and then not working. Took awhile to figure out what the problem was.

- Penny P

My trailblazer saved my life. I actually slept an entire winter in my Chevy.

I loved it when I first bought it. It was the newest car I have had. After a short while, the dangers of being a 2nd owner became evidently obvious. I love the 4 wheel drive. I adore the space. It is not, however, fuel efficient. I have a few other complaints, but I would like to leave this on a more liked than disliked.

- Lisa B

08 white Chevy trailblazer. Gray int/cloth seats. A/c, heater, radio/CD/video player.

Overall my 11 year old vehicle is great. It is extremely reliable & rides comfortably. A/c, heat, power windows/locks, CD/radio, etc. Function well. Obviously, it is not as fuel efficient as late models but it handles long road travels well. Surprisingly, I have not experienced any major issues & am very pleased.

- Shea W

More facts on Chevy trailblazer.

This year of 2008 has it is problems needed stabilizer bar in front also had to have transmission replaced, donut gasket on muffler from engine, stereo system went out door window motors are not very reliable and there are tire leaks but it does give great gas mileage and very comfortable for overall ride and comfort.

- jamie M

Spacious and comfy, not amazing gas mileage

I enjoy that my car is automatic transmission. I enjoy that my car is spacious and is good for road trips because of this. The seats are not leather which means not too hot or cold! The car is big enough that I feel safe in it but it is not too big either. Overall enjoyable, but I wish that it had better gas mileage.

- Hope S

Our vehicle has four wheel drive.

Overall, the size of the vehicle is convenient for our family size in addition to the amount of pets that we have however the problem that we have with our vehicle is the actual engine in the parts underneath the undercarriage. Also, some of the issues that we're having our interior and accessories are falling apart.

- Mi P

Cannot wait for the next one!

I hate my car and can not wait until I can afford a newer better one. It is not comfortable. The seats do not have heaters. The cup holders will not hold large drinks from most places. I have had to make constant small repairs. When it was newer, it still had problems with fast acceleration, feels like it struggles.

- Liza Z

Chevy TrailBlazer is a reliable SUV

Reliable SUV., easy on gas, love heated seats in winter, Radio sound is very good..needs CD player exchanged. Power steering must be watched for small leak. A/C has a specific order to turn it on. I like the step up on both sides. To get in for driver and passengers. Roomy with adjustable seats for all body types.

- Linda B

Review of my 2008 Chevy Trailblazer!!

Ten year old car, but have only recently had to do some major renovations. I love the height, the 4WD, the power windows. Lately there is something that mechanics cannot figure out, so that is frustrating. I like that’ll has a lot of horsepower, and it has a hitch. It was helpful with our boat this summer.

- Mel L

The family car that is also used for every day and vacation use.

The ac or heat does not work. The passenger side windows do not work. The speedometer does not work. It takes me from point A to point B and I am happy with that. It is paid for and that is the most important thing of all. It will be the car to train the children on. It has only left us stranded one time.

- Paula M

Great car for a family or someone with a large pet

Great family car spacious comfortable ok gas mileage reliable CD player electric seats Lots of legroom durable inside and out mirrors fold in heated mirrors I have had mine for almost two years and haven't needed to take it to the shop for anything. Leather seats easy to clean compartment space in trunk

- Heather G

My take on the Chevrolet Trailblazer

Gas mileage is alright, due to the big engine it does only give me about 17 - 20 mpg. Very comfortable to drive, interior leather heated seats, radio in back for passengers to plug in headphones to jack port. Adjustable mirrors, for the most part simple upkeep will keep car running for years to come.

- A P

Great dependable truck minor issues nothing major.

Only problem I have had so far is the leakage with stuff under my hood like steering pump fluid luckily all covered under warranty. Gas of course is a killer for me with it being an SUV and a 30 min ride to and from work every day 6 days a week. Enough space though for me my fianc' and our 3 kids.

- Courtney C

Very spacious for 4 people to travel comfortably in

Car has been amazing since purchased new. Is pretty good for an SUV with an 8 cylinder engine. Have driven it all over the east coast on family vacations. Has plenty of room for 2 adults and 2 children plus a ton of luggage. Haven't had any major issues with it other than normal wear and tear.

- Randy V

Reliable Trailblazer, Smooth and Comfortable

Absolutely reliable, have had this truck for 11 years now and I hope I have it for 11 more! It has a very comfortable ride and smooth driving. It has held up with my two children and all of our animals. We have used this Trailblazer as our family vehicle and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Alyssa J

The pros and cons of a Chevy trailblazer.

The gas mileage is not that great. It has a roomie back end area. 6 disc CD changer, smooth ride, comfortable for long distance travel. The emissions system needs work every once in awhile. The back seat folds down to make more room. The adjustable seats are nice as well as heated seats.

- Mell B

Best first car anyone could ask for.

It sits up high and is a nice height. The only problem with it is the lack of technology but it is an older car. The breaks take more push to stop but they are very reactive. Overall it is a great car and I would recommend it for families and a teenagers first car because it is safe.

- Cass K

Great SUV for Alaska except the squealing belt.

The belt squeals for some reason. Replaced many times do not know what's wrong with it. Drives fine everything else works great. The gas gauge is broken but it is only got 80k miles and drives like a champ still. Even gets a plow in the winter. And I love the sunroof for the summer.

- Nikki V

Trailblazer-a reliable family car.

My Chevy trailblazer has been a reliable car for our family. Overall, we've been satisfied with it. We have 3 growing kids though, and do wish the back seat was bigger. There is no leg room. The trunk has a lot of space, though. It is good in the snow in Michigan and is a good car.

- Tammie H

A dark blue Chevy trailblazer. Great for running around kids and doing errands.

The steering is very nice and smooth, as well as the acceleration and breaks. The adjustable seat panels like pop off as well as the plastic covers over the inside door handles. Enough room for traveling. Heated seats are a very nice touch. Engine tends to have problems sometimes.

- Kale S

The cozy powerhouse vehicle.

I love how spacious it is. I can feel safe and confident on the road with my kids driving this vehicle. Its cozy, nice radio, ease of movement. I never have to worry about getting stuck in inclement weather. It's a powerhouse vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to any family.

- Sadie A

The Trailblazer and all of its glory

My car is a very safe and reliable vehicle. I've had it for a couple years and haven't had any type of problem with it. I would recommend this car to anybody who like an SUV type of car. Drives good on the road and interior is very nice. Mine has cloth seats and four wheel drive.

- Chase R

Good things about the vehicle back seats fold down giving a good amount of room.

Ride nice. Can see out easily. Fair gas mileage. Parts are expensive to replace. Great for towing and pulling a boat up out of the water. Plenty of room. Fog lights / headlights covers are fogging over decreasing sight plenty of power for passing/ good in snow with 4 wheel drive.

- Gary B

Midnight blue, 4 wheel blazing beast.

What attracted me was the inline 6 vortec, optional 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive, Bose surround sound, leather heated seats, lt sport is really sharp looking, with the midnight metallic blue paint, this little beast handles well in the rough winters here in Juneau, Alaska.

- Thomas K

Reliability. My car is very reliable and that makes me happy.

I love that it is reliable. Has 190,000 miles and it keeps going like clockwork. I am happy with it. NOt as new as others drive but it works for me and my family. We would love a new paint job and the children would like to have extra tech in the car. Overall we are pleased.

- Suzy b

Good cargo space and a smooth drive

I have had to have wheel bearing, transmission, power steering pump, power steering lines, rack and pinion replaced. The gas mileage is that of a full sized SUV even though mine is a 6 cylinder. Other than that, if has good cargo space and the 4WD is an excellent feature.

- Melissa B

Great durable frame and under

Bought it used, the CD and Aux Jack don't work. There's a strange rattle of the metal over the front right wheel but it doesn't seem to be causing any serious issues. Other than that, the undercarriage is in great shape and it has lasted about 4 years now with us having it.

- Cassandra C

The space in the back for storage and the back seats that fold down.

The car has electric problems when it comes to the windows. You can roll it down but not up. I have looked into this and it's a common thing for trailblazers. We have a basic trailblazer so it comes with standard things so nothing cool there. The AC works fantastic though.

- Cheyenne M

Very dependable, runs smoothly, and easily maintained.

The trailblazer is extremely dependable. It is also very roomy and fits my family of four and our two dogs comfortably. We have taken many road trips in it, the longest being an eighteen hour trip from Galveston to Nebraska, so I know it does well in the sand to the snow!

- Rhiannon H

Trailblazer the family friendly vehicle.

It is an ok car. It does have issues. My head gasket is going. It will be expensive to replace. It is nice interior. It is also very spacious. It has a lot of cargo space. And space for my children. And also all of my things. It is not easy on gas. It seems to use a lot.

- Christie P

4 wheel drive. Has a lot of space.

Never had a problem with it. Did have to change the right front bearing. It has 250, 000 miles on it. Engine runs great. Still in good condition. Does have a little rust but the outside and inside look great. Does use more gas than I would like but it's been a great car.

- Chris E

I love the color, the interior I love of driving.

It drives very well, it is push button to change 4wd and it has enough room for all the kids and their sports. We love it and it just now has 111k miles on it. I love the SUV room and even though we have a SUV it is still small enough to get into and out of tight places.

- Glen W

Kudos to Chevrolet on a great vehicle.

I love my Trailblazer and have only had motor problems with it. I did have to replace the motor but this was due to lights not warning me of a problem. Other than that I have had no problems and would definitely buy another one in the future. Never had a recall either.

- Valerie A

There are no interest highlights.

There have been no performance issues today. It is very cost effective for me and my family's needs. It is very roomy. It could use a side step. The passenger side headlight burns out quite often though. It is a great idea for the growing family of middle class America.

- Cynthia H

Dependable engine history and comfortable riding vehicle.

Very comfortable ride and can carry many items inside. With proper oil changes this 6 cylinder engine has been known to get over 200k miles. Abs and Stabilitrak have been intermittent tripped due to needing front brakes which causes decreased engine power at low speeds.

- Kim D

Lots of room for entire family and dogs with great gas mileage!

My Chevy has a lot of room for myself, my family and my 2 dogs. The heated seats in the wintertime are great, to keep me warm. It has 4 wheel drive, so I never get stuck in snow. I do not dislike anything, nor do I have any complaints. I wouldn't drive anything else!

- Lanette H

Bring back the trailblazers!

Lots of problems with it but it is a great vehicle. I wish they would have kept on making them I would have kept buying them. They came with many different options that you can choose from. The breaks would go very fast and have had to replace them numerous times.

- Jenny S

The color grey fits the car

This truck has the worst gas mileage I've ever encountered! Have to put in 50/wk! The truck itself is fine but if there was a way to help the mileage it would be great. It's a little outdated. I don't recommend buying this car because of the horrible gas mileage.

- Alexis G

Great overall vehicle easy and smooth to drive

Runs very well handles great in the snow. Pretty good gas mileage. Takes a few minutes to warm up or it won't have any power for a couple of minutes. It low maintenance vehicle and easy to get parts for and fix when it breaks down. Rides smooth and drives well.

- Misty D

No job too big no job too small where to go Trailblazer.

I like my Trailblazer because I like being higher up than a car throttle body went out and it kept going into reduced power mode I had to move my 24-foot pontoon boat it pulled it like a champ no problems at all in that special mode it is great on gas, roomie.

- Lyn E

It is very reliable and comfortable. I know when I go out in the morning it will start right up.

I really like my Chevy Trailblazer. It runs well and I have had only the regular issues with it, such as new brakes, new tires etc. The seats are very comfortable as I have sciatica and can only ride long distances in certain cars and this is one of them.

- Pam J

Outstanding performance SUV.

The Chevy trailblazer has been an extremely reliable vehicle. It outperforms any other vehicle in rainy, icy and snowy conditions with outstanding traction control. I feel safe in this vehicle and would certainly purchase this vehicle again in the future.

- Kristin M

Clean fast and friendly to the owner.

The trailblazer I have now I have had for 4 years there is absolutely nothing wrong with it I love it. There is enough space for myself it is great in the mud and snow. It does take a lot of gas but that is what you expect when you have a truck or a SUV.

- Brandon H

On star. Ac. CD player. Space.

It's a great car good inside size. Not too bad gas mileage it have on star. Great ac. Drives very smooth it also have CD player. No third row good space in trunk. And trunk have a glass window. Its 6 cylinder and automatic transmission. Easy to maintain.

- Angie E

Is paid for and runs good.

My vehicle is paid for. Runs good no motor problem . New tires all the way around. Has been wrecked but does not look bad. Fair on gas mileage. Have had this automobile for several years. Windshield is cracked but not too bad that it has to be replaced.

- Maria L

Very sturdy and reliable car for any age.

My car is very reliable. It has 4 wheel drive which makes it reliable throughout the year especially living in New England. It is a clean and open interior making it easy to drive many people. It has a very spacious backseat and trunk to fit many items.

- Erin G

This vehicle has lasted a long time and should continue to do so.

There was a problem with the check engine light related to the gas tank which is a common problem with this vehicle. Performance is always great, enough space for the whole family and fantastic for grocery trips because there is lots of storage space.

- Aubrey B

The overall durability and convenience of having a larger SUV without the huge gas bill. Plus who doesn't love a sunroof.

I love it. There have been a few issues that I have had to fix over the past few years, such as wheel bearings, power steering lines, windshield sprayers. I feel that in Michigan winters I tend to get a little stuck only having rear wheel drive only.

- Caty N

You should use synthetic oil, it drives much better.

I have always wanted to own a trailblazer. I'm Very Happy with mine. The leather seats are very comfy. It drives Awesome! Keep up with the maintenance and it will give you many Great reliable Years! I love everything about my Chevy Trailblazer ??

- Denise F

I love my Chevy Trailblazer!

I love my Trailblazer! It's a smooth ride, the only maintenance I've had to make are standard maintenance, tires, brakes, oil change, leaky hoses, nothing major. It's not bad on gas mileage either! I'd definitely buy another one!

- Tamara B

It's a 4 wheel drive and is very dependable in the snow.

I love that it's a 4 wheel drive. It's large enough for me to sleep in it if I have to. I hate that the inside of the glove box keeps heating up and the wires smell like they are burning. The part has to keep being replaced.

- R R

My car is very dependable for everyday use.

As it ages a few items have quit working and the expense to fix them is not worth the price. Sunroof will not open, over $1,000 to fix, power seats not working. I like the size and comfort of the blazer. The a/c is great.

- Kyle G

The most important thing that i love about my car is that it is sturdy. The one i had before it, saved me when i was rear ended in a wreck. I will forever purchase a trailblazer.

i love that i can lift the hatch and haul items that i purchase. My car is very roomy and can hold all of my groceries that i purchase for the month. My car is smooth handling and riding. It's a car and a truck combined.

- brenda Y

I feel really safe riding in this vehicle and it's really comfortable

We just got this vehicle about 3 weeks ago. I love how comfortable it is to drive and ride in. So far I don't have any complaints. It's easy to get in and out of. It has a lot of room for cargo in the back. We love it.

- Pamela P

I am very happy with it and sorry that Chevy does not make the trailblazers anymore.

I love my chevy trailblazer. It does very well in the snow and is dependable. I have no complaints about it. I have owned it for 8 years and bought it used from a chevy dealership...hope it lasts a few more years.

- Dee F

It's a great family vehicle that's good on gas with proper upkeep.

I love my vehicle because its roomy inside but not to big outside. The color of my trailblazer is perfect because it doesn't show dirt. My vehicle had low miles on it and has given me little problems since I had it.

- Yolanda J

It has issues with the headlights shutting off.

I like the room it has in the back. Wish I had a third seat option. Hate the seatbelts. They are in a weird spot in the front seats and back seats are almost impossible to hook three car seat booster in at once.

- Mary L

2008 chevy trailblazer suv

Only negative about my car is the amount of gas mileage other than that this vehicle is great I use it to haul my four kids around both sons play football so it helps to have the extra room for their equipment.

- Joseph W

Gets good gas mileage & its a saving.

I like that it has been consistent for many years. However, I do not like the money I have had to put into it. Way more than expected. So it is lasted longer than expected, but not as cheap as i'd prefer.

- Tj P

The one most important thing I think others should know about a Trailblazer is the roominess and how easy it is to drive.

I love the roominess our Trailblazer offers, as well as the comfortable ride. I love that it has storage behind the seats to put our groceries etc. in. There is nothing I dislike about our Trailblazer.

- Debbie R

It has a large cargo space for transporting goods.

The vehicle's air conditioning does not like to work and needs free-on full time. The vehicle runs eats brake pads and gets terrible fuel mileage. It's only good thing about is the space in the vehicle.

- Michael A

Love the trailblazer. It is easy for me to get in and out of.

It sits up where I can see better. It's easy to get in and out of. It's easy to park or back out. It has lots of room to hall things its roomy in the back. Seats sit really nice they are cloth.

- Jessie K

It's a good, long withholding vehicle, which will last if taken care of properly.

I love everything about this truck except how it's a v6 which means it uses a lot of gas. In addition, I wish it was four wheel drive. I love how I'm high up on the road as opposed to a sedan.

- Shannon S

It is a great car when it is snowing I have never slid it even came close to it. I love the spacious feeling you get in it also

I have had no problems since I bought it. It has 190,000 miles and still runs great. We do have a small problem with it not locking and unlocking right but I believe that is the remote start.

- Jeni J

That its very dependable and no complaints.

No complaints, has been very dependable. Gas mileage is decent. Well maintained. Minor damage, currently has 125,000 miles on it, all original, still has a smooth ride and everything works.

- Michael F

A TrailBlazer is very spacious and practical for a family.

I love the TrailBlazer. I got this one to replace my last one because it worked so well for my family. It is spacious, durable and comfortable. It isn't the most fuel efficient though.

- Sarah T

Safety and Reliability: Hallmarks of the Trailblazer

Ten year old SUV that has proven reliable. It is great in the snow as it has on demand four wheel drive and is overall a very heavy vehicle. I wish it was more fuel efficient, however.

- Meghan G

It has a very smooth ride like a very nice car.

I bought my vehicle about 6 months ago and haven't had any problems with it. It is black, and looks very sharp when it is clean. It is very roomy and I use it a lot for moving things.

- Keith M

It is a very safe car to drive. It has air bags all the way around and anti lock brakes. It has tinted windows and passenger air

I have had no problems in the three years owning my vehicle. I doesn't get the gas mileage i would like and is bigger than i need. It rides comfortably. It is black with chrome trim

- Joseph B

It is very fun to drive and can be used for many different things.

I like my vehicle. It is fun to drive but it is kind of rickety sometimes and it always makes me wonder if there is something wrong with it. A/c and Radio doesn't work.

- Michael H

Great family car and perfect for the outdoors

My Chevy Trailblazer has been an amazing vehicle for our families needs. It's also been great in the snow and for all our camping trips. It's comfortable and reliable.

- Lisa G

It's a great type of vehicle to have.

Still runs great. It has enough room for groceries. Doesn't have enough room for 6 that includes 2 car seats. Speakers do not always work. I know I have to fix it!.

- Kelly M

It handles great and the ride is smooth

I love my Trailblazer. I can have seats in the back or put them down and I have plenty of storage room. The only thing I do not like is sometimes the gas mileage.

- Helen D

Dependability: this car will take care of you if you take care of it.

This Trailblazer has been great to me. I've had it for 8 years now. It's got 185000 on it now. I've had to change the transmission once but no other major work.

- Jenay P

I need to replace power steering pump. After I fix that and the a/c, I would highly recommend my truck to anyone. I love it!

I really enjoy driving my truck. It's not that big but I feel like I'm above everyone on the road. I bought it used and would like to fix the a/c Need a/c.

- Audri B

It's great in the snow. It can hold big loads of stuff.

I like that it is an SUV. I like that it has plenty of room, so that I can load things so I don't have to pay delivery charges. I don't like the mpg.

- Vieva M

Ease of use.it is easy to maneuver in small spaces.

This is our first time owning a Chevy. They seem to be very cheaply made. Plastic parts inside all bread. Electrical problems. Not a solid vehicle.

- Joanna D

The trailblazer great for traveling.

The Chevrolet trailblazer is a great car, great on gas, great mileage, smooth riding and roomy for traveling long distances. DVD player as well.

- Kathy O

A traveler's dream SUV, the trailblazer.

Absolutely love this car, I have had no issues other than having to replace the brake pads. I have owned this vehicle for 3 years, bought used.

- Alexandra E

2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer

- had a problem with power steering (easy/cheap fix) -bad gas mileage -comfortable leather seats -good for long trips (comfort wise) -spacious

- Abigail G

It's great to have four wheel drive. I'm very thankful for my car.

I have a black 2008 chevy trailblazer. Some of the features are four wheel drive and it has a sunroof. Great car for hauling your kids around.

- Jessie B

Older SUV but in good shape.

It's got a lot of miles but it is very good car it is been very reliable all I have had to do is keep the oil changed and regular maintenance.

- Terry R

Good car for 10 years with little maintenance

Car is getting old, have had some problems with the AC and minor engine problems. Other than that, it has been a good car with few problems.

- Pam D

Midlife truck wish fulfilled with TB

Low mileage and proper care make my TB a dream. Tows like a champ. Rust is an enemy. Recommend the extended warranty is a dealer purchase..

- Sue I

It's great until it hits 125000....get rid of it before then.

It was good till it hit about 125000 miles then everything started falling apart. It's just been one thing after another. I need a new car.

- jamie f

Holds its value looks good.

Love that it pulls a boat. Lots of room. . Hunting vehicle with 4 wheel drive. Can trust it to run in the snow. Fairly good ride. Reliable.

- Gary B

Still reliable for being 10 years old

Well maintained, leather interior, 125,000 miles, still rides smooth. Seats 5, has flip down seats for added storage, V6- fuel efficient.

- Michael F

Great family vehicle with enough room for every person.

Drives smooth, roomie optional 4 wheel drive, plenty of storage space, dislikes spare tire is underneath the car and stuff breaks easily.

- Daniel G

That it runs great, good gas mileage. Has lots of inside space for long legs.

I love the power and ride. Makes me feel safe. I do not like that it is not 4w drive. I also like that it sits up high. I can see better.

- Cindy H

Love this vehicle!!! The only thing I dislike about it is that Chevrolet discontinued it. Have not found another, new or used, that I like better or as well.

I like my suv. Has been a very good vehicle. Fits our needs, easy to get in & out of, gets good gas mileage, easy ride, very comfortable.

- Oleda B

It is very high mileage -- almost 200K.

I like my car, but it is starting to get some age and high mileage on it. I think it is still functional and a good vehicle overall.

- EK S

I would say that it is very reliable.

I feel my vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it. I am not the best at keeping up with maintenance either.

- Stephen T

I Love My Chevy Trailblazer

I love my Trailblazer. I've had it a year and really have had issues with it. It drives great and gets decent gas mileage for a SUV.

- Lisa H

My car is 10 years old and looks as good as the day I bought it with no rust anywhere.

This my second Trailblazer and they have very little repairs, are roomy, and, of course are not good on gas but I love them anyway.

- Helen P

Reliable vehicle with plenty of cargo space. The 4-wheel drive really comes in handy when you are in the snow or mud. Fun vehicle to drive.

It is still like new as I only have 37,000 miles on it. Runs great and handles well. It's too bad they no longer make this model.

- Linda C

It is very reliable, and it has great room especially off you have kids.

My car is easy to drive. I live the size of my car. I also, like the way it looks because it is not square but not round either.

- Kristen H

Great Chevy Trailblazer!!

I love my trailblazer! It's comfortable and spacious seating, with a big truck that you pack a lot in which is great for camping

- Stephanie B

The vehicle is good on gas, and it has a good amount of room.

None. I have no complaints at all. I love my vehicle. I will keep it and fix whatever is needed in it. It is an amazing vehicle.

- Jessica L

It's a very consistent car that will get you from place to place successfully and safe.

It's a consistent vehicle. It gets me from place to place and has been reliable. Only dislike is that repairs have been needed.

- TJ P

my trailblazer is a long lasting reliable vehicle in the right hands

My trailblazer has lasted me several year with no problems with the engine or transmission it has been a very reliable vehicle

- Angel L

It is reliable and we can trust it.

I like that it's reliable and easy to drive. I wish that i didn't have scratches and dents. Wish that the seatbelts fit women.

- Brenda R

It's a very family sized car that can withstand a lot of heavy weight as well.

It's not really my car. It's my dad's car. I think it's a pretty good vehicle and can fit our full family of 6 without issue.

- Princess A

They should know that it is a good investment.

I love all the space. It is really comfortable. It is not too bad on gas. The mileage is pretty good. I have no complaints.

- Rosemary W

One most thing everyone should know about my car is the gas mileage!.

I like my car because it's very roomy. The motor and transmission run great, and oil changes are only needed twice a year.

- Angel P

Do not buy it unless you want to spend a fortune on repairs.

It does have lots of space but it is gutless going up any small hill or to pass anybody. It burns more oil than it should.

- Cindy J J

The gas mileage is great!.

No third row seating. That is the only thing I dislike about it. Everything else I like bout it. It is been a good truck.

- Brittany C

But all together the car is good for the winter

It's a good car just has some issues like the heat comes and go the tv don't work in it the door in the back don't open

- Shianne S

Chevy trailblazer not a good buy

It has way to many electrical problems. Not enough room stereo is dumb the only good thing is the sunroof I like that

- Danni H

It is a good type of SUV, for a family just starting off..

I love that it is a SUV and everything, I just wish I would of got it brand new and that it I wish it was a 4 by 4

- Christian M

I like that it has room for my family. I like that it has seats that can fold down if i need to move something large. I like that it has been reliable.

Its reliable and has been great to drive. It's made a few trips that were over 1000 miles each way with no issues.

- Christine S

Dependable price large cargo space.

Good on gas. Seats 6 roomy. Like the color. Was a good price. Easy to ride. Can tow a camper. Comfortable ride.

- Bernadette H

It is the most used car in our family and we have had it for 6 years.

We have owned many Trailblazers in the past. We have experience with Chevrolet vehicles. It has yet to fail us.

- Alex S

How smooth it drives is great for a family car especially with sleeping kids

It's the best vehicle I have ever had. It's drives smooth. The way everything is set up on the dash is perfect

- Cassy A

It has a v8 engine in it.

I like the power of the engine. I like the durability. I also like the engine size. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Jasmine R

My truck is good for traveling

My chevy trailblazer has heated leather seats. It has onstar and a new water pump and starter it drives great

- James F

It's dependable but doesn't say anything about me.

It's getting older now. It isn't very comfortable inside. But it is sturdy and dependable. And it was cheap.

- Carol C

Bad review, do not recommend buying

Vehicle power is poor, fuel consumption is high, ride comfort is bad, control performance is extremely poor

- Sorna V

Reliable, rugged or urban vehicle.

Good size, drives well, enjoying it! Wish it had Bluetooth or some way to connect music apps, but its old.

- Lindsey C

That it seems to be a dependable SUV and will not disappoint.

Trailblazer is very easy driving and I feel safe in it. Nice looking for an older SUV. No real complaints.

- Leanne F

Its reliable safe and comfortable.

It drives well. I can't fit adults comfortably. I feel safe in a SUV. Amenities are what I want and need.

- Mandy G

Great in snow and reliable

It is a good car in snow but has had a lot of repairs. The parts are in expensive but labor is expensive

- Emily B

It is a good size smaller suv.

I like that it does not sit low to the ground. I like that it is spacious. I don't like the gas mileage.

- Christy J

It has a lot of space that allows one to transport somewhat large items.

It has lots of space and is a comfortable ride. It is the perfect size and has lots of features I like

- Den F

Good for offloading, hauling large items around, thanks to its storage space.

Plenty of cargo room. The seats are comfortable and easily adjustable. Car can handle rough terrain.

- Bond A

The mileage on the highway is great

It's an older model, it gets good mileage on the highway it get horrible mileage on local roads

- mary P

It is roomy enough and is very comfortable to ride in.

I like the space and the comfort. I sometimes wish it had more seating since it only seats 5.

- Amy F

Very reliable vehicle, engine will last forever and very little rust as well.

It has been a really reliable vehicle, but when things do go wrong they are always $400-600.

- Rebecca H

my vehicle is dependable and will hold its own on the road

I like my vehicle because it's paid for. My vehicle is dependable and still look brand new.

- bongie C

It's a nice and big vehicle. Lots of space and it's built well.

It works really well traveling long distances. I've never had a problem traveling with it.

- Wesley W

My vehicle is great for transporting extra items, but it uses a lot of gas. I would prefer a smaller vehicle with better gas mileage.

Great for transporting items and passengers. Better gas mileage then a larger SUV.

- Kenneth W

i really like my suv because it sits high on the road and drives smoothly on the road. It is not bumpy or uncomfortable.

It is a great mid-sized suv. Not too small or short and not too tall or large.

- cate w

That it can be hard on gas and you need to be careful how much you drive

I don't have any complaints. I love driving this and the space in it is great.

- kim j

The trailblazer is very dependable and excellent shape.

Love my trailblazer. It has been very dependable. It has been a very good car.

- Alex C

it is extremely maneuverable! it has the best turn radius of any car I have ever driven

no complaints, no trouble over the years. Like the size, like the reliability

- maria r

I like how much space it has. It is easy to drive. Though I would rather have a newer car.

It is a trusty car and easy to drive, and is good for now until I can upgrade.

- Zack W

I like the style of my trailblazer it enables me to carry all of my kids

I like everything except the fact that it has a short in the headlights

- Terina K

It is reliable and spacious if you have a family. I would rather have it over a minivan anytime

I like the reliability but I don't like the gas mileage, shape or size.

- Karen M

Sits low to the ground...

seeps dust in back of vehicle. other than that I love my trailblazer

- Ellen l

I don't owe any money on it and it runs great without all the fancy stuff.

It's basic transportation but I own it with no payments.

- Marilyn H

The capability of how much room that It has and the comfort

Love the room, the features hate the gas that it uses

- Charlotte D

That it is very dependable.

I have no dislikes nor do I have any complaints.

- Tim H