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Most dependable SUV I have ever owned!

My 2009 Chevy trailblazer has been an excellent vehicle. I have had only 1 incident where the turn indicator had to be replaced. It was a pretty simple fix, took about 20 minutes and required only a screwdriver. Oh, and of course the battery has been replaced twice now. I have taken good care of it and stayed on top of all the maintenance. This vehicle had never let me down. Does very well in inclement weather even though it is not 4 wheel drive. I recommend this truck to anyone considering buying an SUV. I give it 5 stars!

- Ellie W

Versatile vehicle, great for families and any road conditions.

The trailblazer is on a truck frame, so it is sturdy but comfortable to drive! It drives well in all conditions; snow, rain, off reading, in town, and freeways. It's great for families as it is large enough to get kids in and out easily, and fits a large amount of groceries. My only negative thing to say about it is that is uses gas quickly, which can be expensive.

- Crystal R

The all tough trailblazer.

I love my trailblazer always have. It gets me from a-b never gave me any trouble. I love that it has 4 wheel drive sits up high and pulleys in the front in case I ever had to drag or pull something heavy. It is very comfortable and spacious which I have always needed. And provides all the room and space for me to pack with all the things I need.

- Louis M

Chevrolet Trailblazer: Great, Dependable Vehicle That's Great For A Family!

I actually really love my Chevrolet Trailblazer! We haven't had any major problems with it, only normal wear and tear like replacing tires, plugs and wires, and things like that. I love that the back seats fold down for whenever we are moving something large. It handles very well in the ice and snow which is very important where we live.

- Rebecca V

The engine compartment is set up weird. It is difficult to change the oil and air filter at home. The oil filter and drain plug are semi-difficult to get to and the air filter has several screws in the cover that require a long screw driver and you have to get them by feel.

I like the size, power, and it's fun to drive. The gas mileage is okay, but my last vehicle was a small car. I dislike that the previous owner replaced small things such as door panels and now the OEM panels are unavailable. Also, the panels on the front seats that you adjust the seats with are cheaply made and have both broke.

- Katie M

It is perky, reliable, and rides like a dream! I highly recommend this vehicle!

It is very reliable, rides very smoothly for an SUV. It is quite comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers. I love the fold down seats-very handy for hauling long objects, such as wood for various projects. Also makes a handy spot to put the groceries after shopping. Love the electric windows that are also tinted.

- Judy Z

A really nice vehicle for somebody looking for an upgrade from a car.

Beautiful truck however the door has issues and the aluminum rims stink for the tires. I would recommend bringing this model back because I really liked it. The color is nice, a nice dark color. The engine has ran perfect, had one issue where the radiator cracked or something like that. Would recommend buying it.

- Dan L

This is a car that will last depending on the driver (owner). If you take care of it, it will take care of you. If you don't, it falls apart eventually.

I like my actual vehicle. I wasn't really a fan of the Trailblazer but my particular one is the SS version so it has a lot of features. My only dislike is that I see one every time I turn around. Literally. There are three other people on my block that have the same exact car ( two have the same color even).

- Kelli S

Great car that is great for a family.

Great car, has a lot of spare room. Recycling seats, air conditioner and heat work great, a very reliable car has a big trunk. Nice frame on the car. Big tires. I love that the seats are soft and big. 3rd seat in the back. Car runs great and is a perfect family car. I love it has an adjustable steering wheel.

- Jamie L

4wd in winter is great and safe.

Had to replace various interior trim parts. This was not difficult, I could order the parts over the internet. They arrived quickly and snapped in place. No major performance or reliability issues. Tows well, has plenty of power. Gas mileage has been about 20 mpg on the highway.

- Ray L

My SUV is "cherry". It looks like it's brand new, because I take good care of it.

This is the first time I've had heated leather seats, which I love because of back problems. I also have all my radio/cassette/CD controls right in the steering wheel. That's fantastic! Love the repeat on songs I choose. Also love the mute button when it's needed quickly.

- Cynthia R

I love my SUV and highly recommend it to anyone that asks about it.

I love my SUV it is very dependable love the way it handles in the winter. It sits up where cars do not. I love that I can put the seats flat to haul things in the back and it still with the seats up has lots of room in the rear of it. I can see out the windows easy.

- Jessie K

Chevy. Trailblazer review.

It is spacious and reliable it gets good gas mileage and is long lasting g. It is a low maintenance vehicle. It is good for families. I would recommend it. It is great for people with kids and has great features like front and rear heating and air controls.

- Cenote B

Super roomy car but bad mileage!

I really do not see much wrong with the car. The mileage is not good it is a heavy car and eats the gas. I love the way it drives it is big and high. With a bad back it is great to get in and out of. Full leather interior is great it is black.

- Cathy B

That it is a gas guzzler.

What I like about my Trailblazer is all the room I have to lug things around. I can fold down the back seat for extra storage space. I also like that I sit up high. What I dislike is the seat. It is made for a mans legs, not a womans.

- peggy v

The size is perfect good gas mileage speaker quality could be better.

The Trailblazer has plenty of room the ride is smooth and I feel safe when driving in the snowy months in Minnesota. Gas mileage is good for this size. Have no major issue with it. Would love a new one.

- Kelley D

2009 Chevy trailblazer ss AWD.

Oil tube pick up location is in the front, so need to be sure to always check fluid levels and not let engine oil get low. The 6. 0l is amazing tons of power and very reliable if properly maintained.

- Tyler S

I love my Chevy Trailblazer

I do not like that there is no step to help a shorter person like myself climb up into it easier. Great for traveling. It has lots of room in the back for your stuff for everyday and travel.

- Kristina K

It is really dependable and runs great.

I really like the color of my trailblazer and it is four wheel drive. It is really quiet when it is running and it drives really nice. I just wish it would get better gas mileage.

- Terri H

Good on gas! Very dependable ride that's comfortable.

The most reliable car I've ever owned. Comfortable ride and roomy enough for a family of 4. We've had very little problems but always take it for maintenance when it's due.

- Tonya M

The most important is my seat.

I enjoy the SUV factor and happy with gas mileage. I would like if the car was hybrid that would be very nice to save more on gas. Also would like every electronic.

- Eli C

2009 Trailblazer very good quality SUV.

It is very reliable and has a V6 that provides plenty of power to tow a trailer. It gets 20 mpg average and we haven't had any major problems with it.

- John W

Safety and room for tall people is most important.

It is older and outdated. I’d like to get something more modern with a third row. Third row seating must have room enough for tall people.

- Jen E

People should know that my Nissan juke is a turbo and has a little pick-me-up.

I like that my vehicle is dependable. I like that it is easy to maneuver. I dislike that it is not equipped with cruise control.

- Phyllis T

It was dented when I bought it but it still works just fine

Every light on the dash is on but it still goes down the road with no problems whatsoever. It has been a very reliable vehicle

- Brandie M

Great vehicle for a family

I have not had any major issues with the car. It is a nice mid size vehicle with plenty of room for luggage and passengers.

- Sara S

It has a sunroof I like than. It has a lot of room to take people out with us.

Always breaking down. . Having to clean gas tank all the time. Rides ok when running good it's been a good ride overall.

- Christina B

Hard to see over the hood.

I like that there is plenty of room for my son's car seat and it is good in the snow. I don't like the poor gas mileage.

- Jenna d

My chevy trailblazer and its many issues

Plenty of mechanical issues but pretty reliable and comfortable. Has some features like the sunroof that I do not use.

- Jenni K

I believe I am safer in an SUV.

I like the moon roof, I have a smooth ride. It is easy to get in and out. Due to the height. I have plenty of room.

- Sarah N

It is sturdy and it rides well. I like the cup holders too.

It has a lot of room. Runs good. It's in good condition for being older. Have to keep good care of your vehicle.

- Dee A

Trailblazer, a very dependable car!

Very reliable. Replaced exhaust manifold twice, however. Comfortable seats and great sound system for music.

- Adam D

It is an excellent car, good service, spacious and very good performance

spacious, presents very good line internally and externally, comfortable and good comfort

- Josep S

It has had no issues so I'd recommend it as a great car to purchase.

I love it. I has everything I need. It has so much space and has been an excellent car.

- JC M

It runs very well, not many maintenance issues and is a quiet vehicle.

It's a safe car with little maintenance issues. Pretty good on gas too, lots of space.

- Steven K

Parts are inexpensive. Saves on gas. It is safe for the kids.

It feels safe for the kids. The parts are not expensive. It is a nice looking car.

- Bred W

My biggest complaint is that I purchased a used model and there was previous damage. The seats warm but do not cool. I like the size and height of the vehicle, it's been perfect for getting young children in and out.

It was inexpensive. It's not luxurious but is comfortable. The trunk is spacious.

- Dee S



- GREG h

It's a great size for a growing family

Love the size, Easy to Drive. Has some blind spots when changing lanes

- Kathy C

Chevy is the best bar none, and there no can beat a Chevy

It's a really awesome and really good gas mileage. Chevy is the best

- Robin B

There is no problems with my car. Runs great. Good on gas, low miles, no damage to body. Well clean and maintained taken care of.

Great on gas. Smooth quiet riding. Excellent security and features

- Ashley A

How great it still drives after nine years on the road.

I like the style. I like the dependability. I like the features.

- Greg H