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Watch out for the transmission.

The 2009 Traverse is the 1st year model. It does have problems, the transmission has went out and the timing chain has been replaced. It has started to burn oil and the sensor engine light keeps coming on. We have to put transmission fluid in the gas to help this. The steering is having problem being really stiff a times and not turning freely. The body is in really good shape and clean up is easy. The colors are attractive. I love the car but hate the problems I have had/.

- Shelly B

2009 Chevy Traverse review.

I purchased a new 2009 Chevy Traverse. This was my first Chevy purchase. I will most likely not be purchasing another Chevy any time soon. The main reason being that Chevy does not stand behind their recalls and warranties, and you the owner end up paying for recalled items. The powering steering column went at under 39, 000 miles, the tires that were put on the Traverse did not last 80k miles, the Traverse rolls 3-4 feet while in park. It is definitely not a safe vehicle.

- Jennifer M

Chevy Traverse great for families!

Has issues with the transmission. The window motors went out. The overhead light in the back broke very soon after I got it. The DVD player has a glitch and sometimes doesn't work. But I still love my car and would buy another one. It has a lot of room and has 3 rows of seats but can still fit a stroller in the back. It turns and parks very easily, like a car. The second row had an option for bucket seats which I like because it allows me to climb to the back if I need to.

- Kandi T

Has had several recalls, but the manufacturer has serviced them promptly without issues and at no cost to me.

My Traverse is wonderful. It drives smoothly, is very dependable and comfortable. It has tons of room for a family of 5. It has dual TV /DVD players in the back of the front seat headrest allowing two different videos to play for each TV. Great for kids of different ages or preferences. Gets good gas mileage, and has a great sensor system for everything to let you know of issues right away. Also love the electronic hatch open and remote start.

- Kember K

Family vehicle, very reliable and lots of space.

I have the Chevy traverse. I updated from a dodge stratus after having my two children due to not having enough room. I didn't really have a certain model when I went looking but I found the traverse and it ran smooth and a great price. I have had the car for about 5 months and still running great. It is a great family car. I love that the seats fold down and make it nice when I have to haul things or need extra room for strollers and etc.

- Tessa W

Rides wonderfully, drives well and great gas mileage.

Love the vehicle and has held up well. Has approximately 213,000 miles on it. I am now having issues where the heat does not work, the Bluetooth working with the speakers intermittently works then sounds like it is a million miles away. The radio speaker in upper left front intermittently works and lastly the check engine light is on and will not go off despite the dealership saying nothing it wrong and they are unable to get it to go off.

- Donna M

Comfortable, seating for 8, and versatile storage!

The Chevrolet Traverse is roomy inside with fold down 2nd and 3rd row seats. With the seats up I can comfortably transport 8 passengers, and still have ample storage in back. My Traverse has been reliable with no mechanical issues. The only thing that I had to get used to is the rear seems wider than average; which means I choose more spacious parking areas. I also wish it had a better turning radius. But all-in-all I love this vehicle.

- Terri G

The car is easy to drive and can comfortably seat a family of 6 with one open seat.

I like that it seats 7 people and there are 2 bucket seats. It is easier to get to the back row. The console screen allows us to play DVDs. The connected screen for the back seats stopped working several years ago and we haven't ever had it fixed/replaced. The handling is more like a car, but we sit much higher. It has automatic transmission, and is easy to handle. I like the little screen for backing up in my rearview mirror.

- Michaelene D

Love Our Chevrolet Traverse

My Chevrolet Traverse is very stylish and comfortable. Cream colored leather interior, with heated/cooling seats make is so easy for long trips. The gas mileage is decent for a 3rd row SUV and putting the third row down gives you a great amount of space for hauling something. Ours has a bully in DVD player that is a good extra perk for the kids. Hands free navigation and a screen radio, also an added bonus.

- Autumn M

It is great for small families, the third row seating really doesn't add much room and cuts down on space if you are traveling with multiple bags and people.

I like that the vehicle is roomy and holds 2 car seats comfortably for my kids. The back is also nice and roomy for groceries and traveling. I have experienced multiple mechanical issues with this vehicle which may be a result of poor maintenance before it came into my possession but it has really made it difficult for me to say I like the vehicle. Also the gas mileage is only so-so.

- Jennifer B

Comfortable, ease of driving, very functional.

Seats I am very comfortable. Lots of legroom. Has everything on it. Love the two sunroofs. Drives like a car not a truck. Easy to drive. Lots of room inside. Plenty of trunk space even with the third row of seats. Very reliable. The only thing is that being that it was the first year that it came out there were a few glitches like every new vehicle. Nothing serious.

- Sherry I

Chevrolet SUV. Comfortable and spacious as any full size SUV.

Overall, my vehicle has been reliable. It does tend to have a lot of front end issues such as struts, arm control assembly, etc. The vehicle is good on gas and has enough space when we hit the road for vacations. I did have a problem with the transmission at 80, 000 miles which I was very unhappy about but it was under warranty and repaired by the dealer.

- Liza G

Reliable for now, but still comfortable.

I have been having issues with my brakes and the air coming out of my tires quickly. I have also seen my miles per gallon go down. However, the car has a lot of space and is comfortable for large amounts of people or items. I would prefer to upgrade to something with a touchscreen, as it is a lot easier than maneuvering buttons.

- Cara B

I love having the third row seat! The traverse drives nice and is easy for my grandma to climb into.

I don't like that there isn't a lot of storage space if the third row is up. I also don't like the full middle seat as it is difficult crawling into the third row seat. The tracks accumulate so much crap in them and are difficult to keep clean. Hate that the battery is under the passenger seat too and is difficult to get to.

- Heidi K

The car was great at first. But, on down the road it is become a hassle.

It does not have very good gas mileage. And, there is always something wrong with the car. It seems like it is always in the shop. The car was great in the beginning but, the first time it was taken to the shop with a problem it all started. I do believe it is just that Traverse that is limited edition and had a recall on them.

- Ashley D

It has a lot of issues and is not reliable, but has great space and comfort.

I like the space and comfort of this vehicle, it is a great size for our family of 5 plus friends. However, we began having issues pretty early on with the transmission and it is very expensive to fix. It has spent a lot of time in the shop for various reasons and now needs new shocks. I would not purchase this vehicle again.

- Laura B

Good vehicle for 2009 with 140, 000 plus miles.

My Traverse is very reliable and performance is pretty good, it has 140, 000 plus miles. It has a few problems like coil going, windows not going down/up properly, cigarette lighters not working and radio not working properly, speakers are only working in upper part of the vehicle, but overall it is a good vehicle for a 2009.

- Ken K

The car is utilitarian as well as luxurious.

The car is a good comfortable car that is a good utility car as well. When family has lots to things to move or buys material like many gallons of paint or ceramic tile we got the call. The care is very comfortable and handles well. The only drawback is the gas mileage. However we forgot that for all the other great traits.

- Ted H

It's has very spacious interior. Great for large families.

I like my 2009 chevy traverse because it has a 3rd row seat and is big enough for my family. It makes traveling super comfy. I really like the style. I feel it's a more modern look. The only dislike I have is that there are a lot of 'blind' spots and it took me a while to get used to driving it. Gas mileage is okay.

- Melissa P

Reasons not to purchase a Chevrolet traverse:

I own a 2009 Chevrolet traverse and have had problems since purchasing it new. It is definitely not a safe vehicle. It rolls about 3-4 feet while in park. The engine constantly gives out almost to a stale while driving. It is not a reliable vehicle by any means as the steering rack column went at you def 39k miles.

- J M

Chevy Traverse 2009 review.

I have a 3 row 8 seater car. It very spacious and great on gas. With 2 car seats in my car I can still fit my family of 6 very comfortably. It gave a built in DVD player and every seat has its own air conditioner. I can put down both rows of seats and fit a couch and more in it. This was a really great investment.

- Imani B

Great looking large vehicle.

I love this vehicle. We have four children and this car seats eight. The seats are large and comfortable. The interior, even at its age, is still in excellent condition. There is plenty of room in the back for the dogs, groceries and other items. The ride is very smooth. The air conditioning works super great!

- Tanya G

Engine and electrical problems. 2009 was a bad year for Chevy traverse.

I have had many problems with this car, the most recent had to put new engine in it last winter. The driver’s side window controls do not work for three of the windows. Now my air conditioner does not work! Electrical problems too. I have probably spent over $9000 on this car. Should have sold it long ago.

- Jean M

Only one negative thing to say...

I have been very pleased with my Chevy traverse. It is very roomy in the front seat which was a great selling point as my husband is a tall man with long legs, the only negative thing about this vehicle is the 2nd & 3rd row seating are not very comfortable, especially the hard non-moving seat belt clickers.

- Monica J

The three rows of seats are great for extra passengers or you can put them down and have a bigger back storage for groceries or furniture.

The car is a nice size and drives very smooth. Some minor details that I do not like is where the cup holders are, it's hard to reach from the driver's seat because of where the gear stick is located. The AC cools down pretty quickly (considering I live in Arizona) overall it's a good reliable car.

- Aniston C

I bought a 2009 Chevy traverse only for it to be a bad decision.

I bought this vehicle 2 years ago with 105,000 miles on it from a used certified car dealer by gm and I have done nothing but replace part after part. And still stuck in a 6,000$ loan balance. Its disappointing to by a vehicle and pay for an extended warranty that will not cover any of the parts.

- Rosa L

Runs smooth. . Reliable. . And dependable.

I drive a Chevy traverse. . It is a reliable vehicle. . I bought it used and I am very happy with it. . I have had to have the break system repaired but other than no problems. . I keep the maintenance up on my vehicle and have had no problems. . I have had the vehicle approximately three years.

- Teresa T

The traverse is a great family vehicle.

It is a reliable vehicle with plenty of room for a family of 5. It is an all wheel drive and is great in the snow, it rides very smooth for a sports utility vehicle. I love the moon and sunroof and the heated seats. The leather seats are very comfortable and I would recommend this car to others.

- Chris C

I will never again buy a used Chevy.

I have had my car for 3 years and it has been in the shop 6 times, each time costing me between $200-$2000. Constant engine troubles. The engine is a gdi engine which means the gas does not clean your intake valves causing the engine to lose power and cost you an arm and a leg to get it cleaned.

- Melissa F

I love the paint color but will not buy a Chevy again.

Since owning this vehicle I have had a front fender replaced for rusting out, electrical issues, windows stopped working, door locks wont work with remote anymore, disgusted and wont buy a Chevy again. Have replaced wheel bearings, brakes and had to have underneath under coated for rust issues.

- Lisa A

It is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. It's smooth and high enough that you can see everything.

We got it before we had kids. Now that I have 3 kids, the layout of the vehicle isn't very easy to get them in. It has 3 rows and the 2nd row folds down to get to the 3rd. It is too crowded for us. I do and always have loved how it drives and the vehicle overall. My wants have just changed.

- Emily H

Older models have mechanical issues and have recalls that must be taken care of immediately. Keep the vehicle maintenance regularly do not go to 50% oil life strictly follow you mechanics 3,000 miles for every oil and oil filter change.

I love the amount of space i have in there. I like the look of it. I like how it is not so big and bulky but it's big on the inside and has 3 rows of seating. I don't like that i have had so many mechanical issues with it. I don't like that i cannot remove the middle seats if i needed to.

- sara M

Lots of features like cup holders for kids and extra space.

I love my car. It has lots of features such as cup holders and extra space. I do wish it had a different kind of track system in the floor for the seats. They are hard to clean out when kids drop stuff in them. I like that the back seats lay flat if I need that space to carry stuff.

- Melissa R

The Traverse is longer than most vehicles of It's class which creates more space inside the car.

Best thing about my car is the size. It has lots of space and legroom which is important since my children and I are all over 6 feet tall. Dislike, some comments are cheap and have broken, like seat belt connections - they are much too stiff and make the 2nd row less comfortable.

- Brian G

Behind the newer models. Great traction, comfortable, sturdy, freedom, fun to drive.

I like my car its a 4x4 good in the winter, medium size does not have all the new buss and whistles feature I would like monitor screen up front with GPS in dash, cell phone options for connecting to screen with hands free talking, but it's good on gas gets me where I need to go.

- Christine J

Great SUV for the family.

Very roomy and all wheel drive helps a lot in the snow. Runs great with regular maintenance. Love the color and will be great with my new job. Wish gas mileage was better but they can't have everything. Great for family trips. And I love all the little extras with this vehicle.

- Ann C

Don't waste your money. Mechanical money pit.

I love my Traverse size, the TV, bucket seats, etc. It has great options, which is wonderful for my family. I do not like the gas milage, the multiple recalls, 2 alternators in a year. Option wise, worth it. Mechanically, not worth it. If I could take back buying it, I would.

- Molly K

I love the room and space that this SUV provides.

This SUV is very good for families with more than three children. It comes with a built in t. V. That is located in the middle of the top of the roof in the second row. Next, it is very roomy for when moms go out grocery shopping because you can put the third row seats down.

- Makeba G

It has great storage space for a family.

I really enjoy the storage space this vehicle offers as well as the third row seating. It's much more comfortable than other cars I've had with third row seating. It makes vacationing great. It also has a DVD package and screen which is great for the kids on long car trips.

- Amber Z

I love the size and how it drives.

It is hard to see out of the back, I recommend if it does not have a reverse camera to add one. I have had engine trouble but it was covered under warranty. This is a great car for traveling with children especially hauling sports gear. I love having the third row seating.

- Nicole T

The height of my vehicle is everything.

I love this truck. I love how its high up. Only issue I have is my warranty expired and that's when everything started to need to be replaced. The breaks get replaced every 2 years. It's a well put car I would definitely go back to getting another Chevrolet in the future.

- christina F

Traverse great family car.

No problems so far I love all the room in the vehicle. I love the leather seats. The start feature the heated seats. It runs great haven't had any issues. It has a 22 gallon tank. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Nice stereo system with call Bluetooth. Nice family car.

- Brittany S

Lots of space. Love DVD headrest system and heating and cooling seats.

Issues- heated seats no longer work, sunroof leaked, transmission had to be rebuilt, . Otherwise great SUV, love all the features of a DVD player, roof rack, third row seating, captain chairs, just wish the back console would adjust forward and back. Lots of room.

- Kim H

We like our DVD player the best.

We have loved our vehicle. We have had regular wear and tear on our vehicle. We have had some problems with our radio and the lights going out. Every now and then our DVD player screen will not show up. Our tire sensor is going out. It is perfect for our family.

- Mel F

This car is very durable and spacious.

The features of the vehicle are nice on both the inside and outside. Stereo works very well, unfortunate that it is not touch screen, but is nice for a 2009. The TV is nice and a great quality for the kids. Does a great job of towing our pop-up camper as well.

- Madeline U

It's a great car when working properly. Always maintain good fluid levels and the car will run fine

My vehicle is A great size for my family I have always loved Chevy but there are a lot of issues with this car. My back window doesn't go up with the back button my cat converter and sensors are not working properly, and there are alot of electrical issues.

- Felicia F

It's a very dependable vehicle. Good for small to mid sized families to comfortably get around. Great on gas l but still has enough in the engine to get up and go.

To be honest I love this vehicle. Really the only complaints I have aren't with the car at all but with the dealership that sold me the vehicle. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone and I will be looking to purchase a new one in the future.

- Zac M

Love the car do not like engine performance.

Comfortable, performance was good until it got to over $100, 000 miles. Have had to do work. Mechanic said the engine for this vehicle is not good. Usually have problems after the 100, 000 mile mark. Like the 2nd row bucket seats with fold down 3rd row.

- Karrie M

It has great safety features such as extra airbags.

I love the way it drives and engine pick up when passing people if needed. It is comfortable and plenty of room if you put third seat down for hauling whatever needed. I dislike that it has needed a lot of work several catalytic converters and engine.

- Susan O

With the money that I have spent on vehicle repairs in the last 10 years, I could have saved and bought a brand new vehicle

I like the size of the vehicle and the fold-down seats in the back, but five years and I had to replace the entire transmission and steering system and have had multiple other issues with the car ever cents. I will never buy a traverse again .

- Johanna B

It is has a high safety rating.

I like that it seats a lot of people. I like hat it has multiple air vents for the second and third row seating. I like that there are multiple airbags for safety. It is very comfortable and roomy. I wish it were a little more fuel efficient.

- Jessica R

Well, for now, there isn't anything really new or most important about the car. Am sorry but no headlines

what I love about the traverse is that it's a 3rd-row seater but I hate the fact that it's not fuel economical. Over time I have heard people say the traverse was not built to last which was in the first a wrong choice of car for me

- olumide a

It's the total family vehicle that is amazing if you have a lot of kids.

I like how it has captain chairs in the middle row. I have 5 kids and it's so easy for them to get in and out. I like how the navigation helps when I need it. The backup camera with the lines help me back up and not hit anything.

- Ashley T

Sits family comfortable for long trips, very good on gas. Great mid-size crossover Suv for the price.

I drive a 2009 Chevy Traverse, There is 6 of us in our family 4 kids 2 adults and we are very comfortable in it, it's good on gas we go for long camping trips and other long drive places and drives smooth with a trailer.

- Lisa P

Space and storage is great.

I absolutely love my Chevy traverse! I have 3 rows and plenty of space for kids and all of the sports equipment. I have racks on top of my car for luggage when we travel. The kids have plenty of legroom in the last row.

- Shannon W

It has great features for an SUV, especially with it only being a 2009

I love the bucket seats for the second row as opposed to the full second row. I like that the third row folds flat and that they don't stick up. I dislike the the way the side view mirrors maneuver when adjusting them.

- Claire H

The Traverse is a good car as far as seating, comfort and space

My Traverse is very spacious and can hold up to seven passengers. My model has bucket seats in the middle row which I like. I don't feel like it gets very good gas mileage. It is long so it's sometimes hard to park.

- Loraine J

It is since very dependable vehicle

I love my traverse,it is big enough to haul two hockey bags or golf bags. It's great on vacation as we can take all we need with us and still have lots of room for our comfort. It's been a great vehicle.

- Tammy u

The Traverse is a nice family vehicle. It is roomy and makes a good travel vehicle for families.

I hate the fact that the transmission acted up at 80,000 miles. I like that it drives smooth;y and hasn't had many other problems, beside the transmission. I like the roominess of my vehicle.

- Lizona J

One of the features I like about this SUV is the built in TV.

This SUV is very stylish, grey in color and has 3rd row seating. It also has a built in DVD screen and player that is useful for people with large families. It runs smoothly and with ease too.

- Makeba G

Spacious, great gas mileage and comfy ride for all those long trips.

I love the room. I wish I had gotten all the upgrades on it when we bought it, light auto liftgate. It's super easy to get in and out of. Now it feels too much like a soccer mom vehicle.

- JEnnifer V

Very easy to speed in. Lol.

My Traverse is amazing!! I haven't had any problems with it. But it is easy to speed in lol. It gets great gas mileage, and easy to read when something is wrong example low tire pressure.

- Heather B

I will never drive a minivan again. After driving the Traverse.

I love the third row seats and that they are split. Roomy middle area. One of the things I want are rearview camera and screen on dashboard. I know I need to wait till I get a new truck.

- Christy F

The traverse is wonderfully dependable!

My Traverse has been a reliable vehicle for 9 years and is still going strong. It has taken our family on many road trips. It has been our go to vehicle in the snows we get in Wyoming.

- Denise K

It is a great family car, lots of room to cart around kids, dogs and other fun stuff.

I love the 3rd row seating and the fact that the back seats fold down completely flat. It has AWD and a towing package. I also like the heated seats and automatic start in the winter.

- Nikki G

It can fit so many things/people.

Like the automatic hatch and reverse camera. Love the captain passenger seats. Had to do a lot of service work since I bought it but it is just because of age. Overall I love my car.

- Kara T

This car looks great from the outside but one needs to be aware of the recalls that it may have as well as the difficulty changing brakes and the expensiveness of the tires.

I like the room inside the vehicle, the fact that it is a good traveling car. I dislike the amount of trouble I have had with the transmission and the difficulty changing the breaks.

- Denise B

2009 Chevrolet Traverse heather grey

My family loves the 3rd row seating. It is very roomy on the inside. Gets great gas mileage on the highway. The leather seats are easy to clean and has lots of room for storage.

- Desiree W

My car has been all over the United States as well as Canada.

I have a Chevy Traverse that I bought in 2009. It has been relatively reliable but has had some mechanical problems. These occurred after the warranty period which I disliked.


Very dependable car. Great for families. Holds up well.

My vehicle has served me well since buying it new. It is excellent on snow and icy roads. It is comfortable to ride in. I will purchase another one if this one ever dies.

- Shelley C

lots of space, not too big, and comfortable to drive for short or long distances

I absolutely love the traverse! It seats up to 7 people, and has lots of extra space. I comfortable fit 2 car seat in the second row and third row folds down for more space

- Danielle p

Lots of space, very comfortable, and low maintenance as long as you keep up with routine maintenance.

I love my Chevy Traverse. It's the perfect size for my family and our lifestyle. We do a lot of running around and take a lot of trips so we need lots of room and space.

- Erica H

It's big and comfortable. Seats 8, feels safe, looks good.

We bought this vehicle with 110,000 miles on it. We are always fixing it. It has 144,000 miles on it and we had to put a lot of money into it. Love the size and safety.

- Jennifer C

This vehicle is perfect vehicle for large families.

This Chevy Traverse is a decent vehicle to have. It has plenty of space. My one concern is that the air conditioning never works no matter how many times you fix it.

- John K

Great car! Great on the road or just around the city. Love it!!

Love my vehicle. It has more than enough room for us. I love that XM radio come with it. Would be nice to have Wifi. But still very nice car, and the cost is great.

- Elaine H

2009 Chevy Traverse review

i have a chevy traverse that works great. i realize that the gas mileage is not as much as i thought it had. I have had maintenance repairs that haven't been bad

- laura O

Comfort style and durability.

I enjoy the comfort. I enjoy the size. I enjoy having OnStar. This car has a high safety rating and will be looking at this model again when I trade this one in.

- Joy S

It has all the bells and whistles.

There have been a few recalls that it seems to take the dealers awhile to get them completed. We have had a couple other issues that the dealers cannot resolve.

- scott s

Its drives and runs great.

Love the smooth ride, gas mileage and dependability of this car. BUT, the seats are very uncomfortable and if you are a taller person, your head hits the roof.

- Tina D

Comfortable, reliable and nice looking.

This vehicle is comfortable. The passenger seat slides back far for a person with knee issues to get in and out of easily. It has been mechanically reliable.

- Toni W

Great gas mileage for an SUV and has adequate room in both the 2nd and 3rd rows.

I love that it has a 3rd row, however I would like if there was more cargo space with the 3rd row up. I also wish that it was an awd for the area I live in.

- Jaime W

I love the third row and the air vents in the back. I also appreciate the back-up camera. Only complaint is that the transmission recently had to be fixed

I just love all the room in the car. When we don't have other people with us, we can easily put down the back bench and there is a ton of room back there.

- Santina C

has a lot of extras like auto start

It is a good family car. But isn't good on gas. over all it is a pretty good car. Just should have a smaller car for less than 3 people to travel.

- Ronald H

It is always messing up. I would not recommend the car to anyone.

It is always something wrong with my vehicle. Every time it gets out the shop it goes right back in. I like the vehicle but, not the 2009 model.

- Kinaya t

Fits all the family (7) when we take a family trip out of town.

Fits the whole family. Good on gas, drives smooth and for camping fits all my camping gear. We use it when we travel because it is comfortable.

- Ann B

It's a nice size and has good features. It has duo dvd players in back,heated seats, different set temperature control panels.

I like the size of it. It has the third row which we need for size of family. I don't like how high it is to get up into car which is no biggie

- Jodi B

My CAR has the flexibility of a minivan but comfort of a car.

I like the cargo space. I like the ride and acceleration. I like the fact I can take 7 people with me. I don't like the 12 miles per gallon.

- Edward S

The traverse is an all around excellent vehicle, perfect for growing families.

The only issues I have with the vehicle is the dealership I bought it at was extremely lacking in the customer satisfaction side of things.

- Zac M

It has plenty of room to fit 4 kids.

I like that it runs well. I like the color. I like that it has a reverse/back up camera. I don't like that the trunk space is rather small.

- Danielle N

Fun car to drive and very large.

The car has a problem with the steering sticking when turning at a speed of 20 mph and less. It also has problems with catalytic convertor.

- Jeff F

I am most impressed with the easy access for the hatchback.

I really love the spaciousness of the vehicle. Love the features like smooth ride the control panels and the seating. It feels luxurious.

- Pamela A

The front passenger side window does not roll down.

I like that it has three rows of seats. I like that it rides smoothly. I do not like that the front passenger side window does not work.

- Dana P

It has three rows, the ac works great, and it has never been wrecked.

I like that it is big and can fit a lot of people and things. I like the color, and that it rides smoothly. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Pam M

It is very convenient and comfortable.

I love just how roomy and comfortable it is. It makes it easier to shop. A lot easier if i have multiple people and multiple bags.

- diana C

It is a very good quality vehicle.

I love the size. I like that is handles really well and rides smooth. And it is roomy. I hate that the newer models seem smaller.

- Tara M

The GPS does not go to dark when the lights are on.

Love TV XM radio GPS. Hate how hard it is to change the light bulbs love the space. Love the bucket seats love the cooled seats.

- Chris M

The performance is incredible when maintenance is kept up.

I like the feel of it, I like the interior features. It gets bad gas mileage and burns oil. Parts are expensive to replace.

- Jason B

People should know to expect repairs. Also there isn't a big price difference between the years so you might as well get as new of a vehicle as possible. Expect repairs and don't delay getting them completed.

I love the features of my SUV. It is spacious and has navigation and a DVD player for the kids. Overall it is really nice.

- Tiarra L

The price was right, and it is easy to drive.

I like the smooth ride. I do not like how many gallons it has. I like the way the vehicle looks. I don't like the price.

- Michael D

You can get headphones for the back and you can listen to music on the radio.

It has leather seats that burn in the summer. It is starting to nickel and dime me. But cannot afford to buy a new one.

- Mollie S

It is very comfortable and spacious.

My car it is very comfortable, the km per gallons of gasoline is excellent. I had problems with the mirror side system.

- Alejandra M

No loan paid cash for car.

130000 and still going strong very spacious 3 row seating comfortable seating on next purchase will probably buy again.

- Joy S

The battery is not under the hood it is under the seat.

My car has a lot off room it is 3rd row seats and plenty of room for all my kids. Its is good on gas and rides smooth.

- Monica W

It takes me places when I need it to.

I like the third rows but wish it had captain seats. I wish it had DVD player and remote start. I like the sunroof.

- Melissa L

Chevrolet Traverse is great

There have been several recalls that are a nuisance but overall I love my car and will drive it as long as I can.

- Kelley M

Very dependable will last a long time.

Like the way it drives. Like the room. Like the power and the way it drives. Like the looks of it. No complaints.

- Kathy S

It is good for families especially for travel but the quality is lacking.

I like the roominess. I dislike the quality of the vehicle. Many things have been repaired at a large expense.

- Tammy A

La marca es muy indispensable ya que para repararlos se debe encontrar con facilidad los repuestos

me gusta por que logicamente es amplio pero deberian cambiar la forma de la cojineria del cuello es muy incomodo

- Nataly T

The mileage on it; the payments & that it is a used vehicle.

I do not like: the # of miles on it, the use of gas; the color, it always has problems. I like the height of it.

- Sheila P

Great interior size and smooth ride.

Steering wheel is tight and has issues turning at slow speeds. Must have oil change on time or engine can blow.

- Jeffrey R

Handles great in the snow. It is comfortable. I love that it sits up high.

Love the awd. Handles great in all weather . I do not like that is doesn't have Bluetooth. Has bad gas mileage.

- Shannon A

While the vehicle is now gaining some age, we still love that we've been able to move along from a minivan yet still have plenty of space and storage!

Very roomy and can fit 8 people comfortably which is a great thing with kids and friends going so many places!

- Kammy K

It can fit a lot of people and It's not well quality.

It has bad gas mileage. It's a pretty big SUV. Fun to drive unlike most SUVs. Interior has some cheap plastic

- David C

The Traverse has been a very reliable automobile.

Nice handling vehicle. Good gas mileage, nice get up and go. Timing chains needed replaced was rather costly.

- Matt G

Replacing the tires is very expensive because of the size of the tires.

Like the seats and room in car. Not so happy with the gas mileage and issues with the tires that I have had.

- Kim L

It is dependable and has a lot of space for the family.

I like how many seats my car has. I like the room it provides for groceries. It looks nice and drives well.


Never buy a Chevy Traverse

Continued brake problems, The auto start never works, the tail door stops opening, and the list goes on.

- KariAnn H

One well built car, you'll be able drive this vehicle with a peace of mind

It handles and drives like a dream. It has plenty of cargo space. Overall it's one fantastic vehicle.


It uses a lot of gas in town.and.on highway. Not economical

A lot of things go wrong with it. Its roomy. I like the third row but wish there was easier access.

- Emily R

It is very dependable car and I think it has good safety rating.

It is very dependable. The driver seat lumbar bar is uncomfortable. It has pretty good gas mileage.

- Toni L

This car is a money pit and has been nothing but mechanical issues.

It has been a money pit and now we are so far in we can't get rid of it for years to come.

- Amie R

Oil Change problems, comfy seats, lots of room (enough for eight people so accommodates larger families)

easy to maneuver with backup camera, able to get out of difficult driving situations

- Emma S

High safety rated and very economical. And has more room then higher priced cars

Like the size. I like the design. I don't like the Year and mileage I have on car.

- Joy H

The middle seat belt is broken and it can poke you.

I like it because it is roomy, an i can haul lots of groceries. No complaints.

- Linda R

great ride and stylish, very comfortable for daily driver and long trips

room for the whole family. durable and long lasting. comfortable and stylish.

- bob s

It seats 8 people! It is a comfortable vehicle. It definitely needs more trunk space but I like how easily we can get around in the vehicle. It was exactly what we were looking for!

It seats 8 comfortably including adults and has rear & front air conditioning.

- Amanda K

It drives great and it feels safe

It is a base model so there are a few features I would've liked to have

- Raquel B

Great family car for large families. Tons of leg room.

Love the dual sunroofs. Love all the room. Love how it drives.

- Misty V

Bought it to be able to tow a tent trailer and have room for the family.

Quiet, roomy, comfortable. Wish it got better gas mileage.

- Steven F

The most important thing is that it's a family cat

Drives great, very roomy. It's had several recalls.

- Olga G

The one thing that others should know is that the car has a great gas mileage.

No complaints. I loved the space. And good mileage.

- Gina C

electrical problems, engine problems. Very roomy and nice but have put a lot of money into it

it is a Chevrolet with a sunroof and a moonroof!

- carolyn w