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The Chevrolet traverse SUV.

I really have not had any problems with my vehicle. It is reliable, performs well, drives great. It is very roomy. We have been on quite a few long distance trips and we are never too crammed. We have the midline version. I think it is well equipped for not being top of the line. My traverse seats 7 people comfortably. We have the captains chairs. Even when the third seat is up, there is ample enough room behind the third seat for cargo. When the third seat is folded down, there is a lot of room for luggage, moving furniture, transporting large items. It has great value for the price. If I were to buy a new car, I would buy another traverse. I like this car that much. It drives well and handles the road with ease. It has great pick up. It is not too big and not too small. Some of the features included on my model is, hands free Bluetooth phone, XM radio, onstar service and remote start. It gets good gas mileage for a mid size SUV.

- Sasha S

Rough at first problem but then it worked well. Just had to start wrong.

I had problems 6 months after buying vehicle. It needed a new engine due to a piece of metal coming loose in engine. I had a lot of problems with dealer at that time. They were not keeping me informed as to the status of the repair. They only gave me a rental for 5 days yet I was without a vehicle for 7 weeks. After that issue, I cannot complain about the car. It has had its normal wear and tear. I know have 145,000 miles. Would like to keep it for a couple more years. Only other thing that I do not like is that you cannot change headlights and some other lights yourself. You have to return to dealer and it gets expensive.

- Monty R

Traverse: great family car.

My Chevy traverse is very comfortable. It is roomy enough for 7 passengers. We have taken it on many trips and had more than enough room when packed up for my family of 4 for a week. It drives like a car. It is a smooth ride. It handles the road with ease. We have the midline model. It is well equipped for not being top of the line. Over the five years that I have owned my traverse, I have had very few problems. One of my temperature sensors failed and had to be replaced. Also, my air bag sensor had to be replaced. Besides those two problems, which were covered by the warranty, I have had no problems.

- Kim C

The 2013 Chevy traverse-go for it.

I love the traverse but there are some changes I would make. The 3rd row seating is cramped and needs another 6 inches or so of space. The headrest for the captain seats are terrible and create more neck soreness than necessary. The seats also should be more comfortable. Performance wise the traverse is 4 out 5. It can be jerky if you do not ease into a faster speed. Reliability is also a 4 out 5. It very reliable but with age the traverse starts to get more sluggish. Overall I would recommend the traverse.

- Amber G

An amazing SUV with a lot of neat features.

There are a lot of things that I love about my Traverse. I love the heated seats. I love that it has remote start for those cold winter days. The radio has a really nice sound to it. Not only can you listen to the radio and CD's. You can also listen to XM radio if you pay for the subscription. The one thing that I wish my Traverse has that it does not is the capability of me being able to play music from my cell phone or my other electronic devices. But that shouldn't deter you from buying this awesome SUV!

- Becky P

Seat warmers are really great especially during winter.

This car has many features. The seats have warmers. You are able to charge your phone in the car. It also lets you know when the tires need to be filled with air and when you are low on gas. The headlights come on automatically and shut off when you turn the car off. The car handles very well and drives very well also. I have not had any major problems with the car and any of the minor problems I could do myself like changing the wipers, replacing a fuse, putting air in the tires etc.

- Diana W

It is a great family vehicle! Plenty of room for 7 and all of our luggage.

The only problem we have had was our rear a/c needed charged and a new compressor. It tells me when I have a low tire, need an oil change; both very helpful. The DVD player is a great distraction for our 5 children! There is enough room in the back for my larger grocery runs and plenty of foot room for all of the kids. I have 2 favorite features: the heated seats and the fact that the kids can watch a movie with wireless headphones, while my husband and I listen to the radio!

- Bonny K

The stereo system is Bose. Cannot get much better for sound quality.

I have had this vehicle for two years. I love the visibility. I am a short person so being able to sit higher helps me be a safer driver. With seating for 7 it not likely I'd run out of passenger space. I usually leave the last seats down which gives me a lot of cargo space. If I were to purchase another vehicle to replace this one I would purchase another Traverse. I think it fulfills all my expectation. Has fabulous navigation options and a great Bose stereo system.

- Rebecca R

The traverse is a vehicle that lasts.

I bought this vehicle in November of 2018, so I have only had it for about 5 months. So far, this vehicle has been great for my family and I. We love all of the room it has, the advanced technology and the looks far exceeded our expectations. I love having remote start and Bluetooth available. My one single issue I have is that when first started, the vehicle is loud and smells very strong of gasoline. Other than that, I am in love!

- Jill L

While it feels like a larger vehicle, it performs like a small to midsize car. The clearance is not as high so you need to be mindful if you are not on a paved road.

I love the seating for 7 which comes in handy when family or friends are visiting. The third row and the middle two seats all fold down for hauling large items or trips to Sam's Club/Costco. The gas efficiency is good. The seats are comfortable for long trips and there is plenty of headroom for taller people. It's a really nice family car without feeling like a minivan or an overly large SUV.

- Leah S

Good value in an SUV that seats 7.

The Traverse is overall a great vehicle. It has not had too many repairs in five years but some of the trim on the vehicle seems cheaply made. The weather-strip around the windows has been repaired or replaced many times. Some of the plastic pieces have failed such as the plastic vent cover near the baseboards and the plastic tabs that hold the floor mats in place.

- Kim C

It is very dependable and good gas mileage.

I like the space and ability to make room for more people when needed. I however do not like the fact that the built-in television does not have an insert for a disc on it; it is separate. This introduces a problem because either my kids cannot watch their movie or I cannot listen to my cupcake CD. My previous vehicle (a Ford expedition) did not have this problem.

- Evan K

Spacious 8 passenger Chevy traverse.

My 2013 Chevy traverse is spacious on the inside, comfortable seating, backup camera, has 3rd row seating, fitting a total of eight passengers. Great drivability, large windows and easy to adjust all settings. It has rear control temperature and vents, along with passenger temperature control. Great for daily driving and traveling. Gas mileage is decent.

- Amy S

The LTZ trim unites luxury with the mid-size SUV. Seating for up to 7 or the room to carry large loads with the middle and rear seats laid flat. Additionally, the engine provides ample power and enough torque to haul a boat or small camper.

I like that my Chevy Traverse has a powerful V6, automatic everything, both a sunroof and a moonroof, leather seating for 7, Bose audio, DVD entertainment, heated and cooled seats, and OnStar with in-dash navigation. The metallic charcoal exterior with peanut butter leather really finish off the vehicle to be exactly what I want and everything I need.

- Joshua R

Avoid the 2013 year on Traverse it is a pile of garbage.

There are a lot of plastic interior pieces that have not held up well to wear and tear. Seat bases, armrests, many have cracked or fallen off. It is my second Traverse but I do not feel like it is held up as well as my last one. A lot of minor mechanical problems as well. Have had to have the a:c recharged twice, new heater motor, new wiper motor.

- Bianca Z

100, 000 and counting! Reliable but comfortable!

Overall, the Traverse has been great! No major performance or car issues. Rides great - not like a truck. I love all the room as well. The 3rd row seat is not super rookie, but I do not have kids so it works. I have never had to replace the breaks and it is very reliable with over 100, 000 miles on it. I plan to drive it for a long time.

- Sam M

A little tidbit about my Chevy traverse.

The computer seems to have a few minor problems. Nothing that is dangerous, but for example the defroster comes on every time I start the car, even if I haven't used it previously. Many of my passengers are impressed with how comfortable it is and all the great amenities. The two moon roofs are great for nice sunny days in California.

- Kim B

Fits entire family and tons of sports gear.

Love the ample space in this SUV for my family and our sports equipment. We need to fit a hockey bag and/or baseball bags and ball buckets frequently. We also travel up to 10 hours away for sports tournaments and it is always a comfortable ride. Especially with the built in DVD system. Plenty of outlets for phone charges too.

- Beth L

Great vehicle, family car, reliable car, great gas mileage.

Very reliable, good gas mileage. This vehicle has comfortable seating. Great family car. We have drove it long distances and it has been reliable. No major problems have happened with this vehicle. Good gas mileage. My family loves this car. We were deciding between a van and this vehicle and so happy we chose this vehicle.

- Whitney H

Overall it is a nice looking vehicle.

I love my vehicle! It has a lot of room and additional outlets for my children's electronic devices. It would be nice if it got a little bit better gas mileage. The stereo in it is awesome! We have not had any major problems other than your normal maintenance. It is very easy to clean and vacuum out from the kids messes.

- Becky B

Traverse is the way to go!

I love the third row seating that my Chevy traverse offers. I drive the ltz and I absolutely love my heated/ac seats and my sunroof. I love that my seats in the back all fold completely flat as well. The gas mileage is pretty fair for a large SUV. I recommend the Chevy traverse to anyone looking for a large SUV.

- Courtney C

Inside auto features poor. Camera for backup good. Truck great in snow.

My inside light system is not automatic but it is supposed to be. The interior dashboard light is confusing and never works right. The automatic opening trunk decides randomly if it will work or not. I love the heated seats and the back up camera and that it beeps at me if I get too close to something.

- Abigail A

Living life the way it should be lived.

I love my vehicle. Best ride I have had. Great on long trips. Handling is great easy to control. It is great for when I have my grandkid, roomy. Performance is amazing. I get terrific gas mileage, have not had any problems at all. I would recommend this vehicle to my friends, family and even strangers.

- Kay L

I love my Chevrolet Traverse.

It gives me the room I need for my family, and plenty of storage space, without being a van. The only thing I do not like about it is so many moms in my town have the same vehicle I have tried getting in the wrong one on more than one occasion. I am also not sure that I like the back up camera.

- Nicole S

Chevy Traverse is great for families.

I enjoy driving my Chevrolet Traverse because I have three children. The third row seating is a great feature, especially on long road trips. Fuel efficiency is pretty reasonable and comparable to others in it is size class. I really like the backup camera, and it handles well in bad weather.

- Amy G

This car is very comfortable and dependable. We feel safe in it, its a smooth ride.

This car is so roomy and comfortable. My two complaints are the AC ran out of freon after 5 years. We added some and it's working great now. Secondly, and this is very minor, is I'd like to move the handle in the front passenger side closer to the passenger. It's sorta useless where it's at.

- Deanna A

Love backup camera. . All in all great car.

It is very reliable. . . . Comfortable. . . Drives nice and smooth. . . Good gas mileage. . If there is a problem it is fixed right away. . Love this car. . Only one big problem and it was in the acceleration and fixed with no problems. . . Interior is very nice and love the paint color. .

- Trina B

Great family car! Plenty of room, nice comfort, adequate gas mileage.

The alternator went out two times in a year. Great room and storage space for our family of four and all the activities our fourteen year old son and ten year old daughter are in. Decent gas mileage for our travels. This vehicle has plenty of room for me... I am six feet six inches tall.

- Matthew A

The Chevy traverse is stylish and comfortable.

Considering that I purchased this car pre-owned, I expected to have more issues with it than I actually had. It receives good gas mileage and is very comfortable to ride in, even on long road trips. Without a doubt, I would definitely purchase another traverse when the need arises.

- Sara H

Smooth ride with plenty of legroom for passengers.

This vehicle drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage for a midsize SUV. However, it is short in cargo space and difficult to get a kid into the third row. There is plenty of legroom for passengers in the back rows. It has 4 blind spots but the back up camera helps significantly.

- Sarah G

Chevy traverse try one and you will buy one.

The Chevy traverse. Economical gas efficient SUV seating 7. Plenty of style that performs with reliability and comfort. Family features with award winning reviews and proven trust. A modern SUV featuring the family who drives it. I am a true witness and believer in the traverse.

- Dereck D

It served its purpose at the time of purchase, room for a 4th child.

There's 2 active recalls currently. Other than that, we have no issues. It is roomy and reliable. Gas mileage seems standard for this class of vehicle. The 3rd row of seats is a little cheap-feeling, but that is also common in this class. We probably would not buy another one.

- Amanda T

Wonderful and reliable vehicle.

I love my Chevy Traverse! I love the backup camera. There are so many great things about it! I feel very safe in this vehicle, and I have never had any problems with it. I would definitely recommend the Chevy Traverse! It is an absolutely wonderful and reliable vehicle!

- Kale C

Great looking full-size SUV.

Never had any problems with traverse, just routine maintenance. Love leather seats that warm and cool; love third row seating, which is used more often for our dogs than people; and love navigation system; love style and color. Gets decent gas mileage for large SUV.

- Beth D

Comfortable as a family car but very sporty looking.

I love the performance, it has a smooth drive, I love the features it has, such as the big screen radio, the safety features and the third row seating. This SUV is a family car but very sporty. Have not had any problems with this vehicle as long as I have owned it.

- Linda B

It is not easy to perform home maintenance on your vehicle. The set up of the engine is very complex so that you have to take it to a professional for all services.

It is a nice size vehicle for my needs and runs smooth. One thing that is a set back is that you can't change a headlight without taking off the wheel and going up through the wheel well. You have to take it in to be done professionally and at a substantial cost.

- Becky T

I am seriously in love with my Traverse!

I love my car and will probably own a Traverse from here on out. I have not had any major problems with it. It rides smooth, is very comfortable to sit in, and is roomy without feeling huge. It handles well in the snow, and the OnStar service is a huge bonus!

- Samantha O

I would buy it again. Very reliable. Great gas mileage.

16 to 18 mpg city, 18 to 23 highway mpg. Very easy to handle, winter driving is great. I wish the airbag could be shut off for the front passenger side. Drivers seat is comfortable but the others are not. 3rd row seat is only big enough for kids, not adults.

- Al C

Get the second row captain's seats

Good large vehicle for kids; the second row captain's seats make it easy for third row passengers to get to their seats. Storage space is quite limited unless you put the third row down. Gas mileage isn't great, but that is to be expected for a large SUV.

- Ash E

My vehicle is amazing and it is very comfortable.

This vehicle is very amazing is very comfortable and it provides a nice smooth ride. I love this vehicle and it is my daily driver and also amazing on road trips. This vehicle is worth it to me your get your bang for your buck it is worth every penny.

- Lalo L

It is well connected and designed with ultimate safety and connectivity in mind.

It is the perfect all around way to travel by road. The Traverse has just enough room and comfort to not be a 'boat'. It is sitting in your favorite family room chair or sofa while you drive or wait. A communication and navigation center on wheels.

- Mel B

Very roomy and comfortable for all aspects of life

I love the room that the traverse has. It's big enough for 8 people and can still Hold storage in the back. I have not had any performance problems since I have owned it for 2 years. It's Smooth driving and love that all the seats fold down flat.

- Jen P

My vehicle has three rows with captain chairs in the middle.

I have not had any problems with my traverse. It runs great and has a third row with lots of space to haul passengers. It does not have a ton of trunk space when the third row is up but has tons of space to haul things when the third row is down.

- Rebecca M

Great gas mileage. Lots of space. Comfortable seating.

Chevy traverse is awesome for a family car. Love the space inside. We have bucket seats in the middle row making it easy to get children in and out of the vehicle. We love our Chevy traverse. Great gas mileage. Great for driving family vacations.

- Whitney H

Its is durable and comfortable. Three row seating with lots of room!!

I have had this car for well over 5 years. No issues with it!! I love the car with the proper care it should last another 5 years. It has well over one hundred and fifty thousand miles. Replaced brakes, tires, shocks and the oil religiously.

- Walter B

I like that my car has three rows of seating and then additional trunk space it is also super easy to put the back row of seats down for additional cargo space.

I love my car I coach sports teams and I have plenty of space for all equipment and extra kids. It is spacious and comfortable and it has a very smooth ride. It is costly to fill it up with gas but I think it is worth it for the comfort.


It's great for a grandma who loves to tote her grandkids around to do fun things!

I love my vehicle for the space, storage, seating, ride and more. What I don't like are the gremlins. You know, all the little quirky things it does on its own that can't be replicated by the dealer so that they can fix it. Uggghhhh.

- Donna H

I have never had mechanical problems.

I love my Chevy Traverse. It has room for my bulky car seats and on big trips we still have a lot of room for luggage or groceries and other goodies! There's enough legroom for my husband and we love the double moonroof/ sunroof!!

- Kenzi S

Seats are extremely comfortable and has a lot of nice features.

I bought a 2013 Chevy traverse about a month ago, it is fully loaded, leather seats with heated and ac in the seats, back up camera, dual temperature control. I absolutely love it, seats are very comfortable and rides comfortably.

- Jennifer R

Great family car! Lots of room for everyone and everything you need to haul!

I love that it sits so much higher than a car. I love the heated and cooled seats along with the heated steering wheel. Two of the best features are the blind side alerts I get on my rear view mirrors along with the backup camera.

- Rachel L

Spacious and reliable. All around complete vehicle

I love my Chevy traverse. It is an 7 passenger vehicle and has enough room to comfortably seat 7 also provides enough space for all your shopping needs. It had been a very reliable vehicle as i drive 30 one way to work everyday

- Jennifer M

That it is functionality supersedes most.

Very functional and spacious. Great for kids with lots of options for seating and storage. I don't love the outer appearance since it looks like a Minivan. Chrome strips on the side of vehicle come of vary easily.

- Gina A

That is a reliable car and very good on mileage.

I dislike how it drives in the snow. I dislike having this vehicle in bad winters weather. I do not like that several things already needed fixed in the vehicle when it is not that old. I like how spacious it is.

- Tammy K

Safe with many safety features

Like the size and the amount of cargo space. The ride is smooth and comfortable for an all wheel drive vehicle. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. The gas mileage could be improved.

- William H

Great size for family of five. Easy to load things into back. Great stereo.

I like that my family fits easily in it. I like the entertainment system. Gas mileage is all right although I wish my vehicle had better gas mileage. It gets around really well in the winter in the Midwest.

- Lisa L

It's the bestest! It gets good gas mileage and you can fit all your stuff in the back.

I love everything about it. I love the leather seats, center console, dashboard and the sunroof. My only gripe is the headrest. It is a little farther forward than I like. It's inconvenient for my hair.

- Tina B

It is able to meet all of our demands during sports' Seasons with transporting girls and equipment

Love all the space vehicle has. There is plenty of room for all our stuff and for transporting for sports. I don't like how it handles when turning corners or on super bumpy surfaces. It's very shaky

- Jennifer C

The Traverse is spacious & fun to drive. It has a sleek exterior & it is full of options for fun and functionality (from tire pressure to avg speed it informs you of what is going on with your car).

Love the space - room for 8! Very reliable car & rides smoothly. It also has lots of entertainment options. I dislike that I only get 19-20 miles per gallon. I feel like I have to get gas very often.

- Jen M

Engine light and half power.

I really like the car when I first purchased it but after 3 years I started having engine problems. The check engine light kept coming on and when it did the car would go into half power mode.

- Kim F

Great SUV, reasonably priced.

I think it's a sharp looking SUV. The inside doesn't have as much cargo area as we'd prefer. It drives well, even on ice & snow covered roads. Mileage isn't great, but not terrible either.

- Stephanie H

Traverse Ltz with so much room inside

My truck is small suv with third row seating. It's all drive roomy for a big family with kids. Leather seats with cool and heat seating. Remote start. This is the perfect suv for a family

- Nikki M

The safety rating are very good. It is super roomy even in the third row.

I love that my car has three rows and plenty of room for our growing family. Very spacious and sleek. Do not like that it does not have individual heating/cooling for driver and passenger

- Maggie B

Filling up the tank will not cost as much as other cars.

It's a Chevy SUV, and all the modern technology it has and the backup camera. The xm satellite radio. It is a gas saver. And also it is very roomy and comfortable when we travel far.

- Lily G

This car is very difficult to park in many places.

I like the cargo and passenger space but it makes the vehicle very big. It is hard to park. I like the rearview camera but I depend on it too much. I can't see out the back at all

- Nicole C

It is so versatile, and fits easily our family of six.

I love that it drives like a solid truck, but feels very much like a car inside. It really is the best of both driving experiences. I often wish it had just a little more storage.

- Susan C

Rear cam and third row seats

I love the space it has. Third row seats that drop down are great for packing. Rear view camera helps backing up and getting into parking spaces because of the proximity warning.

- Beverly S

The 2013 Traverse is a very comfortable vehicle, both to ride in and to drive.

It handles well and is dependable. However, I find it has slightly less legroom for driver than I'd like. Also, the backup camera placed in the rearview mirror is inadequate.

- Ted S

heated & air conditioned seats

moderately spacious, very smooth ride w/comfortable seats that are heated & air conditioned, good gas mileage, can carry 6 average adults comfortably or 6 children + 1 adult

- Martha H

That it is reliable and great for a family to use. There is plenty of space and room for luggage.

I love that it's a comfortable smooth ride. It has a few bells and whistles,but not a ton. What would make it better is if it had a navigation system integrated into it.

- Holly S

It's just like driving a minivan.

I like the style of the vehicle. It looks classy. Its comfortable to drive. I like the back up camera feature and I like how the my Chevrolet app connects to my vehicle.

- Sasha B

Has reverse camera, drives pretty smooth.

Drives like a boat, pretty good car with the reverse camera, and screen, would be better if it had Bluetooth but does have the feature to answer phones call from car.

- Savanna L

Good, Reliable Chevy Vehicle.

A reliable car with only regular maintenance so far. No major repairs. Comfortable for long trip. Carries a lot of cargo. Third row of seats is a major advantage.

- William V

A smooth, fun to drive SUV.

The amount of passenger space is superb. It rides very smooth with decent mileage considering it an SUV. It lacks cargo room and enough seats with the latch system.

- Sarah G

It is easy to drive, reliable and easy to fill and fit lots of passengers.

my vehicle is simple, reliable and comfortable to drive. Its an SUV that fits 7 comfortably and is also big enough to haul things. It gets around in snow well.

- stephanie J

Great for families to go on big and small vacations!

Haven't had any problems! It pulls out pop up camper with no problem. We've taken it on long and short trips with comfort and space for all 5 of us.


It is a safe and reliable vehicle that not only drives well but is good on gas for a vehicle that size.

I love that it has plenty of space with all the seats able to lay flat. It seats 8 people which is also great. It is reliable and drives smoothly.

- Tracy B

This vehicle drives safely.

I like how much space is in this vehicle. It is great when you have kids and equipment to tote around. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Loretta P

The Traverse is very comfortable and spacious for a family.

This is a great vehicle for a busy family. Comfortable, with lots of room. The third row seat come on handy, but folds down for lots of cargo.

- Shannon G

Runs great, no fancy details but has amazing storage space.

My Traverse is great. No performance problems, no new features but reliability is fantastic. Smaller than an SUV but with enough storage room.

- liv t

The Chevrolet Traverse is a luxury, spacious SUV that all enjoy.

The Chevy Traverse is a very spacious SUV. I love the comfort and smooth drive of this car. It has decent gas mileage and is always reliable.

- Alec A

lots of room in the third seating even for tall people to sit back there and still has room to load stuff into the back

runs well in any weather. great all wheel drive. computer has went out a few times. everything else runs great. lots of room in the back.

- Melissa w

It's a great car!! Go get one.

It's great for holding a lot of people. Drives nice. I like to sit up high while driving. The negative is there isn't much storage.

- Clayton X

It was a good car while it lasted. Not made out for the long haul.

Very good car to start with. After having it for 5 years we started having issues overall with the transmission and air conditioning.

- Patty J

I Love all of the features. Not much storage. Hard to get kids in and out of.

Traverse looks nice but is not user friendly Id you have Kids. Hard to get them in and out, at least until they are out of car seats.

- Wendy H

the trunk space is not very big if you are using all rows and want to store stuff

We really like how it handles when we are driving. We also like the space that it provides for our family. we like how it operates

- Steve S

The car doesn't get very good gas mileage.

It has had to many recalls. The car sets to low to the ground after driving a Tahoe. I have had issues with the transmission also.

- Mary M

It's a good value for the cost.

It's very dependable, has had no breakdowns or needed repairs. It's very roomy and comfortable. It has a extra-large cargo area.


You feel every bump in the road.

I like the room it has for kids and sports equipment but it feels like a truck in regards to the lack of smoothness of the drive.

- Kim Y

Very reliable and very spacious

Drives great. I have had no problems with it. Very reliable . Iv never had to put it in the shop. It's so roomy and comfortable.

- Chasidy A

It drives nice for a larger SUV.

I love that it has plenty of room for my family. Do not like that it does not have individual heating/cooling for each side.

- Maggie B

Great price - Great Ride!!

I love the color dark gray and the sporty look of the inside. It has all the seating I need to haul kids around. Love it!

- Lisa M

It's very versatile and great for big families. It's also reliable—no problems at all since we've had it.

It's roomy, comfortable, and practical. We put the seats down and haul everything from groceries to furniture in the back.

- Jessica W

The Chevy Traverse is a larger SUV that can accommodate my children and family comfortably. The traverse has three rows and seats 7 passengers. The Traverse also is AWD making it a breeze to drive in New England whether.

Others should know its safety features that include surrounding air bags and of course AWD for safety driving in the snow.

- Candace S

There is so much room! I love that I have a third row but I mostly lay it down for extra storage.

I love that it has a lot of room. I love that it is dependable. I don't like that it is older but I would buy another one.

- Honey M

trusted reliable and so economical

great survey opportunity very helpful and gives a lot of good informations.,so reliable and can depend on every single day

- jheng d

It is extensive safety features.

I like the roominess. I like the safety features. I like the overall look of the vehicle. I dislike the monthly payment.

- Tina O

Chevy Traverse brief review

My vehicle's performance is amazing. It's really comfortable and the features such as mx radio is great for road trips

- Destiny B

It is a very smooth ride. Does get good gas mileage when traveling.

It is a Very smooth ride. Big enough for the entire family. Dislike that it does not have bluetooth for phone usage.

- Erin H

It has a ton of seating, or you can put the last row down and have a ton of storage

I love the look of the suv. It's also big enough for our family of 5. And I've always had good luck with Chevy cars.

- Julie L

It is a great car and easy to maintenance. It is a great vehicle for large families. It is great for family vacations.

I like that it is big. I like that is holds 7 people. I like that it is loaded. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- phill d

Works well for family of 5.

Terrible on gas mileage, both city and freeway, otherwise a great car and with care it will be with us a while.

- Robin N

It has a five star safety rating.

I have no complaints. It is a comfortable car. Roomy for a family. Easy to travel in for long and short trips.

- Kay C

It is multifunction and has a good track record for safety

I really like the room inside. It has towing capacity, so I can haul a little. I disliked the gas mileage most

- Justin B

Awesome car. . . . Reliable.

Great car. Gas mileage great. Comfortable. Reliable. No problems. Good winter car and mountain driving. Nice.

- Trina B

It makes me feel comfortable.

I like the roominess the most. It accommodates my family, especially for road trips. I dislike how it shifts.

- Stephanie M

The third row seating fold easily to allow lots of cargo room.

There is ample cargo room. Seats are easy to fold up/down to access the third row. The interior is spacey.


It rides very comfortably, you don't hear much road noise.

I like how roomy it is. It can fit the whole family comfortably. I don't like that it looks like a minivan.

- Heather B

I love the OnStar feature for safety purpose, navigation and extra phone service. It's a good vehicle for a family. Drives well and smooth.

I like the body and style of my vehicle. I love the interior (color and leather). The room is also a plus.

- Adrien J

It has all wheel drive which makes it safer.

I like the size and how it handles. I like the seating and all wheel drive. I do not like the body style.

- Heather M

I love my Chevy traverse.

It is very comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. The one minor problem I've had with it is airbag light.

- Wayne S

Very comfortable and drives great. Lots of great qualities.

The air conditioner needs to be recharged a couple times a summer. Otherwise it has been a wonderful car.

- Jennifer A

It seats 7 people. It gets decent gas mileage and I love my heated seats.

I like that it is big. It holds my whole family. It's great for vacations. It looks stylish and sleek.

- erin d

Quiet, easy ride with great gas mileage. plenty of space.

i like the ride as it is very smooth & quiet. i can get around nearly anywhere with the all wheel drive.

- Gina H

Go easy on speed bumps and volume.

I love my Traverse. I wish it had better speakers, bluetooth, and wifi. Also, better shocks and struts.

- Amber C

It can fit a good amount of people.

It is spacious. It can fit my whole family. The trunk space could be better. The seat warmers are good.

- Anna E

It's a safe vehicle and has everything a family would ever need

I love the space - for people and for cargo. We can tow with it and use it for anything we'd ever need

- Julie K

Comfort and modern chevy. Great purchase

Nice, drives well, good on gas, comfortable, and modern. Recommended to a friend. Good for traveling.

- Jamie M

My vehicle drives smoothly. It has a lot of room in it. I can see good out of it.

The one most important thing with my vehicle is it is a very safe and efficient vehicle on the road.

- Robin S

Good Car, minor issues, would buy again

Great car, love the space. It has had some minor issues, and the extra warranty was worth the price

- Anne w

It is one of the largest cars out there as far as cargo room.

This vehicle is great. Has a lot of legroom and storage for anything. It seats 8 people comfortably.

- Scott C

The teal trim is amazing.

This suv offers extra features without the added cost. It seat 8 and still have room in the trunk.

- Brianne F

family and kid-friendly affordable vehicle for the long haul

the color and design fits my style, the back seat is a little hard to access but easy for the kids

- Morgan C

There's enough space to fit 7 people which is a good size family car

There's lots of space. The navigation system is really good. Gets me from point A to point B

- Daivon W

My vehicle is a great family car. It fits up to 7 people, however I wish it came with sliding automatic doors like a minivan. But I'm glad it is an AWD car. So far it is very dependable.

My car is very spacious. I love how it fits so many people and things but is sporty as well.

- Britt S

I love the room in the Traverse. It is a larger SUV with a smooth ride. I have not had any major issues with my car. I was in an accident and was rear ended and the TRaverse took the hit very well. Both of my children were in the vehicle and none of us were hurt.

The Traverse is a safe vehicle and practical. I was rear ended and it took the hit very well


It has onstar and satellite radio anti break bluetooth

Love this vehicle great sound system back up camera smooth ride good ac great room


Lots of space to move people and their belongings!

It is very big. It is good for transporting kids and gear but it is hard to park

- Nicole C

Great car if want something good on. Plenty of room for small family. But does seem to have some transmission problems with it.

It is easy on gas. But has transmission issues. Not big enough for what I need.

- Heidi M

It runs very well and has nice features. It seats 8 people and has 3 rows.

I love the features it has. I do not like my payment. I like that it seats 8.

- Jamie B

Reliable and comfortable and lots of seating

Love the seating, ride and comfort. Only dislike is could be better on gas

- Craig W

It's the same size as a Tahoe but with a 30,000 less price tag.

I like the space and how comfortable it is. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Peter P

It's for taller people or atleast longer legs

I am short. The car isn't. My husband traded off my Mercedes Benz

- MaryAnn C

My traverse is roomy and comfortable for my family of 5. For a larger SUV it gets good gas mileage and maintenance is minimal.

The traverse is a great value and a very reliable vehicle.

- Kate W

My Traverse has a third row, which is great for additional seating. The middle row is a 40/60 bench. I would not recommend this. It is very difficult for my children or even myself to slide the seats back and forth to get to the third row. I would recommend bucket seats in the middle row.

My Traverse is very roomy and easy to handle on the road.

- Lisa B

3 rows and its convenience all 3 of my kids are able to get in and out of the car comfortably

I HATE the rails on the floor seats do not slide properly

- Christina V

Very spacey and gets great fuel mileage! Rides nicely!

This vehicle rides nicely and gets good fuel mileage.

- Daniel R

Good size for family, not to bad on gas, and I like the look of the car. Not really any complaints.

Comfortable for driving on trips or just around town

- Judy P

Easy to drive, roomy 3rd row. Very expensive to purchase when I added all the options i wanted

Roomy third row without it being a huge vehicle!!!

- Kimberly H

There are three rows of seats.

I love all of the space and compact size.

- Brookel M

We are happy with our vehicle choice and would buy again.

- Katie L