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Amazingly reliable, comfortable and I love driving the traverse. .

The traverse is extremely comfortable, easy to use and understand the features on the dashboard. Heated seats are a must for me know since I have had them on the traverse. It drives extremely smooth. The Bose speakers are awesome. I would say the only issue I had with the traverse was for 2 consecutive summers my air conditioner went out. It was a Freon issue. However, the dealership was fantastic and fixed it both times quickly and free of charge. They were also proactive in adding dye to it the first time just in case it wasn't completely fixed. The dye allowed them the following summer to find the hairline fracture that was causing the issue and they missed the first time.

- Holly S

The Transitional 2014 Chevy Traverse

If you desire a vehicle that holds up to eight passengers and offers better fuel economy and a more comfortable ride than a traditional SUV, the 2014 Traverse the best. Agreeable ride quality, generous cargo capacity, seating for up to eight. Offering the roominess of a traditional SUV but with car-like handling and better fuel economy. The Traverse can seat up to eight and drinks less gasoline than a traditional SUV. The Traverse has twin USB ports for 2nd-row passengers to charge up electronic devices. Plus, forward-collision alert and lane-departure warning are among its safety features. The Traverse also features the MyLink infotainment system and front-center airbag.

- Alexis H

Very reliable vehicle which will last for a long time with proper maintenance.

I love the car for its reliability. This is the no-frills, basic model and it serves me well. My biggest issue is accessing the third row and the seat slides. The seat does not fully move forward in the middle row so as to create enough clearance to get into the 3rd row easily. The sliding mechanism in the floor for the seats are these large, gaping slide rails that create this gaping cavern in the floor which catch every piece of food and small items that fall to the floor of the car. After three years my slide rail mechanism for the state are so filled with junk that call down there and I was not able to remove with my fingers or a vacuum cleaner.

- Shannon B

The sleek and stylish Chevy Traverse.

I love my Traverse. I haven't had any issues with it. The vehicle drives and rides great is very roomy. I have lots of cargo space. I have third row seating which allows me to transport seven people. I guess my only complaint would be that it's a little complicated to figure out how to raise the second row of seats to get to the third row but once you do it a few times it's no problem. I don't get great gas mileage but it's what you expect with a medium size SUV. The Traverse handles excellent in the snow and rain. I have pulled small campers with it and it's handled excellent. The SUV looks good as well very stylish.

- Tanya R

The right stuff for me; a car I can depend on.

The Traverse is the right size car for me; not too big and not too small. The gas mileage is okay for the vehicle size. It is comfortable to sit in for long distance traveling. I like the ease of steering and the turning ratio is very good. It has good safety features to prevent accidents such as it alerts you if it detects you are going too fast and close to the vehicle in front of you. The GPS could be better designed. I sometimes find a better route using my Maps app on my phone instead. The acceleration of the car onto the highway is a bit rough sometimes where the engine races pretty loud as it changes gears.

- Nancy Z

Big family car but too big

The traverse is wide and barely fits in parking spots. There are quite a few blind spots. I'm short and my husband is above average in height and he too has problems with the blind spots. The car has always hesitated on switching gears. Mechanic has never found anything wrong with it. The doors open wide. It isn't convenient when you are trying to get kids out of car seats and you barely have room. The car is so wide. I'm considering a minivan for my next car because I'm so sick of the car doors. The car is wide but there is more room in the middle seat in my other SUV.

- Lauren D

It's great on gas and it has a lot of room. I can fit so many people in my car including multiple car seats. It only takes around $40 to fill my car up depending on the price of gas. Much cheaper than my husband's truck.

My car is really nice. I haven't had very many mechanical problems with this car. I like the 3 row seating. I like the way the dash is set up. I like how efficient it is on gas. I don't like the security system. Sometimes it goes crazy if you don't lock or unlock the car a certain way making it lock the whole car down and it won't even start. Then I have to play detective on how to shut the security off so I can drive my kids to school. Of the mechanical problems I have had they have all been sensor issues. It seems like all the sensors go out quickly.

- Stacy G

The traverse can seat up to 8 people and still have room for shopping bags and a cooler for drinks.

I love my traverse because it has room for my entire family along with our finds at thrift stores. I like the versatility and the number of outlets for electronics. The only dislike I have are the crevices where pens, pencils, coins, and snacks fall in where the tracks for the seats to slide. I wish there were a better way to close those up to keep out debris. My traverse rides smooth and everyone is comfortable. I have a family of 5 as well as my mom and grandma who ride frequently. Several road trips have been taken in my traverse.

- Judy C

One of the best cars I have ever owned.

Well when I first received the vehicle I did have problems with the alternator, and also balancing issues, breaks issues, I have got the car running perfectly fine, no other issues, beautiful ride, powerful engine, extremely well-made, I love driving this car, would recommend it to my friends and family if they were looking for a new car, reliable, comfortable, powerful, especially love the cruise control on extremely long drives, comfortable, beautiful.

- Jose J

Driving in comfort, the Chevy traverse.

I have really enjoyed driving my traverse. I love the space I have. The only issue I have experienced is it being difficult to get into the 3rd row. As far as performance, I love the way it feels like driving a car and not a huge SUV. It does not ever feel like it is going to rollover or quit on me. It is very comfortable to drive. My car does not have all the available features but the ones it does have I really enjoy.

- Amy D

My vehicle is sporty yet family friendly.

I knock on wood have had no issues or concerns with my traverse. It is big enough for my family and to carry luggage when we travel. The gas mileage is fantastic in city or highway. It is comfortable and does not have a lot of blind spots. Fits comfortably in all parking spaces and is just overall a wonderful vehicle. I will continue to purchase the traverse till I no longer have a need for a vehicle of that size.

- Heather L

Roomy and spacious mom car

I love how spacious my Traverse is. It has bucket seats in the front and second row and then a full third row which allows for seating 7. I know this is strange to like in a vehicle but it has great storage. There's a middle console, a good sized glove box, plenty of cup holders, and room in the back even when the back seats are up. The only complaint I have is that the seats aren't very comfy to travel in.

- Alexis H

The built in hands free & on star.

I love my Traverse, it is a smooth ride with seating up to 8. The 2nd & 3rd row seats fold flat & not sloped like some other vehicles. There is plenty of storage room & leg room. The back up camera is very helpful. I really like being able to link my cellphone to it for hands free, on the steering wheel there are controls for your radio, cruise control along with a button to access your phone & on star.

- Sandra M

The Chevy Traverse, Great family vehicle!

I love my car. The features are perfect for my family. Its has convenient remote starting, 7 person seating, seat warmers, and hands free radio and phone calling and speaking options. I have a decent size trunk. Seating is comfortable. Digital mileage and alerts. Conveniently placed cup holders and outlets for charging. It has given me mo problems so far. I want the newer version as soon as possible.

- Michelle L

Great vehicle that has many surprises in store for new owners.

Really comfortable ride. Not too big like a Tahoe but not as small as a sedan. Has 3 rows for sitting or you can convert the last row into cargo space. With or without the 3rd row it has a great amount of cargo space. Gets great gas mileage and controls at your fingertip to let you know oil life, tire pressure and other important information. Only wish the backup camera/screen was a little clearer.

- Carol K

The good and the bad of 2014 traverse.

I have had an issue with airbag connections coming loose under front seats, and discovered this is not under warranty. Also wish second row seats recline more for comfort. But there is plenty of room in both second and third row seating. Wish the buttons for trip/driver information control were actual buttons, they are very sensitive to heat and reset constantly without have been touched.

- Leanne Z

I love my car the space and ride are the best

This car is very roomie. I love the size even though it is 3 rows it still has a lot of space. The downfall is the fact that it will not connect to my cell phone not sure of it is because I do not have a iPhone or Samsung. I have an LG and the Bluetooth will not pair with my car. We took it on a trip with are 3 kids had plenty of room for them and all of our stuff that we needed to take.

- Terra C

8 seat vehicle still good on gas

I like that it's not as bad on gas as the bigger SUVs. It doesn't take as much to fill up. Still have the room (seat wise) of a larger SUV. But all in all, I can't wait till I'm done paying for it because the space inside is kind of tight. Nothing is automatic. Can't bluetooth stream music, can only bluetooth calls which is weird. There's a long list of little things.

- Robert S

Wonderful riding and driving in the traverse.

I absolutely love this vehicle. Other than tires costing a fortune, it's absolutely wonderful! It drives smooth. It is nearly soundproof from outside noises and this is so helpful if you have a little one trying to sleep. The stereo and speaker system is great! I have noticed since the leaves have gotten on the trees that the radio stations are not picking up as good.

- Barker B

This SUV is perfect for your family.

This vehicle is luxury while also perfect for your family. We have a family of five. There is so much space the back seat lays down for groceries. It is great for long trips. There is plenty of room for our family and a set of grandparents to ride along as well. It is a smooth ride and drive quiet. Easy maintenance. Ours has black leather interior and it is beautiful.

- Cassie C

I love that the traverse has a mini van set up, without being a minivan.

I love that there are 3 rows and that it seats 7 people. The back row of seats can lay down to make for more trunk room, as the trunk is fairly small as it is. I do wish it got better gas mileage, but for being as large as it is, it is probably not so bad. I like the dashboard set up but wish it showed your speed digitally instead of just the normal speedometer dial.

- Sarah G

Perfect for large families.

I absolutely love my traverse. I have 5 young children and it makes traveling so much easier and more comfortable! I have had my vehicle for 3 years now and I have not had any issues with the motor! It is very spacious, so I can have all of my children with me and still fit a months worth of groceries for a family of 7 in the back! Best vehicle purchase I have made!

- Crystal H

The best vehicle for growing families!

This car is perfect for my family of 5. The third row provides the space needed so we don't feel cramped. We bring our dogs and kids to the park without feeling stuffed and we've driven long distances without being uncomfortable. The back still provides enough room for extras. I haven't had any issues with the performance of this vehicle. Perfect family vehicle.

- Alyssa K

Great family vehicle that has 9 passenger seating.

I love that it is very roomy. It also has a lot of cup holders and charging outlets. I like the rear-view camera as well. The seats lay down. The buttons to change the radio and stuff like that are kind of hard to do though and that I do not like.That. I love all the controls on the steering wheel and back passengers can also set their own. Temperatures.

- Rebecca F

Spacious but, a gas hog!!

I love how spacious my Traverse is. I love that the seats fold down and I can fit all my groceries in it. I even was able to fit a twin sized mattress in the back with not problems. I do have a problem with the check engine light coming on and off but, nothing is wrong other then I am low on fuel. I do use a lot of gas and wish it got better gas mileage.

- Amber L

All around family friendly vehicle.

I love the roominess of my traverse. There is seating for my large family and room for the dog and luggage. All of my family is out of state and we visit frequently. This vehicle suits our needs to be able to travel together in one car. There are also plenty of charging ports throughout the vehicle to keep the kids devices charged for long trips.

- Tom K

Traverse four wheel drive

I love that I have a sunroof and a moonroof, I love that my middle row are bucket seats as it makes it more convenient to buckle and unbuckled my children, I love my backup camera, OnStar, the only thing I dislike is that the passenger seat is not electrical and only moves forward and backwards. My vehicle is roomy and has a tow package.

- Ashley J

Traverse is a great safe car.

My traverse is a great size. I feel it is very safe. I was rear ended with the girl doing 45 mph and the car kept me very safe. I like the height. The way it drives is fabulous. The only things that I really do not like is that the back row does not have great leg room for men and the storage (trunk) space is not that great.

- Denise F

I would give my Chevy traverse an at.

I absolutely love my Chevy traverse! I have 5 kids and they all fit in there so comfortably. It's not super big and bulky, it is the perfect size. It has a back up camera which is my favorite. It helps out so much. I haven't had any issues at all with my traverse. The only thing I would like better is a newer Chevy traverse:).

- Lindsay S

Comfort and style in a great family car.

Great design. Extremely comfortable with many amenities. Reliable performance and smooth ride. Running boards a must. Nav screen is a little hard to see when it is sunny. Otherwise, no problems or issues. Power mirrors and sunroof add to style. Ac and heat quick responding. Split controls ensure all passengers are comfortable.

- Cynthia B

A very comfortable riding reliable vehicle to have and drive.

I love my vehicle is very reliable & performs drives great and is a very comfortable smooth ride has the technology & safety features to have for today’s time. The only thing I do not like is they are not a big space to load much in back hatch unless you fold seat down and make room other than that a very great vehicle.

- Jeff D

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it has a/c vent all through the vehicle not just on the front dash.

What I like the most about my car is that it has enough space to fit my children and then a few other people if necessary. I also like that my car had the remote start so I can start it from inside to cool it off on hot days. I dislike the fact that I don't have more trunk room without having to put down my back seat.

- Dawne S

Great for a small family car.

My vehicle was already owned once we bought it about two and half years ago. It works just great for our family. Lots of room in the back for kids. The Bluetooth sometimes has trouble and is weird switching to other devices. In the summer we noticed a lot of humming from the front and got it checked out and fixed.

- Maggie B

The luxury of owning a Chevrolet Traverse Leather interior with woodgrain trim!

Bought the vehicle in march it's been great no problems at all runs great! Six seater was a must for our fam, made our first family getaway without a hassle. Leather interior with bucket seats for second row as well as slide up seats to access the back a huge plus was the bucket seats recline a notch love it!!

- Nora G

Be prepared to fill up twice a week for around $60. 00.

Honestly, a one time it was probably a great car, but I bought it preowned. The temp switch for the backseat gets scalding hot for no reason and I guess someone put an aftermarket radio in it that messed up the entire electrical system. I have zero traction control. And it drinks gas like it is freaking water.

- Andy M

A great SUV for growing families.

I love the features on my car. I did get just the basic model. It is not very fancy, but it has all that I need. I would love there to be bucket seats in the second row, which my model does not have. I love the third row and all the space it has! The performance is great, I have not had any issues with it.

- Andrea H

It has heated & cooled seats which make it comfortable in the summer/winter mos.

The safety features (lane assistance, closeness warning, blind spot) are incredible and it has plenty of room for my family on long trips. It has been reliable for the past year and has an abundance of features like a sun roof, DVD player, and automatic mirrors that make it a fantastic vehicle to own.

- Kris D

It handles well in the winter and has enough room for all of my dogs.

I like that it has enough space for all of my dogs. I like how it handles and that it's four wheel drive so I can get up my hill during the winter. I wouldn't say it's a dislike per se, but I wish it got better gas mileage. I don't really have any complaints it's a solid vehicle and gets the job done.

- Matt B

Third row seating! Fold down for maximum carrying of larger items!

My vehicles name is Toby. Toby has been reliable since we have owned him. The only issues I have had was the air conditioning and wheel bearings. Toby is a third row seater and I have teenage boys it's nice to have that third row. I use Sirius XM. I can say the gas mileage could be a little better.

- Tina W

I love the chevy traverse!

I love the chevy traverse! It's very comfortable to ride in and drive. I have the third row seating which I love the space. I have even rode in the back to see and it's still comfortable with a lot of room. My vehicle has been very reliable and I haven't even convinced other family to buy as well/

- Laeken C

All around family vehicle.

I enjoy the look of my vehicle it is modern and also fits my family’s need whether it is football practice or a family outing we enjoy our traverse, it is fuel mileage is great I love the space I enjoy the features like back up camera and Audio in the back for the kids the DVD player is a. Plus.

- Claudia B

Red color. Seats 7 (mid row bucket seats). Spacious cargo.

I find it very spacious and reliable. I have not had problems. It seats 7, which is perfect for my family. I find the lt has just the right amount of space. I also love the features including sunroof, DVD player and roof racks. I find the adjustable seats very comfortable and my family enjoys it.

- Haley S

Good car for those with large families.

It is a nice car. The gas mileage isn't great, but it is an 8 passenger car. Pick up is slow and I wish it had an automatic hatch back door. The door is heavy. It fits all of my kids and their friends comfortably. It is somewhat difficult to maneuver the second row seat to get to the third row.

- Kim W

Roomy, comfortable, reliable

Extremely comfortable. Very spacious. My Traverse has been very reliable, I have never had any mechanical problems. It is also good on gas mileage. The back up camera is very helpful. I also love onstar and XM radio. There is enough room for my family with 2 car seats for my Grandchildren.

- Dana H

Traverse- Yikes! Don't waste your money

The vehicle seems to be cheaply made. The interior seats are uncomfortable, when a rear window is down, the front seat windows must be down as well or you'll experience a severe pressure noise. The headlights burn out fast, tires wore out at 35k. The plastic hatch light broke within 10k miles.

- Rick H

You can haul a lot of stuff or people in it.

We bought it for our bicycles. It is large enough to easily hold both bicycles when the second and third seat are folded down. It is large enough to take up to eight people on trips with our family. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. It does not get as good gas mileage as I would like.

- Marjorie B

My 2014 Traverse is an amazing red with silver door handles. My red robin.

Right now, my biggest problem with the Traverse is the amount of gas usage within the city. It does a lot better on interstate. I love the space it provides. My last two siblings and I love to attend football games and tailgate. We're retired and like to spend as much time as we can together.

- Rosalie C

Traverse: just a all around great car

I really enjoy the comfort of the seats throughout the car . It's very spacious so even tall people fit well. The backup camera is great. Very clear picture. I love all the hidden compartments also. Would recommend this to any size family big or small. Stylish and comfortable don't come much

- Monica D

Dependable vehicles. Very comfortable on long drive, seats lay down to load item.

The Chevy traverse is an dependable vehicle. I have plenty of room when we go on long trips and room for my granddaughter to sleep. The traverse has plenty of leg room and gets great gas mileage. I love that the seats lay back when we get tired and need to rest. I absolutely love my vehicle.

- Lori B

SUV with plenty of room! Seats fold down in the back for additional room when needed. Great gas mileage for a SUV! Rides smooth!

I love the amount of room the chevy traverse provides, which is what sold me on the car in the first place. It rides really smooth and is great for long car rides! I've had a few problems with it but I do have close to 100,000 miles on it. I get fairly decent gas mileage. Overall great suv!

- Shannon R

It is a really good car overall and you should buy it.

It does not help with the uses I mainly need it for but it can fit a lot of other stuff. It is great to have kids in the back because of the t. V. That distract them so they don't talk to you. The seats are really comfortable and warming. It runs good on the road and the engine is perfect.

- Aaron G

Great car, smooth ride reasonable gas mileage

I love the size and comfort of my car. The only negative thing would be the noise the brake pedal makes which is a known defect of the car. No issues at all overall. The three rows allow me to take both of my dogs on the road with plenty of room. They love the windows down and radio on.

- Julianne M

Sleek, comfortable, good gas mileage, plenty of space

This was my first SUV which I purchased after I had my child and needed the room for groceries and the stroller. It has been a great addition to our family and it is great in the winter. And I don't have to stuff boxes or anything in the back the third row lays down and it is perfect!

- Britney B

Great car great for the family with good fuel mileage.

This traverse has been a great car haven't had any problems with the car. This car gets great fuel mileage and room is great for our family. I only wish it was 4 wheel drive because I live on dirt roads. I do wish I had leather seats. I do like that I have a bench seat in the middle.

- Cindy B

The warming systems under the seats.

The only problems we have is with backup sensors and back seat USB port keeps going bad. This vehicle is very reliable and comfortable. Rides smooth and rides great. It has a great stereo sound in both front and back. The suspension and shocks ride great. For a SUV I cannot complain.

- Matthew D

I just highlighted my answer in the previous comments.

My Traverse is just a wonderful riding vehicle. It is roomy to carry huge items as well as groceries. The seats fold down to make the extra storage. It is just a great vehicle. It is great on gas mileage and provides a smooth ride. Will definitely look at buying another Traverse.

- Sharon B

Comfort for the whole family.

The third row works great for my family of 6. The bucket seats in the middle make access to the back row super easy, even for my taller teenagers. I love the ability to customize the seat settings and save for different drivers, at the click of a button the seat resets automatically.

- Angela A

The large amount of interior space is super important.

I love the amount of cargo space, safety ratings, how comfortable it is. I love the look of it on the interior and exterior, as well as the color. I love how easy it is to drive. I love the captain's chairs in the 2nd row. I love the features.... My only dislike is the gas mileage..

- Amanda C

The pros and cons of a Traverse.

Love the space and third row seating. Decent-ish gas mileage. But the ac went out within the first year of owning it and now the steering wheel shakes. Not sure if that is a problem with every Traverse. Also, I feel like the transmission shifts pretty hard as well which is annoying.

- Lindsey D

Thing I like and do not like about my traverse.

I love the room the 3rd row seat, I do not like that the brakes do not stop as fast as a Ford, drives really good, smooth ride, not too big, one thing I do not like is if you make a really sharp turn it sounds like the front tires scrub a little, the Bluetooth works really great.

- Shirley H

Chevrolet traverse: great for travel.

Problems: gears slip when going uphill . Performance: good overall . Reliability: no problems experienced, travel long trips. Comfort: highly recommendable, comfortable seats, plenty of leg space in front/middle/back. Features: DVD player/headphones, touch screen, backup camera.

- Amy G

My vehicle is very comfortable riding vehicle for the whole family.

My vehicle is a very comfortable riding vehicle for family and it has good performance and is reliable to go wherever you want it and I love it the only thing I wished it could have more room in back to carry stuff but other than that it is a great vehicle I recommend to anyone.

- Jeff B

Three rows of space for a big family!

I love my Traverse! It holds my family of six in style. I love the bucket seats so that the kids can climb in the back with enough room. We always get an extended warranty so when problems arrive it does not cost us a fortune. My only complaint is the trunk space. It is sparse.

- Melissa J

Overall the traverse is dependable.

I enjoy the traverse because of its roomy size and 3rd row seating. It provides somewhat of a smooth ride. However, I have had some issues with the engine control module and it surfaced through the stabilitrak and traction control light which took them sometime to figure out.

- Barbara S

Engine power reduced service stabilitrak.

I had an issue with the sensor in my gas pedal the sensor issue caused my car to suddenly reduce power and would flash warning light saying engine power reduced and service stabilitrak car would also start to stutter. I had the gas pedal replaced and have had no issues since.

- Becky R

Silver Chevy transverse with third row seat.

The cars buttons rub off the words and symbols after touching multiple times, very comfortable and reliable vehicle in general and gets good gas mileage. The third seat is helpful for having multiple kids to have space in the vehicle. Great everyday vehicle to take to work.

- Misty M

Love my Traverse. Highly recommend.

Very roomy and comfortable. Can easily fit 8 with the 3 rows. Does not feel like I am driving a big vehicle. The back row folds down to make more storage in the back. I always drove a 4 door sedan, but I would not go back after driving my Traverse. I absolutely love my car.

- Cindy L

Dependable family vehicle.

The traverse is a very dependable car. It safely carries my family of five with room for more. No problems at all. Starts and runs great every time. I would buy this SUV again if given a second chance and definitely plan on buying another in the future. Very dependable car!

- Jennifer L

Good for our family and dogs

Really like my traverse. It has a very gentle ride and tons of space. We have two kids and two large dogs and there is enough room for the six of us to travel comfortably with all of our stuff. Kids love being able to adjust the temperature from the backseat in the radio.

- Amanda V

2014 Chevy Traverse with Iridescent Pearl Tricoat

Issue with radio/speakers as a result of improper windshield replacement. After replacement, a leak developed and short-circuited the sound system in the car, resulting in no audio from the radio or other car functions (turn signal, internal alarm for seatbelt, etc...).

- Madison M

Perfect size, comfortable, easy drive.

My Traverse is the perfect size. With only one auto and no truck, I can haul many different things that would not fit in a regular auto. Easy to drive and very comfortable. Second row of seats fold down for more cargo area. Ac can be adjusted for each passenger comfort.

- Chris R

Family SUV. A very comfortable dependable family SUV.

Took about 5000 miles before it got decent gas mileage. So much room and lights very comfortable drive. It is hard to park in a straight parking spot for me I always leave the back in the next spot. Easy to handle radio heat air volume and phone. Very good SUV for us.

- Deborah S

Great family car for a big family.

My car is a really big SUV and it helps when you have a big family. It has three rows of seats and it allows me to drop the rows to fit more stuff in. So far I have not had any issues with the SUV and it has been really reliable. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Eg G

Comfort ride for the whole family.

It's an amazing SUV. Rearview camera, dual climate control, and seating for eight. Commutes me and my family of six comfortably without me looking like a soccer mom lol. I have had no performance issues as of yet. The spacious interior makes every trip a pleasure.

- Sean S

The rear backing alert saved a life for me as I was backing up.

The Chevy Traverse is a comfortable SUV.The vehicle handles very well in all situations. The major car components have withstood a lot in the past 5 Yrs.The leather seats are heated and very supportive of my neck and back regions. The Sirius RADIO SYSTEM IS GREAT.

- David K

Great vehicle to road trips with family!

Very comfortable, good gas mileage. Smooth ride, great on long trips, extremely roomy, always plenty of room to hall things when going up north! Plenty of room to take family and or friends with on road trips. Flip down seats are a real plus nice large flat area

- Carol L

Great, comfortable, fun SUV.

Very reliable and fun vehicle. Seats are comfortable, gas mileage is about what you would expect for a large SUV, lots of storage space. Heated and ventilated seats and heated steering wheel are great. Very roomy and great for large shopping trips or road trips.

- Kay J

Chevy Traverse Space is great. Get a warranty

Love having second row captains chairs. Lots of trunk space with the third row down. Check Chevy reviews for problems with service stabilitrak and loss of power while driving. I love my Traverse it had problems recently. Will trade it in before warranty is up.

- Ashley H

It has plenty of room and space in it.

I like the third row seating and the amount of space it has. I also like that it gets decent gas mileage. I dislike working on it and having to replace parts because of how everything is situated under the hood. The engine in sideways is difficult to work on.

- Leah E

Great family vehicle at a decent price.

It is a very reliable car. The car is spacious for family and cargo. It has comfortable seating for long drives. Wide view on backup camera. I have had a handful of issues with my car but everything has been covered. Chevrolet takes care of their consumers.

- Katie V

Great car, love it. Must buy.

I love how it drives, seats are comfortable. Great in snow. So no real issues. Do not what else to say. Except I really like it. Color is nice. I will not anything but a general motors product. You are making this really hard to come up with anything else.

- Terry S

It is a great car but what they sell as a third row it is not a great feature (hard to access)

It is a great car therefore what they sell as a third row is very disappointing. You barely can reach the third row, it is hard to move the seats on the second row. We also noticed that our model year had some issues that were not covered by the warranty.

- Tatiana A

Fun to drive, and a lot of safety features.

There are no problems, and is fun to drive, easy to get in and out, have child seat, very easy to install, taken on long trips and is very enjoyable and is comfortable and safe, has seven airbags, three rows of seats and enough room for plenty of luggage.

- Lin C

Amazing car with great features

Great Performance, reliable, cloth seats, spacious, seats 8 people. Can adjust the volume of the speakers from the front and back. Treble and bass adjustable. Air conditioning and heater are adjustable from both the front and the back. Overall great car.

- Alexis D

The comfort is the best. Lots of legroom even for your passengers in the back.

I just love my car! I have leather heated seats, remote start, a great audio Bose speaker system and it is very comfortable. I have no problem piling in friends and ever was able to move a 60” TV from one home to another by just dropping the backseat!

- Krystal G

Overall is a comfortable car

I wish it was bigger inside. Other than that it's a very comfortable car. Features are nice. Transmission shifts a little funny. I love that my kids can watch a movie for long trips. I wish the back seats were a little more comfortable in the third row.

- Elaine C

Great gas mileage without paying high price.

I like how many rows it has. I like how great it is on gas mileage. I don't like that it's not a little more spacious and the seats are kind of hard, not too comfortable, need more cushion for sure. Not enough space between row two and the front seats.

- Jasmine M

Family friendly, roomy, comfortable, up to date.

I have not had any problems yet with my vehicle. I love how roomy and comfortable it is. Drives very smoothly. I love the bucket seats in the 2nd row. I love the back up sensor and the rear camera. Sound system is premium. Love everything about it!

- Mary S

The warning signal when come close to an object backing up.

Runs great. The only issue has been having to replace the turn signal on both sides several times. It is low in cost and has modern features. Love my seat warmers. I also like that it has Bluetooth. Itv has an OnStar feature too but I don't use it.

- Valerie D

Very spacious. My vehicle fits 7 people comfortably.

I love the space it has. Even with the back seats up, there is still plenty of trunk space. There is also tons of storage space in the front. I like how the captain chairs in the second row can fold down or go up against the front seats.

- Jolene M

That it is a great vehicle, all around. Comfortable, safe, reliable.

I absolutely love how much space my vehicle has on the inside. Also love the seats that fold down so I can carry lots of stuff in the back. Also love that it can carry 8 passengers. That comes in handy with 3 kids and lots of friends.

- Tiffani B

Amazing safety features, especially during a accident.

Its amazing in the winter. The safety features are great. Bluetooth for hands free, driving. I don't like that when it his 40 miles until empty it says low, range, this does, not, help, when you're 10 miles away from a gas station.

- Lace A

That it is very dependable.

The only issue I have had is that for some reason it gets out of alignment easily. So we have had to replace the front tires more than once. But I love my vehicle. Enough room for my kids and their teammates, plus very reliable.

- Cara W

It is family friendly and it can fit a large dog kennel in the back.

I love the fact that the traverse is large enough for my family of five. It can also get through the snow and good for traveling with family. It is the best car I have ever bought it fulfills every need in my busy schedule.

- Jenna H

It is not a performance SUV. Take it slow but you will get there in comfort.

No problems with the vehicle. On performance it does lack hp. It is a heavy vehicle so it is a little slow at getting into traffic. It is a very smooth comfortable ride for all 7 passengers, even if they are all adults.

- Bradley B

Has been very dependable.

It is the perfect size. With only one automobile, and not a truck to haul things, my traverse allows me to haul many different kinds and sizes of items. It is not too big and not too small, very comfortable and stylish.

- Chris R

The most important thing I think people should know is that is provides enough space for a large family and has the safety you are looking for.

I like that it has three rows and is able to fit 8 people. I enjoy that it has a backup camera and a decent amount of trunk space even when the 3rd row is up. What I don't like is the amount of space between the seats.

- Lindsey B

Being safe and comfortable are most important.

We enjoy the spaciousness, the comfort fitted the seating and ride, the safety of being protected in the event of an accident and the appearance. N of course the price with the rebates offered were also attractive.

- Victoria H

The traverse is a great family vehicle that is comfortable with plenty of room.

The one thing I dislike the most is the bad gas mileage, but I understand that it comes with a vehicle of that size. I love it because it is very comfortable and easy to drive. I love the command-of-the-road feel.

- Kim R

Three rows of seating and storage

I like that it is a truck based SUV where I can tow and haul, but still had 3 rows of seating and storage room to fit my large family of large boys. It's been wonderful not needing to drive a minivan to get that.

- Kay M

It is one of the most reliable and dependable vehicles we have ever owned.

The vehicle I own is extremely dependable. I know it will start no matter how cold it is outside. All the features are easy to manage and use. The seating easily accommodates six grandchildren on long excursions.

- Bet A

It has enough room for four car seats, but there is not enough room to buckle in the fifth seat.

I like the additional seating in the third row. I do not like the console between the driver/passenger seats, as there is not enough storage. I also do not prefer to have the video players, but it was included.

- M M

That it seats eight people.

I like that it has the rear camera. It also has a sunroof that I love. I never had that before. I also like that I can connect my cell phone to the car. I wish I could have gotten a different color but it is ok.

- Sue K

Very dependable, safe, and comfortable. Has many features for the price.

No problems with any Chevy we have ever owned including this one, the rearview camera is a great feature. Only things it has needed in the 16 months we have owned it is oil changes and an air filter changed.

- Megan N

It can fit 8 people and still have room for their stuff while having all wheel drive, which is something most minivans don't have.

I like the three row seating. I like the cargo space behind the third row. Also, having all wheel drive and the ability to tow a small camper was the selling point. I wish it had sliding doors though.

- Christine H

It is powerful, reliably capable, and good to have if you live in the mountains.

It gets up hills and mountains without straining. It has power and convenient attributes like cell phone charger. It needs more room, though. And the battery is not under the hood where it should be.

- Susan D

It is fabulous except for trunk space.

I like the navigation, leather seats, heated seats, bucket seats and third row. My next car will be a minivan because we have four children. The traverse does not have enough trunk space or storage.

- Melissa J

Lots of room. Great gas mileage.

, this vehicle was purchased for it comfort and room. Gas mileage is very good for this size SUV, it gets 20 mpg. Also, back seat folds down for extra room, and you can add an additional third seat.

- Mark A

So much space and seating for the whole family. And everything they need to bring for the ride.

I love that there is space for everyone in the family. Also it gets great gas mileage. Not to mention it has space for more than just people but all their backpacks and such. No complaints really.

- Mystelynn P

It is very roomy and is loaded.

I love that it is roomy. It drives very well and has all the accessories that I wanted. It is uncomfortable with the huge center console because I am overweight. I do not like how bumpy it rides.

- Jennifer H

It is a crossover and has seating for 8. It does not have sliding doors like a minivan.

I dislike that it is not as wide as a minivan and does not have as much storage. I also dislike the rails the seats slide on because there is no good way to keep things from falling into them.

- Mindy R

It has been great for a family vehicle for a family of four.

My biggest complaint would be the lack of trunk space while the 3rd row seating is being used. It's great space for all passengers other than that. The rear air conditioning could be improved.

- Sara O

My vehicle is very expensive and not worth the money.

My car was brand new when I bought it. After 2 days of having it the complete fuel system went out in my car. I like the car. However, nothing but trouble since I got it with electrical issue.

- Rebecca S

It is a great vehicle that has proven to be reliable for a family of 5.

I like that the car is spacious and easily fits our entire family. It has good power and maneuvers easily through snow and other weather conditions. I also like how it looks and the controls.

- Teresa C

It is very spacious! It is so roomy and feels like driving a car.

I love the room and the amount of storage. Seating is never a problem. I also like the design. I wish my car had captain seats to make it easier to get in the back. That is my only complaint.

- Amy M

It has the space of a full size SUV with the appeal of a midsize

I love the amount of space. I like that the rear seats all fold down. I like that the front and middle seats all move forward/backward for space adjustment. I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Kayla M

Easy Access makes a vehicle better

It is a 7 passenger vehicle with captain seats in the second row making the back row easy access where anyone can get back there easily. it drives very smoothly. Seats are very comfortable.

- Amy S

I love my traverse. Three-row seating is the primary reason I bought it. I can fit 8 people in there (especially children) with ease. If I could complain about one thing, it would be how the seats in the middle row move. They are a bit heavy and hard for children to get in and out of the back row without assistance.

One of the most important things I would tell someone about my Chevy Traverse is that it is a large vehicle and the fuel economy is not the best for someone that does a lot of city driving.

- Kerri W

The car handles great in any weather.

The car sits up high. The car seats eight and is roomy. Love the way it handles. The car color is nice and radio sounds great. The gas mileage is decent. The features for my family needs.

- Angela T

Nice riding Family Vehicle.

Great family vehicle. The kids can get in and out and buckle by themselves. (Ages 6,5,3) Enough room for the dog to come along and still put groceries in the back. Also, good gas mileage!

- Becca W

We love our Chevy Traverse

The only major issue we have with our car is that the second row A/C doesn't appear to be working. Aside from that one issue, the car has been absolutely fantastic. We love our Traverse.

- Kayleigh J

Love the third seat - more kids fit in the back. Great Mom vehicle

Design flaw - can not roll back windows down on the highway the car shimmy-shakes and makes your ears feel weird. And the back tail gate is always dirty even after the car is washed.

- Kirsten R

Great family vehicle! If you have a smaller family, you can keep the 3rd row folded down for more space. Perfect for traveling. Great gas mileage!

I love my traverse! It's a perfect size for my family, and it gets great gas mileage. It has good space, however I wish the under floor storage in the back was deeper like a minivan.

- Julie J

Ultimate Family or Travel Vehicle

Attractive exterior, smooth ride, roomy and attractive interior. Only drawback is that the car is somewhat large and at times a challenge to park between the lines. No other issues.

- Maria G

Reliable vehicle that drives great despite large size

Seems very reliable, no major problems at all. Connects to iPhone and works well with it. Cruise control is excellent. Seats fold down completely. Gas mileage is subpar around 15.

- Ryan K

The Traverse has a great engine and can get to speed quickly.

I do not like that it is lower to the ground than the Tahoe I used to drive. And I do not like the silver trim on the interior because it reflects the sun at certain times of day.

- maria h

It comfortably fits my large family of 7; including 5 kids ages 8 years to 5 months.

I love the room, we have 7 family members. Our kids ages range from 8 years to 5 months. The car seats fit well they have plenty of space. I love how well it drives, very smooth.

- Andrea K

Very roomy, not only 3 rows of seating it also has a large cargo area.

Like that it has 3 rows of seating. Like that it has AWD. Dislike that I had to put a lot of money into it for repair, considering that it's not very old...brakes and calipers.

- Nan Z

It has pass lights on the mirror so you know that someone is in your blind spot.

I love the modern conveniences like the back up camera and the cell phone hookup. I dislike that some of the things are so complicated to figure out even with the instructions.

- Anna H

I wouldn't go for it again it's just ok...

It's an ok car wouldn't go for it again. I don't like the audio system when you call someone it doesn't show on the display screen and it's annoying and doesn't work so well.

- Shaine R

The most important thing would be the comfort and smoothness of the ride in this vehicle.

My Chevy Traverse is very comfortable and great on gas. If I were to change one thing it would be that it has more room in the basic when all passenger seats are being used.

- Tara L

It is exactly the car that I want with all the features that make it my car.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. I love all of its features, and I enjoy driving it, especially on the lovely fall days that are soon coming. It is just a great car.

- Judy T

it's an extremely convenient vehicle when you have 2+ children that need safety seats

i love the size of it. i love that we can fit all 3 of our childrens car seats in the 2nd row. i dislike the position of the headrests, i find that they get in the way.

- jennifer l

trunk space is really good

the suv looks nice and has great trunk space. you can put down 2 or just 1 of the seats in the back, they lay flat so you have nice space. only thing is, it's expensive.

- krystal v

There is plenty of space for a family of 6 to go on rides (but maybe not long vacations with lots of luggage)

I like everything except my steering wheel only has a forward button for scanning the radio and not a back button. It makes it difficult to navigate the radio at times.

- diana b

There's room for my family and our bags and supplies for any adventure we want to take.

I love that there is room for bags, grocery ect even when the third row is up. I love that my kids can control their own temperature. I wish the gas mileage was better.

- Laura B

It is very versatile. Great for families but also a bit sportier than a van.

I do daycare so it is wonderful that I gave 6 seats in the back. All seats can be folded down for the weekends when we travel and need to fill the back with supplies.

- Elena M

Drives smoothly, it is decent in size.

I do not like that it is cloth seats. I do not like that it is small in space. I do not like that the middle row seats are hard to move forward to use the back row.

- Raquel V

Very spacious, definitely get it if you have. A big family.

Love that it is very spacious, very good as a family car. After you get gas it take about 2-3 tries to get it running again. Other than that it is a very good car.

- Jade R

How dependable and reliable my car is.

I like how it drive and handle on the road. I do not like the second row bucket seats they are uncomfortable, because of where they placed the seat belt fastener.

- Vicki P

Regular upkeep and maintenance and you should be good to go.

I like all the extra space for cargo and people. I like sitting up in the SUV. I like the all wheel drive feature. Very good for the winters we have around here.

- Rachel G

It is the first vehicle that I own and for the most part, it is excellent.

The vehicle is amazing, but the touch screen interface is a bit confusing, the cord for the audio jack does not work, and some of the window buttons do not work.

- Chima I

I will never get rid of my Chevy Traverse!

I absolutely love my Chevy Traverse. For not being a full-size SUV, there is a lot of space. The front seats recline very far, nice for road trips. Great on gas.

- Karlie M

What I like about my vehicle

I like the back up camera on my vehicle. My vehicle is also pretty comfortable and my children think it's comfortable too. I also have plenty of storage room.

- candyce m

It has a security system that is very loud and that it has a tracker on it.

I love everything about my car. Only issue I have is that it does not have a warranty any more. Sometimes things go wrong and I have to pay out of pocket but.

- Sheri-lyn S

PERFECT SIZE car for the GROWING family! Seats 6 or 7 comfortably.

The Traverse is a perfect size for our family of six. Everyone has leg and head room,even those of us that are tall. It handles great and gets good mileage,

- Phil J

My car is reliable, and has been very good to us. We take care of it, and it has given us know issues.

I like the roominess of my Traverse. There is plenty of room for lots of people and their belongings. It is decent on gas mileage for the size of the car.

- Heather M

Chevy Traverse A+ in my book!

Drives great in the winter and easy to handle. I am able to fit all of my kids and the car and still have room for equipment. I love the rear view camera.

- Misty G

It is a large SUV, although it doesn't feel like it when driving.

I love the size and the third row. It's roomy enough that adults can comfortably fit in the third row. I do wish it had more storage space in the back.

- Sarah C

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It has been very reliable.It is a little big, but it is spacious for our family of 5. It is very useful for moving large objects or carrying luggage.

- Teresa i

Spacious and comfortable for the whole crew

I like my vehicle because it is roomy and can fit the whole family comfortably. It drives smoothly and handles well. It is a good reliable family car.

- Ell F

Great family car for a great price!

The comfort and size of the vehicle are great! We love the two bench seats and the ability to fold down two thirds of the back bench for more storage.

- Melinda B

It's my mom mobile. It has enough room for all my family plus lots of suitcases for travel.

I love the amount of space it has. We have an 8 passenger for our 6 person family and there is tons of space still. The back up camera is awesome too.

- Samantha W

No spare tire or donut. No jack.

I like how roomy it is; I like the versatility of uses; the mileage is great, super comfortable to drive or to ride in as a passenger. No complaints.

- Beth S

It is a tank of a car that helps with families.

I like the size the car since it has three rows. I have two kids and it allows me to carry a lot of stuff. The gas mileage is not that bad as well.

- ervey g

A lot of space for all our special Olympics athletes and equipment.

Great vehicle with lots of space for people as well as carrying lots of groceries or equipment. It is good gas mileage, better is only going 60 mph.

- Dixie T

Drives well and smooth. Does. It have Bluetooth for music.

Have had issues with the ac several times. Also the airbag panel on the driver side has broken twice. The car drives well. Very comfy and roomy.

- Patricia F

Most importantly this car lasts a long time. It behaves well in the snow.

Love the roomy interior, heated seats, and towing capacity. Do not like the reliability. I have had a lot of mechanical issues in the last year.

- Jennifer L

Car of my dreams, it rides so nice and handles as well as it rides.

This is the finest car that I have ever owned. The AWD feature is incredible and the mileage that goes along with it. It is a must try try car.

- Gary W

Seats 8 but the back seat is not easily accessible or comfortable for adults.

Only complaint is my model does not have power seats and the USB port is in an odd spot. I love the roominess and the way the vehicle drives.

- Danielle S

It is very reliable in bad weather.

It handles well in rain and snow. I have a heated steering wheel. It is the perfect size for us when traveling. Nothing I dislike about it.

- Jennifer W

Family oriented and reliable

It is a very family oriented car. Reliable but after having for about 3 years, problems start occurring which requires financial fixes.

- DeJuana S

Drives great gas mileage.

I like the ride, the way it drives and the looks of the vehicle. I do not like the gas mileage and the vehicle goes through tires often.

- Mike A

Perfect for families with a life!

Very smooth ride. Plenty of room for kids, groceries, pets, luggage, etc. Experienced no issues and continues to hold up wear and tear.

- Brooke S

I love my car because it is the perfect "mom" car. It has third row seating so the whole family plus some can ride with us. It is also a SUV so I do feel a little bit safer when driving it.

That it has extra safety features in it like side airbags, extra hooks for car seats, the back hook for the strap in the back as well.

- crystal f

That is it is mine and I do not let other people drive it.

Its is very roomy. And has a lot of storage space.It handles great. I am not sure of the gas mileage and the pick up is very good....

- Mark W

The traverse drives very smooth.

I really like the luxury of my traverse. It drives very smoothly. The trunk space is not big enough. But other than that, I love it.

- Luna S

Great for large families, love the storage space if you lay the seats down

Perfect family vehicle! Very comfortable and easy to drive. The option to lay the back seats down makes it easy to stow large items.

- Debbie S

Does not get great in city gas mileage.

I love this car. Its comfortable in any seat for my kids as well as other adults. Also love the seat warming and cooling elements.

- Brand N

It is very safe and easy to drive.

Nice and large able to fit my whole family. It gives me good mileage on the highway. It is also. Very durable and low maintenance.

- Stephanie M

Entertainment package with remote and headphones.

I love my vehicle. I have the performance package which keeps the kids happy on long trips. There is plenty of room for my family.

- Chris N

Good family car with ample room to take all your stuff

Good amount of room inside, easy to use entertainment system, dislike no included navigation and shift into 2nd is rough sometimes

- Kyle L

My car is a nice family car and has plenty of room. Including stowaway seats.

My vehicle is a 2014 Chevrolet Traverse. I think it is mostly reliable. It is a 6 cylinder car. I have added many features to it.

- Marisol P

It was the best car I have purchase for my family. Just has everything we need

It has a big interior. Lots of cargo space. Gets ok gas mileage for the size and is very comfortable to ride in long distances.

- Larry P

It is reliable and gets you where you need to go.

Wish it had better mpg. Wish it had tvs. Would like a different color. Love the room & the flexibility of the seating & storage.

- Maria B

It can hold a lot of people, but doesn't feel too big when it's being driven.

It's hard to get the 2nd row seats to move up. The rear cargo space is small. THe weather stripping on the doors is coming off.

- Ann P

love my roomy Chevy great

cannot stick anything to interior at all. love the room. would like more place in front to put things . 24 miles to the gallon

- Frances W

It is very safe yet stylish. It has a lot of room for our family

It has been a great vehicle for us. We needed one with great cargo space. Unfortunately it does not provide great gas mileage.

- Aaron B

The most important thing people should know is changing rear lights requires a visit to the dealer.

I like the rear camera most of all. I like the captain's chairs and third row seating. My biggest complaint is the trunk size.

- Juliana H

Very reliable and comfortable.

I love how smooth my traverse drives. It seats 8 comfortably and is not too big to fit in the garage. Gas mileage is amazing.

- Megan S

It turns on a dime and drives like a car. It is easy to get in and out of the back seats and the third row is very comfortable on long trips.

I love that it drives like a car but has enough room for my family of 6. I wouldn't change a thing. I am in love with my car

- jennifer d

it is a very comfortable and spacious car

My car is a chevrolet traverse of the year 2014 has a good performance in general but tends to overheat the engine sometimes

- Arnold H

It is a work horse, also dependable and comfortable.

Easy to get in and very easy to drive. Has lots of things to do to get things to work. I do not know of anything I dislike.

- Diana H

It handles like an SUV but feels safe.

No trouble so far. I enjoy driving it. Very spacious. Does not turn as sharp as I would like. Enjoy the 3rd road seating.

- Brandy H

It isn't as good with gas mileage as we thought it would be.

I don't really have any complaints. It has been a pretty good car except for losing the alternator early on in owning it.

- Alison H

It's good daily driver with decent gas mileage for a car if it's size

Nice size. Rides nice. Just don't like the transmission, been questionable since day 1. Would revisit a newer year model

- Mike C

It is one of the safest vehicles out on the road today.

I like a easy it is to drive. Love the backup cameras. I like how much room it has without being to big for me to drive.

- Amy T

It is HUGE inside. It is able to carry many kids

I like the size and the number of children it holds. I know that it is safe and is protective. I dislike the gas mileage

- Heather B

It is roomy and looks sleek. Good pickup and comfy.

It has plenty of cargo space. I like the sleek style. It has good acceleration and pick up when needed. Rides very nice

- Rich M

Chevy Traverse is a reliable vehicle worth of the price

I like the color. I do not like the strips that the seats move back and forth in. The price was good for the quality.

- Catherine H

2014 Chevy traverse personal review.

No complaints. Very roomy with nice options for my family. 3rd row is wonderful especially when traveling with pets.

- Robyn S

Drives great with lots of space for all your stuff.

Third row seating is great. Lots of room. Good audio system. Could use more charging outlets for phones and such

- Kelly E

It is a very nice, comfortable car suitable for medium families.

It is very comfortable. It has a lot of cargo space. However it does not get as good of gas mileage as we had hoped

- Stephanie B

We love our Chevy Traverse!!

This vehicle is fantastic. Plenty of room, good fuel economy, drives like a dream. Very reliable, low maintenance.

- Brian A

Has a lot of space inside.

Love the Traverse. Great gas mileage. Runs very smooth. Great family car with lost of room. All around great car.

- Crystal W

The car is great on gas, you get great mileage in this car.

It seats 8 people, it's a perfect for my family size, it good on gas, I love the ride, I just really love my car.

- Tammy V

Not much room for the passengers on 3rd seating. Not much room for movement.

I really love the all wheel drive. The large cargo space comes in handy. The fuel mpg could use some improvement.

- George F

I think that people should know that the Chevy traverse seats 7 people.

I love that my vehicle seats 7. Its big enough for the entire family. I dislike the lack of large hidden storage.

- Amanda F

Captain chairs are better than the middle bench seat.

Like the blue tooth, like the cupholders, storage, third row seats. Also like the captain chairs. No complaints.

- Ashley M

It has plenty of room for my family. It also has plenty of room for our sports equipment, chairs, etc.

I don't like the blind spots and I wish I could use my phone navigation through the USB. Everything else I like

- Ann M

It has back row seating that folds down.

Good family car. There is plenty of room. It gets good gas mileage. It looks nice. It has a good backup camera.

- Brent F

Great family vehicle for kids and their stuff!!!!!

Love my vehicle! Perfect for 3 kids and all of our stuff! I have t had any problems with it in almost 4 years.

- Sarah W

Chevrolet traverse is a good car.

It's a good car, gets me where I need and is good on gas. Have had it for a while now and hardly any problems.

- Austin W

This is great family vehicle

Very comfortable with no major issues. The traverse drives smoothly and holds a lot with the third seat down!

- Jennifer H

You'll love the Traverse on the road

Nice car for a family of five. Gets decent gas mileage on the road. Have gone from TX to FL with no problems.

- Jose A

Chevy Traverse is a great SUV

No problems, but vinyl on steering wheel has peeled in only four years. Other than that I love this vehicle

- Jennifer C

It has good torque and handling. The ride is quiet and smooth.

I like the room inside the vehicle. It gives a nice solid smooth ride. Downfall is the gas mileage for awd.

- Brent S

Emergency brake is in the console.

I like everything about it. The only thing I do not like is where the battery is and the cost of the tires.

- Amy D

It is big and holds 8 people.

I love my traverse. It seats 8. The floor mats are a little hard to keep down when pushing the seats up.

- Annette H

Truck with the layout of a van, not as roomie.

It has the same layout as a mini van. It just isn't as roomy as we imagined it to be. I wanted the Acadia.

- Farrah L

comfort and reliability of the chevrolet traverse.

It is very reliable transportation for local and long distance driving. It is comfortable and economical.

- elizabeth L

My review on my 2014 Chevy traverse

Comfortable and good size SUV for family. Wish it would have better turn and seats were easier to adjust.

- Heather W

My car has excellent safety ratings. I especially like the Onstar feature for added safety.

It is very reliable. It has a lot of room. It drives great. There isn't anything that I dislike about it.

- Cori D

The traverse is roomy and reliable. Gets great gas mileage as well.

Love my traverse. Plenty of room. Drives great. Good gas mileage. Plan on keeping it for a long time.

- Vanessa M

I love it, I am on my second one in the last few years.

I love that it is not huge but has so much room on the inside. It is very comfortable, and drives great.

- Leah B

It is a great SUV for the price with quality to match.

I love the option for back bucket seats. Love the look. Hate that the USB cord is on top of the dash.

- Penny M

Love the third row option.

I love the option of the third row in the back or the ability to lay them down for extra storage room.

- Amanda A

Great gas mileage, drives smooth and very comfortable seats.

I love the way my vehicle rides. Very comfortable seats. I love the three row seat option. Very roomy.

- Linda K

A lot of space to move around and for big family.

It's a good vehicle with a lot of space for big family. Not a lot of auto problem, does eat gas quick.

- cassandra r

Great gas mileage. Powerful enough to tow a 18 ft boat.

Seat control plastic housing is not durable. Very fragile. 3rd row is not meant for adults. Not roomy.

- Justin L

It is a reliable car and has a great ride. It fits 7 people comfortable and it doesn't break the bank.

I love how spacious it is. I do wish it got better gas mileage. But it is great for long road trips.

- Me T

Just love it. It runs great .

It is very nice seats so lots of room. Good on gas . I really like it. Wish it came in other colors.

- Carla W

It has great space and rides nicely.

I like the size, the color and the features. The new ones re too big. It is safe and rides nicely.

- Adam A

It has a smooth ride and handles well on the freeway.

I Like the way it drives. The size fits my family good. I like the different features that it has.

- Cheryl G

It's never to be and people like it also.

It's all new to me so it's hard to say anything wrong at this point. I only had it for 2 months

- Rusd A

That it gets right thru the snow in bad winter weather.

We love the size of the vehicle. We love the all wheel drive and get right thru the snow.

- sarah n

The ride is very smooth and we feel safe in the traverse

I love the smooth ride. How the car handles. The only thing I dislike is it is a gas hog

- Diane M

It is big enough for my three kids and all of their crap.

My vehicle is a 2014 Chevy Traverse. It has three rows of seats. I have three kids.

- Jessica Z

problem free pretty good on gas and lots of room with a fold down third seat

Haven't had an major problems since we bought it....runs great, and lots of room!

- Dana B

It has tons of room and is very safe.

It is very roomy. It has lots of space. It has three rows and I love the color.

- Krystal F

Very safe to drive and great ratings

Roomy, fuel efficient and drives great. Large front bumper and hate the color

- Stefanie H

Back row is hard to get in and out of

I love that it seats 7 and not a van. It has nice features. It is affordable.

- Justin A

It is spacious and reliable, very convenient for families.

Lots of room inside but not too big of a vehicle for me to handle properly.

- Krystal T

Style and comfort that all of the family will love

It has plenty of room for the kids. It is easy to drive. It looks stylish.

- Ellen B

Love the size it fits all members comfortably for long trips. They fold down seats in the back are a little hard to get down. Is the only complaint I would have about it

It drives smooth and has a lot of space to spread out and use car seats

- Christina S

It is a reliable vehicle with many comfortable features

smooth ride, comfortable reliable. no complaints other than gas mileage

- Tommy J

Spacious third row vehicle

Rides good. Comfortable. Love the bucket seats. Not enough cargo space.

- Tara P

Easy to drive and very comfortable,has all the right features

Very comfortable,and I like everything about it ,and no complaints

- Justin C

easy to drive I love the backup mirror is good for all the drivers in the house

lots of room smooth ride room for entire family good temperature

- darleen s

I like that it is an Chevrolet, we have been very happy how our previous Chevrolets have held up. I like the folding dow split 3rd row seat. Also like the console and the satellite radio and bluetooth connection. Dislikes are with the back seats where I find it difficult to fold up. Another dislike is with the power liftgate. It is too easy to accidentally open the back gate. I typically turn off the power liftgate if I think I might accidentally click it when not intending to open the back.

It is a versatile vehicle with the folding split third row seat.

- Julie D

The best feature of this vehicle is comfort. There is also lots of room as the back seat fold down to make a flat cargo area.

nice backup camera and tow package. also has a great usb port

- mark g

Car seats take up the backseat so others driving with us makes it uncomfortable

Uses a lot of fuel, tires are not cheap either. Good family car

- John S

it i totalty safe, with seven air bags what moer doe you want

like everything, there is nothing to like about this vehicle

- jay F

Safety of the vehicle is at an all time high. Love all the features

Love the quality of vehicle. Dislike base model amenities.

- Jennifer K

I love the room in the third row. It holds plenty. I wish the blind spot was not as large.

Adults can fit into the third row with plenty of room.

- Christina N

Safety is important for me.

I like it's size because I feel safe driving my kids.

- Jane F

It's an affordable vehicle that fits my lifestyle and budget

Like that it hold 8 people and is still comfortable


love it! seems to have mechanical issues too often so that is something that they could work on.

It's roomy & comfortable enough for a family of 5.

- trish l

it has 3 rows of seats. It can seat up to 8 people. It is large enough for our family

The traverse seats 8 people in the 3 rows of seats

- Cathy K

It fits 7 people very comfy

Love it a lot. It's roomy. It has enough seats

- Angela M

My sweet old reliable traverse.

- Tara F

I do not have to take out car seats!

- Jill N

Good midsize SUV but could be better.

- Jay P