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2015 Traverse TL-2 w/navigation

The 2015 Chevrolet Traverse LT-2 is a good large crossover for those that regularly need at least four seats in use, plus gear, and will have extra passengers frequently enough that multiple cars are needed. The ride is very quiet and smooth. As someone who has only driven luxury vehicles previously, I was pleasantly surprised by the leather interior. I purchased this car 3/18 from a reputable dealer and haven't had problems that require me to spend any money. The plastic covering for a vent in the third row did come out, but it was due to my very tall, and careless, 11-year-old, and it was easy to pop back in place. Another issue I've noticed is that the navigation is slow to update, so I highly recommend having your phone ready and reading the directions online to compare with the navigation system. There are three major drawbacks: 1)There is a are huge blind spots, so have the blindspot warning system would be worth the extra cost. This also extends to the lack of parking sensors for the front of the car even though there is an excellent rear camera (it's necessary because the rear window is too small). 2) The estimated mpg isn't accurate, and I'm actually getting 16.9 mpg in the city. 3) There's a very weird pr pi blem with the windows regularly fogging up on the outside in the mornings more than our other cars ever have, including SUVs, and it takes a while for it to go away. Even with these drawbacks, it fits my family's needs for now, my kids love this car, and I'm glad that was able to get a great deal on a vehicle with such safety ratings.

- Leah H

Traverse Travesty In summary, I do not recommend buying a Chevy, Traverse.

I purchased my vehicle last year, and have not been happy with it. For starters, the seat belt didn't always latch properly. It took several tries before it would lock. Eventually it just stopped working altogether and I had to have it replaced. The features in the car are not user friendly. Just trying to figure out how to use them has been difficult. The buttons that you use to find a new music station are little silver raised slits that you push, but they often don't work until you've pushed them several times. These same buttons are used to show the odometer, trip, and vehicle information such as tire pressure. If you push one time too many because of the frustration of the buttons not working, but then they suddenly do work, you go right past what you needed and have to go through it all over again. The manual that shows the features and how to use them doesn't match what my interior features look like even though the year on the manual is the same year as my car. The only thing I do like about it is when I'm on an incline it does not roll backward when I lift my foot from the brake to the accelerator.

- Diana S

Great family vehicle, awesome sound system.

Very reliable and safe vehicle. Enough seating for a large family. My traverse has captains seats in the center row which makes it so much easier for people to get in and out of the third row. The backup camera is a wonderful upgrade from my last traverse. It took a few days to get used to using it but now I use it all the time. The stereo system is, by far, the best stock system I have ever heard. The Bose speakers have a tremendous amount of bass and sound absolutely fantastic. The gas mileage is acceptable but certainly not great. My family has taken the traverse on several long-distance trips, plus my work commute is lengthy, so I invested a significant amount of money in fuel. If you are not very good about changing your engine oil consistently and on time then the traverse may not be a great vehicle for you. Failure to stay on top of oil changes results in significant decrease in engine performance. In some cases it can cause damage to the timing components and result in hefty repair bills.

- Derek C

Reliable form of transportation, will not leave you on the road somewhere.

Rides very smoothly, have not had any problems whatsoever in the three plus years that I have had it. In winter, I love the auto start feature, I can start the car, previously make sure it is on defrost /heat, and hop in and go with clear windows. Very easy to steer, responds well in snow, with the Michelin tires I put on. Did not realize that this model does not have the auto close on the back hatch, would be nice feature to have. I am short, and have to reach high to pull down the hatch, and it is heavy. Good sold vehicle to drive, holds the road, rides very smoothly, and has tons of space to haul things for vacation, or people, has a third seat that folds down for more room. Next one I get, I will be sure the passenger front seat has seat adjustments buttons like the drivers side, when I ride over there, this model has manual features to adjust seat, and not as many options to adjust the seating.

- Margaret B

Chevy traverse is a great family car.

The Chevy traverse is roomy with 7 passenger seating. I like that it has temperature controls in the back for my children. The car is tech savvy with Wi-Fi and USB ports in the front and backseat for easy charging of devices. The dash however is less impressive than the Honda pilot. The rear view camera is helpful when pulling out and being able to see kids running behind a vehicle. Since I live in a city and need to parallel park I wish the backup alarm did not go off until you were really close to something. The seats are comfortable. The trunk space with the third row in use is small. If you are looking for storage with a large family I would suggest something bigger like the suburban. The radio has a good quality sound. The Bluetooth calling is a great feature. It is safe but we have had an issue with leaking oil. This was covered under the warranty but was concerning.

- Lauren W

Spacious and stylish with all the extras.

I really love my Traverse. It's very roomy. It seats 7, but all the extra room too. The back seat folds down for more cargo room. The 2 bucket seats in the middle fold or slide forward for more room. It is very comfortable. The extras are very great. Cooling and heated seats. I've had a few issues with my car, but I'm guessing it's mainly because it was used. The check engine light has been on, and the service department cannot figure out what's wrong. It has something to do with emissions. I can still drive it, but when the check engine light is on, the auto start feature is shut off and I'm wondering if that is also why the air conditioner doesn't work. The shape and style of the car is perfect for me. It doesn't make me feel like a middle age woman with kid! It's stylish and fitting.

- Danica R

Very roomy vehicle for a family.

I bought this vehicle before having my second child as we figured we would need the space. I have loved having all the extra space and the folding 3rd row is great, you can still have 4 people in the vehicle and carry a lot of stuff. . This vehicle can really get up and go as well, I have to constantly check my speed as it gets up there pretty quickly. My husband is over 6 feet and still have plenty of legroom while also giving my kid behind him room as well. Recently though, I have been having some reliability issues. It has begun to shut off on me while I am driving; once even when I was turning onto my road-thankfully no one was at the stop sign. I have taken it in to be looked at and have had some work done, so hopefully that has fixed the problem.

- Sara R

It has its ups and downs, but overall a great car!

I really like the car a lot. It has many upgraded features such as rear camera/parking assist, cloth heated seats, which to me is better than leather (it does not hold the cold or heat due to weather), it connects to your phone Bluetooth so that you can make hands free calling and it is spacious enough for my large family. Things I do not like about it is that it does not connect to the phone Bluetooth in order to play music. You have to plug it into the aux cord or through the charging port and it only works if you have an iPhone for the charging port. I also think it should have the foot/kick option to close the trunk. Overall, it is a good car. I have yet to have any major problems with it.

- Elizabeth S

Traverse: Satisfied with My Ride!

I absolutely love my vehicle! It is very spacious which makes it excellent for long drives and travelling. This is my first SUV (I drove four door sedans before purchasing this car) and I only want SUVs now. We purchased this car after having a child and it was the best vehicle choice we could've made. We have had NO problems so far, it is a 2015, and we have had it two years. It has a quiet engine, plenty of cargo space, and even has good gas mileage for an SUV. The rear view camera is an added plus as well as the built in navigation and OnStar. I love the cupholders in the back and the rear temperature controls. There are front and side airbags included in this model as well.

- Jackie B

Excellent, reliable, and comfortable: a "souped up minivan. ".

I love having a larger vehicle that does not have the appearance of a van but is capable of holding 7 passengers. While the back row is somewhat small and not ideal for people with longer legs, there is a lot of room in this vehicle. It also rides smoothly and has nice features such as heated front seats. The performance is as expected for an AWD as it rides smoothly, drives very well, and is capable of hauling a small trailer due to having the hitch feature in the rear. Tire replacements are very expensive, otherwise I have no complaints about this vehicle. I previously owned a Buick enclave which is the Buick version of the Traverse and I love both of them!

- Amanda R

Tons of space for our large family.

I love the Chevy Traverse. It is very roomy and comfortable. Tons of space. We are a family of 7 and our children range from 22-6 months. We all fit comfortably. All my kids have always been in sports and there is tons of trunk space for their gear, groceries and road trips. The seats fold down with one hand ease for added space to carry large items. Car rides very smooth and have never had any issues mechanically. Love the heated seats and the rear heat and air. The rear view camera is a life saver given that this is a larger SUV. Also alerts me if I am too close to an object.. Will definitely buy another Traverse after this one. My husband loves it too.

- Michelle C

Very comfortable and reliable. Excellent car for small family or for traveling.

The traverse has a really smooth ride. It is a reliable vehicle. It gets good gas mileage. I like the third row seating option and that those seats fold down for extra storage in the back if you need to carry a large item or multiple items. The truck space is limited when the third row seat is up. There is hidden storage compartments. The heated seats are a nice feature during the winter months. The controls on the steering wheel are good for hands free driving as well as the Bluetooth speaker for phone calls. And you can activate voice recognition so you can make calls. It's is a really nice car.

- Jessica C

Lots of room with the third row flat!

I love my Chevy Traverse, it has so much room in it and love that we have the 3rd row option and that the third row completely folds down in the back. I wish that there were a bit more room in the very back with the third row up but we just deal with it. We have two little ones and this vehicle suits our needs. It drives well and we haven't had issues with maintenance, performance, or operations. The only annoying thing I have found about this vehicle is that the USB is located on the top of the dash in a compartment, it's just in a bad spot and I wish it were down lower closer to the radio.

- Ashley G

Chevy traverse. It has 3rd row seating, a DVD player, and heated seats.

My traverse is black. It is very reliable. I haven't had any major problems with it in the almost 3 years I have owned it. The only problem is the ac went out 2 years after I bought it, so it has to be charged. I love the 3rd row seating. It has 2 sunroofs! It also has heated seats, which is wonderful. It came with a DVD, which my kids love. The back hatch is kind of small, so if you have a lot of stuff to haul or lots of groceries, it's not the best. But the back seats fold down if you do not have any passengers back there. All in all it's been a wonderful car with no major problems!

- Cassie P

Traverse will seat up to 7 people!

I love my Traverse LT! I was looking to downsize from a Suburban when I started car shopping but I still wanted to have space for my children and extra friends/family. The Traverse seats 7 people very comfortably and it is perfect for when my children and I travel to visit friends and family! The back seats lay down to expand storage space for trips and you can have both down or just one. It drives and handles well on the road and I like that it has usb charging ports and a CD player. I would definitely recommend the Traverse to anyone who is shopping for a great family car!

- Shannon M

Traverse- great family car, drivers seat not the best for long distance driving

The driver's seat is uncomfortable during long drives. I like the look and spaciousness of the vehicle. Great family car. Should have done captain seats instead of bench seating, because the third row feels inaccessible. The park assist and backup camera are great and helpful. I feel like the front trim around the sides of the windshield causes a blind spot in the front. Third row goes flat so there is a lot of storage in the back, we've hauled two bikes before. The second row also goes flat which allows for extra hauling capacity. Love the heated seats and remote start.

- Mal H

Comfortable, practical, and nice looking!

I love that it seats 8 comfortably and I love that the A/C is controlled separately in the front and back. I have had trouble with a sensor in the brake sticking. If I push the brake down too hard it doesn't want to let go. I've also had to have a sensor for the gas tank replaced, the car would not start sometimes after filling with gas. Those have been the only 2 big issues. The seats are very comfortable and I love going on trips in this vehicle. I do wish that the radio USB port input wasn't ONLY compatible with apple products, lots of people have androids, Chevy!!

- Tara J

Great reliable family vehicle, comfortably seats a family of 4!

I recently purchased a Chevrolet Traverse (2015) from a used car lot, mileage was around 66k. So far I have had no problems to speak of, the vehicle drives like a dream, which is saying a lot for a family of 4. The previous statement being the main reason why my wife and I chose it. The only downside I could even think to mention is the lack of visibility in the rear window, it is considerably smaller than my previous vehicles and might hinder some people as far as backing out of a parking spot.

- Dustin D

Third row seating and lots of legroom!

I got the Chevy traverse because of the three row seating. It is very roomy and the seats are comfortable. I can hold two kids and two babies all in car seats or boosters in it with room for toys and snacks. And when I was moving baby stuff all's I had to do was lay down the back seat and I was all set. The space for tools and spare tire area is nice and roomy also I got my own toys to put in the compartment. Also if you go grocery shopping once a month it's awesome for that too.

- Ashley S

Drives nice and is comfortable but too many codes (mechanical) problems.

It sits 7 people comfortably and has a DVD player for the kids in the back. However, every time we fuel up the car it has a hard time starting. We have already had to take it in under warranty to get something replace and now here we are again. I feel like they are making it so that you have to continue to come back and the crappy part is that you have to take it to a dealership shop not an automotive shop because Chevy has not released most of the parts for these cars yet.

- Samantha L

Pick the Reliable Traverse for all of your Travel needs, you won't regret it!

My vehicle has lots of room, carries up to 7 passengers and holds a lot of cargo in the back. It performs well especially when I need to travel for work at all speeds and terrain. There are many convenient features like Bluetooth and GPS in the car. The leather seats are so comfortable and the heated seats feature is such a bonus on cold mornings. I can count on my car to get up and go every day, fit the dog and grandkids in it, and overall looks very cool on the road!

- Karen D

Nice vehicle lacking technology.

I like the traverse but I am disappointed in the technology. I had a better Bluetooth system in my other car which was older, different make. I could play my music from my phone but am not able to do that with this car. I also should have gotten the split seats in the middle, because it is very hard to get to the back seat third row. Usually we go through the trunk. I do love the ride and it is very nice inside otherwise. It has room for us and serves its purpose.

- Natalie M

2015 Chevrolet traverse-love the vehicle.

We love this vehicle. It has a very nice ride even when pulling a boat. It actually pulls better than our truck. It gets good gas mileage and we haven't had any problems with it in the 3 years of owning it. We really enjoy the towing package as it allows us to use the traverse or the truck when towing our boat. The interior is very spacious and we are able to pack everything for a long weekend away. That includes a large dog, 2 kids, 2 adults and all our luggage.

- Kelsey R

Pearl white beauty with a smooth ride.

Performance is good. It gets fairly good gas mileage for its size. I have never had any engine or chassis problems and it has never failed to start when called upon. Features are numerous with 3rd row seating, fold down second and third row seats to provide a large cargo area, push button fold in mirrors, dual temperature control, heated and cooled front seats, and second seat row air conditioning. It provides a smooth ride over varying road surfaces.

- Roger P

Great for families of up to 6!

I love my Traverse. We bought it specifically because it has the 3rd row and is incredibly roomy for up to 7 people. We love the quality of the vehicle and it's overall low maintenance with affordable regular maintenance, like oil changes. We have had 3 car seats in the vehicle, along with 3 adults - 2 bigger car seats in the very back and 1 car seat in the captain chair - everyone had plenty of room and didn't feel overcrowded. Overall great purchase!

- Kristen H

Backup sensor: one of my favorite features of my traverse is its backup sensor.

I have not had any problems with my traverse. It is very reliable even when pulling a trailer which we recently did several times through the mountains. It is performance during those trips was good. On a day to day drive I feel it is performance is excellent. It has great pick up when accelerating and the ride is very comfortable. Two of my favorite features are the heated seats and the backup sensor which proves to very helpful when parking.

- Sue B

The 2015 Chevy Traverse will supply almost all of your needs

My car is very spacious even though it's only a mid size SUV. It runs very smooth and has a great turning radius. The trunk space includes a nice compartment that you can place things in and if you need more space you can just put the third row seats down. I love that it has Bluetooth connectivity but I do wish it had a built in NAV. The DVD player, surplus outlets, and cup holders are also very nice additions to the car as well.

- Kira A

Chevy traverse fits a family of six perfectly wish there was more trunk space

My 2015 Chevy Traverse is very comfortable for our family of six. It is a very reliable car that we have traveled cross country numerous times with no issues. The vehicle drives very smooth on city roads and also on highways. I think my vehicle is nice and cozy. The only thing I wish there was more of would be trunk space. We do not have a roof rack but I would highly recommend getting a roof rack if you tend to travel a lot.

- Casey M

Great ride for a family. Can be better on 3rd row spacing.

I love the size of the car. At the moment I keep having an airbag light that keeps popping up. Apparently has to be fixed at the dealer itself. (Not too happy about that). Not crazy about the 3rd row room. Barely enough space back there for my teenage children, so adults sitting back there is not comfortable. Drives well. The camera works really well, you get a great view. Love the lift gate and heated seats are a plus!


Best family car! Best reliable family car around. Very easy excess. And travels.

I love my traverse its family friendly easy for my 5 kids in and out awesome for travel and lots if room for kids and friends very reliable! The handles help when I need to take my parents to doctor appointments, easy in and out! Added running boards to help them get in. Something happened to the computer but was under factory warranty at 35, 000 miles. Other than that at 80, 000 miles and just needing front brake pads.

- Beth R

Great car, but watch out for the A/C

After owning it for about two years the air conditioning completely went out. Cost me $2,500 to have it repaired. Also, if you want to change your own oil, forget it... it is a pain to get to without all the lifts, small arms, and tools every mechanic would have. But the ride is smooth and comfortable and I've always stayed true to Chevy! It's also great having front and rear controls on the air conditioning!

- Shannon B

Perfect for large families.

I love my traverse. I do wish it had a little better gas mileage. But it has 8 seats in my car. And the second and third row fold down. So I can take my kids and their friends... Or a can haul Christmas trees if I want! It is perfect for a trip to the grocery store, Walmart or sam's club. I wasn't able to get the leather and heated seats because it was too much money. But so far it has never let me down!

- Billie B

Classy, Comfortable and Reliable

I've had this vehicle for a little over 3 yrs and have had little to no problems so far. It is a roomy vehicle. I do find that the Bucket seats in the middle row are difficult to fold. The third row seat doesn't have the 'step' like most 3rd row SUVs and allows the same foot room as the 2nd row. However the cargo/luggage area could be slightly larger. Overall it is a comfortable and reliable vehicle!

- Veronica V

Chevy Traverse checklists.

The Chevy Traverse is a very reliable vehicle. I have never had any issues with it the whole three years that I have owned it. It is very roomy and seats seven people comfortably. Everything under the hood checks out. The horsepower is everything, it gets up and goes. You can stop at the drop of a dime. I love the fact that it has the ability to use OnStar if ever you need it. Heated seats are a plus.

- Alina B

It is mine and it is fabulous. It lets me know when things are wrong and the backup camera is a godsend.

My major complaint is that the head rest easily pushes forward with the tiniest touch. I would also like for the USB plug on the center console to charge quickly and play my music apps from my phone especially when Bluetooth is also connected. I also wish there was a bit more storage space in the trunk. It doesn't leave much room for groceries when you have three kids. Other than that I love my truck.

- Ashley M

Traverse is great for long trips with lots of cargo

With having to take a kid to college 11 hours away, this vehicle has the power, room and comfort to do the job. To date, it has not given me a lick of trouble and the 3rd row seating has come in handy way more often than I thought that it would. The fuel economy is good, and the Driver Info Center on the touch screen and the dash read out are really helpful in alerting me to scheduled maintenance.

- Doug S

To many problems problems.

There was a few recalls on the traverse. 1. The vehicle lost power, dash says different things don't know why things like stability check engine light can't exactly remember all the things it says. Windows are going out feels like transmission slipping sometimes windshield wipers stopped working. But other then that I do like my car.it has DVD player it's very roomy drives pretty good price was ok.

- Alisha D

The car is very comfortable, and sleek, the look of the vehicle is worth it.

We had a ton of problems with the air conditioning in the car. It took over 3 years of taking it back to the dealership repeatedly to get it fixed, finally. It would just never blow cold. It does now. The car is comfortable and drives well. We feel like it is safe. We have the bucket seats in the second row instead of captain chairs, and we really wish we had got the captains chairs, for space.

- Nicole G

Chevrolet Traverse Great vehicle to have!

The 2015 Chevrolet Traverse is very spacious, gas saver and comfortable. Every trip that we take this is the SUV to take. You can practically fit almost everything in the back as we push down the two rows of seats. The only downside is that under my drivers seat it has a broken panel. I already bought a replacement at the dealer and it broke again. But other than that I love this vehicle

- Claudia G

Traverse..A great family vehicle!

I have owned my Traverse for almost three years. This is the first vehicle I have ever owned that I haven't even begun to think about getting rid of it by this point. I love that it has split third row so that I can increase cargo room without losing a seat for the third child. Performance and ride are great. It is a very comfortable vehicle and I have not had any major issues with it.

- Melissa C

Reliable, safe family vehicle with plenty of legroom!

I am extremely happy with our decision to purchase our Chevrolet Traverse. It's a great family vehicle that can accommodate. The entire family for a leisurely outing or the family vacation. Plenty of room, spacious with plenty of leg room. We drove our vehicle 9 hrs to Canada very comfortably. A safe reliable vehicle that we've been very happy to use for carpooling the kids as well.

- Matilda P

Great for large families, very safe and very reliable!

When we purchased the traverse we did so because we needed a safe reliable vehicle with the third row of seating. The interior is awesome, and it has all of the amenities that we need. That being said, the one downfall of it is that it does not have bucket seats. Having to have the kids climb over the middle seat to climb into the back is a pain and does wear and tear on the seats.

- Felicia N

Best car I've ever had. I love it so much.

I love my traverse. It's the first car I fell in love with. I love that it has heated seats. Has third row seating good on gas. haven't had any issues with it. For a big car it can go quite fast. Nice dash hideaway place where I normally keep my reg card and my insurance card. The radio is okay too nice sized screen easy to navigate settings. Hooks to your phone via Bluetooth.

- Krystal S

I love my Chevy. Drive right and drive safe.

It's very comfortable. I love to drive it. No problems so far. It's easy to drive in the rain. And it has a lot of power. It is safe as well as luxurious. I can go off road a little bit while I go down my driveway. And I can drive smoothly as well. All the technology in the car is good the radio has high range and it is completely safe I feel like I am riding totally smooth.

- Shelby A

Smooth drive with plenty of legroom for the family.

This vehicle is a smooth drive and is larger than it looks. It comfortable fit seven people with room to stretch your legs! The only downside is the trunk size, you can only fit two large cases so if you are planning on going on a road trip with seven people the space just isn't there. With that being said, the back two rows do fold down if you need the extra trunk space.

- Suzanne H

From Van to SUV-Why I switched to the Chevy Traverse after owning three minivans

This is the first SUV type vehicle that I have owned after three minivans. I love the eight passenger seating capacity and the storage available. The interior is very comfortable. The ride is not as smooth as my vans, however. It took some adjusting to the slightly jerky (truck like) handling of the vehicle. It is amazing in the snow, however, so it has been a great car.

- Karen S

Chevy Traverse is a wonderful vehicle. Great option 3rd row seating in an SUV

Love my traverse! Has plenty of room, 3rd row seating, can also put 3rd row down for extra room if you are traveling or getting groceries. Very comfortable and lots of legroom. I love the back up camera especially, I use it everyday. Heated seats are a plus in the winter. My daughter likes she has her own controls for heat and air in the 2nd row of seats. Great vehicle!!

- Lindsay S

Amazing Chevrolet Traverse.

I have a Traverse since 2017 and I think that was my best option because this car is amazing has all the features that I like and is super comfortable. It is a comfortable cruiser and a spacious people and cargo hauler. However, it is not as engaging to drive or as upscale as some competitors, which is why it finishes in the middle third of our midsize SUV rankings.

- Richard B

2015 Chevy Traverse-love it

My traverse is perfect for our family of 5. All three of my kids play sports and the car is great for going back and forth to all events. We also use it for travel. The gas mileage is pretty good. We made a 7 hour trip on 3 quarters of a tank. Getting into the 3rd row is also fairly simple and easy for the kids to do. I only wish it had a little more storage space.

- Jamie F

Chevy traverse has been a great vehicle with plenty of room for larger families.

My Chevy traverse is a 2015. We bought it used and it has overall been a great vehicle for our large family. It has 8 seats. Gas mileage is fairly good. The car rides smoothly. The only problems we have came across in the year we bought it was a clicking sound in the front passenger window when going up and down and the touch screen for the radio is not any radio.

- Melanie C

2015 Chevrolet traverse ups and downs.

This vehicle features OnStar technology, contains Sirius XM radio. It has 3rd row seating. It is horrible on gas, the battery is hard to access. The turn signal bulbs in the front are hard to replace. Overall the repairing little things on this vehicle is a pain in the rear. It doesn't have enough leg room for me to comfortably drive and my teenager to ride.

- Black K

The best mom car money can buy.

My traverse is the perfect car for me. It is big enough to fit my family including the dogs and still small enough I do not feel uncomfortable driving in close quarters. I love that the 2nd and 3rd row seats lay flat so when I need the space it is almost like having a covered truck bed. I get better gas mileage in my traverse than I did in my small car as well.

- Kaitlyn H

The Chevy traverse is an all around comfortable and easy to drive vehicle.

It is a wonderful vehicle. Great performance. Drives very smoothly and is very roomy for an SUV. It has a recall though. Could stall out, have trouble with acceleration, and the check engine light may come on due to the recall. Chevy has sent a notice out so you can have the necessary repairs covered by Chevy. I would absolutely recommend the Chevy traverse.

- Adrianne M

Plenty of space for the whole family and very baby car seat compatible.

I love the space of the three rows and how they all fold down. I like the backup camera. It makes for a smooth ride on long vacations. I really love that it is easy to put my son into his rear facing car seat. I dislike that the tracks in the back seat don't have covers on them so trash or whatever hits the ground ends up in the tracks. Otherwise I love it!

- Lindsey S

Chevy Traverse likes and dislikes from a mom's point of view.

I love the upgraded stereo, all wheel drive Bluetooth, backup camera and notifications. My car has an awesome 2 stereo option with Bose speakers which is amazing. I don't like how little of storage I have in the back for groceries and trips. I wish it had side sensors also like other cars and alerts about you drifting or getting too close to cars.

- Elizabeth T

It has a lot of airbags and backup camera which is good.

I love my Traverse. It's roomy gets good gas mileage and l can haul stuff with it. The ride is smooth and the backup camera is great. It came with Satellite radio and OnStar both of which I love. If I buy another vehicle it will be a Traverse. It has a lot of air bags which is good because I have grandkids that drive it and haul other kids around.

- Lisa T

Large, roomy, easy to maneuver

I enjoy it, we needed something with a lot of room since we have twins, never had any issues with the vehicle, we love the backup camera. It's very spacious, especially when the third row seats are down. Only issue is we have two car seats in the back, and if someone else is with us they have to climb in the trunk to sit in the back row of seats

- Emily W

2015 traverse provides ample leg and storage room.

I love the fact that my traverse has ample storage space in the back. The newer style traverse has a smaller storage area in the back and this has prevented me from upgrading from my current vehicle. The bucket seats in the middle row that slide back and forth to provide space when the 3rd row is utilized is a huge bonus for our family.

- Nicole O

It is comfortable and handles nicely in all weather.

I love that I can fit multiple passengers or haul larger objects. I wish I was able to fit more in, but that would mean buying the larger vehicle and financial it was not an option at the time. My only complaint is I wish it got better gas mileage. I recently drove a rental that got 33.5 miles to the gallon. Mine averages about 21.

- amy t

Love the smooth ride and comforting features.

I love my traverse. It rides smoothly. Has great gas mileage. I have had to have a couple of recalls performed by they were handled well by Chevrolet. It does have a problem with the bottom plastic part of the driver seat coming off. But I have heard this is fixed in newer models. It is comfortable and I would definitely buy again.

- Shanna S

Roomy, versatile, and well organized.

I love the third row and the ease of popping the seats. I can carry a significant amount of people and/or items easily. It drives like a smaller SUV so it does not feel unwieldy at all. The rear controls on the air keep the kids happy and the storage consoles in the front are roomy and allow for a great amount of organization.

- Nicole S

Great family car that is reliable and big enough for an active family.

The Chevy traverse is a great vehicle. It is comfortable and roomy enough to fit my family of 5 plus a few others. The trunk space is good to ft groceries and my kids sports equipment. My car is fairly new so I haven't experienced any real problems except for some of the knobs on things fall off and then get lost in the car.

- Ann D

Love my traverse and you will too.

I have over 84,000 miles and have had no issues with it! I love the way it drives; it is all wheels drive and does great in the Nebraska winters; my grandkids love the DVD player; I love the heated seats and heated mirrors and the auto start is wonderful both in the winter and summer months to earn up or cool down the SUV.

- Barbara T

I really love all of the different perks it has!

I love the reliability I have gotten out of the car. I like it is spacious! I love that it rides smooth for me! I enjoy driving it! This is my first time owning a Chevrolet! I love that is has heated seats. I like that it has hand free telephone. Overall it is a really good family car and I have really enjoyed driving it!

- Courtney S

My heated seats are like heaven to my back.

I love this car! I bought it used but it performs a brand new specs. The ac and heat work well and the leather seats are so buttery soft. An added bonus is the heated seats which have three levels of heat. . . Low, medium and high heat. You can also choose whether you want it on just your back or your back and butt area.

- Sandy C

I love my Chevy traverse so much!!

I love my Chevrolet traverse! It has a lot of room inside all while looking sleek on the outside. I have 5 children, two dogs, and a husband and yet we all comfortably fit. The only thing I wish it had is a slightly larger trunk. Other than that it rides smooth, has great gas mileage, and has some good get up and go!!

- Chelsea C

Chevrolet traverse review.

Rear air controllers get extremely hot to the touch. I worry about my daughter touching these, or it causing damage or a possible fire. The nobs get way too hot for it to be normal. Front seats are not as comfortable as I would like. Keypad entry would be nice as well. Those are my only issues with the vehicle though.

- Jamie T

Great family car for all your needs!

I absolutely love the traverse for my family. I have 2 boys and there is space for everything we may need when we go on vacation. It also drives smoothly and you do not feel cramped. My favorite thing is the backup camera. The dual climate controls are great because I am always hot and my husband is always cold.

- Jenny S

Perfect for my family of 4. Lots of space for kids, all their stuff, and groceries.

Love the captain's seats in the 2nd row and all the safety features. I have the LTZ package so my vehicle came with blind spot monitoring, lane departure, front and rear collision monitoring, and a back up camera. My only complaint is sometimes it is more difficult for me to park than the sedan I use to drive.

- Meredith R

It is an all around comfortable, reliable and easy to drive vehicle.

There recently was a recall regarding the purge solenoid. Chevrolet will pay for any issues regarding it stalling, idling high, or not starting. Other then that it is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. It is very easy to drive and roomy. It seats 8 comfortably. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Adrianne M

The size makes it easy to fit my family and travel with needs.

Love how roomy and how it travels. It's safe for my family. Easy to remove seats. Was great price for design of car. Family loves it. Nice vehicle warranties. Easy to get parts and get it fixed. Easy to find service for vehicle, get tires, love we can have phone etc.. Hooked up to Sirius XM. If we wanted to.

- Lori R

It's nice because of the size of the vehicle and I have kids

When my headlights went out..I had to pay $345.78 just to change the front headlights. Because on that Chevy traverse in order to change the lights out you have to take the whole front bumper off to perform the labor work... That cost me a lot of time and money just for a headlight that was only $12 for two

- Polly P

Great car needs better gas mileage.

Very reliable. Wish it had better gas mileage. Fits everything I needs and super safe. I can fit 6 adults and a car seat comfortably. The Bluetooth works wonderfully in the car. I use it every time I drive for both hands free talking on the phone and for listening to Pandora. The backup camera is amazing!!

- Lindsay B

Good car as long as you have a warranty.

We have not experienced any major problems with the vehicle. The issues we experience are usually normal wear and tear for the most part. We purchased a warranty with the vehicle and most of the repairs have been covered by the warranty. I would recommend the vehicle but would also recommend the warranty.

- Edward P

Roomy family car that handles great in snow country.

My vehicle has been very reliable. It is comfortable and roomy enough for 6-7 adult passengers. It has ample "trunk" space for hauling things - such as the items in a once a month grocery shopping trip, luggage and equipment and food for a two week tent camping trip, water toys blown up for the beach.

- Roberta M

Why I love my Chevrolet traverse!!

The traverse is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. I love having heated seats and a heated steering wheel in the winter and cooled seats in the summer!! Perfect size family SUV! The transmission is driver recognition - it recognizes the driver and adjusts to the drivers style- pretty cool!!

- Melissa J

The vehicle has light blue lights that run on the dashboard.

The 2015 Chevrolet not only has a nice interior but it also has an excellent performance. It feels very smooth to drive. It is a very pocket friendly vehicle for those looking for something that does not use a lot of gas. It has a very spacious interior and excellent look from the inside and outside.

- Diana V

2015 Chevy Traverse is perfect for active families.

My car has been reliable. I love the space for 7 people to sit. The back folds down easy. I have the leather seats and the panoramic moonroof. It's great for driving up to Vermont with room for 2 kids, our dog and all our skis and skiing gear. All wheel drive helps in the snow. It's a very solid car.

- Sherry S

Double bench seat third row seating.

Just standard model no extras no lift gate opener no heated seats. Has the two bench seats in back so I can fit 8 people all together. When my 3rd row is down I can fit 3 car seats comfortably next to each other, two infant and one convertible car seat. It is a pain getting to the 3rd row sometimes.

- Drips C

The Chevy traverse is a very affordable SUV.

It handles really well. Smooth ride. Safe driving vehicle, love the third row seat. Satisfied with performance and gas mileage. Very comfortable. I have the heated seats and absolutely love them. Sleek looking and attractive, with a metallic paint job. Interior lights are well place and accessible.

- Linda E

Traverse 2015 review . Lever on steering wheel adjust sound on radio.

The battery was pretty simple to replace. Looked it up on youtube. Need a special tool to remove old battery and replace new battery. Location is behind passenger seat in second row on floor board. The area around the console is a little cramped. Not enough area to hold drinks. . Great gas mileage.

- Colleen J

Fits a sports family of seven!

My Chevy Traverse fits all five of my kids comfortably. They range in age from 10 to 20. All of them play sports and it fits all their sports equipment too. It is very comfortable and drives smooth. We have taken it on many vacations and always have had plenty of room. It is a great, reliable car!

- Tanya T

Chevrolet makes a quality SUV we have had this auto for about three years now.

We purchased the Chevrolet Traverse because we have four grandchildren and wanted a 3rd row seat to accommodate all of us going places. We are pleased with the comfort and ride that the Chevrolet Traverse gives us for longer drives and the enjoyment it gives us only having to drive one vehicle.

- Jerry G

Perfect affordable family car

It is great for families as it has third row seating that can easily be folded down for more storage. The seats are all comfortable and easily adjusted. The a/c is powerful and keeps everyone comfortable, in all three rows. It drives very smoothly. I always know it will start in the mornings.

- Briley B

My car Its been a good car mileage decent, good looking for an SUV. Comfortable to drive especially on long trips. Tires and brakes were new at purchase. Good a good car.

The car is dark blue in color. It has cloth seats which is nice in both hot and cold weather. The floor mats had to be replaced. It has three rows of seating to hold 6 people.The back 2 row seats retract so you have plenty of room for groceries and merchandise. Great car for travel as well.

- Frank M

2015 Traverse review from a mother of two.

I have enjoyed having my Traverse. I have no problems at all with it except for the latch on my center console breaking. Very reliable vehicle, but still not enough room for as much as my family and I travel. Would definitely recommend it but not for a traveling family with a ton of stuff.

- Kylie B

I have had no negative issues with the car.

this vehicle has been completely reliable to date. The great majority of my driving is local, meaning very short jaunts, lots of stopping st stop signs, traffic lights, etc. Mileage is quite good. As a plus, the dealer service department is pleasant to deal with for routine maintenance,

- Willie U

It tends to look small on the outside but is much roomier on the inside so don't let that fool you.

The car both drives and rides beautifully. It has plenty of seating for our family and our children's friends. Good gas mileage and comfortable ride for road trips. The interior of a family car but cute enough outside to not feel like a boring mom car. One of the best cars I've ever owned.

- Carrie L

If you have a big family this is the car for you without it being a boat

I wish I had bought it new as we have encountered problems with buying it used from the dealership. My air conditioner is already broke at 6 months old... also we had to replace the battery already and the passenger window is malfunctioning. Other than those things the vehicle drives great

- amanda H

Captain seats make life much easier when you have kids.

My favorite feature is the room. I have captain seats and the third row and 2 toddlers so it makes life so much easier. It drives great. We live in northeast TN and usually get snow every year it handles well in snow. We have never had any problems out of it in the 3 years we have had it.

- Tara B

Always reliable never let me down.

Never had any issues. Runs smoothly, very reliable. If I was to get a new car I would get another of this kind. Plenty of room, grows with my needs. I don't use the third row very often. Very spacious in the back for many items. Easy to maintain. The only negative is the tires are pricey.

- Jenna E

It is a SUV with 3 row seating. Very spacious automatic trunk.

It is a SUV with 3 row seating. Up to date touch screen radio with Wi-Fi and Pandora, apple play and Bluetooth. With backup cameras. It has parking assistance and automatic brakes. It is a grey car with black trim and wheels. There is automatic lights that come on a hour before sundown.

- Kayla N

Traverse: worth the money.

The Traverse is roomy and comfy. It is a great family vehicle. I love the leather. It cleans easily. It drives quietly and smoothly. We have drive to Florida and back with no problem. Gas mileage is fair for size of vehicle. Stereo is great. I love the seat warmers and automatic start.

- Erica G

Space and look for young family

Comfortable ride, has been super reliable and haven't had any issues with it. It's been perfect for traveling. I love the third row seating and the extra space when the seating is down. My specifically has captains chairs which is a huge plus. The features it offers hasn't disappointed

- Brittany R

Best vehicle ever! Will not own another make or model!

Best vehicle ever! Super comfy seats, has room for everyone and just about everything you would need to fit in it, best car for long road trips and it is incredibly reliable! Chevrolet traverse is the best vehicle we have ever owned. Cannot say enough great things about this vehicle!

- Cheyenne J

Love the special features.

Very comfortable and is roomy enough for 6 to take long trips and be very comfortably. Runs great. We love all the special features. The satellite radio, on star, and heated seats are the features we enjoy the most. We also like that it has a hidden hitch for pulling small trailers.

- Kris C

Great spacious car, wish it was more reliable for the amount we're paying for it

Transmission broke just over 50,000 miles. Overheating problems and bad struts. We only use the vehicle to get to work and take kids to school. Pros about it is that it's spacious, has decent trunk space considering 3 rows. All the electronics are nice as well. Isn't great in gas.

- Tracy A

Must have heated seats in Minnesota.

It drives great, has a backup camera, the seats are comfortable and are heated, which is a must. The only thing I would like would be a power rear hatch opener. Also, there is a blind spot on the rear sides that you have to be careful with. Overall, I am very happy with it though.

- Becky R

An almost perfect vehicle

Only things I am not a fan of is gas mileage isn't the best, currently getting 18 mpg and some of the technical items are hard to navigate through and find with the touch screen. It is comfortable and seats 7 with room. Has heated seats, a great factory stereo system, looks sleek.

- Rebecca M

Perfect mom car and grocery getter.

It is a very reliable vehicle. Runs quiet and smooth. There is a possibility of engine failure if you do not change the oil in time and with a specific type of oil. Plenty of room for car seats plus anything else you need to take with you. Seats are comfortable and easy to adjust.

- Nicole I

Midsize SUV with more room than my Tahoe.

It is a reliable car. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of room for storage. I have had a few problems with the air conditioner however. I like almost everything about this SUV. I would like to see Chevrolet update their dashboard a bit it tends to look rather generic.

- Stephanie J

Bluetooth connection details.

Nice riding car. The seat warmers are my most favorite feature of this car! My only wish is that the Bluetooth connection was to the radio as well. I have to have the cord in order to listen to my music. The Bluetooth connection for the hands free phone drops every now and then.

- Erin G

Third row seating equals room.

I love the 3rd row seating that can be folded down along with the middle row and you have almost as much room to haul things as a midsize pickup. It is a very dependable, solid SUV and it looks sharp! It is quite roomy for a family of six to comfortably take a long road trip in.

- Jeanette B

comfortable ride, beautiful craftsmanship of the leather interior.

We have beautiful leather interior bucket seats, which cup our bodies just right. Super comfortable! Our vehicle has 30000 mile on it and has only now needed a censor, which the warranty has covered already. We are so blessed to have such a smooth riding vehicle free of worries.

- Melanie W

Chevrolet traverse benefits!

My Chevrolet traverse is a reliable vehicles. I have not had any problems with it at all! It gets average gas mileage 22-26 mph. In my model I have dual sunroofs and tinted windows, which I love. I also have bucket seats which makes the back seat easily accessible for my family!

- Ariel B

The traverse is a great for road trips. I prefer a smaller vehicle.

Good driving vehicle. We bought it because it has 7 seats; however it is too large for me to park. It has backup camera which is wonderful. It is quiet and easy to drive on long road trips. It does not get the best gas mileage. Overall, I would recommend it for a family vehicle.

- Lyn M

Smooth ride with added extras.

Smooth ride, heated seats, DVD player. I love the captain seats in middle and the option to lower the third row for more room. It did have a slight issue with gearing up and down but the local Chevy dealer took care of it for us. The miles per gallon isn't too bad on it either.

- Melissa S

Third row seating is uncomfortable

3rd row is small passenger seat is uncomfortable when you have a car seat behind it, wish I had a button for hatch to close, the DVD player sometimes will stop working for no reason at all, I wish when my gas light came on it told me how many miles I had till I had to get gas,

- Gina K

Family and outing vehicle.

Absolutely love it!! I had a problem with the a/c twice, once it was fixed it is been perfect! It is a very smooth ride. It is very spacious. The driver seat move up and down, back and forth. I would recommend this vehicle for anyone who has kids and also enjoys the outdoors!

- Amanda W

Love my Chevrolet Traverse.

I have had absolutely no issues with my car since we got it. A main motivator in us going with it was saving like 3000 in dealership and manufacturer rebates. My car has made multiple trips to Texas as well as the mountains. With mountain driving she wants to take off and go.

- Teresa W

It's a great family family car which is an alternative to a minivan.

I love the that my car has captains seats because my kids can get to the 3rd row without any hassle. I love that it has a 3rd row because I have 3 kids and 1 on the way. It's great that I can have the perks of a minivan without having a minivan. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Barbie L

Good vehicle with lots of room for passengers!

This is a great vehicle with lots of room for passenger to get in and out, it runs well & the sound system is good. The trunk space is a bit smaller than I would like. The leather quality is not fantastic. The car is only 3 years old and the leather looks very used and old.

- Charissa S

Reliable and great for my family.

It has never had any problems since we have had it. I wish I would have bought the leather seats, but I love the butt warmers, especially in sub zero temps! We have bad weather here and I have always felt safe on the road. It is easy for my three kids to get in and out of.

- Katie B

Love traverse. It’s roomy, my kids love it and it has many compartments.

I love my traverse. I love that it is reliable. I wish that I would have gotten leather seats and not cloth. I love my 3rd row and it is very comfortable and does well with gas. My car is reliable and dependable and holds a lot of people inside. I love the crossover look.

- Jon F

Seats are everything! Comfort or storage?

The seats in this vehicle are small and uncomfortable. The seats fold forward to allow for a larger storage area, but that does not compensate for the lack of comfort. The air and heat are powerful. The roof opens up but the noise is too loud to enjoy having the roof open.

- Sandra F

Good power, classy design, very roomy

This is my favorite SUV vehicle. I love the room and third row, makes trips easier with family. Classy interior and comfortable seats. Smooth riding and easy to haul things in. Just the right amount of power without bogging down. Would highly recommend to anyone...5 stars!

- Cece W

Love the heated seats. They come in handy when you are waiting for your car

Love the car, fits everyone in my sister's family. She has four kids. Love the heated seats. The trunk space is wonderful, when going on trips. When buying it I wish they would have told me I needed snow tires or something. I slid into the ditch many times this past winter

- Michelle M

Room and safety for the kids, dogs, and groceries!

My vehicle takes a lot of miles in a variety of weather and terrain. I spend a lot of time in my car and am always comfortable. I would buy one again as long as it, too, has normal headlights. This is a key factor for my vehicles. Those blinding lights should be banned!!

- Lori K

I love my Chevy Traverse!

I love my Chevy Traverse! It has three rows with enough room for everyone even when it is full! There is a lot of storage especially when the third row is put down to extend the trunk. I wish it had better gas mileage but for the size of the vehicle it is understandable.

- Kaitlyn R

The vehicle is good on wet or snowy roads.

The vehicle rides comfortably. Gas mileage is average. The only problem I have is noise from the outside. You can hear the wind d whistle through the window seals when driving down the road. Other than that I have no complaints about this vehicle I would buy another one.

- Joanne G

The safety features and technology are awesome.

I love the backup camera but it needs to sit higher in the dash so you do not have to look down. The head rest are very uncomfortable and are too tall making them hard to see over them. It is very roomy and plenty of legroom in the third row seat. Drives and rides good.

- Marilyn T

My vehicle has differential AWD meaning it's not always in 4 wheel.

This is a lovely vehicle. Three row seating for those that want an SUV and not a minivan. Full size SUV and not a crossover, which means the gas mileage does suffer. This vehicle is all wheel drive and is excellent in the snow. All around it is a great rugged family SUV

- Thomas K

My traverse, roomy and comfortable.

Have had mostly problems with the engine light but other than that it has been a fairly good vehicle, the interior could be a little more comfy but it does have pretty good gas mileage. The information button is hard to use and be able to see. All in all I am satisfied.

- Debbie W

It is a spacious vehicle that drives like a minivan but is not a minivan! The space for cargo and people is incredible. Even the back row is comfortable for adults ... unlike the 3rd row in toyota's model and dodge's model.

I love the space and the 3rd row of seats, the heated seats, the visibility when I am driving, the back up camera, the room that passengers have in the 3rd row. The only complaint is how wide the vehicle is. It is hard to park and turn to get into spaces at times.

- Julie B

Reliable SUV - with nice additional features.

The SUV handles well and is a great family vehicle. The seat warmers and auto lift gate are nice additional features. The bucket seats make it easy to transport 7 people and have everyone be able to get in and out of the vehicle easily. The vehicle has been reliable.

- Cassie T

I love my traverse is a supercar.

My new traverse is beautiful, powerful, and so far, very reliable. I love it! It is large enough for my tall husband to travel comfortably. The four wheel drive button sold me on this vehicle. Is a very familiar car is very good for a hug family like mine 7 sit car.

- Richard P

Great for big families and for traveling

Really spacious, especially for 3 kids. Doesn't look to big from the outside. Nice drive feel, also great for traveling. New model 2019 is really nice with all the features. So far hadn't had any troubles since 2015, drive everyday about 28 miles from home to work.

- Diana F

I love the captain seat, makes it very easy for people to get in.

I love my SUV. It has plenty of for my family. It safe and drives great in any type of weather. It has great space for any shopping. It has all the latest features. I love the shape of it, it's big like a truck but drives like a car. It is my favorite car to date.

- Laurie C

Love to take long trips very roomy.

Very much like the 3 seats enough room for all my grandchildren. Gas mileage is so so.Able to talk on cell phone thru bluetooth. Price was very good for a 2015.Nice seating roomy spacious. Did not like I could not get blind spot added on my vehicle after purchase.

- Patricia J

2015 Traverse. The things I love about my Traverse

I love my Traverse. It is very comfortable for traveling and hold up to 8 people. Quiet with lots of ports for charging. The back up camera is wonderful. It does have a blind spot when turning so you have to be careful but this is the only problem we have had.

- Karen P

It is an 8 seat vehicle that is more basic than most when it comes to electronics but it will tow fairly well and has good space for people.

The vehicle seems to be starting to have transmission hiccups, which we have dealt with similar issues with similar cars. It has plenty of space for people and for the cargo that we carry. It has a decent towing ability that we are soon to be taking advantage of.

- Tracy B

Great, safe and easy drive.

Only trouble is with where the airbag lines are under the seat. If anything gets under seats it sets off airbags not working lights. Love the drive, the space. And the look. It is safe for my granddaughters. I love the captain seats in back. Easier for car seats.

- Cindy T

My vehicle is terrific I. Love it.

I love my SUV it has all the room and power I require it is very reliable and I have not had any problem either in traffic or on long distances I have used it on quite a few extended vacations with no problems when I trade it in I will get the exact same model.

- Peg G

It helps me make extra money as an uber and lyft driver!

Routine maintenance is expensive because parts are hidden behind or under other parts, making it difficult and expensive. I wish the back seats were easier to access and get in and out of. It has been an extremely reliable vehicle and it is very comfortable.

- Becky G

Royal blue color traverse.

It rides smooth. Good hp. Strong running car. Features Sirius XM and Bluetooth with call features. 8 passenger capacity seating with 3rd row seats. All wheel Drive. Power windows. Great for long road trips or vacations with large families. Tow package added on

- Katt O

Versatile SUV with lots of room to do what you want.

My Traverse is large enough to handle most anything we can throw at it. I like it because it is large enough but not too large. It fits me which important because I am 6ft and weigh about 255 lbs. The rear is easy to access with groceries and my golf clubs.

- Ken A

Best car ever. You much buy a SUV.

No problems. I love it. This is the best SUV I have ever bought. It has a lot of room. Easy to get in and out of. Easy on gas. Back up camera is wonderful. Has a lot of room for traveling with kids. We love everything about it. We would give it a thumbs up.

- Stephanie M

Fully equipped and great design

My car is very comfortable and reliable with great added features like back up camera and treated seats great family car. Great with gas mileage and even better with all weather terrains. Great for big families and small alike. Drives unbelievably smooth!

- Susie V

The chevrolet traverse is an awesome third row suv

My traverse has 3 rows. The second row has bucket seats that I absolutely love. The third row folds down to give a huge trunk. I wish the trunk was bigger with the third row up. It gets awesome gas mileage. Has air in the back to keep the kids cool.

- Megan B

It is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

I enjoy driving my traverse. It is very reliable and easy to maneuver. One of its best features is the backup sensor. I also like that I feel safe when driving it and I feel there are no blind spots as I have experienced with other vehicles.

- Sue B

Overall comfortable,reliable and stylish car.

The car is comfortable, with two adults, 4 children and another on the way we can all fit I. The car comfortably. There is a reliable rear view cam that has helped prevent a lot of small incidents. Overall a very comfortable dependable car.

- Shelyn W

Great family SUV with true third row.

Spacious family SUV, reliable, great features like heated seats and backup camera. Uses a lot of gas, but overall it still accommodates my family needs well. A true third row seat and still plenty of room in the back for storage/groceries.

- Stacy P

It is roomy and comfortable with plenty of legroom and headroom in all three seats.

It is very stylish and comfortable. The front driver seat has plenty of room for a taller person. The ride is smooth and quiet and the car has good pickup. I only wish that it got better gas mileage but you can't have everything.

- Dennis M

It is an amazing car that is spacious, safe, and rides great.

I like that it has room for 8 passengers, but if we need to haul something the back seats fold down flat and give plenty of room for that too. It rides smooth. I like that it's on a car frame, so getting into the trunk is easier.

- Holly M

Love my 2015 Chevy Traverse

I love my 2015 Chevy Traverse! I love the roominess inside while still feeling able to easily handle the overall size of the vehicle. I like the option to fold down the 3rd row seating and have the extra trunk space when needed.

- Becky L

It's a great family car and It's not a minivan so there isn't any need to be embarrassed

I love my car. It fits all of my family and It's great for road trips. The seats are pretty comfortable. The only thing i hate about it is the fact that it doesn't have leather seats. I wish it got better gas mileage though.

- kristeen A

Drives well. Great space and price compared to other comparable SUVs. Great safety ratings.

I like the convenience of putting the 3rd up or down depending on if we have family in town or not. I like the ease of driving the car. It's easy to maneuver. I dislike how hard it is to slide the seat up to access the 3rd row.

- Joya w

Traverse the good and bad

Have had consistent problem with the gauges going to zero then back on and the vehicle jerks. Multiple trips to dealership and only recently has stopped doing it. Do love all the seating and good trunk space with all seats up.

- Jennifer W

The Chevy Traverse is a great family car for a party of 6.

I love that the Traverse fits our family of 6 and still has room for friends. This car is a decent size yet still easy to park in compact spaces. The ac also run nice and cold in the rear of the vehicle keeping the kids cool.

- Brittany M

Perfect car for growing families

The traverse is such a reliable family car. It fits all three of my kids and their car seats. The seats easily go down in the back for added trunk space. Drives smooth and controls are easy to navigate. Very comfortable ride.

- Lindsey W

Gm does not stand behind their product. . .

I have had this vehicle in the shop a least 3 times for check engine light, currently it is in the shop because the clutch in the air conditioner froze and caused the serpentine belt to break, this will be a 1600 dollar fix.

- Shannon L

Overall a good vehicle. No major complaints.

Generally I like my car although my kids say that the back seats are not comfortable especially when traveling long distances. I realize that my car does not handle as well in the snow as my daughter's car which is a Jeep.

- Sandra P

It is fantastic for long road trips for a family, lots of room for seat comfort and luggage space.

I love the remote start, the roominess of the inside. the sleek lines, the backup camera is awesome. oh and the heated seats are spectacular, i dislike the placement of the battery in the floorboard of the passenger's seat.

- dolores C

There is no trunk open button from your remote or from the inside of the car.

It has been a good vehicle. My only complaint it that when you turn down a small angle it sounds like metal is grinding. I turned in before warranty was up and they could not find the problem and it is still doing it.

- Jaime w

Great family road trip ride

Great vehicle for family car trips. Does take quite a bit of gas, however, is very spacious and a comfortable ride for all. Not real easy to climb to the back row when there are two car seats in the bucket seats.

- Amie Y

Multi-purpose transporter. Taking and picking up the grand-kids from band practice to hauling science projects is a breeze with my Traverse. When I need to pick up mulch or a new bathroom vanity from the hardware store it is no problem fitting either in the back with the EASY fold down 3rd row seats.

My Traverse is a very good mid size suv. I use it for family road trips. The vehicle will seat up to 8 people which is a plus for large families. Overall this has been a good choice to serve me and the grand-kids.

- Teresa H

The Chevrolet Traverse is a very good car for a family. There is plenty of room for everybody and it rides nice and smooth. The vehicle is stylish.

My Chevy Traverse is the perfect vehicle. It seats 8 people comfortably and has room for storage. Its roomy and easy to drive and rides smooth. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- J Lynn K

The most important thing is I feel is that Chevrolet has safe vehicles.

I love the size. It has a great 3rd row seating. Great for traveling and shopping for big item purchases. Roof rack for travel. Built-in tv/dvd headrest. Comfortable and roomy. What I dislike is the gas mileage.

- Vanesa S

Great on gas and it is very comfortable and it is very reliable.

The SUV is very reliable and dependable have not had one problem with it rides very nice seats are heated for that cold morning and for that very hot day the air works great more than enough seats for everyone.

- Eugene S

Roomy but no grocery getter!

I have not experienced any problems with my vehicle. It is very roomy for my family of 6! The trunk space is very limited however so I have to put groceries in the middle as they don't all fit in the trunk.

- Samantha S

It is a comfortable ride and has a lot of room for passengers.

I like that it is 7 passengers with fold down seats. I like the style of the car. I like the features including remote start, heated seats, on star. I dislike the trunk space when all seats are in use.

- Erika T

Love my traverse. It is roomy quiet riding and handles like a big SUV.

I love the traverse. It gives a smooth ride handles beautifully and has room for 7 with some cargo space also. Gas mileage is great also. Love all the extras. It is the perfect vehicle for young or old.

- Kathy B

It's a good size family car that allows the kids to spread out and have some personal space. It also drives well and is a smooth ride.

I like the space that my vehicle offers. The 2nd & 3rd row seating is not very comfortable. Also, the drivers side window controls seem too far up I am forever hitting the wrong button for the windows.

- Deanna D

It has great traction in the snow and ice and it truly fits seven passengers.

Dislike the fact that I'm still making car payments. When using the third row seating there isn't much trunk space. I love that his has great traction in the snow. I feel very comfortable in suvs.

- Angela D

The technology that installed inside the car. Also how smooth the car drives down the road

I like the technology inside inside and the back up camera. Only thing I dislike about it is how the rear end looks but it seems as many car companies can never get the rear end to be correct.

- Antonio G

Good seating. Trunk space is small with all seats in use.

The traverse is spacious. It drives well in a variety of weather conditions. The traverse is also easy to drive and park. It also has nice features such as a DVD player and backup camera.

- Laurie D

It is suited for people with multiple kids without having to get a really large SUV. There is plenty of space and charging outlets throughout the vehicle.

I love the bucket seats on the 2nd row that allows easy access to the third row. I like the heated seats. I like the option to have different temp setting for the 2nd and 3rd rows.

- Nesha R

Excellent Family Vehicle!

I love the 3 row seats the vehicle has as well as the captain seats it allows plenty of room for all the kids and storage spot I dislike that the vehicle has a good many blind spots

- Paul M

This is a great family car. I hold lots of people and still has room for some gear.

I like the style of this vehicle. It's roomy and easy to drive. Will accommodate up to 8 passengers comfortably, the 3rd row seat is very roomy. I wish it got better gas mileage.


It drives really nice and is super comfortable. The end.

I love the feeling of sitting in it and driving. It's nice and smooth on the road. It's very roomy and I can haul a lot. I love the dual sunroofs. The sound system is amazing.

- Barry H

It has the comforts of a luxury car with the roominess and cargo space needed for a family to go on a long vacation

I like that it is reliable. I dislike that it is a crossover and that my favorite vehicle , the Avalanche was discontinued. It is a great family car, spacious and room for cargo.

- Roberta M

This car is super economic and comfortable.

Is a really good vehicle with a lot of toys really economic and comfortable and you can get more that seven people inside without care about comfort, this is a really family car.

- Richard O

Lots of space and easy to drive!

I love that it is an SUV, but is easy to drive. It gives me a lot of space, but doesn't feel like I'm driving around a huge vehicle. I like the look of my car inside and out.

- Julie W

It has several safety features.

We are very pleased with our Traverse. It has numerous features. One of my favorite things is the air conditioned/heated seats. There are three rows of seats, seating 7 people.

- Dawn R

Chevrolet traverse very reliable SUV.

The traverse has more storage room than the Tahoe I owned previously. It doesn't get the best gas mileage. Around 14 miles to the gallon around town. It has been very reliable.

- Stephanie J

It has not broken down since I've owned it. Which is good, since I've only owned it for 3 years now. It's been VERY dependable.

It has been a very dependable vehicle. It's comfortable to drive and don't have any complaints from passengers. They all have plenty of leg room, especially in the back seats.

- Melissa W

Energy efficient and spacious and looks great. Priced to sell and great quality.

My Chevy is the first new auto I have ever purchased. I love every feature that it has and it gets the greatest gas mileage and has tons of room for whatever I need to carry.

- Brenda A

It is a comfortable ride and gets pretty good gas mileage for an SUV.

I enjoy being able to comfortably take my family on trips. I really like the backup camera. I do miss having a rearview mirror that dims at night when someone is behind me.

- trisha d

This is a v6 SUV, I get great gas mileage. I get about 29-30 miles to a gallon.

I love the third row seating. I like the back up camera for parking and hooking up to a trailer. I like the handsfree for my phone. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Samantha M

What I love about my suv!! Family size, and accessories

My SUV is perfect in size, it has room for my 6 kids, and it's perfect to travel. I love my rear reverse screen, and the seat warmers. I wouldn't trade my SUV for anything.

- Esty R

There's a lot of room and comfort.

The traverse is one of the best cars I've had. It rides smooth, give lots of room when third row is up and also just a lot of room in general. Ok gas mileage for an suv.

- Dawn A

They should know that the third row can easily fit adults no problem.

I like how roomy the car is for a 7 passenger. The car rides smooth. I've never had any issues come up in the past three years I've had it. Seems to be decent with gas.

- Heather B

It is reliable and fuel efficient.

It gets good gas mileage and is roomy inside. I love the backup camera. I dislike the head rest being so tall because it is hard to see over them when you are short.

- Marilyn T

It can hold up to three very hyper children climbing and jumping in the seats will still work and all the latches will still work as well. Very durable.

It is little small for a hockey family of five. It does clean well which is important when you have three small children. And it has very good maintenance so far.

- Thomas S

Easy to use with children.

The seat seem to get a little uncomfortable during long road trips. The lane departure is great. We love it for the room to haul the kids and all of their things.

- Clinton M

My Chevrolet Traverse is the best vehicle I've ever had!

I love my Chevrolet Traverse! It drives smooth and the rearview camera comes in handy for parallel parking. I love the trunk space for hauling large items around.

- Bethany W

It is a large car that is very comfortable.

I love the 3 rows in my car. It is very spacious and allows us to transport a lot of stuff. I wish there was a tv in the back for my daughter. It is a great car.

- Melissa R

The Traverse is a great family vehicle and offers many options

Overall I love the Traverse. My only complaint would be that I need to be able to put 2 or more car seats in, and it does not leave any leg room in the third row

- Jessica U

It is nice a roomy and comfortable to ride long distances.

I like everything except I wish it had lane switching lights on the mirrors, the passenger seat was electric and that the I had the lift button on the hatchback

- Robyn W

The Chevy Traverse is a roomy and comfortable vehicle.

The Chevy Traverse is a great vehicle. I am a second time owner of the Traverse and have enjoyed both vehicles and will likely repurchase again in the future.

- Paula Z

It's a safe family friendly vehicle. It's reliable and fun to drive!

I love my car. It is big enough for my kids, husband and I to all sit comfortably. It's safe and awd which is great for the weather. The gas mileage is great.

- Sarah T

It feels like a quality car and it's very reliable.

I love the size of my vehicle and the fact that it has three rows of seats. I also love the rear air controls. The car had lots of legroom and storage space.

- Melissa E

It has a ton of space on the inside. There is plenty of room for my three kids and a full load of groceries.

I love the current vehicle that I drive. It has plenty of space for my kids and any type of cargo. The fuel mileage on the vehicle is pretty good as well.

- Brandon L

Why I have a traverse and why I deal with it.

I love the car, except it makes a lot of noises in the front and has some steering issues. However the inside of the car is very nice and has captain seats.

- Makayla K

Great car for a bigger family

Has a leather interior, captain seats, rear camera, auto start, heated seats and a button open trunk. Runs smooth and pretty good on gas. We love this car

- Amanda A

I don't know what others should know about the Traverse.

I love the body style and color of our Traverse, but I think I like the extra room in the vehicle that can be used for more passengers or for cargo space.

- Jenna J

It is a middle class LUXURY vehicle....

I LOVE this SUV! I just got it & it has more bells & whistles than any other car I've had like COOLED seats & a DVD entertainment system! It's AWESOME!!

- mj T

It's a good driving vehicle, low maintenance.

I it because it is has 3 rows. I do not like it because it do not have a navigation system. It is a good running car. I like it because it is dependable.

- Marguerite M

It is a reliable car with decent mileage. Also, you have to realize that It's a popular car so you won't be unique.

I like my current vehicle because it has a lot of seating space and storage. It also is a nice car with enough power. Finally, it has a nice exterior.

- Steven C

I love the 3rd row seat. It also has a backup camera that comes in very handy. We also have the bucket seats in the middle that makes it easier for our kids to get to the back.

The fold down third row seat. It gives up 3 more seats for when friends ride with us. But, it also folds down for when we need more for our animal food

- Jolene S

The car is spacious and can easily hold 7 people comfortably.

I love my car, it has dual moon roofs and captains seats. I really like the look and how the car drives. I have no complaints with my car, I love it.

- Brettan M

Plenty of space for a family with lots of cargo space.

Love the car for my family of 4. The amount of cargo capacity is perfect and the fact that it has a third row makes it perfect for my growing boys.

- Jenny S

2015 Chevrolet traverse qualities.

I like how when you get too close to something while backing up, the car beeps and lets you know you are getting close. Also the sunroof is a plus.

- Cora E

It gets good mileage and is quiet when driving.

Love the look! I love how quiet it is when driving! Wish the interior seats were more comfortable. I wish the second row of seats reclined a bit.

- Leslie O

It is a really good family vehicle.

I like everything about it! Would like to have better mileage. I do not like the tires that come with the traverse and it does not have a spare.

- Crystal C

It is not tall but long so it has the advantages of a full size suv but doesn't feel so large.

I like that our vehicle is large enough to fit our family. It still has some cargo space . I only dislike that we have a slow leak in our tire .

- Tara K

I feel safe when driving it.

I love all the room it has. Plenty of room for a dog, or seven people. It is very heavy and drives well in the snow. Very comfortable drive.

- Kristina S

On Star. I don't know that I could ever own a vehicle now that didn't have Onstar built in.

I like the heated seats, the Onstar, backup mirror. Would like to have built in navigation, and wifi. I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- Debbie J

great family car, soccer moms wanted, if you need trunk small you won't find it here

No issues i love this car. I do wish that I have gotten the 7 passenger instead of the 8 passenger. I would recommend this car to everyone

- Stephanie B

The convenience of the third row seating and the comfortable space.

Love the captains seats, and the third row seating. Drives beautifully. Heated seats are awesome. It could get a little better fuel mileage.

- Lea Anne S

vehicle is in great condition, has third row seating with a lot of room for kids.

I don't have any problems with my vehicle, it's very roomy and comfortable for a big family. It has a DVD player in the back for the kids.

- Andrea C

The most comfortable car that you will love

I love my Chevy because it is so comfortable. I have never had any problems with this car. I can drive for hours and still be comfortable.

- Annette S

Nice family car, excellent on highway driving and good on gas.

It is a little too big and I have a hard time getting it in and out of my garage. Love the roominess and it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Jan H

My car transports many kids to practices, friends and vacations so it must be safe on the road.

I've had no problems with this vehicle since I bought it. It's comfortable, very reliable and has just the right features for my family.

- Jennifer B

It gets great gas mileage and repairs are very affordable

Overall it is a good car. But almost every sensor I've had to have replaced. I like that it has 3 rows, without being too large of a suv

- Erin W

It is great for taking kids to games and going shopping.

I like the seat warmers, the room inside, and the size of the vehicle. I like the fuel mileage for a SUV. I like the touch screen radio.

- Brandy D

affordable payments, nice warranty, all around a great family car.

It has lots of room for the entire family.. Lots of trunk space for our family vacation.. It has a smooth ride, and I love driving it..

- Kim W

It does have a few issues mechanically.

I like the room and third row seating. I do not like the technology and how the car has mechanical issues that can not be determined.

- Dawn C

Handling and traction issues of the AWD during winter.

I like that it has third row seating for extra space, cas well as being AWD. It does have blind spots which are difficult at times.

- Amy M

One of the most important things anyone buying a Traverse should know is I'm getting 22 miles to the gallon overall.

Love having a 3rd seat for extra passengers. Love putting all the seats down to haul stuff. Don't like the blind spot on my right.

- Sharon V

Not really set up for four car seats.

Super easy to drive.. Hard to get into the back seat.. Hard to tether car seats to both rows.. The back up camera is nice to have..

- Carmen I

I have room in it to take others places.

I love the fact that it has a lot of space. It seems to always need work. I am constantly replacing lights, tires and fixing it.

- Jill G

Third row, handsfree bluetooth, homelink, and heated seats

I have not had any significant problems with my vehicle. I enjoy having a 3rd row that the children or adults can easily access.

- Laurie D

It is safe and a good family vehicle.

I like size and how it drives. Great family car. There is plenty of trunk space. The ride is smooth and I feel very safe in it.

- Nicole N

Family friendly: comfy and dependable

Love the room for our family of four. And for making long trips. Has good gas mileage for a suv. Love the look inside and out.

- Carolyn S

Follow the maintenance program.

It is a good vehicle it holds 7 people. No major issues. It has been a reliable car. It drive good and it is good in the snow.

- Tammy G

I Love driving it! Prefer the AWD.

It's actually the second one I've owned, enjoyed the first one so much that I bought another. Has enough space for what I need

- Art M

The gas mileage is good. The Traverse is very spacious.

I love my car. It rides very smooth. It's very spacious. It looks very chic. There is nothing I don't like about my car.

- Gloria N

It is champagne color with the navigation system, leather seats, and seats 7. The middle 2 seats are bucket. It has rear view cameras and side mirror detectors of traffic.

It's the LTZ. I love the room for both people and things while having a sporty look. Good power and lots of extra features!

- Nicole G

It drives great on the highway and through town while being quiet.

I love that it gets good fuel mileage for an SUV. It is all wheel drive and handles automatic start. It also has a sunroof.

- Dominique C

My husband absolutely love the dual a/c control.

The convenience of being able to adjust my seats and compartments are so ideal for an active baseball family the size of 6!

- Aubrey P

It has been a very reliable car. No problems other than wear and tear.

Drives great. I love that my family fits comfortably. Any adults in the back seat is a tight fit. I love the way it looks.

- Samantha H

I have a backup camera and I can have my phone hooked up to my car and I can be hands free when I get a call

Like, that my whole family can travel together in it. I don't have anything I dislike about it or I wouldn't of bought it.

- Tabitha R

Comfortable seating with the ability to drive safely in bad weather conditions.

Rides smooth, better Audio please, handles curves in wet conditions really well. It has enough space for sport equipment.

- Jeff E

It can hold 7 people maximum.

My vehicle holds 7 people but is not the most comfortable. I like the features inside but do not like the exterior shape.

- Jennifer M

It is a good family car and safe.

I like that it seats 8. I like that it is 4 all wheel drive. I do not like the gas mileage. I wish it was another color.

- Beth M

It's not stylish but it has a great track record and no maintenance issues.

I like the size. I like the way it handles. It is not the quality of the vehicle I had before which was a Honda minivan.

- Ken A

The car rides very smooth. Comfortable ride.

I like the size of the vehicle. Very spacious for the kids and sport equipment. After two years however the seat broke.

- Michelle N

That its very gas friendly but simple repairs can be very costly.

The repairs are very costly. The vehicle has a lot of issues with its sensors. On the up side. It is very gas friendly.

- April R

It has a third row seat so it fits more people than it looks like.

It is very roomy and feels comfortable driving. Handles very well. Love all the bells and whistles and it looks sharp.

- Kay M

My Traverse has plenty of space to accommodate our growing family. It has everything we need. It's comfortable and such a smooth drive.

My Traverse has 3 rows of seats with the middle row being captains seats which makes it easier to access the 3rd row.

- Kyla B

Great size for kids and sports. Can really loud a lot of kids in!

I love the room, especially 3rd row. I wish it had the keyless stuff. My radio freaks out sometimes with my phone.

- Nicole J

great family vehicle that I trust to take on long family trips

It is a very reliable vehicle with third row seating. It is good in all types of weather and good on gas as well.

- Megan M

I can rearrange my seating from planning vacation to hauling all my diy projects.

Love my truck!. . Accommodates everyone in the family! Rides smooth, conveniently adjustable for any and everyone!

- Bree L

Likes: smooth and quiet drive, space inside, seats Dislike: Acceleration is slower than other mid-size SUVs Complaints: Sometimes the rear A/C knobs get too hot to touch.

Overall I love the car, although I am worried about the transmission after reading online problems and complaints.

- Neel B

The ride is wonderful. There is plenty of room for kids and kid stuff.

I like the look of my vehicle. I like the ease of driving my vehicle. I love all the room inside for my family.

- Judy G

It is a very spacious car. It is a great family SUV.

It has a nice design inside and out. It is very spacious with the third row seating. Inside feels like a minivan.

- Kimberly K

Comfortable ride and reminds you when things need to be done.

My vehicles is very comfortable to ride in and gas mileage is average for that size of car and is very reliable.

- Joanne G

SUV. Plenty of room. Trunk isn't large at all. So don't plan to grocery shop with kids

Great car. Plenty of space. Trunk could be a bit bigger. Seats are not so comfy for long rides. Love the dual ac

- Alana L

Good quality for money paid.

It is seven passenger vehicle big enough for my family to travel. Rides very smoothly and very quiet. Eats gas!

- Gail M

it is a dependable auto that is safe.

i like the smooth ride and the comfort, the way it drives it handles well, that anyone should like this model.

- keith f

That it has a lot of room.

I do not like the gas mileage or how large it feels sometimes.. I enjoy the comfort and room in the vehicle..

- Emily R

The size of it makes me feel safer for sure.

The size, gas mileage, the 3rd row, the secret compartment in trunk. Not too much that I dislike if anything.

- Barbara E

I feel very safe driving it.

Like the color, trim, comfort, storage space and ease of driving. Dislike the mileage and non auto liftgate.

- Julie V

Why I love my Chevy Traverse

Lots of space for cargo and kids Drives smooth and great traction in snow. good on gas for a larger vehicle.

- marnie b

It is a great family travel car.

I love everything about my SUV. It is roomy, comfortable, decent on gas and also has all upgrades available.

- Bryant S

Good on gas and good in any type of weather.

It is good on gas city/highway, it drives good in any type weather really reliable and it sits 8-10 people.

- Christian W

Safety and reliability. This vehicle is safe in all weather conditions.

My vehicle has all drive, automatic light system. It has good seating and storage. It has backup cameras.

- Robert T

Drives like a dream and comfortable on long trips.i

The size is amazing. It has fantastic pick up and mileage is decent considering the size. I love this car.

- Kelly B

Comfort in town or on long trips.

It is comfortable, easy to drive good gas mileage. No complaints. Very good looking and easy to care for.

- Peggy W

Safe and easy to drive. Great features such as touch screen. Very roomy.

Easy to drive. I like the features such as the touch screen. I like the camera that shows when I reverse.

- Kel B

Chevy Traverse 2015/comfy

No problems. Extremely comfortable and reliable. Use on most road trips and it performs decently in mpg

- Jennifer I

That it's a great family vehicle! It drives really nice and had amazing features inside!

I love my traverse. It is a perfect family vehicle! It has third row seating so it's perfect for trips!

- Chelsea B

7 passengers can fit in this vehicle.

Easy car to drive. Hard see in rear in passenger side because of head rests. It's an expensive vehicle.

- Mary K

It is safe and I trust driving my children around town and on long trips in it.

Better storage compartments. I like how dodge puts storage underneath the floor mats in the back rows.

- Katie P

It is very reliable and built solid. I feel totally safe in it.

Roomy and reliable. Heated seats in front. No auto back hatch opener. Would like heated seats in back.

- Jo H

Its reliable and I haven't had any problems with it.

I love everything about my car. I love the auto start. I wish it had built in DVD players for my kids.

- Jennifer S

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

Great car, wish it had a moonroof, navigation system, and a little more power. Hoping to upgrade soon.

- Andrew M

Chevy traverse is a Great family vehicle

The chevy traverse is a great family car!! Its reliable and I always have great service through chevy

- Jamie T

It is made by a great car manufacture and is a suv that is greatly praised.

I have no complaints! It performs well and is a couple of years old. And is not a lemon whatsoever!

- Jacob A

Bucket seats in the middle provide for easy access to third row

I like the size of the vehicle. I like that it has bucket seats and a third row. I like the power.

- Kassi H

It tells you when to stop when you back out. It also has navigation

I can fit a lot of people. It's good on gas. Drives really well. I like SUVs so I can see as well

- Lynn D

I love the comfort of the inside but it doesn't have enough storage It is cheap built because several things are falling apart

It is cheap built. The plastic part under the seat is coming loose and the seat belt came loose

- Naomi F

very comfortable ride and spacious with a lot of seating

nice smooth ride. love all the tech including the heated seats. spacious, lots of seating

- su k

It can comfortably seat seven passengers plus some storage.

The size is perfect, seats 7 people. It looks like an expensive car and is comfy and safe.

- jenny m

Quality. Had no warranty issues.

It rides nice. It is high for good vision. 3 rows of seating. Good for multiple car seats.

- Owen m

comfort, good mileage. looks great.

it has plenty of room. it is very comfortable. rear seat folds down for even more space.

- mark K

I love having the third row. It gives me extra room when needed

I like the way it drives. I love the 3rd row. And I like that it's an American company

- Sam R

It handles very well on the road. The gas mileage is pretty decent too.

The traverse handles very well. The media features are very handy and easy to operate

- Isaiah W

It can fit seven people very comfortably and is very roomy

I like the size and how many people I can fit in it. The trunk could be a bit larger

- missy c

It had more room than it looks like from the outside.

I like the dvd player. I like the split seats in the back. I also like the 3rd row.

- Valerie W

The three rows of seats make it easy to transport our kids around along with their friends.

The traverse has three rows of seat. We have cloth seats. It is blue. It runs on gas.

- bailey g

High quality , dependable vehicle with good gas mileage.

Good ride, great storage excellent radio. Handles well and has good acceleration .

- Al S

I like the room that it has. three rows of seating so it sits 8. All back seats also lay down. it has AWD.

It is very roomy and I love the all wheel drive. It is a safe vehicle for family!

- paula k

It is a safe vehicle and perfect for a family.

I love the amount of seats and the captain style seating. Perfect family car.

- selina F

Drives smoothly and feels safe.

Plenty of room. Comfortable, handles well. Could get better gas mileage.

- Tom G

Well worth the money. The time and effort to find the perfect car as well!

It is so amazing! Big enough for the 6 of us. Smooth ride and comfortable.

- Frederick H

It has tons of room! In the back and up front!

I love my Traverse! It has tons of room! It drive and rides great!!

- Michelle M

Excellent vehicle for families or singles. Good sized but still easy to drive.

Generally like vehicle but don't like the rear seat tracks.

- Eric B

Lots of room. Drives well. Uncomfortable headrests.

This car is great for families because it has lots of room.

- Emily R

Spacious, roomy for kids, easy to get in and out of.

Three rows, captains chairs, black seating, great for kids

- Allison G

It can fit up to 8 people. Drives smooth and has a V6 engine.

No complaints yet. The truck is still new. No issues yet.

- Patrick H

it feels safe when driving with kids

love the size and how it rides, i wish i had heated seats

- nicole F

Has the 3rd row Great for families

No complaints. Best SUV for me great having the 3rd row

- Nikki R

Great for traveling, plenty of room for everyone

It is roomy, comfortable, rides smoothly and quietly.

- Chris P

it carries a lot of cargo

not sure what ot say about what I like and or dislike

- wayne B

Good overall vehicle for individuals or family.

Good ride. Lots of room. Three rows of seats.

- dale Q

Very roomy and good on gas.

It has been a great car for me and very roomy

- Macey r