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The Chevy Traverse is the most comfortable vehicle for families.

I absolutely love my Chevy Traverse! It is very roomy and comfortable. The Traverse fits 6 -8 people which is great for carpooling. It is great on gas on the highway. The third-row seating can be folded down for more room. The middle row seating can either be folded down or pulled forward for easy access to the third row. The backup camera is another great feature with the Traverse. It makes backing into parking spots and backing out of parking spots so easy. When backing up you can see everything behind you so clear on the screen and when you are getting close to something it beeps to tell you. It also shows lines in the screen also making it easy to back out or back in. This vehicle has its own Wifi which is a great feature when traveling. The On-star feature is also very nice. The on-Star feature includes roadside assistance and much more. They are very helpful. The traverse has two separate A/C units, one for the driver and passenger and another for the back. The driver and passengers can control both A/C units if necessary. The traverse offers plenty of storage space in the dash, center console and doors. The only negative thing I have to say about this vehicle is that I do not like the headrests in the driver and passenger seats. They are awkward and very uncomfortable. Other than that, my family and I enjoy this vehicle. We have two boys that are very active in sports and this vehicle has plenty of room for them and all their sporting equipment. We recently took a road trip from SW Florida to Gatlinburg, TN (about a 12 hr drive) All four of us were comfortable.

- Heather B

2017 Chevy Traverse Review

The Chevy Traverse is a roomy vehicle, with 7 passenger seating and plenty of space in the rear with the back seats down for carrying cargo and gardening items. I've been able to load large bags of mulch and topsoil along with other items in the back of my vehicle. The items that are disappointing about the vehicle include the archaic information screen in this particular model. For some reason, some of the features previously on the touch screen were eliminated, including Bluetooth options for passengers, etc., and some of the synchronization options. OnStar is available to provide driving directions in the vehicle and you can pair phones with the use of buttons located on the steering column. The location of the vents for heating and cooling are a challenge for someone that is my height, 5ft 3in. Since I tend to be a bit closer to the foot pedal, it is difficult to get the vents to blow cool or warm air relatively close to me when I would like. The cooling and heating system does keep the vehicle cool/warm in the respective climates. In the winter time, if I haven't started the vehicle with my remote start to defrost the windows, it seems to take some time defrosting the windows. I'm hoping that these few items are remedied in the newer version of this vehicle. If so, I would recommend this vehicle to persons that prefer a mid size vehicle for tasks similar to the above, as well as traveling families needing extra space.

- Jackie M

Comfortable, yet rugged design.

On occasion there seems to be lagging or racing of the engine causing the vehicle to either jolt forward abruptly upon acceleration, or lagging sensation when pushing the accelerator whereas the vehicle does not move forward upon pushing on the gas pedal. The remote has wonderful features, I am able to open the trunk by pushing a button, the same process is used for closing the tailgate. A wonderful asset to the vehicle for those who are physically challenged or even for someone who is of shorter stature and cannot reach the button on the tailgate. Vehicle seats 8 persons. It is not designed well to accommodate 3 car seats in the same row, nor to place 2 car seats and an adult in the same row of seating. Air conditioning and heating system flows well throughout the whole vehicle. Driver seat and passenger have separate heating and cooling temperature settings. Hidden area which allows you to plug your USB/MICRO cell phone in for playing music, this is enclosed area so as the phone will not fall onto floor. It is also a great option as when Bluetooth connectivity is activated or it is in car mode, you can receive or decline calls through the radio. Text messages can also be heard through radio or dismissed. For size if vehicle, gas mileage is pretty good. Comfortable ride for long or short trips.

- Kimberly N

Solid dependable comfortable family car.

I really like the size of the SUV and the third row seat. I wish my model came with the automatic trunk or push button trunk. I also with the car had a digital speedometer and the blind spot warnings on the mirror. I have had an issue with my rear brake sizing or staying compressed and wearing out the break quickly before all the others. The car has been great driving in the snow and rain. The car did ok hauling a large packed trailer although we could not push the engine to over 5000 rpms without the transmission slipping. But considering I feel the car did well for the size of the trailer even though is was in the recommended trailer size. The third row fits three kids comfortably and even 3 small to regular size adults. I really like the split seat for the second and third row seats. I really like the heated front seats but wish the back seats had heated seats as well. I really like the trunk space/storage in the floor of the trunk for keeping car supplies.

- Colleen G

Not Worth Buying Unless Desperate for an SUV

I have a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse LS 4 door SUV. It is a basic model. I have a full bench seat behind the front seats and a 'half bench' seat in the 3rd row. There is not a lot of pass in the vehicle. We are a family of 4, with 2 kids. 3 year old, and 6 year old. If the back seat is up, there is not a lot of cargo pass in the trunk, but if it is down than that allows more space. If going on a trip and there plans to be 7 of you in a vehicle, there is hardly any space to be comfortable or for your belongings. Mechanically it sucks the gas, and drinks oil like crazy. I drive 47 miles one way to work, and I have to at least fill up twice per week sometimes 3 times depending on how close I am to reaching that 3,000 mile mark with the oil change. I have also noticed that the technical mechanics have started slipping and sometimes will go haywire. My transmission has started slipping and it is only at 70,000 miles.

- Emily H

Great winter driving in MN.

I love that I do not have to bother worrying about getting around in Minnesota winters! Since I have had my traverse, my husband has not had to pull me out of any snow! It is a smooth ride and I trust it on long car trips. Its 3rd row seat is super helpful when we go on trips to be able to haul things like coolers, or when we are black Friday shopping to have extra storage. It gets great gas mileage and has held up well in the MN winters. The only problems I have had with it is a few times a year I have enough dirt built up in the wheel wells from living on gravel that it affects how the tires balance.

- Heidi K

Amazing Chevrolet Traverse Very few Problems

There has been a leak in the top of the car near the hearing wheel. I have had it fixed and it has happened again. Once I got the second leak fixed I haven't had the same problem. I have had this car for a couple of years, and I find it very reliable. There are three rows which are great for when my kids want to go somewhere with friends. There is a good amount of cargo space considering I can go on vacations with my parents and children without having to add any attachment for luggage. Overall I have had this car for a while and I intend to keep the car for a while.

- Tara Y

Make the traverse your next family car!

We love our car! We have a family of 6. And everyone fits in so comfortably we have the bucket seats in the middle row which is so wonderful for us. The car seat is in one and the other kids are able to walk between the seats to the 3rd row. We had an SUV before that has benches. It was so difficult with the car seat. Not this SUV. We just got back from Disneyland. Drove across 4 states with all the kids. The DVD player was a life saver! We live in Idaho. Winters are unforgiving. The heated seats make grocery shopping more tolerable. Love this car!

- Noel K

We love our Chevy Traverse

The vehicle is great for people needing space. We take family and grandkids on frequent trips and it easily fits seven. It has a lot of storage in the back when the last row of seats is not being used. I do wish there was some kind of feature that would allow you to secure bags etc. in the back. I had a netting in a former car that used to allow this, The car has good pick up speed on the highway for a large vehicle. It's the first vehicle we have had with a camera showing the area behind the car when backing up and I love this feature.

- cheryl s

Built on a truck chassis, !

Problem-not with the vehicle: I need to re-learn driving a larger vehicle! Reliability: always starts the 1st time; using the ‘backup camera’ is very helpful to feel you are in control. I like the compass, also. I am directionally challenged so it is a blessing! Comfort: front seats are heated which is great to have for the cold weather that is coming up! The cruise-control system is awesome! I do not use the cruise control around town, but I have to drive the interstate to get to work, to my doctor’s office and to church.

- Barbara R

Best Vehicle I've Ever Owned!

The vehicle is very spacious. It has pass-through second-row seating, which makes it easy for extra passengers to get to the back seat. I love the third-row seating, which can also be laid down for extra storage room. The back-up camera is great for backing into tight spaces. It is a very smooth ride, very comfortable. Comfortable seats. Nice leather-wrapped steering wheel. The remote start is one of the best features, helping to get the car cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather. Best vehicle I've ever owned.

- Chelsea W

One of the most important things to know that it expands a lot of gasoline. If you're looking for a gas saver, this is probably not it. The MPG is not very economical.

For the most part I enjoy my vehicle. One of the things that I enjoy the most is that it is very roomy. It fits 8 passengers, which is one of my favorite things about the vehicle. It is a newer model so it has been very reliable thus far. For the most part it is a comfortable smooth ride. Some of the things I do not like is that I feel it is very cheaply made. The fabric in the 3rd row ripped within less than a year. Some of the knobs are not as smooth as they should be. The bottom plastic is also very cheaply.

- celia j

2017 Chevrolet Traverse review

Chevy Traverse has average gas mileage for a seven passenger vehicle. It also has adequate room and storage, excellent ride quality, and seats fold down to haul large items. It's a great vehicle for winter road conditions as it has all-wheel drive. It has an excellent sound system, responsive steering, and braking. The six speed automatic transmission coupled to the six cylinder engine has excellent acceleration. The downside is it's blind spots on both rear sides but backup camera works well when backing up.

- Ronald B

Chevrolet Traverse. Seats up to seven people.

My Chevrolet Traverse is easy drive and a comfortable to ride in. We brought it to have more room for grandkids. Problems that I do not like is it is hard to get in/out to the 3rd seat for my adult passengers. Being so long at times it can be difficult to park. I have had the car going on three years and other than routine maintenance have not had any problems. Seems like a pretty reliable car so far. I like the hands off feature for answering the phone, the heated/cool seats. The gas mileage is not good.

- Sandra W

The Truth on the Traverse My vehicle is dependable and smooth driving.

I love my vehicle because it drives very smooth. You do not feel like you are going very fast because you barely feel the bumps. I love all of the technology and it isn't difficult to learn. The only reason I gave it a 4 out of 5 is because I don't love how the back end is a little heavy and difficult to open and close. It would be nice if it would open automatically. I also wish the back window could open up in case you have a lot in the trunk. You don't want it to all fall out when you open it.

- Shannon K

Great family car. Strong and economic.

Really great family car! I have a family of 5 and we have been on multiple road trips. My traverse has always been reliable and I have never had any issues with it. The car is super comfortable and sits 8 people comfortably. We live in Orlando FL and has driven to Niagara Falls Canada multiple times. I would buy this vehicle all over again! The traverse is also great on gas. It also has a great slick look to it. I still have not had to do a tune up or change my tires at 60,000 miles. Really great car.

- Jerry R

My traverse, What a family, trip taking & economy car.

No trouble or problems. It is great for shopping, leisure, trips & family time. I use with my coworkers traveling to trainings or lunch with friends. It has enough leg room. For all 7 riding passengers. The temp control is great for back passengers, charging phones & music. I bought my traverse a little over a year ago & the tailgate door I can open if it is raining coming from store. I also haul feed, small equipment for farm, the seats fold down enough to put a twin mattress down.

- Hannah K

Love my beautiful comfortable Traverse

My traverse is absolutely beautiful inside and out! I love the seat warmers and the black leather seats. It very comfortably fits 7 people with plenty of room. I really enjoy the XM radio and OnStar. The backup camera is very clear and I use it all the time to back into parking spots. The side mirrors are great with letting you know when someone is close so you don't get over and hit someone. Gets great gas mileage it only costs about $45 to fill it up. I would 100% get another traverse

- Jessica L

Great SUV for family with children or elderly with grandchildren.

I have not encountered any problems this far with my 2017 Traverse. It is very comfortable with three rows of seats. Very easy to get to third row having the bucket seats in the second row. Great for car seats and still have extra space for passengers. If no one is sitting in the third row, the seats fold down very easily and make for added space for storing groceries and/or strollers. The gas mileage is around 13 miles per gallon. It is very dependable in driving in winter and in snow.

- Christine D

Perfect vehicle for our family

As a family of 4, we absolutely love our Traverse. The 2nd row has adjustable seats to offer more leg room to passengers. The 3rd row is a little cramped for adults or car seats, but school age kids fit great. There is plenty of cargo space. We have had no issues that have required repair for our vehicle at this point, so it's been pretty reliable for us so far. We knew this was the perfect vehicle for us as soon as we sat in it. The seats are comfortable and we have plenty of room.

- Autumn R

Overall great vehicle. Satisfied customer

Pros: the traverse has a luxury feel to it. It is comfortable, reliable, the pricing fit our budget, and it has lots of little extras. Cons: the major drawback to this vehicle in my opinion is turn radius. It isn't easy to get into parking spaces and such because of its lack of maneuverability. Overall I am very happy with this vehicle. It is quite comfortable on long trips as well as easy to get in and out of. Plenty of leg and head room for my husband who is 6'3

- Peggy R

The car for you non minivan moms.

As a mom I wanted a vehicle that could haul my kids around and still have room without being a minivan mom. . I opted for the bucket seat in the back. It comes in very handy with my kids that can climb in the 3rd row if I need it. . The 3rd row option was a must for me. We look to expand our family soon and the traverse can easily accommodate more kids and still have the ability to haul other items in the back. . Overall my best purchase of a vehicle. Love it!

- Liz G

Comfortable and Smooth Ride

Very comfortable front seat. All the bells and whistles but easy to use. Features are easy to use, not like some other SUVs. Not s complicated dashboard like other SUVs in this class. Smooth ride. Nice for highway driving and long rides. It is a seven passenger SUV. The second row are also captain chairs, which means it only holds two and limits the space. There is not as much leg room in the second row as it would be in a five seater SUV.

- Karen M

Great family car for anyone avoiding that minivan life!

This car is the perfect family. We purchased it because it has an easily accessible third row that can fold flat for a ton of extra cargo space. We also love the bucket seats in the middle row, making it easy for people to climb in and out of the third row. The bucket seats are perfect for our son's car seat and easily adjust back and forth. We love the smooth, easy ride of this family vehicle and this traverse convinced us to be a Chevy family.

- elisa F

My Chevy Traverse Very comfortable and perfect fit for my family of 4.

Vehicle is super comfortable and lots of space. Perfect to size for a big family. Third row seating can turn into more cargo space when not needed. My family loves it. The car seats fit great. Siriusxm available and you can add Wifi to the vehicle if you like. It is a very comfortable care to ride in. I purchased my vehicle brand new and I've had it for two years and I have not had any problems with it. Very reliable and great gas mileage.

- Cynthia A

Conveniences of a mini van without being one

Love the space in my Traverse! It has the same conveniences of a minivan without being one. The seats easily fold down to make room for extra storage when needed. Being a family of 4 with 2 boys involved in sports, we often have the back seat folded down to store all of their sports equipment, chairs, cooler, etc. The power liftgate and back up camera are big conveniences also. Love the way it drives and everything about my Traverse!

- Shawna S

Everything to love about a Chevrolet traverse.

I absolutely love my Chevrolet traverse. It is a great SUV. I love all the room we have to travel, I love that it has 3rd row seating, and that it can hold 7 passengers. We use it for long trips and the captain chairs in the back seat allow everyone to be so comfortable and have so much room. So far, it has been very reliable as we have taken it on at least 5 long distance trips. The only thing that I wish was better is the gas mileage.

- Dana F

Perfect for a family of 5!

I absolutely love the Chevy traverse. As a family of 5 plus a dog, it gives us plenty of space and leg room. Car seat fits great in the 2nd row seating. Easy access to 3rd row seating. Love how there are 2 options to put down the back seats when needed. Trunk space is great and fits a hefty stroller! Seats are super comfortable for long car drives. We love the seat warmers in the colder months. It is a perfect car for a family!

- Britney L

2017 Chevy traverse review - great vehicle for families.

The traverse is a great, reliable vehicle. We purchased the most basic model but it still has the backup camera, Sirius XM capabilities, and rear heat/ac. It's a comfortable vehicle, roomy enough for the kids with the removable third row seat for extra trunk room. I would definitely recommend this vehicle for families or even single people who need a little extra room but do not want to feel like they're driving a bus around.

- Nicole M

Even without the Bluetooth music play, it is our favorite vehicle ever.

We have the base model extended cab, and we love it. The seats lie down completely and the cab holds a lot of stuff! When the seats are fully up, there is still plenty of room for storage in the back. There are multiple USB ports and a large display screen. I cannot get my music to play over Bluetooth, so I have to use an AUX cord, which is irritating at times. The Bluetooth does work for hands free calls, though.

- Kelli W

Traverse: An unbiased review of a vehicle that falls a bit short

Within three months of purchase the transmission had to be rebuilt, and the console controls for the rear A/c would get so hot it would nearly burn you if you touched it for too long. Pros of the vehicle is the third row seat and head space, though my 6ft 2 husband and Son both nearly touch the headliner if sitting in the front seats. Handles well and has a great turn radius. I do wish that it were a bit wider.

- Stephanie C

Since I have owned my Traverse, I have never had a problem "fitting everything in" for road trips/vacations.

My traverse is versatile and convenient. I can fold down my seats and haul things in the back. Only complaint on the 2017 model traverse, is the third row seats headrests hit on the back of the second row seats. I actually gave to slide the second row seats forward just a little for the third row seat headrests to clear the back of the second row seats. My previous model 2014 Traverse did not do that.

- Karen H

Chevy Traverse has all the necessities for a large family

I absolutely love my Traverse. It has plenty of room with our 5 children and there is even room for three car seats in the middle row. The third row has plenty of legroom unlike many other third row vehicles and the air vents that go all the way to the back row are a major plus. It helps keep the entire vehicle the same temperature all the way through. The Traverse is my favorite vehicle I have ever own.

- Amanda S

Very spacious and comfortable

I have had my Chevy Traverse for a year now and I love it. I have a built-in DVD player which is a lifesaver for the kids when we take road trips. We live out of town from family, so the third row comes in handy when people come to visit. I like having the captains chairs in the middle row and because we can easily move the kids car seats to the back row and adults can sit in the middle comfortably.

- Melissa S

Very roomy; but a gas guzzler.

The Traverse is very comfortable, especially for people who are over 6' tall. Ours has 3rd row seating which can be folded down to make extra cargo room in back. When we moved, that was very handy. The only thing I don't like about it is the gas mileage. In-town driving it is only around 16 mpg. On the highway, we might get 21 if we are lucky. With gas hovering a $3. 00 per gal. , this is not good.

- Amy M

Good features, need more storage.

We bought this for a family car with 3 rows and option for bucket seats for middle row. This accommodates our 3 kids with car seats. It has good gas mileage and I love the park assist and rear heating/air options. I don't like the storage in trunk. It's small. We also have a rear facing seat and to install correctly the passenger seat needs to be pushed forward and is not comfortable for an adult.

- Claire C

7 seating Traverse with split second row.

I love the seating capacity and the fact that the second row seating is only two seats, which allows a nice distance between my two young children (they cannot reach each other and bug each other!). On my particular vehicle, the hatch is not electronic, so it has to be opened and closed manually, which can be difficult especially if hands are full. I love the way it drives and all the features.

- Angela H

2017 Chevrolet Traverse!!

My 2017 Chevrolet Traverse is a fabulous vehicle. The Traverse is very roomy and comfortable with lots of room to move around and not feeling cramped. The Chevrolet Traverse performs very well for a SUV, the gas mileage is fairly decent. The features that come with the Traverse are wonderful and easy to use. I definitely recommend the satellite radio and OnStar for phone calls and directions.

- Jason B

The cloth seats are very light and stains are easily seen on them.

The Chevy Traverse is a wonderful vehicle. The backup camera feature is wonderful. Only downsides I have found thus far is that the speedometer is not digital and the rest of the features such as the gas until empty is hard to get to on the screen. Launching the music through the USB also was not an easy feat either as I had to have music on my apples iTunes account to get it to play music.

- Sophia S

Great SUV. Great on road trips. Have been many places in this truck.

The Chevy Traverse is a really great truck. It stays in control in snow. It has enough room for all my kids and all their sports equipment. Its comfortable to drive. Only issue I have had is the check engine light has come on. It has something to do with the gas tank. When I put gas in the car doesn't start right away. I have to pull there gas pedal a few times for the engine to stay on.

- Maria D

Good and bad of the Chevrolet traverse.

Biggest complaint is fuel economy-only gets maximum 21-22 mpg on open road and another complaint would be a steering thunk when you turn the wheel to the max left or right and a thunk is heard- otherwise the vehicle is a good family type vehicle with plenty of room for cargo and such-my vehicle has the third row seating which is very handy when we transport several of the grandkids.

- Tom H

4 door, light grey, captain seats with plenty of space for 7 individuals

My vehicle fits a family of four perfectly. We travel a lot so having the space was important to us. We choose the captain seats so that it would be easier getting in and out of the third row. There is more room in the back with the third row laying all the way down. With the third row up we can fit 7 people including driving and passenger. I would recommend this car to everyone.

- Brandy B

This is about the Chevy traverse, it is a real good car,

I like the way that in my SUV handle, because it always come to a smooth stop, and c 6 people comfortably, and is easy to move stuff around in it. I liked it also because how safe it is and how it keeps all of us safe when we going down the highway. It gets real good gas mileage in the safe on the road and it keeps the children's sake so it is a real good car and it runs good.

- Hassan D

The amazing Chevrolet traverse.

The Chevy traverse is an amazing family vehicle we have a lot of room for a larger family. The third row is optional, which is great! The AWD Chevy traverse drives great in all weather conditions. This car has power when needed. My current Chevy traverse is an upgrade from my last model. I have never had any issues with either of my traverses. I highly recommended this SUV.

- Ashley U

Great car for a family of boys!

The traverse is roomy and comfortable for a family of 5. The third row seat is great when my kids have friends that want to go places with them. The back up camera is great. I would have liked the sides of the front window to not be as wide because they interfere with blind spots and I would have liked to have 4-wheel drive for the amount of money I paid for the vehicle.

- Crystal J

Seats 7, heated seats, captains chairs, third row seating, nice family vehicle.

Not only does this vehicle provide a smooth ride, the sears are comfortable and there is plenty of space. The captain chairs in the back make it comfortable and convenient to get to the third row seating. I have had zero performance issues thus far and that is with driving over fifty miles five days a week. I highly recommend this vehicle and may always purchase these!

- Jennifer B

Most comfortable SUV on the market!

Chevy Traverse is very roomy, and seats 8 comfortably. Air vents are placed above back two row seating, giving the entire vehicle air circulation. Traverse drives smoothly and gives a safe feeling on the road when traveling with children. Having the option to put down the third row seating, and create a larger storage area is nice for long trips, and moving.

- Sarah S

Traverse drives great in many conditions.

The performance and handling is superb. The look of the car is the only downfall but it does grow on you. Big enough for a family of five and fits car seats well enough while still having enough storage in the back. Plenty of power and a smooth ride that is comfortable in many conditions. The trim is nice and we love the middle row bucket seats in the car.

- Nicholas K

Love the spacious interior.

I chose the Chevy Traverse because of the interior space and the 2nd row captains seats. I have 3 children and they never have to sit next to each other and never have to even touch -lol! I do not feel like lifting a seat or climbing in the back each time we enter. The kids have numerous sporting events and the trunk space is sufficient for our supplies.

- Tan P

Love the vehicle not only it is nice and full of power also very luxurious.

The vehicle is spacious and comfortable to adjust, nice to be able to stand out in public. So far I haven't got any problem, I would not trade it for anything right now. Performance is excellent and drive really smooth that you do not hear noise. The fact it has all the feature that I like. I think it is a great car for one, two people even a family.

- Katherine J

The Traverse has great features.

I bought the Traverse 2 years ago, I love everything. The touch screen radio, heated seats, remote start, middle bucket seats, third row which we have down most of the time for more trunk space. It drives smooth and has some great power. Oh! The backup camera is a lifesaver. If we do not end up with a Tahoe in the future I would get another Traverse.

- Ryan M

Great Car, room for 7, or lots of shopping goodies

I like that I can seat 7 people if I need to and when I don't the seats fold down for space for cargo or dog. Comfortable to drive. One thing I absolutely hate it the headrests. They move forward every time they get bumped from behind and I'm constantly pushing it back. It should be fixed so it doesn't move either way unless you press the button

- Michelle B

Chevrolet products are very dependable.

No problems at this time. This is our second Chevrolet traverse and we love ?? it. We are a Chevrolet family. When the time comes, we will purchase another Chevrolet. I am currently driving two 2500 Chevrolet Silverado trucks one is gas the other is diesel. The diesel has 123 thousand plus miles and the gas has 174,567 miles on it. Good vehicles.

- Bill H

I love its 6 seater and how spacious it is.

The steering is hard it's not smooth, wish it was easy to hold takes too much strength to turn and to drive. I would like to see more colors in the exterior and also interior not stylish and basic updates, would like to see more seating options with good air conditioning and style on the seats, no roof top. I would like good music system.


Great for Those of Us with Long Legs!

They've really thought of every convenience with the Traverse while maintaining good space! Instead of losing leg room with cup holders they have but them in the doors give lots of legroom for third row seats... everything folds down and is easy to take in and out! Very family friendly and made for those with longer legs which is perfect!

- Sarah T

It comes with Wi-Fi after you get OnStar.

There really is nothing wrong with it. If you don't drive it the oil pressure can drop and cause your car to run funny. I had to take the car into the shop for it to get repaired. It was pretty cheap to fix. The features my car has is a backup camera. It also has Wi-Fi so if you are traveling and need Wi-Fi then you have it in your car.

- Rachel H

Love the Traverse. Big fuel saving safety feature vehicle.

I love my 2017 Traverse. I love all the safety it has to offer. The blind side assist helps with a larger vehicle since it can be hard to see smaller cars. There is lots of room for kids and can still grocery shop. I like the fuel saving feature except when you are going to stop and a light changes it lunges like you are driving stick.

- Michelle E

Spacious and luxurious without the large price tag.

Love the car and the way it drives. Love the space the car offers. The price was great. Only downfall is my gas tank drops when parked on a slant drastically and does not always come back to regular level within what I would consider a normal period of time especially if I was under half a tank. This is my only complaint with the car.

- Jen K

It is functional and attractive. It is easy to drive.

Traction control issues that cause the vehicle to lose power at random times. I researched the issue and found it to be a common problem with this vehicle. I also has found that the stabilization code will come up on the dashboard at the same time the traction control goes out. It was very frightening when it happened the first time.

- Suzanne R

Great performance of a car.

Great performance and reliable, no problems so far except a change of tires and brake pads. Very durable, comfortable and engine runs pretty smooth. Great style and very smooth ride. I would highly recommend this ride because it is smooth, comfortable and durability is a plus. So reliable that you can have it for a very long time.

- Craig L

Safe & reliable family SUV

My Chevy Traverse is a very safe & reliable vehicle. I love that I feel safe while driving my with my children. There is lots of room for seating & I still have cargo space if needed. Great features, I love my backup camera, onstar service, XM radio, & Bluetooth for my phone. Overall best vehicle we have purchased.

- Amanda M

Chevy Traverse positive comments.

It gets good gas mileage, has lots of room and is easy to handle. It has comfortable seats, great radio, its has cruise control. It has heated seats, Wi-Fi,remote start, air condition. Rear air and heat. Passenger seat reclines for a comfortable rest. It has adjustable seats. Back seats recline for storage or to haul items.

- Edward K

Excellent family car with plenty of useful storage areas

The vehicle is incredibly roomy and spacious but it is such an easy vehicle to drive. It does not feel like you're driving a big vehicle. There's a lot of useful storage in the car and the back seats collapse and can be raised back up with ease. Very easy to handle, and I have yet to have any major issues with the vehicle.

- Ami G

An interesting detail is the third seat because it is extremely comfortable

My vehicle is awesome. Gas friendly, reliable and comfortable. I haven't had any major issues other than the ones I caused when I rear ended another car. Overall, my vehicle works great and after it was repaired I have nothing to complain about. My vehicle has a third seat and gives enough space for groceries on the rear.

- Maria P

The whole family enjoys our Traverse! It meets all of our needs!

We bought our Chevrolet Traverse brand new in 2017. We love it! It's the perfect size vehicle for us... Not too big, not too small, plus we have two teenagers that enjoy the Wi-Fi service that the vehicle offers! If you're thinking about a new vehicle a Traverse is definitely one to consider. It's met all of our needs!

- Abigail W

Comfortable, spacious and a step under luxurious.

The 2017 has enough room for 7 people. With the 3rd row down you can only fit 4 people but there is so much trunk space. The only downfall is when the 3rd row seat is up you have minimal storage space in the trunk area. The car is very comfortable with heated seats for the winter, a sunroof for the summer/spring/fall.

- Jessica G

Captains chairs in second row are perfect!

The functionality and style of this car are amazing! Every feature you could want with kids when you don't want a minivan. The captain's chairs are great because you don't have to remove car seats. Only drawbacks are the fuse constantly blows and I can't charge my phone, and the power side mirrors aren't reliable.

- Jill G

Drives smoothly and fits my family comfortably!

I love that my vehicle fits my entire family comfortably. It gives the feeling of an SUV with not being full size and with better gas mileage. I prefer the captain seat option as it gives more space to the kids in the back. One thing that I wish it had was more room in the back when all three rows are being used.

- Victoria S

The Traverse has flexible seating options.

I like this vehicle because of all the different options you have to arrange the three rows of seating. You can accommodate up to four car seats or booster seats in this vehicle. I also like the response of the engine. It has good pick up and it is easy to drive on the freeway and pass vehicles when you want to.

- Karen B

Captain Seats are amazing!

The seats are a little smaller than I anticipated, which makes longer drives uncomfortable. Also, I thought with the 3rd row seats there would be more leg room for my son in the middle row, but it's about the same amount of space as my Equinox. Otherwise, the car is great and I'm really happy with the purchase.

- Samantha V

Summarize the bad things of the Traverse.

Does not have as many comfort features such as a button to close the trunk, cloth seats, seems like a lot goes wrong with it. It's hard to move the seats up and down. The vent in the back is a design flaw, it does not stay in place. The carpet in the car is cheap. When you try to clean the carpet it knots up.

- Teresa M

I highly recommend purchasing or leasing a Chevrolet Traverse.

I am leasing a 2017 Chevy Traverse. I have had the vehicle almost 2 years and have had no problems. The vehicle is big but easy to drive. It is much better in gas than I expected for such a large vehicle. It comfortably seats 8 which not many vehicles this size can accommodate, most hold only 7 passengers.

- Helen W

Very roomy and comfortable!

I love that there is a lot of room, storage and it is very comfortable. Even in between the seats it is enough room to where you are not squished and love the amount of storage in the back even with the 3rd seat sitting upright. It gets about the gas mileage I would expect and does well on long road trips!

- Christina B

Roomy interior and very clean sleek lines.

It is amazingly roomie three row seating leather interior navigation backup camera, the inside is comfortable for long trips and the kids are comfortable in the back also. Gas is not the best but it is a huge SUV made for families with 2 or more kids, we take it out of town often and have never had issues.

- Alicia R

Spacious car you will ever have

It's very roomy. Has pilot seats in the middle so easy access in and out from the 3rd row. Has touch screen radio..controlled air for the back. And radio. Heated seats are the best for winter. It has Bose speakers. Bluetooth. Charging port in the front and middle row. All back seat fold down for luggage.

- April R

Captains chairs are a nice feature instead of second row bench seat.

Like camera display. Comfortable seating. Captain's chairs. Just wish second row of captains chairs would recline. Radio display and screen is nice although touch screen is sometimes unresponsive. Also like steering wheel buttons to control, the radio. Windows are lightly tinted to allow more light in.

- Irene D

This car has no front parking sensors.

This vehicle does not have front parking sensors which is very inconvenient. The driver has automatic seat adjustments while the passenger does not. The gas mileage has not improved past 17. 8 even though I took a 9 hour cruising drive one way. The Bluetooth and corded phone connections drive me crazy.

- Amanda G

2017 Chevy Traverse The best small SUV on the market today

I haven't had any problems with performance. It runs great, looks great, is comfortable. Very nice reliable vehicle and I love driving it. It sits 7. It is about the same size as a minivan And holds the same amount of people however the trunk is smaller than a minivan. Looks like a small SUV/ minivan..

- Jessica R

Extensive room and great if you have kids who have friends that stay over. You have so much room and nobody ever complains.

I had a Nissan Altima S. That vehicle always had issues with the airbags, transmission and other electrical issues. I wanted something different other than a GM product. Boy was I wrong. I went back to my GM products and I will never recommend a Nissan as all their vehicles seem to have issues with it.

- Elaine A

It can drive through any mess meaning snow, mud and rain.

My Traverse is a seven seater which comes in handy when I have more than just my immediate family traveling. I love the ride and the AWD, which is necessary if I want to get home in the winter. My only complaint is that I don't find the seats overly comfortable, and I wish Chevy would work on those.

- Cheri C

Nice ride - change the headrests!

I love this truck. It rides smoothly. It is roomy on the inside with three rows of seats. However it does use more gas then the trailblazer. I also hate the head rests on the front seats - it sits out to far and pushes our heads forward. No matter how you adjust the seats, it still is uncomfortable.

- Steph B

Chevy Traverse 2017 Review

Great car! Very spacious - perfect for a family. Gets good gas mileage for the size of car that it is. Very reliable. We have had the car for 2 years and have never had any problems with this. 3 row seating is a great option most the time we have the third seat down to have more storage in the back.

- Samantha W

Lots of Space for Various Needs

I love my vehicle. The third row helps my children stay separated in the vehicle to limit fights. It also allows my children to each have a friend and still have space in the vehicle. I love how I can put the third row down for a larger trunk space. It works well in the various weather conditions.

- Holly S

Chevrolet traverse: great for the summer, not so great for anything else.

My biggest complaint is that the vehicle does not heat well in the rear during the cold months. It takes forever for the air to warm, due to the heat being transported through metal piping in the roof of the vehicle. I am not crazy over the seats either, they are not comfortable during long trips.

- Cass G

Traverse is the perfect family car

Car is very comfortable and perfect for kids. Car seats fit comfortably without having to cramp front seats. Heated seats and back up camera are also very nice! Third row seats are very spacious and when folded down you have a huge trunk space! I love how easy it is to fit a family into this car!

- Jordan B

Love how roomy the car is.

The vehicle just Needs more trunk space. But a very reliable vehicle. It's Very comfortable and very roomy interior. The back up camera is amazing. And the car itself I've never had a problem with. Would purchase this car again. Wish the floor mats covered the bottom so nothing got in the tracks.

- Diana N

Good overall SUV that offers lots of room.

Very reliable and performs very well. Handles well in the snow. Would like it to have apple carplay and keyless ignition. The Bluetooth isn't always the most reliable. The third row seating is nice and it is easy to put the seats up and down. Overall, a nice vehicle and would buy a newer version.

- Heather T

Traverse highlights and lowlights.

I really like the number of miles per gallon, especially on long trips. Two things that annoy me are the doors automatically unlocking when the car is put in park, and my Bluetooth does not always connect. The vehicle has a lot of space, and a great size trunk when the far back seat is put down.

- Heather F

I love the space in each row for myself in the front and my kids in the back.

This car has been amazing for my family. We are a growing family and there is ample room in the vehicle for children and car seats as well as spacious storage in the back. It has all the amenities I need and is easy to navigate. It is very comfortable for long car trips that we frequently take.

- Hannah R

The Untradable 2017 Chevy Traverse

I love you vehicle, don't have any problems with it. Great performance and the seats are very comfortable. It's great for family trips on the road. The surrounding sounds are wonderful. Comes with a PlayStation hooked to the vehicle for the kids to play games and watch movies, be very occupied.

- Ayana P

All around great family SUV

Lots of seating, there's still storage space even with 3rd row seating up. Very quiet and smooth drive. Good on gas and standard features are actually really good. Not massively overpriced. Great dependable SUV for a family. I would considered using just this make and model for years to come

- Andrew E

Top safety rated vehicle.

Vehicle is super sturdy, heavy and well built. Very comfy. The only downsides also the best feature, that it is very heavy and well built for crashes. It is so heavy that it makes closing the doors and back hatch hard, since they are made so heavy. Our vehicle is rated number one for safety.

- Christie N

The car had the highest rating for safety. The car rides very smoothly, is quiet, is very roomy, and is a sharp looking car

I like the safety rating the car has received. I like the technology such as the back up camera, lane alerts, etc. The interior of the car is very roomy and has plenty of space for my husband who has Parkinson's (main reason we purchased car) Dislike...car needs to get better gas mileage.

- Melody M

Great vehicle for me and my family

My vehicle is very reliable and good on gas. It drives well. I love the backup camera. Great to drive in all weather conditions. I just wish that it had a larger trunk area when the 3rd row seating is in use. Safe vehicle for me and my family. Definitely would consider buying again.

- Tiffany H

Chevy Traverse: The perfect family car

The Chevy Traverse is fabulous. The third row is so easy to access by pulling forward on the second row seating. This is the perfect car for moms that want the room of a minivan without actually having to buy a minivan. It's such a smooth ride and we are super roomy and comfortable in it.

- Holly D

Do not buy a Chevrolet. It is not worth it.

It is cheaply made and uncomfortable. The features are minimal for the prices. It has had to go to the shop several times and the metal parts of the seats are getting rusty looking. The gas gauge does not work right either. The gas mileage is horrible. I would never buy this brand again.

- Angel O

Great family friendly vehicle

The tailgate is really heavy to close and folding the seats is kind of a pain. Seat Belt covers are very cheap. I've replaced four since purchasing the car 2 years ago. The car drives very nice. Its comfortable. The kids love the extra space in the back and the latch system is awesome.

- Tiff R

Great car for the whole family.

Only problem we have had with traverse is that the shifter sticks and someone took the key to our lug nut lock when we had the tires rotated. Car rides smooth and is great for a family car. Awesome car for family vacations and anywhere we have to travel. Have never had major breakdown.

- Nick G

it's a dependable comfortable car. it's up off the ground so you can see around you while you drive.

I like the size of my traverse it has plenty of storage and seating room. it has great handling and comfortable to ride and drive. i really don't have any serious dislikes. i just wish it was more styled like the gmc acadia and i wish gm would offer more colors than they do right now

- lori s

Very comfortable if you drive a lot.

Dislikes: gas mileage; radio/lights act funny sometimes; Bluetooth connectivity sometimes funny; likes: big, easy to put seats up and down, drives very well, screen is nice for music, interior looks very classy. I would buy another traverse in a heartbeat and probably upgrade model.

- Angela P

Comfortable seats decent gas mileage for distance.

My car is a very comfortable riding car that we take on long trips. Gas mileage is not bad for a car of its size. This is my second traverse and I am sure my next one will be also. I am disappointment that they are going away with the DVD player as I like to listen to books on CD's.

- Inge V

My traverse, great vehicle for the money.

2nd traverse, great vehicle, very reliable. Sits higher than most traffic for visibility, helps you see any issues down the road. Good acceleration with the 6 cylinder engine, and stopping power with 4 wheel disk brakes. Sirius radio keeps you entertained with business news also.

- Brian F

Big family car with space for all my little ones and great overall experience.

My car is really spacious and fits my whole family I have four kids and two adults. I do wish I would have more space to store stuff in the back like my stroller ice chest ect. It drives smoothly and overall I love it and I'm glad I choose this vehicle. Gas is not too bad either.

- Kimberly S

The seat warmer are a plus with the leather seats

The Chevy Traverse is a nice midsize SUV. For a family of four to be comfortable. Things that I love about the Vehicle is the sunroof is a plus. Captain seats. Bluetooth and seat warmers are a plus with the leather seats. If you looking for a Chevy traverse you've will be please

- Ashley C

Great buy - highly recommended

Very reliable. This is the 2nd traverse I've had and have had no issues. Very comfortable ride. The base model has a lot of great features. I like the size of the screen for the backup camera. There are multiple USB ports. Not many updates from the 2014 to the 2017 model though.

- Sarah L

Good vehicle despite a few issues.

You can hear the road when you are driving that can be somewhat annoying. Fits 8 people comfortably and easily. Has good quality backup camera. Seats are a little uncomfortable when going on long road trips. Gets good gas mileage and haven't had any mechanical problems with it.

- Tiffany G

Overall the amount of space and seating in the truck is perfect for a family.

This car is perfect for 6 person family. There is extra seats. But it is good to have extra space between the people, especially if you have kids and they are little kids. And it is also good to have extra seats just In Case you have friends or family you are giving a ride to.

- Kristina R

Best car I ever owned! Best decision.

I absolutely love my car! Very comfortable, has all the modern technology. My kids love the car because of all the roomy seating in the back. Drives so smooth and has great gas mileage. I love everything about the traverse! I would recommend this to people with a large family.

- Rebekah N

7 passenger Chevy Traverse.

I love the vehicle, it drives great and is roomy if you do not have two children in car seats. They take up the whole second row making it hard to get in the third row. I like that is comes with remote start, especially because I live in New York. I would recommend it overall.

- Kimberly P

My car is very good for traveling it drives very smooth and is very roomy.

It has a lot of room. And the drive is very smooth. I also like the look. The headrests are very uncomfortable. They stick out to far into the back of your neck. The control panel is also annoying there are no buttons to push and it feels like you are pressing nothing. Weird.

- Susan K

I enjoy the back up camera.

I have not had any problems yet as I just purchased my vehicle in 2017. My car is brand new and just received the first service. My vehicle is very comfortable I would say for a family of 4. I have a family of 6 so we do need a bit more room. It is working for the time being.

- Amanda B

The Car I Drive and All its Amazing Powers

My vehicle is pretty good I would say. It gets me from place to place and the ONESTAR is great. It has Bluetooth and aux. I do wish it was push to start. The seats are comfy and seat warmers however the head adjusters can be uncomfy. Overall however great car would recommend

- Sebastian D

The console has a hidden compartment.

I do not like where the seat belts are located on the middle seats, very uncomfortable when traveling. Also, the seats are not very comfortable. I like the fact that the back seat folds down for extra room, and it gets decent gas mileage. That is all I have to say for now.

- Jerry S

Backup camera and backup assist. Heated front seats. Room for seven passengers

Great vehicle... AWD is great for the winters. Smooth ride. Very spacious. Sharp look. Room for seven passengers. Perfect for going on road trips with my family and grandkids. Not too bad on gas mileage but could be better. Great features. Backup camera and backup assist

- Sharon B

Nice reliable, family car.

Really like enjoy my car, but there is not much trunk room. The space on the third row seat is very minimal, not fun or adequate for adults. It is a very reliable car, have never had much trouble with it. Front seats are very comfortable and I love the backup camera!

- Irene S

I love the additional storage when all seats are folded down

Love the room and versatility. Captains chairs are great for easy in and out and front seats are extremely roomy for my over 6' tall husband. There is a separate air control for back seats. The third row can easily fit 3 adults or three car seats with no overcrowding

- Colleen B

Decent car and not long lasting.

There are some issues when reversing because I can't see due to the small window in the back. It is semi comfortable and has a lot of space for groceries or adding anything extra. The features are good but the paint on the buttons is coming off after the first year.

- Scarlett Rose Q

Love my Chevy Traverse. It is custom without the price.

I have had no problems with my Chev. Traverse it performance is great, it is reliable, comfortable and I love the features. I love the style and color. The Bose speakers are great. I recommend this car to friends. It is very good on gasoline compared to other cars.

- Donna M

Plenty of room in the back seat

Has plenty of space for my children. I was able to fit three booster seats across the back seat. Drives very smooth. There is enough room in the middle row for a rear facing car seat. Middle row has a bench seat but is still very easy to climb into the back seat.

- Beth W

Reliable, dependable, great handling and sharp looking Chevy traverse.

My traverse is very reliable. Room for 7 passengers and storage in the rear. Drives beautifully and is very good on gas. In the snow it handles very well. Had a great sound system, back up camera and back up beeper which is very helpful when parking the vehicle.

- Rose T

Great family car with comfy 3rd row

The bucket seats are so helpful for access to the third row. The third row is roomy and comfortable. There is plenty of storage space. I wish there were a few more luxury items, for example computerized heat and ac. It also doesn't have automatic door locks.

- Becky D

Great car with everything you would want.

It has great features and safety ratings. It is also enjoyable to drive. It contains all of the things that I would want and this is beneficial since I spend a lot of time in my vehicle. I would probably buy the same vehicle again if the opportunity was there.

- Kt T

Great vehicle for a family!

It's big, has great room for the kids. Easy to drive and travel. The family has plenty of room, it's reliable and has no issues. We really like taking this vehicle for our trips. It gives us room to get away from one another with the third row. It's great!

- Kristin H

Love that there is room for 2 booster seats and 1 infant car seat.

It fits my growing family of 5 very easy. 2 of my kids are in booster seats, ages 7 and 3. Soon we will have a 6th member in our family and he will be in a infant seat, and our 15 year old, and there is still more than enough room for everyone and their legs.

- Mandi D

Overall definitely recommend

I wish that it was a little bigger, and had a little more space. I also wish it had upgraded qualities such as Bluetooth etc. It is a really great and comfortable vehicle especially for a larger family. Having the option of third row seating is really great.

- Kelly T

The best family vehicle without the soccer mom look.

The car is a perfect family car with the soccer mom look. The vehicle has plenty of room for my 3 kids and partner. The is very spacious and comes with great features. This car is great for families on the go and people who like to travel and are adventurous.

- Kayla R

The traverse is s decent car if you are on a budget.

The seats are hard. The back seats do not decline so it is not comfortable for long trips. I am not able to read my radio screen. It is reliable. The interior is hard to clean. The car handles well. We have not had to do a lot of maintenance on this vehicle.

- Laurie H

Get tri climate controls!

I love the smooth ride, and all the features of the car. I really enjoy the seat warmers/AC. My most favorite part is being able to start the car remotely. My only dislike is the trunk space. I have kids so I'd like to have more room for strollers and such.

- Thea B

It drives amazing and has a third row and can fit 7 adults in it.

I love the three rows and that it can fit 7 adults in it. I love the size and how it drives. I absolutely love the car. The only thing I am not a fan of is the amount of trunk space it has. If I have all the seats up I can barely fit a stroller in the back.

- Kristen W

The seating in the back two rows can be configured different ways..

The car is nice and roomy. There is plenty of cargo space when you put the 2 rows of seats down. There is just enough technology in the car to make it helpful. But not so much that I need to look at the owner manual a lot. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Karen B

It goes when it needs to. Plenty of space, brakes are soft.

Nothing is wrong with it, but it's nothing special either. It just gets me from A to B. No bells or whistles, and quite overpriced considering we traded our Equinox in for something bigger. Our equinox was small, but mighty and had some fun stuff in it.


Great SUV. Has everything you need

The only disadvantage is that the gas consumption is very high. Other than that, it is a great car. There are no other issues in the car's performance. Very comfortable and seats 7 people comfortably. A reliable car and the features are very satisfactory.

- Sandra E

Chevy traverse- Great family vehicle!

Love the interior space. Great for families and third row is excellent for carpooling. Comfortable ride. Great cargo space. Excellent speaker and sound system. Captain seats are a plus and provide comfort and separation for the kids. Good gas mileage.

- Lauren G

Chevrolet traverse. 3rd row seating, up to 8 people.

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle. I did buy aftermarket generic floor mats, and they do not seem to fit very well. I like the way I drives. The only issue I have wild be with cargo room, but that is to be expected with the type of vehicle I drive.

- Jessica S

Third row a must for disagreeing children

Great vehicle easy to drive. I love the third row to keep the kids happy. So easy to put the seats down and back up again. Love the backup camera. It's also very easy to put a child seat in. It's also very quiet and comfortable to be in for long drives.

- Michelle J

Nothing really I mean it runs pretty good.

I love the back up camera and the number of AC vents that allow the whole vehicle to cool at once. I also love the amount of space it gives as we have a big family. Another great thing is that the front and back of the vehicle have separate AC controls.

- Lara C

It has all the same features as a minivan except for the doors.

It is a minivan without the sliding doors. There are 3 rows for seating. Very comfortable when having a full car even with all adults. Only issue is the 3rd row only allows for one car seat and it must be placed in the middle if using the latch system.

- Kaitlyn S

The pro's and Con's of a Chevy Traverse

Do not like that you have to use a key to start vehicle. The head rests on front seats move to easily. There is plenty of head and leg room. Great acceleration, gas mileage is not great. Cup holders could be a little larger. Roomy center console.

- Michele L

The Chevy Traverse the small big car.

The car is very comfortable. There is plenty of room for the kids to bring friends. There is also room for groceries and other things. The radio and sound system is great. We also love the GPS. It is a big car but drives and handles like a small car.

- Ernie H

Gas mileage, comfort. Very roomie!

I love my traverse, it is the perfect size for when I have all 4 of my grandkids with us. It's good on gas. I love the rear view camera for backing up. It is comfortable on long trips! I will most likely purchase another one with a few upgrades.

- Dianna L

Love my traverse. It is perfect for my family of 5 b.

I have no issues with my traverse. It is roomy, dependable, looks great! I have 3 children and there’s plenty of room when we're all in the car. I do not know anything about the engine, but I keep the maintenance up to date and it works well.

- Lila T

Premier has all the bells and whistles.

Had almost a year and no issues thus far. Super comfortable with lots of room for a family and all of our stuff! Have the premier model so all the bells and whistles are a nice addition! Heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and AWD.

- Melissa W

This is a great family vehicle. I love it and it works for our family of 4

I love the room in the vehicle. We have a Great Dane and she takes up the bench in the back. The only downfall would be if we were driving any of my children's friends there might be a tight fit with any bags, backpacks or sports equipment

- Jackie R

Great, maybe not the best. You get what you pay for. Although these vehicles aren't cheap financially, some of the inside material doesn't feel like great quality

Love it. Only thing I don't love about this vehicle is how cheap the inside material feels. I barely nicked the inside of my trunk with my key and it left a gash. The rubber mat in the trunk is amazing just a little hard to keep clean.

- Natalie M

My traverse suits me to a t.

It suits my needs and personality. It is AWD which makes me feel much safer in bad weather. I like the cargo space for hauling recyclables and for shopping. The height helps me get my husband in and out when I take him to the doctor.

- Jane B

This vehicle drives and handles very well in all types of weather conditions.

I love the seat options. Having the option to lay all the rear seats down to haul items when necessary is a great option. I wish there was more storage in the front that was easily accessible, i.e. a place for sunglasses and phone.

- Janessa B

What we love about our Traverse!

We love having wifi to find the best gas prices and to check for traffic problems while traveling. The highway gas mileage it gets has exceeded our expectations. The vehicle is east to get in and out of and is a comfortable ride.

- Patricia R

The comfortable level is the highest I have seen in car with third rows.

We own the 8 seater and I wouldn't change it for the world! It is so comfortable and has so much room not only in the second row but also in the third row. We have had zero issues so far with our traverse. It drives like a dream.

- Rachael D

Great vehicle for the price as well as traveling with the family

This vehicle has 3rd seats. Very roomy with easy access to all seats. First time I've had a vehicle with leather seats. Love them so far! Has heated seats which is a luxury. Backup camera is also a plus! Love this traverse

- Becky C

It is comfortable and large.

The Traverse is very roomy, and comfortable. It has plenty of room for 6 adults. We've had 4 adults and 2 kids with car seats in it with plenty of room. So if you want comfort and size. The Traverse is the vehicle for you.

- Michael M

Reliable and attractive. Fits my entire family.

The car has been very reliable and I feel very safe. The few things I don't like about the car is the headrest which digs into my neck, , small trunk and lack of storage space in the front seat for my personal belongings.

- Tina-marie N

Spacious, Smooth for road trips.

My Traverse is very spacious can seat up to 8 people. It rides very nice, smooth. The only complaint i would have is the price and the amount of gas it uses in town, other than that so far it has been a wonderful vehicle.

- Jared S

Sporty SUV crossover while providing safety and comfort!

I absolutely love this vehicle. Purchased as a first time mom and the room and comfort for car seats is amazing!! The middle captains chair really make traveling easy with a group. Drives wonderfully in the Ohio snow.

- Cadee P

One of the most things that I love about my traverse it seats 9 people.

My Chevrolet traverse is fairly new to us so we have not had any problems so far. What I can say about my car is that it drives so smooth and has so much room inside along with being the best looking SUV that if seen.

- David V

The Chevy traverse is a very safe vehicle.

I love my car. It has 3 rows of seats so plenty of room for everyone. It handles well in the snow and gets great gas mileage. The only thing I don't care for are the rims. They are plastic and I would prefer aluminum.

- Kathryn M

Size and storage capability for the vehicle at the price point can't be beat.

The size is a much better fit for our family, but my previous vehicle had better driver features like auto down drivers window and a better radio/Bluetooth system to allow for easier use of hands free phone options.

- Casey A

it can go from transporting 8 people to transporting a month's worth of supplies for those 8 people when you put the seats down

I like almost everything about it. It has lots of room for passengers or lots of room for stuff with the seats down. My only complaint is the middle seats can be awkward and frustrating to fold down and back up.

- Lee M

It is safe and reliable. There is a lot of room for passengers.

The traverse drives very smoothly. Within a year and a half I did have to replace a wheel bearing and brakes which surprised me because it had less than 10,000 miles. I also wish it had a bit more storage space.

- Megab C

It drives like a dream, very smooth with great pick up.

I love that it has a lot of room. It seats seven. It has just about every option available. I love the navigation and carplay features. I also love how it handles. My only concern is that I wish it was AWD.

- Rachael L

That it is reliable and has good ratings. We bought it because of that.

I like that it fits 7 passengers. I like that it is good on gas. I like that it's roomy enough to fit our entire family and not feel like everyone is stuffed in. I also feel safe. I do not like that it is white.

- Shannon F

It has been known to have timing issues, though my car has never had this issue or similar. I have had very good fortune with this car.

I love the comfort of the vehicle. It's easy to drive and not so big that it is hard to handle, park or maneuver. I really like the 3rd row for transporting my kids and their friends to games, practices, etc.

- Andrea M

It is spacious and very reliable. It's easy to drive and handles well in snow.

I love the fact that we have third row seating when we need it that can be folded down easily when we need more cargo space. We haven't had any issues with the vehicle. It is the third Traverse we have leased.

- Laurie D

This car is a good model for people who don't need the size of a Suburban or Tahoe but still need something larger than a sedan.

Owned Suburbans and Tahoes for several years. This car is slightly smaller, but still has room and towing power for my needs. Also an excellent riding car for our annual travel between the NW and Palm Desert.

- John F

The spacious third row comfortably seats 2 grown adults

We love how roomy it is and that it's powerful enough to tow our boat. I dislike that while you can use your phone to make Bluetooth calls, the radio is not Bluetooth compatible to use phone apps for music

- Evelia T

Made and assembled in the USA!! and not imported. Also very safe vehicle to drive.

Very spacious for our travel plans and very comfortable for the long road trips. Very high safety rated for the peace of mind when our grandkids are with us. The car has very low maintenance costs to own.

- Richard W

The Traverse drives slightly bigger than a crossover, but provides the same smooth ride and ease when maneuvering.

The Traverse is an incredibly reliable vehicle. It provides a smooth ride and spacious. The only row that is slightly short on leg room is the third row, but we use mainly for kids so it's not an issue.

- Jackie S

It has lots of room for passengers and for cargo as well

I love how well it handles. I love the amount of passenger space. I also love how the seats fold down to give more cargo space. I would prefer captains seats as opposed to bench seating for second row

- Rebecca M

It travels well. We do a lot of traveling and it's been a comfortable ride.

I like that it has a smooth ride. I wish that it had more cargo space. To get the amenities I wanted, the price jump was more than I was willing to pay so I am missing some things I would like to have.

- marissa w

You can have it all over the world tomorrow night.

Perfect for family. Big comfortable and good job with the kids screaming at me for the rest of the week and then we have to get them out tomorrow night so we will get to get groceries tomorrow night.

- Cory J

The way it rides, it is a smooth ride for such a large vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the way it rides and how it has the bluetooth for my phone. I don't like that it doesn't have navigation. When I bought it, I thought it did, but it doesn't.

- Cheryl G

It fits a total of 8 people in the vehicle with plenty of storage for bags and groceries.

I really enjoy the size of the vehicle. It fits my whole family of 6. It is a smooth ride. One thing I dislike is there is a bench seat instead of bucket seats. Makes it hard to get to the 3rd row.

- Kristen K

Can seat up to 8 people at one time with easy entry to third seat

Car has a lot of room. I can seat 8 people. When going places with people only have to use one vehicle. A lot of luggage room when the third seat is down. Not a lot when third seat is up though

- Wendy N

It is an affordable, but nice car.

I like the fact that it is all wheel drive, has plenty of room to transport 6 or 7 people comfortably, has all the latest gadgetry, nice ride, good gas mileage, sporty looking, and handles well.

- Keith M

It is a great family car; perfect for daily driving and road tripping.

I like my Traverse for the cargo room that it has. It is also spacious, seating our family comfortably. I love the backup camera, and the WiFi connectivity. It's a great vehicle for our family.

- Melissa N

Awesome features of 2017 Chevy traverse.

The 2017 Chevy traverse has tons of rooms and nice cargo space. It is easy to fold down the back row for more storage. The dash is sleek and easy to use. I do wish it had apple car play though.

- Casey W

That it is high mileage but well taken care of.

I like the size of the SUV, it is large inside and great for traveling. It's all wheel drive and I live up north so that's great. Dislikes would be gas mileage and I do worry about reliability.

- David F

It is very spacious inside.

I love almost everything about my traverse. The main thing I do not like is the headrest. It feels awkward when leaning the head against it. It is also easily arbitrarily moved out of position.

- Jason C

It can fit up to eight people in it .

I like that is has enough room to fit my family . It's convenient for us and we can fit lots of groceries etc . I don't like that the radio doesn't get many stations and it's very staticky.

- Terra B

The Traverse easily fits your family and your lifestyle.

I love the way my Traverse fits my family in a safe yet comfortable way. I feel like I'm able to transport them easily. I wish it had more cargo space without having to lower the last row.

- Amy G

Safety features that the car has.

I love my Chevy Traverse. Its very spacious especially with a car seat and being a football mom. Love the legroom and lots of trunk space even with the third row up. Very reliable and safe.

- Ana D

It is a comfortable and safe vehicle. I think it is a good value for the price.

It is roomy, has a comfortable ride and lots of room for luggage, groceries, etc. It is a well made vehicle and handles well. It also has numerous safety features. I have no complaints.

- Carol E

There is a known engine defect since model year 2010 with Chevy Traverse that GM/ Chevrolet will not acknowledge and the try to charge top dollar to fix rather than issue a recall

I like the size inside for passengers and cargo. Engine power V6 is not quite strong enough for this car and gas mileage is disappointing. Chevrolet service is not top notch either

- Brian R

Chevy Traverse for families

The car is very reliable and comfortable. We can have a lot of space to transport our kids along with any stuff we need. We haven't had an performance issues which makes us feel safer.

- Emily A

My car is just as good as a minivan but sportier. You can really fit a lot inside

I like that is has heated seats and automatic start and plenty of room for 2 kids and a giant double stroller. I like the backup camera. I wish it scored higher on safety tests though

- Chelsea R

It's definitely more spacious than you would initially think by just looking at it.

It's a beautiful car and spacious. We have 6 in our family and we all fit very comfortably. It gets great gas mileage. I also love how it has separate ac units in the rear of the car.

- Amber G

The one most important thing is It is reliable.

My vehicles is reliable. It is big enough for family and our travel needs. I like how it looks. It is comfortable and has good features such as AC and satellite radio as well as WiFi.

- Aimee J

Third Row Seating is Available!

I like the availability of using the third row seating. I wish it had the capability of transferring Google maps from my phone to the screen. I also wish it had more storage options.

- Julie R

The AWD factor is great. I need to take the Traverse in many places "offroad" for work and I have not managed to get the vehicle stuck yet. It isn't meant for extreme off road driving. But in terms of snowy or muddy conditions, it is good.

The Traverse is great in terms of room for passengers and cargo. It is very comfortable. I dislike that it looks so much like a minivan, when it is supposed to be considered an SUV.

- Joseph C

Great vehicle for families of all sizes!

Great ride. Very spacious, enough room to have four kids tow! Good cargo space too. Back up camera is a great feature with a good viewing area and the park assist is fantastic.

- Elizabeth B

The size is just right and it comes with great perks as a basic package and can be upgraded to be a luxury type car.

It's a silver midsize SUV. I have 3 row seating, a backup camera, ceiling air vents and sirius XM radio. It's very roomy but not too big, it's my favorite vehicle that I've owned.

- Claytonia G

Comfortable for the whole family

The traverse is a great family car! It holds all of our gear and is roomy for our whole family. My husband is 6'3 and can drive it and ride comfortably. It is a smooth ride too.

- Brianne N

I like that it has a lot of room.

My vehicle is very big to me since I am kinda short.It has A LOT of room.I say it fits at least 4-8 people from my point of view.I prefer this vehicle if you have a big family.

- Jayden S

A Truly Terrific Traverse

The Traverse is an affordable, roomy, and reliable vehicle. It has a clean look and rides smoothly. Truly a wonderful vehicle! Looking forward to upgrading to the newest model!

- Susan Z

All Wheel Drive Vehicle to get around when road conditions are less than ideal.

I like the fact that the Chevy Traverse is an all wheel drive vehicle to get around in bad weather. It is a sporty looking vehicle, yet very useful to transport 6 or 7 adults.

- Keith T

Very versatile and it has a lot of nice room!

Love the room and the air conditioning in the back. I am a bit disappointed in the gas mileage. It also has almost too many gadgets on it and you become complacent about them.

- June K

If looking to buy a car, try out the traverse! Absolutely love mine!

Only problems so far was having to change out the fuel pump. It was covered under warranty. Love the car and that it has 3rd row seating. Back up camera is a must! I love it!

- Stacy F

The car handles great in not so great weather conditions.

I like the way my vehicle handles in the snow and rainy conditions. It is large enough to fit my family of 5 and all our swim stuff. It gets good gas mileage on long trips.

- Meredith J

8 passenger and I like that it is easy to get in and out of.

No complaints at all. I like it because it is an 8 passenger vehicle and very often I have at least 4 or more grandchildren with me or my daughter, husband and grandchildren

- Sandra B

It has a lot of space for families!

I love how much room we have. It seats 8 and its wonderful. I have lots of good features and extras. One thing i wish It had is a button on the keys to open the back hatch.

- Brandi K

Expensive options, limited what models you could afford.

Too expensive for all the options wanted. Had to get a more basic model to afford the payments. Other Makes have similar cars with more included options for similar prices.

- Linda M

Leg room, on-star, wi-fi. Comfortable ride to it.

We just went on a vacation and put 3,600 miles on it. Two adults and two children the age of 12. Everyone was comfortable in it and nice to have on-star along with wi-fi.

- Sherri I

My SUV has a lot of room for my full size family with great gas mileage

I love my SUV. It has plenty of room for my family, rides smooth, and gets great gas mileage. My family does a lot of local travel, this SUV serves our family very well.

- Kristie W

Drives well but tight with kids.

It drives great and I love the all wheel drive. I wish it was a little bigger and that it had more car seat hooks. We have four kids in car seats so it is a tight squeeze.

- Alison R

The warranty is very good on it.

It runs great! I have never had a problem and it has plenty of room. It also looks great too. I would pick this car again actually this is my third one that I have owned.

- Lisa U

It is a smooth & secure ride!.

Very spacious, lots of useful features. The vehicle has a lot of pick up as well. Only dislike is the Bluetooth function is very glitchy and gas mileage could be better.

- Stacy S

You should expect to spend a lot on gas if you do a lot of short driving.

I like the amount of room in the vehicle and the comfort. The gas mileage is awful though. There are also too many blind spots for me, and the rear window is too short.

- Judy H

This car is really easy to park.

There is plenty of room, good cargo space, but small gas tank. Passengers say they are comfortable. Changing lanes is not always smooth, when passing can feel jerky.

- Mona L

It handles well driving in all weather conditions.

It is not 4-wheel drive. It is hard to get into tight parking spaces. I can carry a lot in it when seats are down. I can comfortably sleep in the back when camping.

- Amy K

I would buy or lease again

At first I felt like it was going to feel too large driving, but I was quick to get used to it. It has tons of cargo space, passenger space, and drives very smooth!

- Kailei P

It has three rows for a growing family. It is very comfortable.

I like that it has 8 seats to fit my family. I like the three rows to let my kids have seats separated from each other. I like the smooth drive and the technology.

- Valerie B

This vehicle has plenty of room, with a good amount of storage.

It is big and roomy for my growing family. It has captains chairs in the middle which I love. I love the backup camera as well. The storage in back is a bit small

- Amy L

The space is worth the gas mileage. We could never go back to a smaller vehicle.

This suv has everything we need. Tons of space, we can now take one car instead of two plus the stuff we buy/luggage. I do not like how the radio is touch screen.

- Shay G

It is economical considering it's upscale design and comfort.

It is economical on the highway. It has a backup camera that is very useful. It is a comfortable ride for my old bones. It could use a little more cargo room.

- Dan B

It is a good family car that you can feel safe in.

Easy to drive in all types of weather. There are a couple of blind spots I wish were better. Also the buttons on control panels could be improved to select menu.

- Cindi D

Transverse that keeps going.

Have not had a problem with it at all. Hauls without issue and does tons of miles a year. Bought the 2 wheel drive instead of the 4 and change that next time.

- DeAnn m

It's an extremely dependable vehicle that always gets me where I need to go

I love the gas mileage I get out of it. It's very spacious and it let's me fit all my stuff in the back. I will say the displays are kinda unintuitive though

- Oscar L

It is a smooth ride for the family. If you have a growing family this is the car for you.

The traverse is a nice size vehicle with bucket seats. It's a good size for the kids and car seats and solid for trips.what I don't like is the gas mileage.

- Marvin L

This is a dependable car and great for the family. It fits everyone when we go away or just me on my daily commute.

Overall I'm happy with my vehicle. I wish it had a sunroof and memory driver seat setting. The Air conditioning in the back seat is very loud when running

- Lisa Y

Spacious for up to 7 people. Limited cargo space when 3rd row is not folded down.

I love the captain's seats in the second row. I dislike the amount of cargo space when the 3rd row is not folded down. I like the size and ease of handling.

- Crystal J

It has a very smooth ride while driving and riding in it.

It is great for the family because it has a lot of room for seven people. We also love that it has a television that plays DVDs for the riders in the back.

- Jen M

Safety, large enough for a big family.

Best large SUV in the market, very big and has a lot of room for a big family, Chevy has won multiple awards in safety and other categories, American made.

- Roberto V

Very roomy for large families

It is a great vehicle for a bigger family. We also have lots of room for our pets as well. I like the comfort for long trips. I feel safe when I drive it.

- Kristy W

The perfect family car! The kids love it!

I love my car. It is a family car. Perfect for the children. It has double rows for the kids to climb in and out of. It was a perfect car for a road trip

- Kim Z

Fitting a lifestyle that works for all. Most comfortable ride out there

I love the ride, it is so smooth and have lots of safety features. I will own another Traverse. The seating really works for me and my family. Thank you

- Paula S

Superior performance of the Chevrolet traverse.

The style is great. Very comfortable and lots of room. Performance is great and I had to only change the tires. Very durable, reliable and worth the buy.

- Craig C

Handles great in the snow

One of the problems that i have is that in the front you don't get good heat coverage from the vents so my feet are warm but the rest of my leg is cold.

- Andrea S

The size. It drives great for being a larger car and it fits everything.

Great size smooth ride. Really enjoy driving and fits the whole family. Whenever we go out we can fit everything need and having he 3rd row is awesome.

- Lou V

Interesting small detail armrest moves back and forth,

The car is reliable spacious for our family of 5 but not in the trunk needs more room. Prefer if car had more remote features vs manual and a sun roof.

- Andrea H

That it's big enough for pretty much any situation! Children, music, personal, professional

I love the size of the car! I am a musician and I'm able to fit all of my sound equipment in the car. I also like all of the charging points in the car

- Ayla B

Chevrolet Traverse is a quality car

The car is great. There is a noise that happens when you turn the wheel all the way left and right. The dealership is taking care of it which is great.

- Debra S

2017 Chevy Traverse, the bulky one.

Very reliable, has a third row, not as luxurious as the 2018 traverse, no cool gadgets, takes a while for heat and air to get to a good temperature.

- Taren O

The gas mileage is really good.

I like that it has 3 rows, heated seats and heat/air vents in the back row too (with controls in the back). I wish it had a sunroof and a roof rack.

- Sarah H

Three rows of seats. Mine seats 7 but you have an option for 8.

I love having 3 row seating for our 4 children. I love the look better than a minivan. This is my second traverse and highly recommend for families.

- Emily S

It rides very smooth especially on long trips. The seats are very comfortable and roomy.

I like the size, shape and smooth ride of the vehicle. I dislike the difficulty of getting into the third row seating. The car has bad blind spots.

- Tammy J

Big deal in small package with great technology.

It is small for an SUV but very comfortable. I love the back up camera and the Sirius XM access with touch screen. I also like the third row seats.

- Nicole M

It gets great gas mileage too!

I love the third row seat of my Traverse! It is also very roomy! I plan on buying a similar vehicle if not another Traverse when my less is done!

- Dawn B

The comfort of the seats and all the space it has.

I like how the family can ride all together in one vehicle. I like the room I have for shopping and transporting. I like the comfort of the seats.

- Carol L

Get family car that can hold five kids pretty comfortable.

There is no seat belt straps on the side to hold the seat belt in the right position for kids. The 3rd row middle seat belt cuts into kids neck.

- Jessica L

it is a seven passenger vehicle with captain chairs in the middle row.

Nice and roomy inside for 7 Passengers. Gas goes very quick. not very good at all on gas unless you are on a long distance trip then its decent.

- stacy t

That it's very comfortable without taking away from the usable space.

Its black and comfortable, plenty of seating with the 3rd row seating. Can put seats down for more cargo space. Air conditioned and nice radio.

- Theresa W

Nice family vehicle for us

No problems just wish we had Captain seats in the back instead of the bench seating with the third row. Difficult to get kids in the third row.

- Bobbi H

It rides very comfortably.

It has decent gas mileage. It rides very well. It has hands free calling. It has the bells and whistles that I was looking for. It looks nice.


It is versatile for family use. We have liked owning this rather than a van.

I like the auto start feature and the heated seats. I wish it had built in navigation system and heated steering wheel for the winter months

- Erin S

Has good safety and runs smooth on the road.

It needs to have more space, needs more weight to it, less technology, better storage space, needs a different color besides basic dark gray.

- Rosa A

The Chevrolet traverse review

I love the traverse minus the minimal trunk space. It fits four car seats comfortably which has been great because I babysit from my home.

- Chelsea S

I have four small kids so I am looking for a vehicle that is family friendly.

I like that it is big. Drives well. Lacks trunk space. Does not fit car seats very well. Would like if it were easier to get in back seat.

- Alison R

Amazing, I could drive this car all day.

The car is very comfortable. The ac is a blessing in the summertime. Really cool designs. Amazing sound and a nice engine. Easy to drive.

- Jose R

Get an extended warranty. Our warranty expired shortly after we purchased and are now having issues.

Used with some damage as it was originally a rental vehicle. Purge valve is currently having issues. Like the extra room and amenities.

- Eric B

Very spacious and nice features

I absolutely love it! I have 3 children and it's so roomy. We take several trips where I take my nephews too and there is so much space

- Brittany S

That it is extremely spacious and very affordable.

I have a 2017 Traverse. It's a V6 engine and has captain seats in the back. It is the perfect family vehicle and I absolutely love it!

- Jen H

It drives smoothly. It is really nice. It will be a great family car.

I like the features in the car. I like the size of the car. I like the captain chairs and I dislike the headrest in the front seats.

- Carey T

The carrying capacity. don't have a truck available.

Lots of room. Can put seats down to carry large items. Used on family trips holds 7 people. Handles really well. Good in bad weather.

- Julie M

The gas mileage is fantastic, and it's very roomy.

I love the mileage I get. It's also very roomy. The only thing I don't like is the headrest; it is very uncomfortable and awkward.

- Jason C

It's a good vehicle for a small family who doesn't go anywhere and need decent gas mileage

It does not get good gas mileage. It is not well built for a family car. The cup holders in the back can't even hold a 20oz bottle.

- Erin H

Low maintenance and reliable.

No complaints I love big and roomie it is just nice sic for the price. It take to the street good I can take my whole at one time.

- Annette B

It has Bluetooth capability.

It is good on gas mileage. A good size for my family. Very comfortable and has lots of cupholders and compartments to store items.

- Nicole A

great ride, and performance

it is great has 3 rows very roomy and works well seeds u well for highway use, has great onboard electronics that gives great ride

- jeffrey g

It's great for family of 3 or more!

I love how it has three rollers so it's a total of 8 seats. Its comfortable for the family. I love how it has touch screen radio.

- Diana D

Traverse rocks! Highly recommend

I really love my traverse. It has tons of space and allows to many people to sit in it. THe all wheel drive is wonderful in snow.

- Katrina B

It is a great family car. .

It has lots of room. Perfect for a family. It drive incredibly smooth and gets decent gas mileage. It is all around a great car.

- Shannon C

It's super safe and comfortable. Would highly recommend this vehicle for families

Love everything about it except wish I had captains chairs in the second row so access to the third row would be more accessible

- Nikki G

It comfortably fits 7 people. It is a great vehicle for large families and carpooling.

I like the size and amount of space. We are able to carpool easily. It has great features like back up camera and a dvd player.

- Melissa S

It's a gas guzzler. Uses a lot of gas.

Like that its big, has 3rd row seat, big trunk, spacious. Dislike that it's a gas guzzler, it does not have automatic starter.

- Dee J

The chevy traverse has plenty of room for seven passengers.

I love my Traverse. It is big enough for my family plus extra family or friends. It is comfortable, and I enjoy driving it.

- Victoria S

Rooming, style, convenient.

Love the comfort, space, and style. The gas mileage is also a plus. The third row seating allows for more room for traveling.

- Kimberly H

It is really comfortable.

The size and I like the bucket seats of the car. I hate the gas mileage. The car features are not as robust as newer models.

- Marvin D

Very comfortable SUV. Nice looking interior with easy to read dashboard.

Very comfortable to drive or ride. Able to transport 6 people. Not particularly great on gas. Feel very safe while driving.

- Pam C

High performance and style

High performance and style. Very reliable and pretty comforting. Very durable, high features and long lasting capabilities

- Kraig C

Its super spacious and the kids easily get in and out by themselves.

I can fit all 5 of my children plus any and all shopping in it. It's very roomy and my children can easily get in and out.

- Christine B

Fits a family of 4, if family is larger than 4 I would look for something bigger.

I like the size of the inside, good for small family, dislike that we have had small issues from the first day we got it.

- Tabby H

It rides very nice and handles very well in the snow.

I like the smooth ride. It handles very well in the winter. I dislike the lack of space in the front for your things.

- Jill L

Easy to handle and love backup camera.

Roomy and handles very good to drive. Comfortable for riding in any of the seats. Do not have any dislikes at this time.

- Mary G

It is a luxury vehicle at a good price.

It is comfortable to ride in. It has numerous safety features. It has many desirable amenities. I don't like the mpg.

- Dan w

So much cargo room yet it is stylish!

Our Traverse is roomy and has heated seats. Plenty of room for our large dog. Lots of cargo room for camping stuff too!

- colleen a

It is an excellent little car.

I love how spacious the interior is. Although the car is big, it drives like a small vehicle. The handling is perfect.

- Ashley E

2017 Chevrolet Traverse - SO MUCH ROOM!

This car has plenty of room, is good on gas, is very comfortable and rides smooth. It also has a 5 star safety rating!

- Courtney A

The traverse is very roomy. Fits eight passengers comfortably. The third row is very useful

The traverse is very roomy and it drives great. It has very few features though. Not enough USB ports, no navigation.

- Dan V

Easy to get in and out of.

It is very roomy. I wish the rear seats were designed so items could be placed on them without the items sliding off.

- Glenn B

Great family car. Poor gas mileage but. Fits the family great

I like the size of the car but I do not like the fuel mileage. Poor. Drives nice though comfortable and fits my family

- Becky C

Its reliable and has not needed a lot of repair.

I love how big it is. There is so much head room. It has space for 7 people if needed. Perfect for a growing family.

- Brandy W

It drives very smooth and comfortable

I love that it has 3 rows of seats that can fit up to 8 people. I don't like that the blind spots aren't very clear.

- Sue P

Good for a family of 4, if traveling. Not enough storage or room for anything larger.

Like the size for a small family. Dislikes are that I feel is was slapped together. Have had issue with interior.

- Tabby H

It is reasonably priced and gets good gas mileage.

It's the right size. It looks nice and handles well. There is enough trunk space. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Shelly S




My car is perfect for people with a family and dislike having a minivan. It handles great in all type of weather.

My only complaint I have is the gas mileage. I love having the 3rd row seat and I love how it makes me feel safe.

- Alissa K

Our Traverse has been very reliable. The service at the dealership costs way less than the competition. The Onstar system is impressive.

It has a lot of power for a SUV. Plenty of space for a family of 4 and a dog. Gets 17 mpg city and 24 mpg hwy.

- Christopher T

It gets me from point A to point B safely and with decent gas mileage for a midsize SUV.

I love the cargo space. I love the third row seating. I love the seat warmers. I wish it had lighter interior.

- Christy L

it's great for families and drives smoothly. I like the gas mileage that it gets. I also like the remote liftgate.

I like the size and way it drives. I dislike how the seat belt locks in place and the blind spots in the front

- Hollym M

It runs great and is the perfect family car. I will never buy another car again.

I love my chevy traverse. I love how it has three rows and I feel it's safe enough to transport my family in.

- Justin W

The space it offers is amazing. The third row provides versatility.

I like the space. I like the technology it offers, such as WIFI capability. I dislike the mileage per gallon.

- Stephanie B

If you have children this car is perfect for seating and trunk space.

Love the 3rd row seat. I wish the gas mileage was better. I wish it had automatic down windows as a standard.

- Jennifer M

Headrest move quite easily

We really like the size of the trunk when the third row is down. Wish we had a bench seat on the middle row.

- Amanda H

It runs smoothly, it gets fairly decent gas mileage.

I like the features of the traverse, the seats could be more comfortable, I wish the middle seats reclined.

- Jeri S

Seats that don't move easily

It is comfortable inside, lots of room. I don't like the way the back seats push forward or the blind spots

- Nancy L

That there is plenty of room for a family to travel comfortably and the on star is also a great feature especially when traveling

So far vehicle has been great. Has lots of room for family vacations and kids love it cause there is wi fi

- Susan M

Price of vehicle and mileage.

Nice car not bad but not great mileage very big car roomy comfy needs to work better with android phones.

- Gary J

Great gas mileage. I get well over the average.

I love the amount of storage that is in the vehicle and amount of space in between the seats for sitting.

- Christina B

It is cost effective and it seems that it was made in America

I like the fact that it was inexpensive. It get a decent mileage. It looks good and it is fairly fast.

- Ed S

Economical and safe with great handling characteristics.

A very well engineered and manufactured machine. Handles grate at high speed. Is a fun machine to drive.

- Richard D

Seats seven and great storage.

It is a great car, has seating for seven and still has a lot of storage. It looks great and runs great.

- Jennifer S