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I enjoy using Carplay, where my phone hooks up directly to the dashboard.

I am very satisfied with the purchase of my Chevrolet Traverse. The main feature I love about the vehicle is the space. We are a family of 5 and this vehicle gives us more than enough room for comfort during long travels. There's plenty of seating and leg room in addition to plenty of room for our luggage and all the necessities needed to travel with two younger children including, luggage, stroller, and a travel playpen. The OnStar features are also a major plus. The App keeps us updated on maintenance and allows me to unlock the doors without having to go outside with the keys to allow someone access inside the vehicle. The Wi-Fi feature is a must for our family on long trips. The only thing I do not like is there's no choice to turn the auto start off. It can be a bit aggravating when driving through a lot of stop sign or stop lights in the city. But overall I would recommend the Chevrolet Traverse and satisfied with our purchase.

- Teresa J

Great car for a medium sized family.

I love my Traverse. It has plenty of safety features. The birds eye view of the car is nice when backing up. The leather interior is easy to clean. The navigation system is not amazing because it does not give traffic updates, however it is accurate as to where roads and places are located. We paid for the DVD upgrade and that was not worth it. The system has issues syncing the sound with the video and it shuts off when the drivers, front passenger or cargo doors are opened/shut sometimes. The dealership says it is a known problem with no fix which is frustrating. Leaves me feeling like we paid $2000 for an inferior product. Additionally, we recently had an issue with the transmission not shifting gears properly. They have to replace a part that is a known problem. For a car in this price point, bought brand new, I did not expect to have these kinds of problems after only one year of ownership. Otherwise, the care is great!

- Adrian P

Perfect family vehicle with lots of space and many safety options.

We love our 4 door 2018 Chevy Traverse! So far there are no problems with it. Our vehicle has a ton of space with 8 seats. The front seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. The front seats also can be heated which is very nice when you live in colder climates. We don't have a bucket seat in the middle because we decided to get a middle seat for when we need to sit by our 2 babies. Even though there are 3 seats in the middle there's still plenty of room. We love how in the front seat it will let us know when there's someone in the back such as a child. Having lots of safety features is very important for us with kids. The side view mirrors also starts blinking when there's a car next to us so we don't merge over when there's a vehicle.

- Rachel D

Travel with a traverse for your next car

I recently purchased my traverse at the beginning of the summer. I wanted something that would benefit me with my travels to and from work in snowy weather conditions. Upon walking into the showroom I fell In love with the traverse immediately. The truck offers all wheel drive, front wheel drive and off roaring with just one turn of a switch. My rearview mirror is not only a mirror but I chose The vehicle that has the option of having the mirror a full screen camera of what is behind me. With three rows (which you can put down) makes this car perfect for traveling, road trips, and most importantly a family car. It a spacious and comfortable.

- Crysten D

sporty and spacious, perfect family car

I absolutely love how spacious my 2018 traverse is! It's practical and perfect for my family! I have 2 kids and I knew I needed a rear climate control, as I did not have vents in the back of my 2016 equinox in which I traded in for the traverse! The traverse is very thought out, I love the bucket seats and the fact that my third row seats THREE people (3 kids can sit comfortably, 2 adults can sit comfortably for short to medium length rides) I can 100% say that this will be our family car for a long time, as it doesn't get horrible gas mileage and feels all of our needs! It's sporty, spacious and doesn't feel like I'm driving a BUS

- Ashley C

Why I love my Chevy traverse so much I bought two!

This is the smoothest ride I have ever driven. You can seat 7 passengers comfortably. Even with the third row in place there is a lot of storage in the back. There is additional storage in the back by lifting a panel, it is like a well. It is pretty much hidden. There is a secret storage place with a USB port behind the radio. The heated seats and remote start were lifesavers in the winter. The rear view mirror can be switched to a camera view and increases the field of vision exponentially. The seats and interior are simply comfortable. I have done a lot of carpooling and sitting in the car waiting for kids. I love this car.

- Cher S

The minivan for cool people

The gas mileage is surprisingly good for a midsize SUV. It's also a lot lighter than you'd expect it to be, probably because of the hollowed out rear cargo space under the floorboard. Lots of legroom in the third row and plenty of plugs for various tech. It's a minivan that doesn't look like a minivan. I'm fact I personally think it's more attractive than its GMC counterpart: the Acadia. Love the huge touch screen with Apple CarPlay. If you're into tech, need a minivan but don't want to sacrifice style, and gas mileage is important to you I recommend the Traverse. Handles great on the highway and in town.

- Taylor B

My Traverse makes us super duper happy

Smooth ride, reliable vehicle. It does very well on the highway and I love how it handles in the rain and snow. You must get this truck in four wheel drive in order to get the full experience out of the vehicle. This was the best choice that I could have possible made when it comes to selecting a good and fashionable truck. I enjoy it everyday and that enjoyment has lasted since the day I purchased the vehicle. It was a very big achievement for me and my family to acquire such a nice luxury and strong truck such as the Traverse. I highly recommend everyone seeking a truck or SUV to buy a Traverse.

- Aaron K

An interesting detail about this vehicle is the climate control.

There have been no problems with the 2018 Chevy traverse. The SUV is very spacious and rides smooth. The SUV has carplay so that you can sync your phone up to the car and enable hands free calling and texting. Google maps is also available to be put in the screen of the SUV instead of having to look at your phone. All of the six seats in the back fold down making a lot of room for moving and groceries, etc.. The gas mileage is great for this big SUV along with the price per month. This car cannot be beat, it is bar far my favorite car that I have ever drove.

- Nicole T

Sharp looking car with tons of features

I absolutely love my traverse. It is spacious and is comfortable. I love all the added features like being able to start the car from an app on my phone or lock it. The big trunk space when the third row is down is wonderful (plus the added bonus compartment below). And when the third row is up it's actually very comfortable (wouldn't ride 10 hours in the 3rd row but 2 yes). Wish the sunroofs were electronic and not manually controlled. Performance is amazing. MPG not great but not terrible. Would I buy it again? ABSOLUTELY!

- Stephanie G

The auto-stop function is not super reliable. If that is a big motivation for purchasing this vehicle over another, it would be something to consider that it doesn't always engage.

I love the room this vehicle has. It allows us to grow our family and keep the same vehicle for a longer period of time. The 3rd row also has more room than most SUVs we looked at in the buying process. I am not too fond of the Auto-Stop function on the vehicle. Sometimes it engages, sometimes it doesn't. It's more of a hassle than it is helpful. I think it might be more useful if we lived in a larger area with more traffic; but to stop at a stop sign and then continue on it takes longer for the vehicle to move.

- Brianna K

Great features with a few not so great issues.

I really like my 2018 Traverse but there are a few things that make me not love it. So the ac does some weird thing where it cycles through or something so he air gets a little warmer at times for about a minute or so. The back hatch closes very loudly. It sounds like it is slamming hard. I do love the apple car play that is available. I also like the hidden compartment in the dash. Your able to lock it with a code that helps when valeting. The car drives very smooth and I think it gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Tracy S

The brand new Chevy Traverse is the perfect family SUV.

We purchased the revamped 2018 Traverse at the end of 2017 which was the first year with new body. We love the style and how it operates. It fits our family perfectly and our kids love the captain's chairs. Given this was a first year model we have had a few glitches to deal with (I.e. a check engine light that would not go off). Thankfully we are under warranty and have been able to get these issues fixed for free. Despite some of these issues we still love the car and would buy it all over again.

- Alicia K

Lagging electronics and performance.

Comfortable seats. Performance is decent kind of stalls when shifting gears and is a little jerky. Navigation does not work and has never worked. We were told by Chevrolet that it has never worked and to use our phone and connect it to the car for navigation. Horrible. When using an app the display screen where the speed limit is displayed blinks on and off staying off more then on I have videos of it. I wouldn't buy it again. But it looks nice and is roomy. Electronics and performance lag.

- Meagan P

Family car. The car that takes care of all our needs.

Love the space for my family. The safety features are amazing as well. We are currently leasing the vehicle but plan to purchase after trying it out. By far one of my favorite cars. Used as our family and travel car. The Traverse includes 8 air bags I think. That eases my mind to know my entire family will be safe when we travel. My daughters love that each seat has USB ports for their tablets and phones to charge while we are on the road. The Wi-Fi is a favorite for the kids haha.

- Melissa L

The truck is reliable and sleek looking a an affordable price.

The car is amazing and runs smoothly. Gas mileage is great and there I also a eco friendly option to use as well. Digital odometer as well as keyless start. The car is able to monitor the air or heat that is set a and to keep the car a that temperature. The traverse is big enough to fit eight people total. The back six seats are able to be folded down completely. The traverse has carplay to plug in your phone and use hand free calling and texting which makes driving much safer.

- Nikki T

Well engineered and very comfortable.

The Chevy Traverse high country is a well made and very comfortable vehicle. Power is good, mileage is as advertised (I gave up a VW tide with 50 mpg) for this. Only a few little things like not so great design of floor mats in rear folding seats and high country label falling off and using really cheap Velcro tape to attach - tape failed in 2 months - label in 2 weeks. Rides really nicely and very quiet. We are very happy with the vehicle and expect to have for a long time.

- David B

The best car we've owned!

The 2018 Chevy Traverse is an absolute dream! It has so much room and every passenger can ride comfortably. The third row seat and the adjustable captains chairs make a huge difference in space. It rides so nicely, it feels like I am driving on a cloud. The fuel economy is also a huge plus, allowing me to save money at the pump. The system is easy to use with the large screen and amazing features, and we love the backup camera display. We couldn't be happier!

- Randy E

Love driving this car so much. Great family car

I love this car. There is a lot of space and storage. Both front and middle seats recline. Middle row also has seat heaters. I love how simple and 'clean' the dash and navi are. The car drives smoothly. I LOVE the 360 camera view and the rearview mirror camera view. The two things that bother me is that the seatbelts don't have height adjustment. We've also had to take the car in multiple times for electronic issues that affect the way the car drives.

- Lauren M

2018 Chevy Traverse Redline

I love my Chevy Traverse. It is comfortable to drive and handles well. I have the Red Line model which is a sportier package and it is also fun to drive. I love that it doesn't just have a rear-facing camera, but also a front camera and bird's eye view. I love being able to control everything from the radio to the rear climate with the touchscreen on the dash. The captain's chairs make it easy for my kids to get in and out of the third row seat.

- Robin K

This gorgeous car seats 8 comfortably!

Best car I have ever owned. It drives smooth. It has great gas mileage for a larger car. It seats 8 comfortably. I have had one small issue with the car but it was corrected with warranty. The shifter had to be replaced because the computer wasn't reading it when the car was in park which would not allow me to turn the car off. Other than that minor issue the car has been a great family car for us whether it be used for travel or commuting for work.

- Justin G

Best midsize SUV out there!

I absolutely love my car! I wanted the biggest mid size vehicle I could find; I needed the space for my 3 kids and traveling a lot but I also didn't want a vehicle that was terrible on gas. My traverse has been everything I wanted! It's super up to date technology wise, gas is affordable, it rides so smooth and has been reliable since the day I got it, and I'm absolutely obsessed with the look of it. It's beautiful and it's the perfect car for me!

- Destiny D

The new mode Chevrolet traverse.

The comfort level of the car is great. Better than any other car that I have owned. The length of the new model traverse is as big as a Tahoe so it is a very good size considering it is technically smaller. But at the same time it is lower profile which makes it a better fit for my family. The security features are good but that is always true for Chevrolet vehicles. The new style traverse is also much better looking than the older body styles.

- Alexia A

Love my 2018 AWD Chevy traverse.

The traverse is very comfortable for long distance trips. There's plenty of room for storage with the back seats folding down. Gas mileage is decent. Safety features such as side sensors for traffic nearby and a rear sensor for whatever is behind you when you are backing up is very helpful. The engine has great pick up and it is easy to accelerate. I like how you sit hi in the vehicle so that you can see better than the regular sedan.

- Anita M

A great family car that will help create lasting memories.

We love our traverse, it has been a great family vehicle that has already been on several trips. It is a smooth ride and gets great gas mileage. We have plenty of room if we need to haul extra kiddos to ball games. The seats are all comfortable and easy to adjust, the climate control is individualized too so everyone can ride in comfort. There's plenty of room to load groceries, sports equipment and everything else.

- Aaron B

It has phone charges and heat and air in each section of the Traverse.

I love my Traverse because l have a large extended family and when we all want to go on a trip somewhere we can all ride in it together and don't have to take separate cars. It is really good on gas to be a big vehicle. There are two things l don't like about my Traverse (1) i'm short and the driver's seat needs to be raised about 6 inches higher. (2) It has a lot of blind spots when i'm trying to do lane changes.

- Teresa T

Love my 2018 Traverse. Anything but plain Jane.

Comfortable seating, smooth ride, eau to use and reach controls. This vehicle had the interior space comparable to that of a minivan yet it's far more stylish. The current body style exudes class. It had three row seating, a large entertainment console quilt Apple carplay. Bluetooth phone pairing and micro USB ports in front and rear seats. Dual climate control and back seat climate controls.

- Rebecca H

Having multiple temperature controls for three different zones in the car means my family is no longer fighting over controls. Everyone is happy!!

It has comfortable seating throughout, but I am most impressed with how much room the third row seats have. I also love how I can quickly fold down the third row of seating to allow for a large area of storage space. One complaint that I have is when using the trunk space in the back for groceries, after driving around I have opened the back lift and had groceries (and glass) fall out and break.

- Lori H

Automatic start is a dud feature.

The automatic shut off is inconvenient in city traffic. If there is a congested area, it will shut off when it shouldn't. I am worried that will eventually mess up the engine. Also working on a military installation makes it an annoying feature as well. Also, if the car is on a hill, it will roll backwards if you take your foot off the break to hit the gas. At a red light for example.

- Tiffany B

Lackluster. The vehicle is basic and it just isn't enough.

It's features are minimal. The interior isn't the best quality. It's a basic vehicle. The manual seats are annoying. I don't necessarily hate the car but I don't love it. The premier is what I really wanted but I had to settle for the LT cloth. My car doesn't even have an alarm. Someone broke into my car by breaking the drivers side window and no one even knew because I have no alarm.

- Faye S

Comfortable heated leather seats.

The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. Easy to maintain the leather seats with having kids who eat in the car at time. I find the navigation system user friendly. I love that my calls and text messages come through the radio. I love that it tells me on the screen what the speed limits are when I am driving. Also love that it tells me how much oil life and gas I have left.

- Sonya P

This crossover has the sporty SUV look with the interior room of a minivan.

Love the body style of the traverse as the outside looks like an SUV but the inside is roomy like a minivan. It drives like a luxury car, has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. Back and middle row seats lay flat for extra storage as well as storage compartment in the back. Has built in navigation system as well as Wifi which is a must when traveling with kids.

- Cary C

One of the best vehicles on the road!

The Traverse is an excellent vehicle. This is my second one. It has so many features, and I am still finding more. The ride is very comfortable, and very good on gas. The touchscreen is very easy to use and the information system has so many options. It shows tire pressure, percentage of remaining oil life and so many more. I would recommend the Traverse to everyone.

- Richard B

Very spacious vehicle with plenty of leg room in the second and third row seats!

This is the nicest vehicle I have ever had. Very spacious, a lot of legroom in the second row and the third row. The third row is actually comfortable for an adult to sit in. My traverse drives very smooth. This is our primary vehicle for family road trips. This is a wonderful family vehicle. The infotainment system works great and connects easily with my iPhone.

- Stacie C

Family fun in a Chevrolet traverse.

I love the Chevrolet traverse. It's a nice family vehicle that me and my family can travel in. We take in on family vacations and go to theme parks in the vehicle. I also use it for work. It's very nice on the inside of the vehicle. My children love the inside of the Chevrolet traverse and they love the outside. It's one of the best vehicles any family can have.

- Shanna B

Comfort, safety, and style.

The car is spacious and comfortable. I like how I can adjust the middle row to have people sit more comfortably in the back. I also like the safety features of the car. I enjoy how my phone connects in apple carplay and my texts are read to me. It charges several versions of an iphone without a cord. The automatic stop feature has taken some time to get used to.

- Sara S

2018 Black Chevrolet Traverse leather seats and a double sunroof.

I absolutely love my Traverse. It is very spacious and comfortable. The double sunroof really helps in making it feel more open. The leather seats make for easy cleanup. It rides very smoothly. The 3rd row is great if you need room for more people or you can lay it down if you need more storage space. It's very easy to put up and down which is nice.

- Sarah G

Amazing, spacious family car!

My vehicle is a great family car! It is extremely spacious, I have 2 boys, both under the age of 5 which means I have a stroller and plenty of sports equipment and toys and I have left over space for groceries, even when I shop wholesale. I have not experienced any problems and it is economical regarding gasoline. It is extremely comfortable for a family.

- Janet W

I love that it has air conditioned seats and steering wheel

They don't have the best seats for car seat installs. I mean I made it work and had it done by professional to get the best fit. I do like that they have an option for two captains chairs in the second row and a bench seat in the back row. I love the heated and air conditioned seat. It's safety features are unmatched- I just don't love the carseat thing

- Court L

The Traverse is a great family SUV

We have had our Traverse for about a year and so far have been really pleased. It's the perfect family vehicle offering lots of room for passengers and belongings without feeling like you're driving a huge SUV. We really like the display on the console compared to ones we've seen in similar vehicles. So far have not experienced any mechanical issues.

- Lindsay W

Spacious and family friendly.

The car has heated seats and auto start. The third row seating leave plenty of room for people and cargo. It includes some new technology and safety features that make driving more comfortable and safe. My favorite feature is the app that allows me access to the car at work and I can lock, unlock, and start through car before even leaving my building.

- Sarah R

Perfect family vehicle, made for travel and hauling!

Our Chevy Traverse is absolutely perfect for our family. It has plenty of room for getting from point A to B, plus bonus room for friends to come with. There is also enough room when the seats are folded down to haul anything and everything. The large center screen with backup camera and car play is amazing. The 30MPG is fantastic, as well!!!

- kimberly w

Push start and keyless remote.

I like the way the car rides. Everytime I drive the car feels smooth. The push start is my favorite and I love that you can look the doors with a push of a button. But you have to have the key with you. As a mother it is simple to get my baby and a few bags and just lock the door with my finger instead of try to look for my keys inside my purse.

- Victoria N

I love my truck, its beautiful and comfortable.

I love my truck, the color and trims are nice. My second row are captain seats which I love. My trunk space is great and I can pull down the back seats to make it even bigger. I have a large family so this fits us and seats us comfortably. I love the technology this truck has and heated seats. There is rear climate controls with the kids love.

- Nikki N

Great SUV for the single person or the family looking to turn heads on the road.

Great SUV is good on gas and has a slick look. Big on the inside and can fit a lot in the truck. I put groceries and my kids stroller in the trunk and still have space to fill. This SUV is affordable and has one of the best looks on the market right now. I feel if your in the market for a SUV you should look at the Chevy traverse it is awesome.

- Mike L

Keyless entry does not work at winter in Michigan.

The car is roomy, quiet, stable. The dashboard very useful and convenient. In the cold winter the keyless entry does not work at all. I have to use the key. I miss CD changer. At least three different media available at once(USB, usb2, Bluetooth(, plus radio. It take some time to find what you want to listen and it drew attention of the road.

- Jane Y

I have leather interior and love the warm and soft feel of it.

I love the drive, it's very smooth. I also love the heated seats in the winter. I have the satellite radio and the internet options as well and having those provides lots of entertainment for my kids on long drives. I can fold down the 3rd row seats and have a ton of storage for my bike or groceries. I've fit 7 people comfortably.

- Tammy F

Great vehicle for your growing family

I love the chevrolet Traverse. Our car seats fit great and my husband and I can both sit in the driver's seat comfortably without hitting the car seat. The 2nd row slides forward and back to give comfortable leg room for the middle and back row. This has plenty of space in the "trunk" for our stroller and plenty of other items.

- Brittany P

White Chevy Traverse with three rows of seating. Heated seats, bucket seats.

I love the bucket seats in the back, three rows of seating, and all the extras in the vehicle. The cons are the brakes. They have squealed since day one. I have taken it in several times and they keep telling me it is normal and a lubricant they use. They say it will go away but it has been over a year and it is still squeaking.

- Jennifer S

Great SUV from Chevrolet, one of my favorite rides.

Love the bells and whistles of the interior. I enjoy the Wi-Fi. Love my Cajun red with same color rail steps. Comfortable ride. Good gas mileage for a SUV. Drive all week between fill ups. If I could change one thing, I would want the option to turn off the auto stop feature. I would put the radio buttons on the steering wheel.

- Tanya J

Chevy Traverse'-the SUV for busy families with lots of stuff to haul around

Extremely smooth ride. Lots of get up and go when needed while driving. Love the tech options'-like the XM radio, OnStar, wireless communication with my phone, text and calls read to me while driving. Third row seat folds down for room for everything from luggage to bikes. Bucket seats are very comfortable. Love this car!

- Shannon M

The image of a car lights up on the side mirror when car is in your blind spot.

Easy to drive, I love the blind spot side mirrors they are very helpful. I can fit 6 passengers comfortably in the car. We have traveled thousands of miles on summer trips and it handled great. The radio was messed up at first but it was fixed. There are multiple outlets for phone charging and the apple car play is perfect.

- Sandy W

Smooth sailing in stylish traverse.

Comfy cabin, great leg room for all passengers; practical with plenty of cargo space; captain chair configuration in second row very comfortable; independent control of climate in rear is wonderful; great mileage; fantastic air conditioning system crucial in the Arizona heat; only complaint--not enough cup holders in back.

- Wendy F

Comfortable family vehicle with awesome technology (Wi-Fi) and plenty of room.

The comfort is excellent. The heated leather seats really help with the back pain. I enjoy the Wi-Fi hotspot that comes in this car for a low monthly rate. The third row really is perfect for my family of 5. The auto stop feature is truly awesome with fuel saving, but can sometimes be aggravating at red lights in town.

- Ember M

Room for a growing family and more!!!!

What sold us on the Traverse was the amount of room. It allows for two car seats and the ability to still have room for others. Even with the third row up we have room behind the seats. It gets great gas mileage, which was wonderful on a trip we recently took. It sits like a truck giving better vantage point.

- Teresa D

Review of traverse from busy mom of three.

The Chevrolet traverse is an amazing spacious reliable vehicle, it has 2 captain seats in the middle and a easy access third row that folds down for huge back space. You can hook up your phone for navigation or on star is available and recommend. Back up camera, blind spot sensors. It is the ultimate family car.

- Lacey O

2018 black Chevy Traverse.

Not enough leg room in the second row, not enough storage space behind the third row, Bluetooth is unreliable and will work/not work at random times. Like the captains seats in the back and the fold down option of the third row, DVD players added but the play through the radio and reception is always patchy.

- Dana M

I Love my Chevy Traverse, #1mom vehicle

This vehicle is safe, reliable and comfortable for my family. Spacious, with room for the whole family and ample space in the back for a dog or for your shopping or groceries. It has many great options available and love the stylish looks mine has. I will never go to a minivan, after driving this vehicle.

- Brooke B

Perfect vehicle for a large dog or for lots of people!

❤️loove my Traverse. This is the second one we have owned and it is roomy and has every option you could ever want!!We have not had any difficulty with it and it is so comfortable to use! One of the main reasons we considered it is because of the room being sufficient for our large golden retriever.

- June K

Love the Bluetooth capability for answering calls while driving.

Handles well, good turn radius, smooth ride. Gets great gas mileage and has on screen info for speed and phone, etc. Has great upgraded features. Heated seats in front and middle row, Heated steering also. GPS, OnStar, etc. Love I have access to Sirius XM radio, Hotspot for Wifi and 3rd row seats.

- Melissa F

The Traverse is a great buy.

It is super reliable. The drive is so smooth. It is very spacious and I love how it have van seating. It runs well and we love the tow package too. It feels like a super safe car to be in. It handles so well in the rain and snow. The Bluetooth connection is great, the seats are super comfortable.

- Kristina C

The best Chevy truck for families.

Great truck! The kids love how it has Wi-Fi and are able to fit the whole family. The drive is smooth and you cannot tell the truck is on. It is OnStar capable making it easier to know when it needs a change of oil or tire pressure is low. You can also locate it if you forgot where you parked!!

- Griselda B

Great family vehicle! Too many safety features to list!

I really love the legroom and passenger room of my traverse. It handles nice and has lots of features. My favorite are the safety features with the back up camera, side window mirror warnings and the sound system is pretty great as well. My only complete is the lack of room behind the 3rd row.

- Julie S

The giant traverse feels like any other car.

The traverse is great in many ways. It runs great and drives very well. It's really big, but doesn't feel like you're driving something huge. There's plenty of room, even with 2 carseats and the sound system is excellent as well. The back up camera helps a ton since it is a very long vehicle.

- Katie D

I like it ok no highlights nor interesting details.

It seems to accelerate slowly at first then speed up rapidly. It uses a lot of gas also. Other than those issues I like it. Can hold up to seven people comfortably. I don't like that you cant see who is calling through the radio. It is displayed somewhere else. Hard to find in the beginning.

- L G

2018 revamped Chevrolet Traverse.

Great vehicle with lots of room. Three row seating that fits seven comfortably. Has great safety features that make it a great drive for your family. The technology is so advanced with features for Bluetooth and music to OnStar and drive assist. You can't go wrong with the all new Traverse.

- Marie D

Problems with my 2018 Traverse

Radio stops working randomly without any reason, brakes always squeak and it's been confirmed that there is nothing wrong with it, the fake chrome trim is peeling and cannot be repaired, the key fob doesn't always work, the parking brake doesn't always release, and cloth trim stains easily.

- Carrie J

Great features and lots of bells and whistles

I had a problem when I first got the car with the brake lines popping out. I love the captain's chairs and the room in the back seat. The backup camera with the alerts is very helpful for when other cars and people are near you. It has a lot of great features like the automatic hatchback.

- Shelby W

Nothing really exciting about the detail with this car.

The shift does change correctly there is a stall when you start the car to drive and reverse. The air conditioner vents are not set correctly for cooling in the extreme heat the outer ones hit nothing and are useless. There should be a safety net in the tailgate to his things in the back.

- Kim S

2018 Chevrolet Traverse handsfree system is less than reliable.

The handsfree part is not reliable. It is a 2018 and people can only hear the first 30 seconds of my conversation before it goes silent for them. I can hear them though. It drives well, comfortable. It does well on gas mileage. There is ample storage and room for my family of 5.. 3 kids.

- Julie E

The Chevy traverse high country is luxurious, roomy and efficient.

The traverse is an extremely comfortable car to both drive and be a passenger in. I love the GPS in the vehicle, the place to put a phone, the color of the inside (brown and black, it is a high country) kicking underneath the back to get the lift gate to go up. Everything is convenient.

- Karen C

My Traverse is a dream come true

The 2018 Traverse is a dream to drive. Handles the road with the ease of a full size auto. Comfortable for quick errands or long trips - NY to FL - No noticeable blind spots and overall could not be happier with the vehicle choice. Will consider buying another Traverse in the future.

- Debbie D

Great car!! Lots of space!!

Has lots of room and is very good on gas considering it is an SUV. Comes with Wi-Fi capabilities and the motor even goes to an idle mode when stopped to help with gas saving. Great family vehicle which we have taken on vacations. Automatic hatch that comes open with a push of a button.


2018 Chevy traverse vs older models.

I have been a Chevy traverse owner for years and really enjoyed it. I think previous versions were better. I do not like the auto stop function at all and prefer again previous year models. And stereo system is not as good as previous year models. Overall I like the SUV type vehicles.

- Donald R

I love the air conditioning the rear has it on system.

No problem everything works perfectly love the push start and the smooth drive on the freeway love the space in the front and in the backseat the truck is great to travel with a really big family. I love how you can change the temperature to wherever you like even if your in the back.

- Bianca W

Failed Shifter Possible to be Stranded

Shifter failed at 28k miles. Dealer said I could have been left stranded if it was not replaced. Pretty bad thought considering I travel a lot for work. Took the dealer 2 days to repair. Currently waiting a week for a tail light to be replaced. My issue but still a long time to wait.

- Donna W

The safety is amazing. There is not only a backup camera, but also a front facing camera, side cameras to remind you of cars, a 360 camera view, and the rear view mirror flips to show you a rear camera view as well.

I absolutely love this vehicle. From the sleek exterior design to the modern interior look, it is exactly what I wanted. The Center screen has everything available to access music and my phone while driving. Then the three rows of seats allow for room for any activity that may arise.

- Amanda S

Safe, family friendly and stylish!

This vehicle is perfect for my family. It fits everyone comfortably, has exclusive features, looks stylish, drives perfect and is 100% me! I couldn't ask for a safer, nicer, amazing vehicle. I plan on driving this vehicle for many years to come! I would highly recommend it to anyone.

- Corinne M

Drives amazing and has a ton of storage space in the back even when the back row of seats is up. The rear row of seats is comfortable with lots of space.

I love my new car! The keyless entry is nice. The auto stop feature takes a little getting used to, but I am sure it will be nice for gas purposes. It has a ton of storage space, lots of USB ports and cup holders. The rear air feature from the navigation panel up front is great.

- Kim W

Traverse five star car review.

It's a great vehicle and good mileage. Comfortable seats. Nice sound system the ac works great. GPS and Bluetooth operated you can answer phone calls while driving. It seats seven comfortably and huge trunk it has enough room to fit in everything. Definitely a five star rating car.

- Jasmine S

The 2018 Traverse is a good deal.

The Traverse rides really smooth. It does great on gas for the size. It has more leg room in the third seat than other vehicle. It has great pick up. The middle seat pushes up so people can more easily get into the back seat. There is more cargo space than other cars in its class.

- Jim J

Dislike of on board computer

While many people enjoy on board touch screens that now contain radio, nav systems, and whatever else I find it disgusting and wish this feature could be optional. I am also not a fan of the way the back row seats fold down. It is difficult to get them back into upright position.

- Laura T

Fun features of the traverse.

We love the traverse, it has plenty of legroom for not only kids but adults. The 2018 Chevy traverse gets great gas mileage and has lots of fun features. It has apple car play, Wi-Fi connection front and tear temperature controls, lots of USB charger outlets in the front and back.

- Sally B

It's a great vehicle to have.

It has a lot of space for storage. There is a lot of leg space in the third row. Has great features with leather seats, sunroof, satellite radio, captains chairs and tri zone temperature control. It's super easy to access the third row with captains chairs in the second row.

- Karen D

The Traverse. Roomy. Additional 3rd row seating. Plenty of storage space.

I have no issues with the reliability yet. Because of the economical engine design, once in s while it will stutter before taking off when you accelerate. It takes a bit of getting used to at a stop sign or light having the engine shut down. The vehicle itself is alright though.

- Lori K

The only family car that you will ever need!

This is by far the roomiest car that I have ever owned for my growing family! We love the third row as well as the captains chairs! It makes trips a breeze, has all the accommodations that we want and leaves plenty of room for all of our needs! This just may be our forever car!

- Miranda S

Immaculate driving experience.

Lots of room, smooth ride as well as quiet as you travel down the highway, love the bucket seats as well as the third time seating. The new body style makes the traverse look bigger. It handles great in the snow and in ice. There heated and cooled leather seats are to die for.

- Shane J

Great SUV. The 2018 redesign of the Traverse was well done.

I have had no problems so far. The vehicle is very reliable, comfortable and has all the features that I need. The Chevrolet Traverse great gas mileage for a large SUV. For the money it was a really nice vehicle. It has an excellent ride for a larger SUV. It is very car-like.


Very happy with my choice.

I love my traverse! So many cool features. . . I have the base model and I really didn't research the car, we just needed the space and something affordable. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't have a CD player. . . Other than that I love all the features. Very smart car.

- Marina D

I have a baby on the way and we didn't think it would be large enough to handle all of our cargo but there are "secret" compartments in the truck for extra storage.

I just got the car 2 week ago, but I love the navigation and how much storage space there is. It is also such a smooth ride and it's fun to drive. The only setbacks are that it doesn't have the greatest fuel mileage and it's so large it's difficult to fit it into my garage.

- Sarah W

We are really enjoying the heated seats.

Love this vehicle! Comfort, luxury feel. My only complaint would be that we got a blue color and after only a few short months it is already chipping. Ion bringing it in, they stated that they are using a new more pliable metal in the doors and the paint is chipping easier.

- Jennifer T

If you get the base model with the bench seat in the back there is no satellite radio, no CD player. Rather disappointed. Even my old base model had those features

Absolutely live this vehicle, handles real well, very comfortable to ride in. Plenty of room even in the way back seat it's not cramped. Has a decent trunk space. Gas mileage on a long trip was 30 mpg which is awesome for a vehicle this size. No problems with this vehicle

- Sharon F

Very spacious family car.

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I absolutely love everything about this car. It's very spacious and it has a lot of trunk space even when the third row is up. It has additional store under the carpet for things like milk. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Dolly S

Chevrolet Traverse is a great vehicle for a family.

The Chevrolet Traverse has been a wonderful vehicle for our family. We have 3 kids and they all have more than enough room. There is also room for storage in the back behind the 3rd row. It drives very well and is pretty nice to look at too. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Carolyn M

I love my Chevy traverse!

The traverse offers a comfortable ride. It seems to eliminate a lot of outside street noise. The 3rd row has a lot of legroom compared to other vehicles in its class. Stereo is ok. I do not care for the auto stop when sitting at an intersection. Other than that I love it!

- Jennifer W

Nice space, excellent room for me. Bought brand new.

No problems, wonderful vehicle, excellent space, all the new features, runs well, don't hear engine, automatic turn off engine when stopped at a stoplight, bought brand new. Nice interior, back up camera, very reliable, will recommend to everyone. Excellent trunk space.

- Kelly L

Good power for mountain snow travel.

Good SUV. No problems it is dependable. Lots of power smooth ride. I like the look of the SUV the color is bright red. Decent gas mileage for a large SUV. Good amount of cargo space. Maybe a little pricey. Would of liked to have a sunroof not available on my SUV model.

- Gail S

It's great for traveling long distances

My vehicle is very spacious. Great gas mileage and has decent speed on highways. Great vehicle to take cross country. The best part is that upkeep is very low on it. Even after traveling 6k miles from Alaska to Florida was the best for it. I love it and it's really good

- Michael S

The amount of space the car provides.

My vehicle is very reliable, it has many features that are use friendly. It great for family use and for long distance travels. It contains three rows and each row has a good amount of let space and are very comfortable. It has dual air conditioning and is very cooling.

- Jessie O

The back seat is very spacious and has its own air/heat.

Nothing wrong with the car so far. My traverse gets good gas mileage and is a comfortable ride for my family. My family uses it for all road trips and grocery store shopping. We've had to use the breaks a few times suddenly and they worked great. Smooth ride all around.

- Tyler V

Great vehicle for a family.

Best vehicle for a growing family. Great for car seats and a double stroller. I wish the hatch area was bigger for more storage. I have to but the third row seats down to get bigger items in. It looks like a luxurious vehicle for a great price. Overall a great vehicle.

- Olivia C

Love my traverse and these are the reasons why!

I love this car, smooth driving, amazing backup camera. I love my heated seats and Bluetooth calling and radio. The sensors on the mirror are so helpful for me. I have neck problems and it is so nice to see without having to turn. This car is worth the price for sure!

- Victoria G

A 10 out of 10, would buy again.

The radio speakers in the front often go on and off, pop, and at times make a loud buzzing sound. Other than that, the vehicle is extremely comfortable, very reliable, and has pretty decent fuel economy. Would like to see a standard receiver hitch from the factory.

- Roger C

Screen freezes. Super annoying when you are in a no phone state.

The screen sometimes freezes and restarts itself. The GPS will be frozen for about 5 mins and then it starts over on its own. It's happening more frequent these days, will take it to get checked out since it is still under warranty. Other than everything is great.

- Kim O

It is great and very luxurious.

No prom len it is a great vehicle that has never failed me. The ac never broke and I have heated seats. It is very comfortable and I like to keep it very clean. My dog rides in it with me and my family we go on long road trips and keep it clean that is my review.

- Colin P

Great car for a big family.

I had a seat belt receptacle break and had to return to dealership twice to have it repaired. I like that there is plenty of room inside. I can take all 6 kids and still have room for groceries in the back. It drives like a car, very smooth and easy to maneuver.

- Candice J

Our 2nd traverse. Wow! 2018 Chevy Traverse!!

This is our second Traverse. It has more space. Great power. More passenger amenities. Remote rear hatch opening. Really like the split seats in second row. The extra trunk for secure out of sight storage of personal items. Fully reclining front passenger seat.

- William H

Roomy, smooth, nice and dependable.

The car is highly recommended if you have a large family, it is roomy and drives so smooth, it has never let me down. I am very satisfied with my vehicle. I would tell everyone that is looking for an SUV to give this one a try, they would not be disappointed!

- Jennifer P

Love my new Chevrolet traverse.

Heated and cooled seats, double sunroof, ecoboost, collision alert, teen driver alert. So far the vehicle is great, wasn't thrilled with supposed warranty. Captains chairs are nice, and a nice color beside red, white or gray or black. Hate the black out look.

- Dawn T

Amazing value for a vehicle.

This is my favorite car I have ever had!! I would definitely recommend this vehicle to other people! It drives great has great power very roomy. Nice looking car I get a lot of compliments. I love my car so much it is by far my absolute favorite of all time.

- Jeffrey S

Family Friendly SUV offering sporty look and luxury ride.

The Traverse is very family friendly, while still providing a sporty look. The features included in the loaded package are far beyond our expectations. From heated and cooled leather seats to double sunroofs, it has a lot to offer. I would highly recommend!

- Stacey E

Perfect for a family of 5

As a family of 5 we love our Traverse. It is comfortable for daily use and for road trips. My favorite part about the car is the captains seats, with a third row. The trunk still has room for luggage when travel or strollers when we are driving around town.

- Brit S

2018 Chevrolet Traverse - Perfect Family Car

It has the most leg room of any 3rd row vehicle I've seen and has ample trunk space when the 3rd row is in use. It also gets great gas mileage. The only issue I have is that my driver seat lowers from my preferred setting. I think it needs a pump replaced.

- LM L

Mom who does not want a minivan!

Very roomy with the third row. My boys are in several sports so a lot of kids and a lot of equipment fits easily! I live in Iowa and it is great in the snow. I love the look of the traverse, it is a great alternative for a mom that does not want a minivan!

- Meredith H

My new 2018 Chevrolet traverse.

No problems it is new and plenty of room in it for everyone. Love driving my traverse it rides really good. Has lots of stuff like back up screen and heated seats and charging ports throughout. Would recommend this car to anyone looking for a new vehicle.

- Mary Adams K

Comfortable but transmission is concerning.

Loud revving noise when it shifts and dealership cannot figure out what it is. Transmission acting up after only 10,000 miles. Rear hatch motor keeps going out. Wild be nice to have an electrical outlet in the front seat also. Plenty of room for 7 people.

- Tiffany H

It's a really safe care and has more airbags than other cars.

I absolutely love this car, it gets great gas mileage for a bigger vehicle and when you stop it turns the car off to save gas. Another feature I like is it tells you, your tire pressure, where you oil change is at, how many miles per gallon your getting.

- Jamie C

The back up camera is definitely my favorite thing, providing confidence for me.

I love the room, back up camera, keyless entry, pretty much everything but the gas mileage! It's sleek and clean and I love pulling up to somewhere driving it because we always get compliments on it. I would definitely buy it again if given the choice!

- Sara E

The 3rd row is easy to lay flat for a very large cargo capability.

Love the comfort and features of my 2018 Chevrolet traverse. Ease of handling is great. The u turn ability beats all other cars I have driven. Seats 7 people comfortable and still a large cargo area. I also like the hidden compartment in the rear area.

- Sherry B

Lots of space for kid sports equipment and leg room in the back for growing kids.

This is a great vehicle. It drives nice, large cargo space and legroom in the back. The only negative is the large blind spot near the driver door. Can be difficult to see at times. I would still recommend this vehicle. It has been a great family SUV.

- Kristen B

Most assume SUV 's are gas guzzlers, the Chevy traverse is not.

Extremely reliable. Low use of gas. Easy on tires. I've had this SUV for awhile now. And haven't needed any major repairs. Maintenance is affordable and easy. The flexibility I have with storage and space for traveling with loved ones is astonishing.

- Brendan D

The space inside is amazing!

I love the space inside the vehicle while the overall size is manageable for driving and parking. The USB ports have been wonderful for the kids. The only thing I don't like is it is hard to see a car that is slightly behind you on the driver side.

- Sarah K

The safety features are incredible and the size of the car is perfect!

I love the size of the vehicle, it gives us plenty of room to grow our family. It a reliable car that gets great gas mileage. The ride of the car is smooth. The only thing that I dislike is the amount of road noise you can hear inside the vehicle.

- Lauren W

For Comfort and Stability

This car is perfect for our growing family of 5. There is tons of room for the kids to spread out. It also has amazing stability for our gravel roads. Our driveway is a mile long of gravel and you can barely tell we are on gravel half the time!

- Tiffany V

Perfect family car & sporty, the gas mileage is fantastic & all wheel drive.

I like how my SUV drives smoothly. My SUV is fabulous on gas mileage! The traverse is huge on space yet not too big of a SUV to drive and park. I don't really like that only one seat can move with a car seat installed. My SUV is awesome.

- Natasha D

It has a hidden glove compartment in the front screen which is awesome.

It is a lot roomier than anticipated. It has great flexibility for a family or to just move luggage. It has great driver support with the backup camera and the lane change assist. Also it fits 8 people! Which again with tons of legroom.

- Kevin S

Great handling and space for the price.

I love the roominess, the smooth ride and the handling. It has 3 rows and the seats can fold down for great storage. Gas mileage is excellent for a mid size SUV. I dislike the center console and it takes away room from the driver

- Jasmine F

There is lots of room to get to and from the third row as well as lots of trunk space for traveling. There are also many plugs for Cell phone

There are only a few problems that I have encountered with my Chevy traverse. My first issue is that there are no front parking sensors. My second issue is that I am having trouble using my entertainment system in the rear headrest

- Megan K

The Chevy Traverse is a great car for families and is very reliable.

I love the 3rd row seating in our vehicle. I love all the space it has, and the features like the heated seats and auto start. I love how reliable it is, and how good of gas mileage it gets - and I'm very happy with our purchase.

- Britni G

It has important safety features that make it fun and safer to drive.

My vehicle is a 3 row SUV. I like it because I sit up higher so I can see. It has a back up camera and also shows me when there is someone in my blind spot which makes me feel safer. I feel like it's a good quality vehicle

- Lori K

Beauty of a car at a reasonable price !

The traverse is a beautiful, quiet yet reasonable priced vehicle. We like it for our 3 teenage boys. They are all comfortable when riding in it and it's easy to climb in and out of. For me it's a luxury car at a low price .

- Trinia G

Great for families, storage and trips! Very comfortable ride.

The traverse definitely out did the Acadia for 2018. It has more room for storage, with a hidden trunk. The gas goes a lot further then with the Acadia. There is plenty of room for 8 people inside. The look is great also!

- Antonise W

It's roomy! Lots of storage and leg room for everyone. It drives smooth and has onstar. You can hook up your iPhone and use voice controls.

It fits my whole family, seats are heated and I can adjust the air and heat in the front to be comfortable and well as the passengers in the back. Plenary of room, seats fold down in the 3rd row to make more trunk space

- Crissi M

I would say it's a family friendly vehicle and perfect fit for my family and ride.

The engine hesitates when going for a stop start event occasionally and has an occasional unsmooth shift event in the transmission. Otherwise it's nice. I do wish there was more leverage on changing seat belt height.

- Hayley R

The newer model is more modern and performs well.

The vehicle performs well although a bit of time is needed to get used to the engine shutting down at stops, then restarting when you take your foot off the break. It is roomy, has nice storage and well set up dash.

- Lori K

Luxury and sport all in one!

I love the technology the traverse has. The phone charging station and all the plugs. The rear view mirror turns into a reverse camera and then birds eye view is very helpful. The luxury and sport package is a must.

- Terri B

It has a spacious interior.

I like all of the bells and whistles. Heating steering wheel and cooling seats. It's very spacious. Good for traveling (even with kids). Good gas mileage for an SUV. Wish it had locks on the console and glove box.

- Tressa P

Very comfortable ride with a lot of room.

My car is a 4WD vehicle which makes me feel safer in winter. I also am thrilled to have a bigger car that makes me feel safer driving my family around. It is very roomy which makes it comfortable on trips.

- Kristine D

It's a great van alternative for families

I love the redesign of this vehicle on this year's model. There is more space inside and it was well thought out for families. The technology upgrade is great and the improved gas mileage is much appreciated

- Stephanie P

the room in it- we can haul stuff in it like a pick up truck and enough room for 7 people like a minivan

I love how much room I have in this vehicle. The ride is very quiet and smooth. It has all the features like back up cam heated seats and interactive radio. This vehicle is perfect for our family of 6.

- staci s

It is very safe for families, family friendly. If you worry about accidents the features available help prevent those

I love the space. I am a family of 5 that is growing and it fits our family perfect. I love the safety features from backup camera to the rear seat reminder. My kids can get in and out without difficulty

- Tisha C

be sure to get a more inclusive package when you look at them - many features!

Has front/rear cameras, blind spot warning and rear pedestrian/vehicle warning. Comfortable and easy to drive. Seems fairly decent fuel mileage around town. Can haul a decent amount and will trailer.

- Carole G

It is amazing; there is so much cargo space, but also plenty of leg room at the back!

It is an SUV. I love the room and hidden cargo space. There is nothing that I dislike, except the cost of gas to fill it up. That is nothing against the vehicle itself though, just high gas prices.

- Lindsay R

The new 2018 body style is gorgeous and sharp!

I truly love my Traverse. The car is spacious and easy to maneuver with 2 kids in car seats. I like the middle row captains seats and the ability to put the seats down to make the cargo room larger.

- Alise H

2018 Traverse Awesome ride

There is seating for 7. It gets decent gas mileage. It rides very smooth. I love the heated/cooled seats and steering wheel. The hands free opening of trunk space is awesome. Plenty of legroom.

- Mona B

My Chevy traverse, it drives comfortably and has room for my family.

My Chevy traverse is awesome, my family fits in it comfortably. It can seat up to 8 people comfortably. It has captain chairs and a long seat in the back. It has good storage in the very back.

- Jessica S

With 3 rows there is tons of room inside and room in the trunk for a stroller. Great family car.

Love how roomy it is. Love the updated technology it offers. ; Blinking lights on mirrors when a car is in your blind spot. 9 speed engine helps with gas mileage a ton. No complaints at all.

- Nikki H

I really enjoy the sound system in mine!

I absolutely adore my traverse, I've only had problems regarding the air conditioner. It did not seem to work at all at first but after a visit to the shop it was in working order quickly.

- Chantel B

I worked hard for my car, I waited almost 3 years before I purchased it

I am a Chevy girl all the way. I like the newer body style of the Traverse, its wider and a tad smaller than the old Trailblazer. I love how it drives, and just the overall performance.

- Lori S

It's the best car ever!!! It's built with care and quality.

I love the space inside, 3 rows of seats makes for lots of room, fits all the family including the dogs. I like the apple carplay and nav screen. I really love the great gas mileage!

- Amy M

It is amazing for the family and for trips. It is very comfortable and great for the kids.

I love how comfortable my car is. I love the that the air conditioner is amazing. I wish the driver's seat would automatically move back when car is turned off like in my Kia Optima.

- Vanessa M

Amazing spacious vehicle,

My vehicle is very roomy. Has great storage space. I love the way it drives. I love all the controls on the steering wheel and how I have enough room for all my kids and extra space

- Christine B

It's a brand new design from the 2017 model.

I like all of the safety features that the vehicle has like lane assist and the 3 cameras. The traverse also has a ton of cargo space. The looks of the new body style are awesome.

- Dave S

It's a great alternative to a minivan for a large family.

Love the size of it. It also drives very smoothly. The only issue we have sometimes is when going from park to drive it hesitates and we have to put it back in park and try again.

- Danielle D

That all the seats are comfortable to ride in including the third row which even gives you leg room.

I like that my vehicle has captains chairs. I like that my vehicle has comfortable seats. I like that my vehicle backup cameras. I like that my vehicle has a touch screen radio.

- Michelle P

Comfortable midsize with good gas mileage.

I love my truck so much, that this is the third Chevy traverse I buy. It is comfortable, fits everyone and everything. Its big enough but not so big that its difficult to drive.

- Irene S

Economy - very good gas mileage! All wheel drive is wonderful,

The seats are very comfortable. The 9 speed transmission shifts very smoothly. We get 24 to 27 mpg. on long trips. We get lots of complements on the appearance of the car.

- Jimmie R

The safety features! Blind side alert. Rear view camera is great.

I love the technology in my vehicle. We currently have unlimited Wi-Fi. Great for traveling with 3 kids. Also it has a lot of safety features including rear seat reminder.

- Tiffany M

Much larger than the gmc Acadia. Love the interior room and hidden compartment in the back

Really love the car. The only bad thing is apple carplay does not always connect so I don't have access to navigation. I wish Waze would connect through Apple carplay.

- Sue R

Chevy traverse is a comfy ride

The traverse has OnStar capability and dashboard hook up to your phone for Waze pandora and local shopping. The inside space is enormous and comfortable. Drives smooth

- Kristina R

This car is spacious and has enough room to travel and haul tons of stuff.

I love the traverse I dive. It has middle row captain seats and a bench 3rd row seating. Makes getting the kids in and out easy. Also provides tons of storage space.

- Cara V

It has gotten 28 miles per gallon despite it being advertised at getting a high of 25 miles per gallon.

It drives like a car but can hold 8 people. It is huge but I never have trouble parking it. It is easy to get into but seems high up while driving. It feels safe.

- Aimee H

The Traverse can hold 8 people!

I love my Traverse. I bought it about 4 weeks ago and it has a ton of room. It is also not as bad on gas as I thought it would be. Overall I am very pleased.

- sheryl N

It more comfortable than the previous model.

This is a new model traverse. It is much bigger than the previous model. Comfort and style was very important to me when buying this new car. I extremely happy!

- Judy N

Redesign is a perfect. Would buy again

Love the redesign. New features and cargo room is beyond amazing. Larger inside than a Tahoe. Miss the heated mirrors and the heated back of the driver's seat.

- Jenn C

I think the best thing about my car is after research, I feel it is the best one that offers third row seating.

I like that my Traverse is smaller than a suburban, but it is similar. I love my back-up camera and use it all the time. I also appreciate the safety features.

- Sarah C

This car is worth every penny. Lots of space and drives great.

My car is great! It has a lot of room. The middle row is very room as is the third row. Middle row is captains chairs. The technology is great very up to date!

- Siobhan L

It is loaded with all the most important safety features.

I absolutely love my new Traverse. It is extremely roomy, and comes with all the necessary safety features. It is a very smooth ride. Perfect for my family.

- Erin R

Love heated seats and legroom in the front.

My car has heated seats and plenty of room for everyone. The gas mileage is not bad, and you are not cramped in the second row the third row is very tight.

- Rose E

Sliding seats is great for people with kids.

I like the sliding seats. I like the trunk space. I do not like there is no entertainment system. I do not like there is not an option to turn off carplay.

- Anne H

It has lots of space for a family with kids. The third row seat has plenty of foot space.

I like the size of the vehicle and the space. I do not like the auto stop feature. I should have added more automatic options at the time of purchase.

- Maria H




It gets excellent gas mileage for a vehicle with third row seating

The gas mileage is excellent and It's big enough for my growing family. I like that it drives well. I do not like that it does not have a DVD player.

- Caitlin B

The gas mileage is not the best on this vehicle.

I love that it rides very smooth. Love the way it looks like a mini Tahoe. Very sharp. It is very spacious inside. Lots of knee room for taller people.

- Jaime G

It's a great car if you have a large family, but don't buy it if you want music playing in the back.

It's a pretty good vehicle. I dislike that there are no speakers for the back seats. The Back camera is great quality, and I like the radio controls!

- Matthew A

Great vehicle for you to drive.

It drives smoothly and is very comfortable to ride in for long periods of time. The vehicle sits up higher than a car which allows you to see better.

- Jim E

Good highway mileage, but the city mileage is not very good.

Like it a lot. Great features and styling. Good tech. Rides smooth. Lots of room. Transmission is chunky sometimes. Repair for wheel/axle issue.

- Brian H

It is a great ride and worth every penny.

I love the safety features. The middle row bucket seats are a game changer. The traverse has just enough space without being too large of a vehicle.

- Breanna P

Great space and improved gas mile.

The Chevrolet traverse redone for 2018. The roomiest midsize SUV on the market. Great safety features and improved gas mileage over previous model.

- Don M

The amount of room it has. It is a good driving car

i love the room it has, the space in the back little trunk, I wish it had auto mirrors so they could easily pull in. and a auto save seat position

- Dana H

It seats up to eight and you still have room for storage

I love my Traverse, it is fun to drive. It handles great and has great safety features. It looks really cool. Has seating for 8, and good storage

- Jennifer S

It actually gets good gas mileage

I like the legroom of the vehicle. I like the looks. I also like the features.i can honestly say there is nothing I don't like about this vehicle.

- Lynn S

It makes you feel very safe. There are cameras all over it helping you to park.

I love all the safety features. Heated seat could be split between back and seat. Being in cold climate the heated steering wheel is really nice.

- Doni M

It is reliable and dependable to drive back and forth daily.

I like the reliability of driving. The safety of myself and my passengers is the number one concern for me. The vehicle is also easy to maneuver.

- Andrea R

Its sport and stylish, and roomy for families on the go.

I love my Traverse. It is very roomy for me to drive my kids or my friends around, and it has all of the features i need for a comfortable drive

- Summer F

Extremely comfortable many safety features including all around cameras

Extremely comfortable. Smooth riding great features including wi fi. Shuts off to save gas at red lights. Automatic locking when leaving the car

- PAt F

Very safe and roomy. Easy to drive.

I like the features and the look of the car. I like the amount of seating available as well. It has many benefits that is needed for my family.

- Erin H

Push button car starter..no more keys!

I bought it brand new. It is very reliable. The technology in it is great and easy to figure out. Smooth responsive ride, accelerates quickly.

- Martin E

Best Family Sized SUV with Captain Seats

It is the best car I have ever owned! I love the size and comfort and all.of the amazing features that come with it!! My family loves it too!

- Tiffany G

It can carry 7 people and is a safe ride.

I love the way it drives. It has comfortable seating and has room for 7 people. The electronics are very nice as well and has a smooth ride

- Janet D

It looks like a big car but doesn't drive like a big one

I like the space that it gives me while being a family vehicle. The technology is great to have and the comfort of driving it is enjoyable.

- Matt W

That even though it's an suv it has more space in the third row than our minivan did.

Love the design of the outside with the larger tires and black rims. Fits our family of 7 inside just fine. Love that it isn't a minivan.

- Amanda M

The most important thing to us is the extra space behind the third row.

Great seven passengers vehicle. Bought it because it has largest cargo space of competitors. We can have the kids and suitcases on a trip.

- Mitchell K

It's very fuel efficient but doesn't have a lot of get up and go.

Love that it has 3rd row. Love the comfort of seats. Love that there are several USB ports throughout the vehicle. Hate the eco auto stop.

- Jesica S

It automatically turns the engine off when you stop the car.

Love that it has a third row. Dislike that it does not have another clip for car seat in third row. Love the big screen on the dashboard.

- Brittany G

How well it drives smooth and has so many options everything is easy right at your fingers

So slick loaded and has everything from WiFi to different types of rear view mirror. Dislikes hard and complicating to set seats mirrors

- Mariann G

Chevrolet traverse family ride.

The Chevrolet traverse offers everything needed for extra space with kids in tow. You have the ability to have 6 passengers in your car.

- Katie W

Technologically has quite a few things most modern drivers want.

Just leased so I'm pretty happy. I don't like that I couldn't get a bench seat in the 2nd row if I wanted a vehicle with more features.

- Serenity L

New traverse is great. Nice

Really enjoying my new traverse. Interior is nice. 3rd row is nice with the captains chairs. Sound system is good. No CD player though

- Isabel S

It is a great value for all the options it has.

I love the size of my vehicle. 3 rows of seats gives. Me tons of room for the kids and friends. I do not currently have any complaints.

- Sarah P

My vehicle is a Chevrolet, a company I trust and prefer to buy from

My vehicle is smooth riding, quiet, and even though it is slightly smaller than my last vehicle I love the space. I have NO complaints

- Rebecca F

Chevy Traverse works for me

if handles reliably and smoothly. A very large, comfortable ride. The amenities are wonderful with plenty of room for my three kids

- Charles H

It is. Beautiful- sleek and reliable.

It is beautiful inside and out. Drives smooth. Has AWD so it will. B great in the snow. Radio is clear. It is expensive but worth it.

- Holly M

Great all around vehicle which gets good mileage and is great to drive

I like the way it drives. I like the space for hauling items. I wish it were a little smoother ride in the middle and back seats.

- Tammy M

Chevy traverse 2018 love it

Great family car. Sporty. I have 3 kids and love the room without having a minivan. It does seem to jump and tries to stop at times

- Angela J

Large SUV. Uses apple iplay. Has a secured box in the dashboard.

Love the large space of the car, the leather seats, the technology, safety features, like the light on the mirrors that lights up.

- Anne C

Pretty cheap to fix and keep on the road.

It is driving good in snow with all wheel drive. New so now worries about it breaking down. It is beautiful. It is big it is safe.

- Holly K

There is plenty of room for 6 adults.

I do not like the autostop because it restarts your car and jerks it forward in an unsafe manner. Other than that, I love my car!

- debbie c

Very roomy and comfortable! The back seat lays down for even more room in the back!

We love our traverse! Very comfortable for our family of four. Plenty of room in the back for everything we need to take with us.

- Lisa D

Great comfort with attractive styling.

Love my Traverse! If you have a family, this is the ideal vehicle. Very spacious, comfortable and nicely equipped. Fun to drive!

- Jane B

It's the perfect size for our family of four. There is plenty of room.

I love the interior, bucket seats, heated cloth seats, rear view camera, and touch screen display. I don't like the auto stop.

- Brandi W

For a larger SUV it uses the same amount of gas as a midsize.

I like that it is spacious. It has hands free technology to operate my cell phone. It also has an eco friendly exhaust system.

- Anna W

Love my new Chevy 2018 SUV.

I love this SUV! So reliable, so comfortable with a car full! Love all the safety features. Love the second row captain seats.

- Nicole S

I love it. There's nothing wrong with it.

It cool. None. If I happened to have any complaints it would be that there is no third row door. But no car has that anyway.

- Josh H

It is a very reliable suv with lots of room. This is my second owned traverse and I wouldn't buy another car.

The ride is smooth. The fuel is great for an suv. I don't like the fact it doesn't have an automatic lift gate for the back.

- Missy T

It has a lot of horsepower and plenty of space for the family.

This car is absolutely the best vehicle every. High quality luxury and also great space and plenty of room for the family.

- Danielle G

It's one of the best suvs on the market.

i love this vehicle. it has a lot of room and drives really well. i also like all the extra features you can get with it.

- terrance W

It's got a lot more space than other SUVs. The ride is smooth as well.

New, Spacious, Nice. I like how much space it has. I don't like that it doesn't have some of the features my old car had.

- Jean S

It has an extra compartment in the cargo area for storing items out of sight.

It is the most comfortable, reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It has a lot of space and features for the size vehicle.

- April L

Love all of the new features.

I Just recently got this vehicle but I absolutely love all of the new features that it now has in it compared to my 2017.

- Tim C

Dependability and safety. It is quiet and has a great radio.

The size is perfect for our family. 3 rows with plenty of storage space. Has a smooth ride. The gas mileage is not great.

- Jennifer E

The 3rd row is an amazing feature. I will never drive another vehicle without a 3rd row

The doors do not have a very good seal. I live on a dirt road and the inside frame of the door is always covered in dust

- Allison R

It's very roomy and a smooth ride. new model is very sleek.

it's very spacious. can accommodate 3 adults in the 3rd row seat which comparable models like the highlander can't do

- sari t

Spacious and very comfortable.

Has a lot of room for several people and lots of storage space. Also is very elegant looking and everyone admires it.

- Norma C

Size is excellent for kids.

Like the room in the car, apple play, leather seats, safety features and tinted windows. No dislikes or complaints.

- Marie C

It has some of the best convenience features on the market!

It has some of the best safety features on the market. I love the check back seat reminder. Great purchase overall.

- Alejandro C

A-spec trim sets it apart.

It is very roomy for children. It drives very well. I feel that it is very safe to drive. It is very nice looking.

- Katie K

Optional third row is convenient while still enjoying to compact size of crossover.

Great size and options for the price. Have owned two and plan to continue to purchase these models in the future.

- Jacqueline T

It is worth the price, it gets great gas mileage and it drives well.

I love my car because it is roomy and handles great. It is a good looking car and it has all the luxuries I need.

- Candice G

Great for kids if you do not like a van.

It is brand new, has a huge amount of features, gets good gas mileage and looks great. I love the new body style.

- Rebecca P

Chevy Traverse - Great SUV

The vehicle is spacious, has a lot of technology features, drives great, and is comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Tara K

Great vehicle. Spacious. Family friendly.

I like my car because I can fit 7 other passengers and it is spacious. I just think I spend to much money on gas.

- Kennia C

The premier trim has a lot of great extras.

Great performance, better than expected gas mileage, smooth ride and great sound system great for hauling family.

- Michelle S

This vehicle also rates highly on safety which influenced my decision when I purchased the first one.

This is the 3rd Traverse that I have purchased. It is a very comfortable and roomy vehicle and drives smoothly.

- Yvette R

It stylish and I enjoy driving it.

No issues with the car to date. It drives well and I can see out of good. I would recommend the Chevy traverse.

- Carolyn A

It Handles well in all weather conditions with good response.

I like the size. I wish it was a little higher. The third row seating has little leg room. The Wifi works well.

- Kalee L

It's very roomy inside easy to drive with many safety features

It's a great size. It drives well. I''' love having 4 Wheel drive. Love the seating configuration. Great price

- Carolyn K

It is a great vehicle for families, transporting, and is safe.

I love the body style, size and that it is practical in the winter. The thing I least like is the payments.

- Jessica W

To make sure the options you desire are on the vehicle.

The vehicle is large enough for us to take the occasional big load of items. The ride is very comfortable.

- Steve H

It is so roomy and comfortable. It drives wonderfully.

I like how my vehicle drives and all the storage room in it. I do not like that it does not have a sunroof.

- Felicia C

First time chevy traverse owner

Drives smoothly. Easy to steer and back up due to the camera. Love all the USB ports in the front and back.

- Julie B

It keeps me and my family safe.

It looks sleek and stylish. There is plenty of room for me and my family. The technology is very useful.

- John c

It's spacious without feeling like driving a boat.

I love all the room that it has and that it fits everything I need. The 360 camera makes parking so easy.

- Barbara E

That it is very safe. It has a lot of room and is fun to drive

I love the way it rides. It is very spacious and it is comfortable to ride in. I also like the way it look

- Lisa M

It's a great family car that I feel comfortable driving far distances

I have only had my vehicle for a few months and I love it. I love the size, the color, and the way it runs

- Caitlin G

It is a crossover SUV, it will hold as many as a large SUV.

My vehicles has all the technology you could need, it is roomy and comfortable. I would buy another one.

- Katrina T

It is just the right size for our family

I like the feel of it when I drive. I enjoy the features of the car. The size is perfect for our family.

- Mom M

Has loads of power and good gas mileage

Nice vehicle. Loads of power and room. Overall this is a very nice car. GM finally got this one right.

- Tim T

It has remote opening for the back hatch when you are 100 feet away from the vehicle

It gets a good MPG. It is a good looking vehicle. It has loads of interior room. It has great pickup.

- Bob s

The Chevy Traverse is a great family car. We have enjoyed using it in the mountains.

I love the fact that it fits my family of 5. It is four wheel drive. It drives like a smaller car.

- Julia M

It has lots of room for both passengers and cargo.

I love my Traverse. It is roomy, stylish, a smooth ride, safe, and full of the latest technology.

- Thomas S

The way I describe the car is the it drives like butter, so smooth.

I love every.I wish it had storage underneath the seats but all else is perfect. No complaints.

- Kimberly F

One of the most important things people should know is that it fits 7 people and still has a more spacious trunk then a tahoe

it's spacious; all the features of a full size SUV; has all the features i love, warm/cool seat

- Josie G

Very comfortable to ride in or drive. Solid feeling.

Lots of tech, comfortable for both short person and tall person, good gas mileage for the size

- Chris Z

Its unique and stylish. It handles very well on the road and hardly ever requires servicing.

I like the design of the vehicle. It seats plenty of people. It has plenty of storage space.

- Jane D

It is a great car for the money and it is very roomy for lots of passengers

My traverse is stylish, has lots of room for passengers, and also is very good on gas mileage

- N F

It is safe and fits a whole family comfortably enough with room.

It is a great family vehicle. It comfortably sits my kids and all their 'stuff'. I love it!

- Chelsey B

Great over all performance

I love love my Traverse. The V6 engine has plenty of power. There is plenty of room inside.

- Gary H

Very spacious! Lots of room for large families. I love the WiFi feature too.

I love the extra space. The third row comes in handy for extra passengers or more trunk room.

- Jen C

Makes me feel special when I drive around and happy when I fill up with gas. I can drive 400 miles on the road before refueling.

Lots of room, quiet, GREAT gas mileage, fun to drive, comfortable, seats 7 and built to last.

- James P

It is mine and is perfect. Takes me where I need to go. Perfect Color, shape and size

Like the roominess. Like the color and paint. Room for my family. Gets me where I need to go

- Petrina H

The leather seat. Two moon/sun roofs. And third row seating

Love 3rd row seating. Can not live with our leather seats. And a big plus for two sunroofs.

- crystal s

It is very comfortable and has a beautiful drive for an SUV.

The SUV has a beautiful comfortable ride. It handles like a luxury car. It is spacious.

- Matt D

The safety features and seat capacity.

I love all the features. The apple phone option is the best. I love the reverse camera.

- Alyssa E

Perfect for families on the go

It has a lot of blind spots. But I love the roominess. I would like more trunk space.

- Lisa L

Rides smooth... nice size.. good features..like he color and the sound system..its very roomy. And has a smooth ride

Very affordable for the features it has. Very roomy..smooth ride.. big trunk space

- Koko L

Smooth ride, tons of room, great family car, room for friends and family. love it!

We love everything about our Traverse. We love having a 3rd row to have more room.

- lisa k

It has plenty of interior space inside,. The door to the truck opens automatically and it nice when your hands are full or you are trying to bring in groceries.

I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. I love every aspect of it.

- Sara N

It has third row seating which is nice. It's also fun to drive.

It's very roomy. Great for taking road trips and very comfortable.

- Heather W

Smooth riding and dependable vehicle

I love the body style and the ride There is nothing I dislike

- Sheila D

It runs very smooth and I have not had any problems with it so far

It is very sleek. I like the back up camera. It is very nice

- Joel T

My only complaint is the gas mileage. It has awesome features and safety rating. I think it is a dependable vehicle.

awesome safety features especially if you have teen drivers

- Edwina P

It is a family car meant for more family time and more enjoyable car rides.

I love my car it's amazing. It drives amazing and smoothly.

- Lauren B

Its gas mileage isn't as good as they say. It handles very nicely in all weather conditions. Love the dual air adjustments. I do wish they offered cd players still. But I can live without it. Back up camera works great.

I love this car. It rides nice and is very comfortable.

- Tamara W

That's it awesome and great and amazing and cool and good

I like that it is new and technology advanced. I like

- Qirong S

Has auto stop and cannot be turned off. It takes some getting used to

Only do not like auto stop. Everything else I like.

- April S

The third row seats which are very roomy

Love the third row, back up camera, and space

- Stephanie B

Great family vehicle or all ages.

- Megan E