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A good buy with technologically advanced features

I love the Wi-Fi ( My Chevy Trax) I do not like the acceleration and especially the cooling on the A/C. You really have to put it up to 3 to get it to start cooling down. I wish it had a better warranty. It only comes with a 36,000 mile/ 3 yr standard warranty. Kia, Mazda, Hyundai come with 10 year/ 100,000 mile warranties. It is comfortable inside. The seats are comfortable. The cup holder is convenient. I like the sunglass holder. The mileage is good. I haven't needed any major repairs. My vehicle current has 53,000 miles on it. I did replace a set of tires fairly recently. The ride is good. It really depreciates in value from the time you buy it. I tend to think that is standard with most vehicles though. I love the Bluetooth and if you pair it with OnStar you pretty much have a separate car phone. With the large push of not texting while you drive I love the hands free option. My vehicle was in 2 accidents and it seems like it took the impact much better in the back than in the front. Overall it seems to be a reliable vehicle. I am happy no major repairs have needed to be done and just general maintenance here and there.

- Patricia K

Best features, has so many tech features. It also has the best sunroof

The trax is very comfortable, I like that the seat goes up and down as well as back and forth, I have short legs so some days I feel like I can't reach the pedals in other cars because the bucket seats restrict my legs from reaching the pedals, also it allows me to lift the seat to be able to see when there is a mailbox or bush blocking my view. I like how small and compact it is, and the backup camera is helpful when backing out of a spot at the grocery store. I love my heated seats in the winter, but in the summer I wish there was an option for cooling seats. I like how spacious the 'trunk' is for all of my groceries. It also is spacious in the back for being so small for the people in the back to be able to sit and be comfortable on a long road trip. I never have to worry if my car will start in the winter and I love my automatic start feature! I love the Bluetooth feature so I can connect my phone for music and GPS navigation. There are a lot of cup holders which is helpful when there are a lot of people in the car. The trax is full of tech which is great so I don't have to bring so many chargers.

- Kat L

3 years with not one problem.

The thing I don't like about it is there is no cruise control. That is really not the most important thing just a feature I would of liked to have had in case I would of liked to use it. Its compact but big enough. For 4 adults to be comfortable. Leg room is sufficient for me. The back storage are is actually very spacious for this little car. It's not low to the ground so that is a plus. So far I have not had any kind of problems with it. I have keep up regular maintenance on it and I am very pleased. I would highly recommend this care if you're looking for something with good gas mileage and something that's not real small but not real big. It's perfect for me and I am not a small person and I have no problem with the space in this car. If you like music the radio is good. No issues with that. A/c and heater etc. Work really well. Overall this purchase of this car was a right one for me even though when I went looking to buy I had no idea what I really wanted. I had seen the picture online and just went with that.

- Tom D

So Many Cup Holders. I can't get enough!

The Chevy Trax is a great car! I've had some fantastic trips with it. The cabin is smaller but the windshield is huge making for a great view out. The seats are comfy! There is not a lot of storage space due to the lack of center console. The back seats are spacious and have a fold down cup holder in the center back seat. I was really impressed with how many cup holders there are. The A/C is AMAZING and super powerful. The acceleration on this car is not the greatest. It has a hard time getting up to speed sometimes. The miles per gallon is about 27. The room in the back trunk is good for the size of car it is! I haven't had any issues with the engine. Do recommend for a midsize car for close traveling. Not so much for distance drives.

- Laura L

Chevy trax: the best starter car.

The perfect size for a single person, but also for a small family of 4. The back is probably enough for just two car seats. The back trunk is big enough to transport things. We have parties where I have put centerpieces and many more party supplies! The two back seats fold all the way down and fit to perfection like a puzzle piece to flatten the back down if needed! This feature came in handy when I moved! I have made several trips to Dallas in it and the mileage/gas ratio is very convenient!! The vehicle fits in the smallest of spaces when looking for parking! I also love the charging availability in the cars. You can use your normal wall plug charger for your car charger with the capability to also connect to Bluetooth!

- Maria A

Mommas will love this cart for the amount of space and safety features.

My Chevy trax is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I love the fact its red and gets really good gas mileage. In average where I live gas is $3. 00 a gallon and it takes around $35 give or take depending on how low the tank is, which I love. My car is very reliable and safe, I transport my 1 year old in it so it's great for a mom. The winter's up here in pa are brutal and cold so automatic start is my best friend since I really hate the cold. I also love that I can connect to Bluetooth and talk in my car. Plus I love that I can get OnStar and siriusXM which I have never had in a car before. The seats are automatic so it is easily adjustable to the right height and how far back; it optimizes comfort.

- Felicia T

Chevrolet Trax: is it worth your safety?

Gas mileage is great, and the 1. 9 4 cyl turbocharged engine runs like a champ! However, due to the very narrow wheel base the vehicle does not handle rough terrain (i.e. bad Los Angeles roads) very well, and does not feel safe traveling at high speeds (60-70+mph). There is also a serious lag between the time you "punch it" and the time the vehicle actually responds/engages. The Trax comes Chevrolet mylink, a mediocre infotainment system which does not come close to holding a candle to apple carplay which gm installs on it is nicer vehicles (GMC, Cadillac, etc. ). If I could go back, change my mind on this vehicle, and select something safer, I would!

- Blake H

Phone feature and monthly report on your cars on how it is doing.

There’s no problems that I have had in the passed three years since I bought the car. I love features that the car has backup feature is great oil change feature low tire feature. I love the feature phone you can answer the phone by a button and it will content to your phone so you cannot answer your phone only on the car, and there is an app on your phone you can get so you can keep track of your car lock your car if you forget to you can lock your car while your in your home. Your app will give and up date once a month to let you know how your car is doing.

- Kathleen S

Chevrolet small SUV opinion and features.

I love my car. Chevrolet to me has always been an awesome brand. I love the warranty they provide to you. The gas mileage for my Trax is great. The interior compliments the features of the car. My car being a small version of in SUV definitely has the perks as if it were a regular size. (car alarm, automatic windows, touch screen radio, OnStar assistance, seats can be folded to make more room) also, when I first purchased I received satellite radio. Overall, I feel that Chevrolet is a brand you can trust.

- Megan S

Compact SUV with a lot of character.

The Chevrolet Trax has been a great vehicle for the last three years. Although it looks small from the outside, there is a lot of room on the inside. One of the problems I have had with the vehicle is when you put the back seats down, the seats up front have to be moved up quite a bit in order for the seats to lay flat. This causes a problem for people with longer legs as it causes driving to become quite uncomfortable. There have not been any mechanical issues with the vehicle as of yet.

- Kara G

Very Reliable and Efficient

I absolutely love this car! Very reliable. I drive a lot and have some crazy mileage on it already. I've had it for 4 years now and it has just passed the 98,000 miles mark. The only problems I have experienced so far is that I've had to replace the engine. Still not sure if it was a maintenance problem that caused it but once I got the new engine, I haven't had any problems since. Would definitely recommend this vehicle for someone getting out of college and needing a new vehicle.

- Chelsea V

Chevy Trax Gas saving zippy car!

Likes: It's great on gas, easy to park, love the color red, Turbo speeds up well. Dislikes: sun visors are too short, auxiliary connection is inside of compartment making it difficult to use, problems with AC turning off and dealers can't find problem, AC too loud and not very cold, does not charge phone when car is off, back seats don't fold down all the way when trying to use the back to capacity, radio only holds 4 FM favorite stations, no armrest for front passenger.

- Laura C

Clean and unique. Smooth design from the side. A little blocky from behind.

The vehicle as a whole is great. The LTZ package on this car is nice. I have had multiple trips to the dealership with this car for a variety of issues relating to things under the hood. I bought this car pre owned so I made sure to get an additional extended warranty in case. So far everything has been covered under by Chevy warranty. The 4 cylinder is pretty weak and completely relies on the turbo charger to get any type of acceleration.

- Chris U

Great little car at a good price.

My little trax is great in all weather. Love to drive it. It is got AWD, everything is at my fingertips when I am driving. Has plenty of room for shopping and traveling, nice comfy ride. The back up cam is really helpful w/ a wide view when you backing up. It is an all around good car. I would and have told people this is a car for a small family, young couple just starting out. Anybody really and it's great on gas.

- Woodie N

It looks small but the car is actually roomy for the most part. And the gas mileage is pretty good

I've brought it to the dealer a couple of times about the transmission skipping. And they told me every time nothing was wrong with it. A few people had rode in my car and said the same thing that I have been saying. It feels like the transmission. All of a sudden the buttons on the steering wheel stopped working. The outside thermometer stopped working. It gets good gas mileage but definitely could be better.

- Ashley P

Chevy review from me in 2018.

The problems I've had are recalls for one, but every car has them. When I accelerated in the beginning it was no issue, but now it is. And no one can tell me what's wrong. Putting a newborn car seat in leaves very little room for the passenger and puts them in a dangerous predicament. There are a lot of blind spots in the windshield area that is not typical. Not spacious enough for bigger and taller men.

- Savannah A

Chevy trax does not like mileage.

My trax is very comfy for the driver but passengers complain it is not. It really does not have much power but great gas mileage. It handles well in the winter and I have never had it stuck in the snow. I have had many problems with it the more miles it has, its make weird noises now. Also, for months on and off the alarm randomly goes off and has since I bought it and no one can figure out why.

- Jewel D

Love my Chevy Trax LT! It so comfortable, safe, and has many great features.

This vehicle is a very comfortable fit for me. I like it because it is not as big as typical SUV's, but bigger than a small car side. The only downsides to this vehicle is the trunk space and leg room in the back. Along with this, sometimes the 'MY LINK' radio system is laggy and can freeze up. Otherwise I love this car because it has Bluetooth, many places to charge a phone, and it is safe.

- Lacey M

Chevy rattler: small and noisy

So far I've had one major repair, the water pump gasket gave way and my car keeps overheating. The service man said you don't usually see that kind of thing in 4 year old cars. It kind of makes a lot of rattling noise that seem to come out of nowhere. The interior is really tight and front seat has only one arm rest. Gas mileage isn't as great as I was expecting it to be.

- Wendy W

Bluetooth setting. Audio. Have conversations on the phone GPS.

I have had it for a few years now I haven't had any major problems with it so good on gas. This is a nice little family car. I drive it back and forth to work everyday. It hugs the road nicely. It is got a lot of room in the trunk. It has a small monitor in the front which helps me with parking and backing up. It is got Bluetooth and it is very loud good system with music.

- Danielle H

Great vehicle for a small family!

Overall, I love the tax. It gets great gas mileage and is big enough for my family of three. I have put quite a few miles on it in the past couple of years and have had no issues. One thing it does not have that I wish it did, is cruise control. It is not even something I thought to check when I bought it because I thought that was a standard feature, but apparently not.

- Nicole W

Great value for a compact SUV

I like the size and the fact that it handles like a car. It also gets great gas mileage. One of the biggest issues with it is the windshield wipers — the one on the drivers side is really long and doesn't get a good seal on the windshield. The dealership told me that's normal for the Trax. I also dislike that it only take this special expensive synthetic oil.

- Sarah d

My 2015 Chevrolet Trax sports utility.

The Trax is a nice compact, it drives like a car but sits up off the ground like a SUV. This is not a family vehicle due to trunk space. The car has a rear view camera. The Trax is equipped with onstar. The seats are leather and the front seats heat up. The fun compact has a sunroof great for sunny days and night rides. The Trax handles well on the highway.

- Elizabeth W

It is a compact SUV, so don't be surprised by the tight fit of the interior.

I like this car from an aesthetic standpoint. Its sleek, and compact which really helps for maneuvering in smaller spaces. On the other hand, it seems to have a harder time maintaining and increasing Its acceleration up hills. It can maintain speed on the interstate very well though. All in all, it is a great daily driver and is even pretty decent on gas.

- Caitlin N

Best midsize SUV that is out now when it comes to gas mileage and look.

I wish Chevrolet would have given the trax a bigger engine. Since the engine is only a 4 cylinder, the car has no get up and go. Also it feels like I have to slam the brakes to get it to stop sometimes. I love my car otherwise. Since I bought it I have has no issues, problems, or headaches. Definitely one of the best midsize SUVs I've had.

- Meghan H

Drives great but needs more cargo space.

It gets awesome fuel mileage! It is easy to drive. It is comfortable. However, it has very little cargo space which makes it difficult to pack enough for a family trip. We couldn't use it for even a weekend away if we had more than one child. It has not needed many repairs. The main work that has had to be done has been routine maintenance.

- Leann A

It is excellent on gas! If you drive a long distance anywhere, the cost of driving it is the best!

My vehicle is great on gas, has all wheel drive which makes winter driving easier and safer & it has more room in it than it appears to, but downsize is that it is VERY uncomfortable for driver & passengers when going on any longer distance trips. The seats do not have much "give" so to speak and the back seats are not adjustable at all.

- Diana K

He just has a perfect price specially for car like that. Already the best highlight I can give and trustworthy car that you know is going to keep you as long as you keep him

My Chevy Trax is a compact SUV great for first time driver's I'm going to take it to oil change second time to the dealer and I still have my tires like almost new you know and it's a huge think when you know the car you driving if you're going to another state or or somewhere to have a rest perfect car to get on the long road

- Levon H

I like that it tells you how much gas and miles you have left on the vehicle.

I really like everything on the vehicle. I like sitting up, the Sirius XM radio, phone system. It ridges smooth and compact for me. I like the onstar system that lets you know monthly you're diagnostics on the vehicle whether your tires are low and how much they need or anything else that could be going on with your vehicle.

- Victoria G

The blue blur!! It is an interesting little car and I like the color.

It performed as well as I expected for a 4 cylinder engine, though it is fuel efficient. The media center for it is nice, has USB and Bluetooth hook ups for phones and tablets. Has good sound quality. The 4 week drive option is nice for a car in that price range. The back seats fold down for a decent amount of storage space.

- Joshua S

My next vehicle is going to be a Chevy. I love the Chevy and gets good.

No problems. I love my vehicle and at this time I do not want to change. The Trax ls is a Chevy year 2015 and it is black and it sprinkles. It gets about 32 miles to a gallon. I can drive about 3 1/2 hours before I need gas. It is awesome. I have had my vehicle about 1 1/2 and I have 3 1/2 months ago before it is paid off.

- Penny L

Sunroof is a plus. I love it and have never had one in any car. Gas mileage isn't as great but it's pretty good.

I loved my Trax at first. It was an SUV and it was the right size ..so I thought. Now it is too small for me and my husband and two big dogs. It's comfortable though if it's just yourself and maybe your spouse. Great driving long distance. Can lay down all the seats of need be. Mine is a sport. And I love the sunroof!

- Melissa S

TRAX is my favorite vehicle

Out of all the vehicles I have purchased in my life this is my favorite. I love the orange color, it just my style. My Trax is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. Traveling in it is fun. I love the room in it, it's like a just right truck for me. I can fix large purchases in it by letting the back seat down.

- Gale C

This is the best vehicle I have had!

My Trax has been wonderful. Very reliable. In more than 3 years, I have had no problems with my vehicle and have never needed service, other than routine maintenance. I find the ride is comfortable, it feels solid and handles very well. My husband likes it so much that he bought his own Trax the following year!

- Sue M

Review of my car Chevy trax 2015.

It is does not have enough storage space never had any mechanical issues except the blower motor needing to be replaced in the last 4 years. Love the color. The price range is pretty amazing for a brand new car it was under 25000 brand new witch was amazing and everyone at the Chevy dealership was very helpful.

- Crystal A

No glamour: a good basic drive for a good price.

Short on cargo space and underpowered. On the other hand nicely maneuverable. Interior is a little basic but it is an economic model so it is okay. Doors require slamming to close so it is not really fine coachwork. Not really suitable for high mileage driving; the repairs start to add up after 50k or so.

- Gary N

Cute and sassy with low maintenance.

Comfort is fine (not luxury but ok), drives great, top heavy, good gas mileage, poor sound system, disappointed in no GPS or sat radio (although was told it had it all the way up to getting keys), features like voice recognition are unreliable. Mechanically it is been perfect, no issues at all in 4 years.

- Lynne H

Average small family vehicle

Reliable small family compact sports utility vehicle. Big touchscreen monitor, rearview camera, okay car stereo system. Front bumper bottom guard has issues staying on, has fallen off. Is okay on gas, could be better. Price is a bit high for features offered. Overall, 7 out of 10 on all factors combined.

- James H

Great mpg on my Trax! Love it!

I have had my Trax for 6 months and it has given me no problems. I like the maneuverability, mpg and look of this car. My favorite of these three is the 30 mpg. It is economical and may not have the best acceleration, but I am willing to compromise on that aspect to save money driving it every day.

- Sonya H

The size makes it a good fit for those who have not driven a SUV before.

My Trax has Bluetooth capabilities. It is fun to drive. The Trax is spacious enough to haul a bed frame. It has very good mileage. The only problem I have encountered is the airbag recall. But it seems that every car in the us has encountered this problem. The cost of the vehicle is reasonable.

- Michele S

Great mid-sized vehicle with great turn radius.

Size is the biggest complaint especially in the back seat with a young child trying to fit a car seat in. The car is perfect for single people or married couples without young children. The gas mileage and the turn radius are very good. The seats folding down helps with room for a small trunk.

- Brett W

Backup camera is o n e of the reason I loved this vehicle.

No arm rest in passenger front seat, this is annoying. overall the car is good on gas, comfortable. Trunk a little small. Wish it had heated seats. Love the back up camera and the Bluetooth. Smooth driving. Tilt steering wheel is nice. Onstar and Sirius radio is nice if you want to pay for it.

- Renee Y

I just really like my car. It runs great.

I honestly haven't had any real issues. I had to get something in the engine replaced, (I forgot what it's called) but ever since then it's been fine. It runs well, get good gas mileage. Obviously city driving doesn't get as good mileage as highway. The car runs great in winter weather too.

- Tricia M

All passenger seats fold down for extra storage

Great if your wanting a small compact vehicle. I however find it too small for my family of 4. If I could trade in for a bigger vehicle I would. The gas mileage was my biggest reason to lease this car. Which is amazing. I can get away with filling up 3 times a month with heavy driving.

- Katrina H

The most interesting detail for the car is the size.

Its small like a car but tall so you doubt feel short. Sometimes the break and the gas jerk but everything else about it is great. The size is convenient. It's easy and comfortable to maneuver on the road. The overall performance for the car is four out of five, it's just a little old.

- Diana D

Good car, lots of miles. Recent engine issues

It has been a reliable car for the most part. Now that it's older and has a lot of miles on it, I'm starting to have some engine problems. I've taken it to the garage and they couldn't find anything wrong with it even though the check engine light comes on & then goes back off.

- Lisa S

just not enough time to list everything I hate about this vehicle.

the car runs and drives fine but some issue are..the seats are too high, the body has large blind spots, and the biggest issue I have noticed is there is no temp. gauge. Had to replaced the water pump and maybe a head gasket soon because of no way knowing how hot the engine is.

- Richard S

2015 Chevrolet tracks (they will not let me spell it correctly).

My Chevrolet Trax gets excellent gas mileage. Runs smoothly and has great features. You get a monthly update from Chevy letting you know when service needs to be performed. It even tells you when you need to add air to your tires. I would highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Monica Z

Good on gas. Rides great!!

Love the way it drives. Great on gas!! I did have to have the turbo booster replaced. Thankfully my dealer paid for it. One quirk is with the radio, sometimes it will not turn on. There is a blind spot when looking in the rear view, the back seat headrest is in the way

- Kelly M

Trap is a great family car with great price.

Great on gas. Like that is small all seat fold down to haul bigger things. Does have a small beep noise that occurs when u are at a stop. Great family vehicle for small family. Would buy another. Luv the backup camera. The vehicle seats 6. Price is affordable for budget.

- Kum A

Black with sparkles beautiful

Transmission downshifts too hard. The vehicle runs great, and my kids enjoy riding in it wish that it was a little bit bigger and had better gas mileage. The color of my car is beautiful. Black with a little bit of sparkle when it is clean. I very much enjoy this car.

- Michaela C

Great everyday AWD vehicle. Its comfortable for a whole family but still gets great gas mileage. Is great for any weather conditions.

I love the gas mileage I get. I love how easy it is to fold down the back seats so I can transport more or bigger things. I wish there was a little more space in the back for luggage. I absolutely hate where the USB plug is. I would move that to the center console.

- Sarah R

My Chevy Trax is the best vehicle I have had for winter driving

I love my Chevy Trax! It has all wheel drive which is great for the winter. I love that the seats fold down for more storage in the back, plus mine has the optional roof rack for carrying larger things. It has been a very comfortable and reliable vehicle so far.

- Susan F

It is powerful and gets pretty good gas mileage as well.

I like that it has a fair amount of power but I dislike that it is pretty small. It doesn't have a lot of room in the far back for groceries, etc. or legroom for passengers in the second seat. It also has a problem with fogging up easily on the main windshield.

- Kristen C

Chevrolet car is the best.

I have had no problems and it is comfortable and good with gas. Always use it for trips. I really like the car. I have had it for 3 years. I want to finish paying it off. It takes me where I need to go. It never fails me. I love my car. It is such a great car.

- Liz A

Chevy Compact SUV pros and cons

Overall good performance, happy with interior finishes and detailing. Nice heated leather seats and sunroof. Smooth and quiet car. Only issues currently are the engine light frequently coming off and on. Also the brakes can often be loud when it's cold out.

- Trisha F

It is compact, but exceedingly efficient. It gets me to and from work, doctor's appointments and the like. It has held up very well and still looks brand new.

I love how good my car is on gas mileage, even with being an SUV crossover. I enjoy the fact that it is up off the ground. The only thing I wish I could improve is the lack of trunk space and having to fold down the seats every time I make a big purchase.

- Mary S

Chevy trax great compact SUV.

I absolutely love my trax. It is so good in the snow. It handles well when driving down the road in any type of weather. The one drawback is that it does not come equipped with a CD player. But I can hook up my phone either through cable or Bluetooth.

- Alan D

Good quality for the size

I love my car mainly because of the size. I don't like how it squeaks when I stop at stop signs and don't think the air conditioning is all that great. I have taken my car to the dealership and they've said it's fine. Despite this, I do love my car..

- Vanessa L

There may be a problem with the airbags. A warning light should not be on if the dealerships' computers say there is nothing wrong.

It is smaller than the full-sized SUV, which I prefer. It goes from 0 mph to 25 mph quickly. I worry the airbags will not deploy as the warning light has been on since purchase and two different dealerships can't seem to say or do anything about it.

- Janine G

All of the seats are able to fold down to completely have a flat interior for stowing items.

The chevy trax is a reliable SUV that has a variety of uses. It gets great gas mileage, while also being able to carry a full load since the all of the seats can fold down. It is not especially flashy, but it is functional and dependable.

- eric l

It's not a sports car. It takes time to get up to speed and you need to be gentle with it. But no complaints.

I really love the size of my vehicle. It's compact but with enough space to lug around all of my belongings when I'm running errands. I like how it drives and the fact that I don't feel like I'm wasting gas as I would with a larger SUV.

- Katie O

It is an amazing all around car for just about anything you need it for. Whether it is moving, traveling, or getting to work in bad weather.

I love that my car has a built in Bluetooth setting so I can connect my phone for calls and listen to Spotify. I like the fact that it is very roomy for a smaller auv type car. However, it does not have cruise control and I hate that.

- Ashley P

It's a great little city car that can handle almost anything you throw at it.

I like that it's a small, compact car but sits up higher like an SUV (probably because it's a CUV). It does have a good amount of storage and the seats can fold down to give you even more room. It also does pretty good on gas mileage.

- Liz U

The car is very good on gas mileage, and there is plenty of for passengers.

This vehicle is fun to drive, has lots of room for when I go shopping, also, when we go to drive thru restaurants; there is plenty of room to eat in the car. The TRAX has very good gas mileage and is a very good looking mini SUV.

- Diana H

What you need to know about the Chevy Trax.

My Trax is very reliable and has great gas mileage. It is convenient for having two car seats and is very comfortable to drive. The only issue I have is the lack of storage - the truck is too small for even a regular size stroller.

- Jessica L

Cheaply made and likes to fall apart. OnStar will leave you stranded. Enjoy spending lots of time at the dealership.

I love the AWD and how it handles in Winter weather. I hate it breaking down and having all kinds of issues. Does not handle well for long trips. Didn't come with Cruise control and it was a 25000.00 vehicle!

- Michelle W

Chevy Trax is small, fuel efficient and affordable.

The Chevy Trax is a decent small SUV/hybrid. Its gas mileage is excellent, as are its entertainment features (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc). But it does not come with cruise control standard, which is TERRIBLE.

- Danny Y

Best Crossover SUV on the Market! I love my Chevy trax!

I love my Chevy trax. I love that it has technology built in with OnStar and wifi, so it helps me operate my business on the go. It rides well, has good cargo ability, and is convenient and safe.

- Amy L

Price is decent for the vehicle. I would get the new models with the apple/android radio.

I actually love the car I just wish the inside seats were bigger. I love the overall size of the car. I do hate how the turbo kicks in I think the car needs more horsepower to maneuver around.

- t a

For love of a Chevrolet tax.

Mileage 31 mpg, looks so good, candy red, black cloth interior, size, can lay down the passenger seats and it is 6', performance, runs good, everything is classic Chevrolet and American made.

- Diane W

It is just the right size. Not too small and not too big.

Not too small and not to big. It is just right. It has enough room for five people. It drives really good. Has Bluetooth so it connects to your phone and you can pair it with other phones.

- Sandy C

Solid transportation and lots of car for the price!

A fun vehicle for everyday use. Compact size is easy to maneuver and more spacious inside than it appears. Only complaint is the limited sight lines which sometimes cause difficulties.

- Brenda S

I probably would not purchase this if it wasn't for the sunroof and loaded features I got.

It has some serious blind spots in the back. It has NO power for get up and go. The front seats could be bigger. To skinny. Love the overall size and the way it handles on the road.

- T A

Workhorse Vehicle With Luxury Features

The Chevy Trax has been a workhorse vehicle with combined luxury. Great gas mileage, turbo is Amazing, Bose system is the best system I have ever had. Very happy with purchase.

- Cynthia M

I think that the most important thing others should know about my car is that it's fuel efficient.

My car is great! It gets me where I need to go quickly and efficiently. I love that it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to fill it up. I just wish it was a little bigger.

- Court B

the mileage for commuters and very reliable have had and issues.

I like the size and gas mileage. Would of liked more style inside.Wished I would of got one step up in the class area. Needs more media connections that are standard.

- joni b

Great storage compartments.

I really enjoy the size and fuel efficiency of my vehicle. Wish it had a little more room in the back for hauling things. Has lots of power and is just right for me.

- Elaine C

A great size for a growing family that needs a dependable vehicle

My vehicle is very reliable, however the tires that it came with were very poor quality and did not last very long. I like the display for radio, navigation, etc.

- Chelsea M

It is much roomier than you think by just looking at it.

I love the versatility of the interior and the ease of parking. I do not like the gas tank being on the passenger side of the vehicle but I can live with it.

- Pattie C

Gas mileage of the 2015 Chevrolet Trax is awesome.

I like how easy it is to parallel park. The vehicle gets great gas mileage. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is too light in the snow.

- Ken G

The most important thing is that it is a good car for a good price.

It is a good reliable car. It is roomy enough to fit multiple people or to move things. I wish it was a little more updated with some of the features.

- Lori S

It gets great gas mileage. It's a very dependable vehicle.

It gets real good gas mileage. I like the back up camera and the remote start. It's a great vehicle for me and my kids. My daughter loves the sunroof.

- Jim P

It has a lot of plastic. Tricky to jack up and change the tire.

My car is a compact SUV. Great gas mileage. Love the Bluetooth feature. Easy to connect to my phone for music and directions. Comfortable but small.

- Sydney S

very reliable, never had any problems. Great gas mileage for a crossover SUV.

We like the gas mileage, the ability to place cargo in the back. It is very good for only two or a very small family. handles well, easy to park.

- jim h

It is reliable and gets me from point A to point B.

No mechanical issues, rides smoothly. Great in snow and cold weather. Sunroof and backup camera. Seats fold down making moving large items easy.

- Savannah G

It is easy to maneuver, has a backup camera, and gets great gas mileage.

I love it. The only things I hate are: it does not have compensatory cruise control. And it has a good stereo, but no way for me to play my CDs.

- Sheila C

It does not drive like an SUV, but like a car.

I really like everything about my car. It is easy to drive. Small but big enough for what I need. The only thing I wish it had was a CD player.

- Taylor K

It is a comfortable ride.

As a former truck driver the Trax is the perfect vehicle to downsize to. It is smaller but still gives me the height and visibility I like.

- Tracy F

Crank from inside my home for the winter time, crank it up and let it warm up.

The Chevrolet Trax is a mid-size SUV that is great if you have a family. It has enough room for a small family, very spacious for the size.

- Stephen C

It has great gas mileage and is very reliable vehicle.

I have a blue chevy trax. That it is a SUV and has AWS. I don't like that it doesn't have Apple CarPlay in it. I wish the trunk was bigger.

- nakeshia d

The front passenger seat does not have an armrest.

Piece of the undercarriage dragged on the ground when I first bought it. Love the small size. Love the features, needs a middle console.

- Erin J

It is a simple car but has the technology many want

I paid Fair price. It is a comfortable car. It has good gas mileage. The way the back seats fold down is the best I have ever seen

- John B

It is spacious and fun to drive. It is spacious and has lots of perks that already come with the car.

I love gas mileage and size of the vehicle. I do not like the paint job. I do not like that the good OnStar features are so expensive.

- Mildred R

I love my Chevy! Chevrolet makes some pretty great vehicles!

It is so reliable. I have all the features and they all come in handy! My son loves it and has enough room even with his car seat.

- Samantha C

Great gas mileage on a day to day use. The riding is very smooth.

This is a perfect car to get around in due to the size of the SUV. Not too big or too small. It gets great gas mileage as well.

- Allyson S

It's good on gas and easy to maneuver.

It is small compact car, very easy to maneuver and good on gas most importantly. Although it is a small car it is roomy inside.

- Minerva T

May have to replace modules but other than that I have enjoyed my car.

Love handling and cargo space. Have a issue with passenger seat headrest blocking window in back and creating a blind spot.

- Terri T

It does not have much room inside, it is kind of cramped.

It drives nice, looks cute, there is no cruise, it is too small inside and there is not much room for shopping in the back.

- Linda E

Great fuel economy for the size of the car.

Cute, compact and easy to maneuver. It gets great gas mileage and rides very smoothly. It also has great safety features.

- Courtney Q

Watch out for new Trax in town.

Love it great winter driving, sits up high. Easy for passengers easy nighttime driving. Easy on gas love pop up trunk.

- Connie J

we wanted to go a little smaller with the trax and we got to small as far as the interior goes

no CD player, when you fold down the rear seat no room to adjust the front seat, rear door sometimes difficult to open

- Frank G

Compared To Similar vehicles, It Costs THOUSANDS less.

The features I like are fuel efficiency, all wheel drive, bluetooth, rear view Camera, roof rails and the hatchback.

- Angelo B

Gets very good gas mileage if you live a good distance from your work

I like that it gets very good gas mileage. The hatch space is kinda small which I do not like. There is no Cd player

- Michele E

Small but worth giving a shot

Somewhat small, but very reliable. Great gas mileage, storage space, and sound system. Bluetooth connection included

- Patrick S

Great crossover vehicle!!

Drives very smooth. lots of space in back of car with seats folded down. drives like a small car but has more space

- Erik H

It is all around great and awesome.

Great gas mileage, compact, but roomy in the front. Not much trunk space for groceries. Not much room in the back.

- Brian H

That I treat it with respect and as part of my family.

I like the look of it. I like that I am up high so I can see around me. It also works really real in the snow.

- Marge F

Red Chevy trax that's good in the snow

It's wonderful for the snow! It also has Bluetooth and onstar. It's a wonderful suv crossover that's affordable

- Jessica W

It gets really good gas mileage. I guess you want more than one reason, so it is also a smooth ride.

It is a compact SUV that drives pretty well and gets good gas mileage. It's paid off, which is the best part.

- Kasi E

Great size and convenience!

The size is really convenient. Small enough to park easily and with enough room to store cargo when needed.

- Ray P

all around great car and experience

Very safe car. it handles well around corners and can accelerate nicely. I always feel safe when in the car

- Scott b

This car is one of Chevys best

This vehicle is amazing. Super great gas mileage and runs great. Interior is beautiful and super well made.

- Britney M

It is good on gas and great in the snow. Actuator needs to be replaced and this is the second Chevy we have had that this has happened too.

It is good on gas. It is fun to drive. The actuator for ac heat went within first year of having the car.

- William B

It is just the right size. Not to big and not to little.

Like that is not too big and not to little. Like that it connects to my phone so I do not have to hold it.

- Linda H

It's small but mighty. Turbo rocks.

I love that it's a small SUV that can still get around in the snow and there's really nothing I dislike.

- Kelsey P

It drives really smooth and gets good gas mileage. It also it comfortable

I love the size of my car. It drives really smooth. There is enough storage space. Gets good gas mileage

- Karly R

We just love it, will be getting new one!

awesome steering raidious, great for hauling large items, good on gas, very loud when windows are open.

- lisa d

Great smaller SUV that still packs a punch.

Great smaller SUV that can still get around in the winter. Haven't had any problems or issues so far.

- Kelsey L

It has a lot of technology features that make it convenient for a small business owner.

I like the way it's built. I like the technology features. I like how easy it is to get in and out of.

- Amy B

Great small SUV! Sit up tall!

Great to feel up higher than a traditional car! Smooth driving. Comfortable seats. Great gas mileage.

- Lori J

The Trax is a very nice and reliable vehicle. Awesome small SUV!

I love everything. However I wish the gas and brake pedals extended out since I have very short legs.

- Dani C

Great mileage easy to handle all wheel drive.

Like the gas mileage. Small enough to fit in tight spaces. Too small, however, to fit certain items.

- Mary C

Good gas mileage. Just a little rough riding

I like it for the gas mileage. I like it for the dependability. I do not like the short wheelbase

- Kenneth D

Sporty with lots of storage and excellent gas mileage

I love that it's a small SUV. The storage in it is incredible. It gets good gas mileage.

- Aimee H

all wheel drive makes getting around in the winter easy

the size is perfect. but the gas mileage sucks. it is easy to get around in the winter.

- shelby g

I have not had any problems with it at all. Just do regular maintenance on it. its comfy only thing it needs is cruise control .. has everything else

It's very reliable and comfy and easy to drive .. no issues with it is such a plus ..

- cornella k

It is worth the money and a good investment. Definitely a good car

Love the size and mileage ). It's small but is roomy inside. The trunk is huge.

- Heidi D

Good gas mileage, easy to park, great for one person.

It is compact, good gas mileage, easy to park. Sometimes it is not big enough.

- denise c

It has a back up camera and is AWD....easy to drive

I like that it is AWD. It is not roomy enough for passengers in the back seat

- Betty F

Good gas mileage. Room to move stuff when seats are down.

Handles great, nice size. Good gas mileage. Fold down seats. No issues so far

- Danielle V

Economical to drive and little upkeep needed. Fun to drive.

Rides rough on highway. Good gas mileage city and highway. Fun to drive

- Jim S

How reliable it is and that it can take you where you need to be with little trouble

Fuel efficient. A little too small. Easy to maintain. No complaints

- Andres V

The front passenger seat goes all the way down. You can fit an 8ft kayak in the car.

I absolutely love my car. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Sem N

I LIKE the Speedometer, I like the gas gauge. I like the Cargo area in back, I have not taken time to learn how to look at some of the gauges yet

I maintain it regularly. It runs well with no hitches or glitches

- Marilyn M

The Chevy Trax gets good gas mileage and runs well.

It gets good MPG. It is too small any too noisy. I miss my Jeep.

- Chad J

it's a nice car. it runs very nice, there was a recall on the radio tho

it's just not my car. I used to have a better car and I miss it

- Hailey M

how It's good for the money, It's cheaper than most new cars

It's pretty small, and issues with the battery the first year

- Katie G

doesn't like heavy snow, you would need to get 4 wheel drive

economical; don't like that it doesn't have cruise control

- Arlene N

I like how roomy it feels inside even for how small it is. I hate that it really has no power to get up and go. I love the color.

It is a good value for the price. Small yet roomy inside.

- Angela C