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I guess that it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Well we've only had it a month, so. . . Anyway, absolutely no problems. It handles like a dream. It is compact and very maneuverable. The comfort level couldn't be better in my opinion. I really like the USB ports that are provided for charging your phone or other devices, or for listening to your favorite streaming service over the vehicle's sound system. It has a really good radio with great sound. It is not super fast or powerful, but it has all that I should ever need I would think. There is an impressive amount of room for such a small vehicle, with an impressive amount of cargo space for hauling groceries, etc. I am kind of looking forward to the winter to really give the all wheel drive a real test. On top of all of that it is just a great looking rig. Needless to say we love it.

- Greg S

The Chevrolet tax, the good and the bad.

Comfortable ride, steering control is good with smooth braking. The interior is nice but front passenger does have an armrest. Touch screen is a good size for easy viewing but the android auto program can be intrusive and glitchy. Sound systems is great and the controls for it are easy to use. The climate control fan has a large jump from the #1 setting to the #2 setting and this was not the case with my 2016 tax. Another difference from the 2016 model and the 2018 model is Chevy removed 2 storage compartments from the dashboard and I truly miss the 2 extra compartments. Chevy improved the LCD control screen and the rear facing camera but devolved the storage situation. Overall I am pleased with my purchase.

- Paul C

Great price. Buy this car. 2018 SUV Chevrolet Trax. Small, good gas mileage.

Bought my new car august 2018 following a no fault of mine accident. My 2018 Chevrolet Trax AWD is the perfect SUV size the interior is beautiful with the latest technologies such as on star, GPS navigation, weather gage, Wi-Fi, phone, bonus points which can be used for services. Finally the best thing of all is the price under fifteen thousand dollars gas mileage is amazing I recommend buying this car.

- Yvonne L

Easy and comfortable drive.

My 2018 Chevy tax is awesome. It is very spacious inside and very comfortable. It drives very smooth and easy. The backup camera is very helpful in congested parking areas. There is a warning light on each side view mirror that lights up when someone may be in your blind spot, that is extremely helpful on highway and interstate driving. I love it and would recommend it to anyone looking for an SUV!

- Marcy B

Love my Trax, and will probably always have this car.

The Chevy Trax is very quaint. I love the size because I don't sit as low as a sedan but my car is not as big as an SUV which I find to be unmanageable to drive comfortably. The Trax drives well and feels smooth, the interior is comfortable and adjustable. The back seats fold down for extra car space and I love that. I love how my Trax is and I am very happy I switched to Chevy.

- Eboni N

Another sports utility vehicle.

It the basic model and the engine is loud, sounds like a lawn mower; hence, the interior feels/looks luxurious. The radio has a moderately good view for back up cam and GPS capability from OnStar or a mobile device. The window button are a bit touch meaning when you press it the entire window rolls down. Overall the body of the vehicle is compact and cute.

- Colleen C

It has the space of an SUV with the convenience of driving a car.

I enjoy that the Chevy Trax is an SUV without being too large for convenience. I can easily maneuver it and fit it into almost all parking spots, yet it has enough room for purchases and car seats. In addition, the keyless entry is my favorite feature for added convenience. My only dislike is that the hill assist feature is not consistent.

- Elizabeth K

Chevy trax is the perfect "me" car.

I love my Chevy trax! I used to drive a Chevy Cruze but then wanted an SUV. The trax is the perfect option for me because it is big enough where I can store all my necessities but small enough where it fits me. It is comfortable to drive and I have not had any problems. I will be thankful for its automatic start and 4 wheel drive come winter.

- Rebecca Z

Chevy Trax is an affordable, sporty, and comfortable car.

No problems with this vehicle and get good gas mileage. Love the backup camera and onstar benefits. I am usually the only person riding in this car but the back has a lot of legroom. I also have a sky light which I love. The computer gives you your air pressure, oil life, average miles per gallon which is great for a single person like me.

- Deb B

Trax fits our needs and amount and monthly payment.

Trax is great on gas, comfortable seating, car has decent power, car, rides smoothly, heater and air works well and radio has good tones. Lease arrangement are fair and easy, service on car has been no problem. Sales people listen to what you need and can afford and steers you in right direction for model of Chevy best fits your needs.

- Charles H

Minus the little features of it, very good vehicle.

It was too small for me. Didn't have a middle console. Didn't care for mesh/leather seats. Other than that, I do love the push to start/being able to start your car from the app or before you even get in the car. Drives amazing and smooth. Very reliable little car was able to handle constant hour and a half drives. Very good on gas!

- Marissa G

Great entry level SUV with many features, most importantly, great gas mileage.

I love my new trax. It gets great gas mileage and many extra features including, remote start, back up camera, keyless every and carplay. It rides very smooth and is fun to drive. The seats are comfortable and the drivers seat has an armrest for added comfort. The only thing that is missing is a console between the two front seats.

- Tracey P

More compact, but better gas mileage.

I have had no troubles with this car yet. The downside is that it is smaller (more compact) than my previous models), which I am still not used to. The upside is that due to this, it has a smaller engine and there I have better gas mileage. It is nicer to sit higher off of the ground, as opposed to driving a car.

- David Y

Fun to drive, very nimble handling.

Very smooth handling, gas mileage could be better but really depends on speed & use of a/c. Fun to drive, easy to park, fits 4 adults comfortably, but can accommodate 5 children easily. Lots of room in trunk, many windows increases visibility. Interactive music system, has OnStar, great heating/cooling system.

- Paul V

It is dependable and nice to drive. It is has modern conveniences.

Love the size of the vehicle, it is not too big or too small. I like the sub ports, the apple carplay, size of the monitor is perfect. It is nice to have a normal plug in the car to vacuum or charge a laptop on trips. The conveniences like cruise control, volume adjustment, heated seats, etc. are wonderful.

- Tina F

Affordable that's all I can say.

It doesn't have cruise control and not enough drink holders and no console. It has a lot of room and is nice driving good on gas all accessories are easy to reach and easy to use with android or iPhone I wish it was a Ford just haven't had good luck with Chevys but the only one that is affordable.

- Mary R

Not a performance based car.

Love the size of the car and very easy to maneuver. For me personally, the brakes could be touchier. Also, not a large engine so it does take a second to accelerate up to top speeds. Love the ability to take the seats down and have a large amount of space in the back for hauling anything around.

- Jennifer S

The review camera and the little storage under the seat.

It is very reliable and very good in gas. I like how there is cruise control. I have no had any problems besides my tires losing air. The only thing I don't not enjoy is there is no center council and there is only one arm rest. The best feature is the back camera and the electric seats to move.

- Susan P

Perfect size for someone wanting an SUV but doesn't need a lot of space or a large vehicle.

I love the ability to have a small sized SUV, but I don't like that if someone is sitting in the front seat and pushes the seat back, the person in the back seat has very little leg room. I also am still not totally sure if I like the new radio system that uses Car Play from my cell phone.

- Karen W

Do not know any interesting details. Just your average vehicle.

The track handles really well in the rain and wind. The seats are quite comfortable. I love the automatic movements up, down, forward, backwards, and the lumbar feature in good for my back. Love that windows go all the way down in the back. The seats fold all the way down for bigger loads.

- Roni M

Nice little family car good on gas and its has good features.

It has on star touch screen compatibility, it has android and apple play features, there are control buttons on the steering wheel for the radio, it's easy on gas, it takes about 25 to 30 to fill it, it's a nice family car, my dog feels closer to us in it our old car he felt so far away.

- Heather P

Chevrolet vehicle blind spot.

2018 Chevrolet Trax is great! I enjoy the size and the all-wheel drive. The only challenge I have had is the blind-spot on the driver’s side is taking some getting used to. When the road curves to the left the blind-spot is prevalent and it can be difficult to see oncoming vehicles.

- Jean J

In general it is been a wonderful vehicle.

It is small but enough for a small family. It has OnStar compatibility and we enjoy the use of the internet, not included after the trial so we pay extra for it. It is not one to use a progressive snapshot on, it causes a lot of problems and issues with the electrical functions.

- Shannon M

2018 Chevrolet subcompact SUV.

Seats are not wide enough, no center console, doors are hard touch plastic and rattle. Radio freezes often, and no way to adjust the brightness of just the touch screen radio. Other than that, I love my Trax. Perfect for a single person. Rides smooth, and good turning radius.

- Ross N

Economical. Small but enough to. Safe, reliable and great gas mileage.

Great reliable vehicle. I travel a lot and it is great on gas mileage. Also feel very safe driving and hauling two kids to school and soccer practices. It is a smaller SUV but has a lot of compact room in the trunk. Went on a week long vacation with four people comfortably.

- Kelly B

Fun, comfortable, and compact!

I haven't found any issue with my car, it runs amazingly, it performs very well! It is very roomy and the seats are comfy, the truck space is very nice, and adjustable with the fold down seats. The hands free phone is my favorite, I never have to take my eyes off the road!

- Kay K

You can connect your phone and play music/answer calls and text.

Small trunk, radio(screen) likes to shut off on its own. Comfy seats, performs well and is reliable for the most part. Haven't had any other problems with the Chevy vehicle Good car overall, just needs a bit more space and to have the radio screen worked on a bit more.

- Ashley A

The comfortable affordable Chevy Trax.

This is the best vehicle we have had in the last three years. Extremely comfortable to drive and ride in. The mileage is great averaging 35 miles per gallon. The Trax is also very affordable. We lease our vehicles and will definitely lease another in two to three years.

- Katherine D

Great car. It has a rear wiper which helps a great deal when it rains.

It is very roomy, although it does look small. It looks great & the mileage is pretty good for an automatic. It is a great mini SUV & I would recommend it to anyone looking for an economical, SUV with all the comforts if a family-sized SUV. I am very impressed with it.

- Heli G

Why I like my new car, and recommend it.

Its awesome I love it would recommend it to anyone. It handles very well/ I love the way it looks and has plenty of seating for what I need. It has a back trunk area that holds groceries very well. It has a backup camera that helps so good, I really love my Chevy Trax.

- Julie T

Small in size but fast it has a lot of power behind it.

The performance is awesome and very comfortable and the turbo is excellent going up hills and on highway, it is small car but it is super fast and nice to drive, can't wait to drive in the snow, was told very reliable in it. It is small but make it easier to drive.

- Cheryl L

Small but roomy truck. A lot of leg room with a cozy feel.

Small truck. Drives pretty smoothly. There is not a lot storage space in the trunk or even in the front seat area. The seats are very comfortable. A lot of legroom in the back seat. Reverse camera is very clear and helpful. The screen is a decent size also.

- Kelly M

The inside of my car is beautiful.

Best car I ever owned. Comfortable. And beautiful. Safe and reliable. My kids love it too. I highly recommend it for families. I think that it was a great choice for our family. My friend bought one too, a black one. Mine is white. I love driving it.

- Maria A

Alerts you when the key is left in the car.

No problems, great performance, really reliable, good comfort, button start, alerts you when the key is left in the car, a trustworthy car, better for the future, everyone should have, 4. 7 star rating, the cat is perfect for a family of four or five.

- Hayley M

It drives well in the snow!

It is a great little SUV. Easy to park and drive. Would have liked heated seats. The truck is a little small. I really like that it is all wheel drive does really well in the snow for Michigan winters. I would highly recommend this trax good overall.

- Jan O

Trax looks sporty and gives a smooth and comfortable ride.

I like the styling and color of my car. I am happy with the way the car performs and feel that the gas economy is good even though I have not yet checked the actual MPG. I think this car will be with me a long time and I will continue to love it.

- Donna B

It may begin to have problems in less than 6 months.

I like sitting higher than a car. I dislike that the doors automatically unlock when put in Park. In less than 6 months something in the dashboard on the driver's side began rattling and the rear view camera stated it needed to be serviced.

- Anita A

Love the option to plug in my phone and have my screen pop up on the dash, so convenient!

Crossover SUV with AWD, great for New England living with torrential rain and snow. Nice height for ground clearance and an attractive body style. Overall a good vehicle, wish it had more pick up on acceleration but otherwise no complaints.

- Kel f

The different trims and features makes this car great forball drivers.

It is comfortable, lots of room for it is size. It is rides very smooth, great gas mileage. The backup camera is amazing! The touch screen works really well. The car connects with my phone and makes driving hands free very easy!

- Kay P

4 door AWD , voice activated navigation and phone service with built in WiFi

My Trax was the first brand new car I've ever bought. I wanted an suv for certain and this was one that had everything I needed and at the right price. Great gas mileage, voice activation, all wheel drive and more. Great vehicle

- Michelle P

Gets good gas mileage & can haul whatever I need.

I absolutely love my new trax!! Wonderful driving, perfect size, nice sound system, great-looking car! It is all-wheel drive, so I will not have to worry about driving in the winter and it has really good gas mileage.

- Lori E

Cute. Good on gas. Unique color.

Comfortable, o. K. Gas consumption, plenty of room. Not to crazy about the following. . . No oil pressure indicator, no water temperature indicator, no glove box light. Would have like turn signal lights on mirrors.

- Diane F

It's not the smoothest ride but it is a reasonable price.

I like that it's compact. I like some of the features such Apple compatibility and rear cameras. However, I think that it's cheaply made like some of the trimming came apart. It also doesn't drive smoothly.

- Latisha M

This is a nice small SUV that allows you to be higher on the road.

The Chevy Trax does not have a center council which can be very inconvenient. There is also no arm rest for the passenger seat, only the driver, which is not that comfortable with those also riding in the car.

- Ashley B

It is a Chevrolet. That makes it worth the money. It rides smooth.

I like the size. It makes it easy to park in tight spaces. I like the interior. Seats are comfortable and although it is a small SUV it feels roomy. I dislike the engine size. I wish it was more powerful.

- Regina R

Seats are NOT comfortable at all.

I like the fact that it is a cross-refer vehicle. Although the AC could be better. It is a little compact and small in the inside. It has 4 cupholders and the backseat has 2 as well. Also a few usb poeta.

- Destinee F

Great Vehicle for someone looking for a small suv

There are no problems. Great gas mileage, tons of features on the screen. Small suv good in snow. Trunk is small can really fit much but the rear sears and the passenger seat all fold down for extra room

- cassie s

It has very good gas mileage, due to a smaller engine.

The car is smaller than what I have been used to. This makes it difficult to pack a large amount of things or carry large items in the trunk. It also does not have a center console that can be secured.

- Krista Y

It is very good on gas mileage and doesn't cost a lot to fill up.

The ride is very smooth and the seats are super comfortable. It does not have a center console though. It also doesn't tell you the temperature in the car when you put the heat or AC on which I dislike

- Kelli O

It is AWD which I wanted for the winter and it does not have a lot of storage

Wasn't the car I had intended to purchase. It is smaller than I wanted but needed a vehicle. It is a 2018 and already having issues with the display screens and USB port not working correctly.

- Debra F

I love that my new care has a backup mirror. I have bad parking anxiety and this will really help with my driving abilities

I actually just got the car this morning and have enjoyed the short rides I have had so far in the car. I chose the car because it was higher off the grounds and the roads are bad where I live

- rebecca m

Chevy innovative riding tracks.

It is a comfortable car for the money. Very small, not much storage space. Ride is good for being a low economy car. Could use a few more luxury items, armrests, storage spaces in the front.

- Michelle W

Loud speakers are amazing.

Chevy Trax is leather. Drives great on bumps and fast on highways. It is silent and the turbo charge is great on highways. Its cozy and fits a lot of room in it. Loud speakers are amazing.

- Debbie M

Awesome gas mileage, great price, amazing cargo space.

I love my Chevrolet Trax because it is small enough to get great gas mileage, but big enough to hold what I need to. The turbo engine gives it enough of a kick to keep up with traffic.

- Mandi M

Eats up a lot of gas! But runs perfectly!

I absolutely love this car! It runs great! haven't had any problems with it a all! It does take up a lot of gas. But if you don't go on long drives or far ones it is the car for you!

- Kelsey B

It drives smoothly and has a good turn radius for a small suv.

I enjoy the bluetooth and the setup simplicity to connect my phone to my vehicle. I also like how its spacious but not overbearingly long. I also like the inside material and design.

- jacqueline m

It's a great SUV for those looking to make the switch to something bigger, but don't want a huge vehicle.

My Chevy Trax is a small SUV. It has lots of space despite It's small appearance on the outside. It also has a turbo engine which gives it great pick up. Lastly, it's great on gas.

- Danae B

Not comfortable for the driver for very long drives

I love the size and how high up I sit. Love the way it handles. drivers seat is not so comfortable for long rides so I don't like that and It doesn't have the smoothest ride

- Judi j

The ideal SUV for the city!

The Chevy Trax is a great compact SUV and is great for those that live in the city. It does lack in acceleration so you have to be careful when you merge onto the highway.

- Dee C

It is all wheel drive, leather seats, big touch screen, and good gas mileage..

I absolutely love the interior of the vehicle. The vehicle has leather seats and leather on the dash. The touch screen and sleek look helps too. Great in snow and on gas!

- Andrew M

It cannot be used for towing.

It is big enough to carry everything I need, yet small enough to move easily downtown. It gets great gas mileage, and it is very comfortable for a smaller framed person.

- Kelly S

The most important thing is that it is reliable and versatile.

The only issue I have with the vehicle is the space that is provided in the trunk is minimal. Otherwise, I have no gripes with the vehicle and I highly recommend it.

- Augustine A

I like the way that the trunk lifts up in the back when you open the liftgate. I also love the sleekness of the vehicle.

The Trax is a great vehicle. It is very reliable and has a very smooth ride. On the inside, it is very comfortable and very sleek. In all, it is a wonderful vehicle.

- Joshua B

Cheap price for a good car.

I like the versatility of the vehicle. It is a smooth ride that has decent mpg. Not having a middle compartment and small back seat would are the worst parts of it.

- Scott S

It rides nice and smooth.

I really like the car. It is fun to drive and good on mileage. It has some drawbacks in that the trunk is too small and the gas tank is too small - only 12 gallons.

- Nicholas H

That it lacks cruise control.

I have been very satisfied with my vehicle. The only downfall is that there is no cruise control. The size of the vehicle could also be a bit larger for my liking.

- Kaye H

It's perfect size for small family or a single person.

I like the size, it's not too big or too small. I like that the seats can fold down to carry stuff. I don't like that I can't get remote start installed on it.

- Shari P

I can track the location remotely.

Gas mileage. Comfortable leg room for passengers. I love the built in turn by turn instructions but I hate you have to pay a monthly charge to access that.

- Delilah D

It's a safe car, but taking turns (especially on interstate entrances/exits) too fast can be a little scary. It's not a big issue, but something to be cautious about.

I love how responsive it when steering. It turns on a dime and reverses easily. I love that it has all-wheel drive, a backup camera, and a lot of storage.

- Lindsey B

Even though it is a "truck" there is not much more storage space than a sedan.

I like the way it drives. Comfortable seats. Disappointed in the amount of space in the backseat for passengers. . . My 6'1" son does not fit comfortably.

- Connie L

It is comfortable and clean.

I like that the color is black, and shiny. It's a big truck. I dislike nothing about it. The truck runs so smooth, there is nothing to not love about it.

- Paris H

It has Apple carplay and it hooks up to Siri so I just have to ask it to play a song

I love my new car. I love that it shows me my view from behind when I am backing up so that I don't run into anything, I love the radio system as well.

- Sarah C

it has onstar! this is a great safety feature.

i like the size. i don't need large just 4 wheel drive. i also love the color and safety features. onstar is great. i don't like the armrest situation.

- Joseph B

It is awesome on gas! 28 miles per gallon!

I guess the only thing I do not like is the many blind spots. When test driving, I didn't notice, but now after two months I do and it is bothersome!

- Greta G

love the car except for the problem of the short which no chevy dealer can find nor fix!

it has a short the radio has been changed twice already and recently it shut down again and this time i took pictures and I am asking for a buy back

- nonie l

It is a smaller compact car, however this accounts for better gas mileage.

It is a small, compact car, but has good gas mileage. It is not as fast, with a smaller engine, therefore difficult to accelerate on the expressway.

- Deb Y

It's not great for people over 6 foot.

I like it overall. the trunk is kind of small though. the interior technology is great. the overall size is great. the gas mileage is pretty good.

- Stacy t

Size.it's the perfect size. Hold a lot

Love the size. Not too big but not small.drive great and good gas mileage. My husband has a chevy Silverado and love it. I think it drives smooth

- Joann D

Easy to maneuver and great on gas mileage.

It's great on gas mileage and very smooth ride. It has satellite stereo, onboard GPS, backup camera. It's a huge upgrade from my last vehicle.

- Angela T




It has great safety features. I love the back up camera and side assist to let you know someone is in your blind spots.

The car is a SUV and has a 4 cylinder. It is higher up and gives me great visibility. I got a great deal on it. Also it is smooth to drive.

- Amanda D

Compact midsize car that runs great and easy for city driving.

It's a compact mid-size car, runs great, easy to park. It doesn't have a ton of trunk space or backseat legroom, but otherwise I love it.

- Kasey T

That it's very comfortable and the price is my level financially.

I like it very much because of backup screen and I do not have pick my phone up to answer it and do not have stoop too low to get in it.

- Patty R

It has more room inside the vehicle than you think from the outside

I love the size and the space inside of the car. I also love how smooth and easy it drives. I would like more safety features though.

- Spencer I

It is good on gas on the highway and around town.

Yes some of the vehicle's does not have a cruise control setting where you can set while driving. Other than that I love my. Vehicle.

- Spurgeon this is my first name Y

Smooth ride, comfortable and gas saver.

I like the smooth ride, quite ride, gas mileage and room. I like the price and color. I dislike only 1 arm rest and monthly payments.

- Eva R

It has an app to start your car!!

Love my Trax. Smooth ride. Good gas mileage. Easy phone access with apple play. Only negative opinion is small storage area in rear.

- Angie M

All the safety to the car.

There is no problems at all. I love the car it a good car to drive and if I had a problem with it I would have not bought the car.

- David G

It is comfortable and rides amazingly with great gas mileage.

It has a smooth ride and a great sound system. It is smaller than I'm used to in regards to storage. It has excellent gas mileage.

- Lacie K

It is very comfortable and easy to park

I like that is fuel efficient. I love the comfort of the ride. I like the deep blue color of my traxx. I hate the monthly payment

- Jackie G

This car is good on gas, it is a good starter car.

Too compact, tight fit in the back seat getting in. Like the cover for trunk. Need more arm supports. Blind spot in windshield.

- Tracy M

I am a very nervous driver, but I can drive this vehicle.

I like that it is high off the ground so that I can see the road in front of me. It is easy to steer and handle while driving.

- Meghan F

Copper in cooler and has onstar.

I feel a bit cramped in it. It is hard to keep clean inside. There are spots where you can't reach. Other than that it is nice.

- Mark L

It has a backup camera so I am less likely to hit them when I back up.

I like that it doesn't hurt my knees to get in and out of it and I can ride or drive on a long trip without them stiffening up!

- Nancy C

It gets good gas mileage and has a good safety rating.

I like the size and gas mileage. It has the features I want in a vehicle. The only thing that I would like is all wheel drive.

- Lisa B

that is is not a whole lot of storage space, and that the rear window is a little hard to see out of. luckily there is a backup camera.

IT'S A RELIABLE AND TECH SAVVY ALL WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLE. it is very fuel efficient and handles well in all weather conditions.


It is a really nice vehicle with a great size.

I like the features of the vehicle. I like the size of it and how it feels luxury. There is nothing that I dislike about it.

- Sarah B

Great small SUV with lots of room inside.

Easy to drive. Great on gas. Sits up higher like can SUV but not as big. Very comfortable for long rides. Roomy back seat.

- Pamela K

The Chevrolet Trax is a great suv for the price.

I love my suv. It's the first SUV I have ever had. It drives very smooth and quiet. I had a great buying experience.

- Jennifer S

Chevy Trax- a great vehicle

This is a great small SUV. Awesome gas mileage. Not a ton of get up and go but does the job for the size of engine.

- Jess S

It's a great car overall. Unless you do not like small trunk space.

The only thing i do not like is the fact it is a smaller SUV. No trunk space. Other than that it is an amazing car!

- Lauren m

Has all the features to let you know when a tire is low, car needs an oil change.

This car is great although a bit small it rides very smooth. It has a rear camera when you put the car on reverse.

- Erika N

It is a good family vehicle.

I love how it drives the color and that it is Bluetooth capable. It also has a touch screen radio and usb ports.

- Stefanie R

Fuel efficiency is helpful especially in the state of NJ.

Video screen system is glitchy and it could be slightly roomer. I feel little cramped driving but ok otherwise.

- Bob G

it is a great compact car and easy to handle all has all the bells and whistles

It is just my size and easy to handle There is nothing I don't like about it except the payments Love to color

- Sandy w

Chevy tracks mechanical issues.

When I got the car in February the car had already gone in the shop twice not even 6 months prior to having it.

- Abby B

It's a smooth and reliable vehicle. Plenty of room.

I love that is it a compact SUV. I like the interior and exterior. I dislike the engine size and gas tank size.

- Alex D

How smooth it rides and all the features that come with it.

I like my vehicle because it rides smooth. I also like it because it's roomy, I also like it because its big.

- Kiva S

It is very good on gas. It is not incredibly expensive to operate.

I like the way it looks. I like how good it is on gas. I wish it had cruise control and remote car start.

- Kimberly C

Great little SUV for 20-somethings

Gets great gas mileage and is super reliable. Very comfortable and have plenty of space for weekend trips.

- Danielle R

I like the fact it is a mini crossover

The size is perfect, but the motor is less than I am use to. Gas mileage is decent, but the track is small

- Amber U

Easy to use compared to other cars.

I like everything about my vehicle, no complaints. Everything is good about it. Nothing bad. Easy to use.

- Ian M

Reliable Chevrolet car review.

It is a pretty car. It has good gas mileage. It is not very spacious. It feels bigger than it really is.

- Lisa L

My first new car. Never had brand new car.

My vehicle doesn't have cruise control. it's just the basic model. I love it. It gets good gas mileage.

- Joyce M

It's great and that it has four wheel drive.

I love how it's spacious. I love how I can play music from my ipod or phone. There are no complaints.

- Molly B

A trax is stylish as well as economical.

I love the size of my trax. I love the gas mileage I get with my trax. I love the space in my trax.

- Harmony B

You get a lot for your money. Great features for little dollars.

Like the versatility.Like the size. Like the mileage. Like the pick up. Don't like how generic it is

- Francis K

I like the navigation system and the seat adjustments. The size is also great. Nothing to dislike so far.

Very easy to handle. I have only owned small cars prior and was nervous about the switch. So easy!

- Katie S

Trac can connect to Wifi.

I enjoy the way it drives. I like the amount of room in the vehicle. I like that is has touchscreen.

- Jenny A

That it handles so well and it was not very expensive and it's amazing.

I love it is internet capable. I love all the room that it has. I also love the way it handles.

- Josh W

It is loaded with safety features and a back up camera.

I love everything about it. It is economical. It gets great gas mileage. It is fun to drive.

- Phillip M

It is affordable and great safety rating. It handles very well.

I like the size and the way it handles. Plenty roomy enough for me. Love the color, too!

- Barbara T

Fantastic little all wheel drive that is a joy to drive

I have no complaints. It has all wheel drive. , is comfy , handles great , good milage.

- Sandra K

It was made for a person like with little needs...

I don't have any complaints about my car. It is what I wanted and I got it. Loving it!

- Debra c

It looks cool, and is very fuel efficient.

I like the size the color and the economy. I love the electronics and safety features.

- Patrick H

it is a good car and drives good

it drives good and it is good on gas has all the qualities I am looking into a car

- Christina H

It is good on gas. It rides very smoothly.

It is a cute car. Somewhat of a CUV. We get compliments on the color quite often.

- Alesia F

Sporty, yet functional. Stylish with plenty of room for everyone. God cargo space. Economical on gas. Easy to maintain

Affordable with good gas mileage. Roomy interior that is stylish and comfortable

- Chris B

Feels safe to drive I am higher up off the ground then my other car and I can see everything much more clear and it is very comfortable and roomy to sit in in the truck is very nice to

I like that it sets higher off the ground and easy to drive. No CD player :(

- Kristy B

The car is very reliable and sporty. Great buy. Would highly recommend.

The car is very reliable. The car is sporty. The car is economical on gas.

- Wendy S

It's a silver Chevy trax. Only thing I don't like is is we wish it was a different color and we would have prefered awd. Otherwise it's amazing!

It's a comfortable vehicle and is a good transition from a small vehicle.

- mandy G

It is the perfect size and height for me to see everything without feeling like I have too many visual interruptions. It is fun to drive and has great storage capacity.

It is fun to drive and economical when it comes to gas mileage!

- Cassie M

Gas mileage is better than the car i had before this

I love it. Plenty of room. Great gas mileage and drives great

- Sue N

Very comfortable dependable and practical. Good value in comparison to other small hatchbacks and suvs

Bigger than it looks. Plenty of room for 4 and for most cargo

- Kelly D

I love the new 2018 Chevrolet Trax, I was ready to sign my lease right after my test drive.

It's great on gas, I only need to fill my gas tank bi-weekly

- Jeanette C

made by Chevrolet, runs great. Perfect size for me and my needs.

Like all, like size. Durable.. Dislike none. No complaints.

- Ellen B

It is smaller than it looks from the outside which, to me, is a good thing

I like the size. I like the way it looks. I like the cost.

- Jo B

great to drive in local traffic and highway good pickup roomy inside

right size for me. great color . latest safety features

- joe b