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Reliable cargo van spacious and low maintenance.

Bought used 2 years ago, the 2005 Chevy uplander cargo edition features 3 rows of seating (back rows are removable), automatic rear sliding doors (issues with door motor), CD player and DVD player for rear seating (neither currently work), front and rear disc brakes, ac (currently not running was disconnected to bypass heater core), and rear child lock. . Uplander very reliable in long distance driving may run hotter in short distance driving. Driver and passenger seating somewhat more comfortable than rear seating. Issues between electrical circuit system and driving console. Overall, 2005 uplander performs good 21 mpg on hwy and 15 mpg off hwy, current mileage 214k.

- Maria C

What happens when a van gets old.

I like my van. The fuel mileage is really good for long drives. The last year my van is not holding up. The transmission is beginning to fail, the DVD player stopped working and makes a lot of noise. The abs system is also beginning to fail. One of the sliding doors is also failing to open or close. Then the alarm goes off and will not stop until I figure out how to get the door open. I am sure all on these issues are due to the age. I have owned the van 10 years.

- Crystal G

Keep up on the maintenance and it will keep running

My van is older, but runs well. It has get up and go with only 6 cylinders. It came with an awesome Bose stereo and a DVD player for the back. I love that it has a truck look to it. I don't like that it has larger 17 inch rims making the tires more expensive and has trouble starting after about a year of driving, which costs $100 to clean out and fix each time. It also only has one key hole to unlock it.

- Beverly T

Minivan adventures in our family.

I love having a bigger car for room and safety reasons. I do not like how much gas it uses to run. My car was decent until the air conditioning stopped working on a 100 degree day while driving to Chicago from Nebraska for a funeral. Sometimes a minivan is hard to park. I use to own a Honda Civic which I loved but now I drive family members around and the bigger car is better for that reason.

- Mary R

2005 Chevy uplander with 107, 000 miles. Needs body work, great engine.

My uplander has 107, 000 miles and the engine is great, very reliable, good pick-up. It is a 6 cyl. It is loaded with many nice amenities like power seats and windows, TV for rear seat, 3 row seating, CD player, roof rack and more. The body needs work, no rust, but some dents on passenger side and front & rear. It also needs a new tie rod for the front right wheel.

- Joanne L

It's a Chevrolet outstanding company maker.

Great frame underneath great performance reliability good features roomy inside easy to replace headlights. Battery terminals, both fuse box are easy to locate has am fm radio also has over headlights in the front and back of the inside with a plug outlet and storage for your car jack, in the back underneath the car is wear the spare tire is with instruction s.

- Patricia S

Reverse sensors, DVD player, heated leather seats and spacious.

Bought it used and I am assuming upkeep on it was done poorly. I've have to replace the transmission, the sliding doors don't work and there are a few other mechanical problems with it. The positives though are it is very spacious. It has a DVD player to keep the kids content on long drives. It has heated leather seats also.

- Tiffany W

Reliability and dependability of a brand.

So far this van has been amazing. Its low miles based on age but haven't had any major issues. Drives really well and has held up really well with regular general maintenance. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again knowing what I know now. From this vehicle and passed, I highly value the reliability of Chevrolet.

- Christy W

It is ugly on the outside, but the inside is very spacious and has many places for anything you may be transporting while remaining comfortable riding in it.

I strongly dislike minivans, I think they are big and clunky and I would prefer a smaller car like a sedan. I do not like how old my vehicle is. I wish I had a new and nicer car. The only thing that I do like about it is that it has tons of space on the inside and many cup holders and storage spaces.

- Kate K

Standing the test of time.

My vehicle is very reliable and has stood up to the rest of time. We have driven this vehicle to many states for vacations without any problem at all. We now have over 300,000. 00 miles and it is still going strong. We plan on keeping it until it stops, which I do not see happening for along time.

- Lena P

This car has been a great large family vehicle. It has been dependable for everything from school rides to vacations.

I like that it is reliable and is able to accommodate our family of 6 with storage space as well. I also like that it has a back hatch, sliding doors and a DVD player. I don't like that the doors sometimes catch and won't close. I also don't like that it's not as fuel efficient as some models.

- Janeen F

Huge waste of time and money.

It is easily manipulated to look like there are no problems with this vehicle. DVD player quit working quickly. Automatic side doors stopped working because of a faulty rubber piece nice body but horrible performance. Tires are too expensive always some issue with the abs system.

- Hillary K

It is getting very rusted out along the quarter panels.

No air conditioning, transmission is slipping, and keep getting a message about the abs system even though I had it fixed. I would like to get another car but do not have the money. Would really like a 2010 or newer. I like the minivans I would like a Ford or a Chrysler minivan.

- Judy B

My 2005 Chevy uplander one of the best that was ever made.

My Chevy uplander has no problems at this time good performance, reliability, comfort and great features am -FM radio four wheel drive power seats the fuse box are easy to find in and out, cool color of exterior and interior great heat and cooling system every roomy inside.

- Patricia S

Our van is outdated but still gets the job done.

We bought the van to be able to carry all of the grandkids plus hold loads from home improvement stores. It has performed that duty wonderfully. It is not up to date inside but is comfortable. We have replaced quite a bit of suspension parts. The van is durable not classy.

- Steven S

Highly recommended 2005 Chevy uplander for its great dependability.

My uplander has been a great, serviceable vehicle. Although it has 159, 000 miles I am not afraid to drive it anywhere. Being a Chevrolet the upkeep can be performed by any certified mechanics shop. It can comfortably fit 7 people or carry my painting equipment.

- George S

The color and the way she looks in general.

Everything about my vehicle is amazing I have not had any issues. Since I have had my vehicle, I have not had any issues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my vehicle. I cannot complain about my beautiful vehicle, she is perfect in every way. I love her.

- Ash P

Disappointing stock radio and faulty transmission.

Sadly it's not as great as i'd hoped for. I have already had to have the transmission replaced. Inside the stock stereo has no aux input and is not Bluetooth capable so if you do not own CDs your stuck listening to FM radio. Very displeased with this vehicle.

- Amanda H

It is a tan Chevy uplander van. Tan seats and very basic.

No cruise control. No compass or navigator. My window does not go up and down. My abs light is on all times. When I park on a hill the gas light comes on. It is comfortable and good on gas. I do not need like that I have no trunk space. It is super basic.

- Jessica T

Great vehicle for big families.

My uplander is great for big families, it has a TV which keeps the kids entertained. Its spacious and good on gas in the highway. The only problem with my uplander is a sensor nothing that can't be fixed right away, other than that I have no complaints.

- Alexis D

My van has been mostly dependable. I would purchase another American made car.

It has been good to me. there has always been a problem of it not always starting without putting your foot on the go pedal. Also I have a problem the gears will not always change. So I am stuck waiting for it to finally change gears so I can get going.

- Wilamina G

Nice and roomy! An all around dependable vehicle that gets great gas mileage

We have enjoyed our 2005 Chevy Uplander. When the kids were smaller the built-in dvd player and tv came in extremely handy on long trips! It gets great gas mileage...19 mile/gal and if you take care of it it will definitely take care of you!

- Christy P

It will do what you want it to do as long as your expectations are reasonable.

We bought the van so we could transport all the grandchildren at once. It has worked well for that. We have been able to take some long trips with it but I don't trust it totally. It has some problems that we seem not able to fix.

- Steve S

My car can fit several people and is good for taking groups around town but I wouldn't trust it with road trips anymore.

I dislike how large it is because it makes getting in and out of parking spaces more difficult. The gas mileage is ok but I'd prefer something more efficient. The largeness makes it more difficult to clean.

- Sarah S

It is super big on the inside! I can very comfortably fill the van with 7 people, plus luggage, and snack/toy bags. Plenty of room to comfortably drive.

I love that it is very roomy inside! It is so comfortable to drive. I wish that the dvd player was easier for the driver to operate. It would be nice if the back seats were not so heavy (when taking out).

- Cari W

Strong and reliable like it's owner.

I've had this vehicle a number of years. The mileage is now 177,777 and still purrs. Recently I was in an accident; my Chevy is tough and Ford was demolished. Chevy is built to last.

- Susan W

It is easy to drive and comfortable to ride in as a family.

I like to be able to have a vehicle to transport my kids. I love the sliding door and being able to walk around in the vehicle. I also love the DVD player to entertain my kids.

- Darla D

Spacious, tall, and is quiet.

I love how spacious my vehicle is, but I am having some issues with it. My van seems to want to pull to the right and is low on oil so I will be needing to get that fixed.

- Breanna H

Lots of room, but can have door issues.

I love having a van. There is enough room for my family to ride comfortably. I have had a lot of issues with the automated door. And a fair amp of issues electrically.

- Jamie L

Has the space for me to put things in when I buy them and for people to travel in.

I like that I can fit my family in it. When I need the space for carrying large items the seats fold down. I just don't like the bucket seats when we take long trips

- Ingrid R

Great interior with plenty room for a full family.

Great car with no problems. Great on gas especially for a minivan. Has automatic doors as well as on star, a TV in the back, and great comfortable interior.

- Dominick D

It fits our growing children and lots of friends when we travel

I like that the seats are easily taken in and out and it is easy to handle over all. I don't like that the DVD player doesn't work - but it's an old van.

- Robin J

An important thing about my car is that it's very good on gas mileage.

I like that I can have the whole family and their friends in the van. I don't like that the dvd player broken easily and the seat heaters don't work.

- Cheryl H

It's a very good family van.

I like the radio. I looked the heated seats. I like the way it drives. I like that it has a video player for the kids. I like the safety features.

- Patty M

Good, spacious, family running van for all everyday needs for your family.

Really nice. Lots of space. Drives good. Low maintenance. Good on gas. Easy to buy parts for. Good to travel with family. Love the DVD player.

- Brenda B

Very spacious and great for a busy mom!

I love my van. It is spacious and comfortable. I have 3 boys involved with sports and everything fits and doesn't take away from comfort.

- Jenn B

Very safe for families. Seats fold down for more space.

DVD player keeps kids occupied. Back seat recline and move forward or back for more leg room. Lots of cup holders and expandable trays.

- Kelli W

The repairs are an easy fix.

It has many extra features. Built in DVD player that my children love. Very spacious.It has great highway mileage for gas also.

- Tiffany A

A reliable van for a large family

Our vehicle has been very reliable. We have only performed regular maintenance on it and it has over 200,000 miles on it!

- Traci C

Lots of room, comfortable.

The Uplander has been pretty good. It does go through brakes quickly. Great family vehicle and great with having dogs.

- Karen S

It is very dependable and easy to work on.

I like all the perks it has. It has electric doors, 2 DVD players, it is a van. Electric seats and it hold 7 people.

- Bonnie P

It has third row seating and enough room for everything you need.

I love my uplander because it has plenty of room for my four kids and a DVD player. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Courtney W

People should know that my car is old but still runs fine. It is lasted this long.

My vehicle is great. The one thing I hate is the sound of the horn. It rides very smoothly and is my family car.

- Nicole L

Spacious and comfortable ride.

This is a maroon Chevy uplander. It is a very comfortable van, smooth ride and hasn't given me major problems.

- Ariana H

It's very spacious and great on gas.

It is a White van with third row seating. The seats are leather and heated. It also has a DVD player built in.

- Timfany A

How to start it and drive it slow.

Just getting outdated other than that I love it.. No complaints.. Little dirty.. Doors do not work probably.

- Brig L

It has a built in car seat.

It is convenient because it is a van. I wished it had windows that rolled down in the back. It seats 7.

- Dee D

The sliding doors malfunction and slide off track very easy.

The van has a lot of space for passengers but i have found many things wrong with it performance wise.

- Timfany W

The vehicle will take care of you if you take care of it. It runs about as well as you would expect from a newer vehicle.

Several things on my vehicle have stopped working. It runs well, and gets decent enough gas mileage.

- Matthew D

Despite flaws, it runs and gets us where we need to be.

It runs fine and gets us where we need to, but it has a lot of quirks and things that could be fixed

- Richelle F

It is not good on wet, slick roads. Traction control is useless

It is often hard to shift gears. Doors are difficult to stay shut Not enough cargo space

- Theresa S

It's safe to drive with your family in it and very reliable.

I like how it is roomy. I don't like how there is no Bluetooth capable. And no gps.

- rachel g

It's mine i paid cash for it accomplishment

since purchasing i have had electrical problems non stop and It's been frustrating

- Tonilynn V

It has never let me down, 4 kids and an ex husband, but i still got my chevy

It has been very reliable, but always has issues with the ball bearings

- Amy K