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Chevy no way unless you love rust.

Major rust problems. The vans is rusting on the side panels underneath on the quarter panels on the hood on the doors. The frame that holds the radiator is even rusting to where it has to be wired on. When I had a flat tire I had to use a reciprocating saw to cut the spare tire off it was so rusted on to the frame. Chevrolet obviously did nothing to prevent corrosion on this vehicle. If I could I would just haul it to the junkyard but it is the only vehicle I have.

- Steve H

It is very roomy and reliable.

It drives smoothly and has only needed minimal repairs. There is tons of room and I like the fact 7 people can ride together. The trunk is reasonably sized. It's a little tough to climb to the back to buckle the seats and I dislike how the muddle windows open. Seats fold down and can be taken out for cleaning. A lot of rust and I can't figure out how to get the interior lights to come on when a door us open so have to use the button near the mirror.

- Cassidy S

Second row problem of the Chevy venture.

For the most part, I like the minivan. One of the things I do not like is the middle row of seats. The seat is short too short! I know it is short to allow for passengers to get to the 3rd row of seats. It makes it very difficult for anyone a little older to get in or out of the vehicle, from the second row, on the right hand side. I also do not like the spare tire being stored under the car. It hard to get to.

- Sally A

It is very reliable and comfortable on long trips.

I love my minivan. It is a 2003 chevy venture. It had a dvd player which is really nice for long trips with 6 kids. I can pop in a movie and total silence for 2 hours. It also has controls for the air in the front and the back so the people in the back can control the air for the back. It had 8 seats and plenty of cargo room in the back. I have driven long distances in it and it's always a comfortable ride.

- Susan Z

An old minivan keeps rolling.

The seats are fairly easy to remove, when out there is a lot of space. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I do not have car payments. Driving it in the winter time it have good traction as it is front wheel drive. Has some additional features such as cruise control, power door locks and power windows. With all seats in 7 people can comfortably travel.

- Steve H

Great family vehicle. Love the space it provides!

Love my venture! It is super reliable. Starts in -25 weather and runs like a champ! It does have electrical glitches. Cannot seem to figure out why the lights on the dash are lit up. Multiple mechanics have said “it’s a venture!” and walked away. But, the lite haven't stopped the performance. Wish they never stopped making these!

- Amy D

Dog durable, relaxing roomy Chevy venture.

Love my car. Works well despite being 15 years old. Good brakes, roomy, good visibility. Had some transmission problems, but got it fixed. Holds 4 bicycles and my 2 big dogs comfortably. I have taken it across country twice without any problems. Good car and an American Chevy. Does well in winter driving w rear wheels.

- Cynthia M

Very reliable, long lasting.

It has been very reliable. Have had for more than eleven years. I like the comfort. Problems are it is rusting all over. The driver heated seat no longer works. The leather seats get very cold in the winter. The back seats are not heated. Overall has been very reliable although I did have to replace the transmission.

- Denise F

Chevy venture warner brothers edition 2003.

The ride is smooth. Very roomy. The seats are comfortable and the seats in the back can be removed and or folded down. No problems other than the security feature of locking doors. . Be sure to have your key with you at all times due to doors lock when you start the vehicle, open the door, turn vehicle off etc.

- Karen M

I enjoy one door opening wish they were both automatic.

I enjoy my car although I haven't been pleased with the automatic door if one side of the van has an automatic door then the whole car should! Also the windows loose velvet on the inside and don't open and close as well once the velvet wears off. But other then that I enjoy the room and you can take out seats.

- Maggie B

Good reliable vehicle. Just needs to be properly maintained.

It is a good vehicle. I haven't had any problems with it other than the ones it had when I bought it. I bought it used and had to replace the power window switch and fix the windshield wipers. Now they work good. It uses a little oil, but gets good gas mileage and the air conditioning works good.

- Robert G

the one thing people should know about my van is "don't Touch IT"!

i like the fact that it has a 25 gallon tank don't have to fill it up as often maybe like every two weeks which i think is great . its very durable has lasted me a good five to six years and still going since i bought it.the doors are cool as well they remote open and it has a remote start.

- michael g

Worth the trouble to repair because the ride is very nice.

Many costly repairs with this engine made of aluminum. I currently need an engine. I would consider a new engine because the van is super nice to drive and travel with. It seatbelts 8 people with plenty of space for luggage. The steering is tight and like new. The radio is very loud!

- Tammy A

I love that the van provides a DVD player.

My van has major and minor issues, it needs a new transmission and the radiator needs to be repaired. Also, the van has been cutting off due to the gas chamber. Every time I turn the car on, I have to keep my foot on the gas while in park to help increase energy before driving.

- Mary W

Reliable and roomy family vehicle

We bought the car in 2006 after the Goodwill games and it has been a very reliable vehicle. Loves having the built in car seat in one of the seats for when we didn't have a car seat for a child. Very roomy and comfortable. Love being able to take seats in and out as needed.

- Barbara B

Spacious Chevy venture mini van.

My 2003 Chevy venture mini van runs good. Its very spacious and comfy. Since its older and has over 240k miles, I have to be gentle with it now. But takes me from point A to point B. My minivan is really good on gas. The back two rows, can be taken off or bent for more space.

- Rose S

Great vehicle. Low problems.

Our venture is very reliable. Starts at -20 degrees. And runs well. Is has a nice ride and has seating for 8. Wish it had more cup holders and charging ports, but it is an older vehicle! We have had issues with the electrical system. Seems to be a common problem.

- Amy D

It has folding 3rd row seats

This is the second Chevy venture I have owned. It is a very comfortable ride. My only problem is that it doesn't get the greatest gas mileage. As for reliability I am extremely impressed. As long as you do general maintenance it will be a long running vehicle

- Michael M

It's a good family vehicle. Safe and fun to take anywhere.

There is not a lot of problems with the actual vehicle, that aren't due to upkeep and maintenance. It's got us from Utah to Alabama. Gas mileage is good. Very roomy. The gas gage doesn't work but it's an older model. All and all, it's a great family vehicle.

- Pistol G

Great space and easy to drive.

Great space and easy to drive. . . Engine bay very hard to deal with. Transmission issues, where it hesitates going into gear. Window motor issues where the window gets stuck. Engine leaks at gaskets. Water leak. Overall with proper repairs I love my van.

- Tina W

It gets us from point a to point b.

I like how the back passenger door has a button to open it, how the back has its own temperature for air and head, and how it has lasted me for a couple years. I do not like that it is falling apart on me and that I have to keep doing maintenance to it.

- Miranda R

Good quality and reliable vehicle.

This is a reliable vehicle. Leather and dual power seating is very comfortable. AC in front and back is easy to provide comfort for front and back passengers. There are no real problems with this vehicle, other than usual wear and tear for the year.

- Brigitte D

Takes a beating and still keeps ticking (figuratively and literally).

The headgasket leaks, the side skirts rusted off, and one of the power sliding doors doesn't open regularly. Other than that I've thoroughly enjoyed driving the van. It's not a cool vehicle, but it's convenient, reasonable on gas, and comfortable.

- andrew b

It's great for families because it's great on gas mileage and good for traveling.

I like that my vehicle fits 7 people for traveling. I also like that there's plenty of room to stretch out and it doesn't feel cramped inside. I don't like that the electrical is messed up so the kids are unable to watch the built in TV.

- Heather B

It can rust really easily and some shops will refuse to lift the van to check under it.

I like that the van is a family vehicle and that we can travel long distances with no worries. A lot of things went out in the van so things like the tv, dvd player and some fuses no longer function, otherwise it's a great family van.

- Michael N

The most important thing others should know about Chevy Ventures is that most have electrical problems.

I like the capacity to haul things or people. I like that I can remove seats. I like the power seats and dual sliding doors. I don't like that some items no longer function and the van is somewhat unreliable.

- Crystal W

Venture Van: Still a Terrific Performer

The van has third row seating, which is convenient, and the two back rows can be removed for cargo. Has held up beautifully over the years, the interior is still perfect and the exterior looks great.

- Denise T

Reliable & easy to drive to get thru highway traffic & city with plenty of good view to see around.

I like all the room which is 7 seat's to take on vacation.It's heavy to get thru the snow in the winter. I just wish i could get better gas mileage & run a little smoother.

- Jaime G

The van that drives like a car and holds as many as a small bus.

My van drives as easy as a car. It provides room for my son and my grandkids and still has room in the back to store work essentials and sporting goods.

- Kim G

It is old and needs to be kept up with:

I like that it has enough seats for my children. I hate that it takes a lot of money to fill the tank. And i like that it gets me where i need to go.

- Sam R

It may be old but it runs and drives.

I like the fact that it is a Chevy. I have had minimal issues with it. The only thing I dislike about it is it is becoming to small for my family.

- Nicole M

It is handy to carry a lot of stuff.

I do not like that it rusts on bottom. I like the ease of the sliding doors, the room in the back of the van and the roominess of the seats.

- Alice A

It is a very reliable car and has had almost no issues in the years i've owned it.

My vehicle is very comfortable to travel long distances in, and is very reliable. It has a decent amount of space and smooth controls.

- Kat A

Through built-in carseat it's an amazing feature for those with small kids.

Top of the line safety features like built-in carseat, great mileage, electric doors on both sides. Very great van for a small family.

- Tasha A

There is a lot of seating for grandchildren and 2 dogs when we travel. Very comfortable seating to travel.

I like that it has a lot of room for my 3 grandchildren. I like the good gas mileage. I have lots of space for camping gear.

- Lisa I

The interior is very roomy drives and handles wonderfully.

My eight seater minivan has enough room for my entire family which is quite large. Drives wonderfully with no major problems.

- Maria M

It is comfortable to ride in for prolonged periods of time.

It is too small & the air does not flow to the back seat. It is a 7 passenger vehicle the summer is to hot in the back seat.

- Virginia R

The Venture is built for busy parents who are on the run and want a comfortable van.

I love the 8 seat design as well as a built in booster seat. I don't like that there's no way to power up devices in it.

- Mary G

90000 miles after 15 years with little body "damage".

Like the 8 passenger arrangement, power in general, not much to dislike except would prefer higher miles per gallon.

- Tom S

Even though it is old I like it a lot. It serves me well.

I LIKE THE COMFORT AND THE CARGO SPACE. It is economical. It is a convenient size for my garage and handles well

- Elmira S

The van is great no complaints.

We have not had any issues we paid next to nothing for it and it has been great. The gas gauge does not work but.

- Michelle B

Ii is a great lasting and performing car with power.

Love the sliding doors. The space of leg room for our whole family. And it has also lasted with minimal problems.

- Delphine B

Ok chevy venture with a great big storage compartment

The headlights have a problem with melting but other than that love the seats and ac plenty of room for a family

- Billy P

She's my buddy I need her to continue to work for me therefore I have to treat her nice

I like my car. It's very comfortable it's rides well but recently I've been having a couple problems with it

- Shana D




Air & Heat system in front and back

Big & Spacious, Great for the kids (up to 6 at a time, seats 8), Air & Heat system in front and back

- Angel E

great gas mileage - reliable and family friendly

good gas mileage - wish the seat folded down rather then take them out they are very heavy

- marie H

Great mileage,Great seats,color and reliability and very roomy

I don't have any complaints. I love my Chevrolet. This is the best thing bought myself

- Laurie M

great gas mileage, lots of room

it is very roomy with lots of legroom, love it but the drink holders are too small

- linda L

It runs well and has a lot of room for travel

I can see better by being up higher and it is easy to enter and exit the door

- Marge M

well kept up with good records.

Like the way it drives. The upkeep is OK. 15 years and still going.

- Tom B

I like my van for having a large passenger capacity. I dislike that it is in need of several repairs and doesn't seem to be very reliable. It is in pretty well off shape for being a 15 year old family car.

The heat operates on a toggle switch located under the radio.

- Tori K

it's a roomy five passenger vehicle, and has plenty of legroom.

nothing i dislike, i love everything about it.

- Jim C