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Perfect for commuters and those who'd like to save some money on gas!

The Chevrolet volt is the perfect commuter car. It charges up and can go for approximately 35 miles on electricity then switches to using gas. Performance is phenomenal. It is very smooth and comfortable. I bought this vehicle used, but even so it has not given me any problems in the three years that I have owned it. I bought it to make my commute to school and to work easier. I spend a significantly low amount of money on gas, $30 is enough to fill the whole tank and it can sometimes last me a whole two weeks! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a more cost efficient vehicle.

- Cindy B

Great car! 2013 Chevy volt.

It's a really reliable car with ours if high tech features, all new and high tech and the steering and technical mobility are also high on the list of high performance and not too much maintenance. It's a hybrid and the charging if the batteries is pretty simple too, but unfortunately there are not many places in the go that you can plug into to charge in the go so in that situation you have to either bring your own plug along with you or just depend solely on the gas engine/ motor. But it's a sleek look and it's pretty futuristic too. I definitely an happy with this vehicle most definitely.

- Lisa M

Chevy volt 66,000 miles, 5 years. Still love it.

Been very happy with it. 66k on it. I love being able to drive and not use fuel. My best year was 12k and only filled up 4 times in the whole year. Amazing if you can keep it on electric range. Charging at work helps. 2 sets of tires. 2 recalls both minor and free. High voltage changing system just stopped working. Have appointment with dealer. Should be under warranty. First car I ever owned that I still love after 5 years. Highly recommend. I will drive it until the wheels fall off.

- Scott B

My vehicle is comfortable and reliable.

My vehicle is nice I don't really like the noise it makes some times but I love the speed, I hate the fact that it does not have a back camera, it does not have somewhere to plug a USB key and it consumes so much gas. But in general, I like the car it looks beautiful, I love my blue color must. It is comfortable and soft. I love the way it was built up. Apart from the things I do not appreciate I'll recommend it.

- Sheryl D

My amazing Chevy volt is the best!

My Chevy volt it is amazing. It was obviously a flag ship vehicle for Chevrolet. I have had nothing but good luck with this vehicle. And now that it is paid off I only pay about $10 a month to drive it as a local commuter vehicle. It is extremely comfortable and there is plenty of space to load supplies with the seats folded down and using the hatchback.

- Kyle J

2013 Chevrolet volt revue, 5 years of ownership.

Best car I have ever owned. Drives as quiet as any luxury vehicle but costs half as much. Requires less maintenance than a regular car due to regenerative braking and the hybrid system. Only change the oil every 2 years since the battery usually propels the car. Heat can be tricky in the winter, but if you run the engine, it is normal like any other car.

- Bryan W

It is a very nice car for the money. Keyless entry, touch screen, Bluetooth, and great design inside and out, and it saves you money on gas!

I love this car! It is a plug-in hybrid/electric vehicle with a backup generator that runs on gas. It saves me so much money on gas because I can mostly drive to work and back on the electric charge. It has a very nice interior for a base model and fancy infotainment system. No complaints other than I wish the battery charge could go a little farther.

- Jacqueline C

It's the perfect car for those who want to be environmentally friendly in their daily life, but still need the convenience of a gas station somewhat regularly.

I love my volt. It's great for both short trips around town and still comfortable enough to go on a road trip with. The interior is a bit small and people sometimes have problems getting out of the back seat, but as the driver (and being a small person in general) it's not something I have to worry about.

- Susan C

My car gets great gas mileage and it is comfortable to drive even for a gal who is 5'10" like me!

I like my Volt because I can drive a lot of the miles during the week on a charge of electricity. That makes my gas mileage very high. I usually only have to fill my gas tank once a month. My car is small so it is easy to park even in parking lots that have small parking spaces. No complaints.

- Connie P

Best Plug-in Hybrid to on the market to ever be discontinued.

the 2013 defaults to a slower 8 amp charging mode instead of the 12 amp mode. Without appropriate upgrades to the software, charging in 12 amp mode will lead to a check engine light. The volt is an anomaly in the Chevy lineup. As a result, most dealerships are unable to fully support this vehicle.

- Simone K

Volt Experience both good and bad

I love the Volt. However, all of my tires either went flat or blew out in the first year. I've have consistent tire problems and replace the tires every 8 months. Other than the tires, the car is a great and fun ride. It is comfortable and efficient. It saves a ton of money on gas.

- Agnes M

It's completely electric until the batteries deplete. After that, the engine charges batteries so the driving experience is still the same.

Love the mpg. I love never having to go to the gas station except for the maintenance fuel use. I love the power and comfort. The car is totally silent and vibration free weigh a good entertainment system. My only complaint is left turn visibility due to large b-pillars

- Chris S

Great Car for a family of 4 or smaller.

As much as I drive my vehicle is great on gas. I get about 45-50 miles on the battery before it switches to gas. It has leather seats which are easy to clean up after the kids make a mess. Big trunk, captain seats in the back, GPS, and even lets you know your tire pressure.

- Angela V

It's electric, but it does have a backup gas tank.

My car is very quiet and fuel efficient, which I love. The dislikes are very minor - sometimes the bluetooth on the radio doesn't sync, but that's only about once every six months. Also my fancy computer on wheels doesn't have mechanical seat adjustment.

- Jennifer H

Free an Electron: Drive a Volt

The volt is the best car I've ever owned. Waking up to 35 miles of battery every day means I no longer run late because I forgot to gas up. Having 280 miles of gas range means I have the freedom to drive anywhere. It's fast, comfortable and problem free.

- Bret B

The battery life is fairly short. The newer models have fixed this issue.

No complaints. I love the drive feel. It is a very sturdy vehicle. It also fits me perfectly. The driver's side has the perfect amount of legroom. The middle console fits my arm perfectly as well. I have never driven such a comfortable car.

- Zack W

It runs on electric miles and gas miles and you can choose which you want to use.

I have had my Chevy Volt for 4 years now and I have yet to have a problem with it. I plug it in when at home and drive around on my electric miles in town and only have to put gas in it when I take a trip to a larger city. It is a great car!

- Jessica C

The volt saves me time and money!

I need to refuel so rarely, I forget which side the tank is on! I love that I do not have to get gas very often. Great fuel mileage and the car is comfortable, reliable and has enough power to accelerate when merging with traffic.

- Julia G

Chevy volt: the lowest maintenance vehicle I have ever owned.

I love the Chevy volt. I love the touchscreen front console. I love that I am allowed to use the hov lanes because it is a hybrid. The gas mileage is amazing even if you do not charge it. It is very low maintenance.

- Noelle B

How much miles it can hold on one charge, and how long it can take to charge fully.

I love my vehicle, It has great mileage on the highway and holds a good charge on it. It's also smooth runner on the road so it rides smooth, does not take bumps though. Overall a great vehicle.

- Jon A

Electric Vehicle and EV Hybrids are the Future

I love the electric vehicle hybrid type of this car. Because I live in a city, I can charge it overnight, get 40 miles of a charge on it, drive around to work and backs, and hardly ever use gas

- Meagan H

It uses both battery and gas. When battery is used up, you can use gas.

I like how it uses battery power instead of gas. It saves a lot of money for me since I'm driving it short distance. Wish it provides more mileage, more than 40 miles, for the battery power.

- Winnie B

Excellent gas mileage, as well as the extent of its driving range on battery plus gasoline (325 miles)

I love that I only need to buy gas once every 1-2 months and it leaves such a small carbon footprint. No complaints really, as I have a charging port on the side of the house.

- Carol B

It transitions smoothly from electric to gas.

I love only having to get to get gas every few months. It drives great and everyone has room. No fifth person can ride and if I forget my charger I have to use my gas.

- Natalie C

My vehicle is a hybrid, what this means is that is uses low gas and is helpful for the environment

I like that it doesn't use a lot of gas, I love that it helps the environment. I like that it is mine, I like that it is reliable. I really love this vehicle

- Michaelann D

Range of battery for a plug in is great! From a hybrid perspective, this is definitely one of the better technologies.

It is great vehicle for cost, reliability, hybrid technology. I have very much enjoyed my cricket. I have had a few recalls which Chevy repaired.

- Allan H

It is a plug in electric hybrid vehicle, which can go 40+ miles with full charge

I like my car because it lets me use the job Lanes in solo driver mode. I dislike the low profile and being hard to get in and out of

- Mel B

Toyotas are known for quality and being long lasting.

Great mileage with electric and gas modes. Fun to drive. Has more power than expected. Love Chevrolet products and dependability.

- Kris R

electric use is not expensive. don't have to fill up with gas that often

this car is amazing. i can't' complain about anything it get some where i need to go and i can use gas as my extended range

- marcella r

It is environmentally friendly.

It is great on gas. It also drives quietly. I dislike the lack of a third back seat. I do not like the opening to the trunk.

- Jessica M

Cheaper to drive, because i did not have to buy gas as much as another car.

Does not use much gas. Cheaper to run therefore will not have to buy gas. I like the volt because it is easy to drive.

- Yvonne J

It is very fast off the line

It is the best of both worlds; electric therefore I don't buy any gas most of the time and gas using for long trips

- Wendy R

Very quiet on the road, requires little maintenance

love how compact and trendy it is, love that it is friendly on gas and also offers me 35 miles in electric mode

- raquel s

It is more fun to drive in sport mode.

I like the look of my volt. It is easy to drive and handles well. My only complaint is only having 4 seats.

- Gretchen B

It is a plug-in hybrid. Can drive about 40 miles on electric and then automatically switches to gas.

I like that it is a plug-in hybrid. Great gas mileage. I like that it has a sporty look and lots of space.

- Sarah F

My car is emission free. It is very quiet. I almost never have to pump gas.

I love my car. It doesn't heat up well in the winter and the mileage is not very good in cold weather.

- Mary Jane M

Brakes are touchy compared to all gas powered vehicles.

Partial electric, partial gas powered vehicle. 38 miles on a charge. Helps keep gas purchases down.

- Lora G

You can run on a 40 mile charge and then it switches to gas so you can easily drive long distances.

The ride is so smooth. It is electric and saves on gas, most of all. It is also well-appointed.

- Will B

It is great for the environment and your pocketbook.

I love that it is electric. It is a great compact car. I only wish it had 5 seats.

- Christine I

It's very fuel efficient and high technology, virtually maintenance free.

It's fuel efficient. It's fun to drive. It is very low maintenance.

- Diane M

Stylish, gas/money saving hybrid!

- Brit W