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Best car I could ever own. Just what I need for me with driving.

I really love the Chevy volt I just got it yesterday from the car dealership and it is the best thing I can drive. It is not a gas guzzler at all. When you plug it in at home and let it stay overnight you have a full charge and you can go 50 mi on a single charge when the battery is done then it switches to gas. For what I pay for fuel now this is a major step and really cutting the budget when it comes to gas because the prices keep going up. My car has all the bells and whistles that go along with it. What I really like is the safety features with everything you can think of and more. It is a very safe car and it handles well in both country and city and highway driving.

- Alice S

Everything you need in one car!

I love my Chevrolet Volt. I have owned many Chevys but this one I have been the happiest with. It is comfortable, has lots of bells and whistles and uses very little gas. In fact, when I am only driving around in town, I essentially use no gas. The car comes with Bose speakers, which is a plus, the sound is fantastic. This car also has tons of room! It seats five, but there is still a lot of room in the back for extras. You can also fold the two back seats down and have even more room. This car also has a lot of power and can really get going when it needs to! You really can't go wrong with the Chevy Volt.

- Stephanie D

Excellent in snow, wonderful features, but a bit confusing.

The Chevy volt does not have Bluetooth, but has a AUX cord. It is nice to drive, excellent in snow. The car likes to roll, which helps so much in ice. The trunk is a nice size, plenty of room. There are quite a lot of settings to personalize it to your settings, but very confusing at first. The charging is amazing, although the gauge feels as if it loses charge way to fast. The autostart is nice, as are the heated seats.

- Amie T

Eco friendly vehicle for family to go in town and saving money for gas refill.

Save money for gas. Electric engine can work for 40 miles. Compatible sedan. Easy to drive. Affordable price Friendly vehicle for mom and kids Silent engine when run by electric Some problems should be improved: Camera back starting a little bit slow Sound when shut doors It should be a 5 seats sedan instead of four seats. When electric engine run out of battery, gas engine start to work but noisy

- Th V

Maintenance is very expensive, and you can't trust Chevrolet.

Since it is an electric hybrid only certain Chevrolet dealers can do the mechanical and routine maintenance work. Many dealers charge fraudulent prices, and you are either forced to pay or spend a week going through the corporate office which will eventually force the dealer to charge you a reasonable rate. This is not a headache any normal person wants in a vehicle. Buyer beware.

- Noway J

This car is most certainly Chevrolets best kept secret.

I like that I can go anywhere I want using electricity or gas and that I don't have to sacrifice any of the things I would expect from a compact car. It has many modern features and was engineered very well. Also the air conditioning is the best I have ever had. The only thing I don't like about the car is the hard seats.

- Anthony L

My Chevy volt is simply amazing!!

My vehicle is awesome 40 mike's on one charge. I rarely ever have to buy gas!! When I go on longer trips I average 40 mpg on gasoline. So far I have not had any mechanical issues with the vehicle. I love the fact that it is a plug-in vehicle that handles and drives like a sports car. I highly recommend.

- Marilyn A

I love my Volt. It is the best car I've ever owned.

Everyone should be driving a Volt. Not only does driving an electric car make me feel good about my carbon footprint, but the savings on gas is incredible and the performance of the electric engine is incredible. I am absolutely astonished this model is going to be discontinued by Chevrolet.

- Ruth M

I love my volt, it goes zoom!

Very reliable, nice and comfy, great on gas, electrical charge gets me about town, very convenient considering high gas prices. Comfortably seats four people. Hatch is large enough for plenty of shopping bags, luggage, and similar large objects. Very drivable and maneuverable.

- Julie C

It is takes us around town without using any gas.

Does not have rear wiper on the back window. Has more touch programming hard to navigate when driving instead of dials. Has only 40 miles per charge should have waited for the 50 mile charge. Had no other problems in the four years we own it. We love it.

- Denise G

The gas mileage and electric mileage range is awesome!

I absolutely LOVE my volt. It has greatly exceeded our expectations. The fuel economy is fabulous. I can get most places on a full charge. It is super comfortable and one of the most stylish electric cars out there! Cannot recommend enough!

- Amanda C

That it is a hybrid extended plug in range vehicle.

I love the hybrid extended plug in system. I can go about 200-250 miles of its range with this vehicle. I like the interior with the nice fabric and makes it look like I am part of the solution. It is very comfortable and quiet.

- Dan N

Electric is best! Consider the Volt!

I can drive 45 miles on the battery charge. I gas up maybe every 3-6 months and it only has a 9 gallon tank! It's a very smooth ride, doesn't feel like a wind up car. Being electric it's good for the environment too! Love

- Lisa T

It is a hybrid car. You can use electricity for short trips and gas for long trips. The front seats are very comfortable.

The Chevy Volt is the best driving car that I've ever had. This is the second one that I've owned. The first one I intended to drive until I totaled it, which is what happened. I love not having to buy gas every week.

- Amy B

How economical it is to operate and how fun it is to drive.

I love being able to charge it at home overnight and very rarely having to put gas in it. It costs me $12 per month to charge it and I have only used 30 gallons of gas in 18 months. It is also a very reliable car.

- Scott V

Compact powerful eco friendly car.

Great gas mileage, partial electric, eco friendly, nice looking, comfortable, easy to drive, plenty powerful, only thing I do not like is the defrost, it does not work very well to keep windshield defrosted.

- Gina D

You can charge the car and it is really gas efficient.

My vehicle is really gas efficient. I can charge it at work. It is really quiet and comfortable. I don't like that only 4 people can fit in the car. The back middle part of the seat is a little console.

- Claudia B

Drive for a week on 80 cents.

Just plug it in and drive! Can go a whole month and never use any gas, if it goes into extended range mode it gets over 45 mpg! Cannot beat this car for driving around town and also long distance driving.

- Martin G

It is a hybrid using both electrical power and gasoline with both getting good mileage.

I find it hard to see and back using mirrors. The display / media center is hard to use while driving. Too many buttons/ icons to push to complete a task takes your attention away from driving the car.

- connie s

I save $100 dollars a month on fuel when I charge the electric battery.

Great vehicle to drive and no problems since I've bought it. Only downsides are breaks take a while to get used to and electric battery is small and only offers about 30 miles per full charge.

- Daniel R

Electric range is very good, in summer,I get around 40-45 miles on a full charge that is enough to get through the day.

My Chevy Volt is very reliable, I haven't had any problems with it since I have owned it. It has lane departure warning and forward collision warning. It also includes heated seats.

- Sura S

It's great with car seats!! We have two installed.

We use it daily for work commute and do not use any gasoline. So far we average over 98 miles to the gallon. It is a little cramped and we do not use it for long hauls.

- Charles H

Its hybrid, eco friendly.

I like because it saves me some money for gas, I like the engine, dislike sometimes the electric charge just randomly change, and lastly I like the new features.

- Mw W

There are several different companies that manufacture car chargers. Sometimes you can even find them for free which reduces your overall cost!

The volt is a fabulous vehicle that combines being able to drive on electric with gas. I use this for long-distance trips when I can't charge my other EV.

- Ashley R

It is electric car and has sports mode and quiet.

I like that it is electric charge I can use the electric charge for about 40 miles without using any gas. I like that it's quiet and has sports mode.

- Char W

It has great energy savings, environmentally friendly.

The Chevrolet volt is an all electric vehicle with superior performance and great looks. It is very detail driven and a fun vehicle to drive.

- Lisa S

It gets 39 mpg on the highway.

It has a small gas tank and only 4 seats total. The upsides are that it is super efficient and overall a nice car.

- Dan R

It is awesome and drivable and nice.

I love my car it is so roomy and good for vacations.My family and kids love our car alot.It drives so smoothly.

- Clara L

Gas mileage is excellent.

I love the size and cabin features. The large screen makes it easy to navigate and ideal when backing up.

- Chanel N

Affordable and comfy look no further if you are looking for something in this context

Gas mileage and it's price. Cost of filling up gas tank. Also, the sylung is okay for a car of it's type

- Roland M

The Chevy's interior lacks the comfort and space of many class rivals.

good car smooth drive Great electric range for a plug-in hybrid but limited cargo space

- natasha G

i like that it has electric charge,it is small,i dislike the vents

how many miles it gets per gallon, if it works, if its manual or automatic,

- maricar w