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The volt is an awesome car!

I have no problems with my volt. It is sporty, comfortable, very smooth riding. I love not having to purchase gas very often. It has lots of power to be able to merge into traffic. It is a very a quiet vehicle. The radio is great, it has Bose speakers which sounds great. Heated seats work great in the winter. My volt came with not only rear sensors, but also front sensors. The rear camera is very wide ranged and very clear. S. I purchased my volt in december of 2014. I have not had any issues at all. I have had it serviced on a regular basis, keep it clean and is garage kept at night. It is all touch for the controls such as the radio, seat warmers, climate, CD player. There is a center console. Storage on the top of the dash and the rear seat console. There are very comfortable bucket seats in the back too. Love my volt!

- Barbara E

Great car that could be a little more comfortable.

One of my favorite features is that it has a reserve gas tank for when you want to go on longer Journeys. I love that it is electric but without the range anxiety of others. My biggest complaint is that it is not super comfortable. It is clearly made for commuter use and not longer trips. I have not spent much time in the back seat but I imagine it is pretty comparable to the front seats. I love nearly everything else about it. The interface is all very sleek. The fact that the phone automatically switches to the car's speakers is a little annoying but there may be a way to turn that feature off that I haven't discovered. The quality of phone calls is a little less than ideal.

- Rachel H

Battery/gas operated. Comfort settings. Heated seats. Several security features.

The only problem I have is a reduced propulsion power. But overall a very safe car. It has sensors in the front and back for parking also has lane change and lets you know if a seatbelt is unbuckled. It also has comfort temperature settings, heated seats and auto defrost when it's below a certain temperature. This car runs off a battery and gas. It charges completely over night and the battery lasts about 35 miles.

- Carlie S

Best Hybrid Out There Today

The most amazing feature the Chevy Volt offers is the hybrid engine. I am able to drive in the city and to and from work daily without ever using gas. I have saved so much money with this car. It is easy to charge at home or on the go at various charge stations, some even being for FREE! This has been the best purchase I have made this year and recommend it to anyone wanting to switch to a hybrid.

- Shannon M

We are saving a ton of money on gas, compared to our other vehicle.

It is the first car I've owned with a back up camera and I really like that. It is very comfortable and easy to drive. Two complaints - I wish it had a longer charge (more than 46 miles) and I wish there was at least some storage (trunk-like) rather than just the hatchback with flimsy cover.

- Tricia T

Great for people who live close to work.

Great for short commutes to work, charges fully overnight for small amount of money, small gas tank so cheap to fill up, engine does kick in when it is cold out, back seats are small, low to the ground, first couple times you get in watch your head, only fits 4 people, performs well.

- Katie B

Volt hybrid plug-in & gas.

Pretty comfortable little car seems to perform well but do not like the fact the electric part does not last well if you turn on any heat it uses twice as much battery. There is no spare tire & that kind of scares me. And it seems to have some of the electric stuff jump around a bit.

- Sandra R

Very good commuter car with excellent gas mileage (if you use gas at all)

Pros- Great commuter car! I almost forget how to put gas in it. Accelerates quickly, very quiet ride (while on electric). Nice amount of space for everyday use. Easy to drive. Cons- A number of blind spots, and it takes a LONG time to warm up in the winter (to get inside heat).

- Regina D

Reliable, good for short commutes.

Hybrid. Very reliable. Performs well. Only seats 4, kind of crowded in the back seat. Good for people who live close to work and do not travel very far on a daily basis. Charges fully overnight. Cannot run solely on electric when it is cold outside (14 degrees).

- Katherine B

2015 Chevy Volt Short Review

It has a back up camera and a large screen. It has excellent audio. It also comes with on* and cruise control. It has a rechargeable battery and only takes about $20 to fill the gas tank. It drives pretty well. Leather interior gets hot quickly in the summer.

- Cindy R

Get the House 240 volt charger installed. It costs around 1000 but it so worth it. it is the difference between a 13 hour charging time and 4 hours.

It is a Chevy Volt. I bought it as a certified used vehicle earlier this year and have loved the gas saving I have got so far. I disliked that the charging cable that came with it died so I had to pay $1000 to install a charging station at my house.

- Clinton G

Very reliable, roomy, around the town car.

Very reliable, haven't had any problems with it so far. I wish the stereo speakers were better, and I wish there was more electric miles. Could use a little more hp but that's just my opinion. Very roomy car, fits 4 people very comfortably.

- Destiny S

Best electric car on the market with gas backup.

I love my electric/gas volt. I have only filled the gas tank 4 times in 25, 000 miles. It is the best short commute car on the market. The take off on electric is awesome. It is a really comfortable car, good visibility, easy to drive.

- Debbie G

average 120 Mileage per Gallon, the fuel mileage is amazing in this car.

I love the tech, the speed, and the gas mileage. I dislike that the battery life is so short, and getting in and out of the car is a challenge because of the location of the front seat.

- Del M

Charging stations are not free, I've found that most people think that they are.

I love how good on mileage this car is. I'm not fond that I don't have anywhere to charge my car given that I live in an apartment and the charging stations are ridiculously expensive.

- emily S

Very reliable. I miss doing maintenance on a car.

I rarely use fuel, and it is good on gas when I use it. The acceleration is smooth at all speeds. I have all the power I want when I want it. Comfortable to sit in as well.

- jonathan d

The Chevrolet Volt is a an electric car that is fun to drive!

It's a great car. I love that I rarely need to purchase gasoline for it. It has nice initial pickup so I am able to merge into traffic easily and overall, it's fun to drive.

- Jason J

The Chevy Volt has all of the advantages of a gasoline powered car while also having an electric option

Car gets excellent electric mileage and is very sporty in electric mode. The backup gas generator extends the rage of the vehicle to that of traditional gasoline cars.

- Justin C

The electric system saves on emissions and saves money - and is quick and quiet!

The Volt is great - good acceleration in gas mode, even better in electric mode. Comfortable, good sound system, carries more than you would think with the hatchback.

- Susan M

The fact that it has two seperate engines that allows you to be as efficient and flexible as possible.

I really love my vehicle. Not only is it electric, it has a gasoline engine that I can use when I can't reach a charging station.

- Michael F

2015 Chevrolet volt mileage.

It is really good on gas, takes me about $20 to fill it up, also it gets 36 mi total when fully charged.

- Jay M

The ease of driving and ease of controls.

It's quite and is good on gas. And it charges a battery. It does great even with a lot of miles on it.

- Damien M

Electric vehicles like mine are for everyone because they are sporty and help save planet earth.

Plug in electric is wonderful for me and the environment!

- Melody B

it's a hybrid, electric & gas

it's electric. it saves gas. it saves the environment.

- chris L