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Best extended range electric vehicle by far

I owned a first generation Volt and now own a second generation Volt. I've been impressed with and love driving them both. Great pick up, very quiet, smooth ride, seats are comfortable even when making a 12 hour drive and fantastic safety features, backup camera, cross traffic alert. I get 50-56 miles to a charge and it has a 9 gallon gas tank. Fabulous feature in the second generation is the ability to put the electric on "hold" and drive in "gas mode". Downside is Chevy removed the Homelink feature (built in garage door opener) however in the 2019 its now an option the buyer has to pay for. I love driving an electric vehicle that I will never get stranded in, unless of course I'm not paying attention to the gas gauge. I am just about ready for my 3rd Volt purchase!

- Sharon E

So much fun and you are going to forget how to fill the gas tank!

Absolutely the best car I have ever owned. So much fun to drive and my daily commutes are 100% without ever using gasoline. 95% or better of my overall travels are all electric. With only longer trips using petrol, but the car still manages to get close to 45 MPG even on the longer excursions. LOVE IT!

- Georg B

It's hybrid so it runs on gas as well as electricity. This is so convenient. Most trips I don't even have to use gas.

It is a hybrid car, which is great on gas mileage. It is the perfect size. The air conditioning isn't the best but it isn't horrible. The size of the vehicle really only fits 4 people, barely 5 which kind of bugs me. But overall it's a great car.

- Caitlin C

This is the best hybrid car on the market, bar none -- it allows long trips (which EV-only cars can't do), while still allowing mostly-EV driving for normal days.

Pros: Highly reliable car, uses almost no gas (in the summer I can go for months without getting gas), handles well, lots of good safety options. Cons: *really* needs a rear-window washer/wiper, and has poor visibility to the rear.

- shelley r

It's a hybrid model so it uses both electricity and gas.

I love my Chevy Volt. It is comfortable for four, reliable and uses very little gasoline. It is difficult sometimes to find a place where we can charge the electric battery but the gas mileage is quite good.

- David K

It sames money by not having to buy gas and you can use the carpool lane.

It gets great fuel economy with It's Plug In hybrid motor. Almost 60 miles to a charge. Can drive virtually everyday on electric with no use of gasoline. It has great get up and go. I have no complaints

- Rick D

It's a hybrid: plug-in electric and gas; not electric only

It's an electric vehicle and I love how quiet it is and never having to get gas. I can drive to and from work without using gas and have approx 7 miles left over for errands after driving to work.

- Kathryn H

it's electric and is helping get the world off of fossil fuels

love these blue light that shine in the interior doors. love that it is electric and i save the planet and so much money. love the it has great features like self parking

- sue p

Great fuel efficient car with a reasonable price that would meet many short range commuters needs

Best car I have ever owned, Chevrolet has really done a great job in engineering this vehicle. With my driving habits, I have gone a year without buying gasoline

- Thomas J

The engine size and drivetrain.

I love that my vehicle is big enough to fit my family of five. The car keeps us warm and I feel very safe in it.

- Rene C

It has virtually no maintenance and is cheaper to drive than a gasoline powered vehicle

It has great acceleration. Great gas mileage and great for the environment. Can drive in the carpool lane

- Rick K

good for environment, easy on gas,

it's easy on gas, rides well. but it does not have tinted windows, or a back window wiper

- daniel M

it is fuel efficient and pays for itself

it's great and hardly ever needs any gas.

- justine J