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My Chevy volt: small but mighty.

Performance: this is a low-drama car. Since the car is hybrid, I can go a really long period of time before I need to get gas, if I have charged up the battery. Mileage: 57 miles on battery + 335 miles on gasoline. Features: get the seat warmers. . . ! Challenges: my car is almost 2 years old. I really have no big complaints but I have noticed a few small things. As a hybrid car, there are times when I'll get error messages that make no sense (or I cannot find the answers in the manual). I have had good relationships with the local dealer and just take it in. Most of what I need is still under warranty. Example: lately, when I depress the brake pedal and press the "on" button, the car will lock-up for about 10 seconds before it will actually allow me to put it into reverse. Just started happening and does not happen every day. If you are a tall person, you may want to look at a different car. However, I have a colleague who is 6'2 and loves his volt. Wish it had proper trunk space. I guess you would call my car a "hatchback". If I could change that design, I absolutely would.

- J M

Love My Volt but Wheel Rims are a Problem

I have a iridescent white 2017 Volt that I just love!❤️Everything about the car is great and I especially like the smoothness,power and economy of electricity! I ordered it from the factory and had the light ash/dark ash interior in leather put in and the Bose sound system. In summer the range is 105 km on a warm day and winter about 70 km. My only complaint with the car is the wheel rims! They stick out about a 1/4 from the low rolling resistance tires and come in contact with a curb so easily when you are parking! You are not even aware that you are scraping the rim until it is done! I have just finished having one wheel repaired by having it machined, buffed, and repainted and now I see that there is another area that that has been damaged again! Grrrrr! think that Chevrolet should have designed the wheel so that the rim is not sticking out so far! Other than that, it is a beautiful car and I would never go back to a totally gasoline vehicle.

- Dorothy

Volt: amazing money saver!

Problems: getting the software update for android as is defaulted for apple. I drive about 40+ miles daily and as long as you charge your car daily you never have to worry about paying for gas. Recently discovered the "l" mode (low gear) which passively breaks your car when releasing the gas pedal. This is great as it passively charges your battery and do not have to use your break half of the time!

- Cody B

Drives well but with the expense I am not sure if the car is overall worth the premium. Space issue can be a concern if you expect to have back seat passengers.

Has had some issues which had to be taken in for service: windows not operating, door open chime did not cease after closing doors, software update indicated by check engine light (twice). The car has some space issues for passengers in the back seat, as I am tall and need to push the seat back pretty far. Gas mileage is good though not many charging stations in the area which I have recently moved.

- Christopher B

It's a way to learn how to love electric cars, but without the range anxiety that comes from limited battery usage.

I'm on my car brand new and loved it from the instant that I got it. Because it's an electric car with a gas backup generator it allows me to get more value out of my solar panels on my house and virtually use no gas to get around town. It is small and there's some minor inconveniences, such as the price. But in time this wallpaper back on itself if the car last. I do love the car.

- Wes M

The best car you will ever drive is the Chevy volt.

I love my 2017 volt. The gas is about $25. 00 a week. My 2017 volt has 78000 miles in 2 years. The performance is smooth and very reliability. I am in stop and go traffic and my drive is 137 miles and to this day all I have done is a oil change. The only thing that I wish was better is the back seat. The back seat in very small and uncomfortable. There is no leg room.

- Ben P

It's a hybrid - saves a lot of gas $.

No problems, great performance, comfortable heated option seats, like OnStar feature, planning my route with info on how far to proceed ahead, when to get ready to make a turn, beeping when time to turn arrives. Generous storage in hatchback. Ability to put back seats down flat allows transport of large items,

- Lee E

I rarely have to fill it up with gas. It is economical and better for the environment than a gas engine car.

So quiet and efficient! I love that you can drive in busy traffic yet still feel relaxed without the background engine noise. I charge the car every night and have enough charge in the battery for all the running around town that I do in the daytime. I would definitely recommend a Volt to anyone.

- Wendy A

A great way to save on gas.

Vehicle is just a great way to save on gas. I can drive 53 miles each day gas free! If your just commuting a short distance each day you really never have to put gas in the car. It has been extremely reliable if it is charged and driven on a consistent basis. It is comfortable for long trips.

- Carrie L

Almost all motels have 110v plugins so they'll "fill me up" for free.

No problems at all! Great gas mileage, drives nicely; I wouldn't change a thing about the car. The cell phone app for preconditioning the car works great, too! The battery gets about 60--70 mpg, figuring the kw hours of electricity compared to gas. Running the engine gets about 42 to 55 mpg.

- Dean H

A mom's review of the electric Chevy volt.

I love my red electric Chevy volt. It rides great, zero street noise, and of course a gas saver. The battery gives me 56 miles + gas I get 257 miles. It is very reliable and easy to drive. The size of the vehicle makes it easy to park anywhere. It is very spacious and tons of truck space.

- Eve C

It's Fun to drive, and surprisingly quick

My Volt is the ideal car for me because I rarely drive more than 50 miles in a single day, which means I burn no gasoline. Some months I buy no gasoline at all. But on days we decide visit out of state friends or family, the gas engine means we have all the range of any other car.

- Skip S

The Chevrolet volt is electrifying.

The Chevrolet volt is a cozy speedy car that drives very smoothly and has great ease of control. I like the rear projection for backing up. Adjustable side mirrors are one of many great safety features. One of my only complaints is that the trunk is not as spacious as it could be.

- Michael G

The Volt is a good blend of electric performance and gas convenience.

The Volt runs well and I am overall pleased with the car. The ride feels a little lower quality for the price point, but the majority of my miles are electric miles (87% over 2.5 years) which was my main goal. Technology package works well and the upgraded speakers are worth it.

- Mark R

Chevy volt is eco friendly!

Very reliable and love it barely used gas. Only uses gas on long trips to make electric. Do not like seat belts as I am short and they cut into neck as they are not adjustable. Radio also a problems as it comes on when start car sometimes even after you leave it off.

- Penny B

2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier

This car is great for commuting. I drive about 50 miles per day back and forth to work and it will run all the way on electricity, so no trips to the gas station. I've had no issues with it in the two years I've had it. It is even comfortable on long trips.

- Robert S

It is a hybrid vehicle. Both EV and gas range extender. It is new technology so it is bound to have quirks.

I like the fact that my car is a hybrid car. It has both electric and a gas powered range extender. I got a 500 credit from my electric company for buying a ev. It is kind of quirky sometimes. I have to go to Facebook user group to get answers on problems.

- James B

It uses electricity as well as gas.

Love that I rarely need to buy gas because it runs so most of the time on electricity. I love that I also have gas for long trips. It is useful for carrying loads of supplies for my business. And I love the blue metallic color.

- Linda R

It is a hybrid card that uses a mix of gasoline and electricity

I like how there is a mix of electricity and gas. I'm not worried about having to find charging stations and I could drive far distances if I wanted to.I also like the design of the car. It looks more sporty than most hybrids.

- Ken T

I like that I can load bigger items with putting seats down.

I like the fact that the vehicle has the best ev range of any phev on the market currently, and is incredibly fun to drive.... I do not like that the vehicle takes so long to charge, even when plugged into a lv. 2 charger..

- Jonathan C

Excellent car for long and short trips and day to day travel.

Excellent for short and long trips. Having a hybrid means 90% of the time we use electric, but long trips dips into the gas. Over all, we use a lot less gas than a standard car. Very comfy, reliable and quiet car. Love it!

- Amanda R

It's rechargeable, and lots of office jobs have charging stations. The Chevy Volt could potentially save you hundreds of dollars, because you're not paying for gas.

I love how my car is rechargeable, and I don't have to get much gas when traveling a short distance. I very much like the style and overall look. I dislike the size of the car, and wish it wasn't so low to the ground.

- Jenna R

It's a hybrid. You can switch from electric to gasoline. Saves money.

I like that it's a hybrid car. I feel I'm saving money as well as doing good for the environment. However, this is my first hybrid. So all the features are a little overwhelming trying to learn them all.

- Andrea P

Electric car with good range, linear traction, and quiet,

Electric car with range of 52 miles so i rarely buy gas. Great acceleration; modern electronics' comfortable. Hatchback has load of room. Issue is blind spots which are quite large on both sides.

- james m

Very economical, very versatile, large cargo area with the back seats down and fun to drive!

This is my third Chevy volt on lease and I love it! In almost eight years, I have never purchased gasoline in town, only on a long trip which is not often. Extremely economical in a small city!

- Jolene P

That I only use gas on long trips and can normally drive completely on electric.

I love that I can charge and not use gas on most days. There are some problems I dislike with the computer system. I also wish it charged faster and that the battery was slightly larger.

- jody w

You will rarely have to fill it up as long as you commute under ~60 miles a day

Fuel economy is fantastic (rarely use gas). It's relatively comfortable and drives nice. Dislike is that the trunk is big but the back seats are small; could have used the space better

- dan w

It runs on a combination of electric and gas.

I like that it uses little gas. It charges completely in 4 hours. I'm able to get back and forth to work on a single charge. I like the way it looks Nd the way it handles on the road.

- Dana M

The Chevrolet volt is the perfect daily commuter.

The car is surprisingly peppy. Great torque. Love the android car play, its comfortable, quiet, efficient. The car is surprisingly spacious. Great cargo room. It is fun to drive.

- Lucas T

Very low expense in maintenance with this car.

This vehicle is very cheap to ride with. As it's almost all the time the ride, is done around. A real-time GPS should be installed to be fantastic.

- Noel L

Electric Chevrolet Volt Equal to Gas Vehicles

I love my Volt because it's small and electric. I love knowing I'm helping the environment. I wish the electric range were longer, but that's okay.

- Samantha A

I really like the color pearl white.

I like that it is environmentally friendly. It is very cheap to operate. I wish it was faster. The battery is depleted in the winter.

- Stephen L

Not too big and not too small for SUV with plenty of legroom.

There have been a few problems with it not starting but it is always gotten fixed other than that I love it gas mileage is great.

- Rani H

It can be taken on long trips but around town we never need gas.

It uses electric for most of the drive, no gas required. It is quiet. The ability to slow down without using the brakes.

- Cheryl M

It's very convenient to be able to charge my car at home and free public charging stations.

It's very quiet in electric mode. I'm helping the environment. It's a nice riding car and I can afford the payments.

- Dennis S

It is solid and quiet and comfortable.

Love the fuel economy. Love how far it goes on a charge. Love it is pickup. It is an awesome car at the price point.

- Thea M

The most important thing to know is how reliable it is.

I like it is smooth ride and safety features. I like the sleek design. The trunk could use a little more space.

- Michael G

It is an electric car that can use gas if it has to.

I have had it for over a year and have only used about 10 gallons of gas. It is fast. It is fun to drive.

- Marilyn T

Great mileage. Have to buy very little gas. Great around town vehicle.

Love that it is electric. Wish it had a little more room. Wish the charge was a little longer.

- Dan H

It uses very little fossil fuel.

No complaints at all! Good on fuel, good battery range, drives nicely, works well.

- Dean W

I like not having to go to the gas station every other week. I also like mileage the volt gets. My only complaints are the position of the washer fluid dispensers and no wiper on the back window.

Excellent mileage and easily charged. Did not increase our power bill at all.

- Karie K

It has regenerative braking which charges the batteries

Car is quiet. Saves on gas. Gets good gas mileage and good electric miles.

- Dennis S

it's practical, reliable and cost effective

electric, good range, plenty of storage space

- mindy D