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Great power and efficiency with smooth acceleration and a comfortable ride.

The Volt is very responsive and easy to drive. As the car is driven by electric motors all the time - even on gas, you always get smooth, consistent acceleration. When on gas, the engine drives the #2 motor/generator to make electricity to power the #1 motor. Engine on/off transitions are very smooth and only someone who really knows the car or is carefully watching for them will notice. The all electric range depends on your driving style and road conditions but is typically about 54 miles. The 2018 Volt charging rate is slow at 3.8KW on a 240V charger (16A). I typically drive between 800 - 1,000 miles between fill-ups. The gas tank holds 8 gallons. The cabin is well designed and comfortable. There are a few improvements that could be added, some of which are scheduled for the 2019. The car should have power seats at this price point. The car has a collision alert (optional package) that displays red LEDs up on the dash. It would be very easy for GM to add a full HUD with little impact on power use, weight, or cost of construction. The 2018 Volt has wireless charging in the center console for any phone capable of wireless charging. This is a great feature, but an inconvenient location. The 2019 will move this to forward of the gear shift. The adaptive cruise control is amazing - but you must always remember you are in charge of the car. Adaptive cruise is really good, but not perfect. Lane keep assist is a nice feature but I think it should be more aggressive at centering you in the lane. It will "nudge" the wheel back toward the middle of your lane but I feel that it can easily let you leave your lane. I do go back to the fact that you, not the car, are the one driving, this is just a tool to help reduce the chance of an accident. The sound system with Bose speakers is amazing. I have not yet dared to take the volume to 50%. The bass is powerful, the treble is clear, the sounds are full and rich throughout the spectrum. Sound is designed around the driver so balance and fade are not normally as good for the passengers, but you can adjust the system.

- Gunther H

Chevy volt, only an ac seat away from 5 stars.

What I like most about my 2018 Chevy volt is the battery mileage. The car has performed well for me over the past year with zero issues. I wish the volt had more power, at least 100 ev miles, and ac & electric seats. Most days I average about 52-55 ev miles and while that gets me where I need to go, some days it is not enough. Also, while the volt does have enough pick-up-and-go it could use more. The item I am most bummed about it not having is electric and ac seats. I was told it was because “they didn't have room” which as an engineer I knew was a pile of bs, was later proved right by the release of the 2019 volt which has electric seats, but not ac. I might would have upgraded if they had both, it is that big of deal for me. With that said, I still enjoy the car and prefer to drive it over my Ford Fusion and Chevy truck. I believe the color selection I had to choose from was adequate and a good selection. I would have like to seen a sunroof option on the 2018 model as well as a fully decked out model from the dealership. I had to install my own led charge port as it didn't come factory installed. I felt it was necessary to install because the charge port was difficult to locate at night and align all the necessary parts. A stage 2 charger would have also been nice.

- Aaron J

It is a good choice for anyone who has concerns and cares about air pollution.

I just love the car. It handles well, gets very good gas mileage, is a hybrid so that I can charge it with an electric vehicle charger and I wish it were all electric, but being a hybrid vehicle has a tremendous advantage. So essentially, there's very few things I can say that are negative. Electric cars will become much more popular when there is more availability of free public stations near libraries, in shopping malls, near the local grocery market, the theatre, etc.

- Ellen M

Great car overall, highly recommend!

I really like how compact the car is without feeling too small on the inside. I also love how eco friendly it is, and it is super easy to recharge. Not to mention the battery lasts forever! My volt is also the smoothest ride I have ever had, though sometimes on bad roads it loses a little bit of its suspension stability. Parking is sometimes a challenge because the nose of the car is not visible when I am in the driver's seat, but the rear view camera is very handy.

- Mckenzie S

Electric vehicles are the way to go!

I love having an electric car and that I did not have to go put in gas during polar vortex. It runs quiet, is a very smooth ride. The controls are easy to use. Performance and reliability has been great. Seat is comfortable enough. Sleek look but inside is a bit smaller than it looks. Certainly sold me on leasing or purchasing another electric car, maybe a midsize SUV.

- Mel T

Review of my Chevrolet volt.

Wish battery power was longer and that it had more room on the inside. Good sound system and it has good go power. Love that it only takes $20 to fill the tank from empty. Comes in great colors. Too bad they are now longer making them. Just wish it was bigger. The 5th seat is not compatible for another person. Definitely only a 4 seater.

- Kelli B

Love my volt but a few drawbacks.

Does not hold enough of a charge. And when you drive normally, it burns the electric charge too fast. Love the electric hybrid though. Might try and buy a larger one next time or one with a higher mileage charge. I hate how it does not charge fully every time, but charges based on usage. Sometimes I lose 5+ miles because of this.

- Rachel K

A very efficient city commuter.

I have not had any issues with the car in 14.000 miles. It averages over 45 mpg on gas and over 60 miles on a charge. The car play radio works great. The rear seats fold down for excellent storage space. The back seat is a bit small, but 3 adults can fit in a pinch. The only downside is mpgs drop to 35 on long highway trips.

- Nathan O

You can reply to message with your voice.

My vehicle is the best car I have ever had by far. It has everything like a touch screen and app in it is system, Siri or whatever her name is can help you reply to messages without taking your hand off the wheel or looking away. I wouldn't trade this car in for anything else and I recommend this to everyone.

- Pear H

Plus you get a estate rebate for purchasing an electric vehicle.

Drives smooth - gives you great electric miles - it has cool features like self breaks. One problem I have would have to be the small space it feels in the back seats. It feels as if you lose the middle seat. But other then that I love my volt! Plus you do not have to put gas every week!

- Samantha D

Chevy volt - excellent mileage and fun to drive.

My Chevy volt gets great electric and gas mileage and is comfortable and fun to drive. I was concerned that because it was a hybrid it would not have enough pick up when I step on the gas, but it is very responsive! The car has been very reliable and I am really satisfied.

- Kate C

It gets great gas mileage and is basically maintenance free.

What I like the most of my Chevy volt is how smooth and quiet it runs.. It does give me decent electric range but seems as if the car burns electric charge super fast.... What I do not like is how I can not use an extension with my car charger the car will not charge.

- Sammer D

I love my truck, and it can carry anything.

I am currently driving a Nissan frontier which I love. Easy to drive, comfortable and safe. I use it on long trips, short trips and doing errands around town. I can also use it to carry heavy loads for diy projects such as lumber, cement blocks and loads of gravel.

- Karen P

It's fun to drive and a great value

I like that the vehicle is the best of both worlds as far as the engine. The electric battery engine saves me from having to use gas every week. The traditional combustion engine gives me a sense of comfort in case I have to drive beyond the electric range.

- Mike K

The car is a hybrid but It's not very reliable after a year or two, I wouldn't recommend buying this.

There are many things I like about my car, such as the seats. The car is a bit small so It's hard to fit an entire family or several friends inside the car. The car also breaks down once every few months so I need to fix it.

- Billy P

It's very compact without being too small and runs great.

The Chevrolet Volt is a smooth ride. I like the rear-view camera in the dash for backing out of the driveway. The trunk space is adequate. I like the car's visual design.

- Michael G

My car gets great gas and electric mileage.

My car is an environmentally friendly plug in hybrid. It gets great mileage in both gas and electric modes. It has many bells and whistles. The price was reasonable.

- D B

Electric aspect of the car is very efficient when it comes to daily commutes.

No complaints. I like the energy efficiency of the vehicle. I would have liked it more if it was a true 5-person car as opposed to 4.

- Bin P

It saves money to drive it over an equivalent gas car. Can drive the carpool lane.

Great acceleration and get up and go. Great gas mileage because of the electric mode. Very comfortable to drive. No complaints

- Rick K

Its Electric! I love that I can plug it in and drive for roughly 60 miles without using a drop of gas

The only complaint that I have would be the size of the front seats, they're a bit small. and i'm a fairly average size man

- Aaron G

Electric it the way to go

Love the electric range. Drives easily. Charges slower than I would prefer. Several things on it seem to rattle.

- Rob S

It's a plug in that provided me many incentives, including $7500 federal tax credit

Goes 5o miles on all electric before going to gas....have been careful and have 450 miles per gallon average

- Richard b

Good for the environment and very economical

Plug in hybrid gets me carpool access and I get free plug in at work. Back seat small and no real trunk

- Ronald H

the battery has a 55 mile range

good electric range not very stylish small fuel tank

- Juergen P