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The Chrysler handles well. I.

I love this vehicle, it has all the right curves, very sharp looking! I get over 300 miles to the gallon. Even though it is only a 4 cylinder I have to say it has a lot of pick up. I don't have any problems getting into traffic a all. It is very comfortable driving and it handles well. The dash board displays are very helpful, one in particular that I like let's you know when you need air in your tires I find this very helpful. I love everything about this car. It has a nice CD/stereo system an it also has an auxiliary feature so you can hook your phone to it and play other music plus it allows your phone to come thru the radio which is very nice. The only thing is I have never had a problem with back seat legroom in any other car before, it seems with the Chrysler 200 the. Trunk is very roomy but I feel it compromised the legroom of the back seat, other than that I am very happy with this car. I hope to get many more years of driving with this vehicle.

- Nancy T

A great car with minor issues.

I have a candy red Chrysler 200 year 2014. Being that it was my first car I was super excited about getting any kind of car at that time. I loved it in the beginning. It's a mid-sized car so it has plenty of space, the trunk has a lot of space as well and my favorite part of all is how good the speakers are because I love to blast my music. It is been a little over a year since I have had my car and in a way I like it just a little less. Not too long after getting my car I was hitting the highway for a little road trip and let's just say.. I didn't make it. My first problem occurred with the car, the cap that keeps water from getting into my engine fell down.. Its technically nothing major but I am sure no one likes to drive and hear what sounds like a flat tire. So far that had been my only issue up until this past month when my gearshift started to get stuck. Overall I still like the car.

- Kia C

My personal review of my 2014 Chrysler 200.

I love my 2014 Chrysler 200 it is a very reliable car, I bought my car brand new and I have not had any problems with it at all. It gives me great gas mileage, it is very roomy for my family of four, and we are a tall family. It is a real smooth driving experience on the highway. The trunk is a very good size as well, it allows us to put quit a bit of luggage in it. I do not know a lot about the mechanics of a car, but I do know that my 2014 Chrysler 200 have been a very reliable car for my family and we love it.

- Kim B

I love my 2014 Chrysler 200 sport.

I love my car. I bought it used and it is my dream car in my budget. My Chrysler is all black interior and exterior. It is the sports edition. The surround sound is amazing and I love the Bluetooth and GPS with the big touch screen. My car drives fast and I could recommend it anyone. My car is a six cylinder and I do not think I will ever go back to a four cylinder. The sunroof makes the front seats feel very spacious. Sitting in the back seat is specious for a compact car and there are very few blind spots.

- Hannah D

Spacious trunk, get for long trips and keeps warm in the winter!

I love the way the vehicle rides smooth and quiet on the road, but the gas mileage isn't the greatest. The heated seats are an amazing feature to have in the winter months, as well as the remote start. I also love the trunk space! We can fit everything we need easily for a week long vacation out of state with two kiddos! I do with there was more legroom for the passenger front and rear seats though. A taller front passenger and two car seats in the room make for a tight fit.

- Brittany W

It is not exactly a starter car, but it is good overall.

I have had a few problems were alerts on my dashboard. When I brake/come to a stop downhill, my brake light turns on and does not turn off for a few minutes. I have googled this, and it seems to be a common error with Chrysler 200s. However, it is slightly irksome. Also, the low tire light will not turn off until you have a serviceman reset something in the car's computer. It is a reliable car, though, and it is spacious enough for this growing family of three.

- Kate B

That my car is in tip top shape , mileage is well below average. Car has no significant flaws and has been pampered by me.

It's a gorgeous 4 door sedan , with a spotless white paint job. And a set of 4 brand new tires and 18 inch chrome rims I had this car for the last 2 years , I take pride of my car; I washed and clean my car every week. The interior looks like new and smell good too and it shows very little wear. The car has been maintained every time,to the point where the engine looks almost new. Overall appearance is near new. I love my cars they're my babies my toys.

- Jesus S

The back seats fold up and down to make extra trunk space!

This car has been awesome to us!! I don't really have any complaints. But two things I would have made different would be, the battery is located under the front drivers side wheel so you have to take the tire the way off to get to it. Secondly, the windshield wipers are not very fast even on high speed. But other than those two minor details, I love my car. I would definitely recommend it to people with a family and who like to travel.

- Michelle R

Air vents don't stay in place

One reason I like our car is because it feels roomy inside. Something super tiny and maybe insignificant that I dislike about the car is the air vents. The one on the driver side to the right of the steering wheel always falls. If I point it up because I don't want the air to hit me in the face it slowly falls back down hitting my hand and makes it too cold. I am fidgeting with that thing ALL THE TIME and it is very annoying to me.

- Alexia C

When you want luxury and cannot afford it, you can never go wrong with a Chrysler.

The car itself is actually a great car good on gas when going a far stretch. $10 alone put my car on half a tank. Really so far no problems but the normal wear and tears for instance brake pads coolant, but the car was already used before I got it so that was to be expected. But if you ever interested in getting a Chrysler go for it! They are wonderful and beautiful vehicles.

- Dee B

My seats, their leather and heated.

I haven't had no problems! I just hate that it is a gas hog, I fill it up at least 2-3 times a week. It is a great vehicle just expensive on gas. I would definitely recommend a Chrysler but not if your looking for something cheap on gas. It is a very reliable car, you can definitely depend on it but if your doing a lot of traveling do not buy this car.

- Alexis P

Great daily vehicle highly recommend.

I really like my 200. It is great on gas, it drives nice. I have had no problems with my vehicle. I would recommend a 200 for someone looking for a dependable daily vehicle that is good on gas. I drive 2 hours one way at least once a week and so far have had no issues. It lets me know when oil changes are due which is nice when living a busy life.

- Crystal G

Chrysler 200: you cannot go wrong!

My Chrysler 200 is fantastic. It is very comfortable and has all the standard features with the exception of a factory GPS. It is great on gas and has a large trunk for shopping. I have owned it for four years and it has never failed me. I would definitely purchase another one for my next car and would strongly recommend it to family and friends.

- Lorraine S

It's a luxury car and It's all black.

I love my car for the simple fact that it takes me wherever i wanna go. It's my first car ever so i really can't complain. i bought it as a graduation present for myself with my savings. i bought it second hand, and it had 67k miles on it. i had a small tire problem that i wasn't notified about, but other than that, i really can't complain :)

- Naz R

For the ones who want to ride in style.

Lots of room for feet as well as seating and for the trunk. The outer look of the car is very regal like. Performance was great till a major leak happened and from then on it was downhill. It doesn't have that great of a good mileage but still within the upper 20s per gallon. The windows are big and wide so blind spots are a not a big issue.

- Caroline Y

This is an exceptional vehicle.

This car is very reliable. It is a great gas money saver, & is ideal if you are looking for a car to get you from point A to B. As long as you take proper care of this vehicle, it will last you for a long time. The only drawback to this car is that once you have one problem, other problems occur if the initial is not handled soon enough.

- Tony C

Great trunk space. Lots of room when the top is up, and even when the top is down, you can still get golf clubs in.

It is a convertible that can hold my golf clubs in the trunk while the top is down which is very unusual to find. We take the car on a lot of road trips and it has proven to be very durable. It does not have great pickup and the gas mileage is not as good as our last Chrysler, but we have put 50,000 miles on it with no complaints.

- Tom B

Travel in style at an affordable price.

I love my car it is extremely reliable. It has power everything. It is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. The only problems that I have had with my car is some of the upholstery on the passenger door has pulled up and needs to be re glued down. The other issue is that my navigation has seemed to all of a sudden lost its maps.

- Robert M

Relatively reliable Chrysler.

I do not like how low it likes to the ground. Easy to scratch the bumper. It is relatively reliable, we've had it since 2016 and we've had a few bumps in the road but only one was slightly drastic. It is comfortable, although for a family of 4 with two kiddos in rear facing seats, it is kind of hard to have much space anyways.

- Krystal S

Great family car without the expensive tag.

The weight of the car is to heavy for the engine size so gas mileage is not the best. It does have enough power to get up and go on the highway if needed. Plenty of room on the inside, smooth ride. There is a problem with the gas cap, it sets off the check engine light, I think due to the air pressure or something like that.

- Bates B

The reliability and comfort of the vehicle as well as the overall look of the car is wonderful.

The chrysler 200 2014 is very comfortable with its leather seats that recline wonderfully. It has been very reliable and run great it has great suspension and feels as if it hovers over the road. I would recommend this car to anyone we love it and are completely happy about our decision with this car.

- Kendra K

It is all around a great family car.

It is a very roomy, very comfortable car. Its been very reliable, no issues a all. The only work I've done to it is routine maintenance. There is also tons of trunk space!! My only real complaint is that It's like driving a mini boat and isn't really up to date technologically, even for a 2014.

- Nikki T

My car has been great so far.

My car is a very reliable car, I have had a few minor problems but nothing too serious yet that has made me want to question my car. I have only had my car for about 6 months and in that time I have only had to replace the alternator and both light bulbs for the high and low beam light.

- Lucille D

What I think of my 2014 Chrysler 200.

It's good on gas but requires a lot of maintenance. But I have had it for about 4 years and it's still holding up pretty well so I guess I am happy with it but I am planning on getting a new car sometime this year. I am probably going to get a new Lexus cause I have always wanted one.

- Kelsey A

That the Chrysler 200 is known for having issues with the headlights becoming dimmer, and that Chrysler doesn't even know how to fix it.

I like the powerful motor, and the ease of shifting. It also looks good. What I don't like is that I'm having a problem with the headlights. They've become dimmer. Has nothing to do with replacing bulbs. Many people have filed complaints, but Chrysler doesn't even know how to fix it

- Melanie P

Very comfortable seating.

This car is cheaply made. Other than that it has good performance. It has very comfortable seats. The sound system is decent. It has a nice large trunk. This vehicle gets pretty good gas mileage. Everything inside is adjustable to fit several different sizes and shapes of people.

- Chris J

It is quiet and a really pretty cooler I love the speakers.

The breaks are messing up the rotors are loose and the brake is shaky but other than that it is a really nice car just after a while it wears downs and your looking for a family friendly car it is the one for you but eventually you will need to work on it over the years.

- Amanda L

The Chrysler 200 is a very dependable and affordable car, despite It's luxurious appearance.

I love my car. It's been very dependable thus far and it still looks great, inside and outside. The only thing I dislike is how difficult the design makes it to fix things when things do go wrong. For example, I have to take an entire tire off just to change my battery.

- Shania P

Beautiful car! I love my car, from the first moment I saw it!

I bought my Chrysler 200 in 2017 and I instantly fell in love! Black on black, tinted windows! Sunroof, heated seats, and touch screen CD player/radio. My car is beautiful! It is a sport so it is pretty fast too and it performs well. It also serves well as a family car!

- Shelly W

Great, spacious car with minor flaws that should be easy to fix

I love everything about my car except for a couple of design flaws, i.e. my front side panel pops away from my car and has done this since I purchased it. The lines that carry my windshield washing fluid have both broken off the of the main line under my hood as well.

- Kathryn Z

Great car to own. You will not find a quieter car.

This car gets great gas mileage. It runs smooth and the seats are comfortable. Stereo system is excellent. Rims are beautiful. Feels like driving a luxury car. Brakes works well, plenty room in the console and glove compartment. Lots of trunk space. Engine is quiet.

- Byron D

Great family car with sleek stylish exterior!

This is a great car. It is stylish, comfortable and easy to keep clean. It has additional controls on the steering wheel which are convenient. Amble cup holders and plenty of trunk space. Seats five comfortably. Good for day trips out of state. Highly recommend!

- Kris F

Great performance! Only downside are the tires.

I actually love my car. It rides really well during the winter months and saves me money on gas. I get really great miles per gallon. The only downside would have to be the tires. With Chrysler vehicles, I feel you have to replace tires often, which is a bummer.

- Shay G

Pretty style and color. Feel safe in this car!

Comfortable and very easy to handle. Gets good gas mileage and ideal for someone my age. Love the body style and size! Not too big but not a small car. First time to own this car but would definitely buy another one. Holds the road good and is nice to look at!

- Rita S

The best car I have ever had. Stylish and comfortable!

My vehicle is perfect for driving around town in comfort and style or long drives. The gas mileage is great and I love the heated seats! The hands free talk through the speaker feature is my favorite I am able to just tell my car what to do and it does it!

- Haley M

The space inside the car.

The car is small but it is very comfortable and spacious for its external size. It has a lot of trunk space and people sitting in the back seat also seat comfortable. The car drives very well and it's perfect for the city. It a decent amount of leg space.

- Dome T

Chrysler 200 not to bad, but put a lot of money in it.

The car did great when I got it in 2014, in the past year though I have had a lot of maintenance problems. Braking system, rotors, battery, and so forth. After spending a few thousand dollars and having new parts put on it has been doing great again.

- Pamela H

Good value for the money.

My car has plenty of room. It will seat 5 adults comfortably. It gets good gas mileage and has great acceleration. It is Sirius radio ready and has a very nice sounding stereo. I have had to replace the throttle body which was quite pricey.

- Roberta E

It was a good bargain. The price is very reasonable for the features that came with the car.

It's small, very compact, fuel efficient and easy to drive. It has lots of trunk room, but can be difficult to enter and exit because it sits so low. Rides a little rough, and is not suitable for extended trips.

- Denny G

I love my Chrysler. It's roomy enough for me. It drives and handles well. I'm hoping it does in winter as well. It had a recall and I got that taken care of. I was having problems with the key fob not locking or unlocking my car, and there's only one way in and that's the driver door. Trunk has no spot to unlock. Just a button inside you push. Hoping I have that fixed. Can never go to the Dealer. They put the hurt on you.

Gas mileage is decent, and it handles well. Size is good and trunk is roomy. The battery is put in stupid place though. Behind front bumper so the bumper has to be lowered to get to it. Again a money maker.

- Janet F

This Car is comfortable and very easy on Fuel. It will go very fast and smooth even on bumpy Roads. It handles really good in bad weather.

We like our Chrysler and we are going to West Virginia this Thursday. We are going to attend our Family Reunion. We plan to have lots of fun and enjoy visiting many of our Family. BUT Dread the trip Home.'

- curtis H

Everything on the car has a sensor so if you have to replace something you will probably have to buy sensors as well

I like that it seems to get us from point a to point b. I don't like the fact that it is pretty expensive to have anything fixed on it. I don't like the size of the car its too small for my family.

- Courtney A

It is great for driving on highways, but it is poor for hilly or city conditions.

I like the look of the car. It is sporty and clean, and the interior is gorgeous. However, I have issues with its gas mileage being low for city driving and its responsiveness to braking downhill.

- Kaitlyn B

It's mine! It was purchased used and I got a great price on it.

Love the gas mileage and the space Inside the vehicle. The trunk is also a great size. The a/c isn't working quite right. I've taken it in to the shop but we can't seem to nail down the problem.

- Emily B

It's a basic car but it's sharp looking and reliable.

It's a basic car. Decent on gas. It's been a reliable car, comfortable on long rides, radio is easy to use. Only problem I've had is a knocking sound occasionally when the car is put into drive.

- Tabatha A

It has very good gas mileage and has given me only a few mechanical issues in the last year or so.

Pretty good gas mileage for the amount of driving I do a week. It has given me some issue particularly with the AC but I have had that fixed and have not had any other issues.

- Mike S

It is very good on gas, and I have never had any issues.

I like how great it is on gas, but I dislike that the ac is so strong. I have no complaints about this car other than the fact that the breaks need to be done very frequently.

- Cassidy T

The most important thing about my car is the way that the car switch gears.

I love everything about my car. I love the push button start and the Bluetooth radio. The seats are leather and very cozy. I really do not have any dislikes for my car.

- george E

Keep your expectations modest and your experience will be a good one.

It's a vehicle that is well appointed and performs at an acceptable level. There are design flaws involving air flow through interior cabin and with door springs.

- Michael D

It has very good gas mileage.

The Chrysler 200 is a really great car for the money. I have had mine for almost 2 years. I am getting ready to turn 100, 000 miles and I have had no major issues.

- Melinda T

It is not a family car. This should last you a long time and be very dependable.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. The ride is smooth and comfortable. I do notice that the breaks need to be fixed often but that could be my own fault.

- Bobbi Jo L

Good mileage. Sunroof, leather, heated seats. All well worth the extra $$.

Metallic on inside door handles started coming off in 1st year and causes cuts. Not covered on warranty and is $200+ to replace each handle. Gets good mileage.

- Jane C

the handling is good. the interface is great, a lot of room inside and in the trunk. good power and comfortable.

I like the car. it has a lot of little things like a back up camera, bluetooth and a nice interface. I also really like the climate control. It handles well

- jermaine c

2015 Chrysler 200 (w/ 6 cylinder engine)

It handles like a sports car. The 6 cylinder engine has a lot of pep. It's a fun car to drive. One issue with heating/cooling system that dealer had to fix.

- James Z

Replacement parts all happened right after each other.

I dislike how it is low to the ground, how often something needs fixing and that it is black. I like how smooth it drives, good steering and comfortable.

- Krystal S

It's great on gas. With the v6 engine, it has great get up and go.

Low mileage, side airbags, v6 engine. Large enough to sit 5 adults comfortably. The insurance. On the car is inexpensive. No road noise. No complaints.

- Melissa H

Very smooth, spacious, comfortable car for the price. Wonderful gas mileage to boot.

Love it. Very smooth ride with comfortable interior. Great gas mileage. Love the sun roof and all the inside details. Very spacious front and backseat.

- Terry K

The engine is a workhorse!

The vehicle gets great speed but has difficulty switching gears when I am in heavy traffic. I do drive somewhat aggressively. The backseat is small.

- John L

The Chrysler 200 is a great car and I recommend it to anyone.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. I love that it still has a shifter. I love that it came with full warranty. I like doing business with Chrysler.

- ruth D

It is really comfortable ride and really good on gas.

I love the ride, I love the comfort, nothing I dislike about my car , and I really have no complaints except that I wish it was just a little bigger.

- John P

they are comfortable and reliable and good value I love the convertible

this is my 2nd Chrysler convertible they are very reliable and comfortable. I still have my 2008 sebring which is running well. I like these cars

- virginia c

Very good gas mileage, comfortable to drive. Remote start available.

The car is comfortable to ride in and nice to drive. It is very good on gas. It is a little low to get in and out but other than that I love it.

- Gail M

Very dependable and runs great. Have had no problems with it.

My Chrysler 200 is about 4 years old and it runs awesome. I have had no problems at all with the running capability. I am very happy with it.

- Melissa W

Gas mileage is not very good and with the price of gas now this is upsetting

It is not very good on gas mileage but I like the comfort of it. It is a very attractive car. And the convertible top is very easy to use.

- Ginny B

A very nice car for the value

It is an LX. love the interior look. It drives nicely and evenly. It is nice looking, easy to park. It is comfortable for long drives .

- Mandy M

They last forever and are practically repair-free.

I like that it has a v6 engine in it and the gas mileage is okay. I wish it was a little bit bigger and had more room in the back seat.

- Christy P

The most important thing you should know about my car is it is reliable.

The vehicle gets decent gas mileage for what I need. It's a very comfortable car and has room enough for the driver and 4 passengers.

- Kaitlyn B

Fuel efficiency is out of this world.

No problems no problems no problems no comments no problems no comments no dislikes no dislikes no drama no problems no comments.

- Pm K

It's very dependable so I feel like it's a great type of vehicle to own.

I really like the vehicle a lot. It gets me where I need to go so it's very reliable. It also gets pretty good gas mileage too.

- Nikki F

Love my car but need an upgrade!

This is a great car but no longer is what I need. I recently moved about 30 miles from my job and this car is horrible on gas.

- Zhanaya L

The thing that others should know is that I keep it clean, no smoking in it.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It drives just great I keep it in tip top condition. What I like most my notes are low.

- Dorothy W

It is good in the winter, in the snow. Better than I expected living in the country.

I wish it had more room. I love the gas mileage associated with it. It has been a good car with no problems at 77000 miles.

- Regina R

Roomy backseat able to fit 3 booster seats with no problem.

The 2014 Chrysler 200 S has a V6 that has decent power for a family sedan, the car is roomy and a good buy for its price.

- Richard D

It is very practical and save in gas.

My vehicle save gas.. It is very comfortable.. It has a nice color and the seats are soft.. The panel is very practical.

- Dania D

The brake lights come on.

The vehicle brake lights keep coming on when the brakes are fine. Other than that no problems. It has a fast engine.

- Courtney K

Not buy this car Chrysler 200 2014.

Bought this car new and can't keep tires on it every 5000 miles I have to get new tires no matter what brand I buy.

- Vanessa D

It had a great time. Very reliable.

Has a great ride. The performance is excellent. No mechanical issues at all. Would purchase another Chrysler 200.

- Rick R

it dependable and safe car to drive

I love the style , the comfort of the seats and the dependability . I would like more room it's a little small

- kimberly b

It is very gas efficient.

I like that it has a decent amount of horsepower. I like the color of it. I wish it was a little bigger though.

- Marcus E

Chrysler: Money Well Wasted

My car is pretty, but the brakes are already going out on it and the visor, cup holders etc are falling apart.

- Courtney M

The battery is behind drive side tire.

I wish the battery wasn't behind the tire. Otherwise I love my car. Its safe, great gas mileage and reliable.

- Susan B

I love having a convertible. The color of my car is beautiful.

Side mirrors do not function properly. Warning lights have stayed on. Had to go in to have them turned off.

- Genevieve S

It's great for long trips and does not need much of maintenance or cost on maintenance

I totally love our car. We take it on long drives and trips outside state. It's very comfortable and smooth.

- Sonia S

It is a very dependable car.

Great looking sedan car. Very comfortable seating and roomy back seats. Drives very well. Great gas mileage.

- Laura N

It's an average car. It's mid-size and comfortable.

It's a comfortable, good riding car. It has been good for the most part, but have had heating fan problems.

- marcia b

For having a larger engine the car actually has really good gas mileage.

It is a luxury vehicle so it is very comfortable. I really like the sound system. The car gets good mileage.

- Zach S

Very reliable and gas saver.

Love the gas mileage I get very comfortable to drive and has four doors so more accessible for passengers.

- Sandra R

It is a safe and easy to drive car.

I enjoy the way the cup holders are set. It is a very comfortable car. The cabin lighting could be better.

- Alex B

Beautiful my car I love it.

Very nice car good on gas very comfortable spacious runs smooth on highway everything works magnificent.

- Rosemary O

All in all it is a great vehicle.

We have had no problems with our car. It has a really great ride. I would buy another Chrysler vehicle.

- Rick R

Smooth driving vehicle will buy again.

We have had no issues with our car. We have had to only do standard maintenance on it. Smooth driving.

- Marge H

my 200s...great vehicle - too bad the new ones are not good

Super S model, nice acceleration, nice braking. fully loaded except for backup camera. very reliable

- steve p

Okay gas mileage, but it is impossible to change the battery yourself! You have to take it to the dealer

I like that it gets me where I need to go, but it is difficult to get in and out of for my parents.

- Rhonda B

My car was a good investment and I would buy it again.

I like that my car is fuel efficient. My car is dependable. My car is comfortable and reliable.

- Melissa G

My car is a big size and comforting with extra room.

I love my car anyway. My car is my comfort when travelling in the city or out of the city.

- Purnima D

What gas it runs on. And how I like for my seats to be.

I love how fast it goes. It's cute and fits me. I would like for it to be a little bigger.

- Tiara Y

That it's my car, not anyone else . Treat it as if you were treating something you love with care.

I love my vehicle, it's a nice size for me, and very roomy. I have no complaints.

- Ashley L

to change the battery, you must take off the tire.

simple mechanical fixes are more difficult in this car. I like the gas mileage

- sherral p

It's very reliable and a good family car. It's suitable for a family of 5

I love the car. It's a smooth drive and very reliable. It handles very well.

- Jamie P

it gets good gas mileage. it sits comfortable, especially on long trips.

it gets good gas mileage. it's easy to maneuver into traffic. no complaints.

- malinda b

Reliable and comfortable=Chrysler

It is comfortable, reliable, and good on gas. Wish it had rear air vents.

- Diane Z

Gas mileage isn't that great but it takes regular unleaded, so that's a plus.

Little trunk room is a pain. Blind spots. Handles real well.

- Cricket f

It is comfortable to drive.It is a V6 so it has good power and the mileage is about the same as a 4 Cylinder model.

I like the color. I like the features. It has decent mileage

- Lew B

Do not let a dog into the backseat, you will never get the hair out

The parts can be expensive but I hardly ever need parts

- Shan C

It's compacted and small and it have good seats and good tires and lots of room

It's the right size . it has power to it. Lots of room.

- Erin A

My car is very easy to drive. It seems like the car is very basic I functions. Overall my car serves the purpose and takes care of getting me to my destination.

It loses its value very quickly and its overpriced!

- Teresa E

That is nice and very reliable.

It's fun to drive. It's good on gas. I like it.

- Paul S