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Affordable luxury and Chrysler 200 provided it!

Actually it is the best car I have ever owned and I have owned several new cars. Right after we bought it we had to take an emergency trip back home and it was an 800 mile one way for total of 1600 miles and it was non stop and turn around 27 hours. She handle amazingly well and gas mileage was stupendous. The power she had when in the passing lane was bar none the best of all the vehicles I owned. Her tires are Goodyear assurance and they provided unmatched stopping power and preformed outstanding on slick streets. The dash is illuminated in a soft blue which is certainly very easy on the eyes and with the dim feature I am able to turn them down for better Focus on the road. The headlights are very bright and really take away the need of bright lights on unlit streets. The only option I do not like is the fact you cannot turn the radio off, you can mute but that is it. Very smooth ride and very stylish. Very roomy and a nice touch I have both USB and ac/dc charge ports and multiple of each. Upper and lower lumbar support really came in handy on that emergency trip after driving almost 27 hours. A sliding armrest for different size people is a great addition as well. And with safety features like adjustable seat belts for smaller drivers. The air conditioning and heat is able to be adjusted for different comforts far passengers to driver.

- Margaux M

Thoughts on a car I didn't want- Chrysler 200.

The finish is cool because it is blue but looks like there's little sparkles/glitter all over the car. In the inside the leather seats are nice except for when it is hot out and your legs stick to them. The seats are heated which is wonderful. The car does have a camera for when you reverse but I find this to be a distraction sometimes, and though my seat is up high I still cannot see the ground through the side mirrors without sacrificing the view of my blind spot. In order to enjoy a breeze you must either crack the window or roll down both, as opening just one unleashes a terrible pounding sound as you drive and it is very uncomfortable to the ears. Performance is fairly good, but sometimes I find myself having to apply more pressure than expected to the brake pedal. You can connect your phone to use through Bluetooth, which is great for phone calls and music. There is no CD player which is annoying when every music channel plays the same thing.

- Jamie J

Chrysler 200- great vehicle!!

I think it is a great car for me as a 22 year old female with no children. It is a good car for the winter when the roads are icy. It is a good car to have when you do not have a lot of things to be carrying around (as I only have my husband and myself). It greats really good gas mileage. It usually ranges from 35 (interstate) to 25 (in town). I recently have been having a little bit of trouble with the transmission around the 4th shift, however it is not often enough for me to bring it in yet. The stereo system is great. I have never had a complaint about that. When connecting my phone through usb, though, I do sometimes have issues which could either be the car of the cord that I am not sure. The seats are very comfortable and the seat heat has always worked. Also, the "climate" feature works great too.

- Mikayla K

It rides smooth and is on the affordable luxury side. I highly recommend it.

I enjoy the amount of miles per gallon I can get with my car. It goes about 320 miles per fill up. I also enjoy how smooth it rises. It does have a dial gear shift which was an adjustment to me. The trunk space is wonderful. I am a college student and I have never had an issue transporting items. I do not like how the car has issues connecting the Bluetooth to my phone at times. Also the volume in the car isn't that loud, however if someone was on the car radio the entire neighborhood can hear your conversation. The metrics in the car are largely inaccurate. The car does not properly keep track of how much gas is left, and it takes a while for the air conditioning to kick in. Overall I do enjoy my car. It is a great car for someone in their early twenties.

- AnDrea H

2017 Chrysler 200 limited platinum.

My 2017 Chrysler 200 that I bought back in oct. Of 2016 has been a great car it now has 50, 000 miles on it have had oil and tires done at dealership when needed. The rearview camera quality is outstanding. I drove it from Kansas down to Tennessee and averaged 35 mpg. The only thing I personally have against the car is the shifter itself ( its a dial ). But the four cylinder engine matched up with the nine speed auto transmission make for great gas mileage and for smooth shifting which makes it ride just that much more easy going for long trips. Sound quality from the stereo system is great.

- Travis G

Chrysler 200 gliding down the road.

I love my car but I do not like how many blind spots there are in the car. My husband does not like driving because he says that the rear view mirror position is right in the way of him being able to see out the windshield. It does get a little cramped when all four of us are in the car because my husband is tall, so he needs a lot of legroom so he has to sit back far which means whoever is sitting behind him has minimal leg room. This car rides smooth and is great on gas. This truly is one of my favorite cars I have owned.

- Jacqueline O

A few things that could be replaced and adjusted.

Sometimes when we take off the engine will skip. It drives really smooth on the highway and around town. The headrest on the front seats are really annoying. They push your head forward and is very uncomfortable. The back seat is not very comfortable as well. We recently took a trip from Texas to Arizona and it felt like I sitting on a piece of plywood in the backseat. If they would change these few things then I would recommend this make and model of vehicle to all my friends and family.

- Jessica R

Heated seats and steering wheel was one of the top reasons I bought my car.

I drive a 2017 Chrysler 200 limited. It has amazing gas mileage. I can also use e85 gas, which is cheaper that regular/unleaded. I've had it for a year now and haven't really had any problems. The only thing I've noticed is the air conditioner makes a funny noise. I can connetc.my phone to my car via Bluetooth, so I can make hands free calls when driving. Its my favorite feature of my vehicle. I also love the remote start, heated seats, and heated steering wheel.

- Stormy R

The skinny on a Chrysler 200.

This car is a reliable car up to date. It came with a full warranty and 3 years of oil changes and tire rotation. So with all these perks the is basically maintenance free. It has been a great performing car. I have enjoyed driving it and it handles quit well. It has a sporty feel and has great acceleration. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for an inexpensive, reasonable four door sedan with a stylish look.

- Keith M

Fun to drive. But not at night

I really enjoy the way the car handles. I also like the dashboard and the dash lights. But the auto dimming rear view mirror is my favorite option. My dislike is all the knobs on the control panel are the same. It's too easy to confuse the A/C knob for the shifter. Because they are inches from each other. And I dim all dash lights at night so I can see the roads better but the stereo screen doesn't shut off completely

- Alfred B

Sporty interior, luxury exterior.

I absolutely love my Chrysler 200. It feels very sporty on the interior while keeping the luxury look on the exterior. I love the large screen on the dashboard as it lets me keep up with all my settings and music. This may sound trivial, but my favorite part is the middle console. It is very spacious and includes 2 different USB ports, which is important for long drives as I most often have a passenger along with me.

- Marisa L

Great on gas, compact, but large space for extra items and comfort.

The vehicle is reliable. I get great gas mileage. I have taken it on three long distance vacations and had no trouble with it at all. It is a convenient size and has four doors for everyone to use. The trunk is huge but compact. It holds a wheelchair and lots of groceries. The front two seats adjust to fit your comfort level. And I love just hitting the cruise control and hitting the open highway.

- Tanya D

2017 Chrysler 200 Review.

I absolutely love my vehicle. It is comfortable and stylish. There are no issues that I have experienced and the performance is great. The gas mileage is good. The vehicle is very reliable and I never worry. I enjoy that I don't have to take my keys out of my bag to open or start the vehicle. I love the dual air options. The only complaint is the rear air vents seem to not work well.

- Victoria S

Body receives dents too easily. Overall good vehicle

Seats are comfortable. Not as good on gas mileage as I would like for a nurse who travels for work. Navigation works well. Body receives dings and dents easily. Car is reliable. I have gotten tires inflated and plugged on several occasions dt nails and other objects being stuck in them. Room on inside is reasonable. I am able to reach back seat from drivers seat. I am 5 ft tall.

- Taylor W

Vehicle review and problems dealership wouldn't address.

Comfortable, good ride, good on gas. Pretty slow, went through a water puddle after storm and car shut down. Wouldn't go in gear or move. All electronic (which is the whole car) stopped working. Towed to dealership (Sunday so closed) Monday they called and said car was fine (probably dried?) And they thought I was crazy. Said they never heard of it and water wouldn't do that.

- Jamie P

gear shift changer because it�s so easy to do with just a twist of a button

I really love the Chrysler 200 because it's a really reliable and easy to fix car. It drives smooth through most areas although sometimes I feel it picks up speed a little slow but not all the time. But for the most part it's a good car. Also the radio is able to be Bluetooth to your phone ; don't get the gear shift mixed up with the volume button because they look just alike

- Lindsey R

It's all computerized and does everything but drive itself!

I think my car is great. I like how it tells you if u have low tire pressure or if you need to add oil. The only thing I wasn't happy about it is it does not have a CD player. It has Sirius radio but I don't need all those channels I'd like to be able to listen to the local band CDs I bought but other then that it's a new car and I love it.

- Dawn R

Extremely reliable vehicle, excellent investment.

It is extremely reliable and performs great. The pickup on it is great for the highway and I have had no transmission issues or any mechanical issues at all. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a luxurious vehicle. It is great for people looking to invest in their first car as it is low maintenance and very durable.

- Erin C

Best car for me and my family.

Four door, push start, 30+ MPG, I love that you can not lock yourself out of car or trunk, lots of room for my family. Mine is leather, has a nice size touch screen radio, XM radio, Bluetooth, Uconnect, back up camera. I think my car is great for my family has lots of room and is smooth to drive it has everything I need.

- Mel S

An interesting detail about my car it that it has a turn dial gear.

My car is very reliable. I love the push start and the turn dial gear. It doesn't have an in car navigation but we have our phones for that. The color is called Velvet red and it's sparkles in the sun. I love the chrome trim and it looks very sleek. I love my Chrysler's and look forward to riding around in it.

- Kimberly W

The Black Machine experience.

I love the convenience of the electronics such as the push to start button, screen, seat warmers, etc. It's also great on gas. Don't really dislike anything about my car. Great performing vehicle overall. Very ergonomic and comfortable. Hardly have any issues besides the usual oil change and tire rotation.

- Debbie F

It completely looks like one of those luxury cars without the cost of one

Well is a really great car, runs great, air conditioning is good, it can go very fast but it kind of gets stuck, not that is a bad thing but it reacts kind of slow. It comes with Bluetooth, I wish it had car play but it still has a very nice radio. The tires don't last long but I drive it everywhere.

- Lucy S

The car is reliable. It has apps that can be added.

So far my vehicle doesn't have to many problems. The only problem with my car is that the brake button gets stuck sometimes. Other than that the car runs great. I get the oil change regular. The engine is great. The interior is leather it's easy to clean. The car has a back third seat that lets down.

- Marian M

My Chrysler 200 is a great car!

Originally I did not know much about this vehicle prior to my purchase. After bringing it home I fell in love. ! It gets great gas mileage and the ride is so smooth. ! Not to mention the automatic start is indeed an upgrade from my old car. This car is a great family car that I enjoy a great deal. !

- Hanna C

It's a push start and I never had one before but I love it. Love the black

I think it's a great vehicle I have no complaints been having vehicle for 6 months runs smooth and I wouldn't suggest any other car. I would recommend other ppl get one it's awesome so everybody should love this smooth clean running vehicle. Engine is great and the speed push start can't beat it!

- Keita S

I love the performance and comfortability my automobile provides.

I do not like how it decelerates, but I love how it works and the quality and comfort it provides you whether you are riding in the passenger seat or in the driver's seat. The controls are easily accessible for the driver to use. I love the way it is all powered and digital and great on gas.

- Kimberly H

It is good on gas and you can get the flexion gas a gas station that will have.

I love my car it rides beautiful, has satellite radio which I love the speed is nice it can go really fast and Its fuel economy it can take flexion gasoline which is great and I just love the colors it is like a candy apple red and red is my favorite color I get a lot of compliments.

- Josephine S

Chrysler 200 2017 black on black.

Car is not even 2 years old and starting to jump. Rpms are at 2 in idle and jumps above 60 mph. Love the car but heard this is a common problem with the 200s. It seems to have electrical problems as well. Bought it brand new and already problems. At first care was great.

- Tara G

The Chrysler 200 is easy to drive and very comfortable.

My Chrysler 200 is a very nice vehicle. It is dependable and drives very well. It is comfortable with leather seats and very spacious without being too big. It has plenty of trunk room for groceries and whatever you need to put in there. Sunroof and heated seats also.

- Amber D

200 affordability with 300�s style.

Wonderful comfort with keyless entry, reverse camera, and uconnect. Also with a knob gear shifter for incredible sleekness. The Chrysler 200 is very reliable and very fuel efficiency. With 40 dollars to fill up my tank, it is very reasonable for my liking.

- Michael M

Classic 200 thumbs up car of the year no kidding

As of right now we are very happy with our vehicle. No problems. Would buy another. Like all the extras it came with' they stop making them. Great car what else can I say about this car. Just wish I could have bought there best package car and a v6 package

- Roberto L

It's fast and fashionable.

My car is performs amazingly. I love the comfort and speed, but most importantly the features it possesses. I would highly recommend it. The only problem is the gas wasting because it's one of those sports cars that needs to be fed at least twice a week.

- Jimmy B

Chrysler 200 is Built for business

This vehicle is made for business. It has multiple usb and 12v outlets. Plenty of storage space. Heated leather seats. Bluetooth for hands free communications. Navigation, and voice recognition. Push button start. The best car i have ever owned.

- Kevin C

this chrysler 200 is a sharp car i wished i would have found a 300 but at that time we got the 200. great design beautiful car inside and out.

this car has been great for the most part. the headliner panel fell down but they replaced it. also 7 days after getting it we had 101 miles on it and it got hammered by the hail in a storm thank god it was covered .

- Darrell H

It is comfortable, bordering luxurious and still gets great gas mileage and performs great. It's everything that you could ask for in a car.

It has been a good little car, in fact, I own four of them in various years. It gets great gas mileage and I very rarely if ever have any problems with it at all.

- Jim S

Always needing system updates seem like every time you turn around it need oil change.

I like the screen that's in my car. I like the back up camera, I like the comfortable room. I dislike how it always has a problem like needing system updates.

- Shante L

My car, it tells you when it time to change the oil

I have had no problems with my vehicle , the performance is outstanding , it has been very reliable , it's very comfortable , and I love all the features

- James D

It is my favorite out of all the cars I have owned.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle. It is the best and newest car I have ever owned. It is still big enough to accommodate my family and i!.

- Natasha M

Gas mileage is great in town and on highway.

All anyone could ever needs in a car comfort style and dependable car is roomy has Bluetooth hands free rides wonderful and gets great gas mileage.

- Sissy M

It is the last year they are making this model. also, the first year they implemented this new transmission (good but not sure how reliable it will be in long run)

What I like: * the interior * the nav system * the engine What I don't like: * small head clearance for rear seats * rattle from subwoofer

- ron k

The Chrysler 200 is an excellent vehicle.

Great vehicle. Plenty of power and very nice features. It is nice and compact making it very easy to drive. Gas mileage is excellent.

- Neal P

Can not reverse with door open because it throws on the emergency break.

Love the leather heated seats in the winter. Love having a sunroof on hot days. Love the hands free unlock system and keyless start.

- Jade S

The gas mileage is great. It also takes both regular gas and biogas.

I love the way it drives, the ease of changing gears, the backup camera and the gas mileage. I dislike how the upholstery feels.

- Carrie J

Love my Chrysler 200! Spacious, smooth, sleek!

Very comfortable, smooth ride. Has lots of legroom in the back seat and the truck is also very spacious. Gets great gas mileage!

- Kendra C

Get tire pressure checked and use the proper gas.

I love my car. I am big on interior presentation and it exceeds my expectations. Only thing I do not like is no sunroof.

- Jasmine G

It is a decent car and it is pretty good on gas.

It drives good. No head clearance when you are getting in the car and you hit your head. Good on gas most of the time.

- Lisa R

The safety rating is great and it's very dependable no issues.

I love my car, the ride is smooth the seats are leather and heated. I have tinted windows and its fully loaded.

- Tamara R

My beautiful car with good gas mileage.

It's a pretty car not as comfortable as I would like, but it gets good gas mileage. It has a huge trunk also

- Karen C

If you take care of your Chrysler it will take care of you.

No problems have occurred yet. Smooth drive. Very reliable. Easy handle. A ton of legroom. Good on gas.

- Carson L

Very very safe car to drive. It will make you feel very safe driving it even though it is only a sedan.

The way it drives is very very smooth. The interior. Also the price.

- londre c

Safety is one of the best features of this car

Dislike transmission performance Like gas mileage Like sound system

- Jared H

Like that it is small and gets good gas mileage, dislike the small of the front doors getting in and out hit your head.

That the color is pretty and good gas mileage for traveling.

- Betty S