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2005 Chrysler 300 limited. Bought it from LBC auto sales in Houston.

It is one of the vehicles I bought just recently with 103,000 miles at LBC auto sales in Houston. It has a clear title, looks clean and very spacious inside. The dealer I bought from said the car was nice without any issues. After three days it started stopping went to test the battery. It was bad. I bought a new one gold from AutoZone, then the sales associate told me the alternator is also bad. I had to buy a new one to. After a week or so. The egr valve monitor failed. Boy, I even do not know what to do next. I bought the car at a good 7,000 dollars.

- Luke W

A very reliable and luxurious car.

My vehicle is super good in gas even when I go get gas it just takes up to like 30-40 dollars to get full and lasts me a whole week going to college 30 mins away from where I live. I have had the car for almost a year and it has not broken down or anything a very reliable to go have and it is very comfortable too. The car is also a luxury car it looks good in the inside and out it is not very fast but it runs so smooth and looks great. I have taken the car to a lot of place and it is still intact and running super good.

- Garcia A

Very spacious, luxurious, and comfy.

My vehicle is very reliable. I rarely have any issues. It's spacious for me and my 2 kids and there is enough room in my trunk to fit more than enough groceries. The surround sound in this vehicle is fantastic it plays clear audio and there is not a time where my speakers have tweaked out an I play some pretty loud music. The one and only problem for me is buying tires the front is so heavy that I have to replace tires maybe twice a year.

- Gregory H

It stands out in a crowd. You automatically know it is a 300.

My car is roomy inside. I am a tall person with long legs and the ability to adjust the area around me automatically is a plus in my book... The car has an excellent safety rating and is solid in it is construction. It is very comfortable to drive. The seats and the leg room both in the front and back is exceptional. This car is very stylish... I just doesn't look like all the rest..

- Catherine J

Allright other than gas and very luxury.

This is alright other than it is hell on gas it is very comfortable and drive great. It does however have problems overheating and the maintenance bill is very high to get anything fixed with this car. Given the chance I would have bought a better vehicle other than this car's performance I do not like how much its cost to fix nor how significantly cost takes in gas mileage.

- William A

Good looking car; but expensive fixes.

I bought the vehicle off a used car lot. After that, nothing but trouble, engine blew after a month, had to get it replaced, radiator went out after that, drove it across country, transmission blew up. I love how comfortable the car is and how much room and features it has, such as heated seats but hate how unreliable and expensive it has been for me.

- Maddie C

2005 Chrysler 300: A Comfortable Ride for Everyone

I have owned my 2005 for 8 years. I love it. I am a bigger guy and the car provides a comfortable ride for me. I have not had any major issues. The only problem that does occur every few years is the control arms go bad. There is a lot of weight in the front end and I have had to replace the control arms twice in the 8 years I have owned it.

- Matt C

It sits low to the ground!

My car has been very reliable with very few issues. It drives well but is a large car. This makes it uncomfortable for me to drive. All passengers say it is a very smooth ride. However I have had problems with the car being so low to the ground the side pieces pop off a the bottom. I have no complaints about any other part of the vehicle.

- Jessica C

My Chrysler 300 is a hemi.

My 300 runs real good. It is fast as a muscle car. The one and only problem I have had with it is the seat light will not go off. It is very comfortable. Leather heated seats. Plenty of room in back. Smooth ride for long distance drives. It will up and go with no problems. Stereo sounds real good. I love my 300.

- Jodi C

Chrysler 300 review for interested buyers of this vehicle.

The vehicle performs well and has a smooth ride. It also looks cool and handles very well. I like this car a lot. I would highly recommend this automobile to friends and family. It also has tons of room and easily seats five adults. I would consider buying a newer model the next time I needed a new vehicle.

- Edward H

I really like how it is very spacious.

I lucked out with this car! Its spacious very nice and has been great! Even with high mileage this car works awesome. I don't really have any negative things to say, the car performance is great especially uphill. As long as you do your regular oil changes this car is a beauty better than some newer cars.

- Angel D

My vehicle is old but runs good!

My vehicle is a Chrysler 300 and its old but still run good. Needs an oil change, needs a tune up and last but not least a set of tires. Also there is a dent on the driver side up front. And can really use a good paint job! To be honest we can really use a new minivan for space for a family of six.

- Robert P

Jade colored Chrysler 300 2005.

The car is pretty old and has over 250, 000 miles on it but it still runs pretty well despite that. If course I still have regular car maintenance issues, but nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing is that my air conditioner does not work but other than that the car is definitely reliable.

- Joanna P

It's not the greatest on gas but it is ok if your not traveling long distances but for a night out in the city yeah it's perfect for that.

All in all its not that bad of a car if you know a mechanic anyways. It's like a boat for the road and really it seems people avoid you on the road because its like ur always on the road and everyone seems to have one lol. But the only problem I have is how quickly the seats get dirty an musky

- Helen H

It rides low it drives fast and looks better than most anything out there.

My Chrysler 300 is amazing except for the aluminum heads. I have blown up two motors in this car because of overheating and piston problems caused by that. Hemi needs to figure that out other than that I love this car the look the ride pure comfort. Other than hemis problems the car is solid.

- John F

Fast reliable and comfortable.

Radio problems with digital screen. Sometimes I can change the radio station most times I cannot. Screen goes black. Gas mileage not real good but I do not drive far so it is not an issue for me. Car parts not cheap if something breaks be prepared to shell out a couple hundred dollars.

- Leann C

I love the comfort and style of my Chrysler 300.

My front end keeps needing alignments and to have the wheels balanced. But to he fair, I have 22" rims on it, so that may be the issue. It just makes a little bit of noise going over bumps. More so when it is cold than anything. I have heard the front ends are problematic on the 300s.

- Corinna B

I love the heated seats in the winter and that it gets up and goes with ease.

I love my car. I haven't had many issues besides wear and tear the usual. I replaced the whole front end a few years ago other than that this was the first year I ever had to recharge the air conditioner too after having it so long. I am glad I bought this car the trunk is huge too.

- Catherine C

Great family sports car for long trips

I have not had any major problems with my car.The performance in bad weather has been great.The seats are leather and rides comfortable. The gas per mileage is a little high especially if your on back roads.The car takes corners smoothly. Long rides for children's have been well

- Melissa B

Don't give in to pressure

The car is great it just wasn't the kind I wanted but I let the salesman talk me into it. It had really high miles and was huge. It gets excellent gas mileage and is a completely smooth ride. I had my mind set on a smaller stick shift car but I was not willing to wait one day

- Jason Y

It is a super zoomer car cool.

It is a good car that drives good. The mileage is good and the speed runs great. This car is a good price and is affordable. I love this car. It is cool and I drive it everyday. The color is nice and could also have a paint job. It is a pretty car. I would recommend this car.

- Leah O

My Chrysler 300 needs some mechanical work and then it is a very good car.

It is not running right now due to an accident. And also the reverse is out and the heater does not work. I hit a deer so it needs a front headlight. Interior is still good. Once it is fixed it is still a good car. No rips or tears in the seats or carpet. Interior is grey.

- Cassandra P

It gets good gas mileage without giving up power to go.

Extremely nice vehicle to drive. Good gas mileage. Nice looking car that is attractive to my age group as well as my daughters age group. Has a lot of room inside for anyone, regardless of size and height. Only thing I would change about mine: I would have heated seats.

- Sandy C

Medium size, 4 seats, silver, sleek. Interesting detail: large trunk.

It is very smooth and, for an old model, works very well. Although as with older models it does have some problems every once and awhile. The steering fluid is a problem I currently have. But otherwise a great car. Very responsive and sturdy. Small without being unsafe.

- Ivana T

Comfort and reliability make it an important factor for me.

Love it. Roomy and reliable. Easy to maintain. No engine issues this far. Car stereo is perfect.. Gas mileage is not bad. Could be better on gas mileage. Daily driver and perfect for families. I feel secure and safe when I drive my car. Overall feel is a 10 out of 10.

- Brooke M

Safety details and accident review.

No good in snow overall has been a good car. Has held up well when in a accident. I feel it is a safe vehicle plan on buying a new 300 as my next vehicle as well due to all the safety features offered. The only thing I wish would be different would be color options.

- Jane W

It's got a Hemi and the get-up-and-go is fantastic - plus it takes corners like a dream.

This is the first body style I have ever seen and known I had to buy. I love my car but the stereo system with the toggle switch for nav stopped working years ago and it takes a complete stereo replacement to fix it. Such a small thing but so expensive to correct

- Shauna B

Chrysler 300! Very reliable car.

I really enjoy riding in my Chrysler 300! It is has tons of inside room. It is great of gas! I haven't had any major mechanical problems. The car drives really smooth. My Chrysler is also very reliable. My Chrysler also have a 3. 5 hemi motor. It is very fast.

- Marcus A

It is NOT built to last. You will be dumping more money into it than it's worth.

I love all the space, especially in the trunk. I love the sunroof, the controls, and the seats. I do not like how many issues I've had with this car. It's like every time I turn around something needs to be fixed. Definitely was not built to last which I hate.

- Tara H

My amazing 2005 Chrysler 300.

The car has a very luxurious look, it also ver. Y comfortable. The car runs very smooth, I've had the car for almost a year and it hasn't given me a problem yet accept when it needs gas. The car is very comfortable when driving far spaces it very spacious.

- Abraham G

I love my car Easy to drive. Handles great, Great color.

It is easy to drive and handles really easy. Is stylish a beautiful maroon color in the sun and looks black in the shade. Has leather seats with wood grain interior. Has a big engine so picks up fast going onto the freeway. I love it, I love it, I love it.

- Louise F

Leather seats in Arizona is miserable.

It has an attractive and comfortable interior as well as a smooth and comfortable ride. Because the body style has not changed significantly over the years it does not show its age. It runs well and his wife held up over the years with minimal maintenance.

- Donna L

Leather, heated, power seats and a power sunroof.

This is not the kind of car that I really pictured for myself. I like cars that sit up a little higher off of the ground. I like that it does have leather heated seats, and a sunroof, but I would like it a little more if it had a back windshield wiper.

- Anna Q

Do you like your car? It is awesome!

I love my Chrysler 300 2005 it has off white leather interior. It looks very classy it drives nice. Well I also believe you need to take good care of your things for them to last a long time. So that is what we do, we get it service when it needs too.

- Esmeralda R

Best running car that I have own.

I have had my car 12 years, love it have not a lot of any brake downs, still running good. I still love this car. It runs very well. It needs new tires on it, still runs very well. Still runs very well. Wish the next car last as long and run as well.

- Miranda E

You will feel confident driving around in a Chrysler 300 I guarantee it.

I love the 8 cylinder engine with ample horsepower and a roomy interior. The look of the car is a perfect mix of cool and classy. My only dislikes are it not having 4 wheel drive because I live in New England and we get a lot of snow every winter

- Edward H

Chrysler 300 Overall a great car

Has run pretty well over the last couple of years. Up until recently I haven't had too many problems with it. The most problems I have had have been with the starter and the the transmission. Which was mainly caused by poor maintenance.

- Charlina J

It's important to tell everyone i have a hemi, which if you are unaware can be a little dangerous. It's important not to punch the pedal because with the hemi she goes 0 to 100 quick!

I like the space i have inside my car. I also love the smoothness of driving when elevating in speed because of the Hemi. I don't like the color which when dirty you can easily see everything. I love my sound system and the sunroof.

- Adrianna S

It is comfortable, rides nice. Lots of space!.

I was the first owner. I always wanted a 300, I had to beg my parents for the car. I hate its breaking down on me. It's still a dependable car. I still can get from point a to b. I put a lot of money into but its a paid for car.

- Tray D

The one important thing about my car that it is very dependable and the engine has good horsepower for a V6. And, the most important thing is that it mine, it paid off.

I like the style and model of my car along with the color of course. I have a 2005 Chrysler 300 and I find it rather sporty and it has some good pep for a V6 engine. I think my next car I buy will have a bigger engine.

- Manuel M

Good gas mileage for a mid size car.

I like how it runs. It is a very good running car. It gets up to speed quickly. Also, it gets good gas mileage. I dislike how boxy it is. It has a lot of blind spots. I wish it was a little more comfortable.

- Shawn Y

It is safe and durable. It will last for a long time.

I love the roominess. It has been in my family for 13 years with a few new parts and minor repairs. It's too low to the ground and the NAV system is hard to update without a complete new installation.

- Kellee F

Wonderful small-family car.

The Chrysler 300 breaks down easily is extremely hard to repair and the car waste to much gas for a small car. The interior is leather which rips easily as well and the carpet in the trunk falls apart.

- Ana R

It is a very smooth ride.

I like the look of it. I like the comfort of it. I like the way it drives. It seems like little things go wrong often. I have had to recharge the air conditioner twice. Not too bad just irritating.

- Pam D

It will always get you where you need to go and is comfortable.

Like that it is reliable. Like that it gets me places. Like that it does not fail me. Dislike that it always has a problem. Dislike that it is not modern. Dislike that I need more room.

- Sarah M

The way it drives on the highway. The way it starts every time.

I like that it drives well. It always starts. I have not had any problems with it. I also like the view I have from the windshield. The rear view mirror has good sight.

- Misti G

The safety features are wonderful.

Dislike: slow pick up, too big, and the worst part is the front end is extremely low to the ground.... Like: car was gifted in great condition, clean, and low mileage.

- Nic P

Decent Car for the Price. Low reliability.

The performance is decent for the price. The only problem I have had with this vehicle is with reliability. Every few thousand miles it must be taken in to the shop.

- John M

it is a well made car, and it has lasted 13 plus years with very little money spent on repairs

I love the 6 cylinder engine and the comfortable seats. the car drives and rides great. the suspension is very easy going

- Steph j

This was car was in 3 accidents with my family in it and it has been safe for them.

I like the way it drives and it's easy to work on and I like the way it looks. I dislike the problems the car has had even though I kept up with the maintenance.

- Gary A

It requires low maintenance and has lots of extras.

My vehicle has not given me any major problem. I only take it in for schedule repair. It rides very comfortably and smooth. I have no complaints or dislikes.

- Doris B

Despite being a sedan it has a lot of storage for travel or shopping.

The vehicle drives smoothly. Gas mileage is better than cars I have previously owned. It is incredibly roomy and comfortable. The sound system is great.

- Amanda J

It is not sold anymore and has a rare Hemi engine. If you have this car, you want to hold onto it forever, no matter what.

I love that I have a V8 Hemi Engine that Chrysler no longer makes. My car is so smooth and I would not trade it for anything. It is truly a classic.

- Mas P

Dependable, roomy, smooth ride.

Front end problems, sunroof completely blew off, gear shift locked up, on recall for airbags. Very comfortable, roomy, excellent ride. Fully loaded.

- Jack D

My first and (I'm assuming) best car purchase I have ever made

Purchased with 2000 miles and am about to roll 345,00 miles. I have owned this car since purchasing it in 2006. I have had no major repairs needed.

- Kelsey W

05 Chrysler 300 C Sedan 5.7L V8 HEMI powered

Really fantastic vehicle. Has the 5.7L V8 HEMI. Great get up and go. Approximately 18-21 mpg in city. Highly recommended for the fast lane.

- Anthony L

Very good riding car and it rides very smooth. I love it

My 2005 Chrysler 300C is a pretty good car. I haven't had many issues since I've had it which I've o my had it for about 5 months so far.

- Charity A

Itis a very safe care and being larger that helps yet is very easy to drive.And lasts a long time!

it is cool looking, i love the grill on the front. it is nice and big and sturdy. It is very safe and i have had no problems whatsoever!

- g n

Black Chrysler 300 with sunroof

I love the AV plug so I can talk on my phone through my car speakers or listen to music. I also enjoy how it rides smoothly on the road.

- Patricia D

If you own one of these cars and it has the hemi engine watch your speed.

I bought the car and 2005 it has been the best car I have ever owned is fast it is pretty and it is a very reliable car in every way.

- Lorraine W

It is extremely clean and drives great.

I like the style of my car. I like the features of my car. I do not like the fact that it is extremely hard to find parts to my car.

- Shannon B

Huge trunk space, and the back row can fit two carseats plus another smaller child.

It is large, has a spacious trunk, and fits my family just fine. Not a huge fan of the "look" (my husband chose it), but it works.

- Brooke W

Its old, ready to rust. Doors freeze easy in winter. Frosts on inside of windows.

Do not like rear wheel drive. Would rather sit up higher. Not the best on gas. That's about all the complaints I have about it.

- Lois T

Very big and has a lot of room to no one,is uncomfortable

No real problems has good gas mileage gets you to a from places very comfortable on long trips also sounds very good,music wise

- Nick V

It is a very full-size car. Easily accommodates a car full comfortably.

I love my car but as it is aging bits and pieces of it are falling apart and they're weird things inside of the car that do so.

- Michelle D

Loving my Chrysler 300c v8 Hemi.

Love this car. Chrysler is the only brand I Will buy in the future. Fast, reliability is amazing, very comfortable all around.

- Kayla D

Its mine and I love it so do not hurt it that'd be mean so like just do not do it.

Great gas mileage. Wish it could turn sharper around turns. I like it very nice vehicle. More words to satisfy requirements.

- Jackson G

The seat are very comfortable.

I love everything about it! Lots of room to hold my entire family. Big trunk to hold my kids hockey bags. Great pick up.

- Lori S

Chrysler 300 the good, the bad and the ugly

Had front end problems and a lot of recalls on the airbags. It gets good gas mileage, but also has bad steering column.

- Michael W

It lasts even after 140000 miles as long as you take care of it.

Vehicle is great when it works. Due to age and being overseas parts need to be replaced and it will work great again.

- Lee S

Great luxurious o5 Chrysler 300 vehicle

Really luxurious car. Heated seats. Sun roof. Radio works great but CD player doesn't. Bit of a gas hot. Good engine

- Julia C

Chrysler 300 review on performance.

It is a great car with a lot of hours power. It drives well and looks cool. Only bad thing is low mills per gallon.

- Ed H

This car is quality and built to last.

I like the 6 cylinder engine. It also drives very smoothly. Turns on a dime too. So far very little mech issues.

- Steph B

I really like my car because it is very comfortable to drive. I like the safety features, and the way it handles on the road. I like all of the amenities and personal touches that the manufacture included. My main complaint is that the warranty doesn't cover basic needs and the coverage time was too short.

Safety was built into the design of this car as it handles very well in all types of weather, and road conditions.

- maddie g

Very good traveling car and had low noise levels.

This is a very dependable car. I've had very few problems with it. Has one of the best rides and low noise levels.

- sheila H

it is very reliable and comfortable and I can go anywhere

I love my car it does not give me any problems. I like the power it has under the hood,and it is very comfortable

- anthony b

Roomy and comfortable to drive

Runs well. Never have had many mechanical problems. Comfortable roomy. Bad gas mileage air conditioner works well

- Shawnee S

The parts for vehicle and the price to have them put on are expensive.

I do not like the gas mileage on my vehicle especially with gas prices being so high, but it is comfy and roomy.

- Marie B

undercoated still road noise

Had the vehicle undercoated and still loud road noise. It is big enough for bigger people to be comfortable in

- carrie w

Built well. Great car. Luxury vehicle. Reliable. Comfortable and roomy

My car is a reliable luxury vehicle. I like it because it is very classy looking and has a very strong engine

- Mary S

It is very reliable. It is very roomy. It has a lot of good features

I like the look of my car. It looks very classy. It has a hemi engine so I can drive fast. It is very roomy

- George R

My Chrysler 300 is very stylish and all mine.

I like everything about it. The like the way it feels when I am driving. It is roomy and it is also classy.

- Michelle B

Don't buy older cars with a lot of miles always need work and costly

It's and older car needs too much the color is fading I can't drive it the freeway or travel long distance

- Tise S

It is a good family car that has plenty of room and nice driving experience

I like my vehicle it is a nice looking car with roomy interior and trunk space and has a comfortable drive

- Matt L

It can only be fixed by Chrysler.

Its fancy. The car drives great. I feel safe and confident in my vehicle. Only setback is the gas mileage.

- Alex D

Overall it's sporty but still has a luxury feel to it as well

No complaints. This car has style and has a sleek look inside and out. Plenty of room to be comfortable.


It's a great heavy V8 with a lot of power and quick to take off

I love the size and the ride. The fuel economy is horrible. And there are anyways electrical issues

- Nicole B

The vehicle is very safe and comfortable. Very sleek looking too.

my car has lasted forever and still is in great condition! very comfortable to drive and to ride in.

- gra n

Driving smooth Is ever It can

I love the car but everytime I fix one thing something else need fixing but other then that best car

- Marcus O

Everyone would say my car is vary fast and funny. When we go somewhere everyone wants to use my car

Love my car. It has a hemi so it's fast. I never had a car that I like so much

- Ruth S

It has some simple noises that could be very distracting.

It's the best car I've had ever but it is slowly coming apart piece by piece.

- Michelle L

I love my car. It has a classy look to it. It has a Hemi in it, which means it has a lot of get up & go! It is very roomy, too! Great for road trips.

It's got a Hemi in it and is very fun to drive, especially for a sedan.

- Matt W

Dependable, good looking, good on gas for Its size, heated seats

Hard time seeing behind when backing out, but overall love the car.

- Darcy S

Overall it was worthwhile purchase. This car should give you years of pleasure.

Car has proven to be reliable for the price. Very comfortable ride.

- David P

Smooth ride and little to no problem even with a lot of miles on it

Smooth ride allow you speed easily. Okay on gas but could be better

- Sandra A

It has great gas mileage. And price was great.!!!!

I love the comfortable seats. Roomy inside and sporty look outside

- Ryan T

I like the way it drivers, the size, and the comfort. It drives smoothly. It is roomy inside but not big overall.

It is a very dependable car. It is easy to drive and looks good.

- Mickey K

Company has good safety record

quality is good company is reliable with good safety record

- c S

One of the best cars I have driven and ride in. Very nice

I like how roomy and big the car is, it handles very well

- Ashley P

I love the size and the ride. Is a full size car. I have a v8 so the power is always there when you need it. I have a few electrical issues but otherwise I love her

Great riding car for the money. Horrible gas mileage

- Nicole B




Chrysler 300. The car for your needs!

- Selena B