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American luxury at an affordable price.

I purchased my 2006 Chrysler 300 from my service manager. The car is awesome, it has power windows, door locks and cruise control. The v6 engine has about 300 hp. Also it has a power moonroof. There is nothing more pleasing than after work putting on cruise control with the roof open blasting jay z. This is the best car I ever owned and I plan to purchase another one. It has 175000 miles but it drives like it has 75000. Oil changes are about $30. I need brake pads but the maintenance has been very affordable. I would recommend a Chrysler 300 to friends and family members. This is the best driving most comfortable car on the market. I've gotten so many compliments on the looks of my 300. My car is black with grey seats. The power seats provide extra comfort. I have back problems and the lumbar support gives great relief on long trips. The trunk is huge you could fit a couple dead bodies. I am only kidding but its the largest in its class. I thought I would have trouble with sight lines, but with the power seats and power adjustable mirrors and there are no blind spots. I usually detail and hand wash my 300 once a week. The 16 inch alloy wheels and the black paint with silver stripes and Accents makes for a truly beautiful machine. The affordability, the great gas mileage which is 29 miles on the highway and the fantastic looks make the Chrysler 300 a must have car for any garage.

- Timothy K

I love everything about this car. Adjustable seating, steering, and foot pegs. The information on the dash has options for reverse cameras to be turned on or off, showed outside temperature, tells the time, tell the radio station, how many miles till empty, and oil life.

Only problem I had encountered with my Chrysler is my AC lines rubbed together causing a hole which leaked all of the Freon out but once I got that fixed I haven't had anymore problems. The performance is absolutely amazing. Great speed, wonderful handling, and very smooth ride. Very reliable I drive it all day every day and it has never gave me any problems. Very trustworthy on a long road trip as well. Very comfortable. The backseat is comfortable not much room but not compact either. The features my Chrysler has is it has 2 seat settings where you and whoever else drives has their very own setting so you don't have to keep readjusting. The steering when moves in and out from the dash and has radio controls and cruise control along with the car info like tire pressure, oil pressure, temperature, and date and time. The foot begs also have an adjustment where you can move them forwards or backward for more comfortable driving. The automatic windows have bump control so when you're rolling it up and it feels as though something is in the way it will roll back down. The trunk has a lot of room for storage which comes in handy at times. Gas mileage on the car is pretty good. You get 18 miles to the gallon on the highway but it does not guzzle it either. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Stephani H

Chrysler 300C: Turning heads with a Luxurious and "cool" car at an affordable price.

Love this car for its performance, power, and design. The exterior design is beautiful. I have never gotten so many compliments on the looks of a car before this one. The 2006 design is a beefier, cooler design that the design of the more recent years. Hate that there isn't a split bench seat or grab handle for front passengers. Also wish there was a double visor that would allow you to use it for windshield AND side window at the same time like in my Grand Marquis. Down side to this car was that after 60,000 miles, things started to break ON the car, such as a broken trunk lid hydraulics system, so the trunk wouldn't slam shut fast on someone. Also a broken driver's door hinge, back door lock, back door handle, & front passenger window motor. All in all this is a great car that I would definitely buy again if they keep making it.

- Lani B

Problems this car will give you after buying it.

I really like it. The car has leather heated seats dual climate control. It rides very smooth and gets decent gas mileage. But in this year model there has been a lot of issues with the dash lights flashing On the radio constantly resets. We had to have the radio replaced because it totally went out and it controls a lot of the touch screen features. Without the touch screen you can't do a lot of the cars features. And they did not put the correct radio back in it so we can't use our navigation and other items controlled through the touch screen app. And we've had to replace the boots on each end of the drive shaft they had cracked and now the driver side wheel bearing is going bad. But other than that. The car is comfortable to ride in. Oh and have had to replace the ignition switch also.

- Ginger S

Air conditioning not so good

My vehicle has very comfortable seating in the front and back parts, it is equipped with two mini television screens in the back of each seat. My little girl enjoys them so much when we go on road trips or long drives. Also it has a spacious layout I would say. The only con that I have with my vehicle is the air conditioning, the air conditioning is quite weak it just doesn't reach the passengers that ride in the back, and on a hot day that can be very unpleasant that is the only problem that I have had with my vehicle in my years of owning it.

- Sergio A

The Chrysler 300 is ranked #4 in Large Cars by U.S. News & World Report. ... Best Large Cars. #1. 2019 Toyota Avalon. $35,500 - $42,200 MSRP ... The 300 is a decent car, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should buy it.

Chrysler 300 is very good. Sound system is great and is able to connect to satellite radio. The interior is of good quality, and it has great tires as well as back up camera. It fits a lot of people, comfy not crowded, seating is great with leg room. While it is luxurious looking and rides well, the blue Chrysler emblem on hood would be an improvement. Also they should make more colors for more customers, more speakers in the backseat as well as air conditioning separate controls. They should also improve to better gas mileage.

- ricky h

Black 2006 Chrysler 300 5. 7l.

I own a black 2006 Chrysler 300c. It has a 5. 7l hemi, giving it a good amount of power. It is at 150, 000 miles. The only problem I have had was that one of my pulley came loose and would start squealing every so often. But once I fixed the problem it hasn't done it since. It is very reliable. Mine comes with all leather interior. Heated seats. Electronic adjustable seats. It is very comfortable for long or short trips. Gas mileage is a little on the lower end, but if you drive easy, it is okay.

- Tanner K

Reliable, good value, easy maintenance.

I like the 5.7 l power variable displacement engine, heated seats. Solid ride, maneuverability, passenger comfort and accessories, safety features and unique appearance and running on 87 octane fuel. I like the superb sound system, comfortable seating, it has a great climate control system and it is reliable. The 4 wheel drive is marvelous even at the expense of gas mileage.... I dislike poor recall policies of manufacturer, high maintenance costs, poor mileage, cheap and poor lug nut design..

- James B

It's a really nice car and great for luxury.

It has a CD player and touch screen radio that you can listen to or hook your phone up to, either wireless or with a cord. It's a smooth drive. The car is about medium or average sized. The seats are adjustable to keep you comfortable while you drive. There are no problems with the car and there are no difficulties turning or anything as such. Of course, there is AC and heat when you need it. Finally, the seats are leather.

- Simone J

It is an all around comfortable reliable vehicle.

Starter went out, flywheel had to be replaced as a result of the starter malfunction, as a result the transmission had to be dropped and what should have cost a couple of hundred dollars cost one thousand, other than that as long as we do our regular maintenance it has been a reliable and very comfortable vehicle to own, fuel economy is good and performance is as good as you would expect from a full size luxury sedan.

- Greg J

Smooth rider is what I�d summarize it as.

My car is getting up into it age, and there has been some problems with it. My air goes on and needs charged about 3 times during the hot humid Indiana summer. They have tried to fix it and it just don't seem to fix. The motion on the vehicle is practically not there, such a smooth ride. Everyone loves the way my car looks and how well it drives, I'm just scared with 200,000 miles on it that it will break down on me.

- Kiki C

The Chrysler 300 touring edition will cost more in the long run than its worth.

At first it was amazing loved it. Seems like everything starts falling apart, the transmission has been replaced twice at the dealership, the ignition switch twice, now we get 4 brand new tires and an alignment and for some reason my tires are throwing the steel belts and have to be replaced more often. I do not like it and its costing us more money to keep and versus selling it or just giving it away.

- Denise J

Runs like a top. Is in very good condition.

I purchased my car in 2005. This car is dependable, still performs well. The body style is just a good as the 2019 models. Car is well built and can withstand an accident with a truck (2005). Has 126,000 plus miles and still going. This car has all the bells and whistles, very comfortable and smooth handling. I did have a new transmission installed back in 2010. Since then, no other major issues.

- Josephine S

Great and affordable luxury car for a family of four.

Very beautiful luxury car very spacious, rides very well back and forth for long distances from New York to dc. Very comfortable, lots of legroom. I think the best feature of this car is it is computerized no one can steel or start the car without the key. Now the only problem I had with this car is that it would make a rattling sound screeching that will be the only problem I have with the car.

- Tammy E

A dream car from desire by Chrysler.

My 300 is the best car in the world as it is comfortable, easy to drive and keep it maintained so it will last me a longer time. It has the speed that I desire with the hemi engine in it. I love it is color and details inside the car especially the DVD player and the on board phone capability also the GPS that is in the dashboard, it adjusts to my seating if someone else was to drive my car.

- Virginia B

Chrysler 300 limited review.

I have owned the vehicle for 3 years after a single owner. The styling and comfort of the vehicle is excellent and with a large 6 cylinder engine the car has great power. The flaws that the car has from the factory are that the front and rear suspension is not durable enough for various (rough) road conditions and for the overall weight of the car causes fairly constant repairs.

- Sean H

Large and roomy not a gas saver

Have had the car since 2006 bought it brand new have not had major mechanical issues. Lately though after 13 years I'm noticing transmission starting to lag and jumpy. Also at the time I thought getting a 2.7L was a gas saver but now noticing it is really slow and should've gotten the 3.5L. Other than that the car is great it is roomy and comfortable to drive.

- Anthony L

Beautiful vehicle. . . Love this model year's body is the best!

Key fob button popped off and now the door locks go up and down by themselves, sometimes setting off alarm. Comfortable quiet ride on long distances. Looks and feels like a luxury car. This one has the hemic which is incredible when needing to pass! Radiator had to be replaced several years ago. Otherwise, all is well. . . This has been an amazing car!

- Margaret M

The best thing about the vehicle is the seat warmer. The seats warm up fast.

I have a Chrysler 300 and I got it second hand. It work okay but it is not that well for children. And I have 5 children, it is hard to make plans and go out to eat. It also gets really hot and cold during the seasons. It makes a noise when I hit on the brakes. I honestly think that there should be more room in the back because it is a very tight space.

- Guadalupe R

The perfect car for a family

I have owned my car three years and never had any major problems. It is reliable come with comfortable leather seats easy to clean. It is great on gas perfect for people who have to drive long distance. The car is very spacious for kids. The only problem with this car is it is a fast car with big engine so you have to make sure you watch your speed.

- samantha C

My vehicle is reliable and good. It's not fancy, but it gets the job done.

Problems: the light for low tire keeps coming on. There is a problem with the sensor. It is reliable. It's large and comfortable. There is a problem with the air conditioning on the driver's side. It is an older used car, but the driving is easy to handle. It gets good gas mileage for its size. It has lasted on long trips. Overall, it's a good car.

- Taylor H

Full size vehicle for tall people.

It very roomy, a lot of head space for tall people. Smooth ride. But I do not like the upkeep is expensive. My son loves the car, he use it every chance he can get the keys. For being six feet plus, it great for his legs to stretch out. I love the space in the trunk. Very roomy, for large items to carry. It is a nice vehicle to look out and drive.

- Annie G

Extreme comfort for road trips.

The Chrysler 300 is the most comfortable vehicle for long distance travel. It gets about 30 miles to the gallon (my is a v6) which makes it not only smooth driving but I feel like I do not have to stop for gas every 50 miles or so. The seats do not bother my hip causing pain or a burning feeling either. I would definitely buy another 300 today!

- Deborah O

Best vehicle I ever owned

Very comfortable ride. Plenty of power with a hemi engine. Air conditioning rarely freezes up during long drives in very hot conditions. Otherwise a very reliable and attractive vehicle. Fuel consumption is very reasonable at about twentyish miles per gallon on the highway and around seventeen miles per gallon in the city.

- John G

Performance is great. Has the hemi motor so it is quick on the street.

I bout the car used so I knew I may run into some issue or would have to replace some things. The overall performance of the car is great but have some issues with the suspension and the radiator. I have had to replace the radiator four times in the past year. Other than that the car is awesome aside from the gas mileage.

- Brent B

My vehicle is a major gas saver, good motor, and nice interior.

I do not have any problems with my vehicle. It is a great vehicle, and easy to keep up with maintenance. It is extremely reliable, good on gas, and has nice leather seats. After buying my car 3 years ago, it still has a good running motor. The only thing that I had to do was get an oil change and 4 new tires.

- Tia E

Pros and cons of a 2006 Chrysler 300.

Alignment on back wheels is a common problem, also parts are expensive, and not many people want to work on them, it is very nice good vehicle though,, there’s a TV on it which is a nice addition for long trips, and the sound system is pretty good, seats have heat warmers at least the limited edition does.

- Karen I

Great, dependable car with no major issues.

Great dependable car. No major issues in the past 5 years of owning it. Drives nice, good power, roomy, large trunk. Easy to work on if something breaks or needs to be fixed. Seats are a little uncomfortable however I have not found a car that has great seats especially when I have 12 hour drives at a time.

- Maria S

The interesting detail in my car is the hemi engine.

Very nice car that has held up well. Lots of power as it has a hemi engine. I am ready for a newer vehicle though. We have had problems with the hydraulic system and some minor issues with creaking noises. It provides a comfortable ride and smooth turning. The color is black and it has a moon roof in it.

- Sandra H

Chrysler 300... A family vehicle?

There is A few Blind spots. Also there is Not enough room for a growing family. The Car seats don't fit well in the back when the children get to be toddlers. The 300 takes a bit to cool off in the backseat because there is only two tiny vents to pump the ac out in the back and they don't adjust well.

- Mandy P

expensive repairs for Chrysler 300.

I have had problems with the shifting and every time I take it to the dealership they tell me there is nothing wrong with it. Every time there is anything wrong with the car I have to take it to the dealership and they charge me just to run a diagnostic on the car on top of whatever repairs need done.

- Ann F

Chrysler 300 - Bumpy Ride but Minimal Maintenance Needed

Because of the short wheel base of my car, I can feel every bump in the road, which affects the comfort of driving. I have replaced the battery multiple times. But otherwise, I have not had many repairs that had to be made, except for the replacement of tires (to be expected in a car of this age).


My vehicle drives very smooth and is great on gas.

My vehicle, was my first car, which has been working fine for about 3 years and still no problems besides the basics. Over all I am very pleased with my cars performance and is great for road trips. My car has a lot of storage space and room for people to sit comfortably. Plus it is great on gas.

- Lexie M

This is a great car to drive.

The Chrysler 300 has been a very reliable car. This car has been a great car to drive. I have not had any major problems with this car. It is a smooth driving car on the highway. You do not realize how fast you are going at times because of how smooth it drives. And it is a very comfortable car.

- Timothy D

Rims still shining. City driver with style.

The car is fully loaded, reliable and comfortable. The v6 engine accelerates quickly, but I imagine that the car was made for the v8 engine. It is a fun car for city driving and long trips on the open road. I would recommend that you opt in for the options because they really set the car apart.

- Joshua B

Chrysler 300, bought used.

Bought used, and apparently more 'run down' than we thought, but I love everything else as far as room and seating. The engine and wiring are giving us some issues. Luckily we have a good mechanic. Wish I could buy one brand new. For what I'm sure it's been though it's holding up really well.

- Connie B

The huge trunk. The ability to drive others.

I rarely need to get maintenance on my Chrysler. I feel safe and powerful in my Chrysler. I enjoy the ability to drive others in my car. It also has a very large trunk whereby I can put groceries and other items in the trunk. I am very satisfied with the abilities that my Chrysler affords me.

- Catherine A C

Very fast ! Very stylish! Very comfortable!

This vehicle is amazing it drives good and has yet to give me any major issues. They few problems I do have with the car is that it sits very low and is quiet the gas guzzler. Other than that the car is perfect for family's or to just drive around ! Would recommend to anyone and everyone

- Jordan W

Spacious luxurious stunning, large and wonderful.

I love my Chrysler 300 it is been with me over 10 years and I just enjoy it is very spacious it is large fits the family it is great to drive around is very nice looking man I love it. I like the car because it reminds me of old classic cars it is very roomy and it is just a nice style.

- Johanna C

Fun, fast reliable, sedan. Family or fun.

Love the v8 engine. Not all that good on gas but it is worth it. Gets about 14-18 mpg. 340 horsepower. Mine still has low miles, I bought it with 51,000 currently at 68,000. Love the leather seats and seat warmers. Grill is nice so are the wheels, might upgrade to some 22 inch ones soon.

- Jose A

The inside has a clock on the dashboard that lights up. It looks very classy.

The engine is a killer, even the v6 version is great. Only problem I have with the car is that the headlights are a bit weak. However, they give the car a mean look that helps the car look very distinctive. The interior is very comfortable and nice and the clock is a great added bonus.

- Ali M

My Chrysler 300c has been a good vehicle. The exterior aesthetic is great.

I really enjoy my 2006 Chrysler 300c. I have had it since 2006 as the only driver. There have been minor problems such as the switch needed replaced and the rear window not working. Overall it has been reliable. The features are leather seats, heated seats, XM radio and power windows.

- Heather K

Chrysler 300, getting old but still drives well.

It the car I use for day to day errands. It been a very good car for me but it is getting old. It still drives will, it's a 6 cylinder that still pick up speed well, however it makes some rattling sounds at time. The interior leather has cracked for weather; cold and hot temperature.

- Donna M

Great car. It is a smoke gray metallic color. Any car I purchase will be gray.

Great car. No real problems in the 12 years I have owned it. For a rear wheel drive car, it does great and the snow. I have owned 5 cars in my lifetime and this has, by far, been the best of them all. If I decide to get rid of it, I will definitely get a newer model of the same card.

- Cassandra J

It has a known recall on airbags and turns off without warnings.

Pros: spacious interior and trunk, elegant, decent gas saver, had it for 5 years already. Cons: known recall regarding airbag, unknown issue on turning off without warning at random times, burns motor oil really fast, had visited the mechanic shop many times for different problems.

- Marvel M

It looks very nice and luxurious.

The car is awesome only minor flaw is, when purchased the computer needed to be replaced otherwise it would die randomly. That is the only issue I have had with the car. Got it replaced and now it runs fine the drive is smooth and it has decent gas mileage for a car of that size.

- Haley P

Space is the bomb in the car.

The car has a lot of space. The trunk is great for transporting large items that you normally would need a truck for. The car has some great get up and go, it has a v6 engine but it seems to drive must faster than an average v6. You have great control over the auto a high speeds.

- Ann A

I love the space it has and how it handled.

As with most vehicles maintenance is a must.. I had to do new tie rods brakes slowly things are going wrong but I love my car. The inside is very roomie I love how it handled it is almost like a luxury car there is plenty of trunk space and I am always on the go with my family.

- Sis F

It is a very wide car, & it is very hard to maneuver at first. The leather in the interior is very soft, which is a good things for lounging. Though long term it has frayed from sitting, or getting off the chairs harshly. All together I think it is a very great durable car.

- Alexandra C

A luxury sedan at a reasonable price.

I love how smooth the ride is and that it handles like a dream. It is great on a chilly night or winter's day because it has heated seats in the front. Since it has a hemi for a motor it has a lot of get up and go and will move you out into traffic with no problems whatsoever.

- Deborah B

Chrysler 300 Great car for Tall guys

I love this car. I have driven a ton of different ones in the past. However for comfort and length since I am a big guy at 6'3' this is the first car I can drive for hours which I am comfortable from start to finish. It is an amazing car and I would buy another one again.

- John H

A Chrysler 300 is what I would refer to as affordable luxury.

I love my Chrysler 300. There is a lot of room in the vehicle so it is comfortable for road trips. It is great on gas the model and design is nice. It is affordable luxury. The vehicle is very reliable haven't had any problems with it and it is a 2006. I love my vehicle.

- Michelle H

Loving my car and everything with it.

The comfort level is wonderful and the way it handles is amazing. And the gas mileage is great we get around a half tank for $10. Everything about it is just simply wonderful the way it handled on long drives. The comfort of the seats is great also. I just love this car.

- Thomas B

It was my moms car so I didn't choose it.

the engine has given me nothing but trouble, it's hard to work on and has very easy to break parts. The windows get stuck easily, the CD player randomly will eject discs for no reason it's always done this. All in all it's just an overall bad year and model for this car.

- Steven R

Chrysler 300s are very dependable cars.

I love the room inside and it is mechanically sound. The only problem is the egr valve needs replaced quit often. The gas mileage is great and the replacement parts are easily available. I will continue to buy these types of cars. Dodge and Chrysler are the way to go.

- Jennifer S

The car is def luxury looking.

The suspension is the worst thing on the car. I love the ride it gives. It def has the luxuries I look for in a car. The radio is also a great addition. Tf he roominess is def a great addition. The durability of the car is spot on and the maintenance is pretty awesome

- Christopher J

140k miles, clean title, runs good. Great interior. Needs a paint job.

It has 140k miles. It's a clean title. Just put a new transmission, coal pads and fuel IN injectors. Also, I put a new a.c compressor. Great on gas. Good for a family car. Automatic window locks. Driver's seat power control. Bluetooth. / Aux. Needs a new paint job

- Jasmine C

Chrysler 300 touring sedan which is a good performance car to own

Enjoy driving and haven't had any major problems or repairs except had to replace the Air Conditioner. Would definitely recommend the Chrysler 300 for an everyday and good highway car. Would not hesitate to buy it again. Good on gas and get good highway mileage.

- Frances L

Great vehicle. . For touring.

Problems- Chrysler notoriously slow on recall of safety items. Performance - great stability, handling, acceleration and ride. Good mileage for 5. 7 liter engine. Good reliability, features, comfort on long drives. And maintenance schedule. Attractive design.

- James S

Amazing car that hasn't had any problems or anything

Yeah it's just going to is the time for me to get a ride home is that the one day that you can get to the alley and I have to go to sleep now I just want to know that I was just going to I was really excited about to the start and the first thing in this week

- Damien C

Older vehicle issues becoming a problem.

My car is getting very old so it is starting to have many old car type issues. Most recently the area I live in just flooded, the ground water reached over the wheel well, so now I am experiencing may miscellaneous issues, one of those issues being electrical.

- Nic P

Automatic air conditioning

The car was a little older when I bought it, but was well taken care of. I love that the car features auto air conditioning. I have a warm temp on my side and my husband has his ice cold on his side! Another great feature is the automatic windshield wipers!

- Christine N

Great over after all these years!

Great over all care with few problems since I purchased it in 2006. Very roomy, great ride for trips. With over 140, 000 miles, still runs great. Very safe car and it handles great even on the short trips. Great styling and comfortable with plenty of room.

- Brian T

It is black and no tint on the windows black rims.

The struts are broken I cannot afford to fix them and the tires are nearly bald. I need a new key I bought one it is not cut or programmed yet I do not have the money. I like the car but it needs a ton of work still, and it is paid off that is a plus.

- Cody W

My car is very reliable. If you keep the maintenance up it doesn't need repairs.

I like my vehicle because it is considered a luxury car. It is a smart car and tells me when my oil needs to be changed in the air in my tires. The seats adjust which I love and the windshield wipers come on automatically. I don't have any complaints.

- Tessa S

Good performance and good on gas.

Great performance good on gas the front of car is very low do have to make sure to park away from curb very comfortable windows fog up and hard to defrost car is low to ground in cold weather if gas cap is not on tight the check engine light comes on.

- Jen C

The look of a older Bentley.

The engine was not built strong. It takes a lot of power, meaning foot pressing heavily on the gas pedal and taking the car over 3 rpm's to get it really moving. I think because the car is so big, you probably really need a v8 engine to ride smoothly.

- Nicki P

I loved the look but in less than 6 months to much has gone wrong with this car!

a lot of electronic problems! The amp was the first thing to go out. than the alternator. than the radiator and fans. Now the seatbelt bell that dings over and over again has malfunctioned and well not shut up! to many small issues to list as well!

- Anna M

The Chrysler 300 is a fantastic quality car!

No complaints. My husband and I love our Chrysler 300 Limited and could not have found a more reliable car. When we replace cars, the 300 will be on the top of our list because it makes us feel safe even in severe winter road conditions.

- Paula S

How comfortable it is to ride in for long distances.

It is very comfortable for travelling. I like the heated lumbar seat. I like the way the seat is adjustable. I wish they would have put in overhead grab bars to make it easier to get in the car. I dislike the low profile tires.

- Cynthia J

Only put 5w20 full synthetic oil. Use green antifreeze only.

All leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, color. I like that it has the AWD all the time. Because it has a hemi 5.1 gas mileage city is on average 16 mpg and 22 hwy is very expensive. I have to use the 92 or 93 octane gas.

- Emma L

Very dependable and reliable.

It's a very smooth ride, never had a problem besides the sunroof that sometimes it doesn't close automatically. I own the 2.7l and it has very good hp. The seats are very comfortable. I enjoy driving it every day.

- Enrique L

It does not belong to them is the most important thing to remember.

I like the acceleration and torque curve of the hemi powered 300c. The motor pairs nice with the tiptronic transmission. I dislike the fuel economy, especially when gasoline keeps getting more and more expensive.

- David H

Dependable, and roomy. Rides well, grill is close to ground so park carefully.

It has been a dependable car and rides very well. I don't like that the only door you can get in with the key is the driver's door, especially since i have children and use this vehicle for all of my shopping.

- Linda P

Very dependable is the most important thing about my car.

I love the feel when driving. But it is low to the ground so the bottom scrapes sometimes, and it can be hard to get out of when you are not as young as you used to be. It holds a lot of stuff to move or haul.

- Sue S

No highlights are available at this time.

It last me for a very long time. . It did incur some electrical problems after 6 years. I have gotten some suspension work done also but this car rides heavy. . The work needs to be done every year.

- Angela J

The Chrysler 300 car is well built and very durable.

I like that is well built and lasted a long time. I do not like that that it sits so low to the ground. What I dislike the most how the trunk is so high that is obstructs my view when backing up.

- Lori C

very little maintenance rides like a dream has plenty of room for four big people

there is only one thing I don't like about the is gas miles per gallon it is a great ride i have driven it for over 70 thousand miles had it for 13 years all I have is change oil and put in gas

- michael s

If you are looking for a roomy vehicle, Chrysler 300 is the car for you.

My car is very comfortable to ride in. My only complaint is lately I have had problems with it running hot and from researching I found this is a common problem with this car, Chrysler 300.

- Mary B

It is a great family car, solid.

My car is a sedan that is larger than most sedans out there. My car is a 300C with a Hemi so it has power. It is the most comfortable car to drive, you feel safe and stable on the road.

- Karen K

My car is good with gas mileage and has a 4-cylinder turbo engine.

I like that it is a luxurious type car and the interior is very spacious and comfortable. I do not like that it goes through gas very quickly and it requires a lot of maintenance.

- Sarah C

Our vehicle is to small for our growing family but its dependable.

Our car is a dependable car but have a few scratches and dents, high mileage and not enough room for all the kids, soon need new tires, and a tune up, paint job. It is paid off.

- Robert P

If you will maintain the car it will last for a long time.

Has problems overheating. Didn't have any problems for the first 100, 000 miles, has some problems with the suspension and tires. Overall is a good daily driver and family car.

- Devin C

2006 Chrysler 300 Touring

Me and my family keep maintenance work done on the car to make sure it operates well at all times. Currently everything is working properly with our Chrysler 300 touring car.

- Isaac F

It can take a hit and in an accident well. We were rear ended hard but suffered not one minor injury.

It's great on gas and has wonderful options. Also, the ride is extremely comfortable. The car is roomy enough for four adults with plenty of space for luggage in the trunk.

- Tammy D

Nice look, nice, reliable ride.

Very comfortable, nice ride, minor issues with coolant now. Gets me where I am going. People comment on good looks of the car all the time. Been very pleased with this car.

- Amanda C

This car is just the right size for a average size family.

I have had this vehicle for 6 years. It has been the most reliable car I have had. I enjoy this car so much I have replaced almost everything on it just to keep it around.

- Riesa F

The power of the Chrysler 300 c.

My Chrysler 300 c has amazing power with a hemi v8. It has power windows power locks power seats a sunroof and being a 4 door sedan it is spacious enough for a family.

- Ian H

Other people that ride with you will make comments about the comfort of your car. (The ride)

This is the most comfortable and easy driving car I have ever had. I would get another one. I have not had many problems and it's always started and been reliable.

- Sandy W

The Chrysler 300 are very great gas mileage vehicles.

Chrysler products are one of the best vehicles that I have purchased and I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime. Chrysler 300 are very roomy and luxurious.

- Robert H

It is very comfortable, and a smooth ride. It also has trunk space

I like the comfort, and tye style. I do not like that I have had to put quite a bit of money into it to keep it running, even though its miles are on the low end.

- Nathan R

It can drive better now I hope no more problems again

My car driver good but a lot of mile some time have some problems I just fixed it My keys but problem it not automatic I just have go to make new ona for this


It is dangerous to drive with during the winter due to it being 2 rear wheel drive

It is a bigger type of car with great trunk space. I love my heated seats. However, it is 2 rear wheel drive so it is awful to drive during the winter months.

- Kelly B

They are beautiful and classy

One of the best riding and driving cars I have ever owned. Its roomy and comfortable ...i have not had any major issues with this car other than the recalls

- Chrystal D

It runs very smoothly and has a nice set of brakes that stop on a dime.

It drives pretty smoothly. It has a nice look as well as a cool style on the inside. The downside is it being so close to ground, with me being 6 foot tall.

- Austin P

How to start and gas mileage.

Like that it starts up every morning mileage classy the color size dislike low front end like the interior the sunroof the large trunk and comfortable sets.

- Samuel C

that with proper care I have had it for 10 years and it is 12 years old

I like it, it has lasted a long time and is still in good condition. The body is a little on the bigger side. There have been issues with different things.

- Cartrisa C

Surprised at how good the gas mileage is.

My Chrysler 300 handles very well. Is a comfortable vehicle with lots of space inside as well as trunk space. Gets good gas mileage and has a smooth ride.

- Cameron W

I love it! Great on gas!!

I really like how roomy the car is. A lot of room inside and in the trunk. Luxury car from outside sits 5 people. My two car seats fit perfect back there.

- Arlene S

I can not think of anything.

I like the way it drives, smooth ride. I have been experiencing problems with my car running hot sometimes and it has been a problem to find the cause.

- Mary B

It is black no rim chrome on it I love my car in very good shape.

I am not thinking about selling my car I love my car so I do not know what this is for because I am not thinking about selling my car I am sorry.

- Gary M

It has a hemi and with flowmasters for performance it's great.

The gear switch sticks and the window buttons seem faulty. Also there seems to be an issue with the temperature gauge. Otherwise we love it.

- Ashley H

It has great lag room for tall people.

It's good in gas. It runs great all the time. I love the sunroof on it. Its to small for a family of 6. Can't really fit 3 carseats in it.

- Ashley B

It is safe and family friendly.

The parts are cheap and it is easy to work on. It is reliable and good on gas. It is fun to drive. It has plenty of space for passengers.

- Darren G

My Chrysler 300 is a comfortable ride with all-wheel drive and a hemi engine.

I like the smooth ride of my Chrysler 300. It's gets good gas mileage. It's a very roomy sedan. It also is a very attractive vehicle.

- Janet A

That it was a beautiful car and very well maintained.

The leather heated seats, the luxury of the car it is loaded with every option. I dislike that it is a 2006 and is starting to rust.

- Rhonda T

Hemi power, rwd, muscular styling, very well optioned.

It's a large, comfortable family sedan. I like the styling and v8 power. It's well equipped. I have had some electrical issues.

- David T

It's dependable and great for long trips with it's roominess.

My vehicle hasn't had any major problems and is very reliable. I like the roominess, extra features (heated seats, etc), and look.

- Kelly G

Look isn't everything The car looks nice and all but takes more gas than I would like and it cost a lot to replace stuff like tires and parts

I like the look of the car the size of the inside I dislike the amount of gas it takes and the issues it had been giving me lately

- Daniele B

Its my husband vehicle and its not mine.

Love the roominess of the car. Like the access to the trunk from inside the car. Only that I do not have the free time to travel.

- Theresa T

I think the car is fun to drive.

Its dependable and requires a maintenance. It has good gas mileage and is ideal for females. Would refer this vehicle to others.

- Jeanie C

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it breaks down easily.

I like almost everything about my car. I dislike that it has broken down so many times. I dislike that it breaks down so easily.

- Aur V

I am in love with it and would highly recommend it to all my friends and family!

None. Don't have a problem. I don't anticipate any future mechanical problems either! We love our car! It runs pretty smoothly!

- Kathy G

Heritage edition with 5.7 HEMI

Luxury ride, fast,acceleration. the paint is beautiful brilliant black. This is a Heritage addition with the 5.7 hemi engine.

- Dennis G

That it can move when it wants too. This car can get me to point a to point b if you get to know it.

Break problems, rare mirror cracked. The reliability for this car is slim. The battery always die on me at the last moment.

- dewarren M

Gas mileage is awesome! 44 mpg on trips!.

I like my car it rides good, the color is pretty good on gas, good heat in it love my 4 doors my mom love to ride with me,.

- Kim Haw H

Chrysler 300s are the nicest car

The make is very nice and the interior has a wonderful, elegant feeling. The only problems I've encountered are bad brakes.

- Zoe F

The most important thing about my car is it is comfortable.

I love the look and style of my car. I love how comfortable is is to drive. I do not like that the battery is in the trunk.

- Richard O

That it is a great family car, Very roomy. It is quiet while driving.

I Like the hemi. Love how smooth and quiet it drives. Love the color, The sunroof is really nice when it is hot outside.

- Angela M

A standout full size sedan In a world of small cars.

One of the last remaining full-size cars, plenty of power, and a comfortable ride. Lots of features and a good powertrain.

- Zach B

It's good in snow and gets good gas mileage.

I love my car.I have no complaints about it at all. It's a great car very comfortable to ride in..Very roomy for a car....

- Nora K

It is a poor choice for a winter vehicle.

Like that it fits our family and rides smooth. Dislike how low to the ground it is and how poor traction is in the winter.

- Samantha M

It is a very comfortable ride that handles well.

No dislikes. It is good on gas. Very comfortable to drive. Looks very stylish even after owning it for 10 plus years.

- Eileen R

Great car it's a simple dream to drive and own

It runs perfect haven't had a problem yet and it's easy to do oil changes great condition perfect paint nice chrome

- Cash S

The most important thing to know about this car is that it is not the greatest in the snow, it slides a bit.

It's a smooth ride and very comfortable. The heated seats are nice in the winter. It doesn't get great gas mileage

- Luke C

Chrysler,2004 Ram 300 Its red

I have a chrysler and a ram300 Its a 2004 i think and the car lot i bought it from only had chryslers and trucks.

- Damiris W

It's a beautiful car that I take pride in.

I love the body style. Suits me well on mileage. What I dislike, is its not very drivable in the winter months.

- Summer G

Smooth Ride that everyone should experience in their life.

Chrysler 300c hemi the ride is very smooth that you don't know your going fast at all. The comfort is awesome.

- Tisha M

It is very large worth plenty of room in bank seat.

I love the size as well as the technology. I love the adjustable mirrors that move when I put car in reverse.

- Kathy C

It's a reliable vehicle with very few breakdowns in 12 years

it is a reliable vehicle in the 12 yrs it has only had 2 minor problems I would replace it with another 300

- keeton d

Blue 300 that is awesome car

It is blue and barely has any miles. It is great for traveling surprisingly and very convenient and reliable

- Brittney S

Elegant vehicle with great amount of space for a 4 person family.

I enjoy how smooth this vehicle drives considering it is an older model. I love the elegance of the design.

- Cynthia D

That my car is super fast.

I have no complaints. The car drives wonderfully. I love how fast it is. It also drives smooth on any road.

- Alexandra T

Love the color of the car and the blue lights inside of it.

It's a nice car but not the best for a car seat and all the black shows every speck of dirt and dog hair.

- Dianne M

No air conditioning and no tints, bad tires for slick roads.

No air conditioning, faded paint job, run down tires, leaking battery, leaks whenever it rains and moves.

- Jamel P

It is a safe vehicle in all weather.

No complaints. Love the limited edition and the anti-skid function. Feel safe in all seasons on the road!

- Keith B

It has high quality safety rating.

No complaints about my car. It runs smoove. I wouldn't trade it for nothing. It is a good car over all.

- L L

Gas can suck a bit. At the average price of $2.70 I spend about 35-40 dollars on gas every two weeks. Commuting from home and work with a few side errands. Aver that he distance once way is 16 miles.

It is very luxurious. It does take a bit of gas, which I don't like. It has a strong motor and is fast.

- Tien M

The size is convenient for large families.

I like the size and trunk room. It also has pretty decent gas mileage for the size of the tank it has.

- Nancy L

Attractive, safe and easy to handle. It lasted long and still has more to go.

It has a smooth ride and does not break down much. It is a large car so it is sometimes hard to park.

- Emily G

Its reliable and decent, gets me from point a to b.

I love how my vehicle is reliable and never have had a problem. Dislike that its wastes a lot of gas.

- Selina B

It works amazing! Even though it looks really old, the car has never failed me.

I like the smooth ride! I dislike that the gas cap has no lock. I also wish it was all wheel drive..

- David B

Loving my Chrysler 300!!!

My car is great, it's reliable, a gas saver and my go to car! Honestly recommend Chrysler to anyone.

- Ana G

My car is sturdy and very reliable. I never worry about taking it anywhere

I like my car's engine. It's over 10 years old, and works great! It's pretty wide, but not too bad

- Jean F

We have xpel on it to protect it and a meaningful memorial as well.

Like the way it accelerates. Like the color. Dislike the radio so we put a new one in.

- Grace W

It has a Hemi and has the most comfortable ride. The new models don't have a Hemi.

I love the full size of my sedan and mine has a Hemi so it really is great to drive

- Karen C

It is large spacious. When my grand-kids ride they have plenty of space.

My car uses more gas due to a v6 engine. The engine is larger than a smaller car.

- suzette D

Trustworthy good on mileage and reliable and good looking

It is good on mileage, transportation and work.Dislike nothing no complaints

- Lino T

The quality ride it provides with little problems over the life of the car.

Dislike the gas mileage. Love the look and color. It rides very well.

- Shawn P

It's great I had it for 10 plus years now. Never had problems.

Great reliable car I had for 10 years. Never had problems with it.

- Alicia D

It is a powerful and safe car.

I love that it is luxurious and spacious. I feel very safe in it.

- Adrianne L

good runner and travels well

no complaints really it travels well and gets good gas mileage

- dave R

It is fast and it has a hemi

I like that it's fast. I like it has a lot of room! It's nice

- Megan m

People should know that it is rear wheel drive, therefore driving in the snow is tricky and good tires are a must.

Great luxury car but hate that's it only rear wheel drive.

- Lela B

I love that it is roomy and has a large trunk and very good safety features. I wish it were a little better on gas than it is now.

It is great on snow and ice, very roomy, and very safe.

- Tristanne B

I don't like the expense of gas that it takes to fill my tank. I don't like that I cannot fill my tank or my car will cut off.

It is a gas guzzler. It costs too much to drive my car

- Danyele H

the mileages is great, the seating is comptable, the gas miles a great

It drives great room for the 4 of us. comptable ride

- Cynthia G

It was used when I bought it. Driven by 81 year old lady who took great care of it. It roomy gets reasonable gas mileage and is a safe car.

It has a good safety rating from insurance company,

- Russell D

It's a luxury car that I enjoy

Reliability and the drive is comfortable

- Frank F