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It impresses both myself and others!

I really do love this car. It's over a decade old (2007) but feels and looks brand new, sleek, luxurious, sophisticated, and comfortable, inside and out. It's a great size; not a tiny car with no room but not huge like an SUV. There's plenty of room in the front and back seats, and the trunk is spacious. The back seats fold down to create more trunk room as well. The interior is leather, but it's solid and comfortable; it doesn't get too hot and doesn't tear as easily as the seats of my previous vehicles did. There are also heated seats up front! It is very easy to drive. The pedals aren't touchy, but they don't take a lot of effort to get the car going or stopping. The steering wheel isn't difficult to turn either (which was an issue for me in my previous car). Heat and air in the vehicle are great and adjustable as well. Side mirrors can be adjusted with a button. Plenty of convenient features. It has pretty decent gas mileage for such a chunky car as well! I drive A LOT, and this car has been a blessing for me. The only downside: it is rear wheel drive. So it is TERRIBLE in the snow and ice. It slides, it gets stuck, the brakes lock up, etc. So I recommend that if you plan on driving this in the snow, give yourself PLENTY of time to get where you need to go and keep an emergency kit in your car, including a scraper, floor mats, etc. I made it through my first Indiana winter with it, but I dread the next one! However, it's such a great car that I can't get rid of it just because of this!

- Danielle M

Owning a Chrysler 300, my car is paid off and continuing to have issues.

The over-all review of my car is not terrible but I do have some complaints. The interior such as the leather is beginning to look bad. My car is kept outside, not in a garage so it is exposed to the sun more than other cars may be. Also some of the outdoor panels have popped out. Such as the chrome trim on the bumper area. Another interior issue I have is with the CD player. Certain CDs do not work. CDs such as burnt CDs or CDs that have even small scratches on them will not work. The transmission also feels like it slips or is misfiring. I have had to get recently a number of fixes done. Some of the recent fixes we have had to do is the water pump, which was the most expensive and the most labor to do. Also I had a battery that went bad, and since the battery is kept in the trunk the warning system alerted myself while driving. The warning system consists of a sulfur smell given off by the battery acid that alerts you your battery is bad. Also the struts as well as the ball joints are other fixes we have had to get in order for the car to be driving soundly. The ball joints went bad in the front of the car. This is a repair that must be done because it is something that causes the car to be loud and squeaky, as well as giving the possibility of ruining your axle. Another repair that has not been fixed yet is the trunk door. The air pressure in the shocks that holds the trunk open is faulty and will not stay open unless it is being held up or propped open.

- Dana B

Affordable and Reliable family car

Bought new, have owned for 12 yrs now, currently at 150K miles. This was my first 'adult' car. I bought this car because I wanted something that would last, would be safe for any future family I would have, and that was still affordable. Only 1 major mechanical issue in those 12 hrs. There's a quarter size plastic piece that is known to break in the gear shift, this will cause the gear shift to get stuck, usually in park. This was covered by Chrysler/Dodge on some models but not this one. Quotes to fix were between $500-$900. My dad and I fixed it for less than $20 in an hours time. Regular maintenance keeps this car on the roads. This car has held up very well and I expect it can last another 3-5 yrs. Roomy interior, we've taken 16+ hour road trips in it a few times. I've used it to haul small furniture pieces to landscape pavers. I'm so pleased with this car, if/when we purchase a new car, this make/model will be at the top of the list!

- Jennifer W

Chrysler 300 year 2007. Review of the car after more than 10 years driving it.

Problems: the inside latch for the trunk is loose so the trunk opens while driving at times. The container that holds the coolant cracked multiple times and had to be replaced. The engine feels like its losing power when pressing on the gas. The doors are heavy to open. The horn is awkwardly placed, when you turn the wheel most of the time I press the wrong area when I want to use the horn. The cup holders are small. The air-condition vents are to weak in the back. The car is too low, it scrapes when you hit the speed bumps or dips at times. Speakers on the doors broke some time ago. Pros: the chair is comfortable. The battery lasted for 10 years before it needed to be replaced. Being able to use 89 octane really helps with the gas bills. Lots of legroom for the front passengers.

- Khris B

When I hit bumps it feels like I am floating on a cloud.

The look of the car is classy and the ride is smooth. I have 186k miles on it and just recently had to replace struts for the first time. The heated seats are very comfortable, good for long rides. The dash is easy to read, as well as the radio. My engine is a 3.5l and has not failed me yet. I keep up on the oil changes regularly, I have done a tune up to it and I must say the car has not left me stranded. It has a slapstick for more of the sporty feel if that is what you are into but you can use it just like a regular automatic vehicle. My car is decent in the snow, it has traction control which helps. The car gives a warning when my oil change is due or my oil is getting low. I would buy another one.

- Jamie G

Great car with very few issues.

I really enjoy my car, it is comfortable, especially since I am an especially large person. I have kept up with the maintenance and have had very few mechanical issues. However, I have had some significant issues with the suspension, which I have heard is common on Chrysler and Dodge vehicles. I do wish that I had purchased the same vehicle with a v8 instead of a 6-cylinder, but other than that I have been extremely pleased with my purchase and would like to purchase another Chrysler 300 in the future.

- Taylor W

The Chrysler 300 is the bomb!

I have been a Chevy gal my whole life until I bought this Chrysler 300 srt8. I love the 6.1 hemi engine. The car is reliable and dependable. I have never had a problem with it. All scheduled maintenance goes well and that includes oil changes and tune ups. The comfort level is amazing. The ride is smooth. The safety ratings are 5 star! The car is heavy and hugs the road nicely. I can fit 5 adults very comfortably! The front seats have lumbar support and are heated! I love my 300!

- Jenna Sue S

Excellent performance with a comfortable ride!

I really appreciate the comfort and ease of driving my car! It has good pick up speed when necessary. It gives a smooth comfortable ride. The miles per gallon of gas is horrible 12 miles to the gallon in city driving. I have owned this car since 2010 and have had no major repairs. This car sits about 2 inches too low. When parking in a parking lot I have to be very careful not to park too far forward as the. Under covering gets caught on the parking curb and is torn off.

- Gladys H

Glossy black 2007 Chrysler 300 with 22� rims

My 2007 Chrysler 300 is a great reliable car. Since having the car I've had to take it in about 2-3 times for problems. The problem mainly is in the tires because they are quite large for the car with 22' rims. So that's a problem I created not a problem the car generally possessed. It's reliable and an all around great car. When getting this car just beware it is a quite a gas guzzler, not as much as say a hummer or a SUV but it burns a lot of gas quickly.

- Cathy L

Chrysler 300 touring. Luxury without a big price tag.

This is a good car which is roomy and provides comfort especially on long trips. For the most part it has been reliable and I have had very few issues with it over the last 12 years. There have been a few recalls which were handled by the dealers at no charge. Although not a high end luxury car, this car looks like and feels like a luxury car but in a lower price range. It is also quite a popular car as evidenced every day as I see many on the road.

- Darlene S

Super fast and sounds nice, worth every penny.

The coolant system has failed three times and had to be fixed. I don't know if it's the car or the roads here in Birmingham AL but the undercarriage has fallen off and I had to buy a new one. I have had to change the timing on it. But it is VERY comfortable. I got 5% tint so it's nice and dark and good as a family car I have one son. It's a SRT so it's fast and sounds really nice. Overall I love it.

- Ravin J

The truth about cars if your willing to do whatever it takes to take care of.

Nothing much really just keep. It up on stuff. If people would learn to take care of their stuff people would not have a lot. Of bad things to say about any particular vehicle. In all reality if you want a good brand you have to. Find the brand the best fits you not. Just what the best deal. Is. If more people. Would. Handle. Stuff like this it would be easier to pick vehicles.

- Justin J

300 customize it to your liking.

The Chrysler 300 is very reliable it is important to do service at the correct mileage recommended. It is very spacious, great as a family car. There is a ton of options out there to customize it to your liking. The one thing that can be annoying is it is big, it is like driving a boat so parking can be an issue. Other than that it is a great all weather vehicle.

- Heather F

The heated seats are so great in winter time.

The car is very room and very comfortable. I am short and I love the many adjustments it has. Especially the adjustment to move the gas pedal closer or farther away. The heated seats are a very nice feature especially on those winter days. The only complaint I have is the blind spot on the left off of windshield. Other than that I have no complaints. I love my car.

- Mary S

The smooth drive of the vehicle and how spacious the vehicle is.

I bought my car brand new and love everything about my car. I never have had any major issues with my car other than the basic stuff such as adding coolant and typical oil change. I use my car to drive to the store and run errands. My vehicle is in great condition. It is very spacious and drives smoothly. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Dominick W

Front of car has a grill that stands out.

It is terrible on snow..It fishtails when you brake on ice..It is a beautiful car inside and out with beautiful leather seats very comfortable large trunk it kind of looks like a bentley.It has a large back seat which is very comfortable. The battery is also in the trunk next to the spare tire. Great sound system with a CD player and 4 speakers.

- Susan M

The gas mileage is not great.

It goes fast easily, I have a lot of power in it. But it lags like a diesel would. I have had engine lights come on because the gas cap is not screwed tightly enough, so check for that before you take it in when your engine light appears. Bad on gas, I get about 15-16 mpg. I only hate it because it is old though, generally a good car.

- Kiki P

My 300, is an amazing car! Super satisfied with it!

The performance of my vehicle is amazing. With two kids, a 6 month old and a 2 year old the space is amazing for my kids car seats. It is an overall amazing car, I do not think I have any complaints!! I would highly recommend this car to anyone with a starting family, and anyone who enjoys that type of body style for their vehicles.

- Alyssa O

an amazing piece of machinery

problems: hard to find mechanics to work on ( certified ) performance: wonderful on open road and is great for cruising. reliability: great for hot seasons but for the wet seasons not good, comfort: comfy and features: comes with jack, airbags, more than one disc player and cassette player, air vents in back seat and cruise control

- Manuel F

Reliable large durable car

I like the comfort of the vehicle however it is a bit large for me. I like how it looks and how it handles on the roadways. I have been able to enjoy it being a reliable and enjoyable ride. It is very durable and even when I park in areas where I used to get shopping cart dings in my old car, I barely get a scratch in this one.

- Dawn Erin C

Its good and it is very comfortable.

My car is very good I enjoy it but the breaks make a squeaky noise I don't know what is wrong with then we can't fix them or anything I just don't like it and I wish there was a way we could fix it but we cant we have tried everything and it fix I just so mad about we have paid so much money to try to fix it but we cant.

- Braxton S

Great car some a/c issues.

Had some problems with my a/c and rims, my a/c went out shortly after buying the car which lead to a big mechanic bill along with my rims bending. I did however take this 2007 Chrysler 300 to a terrible mechanic who ended up doing a lot more damage some I am somewhat unclear on what went wrong and what he destroyed.

- Austin B

My vehicle is candy apple red with two tone interior black and grey seats.

Purchase the car used in 2009 which only had 15, 000 miles on it at the time. The only problems that I have experience are as follows: got a new engine in 2017, replace the gas pump in august 2018, other than that regular service maintenance every 3, 000 miles as required. Had a recall on the airbags in 2016.

- Vicki J

Riding my 300. No problems from the vehicle. Daily maintenance.

The oil has to be a specific kind. Cost me over $100 but it does last 7 months and not 3 months. I haven't had any issues because I did just get the vehicle. Have to make sure the gas cap is tight all the way or you will get a message. Tire pressure must be accurate anything not right the car will let you know.

- Shaun B

Chrysler 300 likes and dislikes.

I have recently had trouble with the suspension and alignment but I attribute this to living in the country and sometimes having to drive over rough terrain. It is a very spacious and comfortable vehicle but the gas mileage is not great, however the factory speakers are fantastic. Phenomenal sounds quality.

- Anna R

My beautiful Chrysler 300. It looks and drives great.

My Chrysler 300 is a beautiful car I have had lots of air conditioning problems, and have replaced the water pump and radiator. I have also recently got in the car painted because the roof and the hood really faded. It is one of my most comfortable cars that I have owned and it does drive great.

- Bonnie N

It is a very easy handling car both on highway and in traffic.

Overheats on occasion; excellent ride; handles well for a large car. Very easy to maneuver in traffic. Fair on gas mileage on highway and okay on city. Starts easy when weather is cold; blows cold air in summer. Rides quiet very little road noise. Low maintenance. It is a really nice car.

- Cathy J

There are known issues with the suspension system in the long term because of the weight of the car.

So far with this vehicle, I have learned that regular maintenance is very expensive. I have replaced brakes and rotors, done oil changes, and all new tires and rims. The car is considered a luxury vehicle but has the bare basics. The interior lacks any luster that other luxury vehicles.

- Asia M

The Chrysler 300 is great for reliability and travel friendly!

It has been a great car although I am currently looking for something bigger with my growing family. I have had this car for 5 years now. It is reliable and family friendly. I have traveled in it several times over the years all over the states and it has been reliable through it all.

- Kari Q

My comfortable Chrysler 300

The comfort level is amazing!! I really haven't had much issues... However I did buy it second hand so repairs were necessary. But other than that the performance is amazing as well as the comfort... It's very roomy on the inside making you feel less suffocated by other passengers

- Lacey M

My Chrysler is red with chrome twenty two inches rims. It�s very nice and clean.

This car is very spacious and comfortable. It's really good on gas and parts are affordable. This is my third Chrysler 300, so that should tell you how much I love the make and model of this car. On my previous cars I ran into minor problems that were very easy and cheap to fix.

- Sahara D

I like how loud the engine is and how it sounds when you drive it.

I like that it is pretty roomy for a car. It drives nice and has a lot of aftermarket accessories. Mine has a custom grill with a light bar in it, aftermarket hid headlights and nice rims on it. The trunk has a lot of room. It has a second fuse box in the back of the trunk ask.

- Carrie C

Chrysler 300 2007. I like it. Worth the money.

It is comfortable, roomy. Low maintenance cost. Will eventually have front end problems. Not that many miles on the gallon. Nice storage space. People in the back seat have plenty of room. I had my car since 2010 and I haven't had any major problems. Overall it is a good car.

- Debbie W

Back seat is roomy for adults, enough leg space.

My car has been very reliable, roomy enough to hold children, car seats from infant to toddler, and trunk space to hold lots of sporting equipment for sporting events. Holds suitcases when traveling. Plenty of legroom and good on gas mileage. Easy to keep up on maintenance.

- Heather M

Very reliable nice looking and roomy for a car

Overall a nice vehicle had the car for 5 years now been my daily driver haven't had major problems with it other than little things like ball joints and struts, tires, battery and starter. Very reliable and nice looking. Very roomy for a car. I would definitely recommend

- Nicole S

I love my Chrysler 300

Very reliable and definitely comfortable, the car itself is very beautiful. I never had a problem with it so far and I get compliments all the time on it. I have a family of four and the car is very comfortable to travel in with children. Great car highly recommend.

- Nina S

The Bentley for those on a budget.

I truly have not had any mechanical problems with this car. It has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. I love the Chrysler 300's. Comfortable, reliable, and an overall nice looking vehicle. The trunk space is phenomenal! Gas mileage is great as well.

- Kristina K

Chrysler 300-the best car.

My car has performed stellar since I purchased it new in 2007. With regular oil, tire, and filter changes this car has been a real lifesaver for my family. There has been little electrical problems inside the vehicle, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a new fuse.

- Mindy D

Good vehicle overall, good shape.

Nice, reliable, for the price. Big, can be fast if you need it to go. Gas guzzler though. Wish it had a sunroof. Leather seat on drivers side does fall apart though. Wish there was more technology on the dash. Got a cream color wish it was black. Chrysler 300 2007.

- Ryan B

It take me from point A to point B, so grateful that it still goes.

It needs wiper, and the inside is a little wore, the paint on the outside is faded. And it's a big car and I am not a big woman so it's a little hard to drive and use a pillow. I am a disabled veteran so really can afford a car so I make the best of my old big car.

- Nancy R

It works really well and drive good

It runs good, it's just bad on gas so I have to fill it up like at least two to three times a week. It gets me to where I need to be and on time plus the car is paid off so I can't complain too much. Overall It is a really reliable car and that I am thankful for.

- Mark P

300 steady getting better.

Rear end heave slides to being rear drive. Headlights are not very bright. Very comfy ride. And great turning. Heated seats are nice and doesn't do bad on gas. One could only imagine how nice the newer versions are. I think they look really sharp in all black.

- William C

Cruise control auto headlights and wipers with sensors when the rain starts.

I love my car wouldn't have any other. My 300 rides smooth has heated leather seats and is very spacious. I love the wood grain interior and has a few compartments for storing things. It is also great with fuel mileage. You couldn't go wrong with this vehicle.

- Ruby H

It is a car with class own it is own.

Great highway car. Very roomy. Me and my husband just went on vacation a few weeks ago. Had no car problems. We enjoyed a great scenic view on our way to and from the great state of Michigan. When traveling I have always felt comfort in riding a sedan vehicle.

- Hale T

Review of 2007 Chrysler 300.

This vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any issues with it other than regular maintenance. The only problem with this car is that it is a rear wheel drive vehicle so it does not do well in the snow which is difficult for me because I live in Michigan.

- Britt F

For a four door vehicle, the car has a lot of room within it; this means if you're spending a good amount of time traveling, leg room shouldn't be an issue.

The car is very low to the ground, which can make it difficult to see curbs or other objects near the front bumper and wheels. However, the car drives smooth for its age, and it has been reliable. It has made me consider purchasing a Chrysler in the future.

- Victoria H

That it is a nice mid- size vehicle.

Gas mileage is good. It is a comfortable vehicle. There a good feeling of reliability. There is no gps in the car. The grey color of the interiors is not my color. The room in the trunk is nice. The space in the back seat is roomy for the grandkids.

- Stuart D

It's safe and it handless wonderful!

First off, I love the color! It a beautiful apple red. Talk about a dream color. Another I love is the very low mileage it had when purchased. As far as complaints, there are are none. The reason I rated it a five. It is a perfect vehicle!

- Lawrence C

If you need a comfort ride with plenty of legroom, this is the car.

I love the power my car has. It is a smooth and flawless ride. If fits 4 adults with very adequate room. The only dislike is it being an older model so there is no nav system.

- Tina H

I find it to be a very nice and affordable car for everyday use.

I like it because it drives good and gets me where i need to be. Also it looks very new and is clean and in good condition. I have no complaints about this car.

- Jenny M

Tire sizes are hard to find.

The shape of the vehicle is to boxy. The shape of the vehicle makes it hard to see cars in blind spot. The gas mileage is not that good compared to newer cars.

- Mike J

It is very spacious and roomy. I also feel very safe in this vehicle.

I love the look of my vehicle. I also love the luxury aspect. I am not fond of the electrical issues that I have been having. Vehicle repair can be expensive.

- Ridge M

230, 000 miles and going strong.

I have over 230 thousand miles on my Chrysler 300 touring edition and it is still going strong. I have never had any unusual repairs. It has been a great car.

- Franklin R

This is a very economical reliable vehicle. It is good on gas, it has good power and handles well.

This car looks good. The car is a 6 cylinder which is good on gas. Car has not had any major breakdowns whatsoever. I would highly recommend a Chrysler 300.

- Frank L

The gas mileage on the car is pretty good for a midsize car.

I like the body style, color and easy driving. I do not like how the car handles on wet roads. It has a tendency to slide. However overall I enjoy the car.

- Darrell S

It's not the best but it can get you around, as long as you are willing to buy the gas

I do not like the size; it is rather too big for me. It seems to develop one little fault after another. It also lacks some useful accessories

- Hope A

Ugly and expensive to maintain.

I do not like the size. It drinks up gas! It does not functional accessories either. I bought it used so problem might be from first user.

- Hope A

My car provides a comfortable ride weather on a gravel road or travelling down the highway

I like the comfortable ride it provides. My car gets good gas mileage. I have not had any major repairs needed on my car. No complaints

- Beverly W

It's very hard to see to pull or back out.

No complaints, and this car was searched out, so I love everything about it. The only thing I would change is I would add an aux port.

- Stephanie R

Reliable, dependable, awesome.

It is reliable, performs excellent!! I have never had a problem with it. I would definitely buy another one. I just love driving it.

- Wendy B

It is big and rides well and holds a lot of luggage.

Hard to see out windows in back of car and hard to use mirrors. The mirrors are too big and bulky. Love the rest of it.

- Kathleen B

Reliable there ready to go when i need it

I like my car it has all the features i would want to drive with it is a safe care and keeps me safe when driving

- Mary M

Its very reliable and I would recommend everyone to buy one

I really love the color of my car. It drives really good considering the year. And it also is a very spacious car.

- Shalonda B

The most interesting details is that the battery is in the back instead of the front.

It's a good reliable transportation and it's get me from point A to B without any vehicle problems and runs great.

- DaRarackus S

I like the fact that the radio controllers are on the steering wheel

It is a beautiful car very smooth riding I have not had any problems with it I have only had to buy tires love it

- Paula Y

Details about my Chrysler 3000

I have zero problems with my car. Absolutely love it! Great starter car for work, college etc. Great gas mileage.

- Jorge G

My 300 Chrysler is a good car.

My car had a gear shift problem. Other than that I have not had a any other problem that I could think of.

- Joann C

The car is very very stunning.

Its awesome. I love it, currently broke down but oh well lol I wish I could drive it but oh well I guess.

- Kate L

It is easy to drive. There is lots of room for you and your passengers

It has the room for passengers I want. It is easy to find what need to operate. I love the curse control

- Tammy B

I have had this car for 10 years. , longer than I have ever had any car.

I love my car, I have had it for 10 years. It has high mileage but overall it is a very dependable car.

- Donna A

It is spacious and has enough room for a lot of things.

I like all the room it has and how big it is. I like the way it looks. I do not like the maintenance.

- Alexandria B




the back window is tinted and you can't see to back up at night

I like the way it drives and the heated seats but I don't like the tinted windows

- Lisa K

I love the car although it does use a lot of gas and the drivers side leather seat is cracking, other than that it's great and would consider buying another.

It's a very solid car with a smooth drive and it looks great on the road.

- Kim T

I love the classic look of the car and the luxury overall feel. It was been a mostly reliable vehicle with very few problems.

It's reliable, easy to maintain, and gets surprisingly good gas mileage.

- Lily H

I like the look of the car. It has a nice design and the color is easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, the air conditioning no longer works. Aside from that, I suppose I can't really complain.

It is a smooth ride and gets the job done going from place to place.

- Vanessa W



- Pamela D

it is reliable, cold air conditioning, it is black

it's nice, smooth ride, nice color, cold air conditioning

- Becka M

It is a nice car and easy to drive. Comfortable.

Easy to drive. A little big. Has a nice feel to it.

- Phyllis H

The style and comfort and good gas mileage I have.

Comfortable Good gas mileage I do not have any com.

- Margie C