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Check for recalls regularly! It is a great car, but with tinted windows and the sleekness of build...be sure to pay extra attention to turning corners at night...hard to see walkers/cyclists due to blind spots/tint.

I love the bass in the stereo!! (factory equipped, nothing added); it is sporty and sleek (with tinted windows); comfortable to sleep in when reclined (driver seat)...but would prefer an auto controlled lumbar adjustment in driver seat-only has flip control; has great pick up, rides smooth. Only complaints I have are no heated seats, would prefer passenger seat to have controlled adjustable seat instead of manual...and always seems to have something on the recall list. Also there is a slippage and leak in the rear end that mechanic says is pretty prevalent in these types of cars.

- Elizabeth C

Creature comforts abound!

I own a Chrysler 300 AWD I currently have 165000 miles on this vehicle and have found it to be one of the more reliable vehicles that I have owned in past 40 years. I think that the only complaint about the car is from a performance aspect it is certainly comfortable to drive and ride in but lacks some of the acceleration that some of the other cars that I have had. But if someone was looking for a full size luxury vehicle I would certainly recommend this vehicle.

- Greg J

2008 Chrysler 300c (Old Lightning)

All around it is a great car. For being a 2008 it is very high tech. It has a touch screen display with navigation and a sunroof. It has 157,000 miles on it and it still runs brand new. It is very comfortable and stylish. Among other things it has a very powerful engine. The biggest problem with the car is the MPG. Because it has such a big engine I Only get around 12 MPG but if you aren't someone who drives a lot this would be the perfect car.

- Christopher M

Chrysler 300 looks great and gives great performance.

I really love my Chrysler 300. It has a very sharp appearance in both body style and color. It drives beautifully, and the leather seats are very comfortable and beautiful. I have never had any problems with my Chrysler. I have only had the typical car maintenance. It perform very well in good weather as well as bad, such as rainy or snowy. I really like the backup sensors, the GPS system, cruise control, and the hands free phone call/talk.

- Evelyn S

Chrysler 300, my woes and pros!

I love my car, it is very durable and is big, I am a tall guy and there are not many sedans that I can fit into comfortably like this. The look is a little more high class than it is market value and I like that as well. It has a big engine so it is not very good on gas and the battery being in the trunk is sometimes more of an inconvenience, especially if you are trying to get a jump start.

- Marquis H

I pull up in a lemon, doesn't mean I'm not winning

I love that lemon! It's a seriously comfortable laid back ride. Unfortunately mine is falling apart. Window motors in front are both bad. One window is stuck half open. Just replaced the fuel pump, fan to radiator, and other odds and ends. I have had it a year, bought used, and I don't know how much longer I will be able to invest in her. Needs a front end alignment. Needs a lot of TLC.

- Amanda B

Best sedan in its class!!

My Chrysler rides very smooth and the fuel economy is surprising for such a heavy car with a large engine. Though the engine is rather noisy at times, it has never failed me. The vehicle is very roomy on the inside. Although its an older model, my family still chooses it over some of the newer vehicles on long road trips. I have always been a Chrysler loving person.

- Nathan R

The engine power is very intense and the pick up speed is even more intense.

My Chrysler 300 has been a tremendous help. The performance is excellent and the handle is even better. I have had a few accidents but the vehicle is always a quick fix and always drives good as new. I have thought numerous times about getting a new vehicle and I can never get myself to follow through. I deeply enjoy driving and showing off my black Chrysler 300.

- Daniel B

My experience with a Chrysler 300.

My vehicle makes me feel at home and comfortable! It rides very smooth and close to the ground, which I prefer. It is really spacious for a sedan model car, especially with a very large trunk which makes traveling especially easy. The only thing is difficulty in extremely snowy weather, however with a lot of sedans that is usually the case.

- Ade H

Get your best bang for the buck with the inexpensive yet classy, Chrysler 300c!

This is a wonderful vehicle that is also very reliable. It is a 5. 7l v8 hemi, but on the highway, it still is very competitive to other vehicles of the same size, gas officiant. It is very reasonable price-wise, and has never given me any major trouble. As long as you take care of the minor upkeep, it will take care of you!

- Austin C

Great car for a family of 5 in the city!

SO MUCH ROOM! The front of the car is a lot longer than my old one, but this baby can fit more in it than my old jeep! There's so much legroom in back, really comfortable seats, and the trunk can fit a decent amount too! I really love the way it feels, it drives smoothly and is perfect for a family of five in a big city.

- Elizabeth M

Warning lights come on, check engine, gas cap light, had it tested nothing wrong.

My car has been very reliable. I got this car when it was around 2 year sold from a dealership, it only had 20, 000 miles on it. I bought it mainly for comfort as I have back problems. I have replaced tires, alternator, battery shocks, get regular oil changes, mostly basic stuff. I am grateful that it runs like it does.

- Carol W

Car lasted 10 years with no major repairs.

Love the car it has very nice speakers, and rides smoothly. Haven't had any major issues with the car at all. I would recommend this car it is the perfect size especially for new drivers. It is priced right in my eyes I have thought about buying a newer model. But this car is running great after 10 years of having it.

- Jacqueline A

I would like the night lights to come on when you turn on the car.

I really like my car, the performance is great it is very comfortable have taken many trip with it. The reliability is so great. The features I wish had was the lights to auto come on. My car has over 100,000 thousand miles and only has had very few things go wrong and not that anything cost a lot of money.

- Karen G

Safe & powerful. I have never had an accident in this car.

I feel safe and powerful in my Chrysler 300! I believe it is a safe car for me. . . Safe & powerful. I have never had an accident in this car! It also allows me to pick up family members and friends when we go out for dinner or to meetup with friends. It also allows me to put luggage in my big trunk.

- Catherine A C

When we brought our car home, neighbors called it our gangster car.

Bought this car used 8 years ago. Comfortable, classy, drives great, & wonderful fuel mileage. Have had very few problems with it. 5 adults can ride in it comfortably. Aluminum wheels do not wear as well as I'd like, and we've had to replace the window control. I would definitely purchase it again.

- Pamela N

Features to such a fancy reliable car!

My car has always been reliable! As long as it gets all the scheduled tune ups, it has never failed me. I love the heated seats in the winter time and the sunroof in the summer! One of the only downfalls is the gas mileage on this car is not the best, but if that is not a problem then no worries!

- Brittany D

Sporty and stylish Chrysler 300 with sunroof.

The vehicle that I drive only have the need for minor maintenance. It is very stylish. I would like seat that have temperature control for heating and cooling. I love the sunroof and the performance is smooth. The vehicle is just the right size for my family and I to travel and be comfortable.

- Edna T

spacious and comfy everyday driver

I have had to replace the timing belt, the water pump, the airbag had to be replaced due to a recall, but other than that it's been a great car. it's spacious & comfortable to drive. I feel like my kids are very safe in it. The stereo has good sound as well, and has a very large trunk.

- Nicole D

Easy riding, cruising smooth

I bought this car used. It runs very well and is really good with gas. I have not had any major issues with the car, and it feels very safe. I enjoy riding on the freeway mostly. The ride is very smooth and maneuvers through traffic with ease. The inside is nice and roomy for my family.

- Chauncey B

The car is a mix of luxury for a cheaper price.

Transmission, shocks and brakes the vehicle is very comfortable and dependable I would recommend others to buy the vehicle. The only downside is that it is 11 year old. I would recommend getting a newer vehicle. I don't have anything else to say about the car. That I just enjoy the car.

- Marcus B

Such a smooth ride in our 300.

My 300 has a smooth ride and lots of legroom in the front as well as back seats. We have lots of trunk room as well. The dashboard is easy to view. We have not had any engine problems. We did participate in the airbag recall but did not have any airbag problem personally.

- Jane B

It runs very smooth. Also has decent gas mileage

Doesn't run like it used too. Keeps breaking down. Seems to be getting worse year after year. Before the couple of years were it broke down non stop it worked like a dream. The airbags have been recalled so before you buy a 2008 check and make sure the airbags are fixed

- Glory H

My Chrysler 300 town car!

The only problem I had was the blind spots were a bit troublesome. The windshield is a short one and hard to see traffic light at intersection.. Has great ride! Breaks in back wear out fast! Large trunk! Not as quiet a ride as promised! Doors are heavy and hard to open!

- Dennis N

My car is a great car for anyone to have. It is very comfortable and reliable.

I haven't had any problems with my car. As long as people keep up on the maintenance they are great cars. If I had to choose one thing I hate it would be the seat belt sensor dinging at me when I don't have my seat belt on. Other than that the performance is amazing.


Cars are like humans. Once they get old, it is all downhill.

It has a little glitch where it stutters while driving sometimes. Another issue is that sometimes when I turn the car on, it shuts down when I shift into drive. Other than that, it is kinda reliable, it is comfortable, and has some good features such as heated seats.

- Hurley J

My review was very good best thing about car it drives long way with no problem.

Drives a long way good brakes good on gas seats well nice leather seats lights can be seen far away color is nice white great on gas feels real good when drive short drives are also good tires are great for long trips great for insurance very cheap monthly payments.

- Lisa P

I call it my stylish mom van.

I love my car! I really do not have many problems w it at all. It is very spacious and great w my daughters car seat. Very dependable and I love that even with being an older car it still gets up speed wise pretty beautifully. Very comfortable and great on gas.

- Alex B

Great car for the money.

No problems at all, so far. Very comfortable nice ride, easy to handle and drive. Great gas mileage compared to what I had. One of the best cats I've bought ten so far. Would definitely buy another one in the future. I would recommend a 300 to anyone I knew.

- Tony A

Both smooth and comfortable.

Love the look and feel of it. Drives smooth. Large enough for the whole family. Plenty of room in the trunk for packing for vacation. Plenty of room to fit my daughters friends in when we have a friend day. Have owned it for 8 years and still runs very well.

- Min R

Cruise control with automatic braking.

Runs great, never had any major problems except for when we bought it the gas tank would not accept gas so Chrysler changed tanks and no more problems and no charge. Love the automatic braking also has a great stereo. Good price great car. Very dependable.

- William L

Great vehicle but a little outdated.

It is outdated, it had a leak, radiator messed up, trunk takes forever to close, key to open car does not work, the engine light always comes on. It does have an auxiliary plug, very spacious, nice interior features. Very comfortable. Family friendly.

- Rebecca M

Definitely a worth it car! I wouldn't mind driving it for the rest of life

Overall a great car. Runs really good but has has front end issues. Has a really strong engine and is inexpensive to maintain and fix. It doesn't drive well in the snow. Its slides a lot and has no traction in the snow but overall it's a wonderful car

- Katie D

Very reliable, comfortable car.

Very reliable car. I have had two and both have had issues with the tie rods going bad, but other than that, they are beautiful and comfortable cars to drive. The interior is nice in all of the older models and they have fairly good gas mileage.

- Leslie B

It is a reliable vehicle that will last you a very long time.

It is 10 years old and still in pretty great condition. It has needed a few minor repairs, but there was nothing permanently damaging. The main problem is the size is not big enough to accommodate my family.

- Becky R


I like the can very much I have not yet had any major problems with it and it is paid for. The car rides like a dream and it is very clean inside and out. Last but not least it is big and i like big cars.

- bernard G

2008 Chrysler 300 problems.

One of the major problems I have with my current car is there is no air conditioning, which makes it especially uncomfortable driving around in Los Angeles. The fuel performance is not that great either.

- Andy C

It is safe and easy to drive. The interior is roomy and comfortable.

I like that it had a hemi. I like that everything is electric. I like the body style. There is not anything I dislike really. My only complaint is that the parts to fix it are more expensive than normal.

- Jessica G

I have had nothing but good luck with Chrysler cars and SUVs.

This car is a rear wheel drive and it is really bad in the snow and ice. It also has many blind spots so your really have to look when backing up. But I love the way my car looks very classy

- Debra T

Very stylish and dependable running car!!

Very nice, dependable running car!! I live the style of the car!! Has a big back seat plenty big enough to fit my 3 boys and there stuff back there comfortably with them!!

- Destiny G

It is one of the smoothest riding cars not only that I have owned but that I have written in.

I love the size and comfort. I love the smooth ride of the vehicle. I do not like the lack of power of the engine. I wish it had more technology then it does.

- jerry w

It is old but very reliable. it is very roomy but doesn't look it.

I love my car because it is fast and it is my favorite color. it has some blind spots in it but other than that it's a great car. It gets great gas mileage.

- debbie n

It rocks! It has many amenities, and handles quite well.

I like the way it feels when it drives; like the pick up, etc. It looks cool. I like the navigation system and bluetooth. It's a great car!

- Diana D

That it is a very comfortable car to drive in and that it is very reliable.

Car drives and handles very comfortably. Very reliable car with plenty of nice features. Only downside would be the high insurance rates.

- Gerardo M

This car has great gas mileage and insurance rates are low.

No complaints. It has a lot of room. It has very little maintenance upkeep and it drives smoother than any other vehicle I have owned.

- Mitchell S

It is dash and very stable and safe.

I like the power and handling of the car also the reliability, I do not have any complaints at all except for maybe the gas mileage.

- Justin B

Great gas mileage and comfort

The size is perfect for me. It gets good gas mileage. It's comfortable for long road trips. It has some rust issues underneath.

- Patti M

it is a very nice car that can last if you take care of it.

It is a very nice car with nice features like heated fronts seats, a nice set of speakers, good a/c, and aux cord for music.

- Fernando C

I have a 300 DUB edition which had a built in system and awesome stitching in the seats head rests

I enjoy the room in the vehicle, although it does drive very wide. The trunk and back seat space is huge and very spacious.

- Danielle M

That it rides very smooth.

I like that it has enough head and leg room for my body frame. It gets good miles to the gallon. There's room for my kids.

- Wayne B

It is reliable and gets good gas mileage especially on the highway long commutes.

Affordable good gas mileage it is roomy and a good safe family car and has good safety ratings and easy to clean interior.

- Heather C

great car and great reliability.

no problems at all. great vehicle and 3xtreme reliable. would refer it to anyone who asked and encourage them to get it

- eric c

My Chrysler 300 is very dependable and gets me where I need to go.

It is a very dependable vehicle. It gets me from place to place when I need it. It has never let me down before.

- Jason J

Have not had problems until recently it is 10 years old and almost 200, 000 miles.

It is getting old and worn out. Been having a lot of repairs. I love the look of it. I love the way it drives.

- Sara R

It's a nice large sized car with good legroom and large trunk.

It has been a great vehicle. I like the engine power. I don't like the height from ground to bottom of car.

- Pat K

Powerful and spacious car.

I love the V8 hemi. This car has lots of room and power. The gas mileage is poor and could use some work.

- Kristi D

It is very Comfortable for anyone riding in it and they have plenty of room.

Drives nicely, comfortable. I like the looks of the car. The truck is very large and nice for vacations

- Patricia R

This car has a hemi so it's not great on gas but it's fast!

It is a very reliable vehicle. I also love the the windshield wipers are automatic. It's a luxury car.

- Jennifer E

Very comfortable ride when in the back.

Very smooth ride, roomy interior. Great trunk for shopping. Good on road trips. Car is good on gas.

- Donna B

smooth ride, comfortable, heated seats, nice size trunk

comfortable car, nice size, sometimes would be nice to have an suv, engine makes a clicking noise

- Paulette G

it's a big car and i take care of it and i love how it drives

smooth riding car very quiet the only thing i don't like its not good on mileage

- elke s

Get the v8 version only. The v6 is very underpowered.

Nice car, just very underpowered. Interior is great set up is good.

- Daniel M

That it is a good car, and looks super nice.

I like it, and it's good. It's been good for us. I enjoy having it.

- Andrew D

It's a spacious car. It's very reliable to get me to and from work. Cruise control is always helpful

It is a very nice looking car. It has great performance and space

- Paige L

Nice interior and classy exterior but overall love it.

Brakes and runs hard. But overall not bad. No other problems.

- vincent m

It is comfortable, roomy and dependable

I like it because it is doing and comfortable. No dislikes

- Deborah H

It last for a long time and is decent on fuel for its size

It's comfortable and rides smooth. It is low maintenance.

- Brad K

Dependable comfortable ride

Love my vehicle. Dependable. Nothing to dislike about it.

- C L

Plenty of room without feeling like your driving a big vehicle.

Drive smooth. Plenty of room but also not too big.

- Mitchell B

This is a great car for long trips as seats are comfortable and it has a large trunk.

nice smooth ride. Big trunk. great for long trips.

- Ann G

It has navigation and phone

I love the way it drives and hugs the road

- Ma A