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Great style moderate reliability.

I really enjoy the comfort and style. The quality of most features is outstanding. However, there have been several recalls and a rather large number of mechanical issues. The original alternator failed and, unbeknownst to me, was replaced with an equally defective alternator because Chrysler couldn't supply quality replacement when needed. Also, there was the infamous "shift lever" recall in which the car was supposedly in "park" but would roll down incline when engine was turned off. I am impressed that the exterior surface has stayed extremely neat and shiny with merely washing, but no waxing. There has been some cracking of the vinyl console and armrest material.

- George Z

Overall it works. It gets me from one place to the next and that is all I need.

The car is bulky and not very comfortable on long drives. The trim is super flashy chrome and draws attention from the police often. The car rides smooth. The back seats are crowded. The air conditioner does not work great if you sit in the back seats because of the positioning of the vents. The navigation system is outdated and does not choose the fastest route when driving or take into consideration the traffic flow. The rims are beautiful. The visibility in the back window is very limited and the car has large blind spots.

- Lora B

Convertibles are so much fun!

My vehicle is a convertible. It is very comfortable, looks great, has a huge trunk and the top goes up and down very easily. We also liked the color selection choice. It has had very little maintenance, and gets great gas mileage. For a convertible it actually has a fair amount of legroom in the back seat, so the car can seat four people. Due to the age of the car it does not have all the new t3chnology. We're I buying another convertible I would definitely look into the latest model of this brand.

- Barb R

The best car I ever had and the most comfortable.

My Chrysler 300 is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. The inside is very luxurious with leather seats and wood grain highlighting the dash and steering wheel it came with Sirius radio and I enjoy it so much that I renewed my subscription to it. I do a lot of local driving and the gas mileage is pretty good at about 20 miles to the gallon. I drive my grandson around town quite a bit and I feel very safe with my precious cargo in the car with me.

- Doris B

Reliable, fast and comfortable.

Very comfortable. Seats are fully adjustable. I am short and the seats move into position where I can see the road as well as taller people. Both back and front seats are also heated. You can pull down a cup holder in the middle of the back seat. You can also collapse the back seats in order to fit large boxes or luggage. Mostly, I love the way this vehicle responds when you have to accelerate. The engine and transmission has proved to be reliable.

- Judith W

The car I love to drive but hate to have to repair.

I love driving this car, it is easy to handle and provides a smooth ride. The car performs well in traffic and on the highway. The seating is very comfortable and the car comes with all the bells and whistles. I don't like the expensive upkeep for this car. First it is hard to find someone who can work on the car other than the dealer. When you do find someone all maintenance is very expensive.

- Mae F

Smooth ride and classy car.

Love the auto start feature – pre start the car without being in the vehicle. The seat are very compatible, and love the heated seats. Most service for the car are reasonable price. The car perform very well on the highway, smooth ride. All my friends love to going in my car on long trips. The car sometime have some ticking noise that come and go during different weather.

- Sheila C

Chrysler 300 engine has the ability to save fuel on long highway trips. In this economy it is the best feature.

I bought my 300 used. It is a basic model which has every option available. It rides like a dream, has leather seats, cooling and warming seats. The cup holders cool as well as heat my beverages. The color combination is a Luxury Brown and tan interior. We have had a few problems that were part of the recalls. They were taken care of by the dealer.

- Mona F

Our new car, Chrysler 300.

My wife and I love our Chrysler 300. It is not the top of the line with all the bells and whistles, but has exactly what we wanted, were looking for, meets our needs. The only problem we have experienced is a sensor that had to be replaced that warranty covered. If in need or in search of a new vehicle, we would again consider another Chrysler 300.

- Eric E

Great running car you will be happy you purchased.

There's only one problem something's going on with ac blend door relay it keeps going out other than that love this car. This car is very comfortable to travel in would recommend this car to anyone that is looking. It is a very nice looking car with a strong engine have enjoyed this car may be looking to buy a later model.

- Tracy S

Great car for the highway, most comfortable ride ever.

This car is very reliable, drives and handles well and can come with all the bells and whistles. I really love the seats, mine are all leather and can be set for a specific driver, I love this feature. The downside is that all repairs and maintenance are very expensive. Even the most common maintenance costs a fortune.

- Mae F

Perfect car for me. I will probably purchase another 300 after this.

I bought this car used and it was and is in great condition. I did have an issue early on where all power went out. Turns out there 5 recalls on it. After all recalls were taken care of there have been no other problems. It gets great gas mileage. Its dependable and comfortable with all the luxury you'll ever need.

- Nancy M

The Chrysler 300 is a great value and reasonably priced.

The ride is smooth. Acceleration is good. Gas mileage is reasonable. Seating compartment is very comfortable in front and in back. The trunk is roomy. My car has an extended moonroof. The side mirrors are automatic changeable. Great heating and a/c system. My auto has a CD player which is rare in newer models.

- Judith J

My Chrysler 300 - favorite vehicle of all times.

Love my Chrysler 300. It came with front heated seats, heated sideview mirrors, rear defroster, handsfree phone use as well as other features. It drives well, glides along the roadways, and gets approximately 30 miles per gallon. The console between fronts seats has additional plug for cell phone charging.

- Tony E

The 2012 Chrysler 300 is a classic car; clean lines and fun to drive

The car looks great and is fun to drive. It has lots of creature comforts for a very comfortable ride. On the negative side, we've had issues with the battery failing to hold a charge - rendering the nav system as well as the UConnect system useless at times. As a result, we drive the car more frequently

- Mary D

The one most important thing that others should know is that it is a safe, dependable vehicle that is going to get you great gas mileage.

I have had my vehicle for about four years now, and overall I have been very pleased. It's a nice looking car, it runs smoothly, and it gets very good gas mileage. The only real complaint that I have is that in the four years I've had it, the air conditioning has stopped working three different times.

- Adam R

My vehicle is very comfortable to ride in and very good in winter conditions.

The only thing I do not like about my Chrysler is it has this weird squeak in the turning wheel. It is not always there but when it is it can be quite loud and only happens when you make a definite turn of the wheel. So like if I make a right or left hand turn that is when it happens.

- Cathy M

A great car that rides very smooth and easy, beautiful car that looks classy.

Rides great. Electrical everything. Automatic start. Plenty of room on the inside. Rides like a Cadillac without the Cadillac price. Get great gas mileage. Let’s you know if there is something wrong. Bluetooth available. GPS available. Let’s you know you need service.

- Suzanne C

Heated seats, with good sound system plus back up camera.

Do not have any problems, love the way this car handles, the back up camera, rides smooth and is very comfort handles very nice you can feel the power, heated seats good sound system, equipped with all the FM, am, sal, radio disc player and CD, four doors phone hookup.

- Jc T

Reliable, dependable, great performance.

My Chrysler 300 is a great car it handles the road well and great performance. It is reliable I just love the smooth ride. The gas mileage is good. I love the roominess also the smooth ride. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. It is a luxury car to me.

- Tara B

Tries very well taking trips is very comfortable.

Love the color of my car, it runs very well, rides good on trips, my tires are in very good shape, it saves on gas, my family loves it, he's very comfortable when all of us take a trip, had no maintenance done since I had it other than just changing the oil.

- Jacqueline D

The shifter does not lock into place. It bounces and you will inevitably end up in the wrong gear in a busy place with a bunch of cars surrounding you.

What i like: It's comfortable and has plenty of legroom and the trunk has plenty of space. What I dislike: The handling is very loose. You have to slam on the gas to get it to move and slam on the brakes to get it to stop. Worst commuting car ever made.

- Heather M

Reliable great ride comfortable for driver and passengers.

Reliable vehicle. This is the second Chrysler 300 I have purchased. Both have been equally reliable and free of any major issues. Rides comfortably and smoothly. Radio is quality sound interior and trunk roomy. Nice fold down features for back seat.

- Mary M

It is really good on gas and only takes about 42 dollars to fill.

The steering wheel is a little firm and heats up really quickly. The left door is a little dented due to hail damage but other than that the car is in excellent condition and everything works in proper functions.

- Tia W

It's a great road car, with decent gas mileage.

I like the look and style. The engine is large enough to have good pick up, while, because it is a hemi, has fair gas mileage. It has good legroom for me. It is a great road car. And, it's almost all paid for.

- Victor l

Vehicle is finely detailed and designed for comfort and show!

I love the car, even tho I had transmission problems right after purchase they fixed it! Car runs and rides great! Air condition has been giving me problems lately! Overall car is a pretty good one!

- Wendy P

Basically it's fun to drive. I'm a big guy and I'm very comfortable.

This is my second Chrysler 300. I am even happier with this one. There is more than enough power with the standard v6 engine. Options available for remote use like start engine,and panic call.

- Frank D

It is comfort and performance blended. I like the added performance when I am traveling distances.

I like the speed and performance. It has the ability to reliably and comfortably take me anywhere I need to go for work and pleasure. It has plenty of trunk space and space for friends.

- matt m

It is a smooth drive and it also has nice features on the inside.

It's done a good job so far and it's super comfortable. Good gas mileage. It is really nice for a single person or someone who has a partner. The compartments it has are super nice too.

- Joan F

It's a great car for those who enjoy a "poor man's luxury" style car

I really enjoy the style and comfort. It's great for long trips and also get around town. I have had issue with the technical and performance quality with more than expected repairs.

- Harvey W

The navigation system that comes built in does not auto update. Instead Chrysler, through the Garmin company, offers an update every year through it's website.

Smooth driving vehicle with nearly seamless shifting between gears. Has a great built in audio system and the touch screen panel adds a whole new level of user content.

- Marcelo M

Best choice I've made !!!

So far for the amount of time that I've had this vehicle, it has been surprisingly great! It handles bad weather great, is luxurious inside and is not horrible on gas.

- Jazz R

The problems were fixed without any out of pocket expenses.

I like the look of the car. It has a lot of room. It has had several recalls and left me stranded at night due to losing all power because of a recall problem.

- Rosie A

My 2012 Chrysler 300 car is safe and easy to handle.

I love the quick acceleration when entering the freeway. I love the size of the Navigation screen. I don't like that the cruise control does not always hold.

- Priscilla P

Reliable and great for a small family.

This car has always run very well and been reliable for me and my family. I needed something I could trust for when my baby was born and Chrysler delivered.

- Erin O

The suspension design is horrible. It's clunky and loud over bumps

I love the bold design. The classic look and feel of the car. I also like the size and accessories. I do not like the excessive parts of the suspension

- London D

A good traveling vehicle.

It is a very comfortable car, very roomy. I have one complaint that the recirculating function on the ac does not work. It broke after only 4 years.

- Jennifer M

All around great car, very smooth ride and very comfortable and quiet very good gas mileage, nice clean sharp looking car

It has a very quiet and smooth ride and it is very comfortable great mileage and sharp looking, my only complaint is that the windows are too short

- Callie A

The smoothness of the drive.

I love the smooth ride. The automatic cruise control and bright on my lights took a little getting used to but now I can't drive without them.

- Amy K

It is comfortable and affordable.

Like the size of both interior and total size of vehicle. Like the speed and quick get up. Like the front dash and all touch screen options.

- Robert R

The great gas mileage that it get on the road.

I like it because of the good gas mileage. I like it also because of the comfort to drive. It is well built and looks great. No dislikes.

- James W

This car is wonderful! It makes driving anywhere a pleasure!

This is the best car I ever owned. It is reliable and incredibly comfortable. It has options that I didn't even know existed. I love it!

- Emily M

Economy size car, fits just about anywhere.

Good on gas, it will last me for the whole week. Hate leather seats, it makes the car hotter in the summer. Enough room to fit everyone.

- Norma R

It's very comfortable to travel in. The car has a large trunk.

having issues with a check engine light, put money into changing parts per the recommendation of the dealership, the light is still on

- Elizabeth T

The controls are on the steering for the radio and Bluetooth.

I love my vehicle because of the smooth ride and performance. It also has really good gas mileage and is almost maintenance free.

- Dee E

Its a old model car. Its drives nice.

My car is a old car. It's always something wrong with the car. I'm going to buy a new car, once I get the money to buy a new car.

- Tamikia S

They are meant to be luxurious 100 years ago.

The car is an expensive responsibility. Parts and gas are pricey and gas mileage is not good. It is also not that cute of a car.

- Brittany H

So fun and easy to drive.

Love everything about it. Very comfortable and roomy ride. I guess if i had to dislike something it would be the gas mileage.

- Diane W

My Chrysler 300 is a red color with tinted windows. I like the tent because it helps keep it cool in the winter and I love that it is more of a luxury vehicle so it is very spacious and comfortable. There isn't anything I particularly dislike about the car.

It is very spacious perfect if you have children or a few adults in your household. The car also drives amazingly smooth.

- Kelli T

It's color is my husband's favorite color, not mine!

My car is perfect except for the color. I would much prefer any shade of blue, rather than the "candy apple red" color.

- Glynn M

It is white, and it helps me get places. Are you in good hands?

I like my car because it has good mileage, and is great for lasting in long road trips with my friends to smoke weed.

- Alexis K

That is very low to the ground so you need to be careful when on the road.

I do not have any complaints I really love this car. It drives smooth and quietly. The interior is very luxurious.

- Jordan T

Vehicle is good on gas you do not feel the speed because how smooth it drives.

I like that the car is a fancy vehicle without being high in price. It drives very smooth very being 6 years old.

- Vanessa G

No problems with my vehicle. Vehicle currently has over 100,00 miles and is still in great running condition. There is plenty of room for me, my fiance and our three children.

The most important thing to know about the car is that it needs to be well maintained outside of car problems.

- June H

It is clean, and it drives smoothly. The color is great, nice and shining.

Just like it/this vehicle rides good and smoothly. It has power steering, nice brakes, automatic windows.

- Mildred H

Great family car and will get you from A to B in a timely fashion

I like the size and style of the vehicle. I don't like how many recalls that it has have over the years

- Benjamin H

It is dependable, looks good, well built and all the safety features.

Does not look like every other car on the road. Lots of safety features. Nice looking car. Luxurious.

- Judy D

It drives and rides smoothly

When I backup I can't see. It has to many blind spots. The room is great. It has a smooth ride.

- Janina L

Good gas mileage about 30 miles a gallon on highway

Easy to get in and out of. Roomy and comfortable. Good gas mileage. No complaints

- Ellen P

It has many safety controls and the backup screen is huge.

It is very comfy and it looks nice. The technology is also very user friendly.

- amanda w

For the size it gets really good gas mileage but there are air bag recalls.

I like the remote start. I like the trunk space. I like the size of the car

- Contessa W




its safe and reliable, and I would recommend this car

I don't like the color but its reliable and a good size

- Christina W




gets me from A to B. nuttin' flashy.

nada. all good. can't complain. hubba hubba.

- Bob A